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Worcester Historical Museum: Temporary Home and Day Nursery Collection 2004.

04 Feb09

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Samantha Favreau

Family Name Envelope # (2004.04-Box Number-Envelope #)

De Pari 2004.04-4.5

Text on Envelope’s Outside

1921 De Pari Home
September 22nd


October 26th


# of cards in the envelope Other contents, if any

Newspaper clippings:
Pardoned for Killing Gunman, Loses Children
Mother Helps Three Tots to Escape Fire
Tony De Pari and Sons Disappear
Woman Slayer Again Arrested
De Pari restores Boys to Mother
Annie De Pari seeking Divorce
Self Confessed Woman Slayer Gets Divorce: Husband Sought By Police
Women Sentanced on Firearms Charge
Revokes License of Woman Freed in Murder Case
De Pari Case Action soon Cox Promises
Martucci’s Slayer will be Released
Mrs. De Pari, in Fight, is Victor over 3 Women
Mrs. De Pari may Take Mate Back
Mrs De Pari Starts Suit for Divorce
Divorce is Granted to Annie De Pari

Main card: FRONT

Names Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality Admission Date of
Date Leaving
Victor 08/14/1915 City Italian 09/22/1921 09/26/1921

Ralph 06/27/1917 City Italian 09/22/1921 09/26/1921

Ralph 06/27/1917 City Italian 10/26/1923 11/17/1923

Eleanor 07/06/1919 City Italian 10/26/1923 11/22/1923


Dora 05/12/1921 City Italian 10/26/1923 12/01/1923

Father Mother
Antonio Name Annie

60 E. Worcester St (new) Residence State Hospital (New)

15 Hill St (Old) 15 Hill St (Old)

Italian Italian
Father Mother
Place & Date of Birth

Italy Place & Date of Marriage Italy

Molder Occupation Housewife





Main card: REVERSE

Reasons for Admission

Mrs. Hull of City Hospital says doctor wishes Mrs. Depari to rest for six weeks or two months as she
has been in the hospital for a serious operation. Woman made plans to go to Boston and stay with
relatives as soon as she could make arrangements for the children to be cared for. She tried to get the
children into the Vernon St. Home

Who Brought? Who Agrees to Pay Relatives? Vaccinations?

Mrs. Hull of Social Dept of City Store at
Service Hospital Shrewsbury St. To
reach mom by
telephone call- P-


Associated Charities of Worcester

Date(s): Sept 26, 1921 Known to: AC 4047 3-17-19
Depari Antonio & Anne WCH 12-18-18
15 Hill St MH 10-18-19
WCFS 8-31-21

Social Service Exchange of the Associated Charities

Date(s): Feb 11,1928 Registered by:
Anthony and Annie 9-22-21
6 Lyon St Neighborly House

Social Service Exchange of the Associated Charities

Date(s): April 28, 1929 Registered by:
Tony & Anna 9-22-21
6 Lyon St Worcester Society of District Nursing

Other (please list): Social Exchange of the Associated Charities

Date(s): July 29,1929 Registerd by: 9-22-21
Antonio & Annie Juvenile Probation Officer
151 Shrewsbury St


What Notes

See pg. 1 Newspaper Clippings

Card Transcripts

Card 2

But the sister could keep them only two weeks, then she went to the Sisters of Mercy on High St.
but they could not take them, then she went here. The baby has been sickly ever since it was born and has
been cared for at Mariors Camp (?), at the Neighborly house the doctors in attendance there have just had
the child admitted to City Hospital as they think the child needs hospital treatment. Helen the child Born
in 1919 has been taken to 6 Leus St, Southbridge Massachusetts where she is being cared for by her aunt.
September 2, 1921- The boys have been allowed to play in the streets and do about as they please
at home so they do not like to stay here where they have to stay in the yard. Both boys ran away, the
youngest was caught before he got home, but the older one went to live home and was brought back by
his mother.
September 26, 1921- Parents took the boys home and are to make other arrangements for them.
October 26, 1923- Mother of the children killed a man some time ago; she went to the police
station and told the story of the murder. At the time of the court trial she was pronounced insane and was
sent to the state hospital.
Since the mother has been in the hospital the children have been cared for by the maternal
grandmother, the Overseers of the Poor allowing her $7.00 a week for their care. The grandmother is not
well and cannot care for the children as they should be cared for. Mrs. Jacobus of the District of Nursing
Society reported the case to Mrs. Everson and

Card 3

….The youngest children were brought to the house by Mrs. Burbank, of the Overseers of the Poor. The
oldest boy is to stay with his father as he runs away. It is expected Mrs. DePari will be discharged from
the state hospital soon.
November 17, 1923- Mr. DePari came for Ralph and he had Victor with him. He said his wife
was expected to come home that afternoon and that he was going with the boys to meet her and that later
she would come for the girls. Later we learned that he took them out of town before his wife was out of
the state hospital and no one knows where they are.
November 22, 1923- Mrs. DePari came for the oldest girl, said that her sister in law would care
for her and that she was going to try and find work in an institution and would pay the board for the two
girls. At present Mrs. Becker of the Overseers of the Poor is helping them. The baby was afraid of her and
would not let her hold her or have anything to do with her.
December 1, 1923- Mrs. DePari came and took Dora to her mother’s house where she and Helen
are to be cared for by their grandmother. Mother of the children has been trying to find work but everyone
is afraid of her. She says in two or three weeks she is to go to the State Hospital and work in the sewing
department. Dora did not want to go with her mother. She kicked, screamed and cried to stay here.

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