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K. Skelton Settle the Score !

"#$ Appendices
Appendix 1 - InleinalionaI Ihonelic AIphalel
K. Skelton Settle the Score "#% Appendices
Appendix 2 - CheckIisl
Tiansciile lexl (incIuding poelic Iine-divisions if appIicalIe)
TiansIalion (IileiaI)
TiansIalion (poelic)
TiansIileialion (pionuncialion in IIA)
ßiackel voids
Maik void sliess
Inseil pionuncialion ienindeis
Inseil IileiaI liansIalion
MeIodic anaIysis
Hainonic anaIysis
VocaI anaIysis
CoIoialuia - Leain lhe noles
CoIoialuia - Iassage-anaIysis
CoIoialuia - MeIodic deconsliuclion
CoIoialuia - InleinaI phiasing
ßiealh-ienevaI (ß1)
Onsel-ieIease (ß2)
InhaIalion (ß3)
VoveIs onIy (V1)
The VenliiIoquisl (C1)
}av space and consonanl-pioduclion (C2)
Consonanl-paiiing (C3)
Monolone lexl-iecilalion (R1)
Speaking inlo phiase (R2)
Sing vilh nose cIosed (R3)
Make iesonance choices (R4)
IinaI louches
ßiealh lounce (T1)
Lxpanded liealh (T2)
ßuzz lhe nusic (T3)
Cel physicaI, lhen slay sliII (T4)
Woid-isoIalion (M1)
Sullexl (M2)
Naiialive vs. expeiience (M3)
K. Skelton Settle the Score !"#& Appendices
Appendix 3 - VocaI issues cioss-iefeienced vilh exeicises
Undei each lechnicaI and nusicaI issue I have Iisled lhe exeicises lhal can lesl le enpIoyed lo
addiess lhen. The Iellei-nunlei conlinalions coiiespond lo lhe exeicises in lhe look, and
lhe iighl coIunn specifies each exeicise´s page nunlei.
TLCHNIQUL Lxeicise Iage
Iosluie T4, C2 ß1 63
ßiealh ß1, ß3, T3, R2, ß2, R1, T1, T2, T4 ß2 69
Onsel ß2, ß1 ß3 72
Legalo V1, T3, ß1, ß2, C2, T2 V1 76
Inlonalion T3, ß1, ß3 C1 88
VoveI-foinalion V1, ß1, C1, C2 C2 89
Consonanl-foinalion C1, C2, ß2, ß1, R3, C3 C3 9O
Resonance R2, C1, C2, R3, R1, ß1, V1, ß2, ß3, C3, T1, T2,
T3, R4
R1 94
R2 95
R3 95
R4 96
T1 98
IuIse ß1 T3 99
Rhylhn ß1, ß2, ß3 T4 99
Iilch ß1, T3 M1 1O2
Diclion ß2, ß1, C1, C2, V1, C3, R1, R3 M2 1O2
Lxpiession M1, M2, M3 M3 1O3
K. Skelton Settle the Score "#' Appendices
Appendix 4 - The singei´s essenliaI Iiliaiy
Richaid MiIIei, The Sliucluie of Singing: Syslen and Ail in VocaI Technique, Nev Yoik,
Schiinei ßooks, 1996.
MiIIei´s The Sliucluie of Singing is one of lhe nosl conpiehensive and conpIele inlioduclions lo
vocaI pedagogy. WhiIe oflen enpIoying a ialhei sophislicaled vocaluIaiy, especiaIIy vhen
discussing vocaI nechanics, lhe look is coheienlIy oiganized and lieals each issue of vocaI
pioduclion and pedagogy individuaIIy. MiIIei slails vilh lhe lasics of lechnique and piogiesses
lo noie specific and speciaIized nalleis ieIaling lo lhe piofessionaI singei and voice leachei.
One aspecl of MiIIei´s look lhal is invaIualIe is lhe incIusion of seveiaI exeicises in each chaplei
lhal seek lo heIp lhe singei ieaIize lhe specific lechnicaI poinls discussed. These exeicises aie
inciedilIy vaiied, and nany aie ideaI foi incIusion in daiIy vocaI vain-ups. Six appendices
suppIenenl lhe piincipaI lexl, and each is usefuI foi quick iefeience ieIaling lo vaiious nalleis
fion physioIogy lo expIanalion of lhe InleinalionaI Ihonelic AIphalel synloIs.
ß. M. Doschei, The funclionaI unily of lhe singing voice, Meluchen, The Scaieciov Iiess Inc.,
SiniIai in oiganizalion and appioach lo MiIIei´s The Sliucluie of Singing, Doschei´s look
appioaches lhe issue of vocaI pedagogy noie Iighl-heailedIy and vilh sIighlIy Iess conpIicaled
vocaluIaiy. Though nol as conpiehensive as MiIIei´s look, Doschei´s does discuss aII of lhe
inpoilanl issues, and is in sone vays a lellei inlioducloiy lexllook foi lhe leginning singei.
ShiiIee Lnnons and AIna Thonas, Iovei Ieifoinance foi Singeis: Tianscending lhe
ßaiiieis, Oxfoid, Oxfoid Univeisily Iiess, 1998.
As lhe look´s lilIe vouId suggesl, lhis look is aloul peifoinance and il is viillen specificaIIy
vilh lhe cIassicaI singei in nind. The puipose of lhe look is lo assisl singeis vilh lhe
piofessionaI dinension of lheii voik ly piesenling looIs and deveIoping a syslen foi deaIing
vilh lhe 'Ieifoinance CycIe´ of piepeifoinance, peifoinance, and poslpeifoinance. Lnnons
and Thonas addiess aInosl aII issues lhal piofessionaI singeis confionl on a ieguIai lasis duiing
lheii voik, and offei piaclicaI advice foi deveIoping lhe 'nenlaI loughness´ so necessaiy foi a
successfuI caieei.
Kenny Weinei, LffoilIess Masleiy: Lileialing lhe Maslei Musician Wilhin, Nev AIlany,
}aney AeleisoId }azz, Inc., 1996.
Al lhe end of lhe day ve shouId le piofessionaI singeis lecause ve Iove nusic and ve Iove lo
sing. Weinei´s look couId le seen as lhe spiiiluaI conpanion lo Iovei Ieifoinance foi Singeis,
as il uIlinaleIy addiesses lhe sane end goaI of successfuI, neaningfuI, and inspiied peifoinance.
Hovevei, in slaik conliasl lo lhe deveIopnenl of nev skiIIs and nenlaI piocesses, Weinei ialhei
advocales a Ielling go of lhe ego-diiven nenlaI piocesses lhal have deveIoped ovei yeais of
naking and Iislening lo nusic. ßy doing lhis, oui enlhusiasn foi naking nusic viII le
conlinuaIIy iefieshed and oui lechnique can lellei seive lhe innale expiessivily of lhe nusic ve