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333 From Touchstone Pictures' PEARL HARBOR THERE YOU’LL BE Words and Music by DIANE WARREN 2 s % = glad ‘out 1_____ was bleed to get to. shaveyou in my if__ ‘When 1 alway: will re-mem - ber all the suength yougave to me__ Your love ¥ e Trew eusBe $1 (©2007 REALSOWSS (ABCA) ‘Mit Pasar 34 AW EKG DH) i i th look back on these days__ Ti Towk_ and see your foe mide me make it through — ————— owe so much "to you OuB AYE De Chorus: In mydreams TU al - ways se you Iu myhean therel al - waye be There Yor Be §- z, Bridge: Ds me + =I = ‘y-where— 1 am there youl) be ‘Gm 1 al-ways saw in you my lish, * a