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Website performance

Trusted to Monitor the World’s Leading Websites

How does your website compare to that

of your competitors?

Does Your Business Need To?

Know how your website
Coca-Cola compares to those of your
Your site here
Obtain one-off or quarterly
Your Company
website benchmarking
Yahoo UK
Gain intelligence on the
website performance and
uptime of the major players
in your sector?

The problem
Have industry and compe-
As the Internet has become the preferred channel through which many customers obtain information,
products and services, can your business afford not to know how your website compares to your titor website performance
competitors? Like many companies, you may not have the infrastructure or internal expertise to monitor the statistics in order to bench-
performance of your own and competitors’ websites, from multiple global locations, leaving you with mark your website and drive
no way of knowing if your website is performing well and meeting the needs of your clients, or if clients
performance improvements?
are abandoning your website.

Research has found that Internet users who are dissatisfied with a website’s performance, will abandon Have competitively priced
it and seek an alternative website. Page load time is a critical factor. Akamai report that increasingly benchmarking?
savvy Internet users will wait no longer than 4 seconds for a page to load.1 After 4 seconds 33% of
users will abandon the website and 75% will never return. Akamai’s report concludes that an under-
Have access to clear reports
performing website results in a significant loss in overall sales and leaves users with a negative brand
perception. via a web based Customer

The solution website. Your SPI is then ranked, relative to that

WatchMouse provide an accurate, cost effective of your sector & competitors within countries
solution. Using 25 globally distributed monitoring relevant to your business.
stations, WatchMouse’s YardStick measures the
performance of your website from locations across A YardStick report gives an overview of trends
the world, to provide accurate load time, speed in relative performance and availability across
& availability statistics. These measurements are sectors and countries.
used to create your Site Performance Index (SPI),
which represents the users’ perceptions of your

Akamai: Retail Web Site Performance, Consumer Reaction to a Poor Online Shopping Experience
Website performance
Trusted to Monitor the World’s Leading Websites

How does YardStick work?

The WatchMouse Site Performance Index (SPI)
was developed by Dr Peter van Eijk and his team, Key Benefits
based on many years of practical experience
and research into system performance and Ongoing monitoring of
availability. The WatchMouse SPI quantifies 28 sectors & 12 countries
users’ perceptions of a website’s speed and provides immediate data
availability, into a single number. An SPI
to benchmark your website
of below 500 represents the user experi-
ence of a very well performing website, against
while an SPI of 1,500 or above, indicates a
negative website user experience. Expert calculation of your
website’s SPI by highly
Using one of 25 globally distributed monitoring
stations, WatchMouse retrieves the homepage of experienced analysts
a website at a fixed frequency, without images,
frames, etc. This HTML page is expected to down- 25 monitoring stations offer
load within 4 seconds, without any errors. If a 4
full redundancy and true
second period is exceeded, or if an error occurs, within the same sector and country. Watch
the result is corroborated by another monitoring Mouse calculates and tracks the SPI for websites global coverage
station. Measurements are taken every 15 min- belonging to a set of representative organiza-
utes, 24/7, and reports are updated continuously. tions from 28 sectors, in 12 countries. For exam- All identified errors verified
ple, the FTSE 100 companies or Ecommerce by at least one other
After calculating a website’s SPI, WatchMouse rank sites in UK, Spain & the Netherlands (15-20 in
monitoring station
that website against the results of competitors each) etc.

An easy to configure web

based system

Access to an industry leading

Customer Console to view
detail reports

Very competitive pricing

Peace-of-mind that your

Website Performance
Benchmarking is outsourced
to industry experts

Managing Director, Red Dog Communications

“WatchMouse’s Website Performance Benchmark enables us to confirm on behalf of our clients,

any suspected access issues in addition to showing the overall performance compared to the
benchmark in our client’s sector”.

Website performance
Trusted to Monitor the World’s Leading Websites

Features of YardStick

Measurement of speed and availability using a global infrastructure: unlike many providers, WatchMouse have a globally distributed
infrastructure of 25 stations. Such a network enables WatchMouse to affordably scale benchmarking to match your businesses requirements and
ensure your website’s performance and availability is accurately measured around the globe rather than from a single checkpoint.

Ranking of your SPI against your sector and

geography. WatchMouse currently offering the
following 28 sectors:

Arts and Entertainment
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
Construction and Maintenance
Consumer Goods and Services
Education & Training
Trends in sector: clear graphs compare a sector’s current SPI to the previous quarter.
Electronics and Electrical
Financial Services
Food and related products
Human Resources
Information Technology
Marketing and Advertising
News and Media
Detailed and easily interpreted reports: benchmarking reports are uploaded into your
Publishing and Printing Watch Mouse Customer Console and can be accessed and downloaded by all authorized
Real Estate
Software Competitor intelligence: reports compare your website’s performance and availability to
competitors, giving your business the intelligence to drive your website performance.
Textiles Very competitive pricing.

Transport and Logistics


Website performance
Trusted to Monitor the World’s Leading Websites

YardStick product options

WatchMouse Existing Clients
A YardStick Sector Report provides general information about website performance and availability for
approximately 10 websites belonging to the most representative companies in a particular sector. Sector
reports include a monthly ‘highlights’ report and detailed quarterly reports. The detailed quarterly reports
contain: performance and availability figures, a ranking and trend analysis in which, current and past
report findings are compared.

A YardStick Sector Benchmark compares your website’s performance and availability to that of your
competitors, as well as industry averages. A Sector Benchmark delivers:
• performance & availability figures for your website & websites belonging to your sector’s leading
companies and competitors
• a ranking of your website against your sector’s leading companies and competitors
• benchmark against a country or a group of countries

A YardStick Custom Benchmark is tailored to suit your specific monitoring & benchmarking
requirements and can contain:
• any number of websites belonging to your selection of sectors, competitors and countries
• website performance and availability statistics from multiple locations
• custom analysis

WatchMouse Customer Console

YardStick reports are presented via your WatchMouse Customer Console which is a sophisticated,
web-based system. Designed to service the needs of your whole organization, it is powerful and easy
to use.

Pricing structure
To obtain an example report or get a quote for the sector and countries of interest to
your business, contact one of the WatchMouse team via
or call: +31 30 2522400

About Watchmouse
Since 2002, WatchMouse has been providing Website Performance Monitoring to some of the world‘s
largest companies. WatchMouse continuously invests to supply you with:

The best infrastructure

WatchMouse has a reliable, fully redundant, globally distributed network of 25 monitoring stations.

Industry experts
While you get on with running your core business, WatchMouse experts providing accurate, indepen­
dent & reliable information at a competitive price.

An Industry leading, web-based, Customer Console

Providing self-service and immediate results for many of the WatchMouse products, the WatchMouse
Customer Console is user-friendly & offers your business complete control.