ON SALVATION OF THE HUMANITY "We must give thanks to the Lord our God for He is good and ready to forgive

" Ps. 86:5 These are the words we can read and reflect, through the Sacred Scriptures, with faith and joy, on how the God, who is the source of all things, visible and invisible, have forgiven the damned world because of its sins, sins that distanced itself in the glory of the Munificent God. God is truly the source of everything, as a great evidence of His eternal greatness and munificence. His love for the humanity is the main reason why He sent His only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to his passion which is his salvific mission, which is the holy will of His Father. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, who is the perfect example of humility, and as form of His obedience to the Father, have gave himself as a ransom for our salvation. His wounds became our way to be healed and his death became a way for us to reconcile with God. He had thought us, by his great example, how humility and obedience cannot be and never separated. Obedience is a true and perfect obedience if it is rooted with humility, a humility, on the other hand, which is rooted with our faith in God by giving ourselves completely for His will. Our Lord Jesus Christ, by the will of the Father, gave his life as a ransom for our salvation. His crucifixion to the sacred cross is the literal evidence of the profound and great love of God to the humanity in which He gave His son became a "paschal lamb" for our reconciliation. His passion and death on the cross became a hope to the humanity to be once again united with Him with hope of eternal life. God's love must be the model of human love. A love that opens all borders, unites all forms of divisions and heals all wounds. It is a love that is unconditional and always rooted in our faith. For love, a love which is same as God, will be the source of all things that every people of goodwill desires for the world. Love is, therefore, is necessary to all of us to achieve everything that our heart desires for it brings us peace and hope. The first human being who was the first to imitate our redeemer's humility and obedience was our Blessed Mother. God, with His infinite wisdom and will, have made Mary the Mother of His son Jesus Christ, the word who became flesh who dwelt among us. A flesh who became man to save his fellow people. Jn. 1:13-14 . as an instrument of God to who will carry the savior in her womb. It is necessary therefore that Christ shall become a true man in order to fulfill his salvific mission. Salvation did not finish yet after the crucifixion and death of our Lord on the cross. But salvation is still for every human person who wants to see and look for God until the end of time. Jesus Christ, by the will of the Father in heaven, has established a way for us to God. He established the Church in order for every human perwson who wants to follow his footsteps will be saved. Salvation, therefore, was made by God for every people, of every culture, of every race, of every traditional background and every faiths to come together for a one and true way to God and for our salvation. Every human person, by the dictates of his conscience and his desire to follow Christ is always be a member of the Church. Any human person who wants to live a life of humility and obedience is a new Christ in the society- being way for faith, hope and love. The Lord established the Universal Church because of his noble will.The establishment of the Church was a prart of the new salvific will of God. The Universal Church, in which Christ has established on Pentecost day unto his blessed Apostle Simon whom he called Peter, will be the instrument of God for every people for their salvation. The Church should recieve, with open arms, all people as people of God. All people lives because of God's will and it is also the will of God for them to receieve salvation.

The main mission of the Church is to make people one in all things. One in faith and in worship. It was also established to be a new hope for every human being to know the true God, which is the source of salvation of all. The reason why Christ became man is the reason, also, why the Church was established. This is to fulfill God's will of salvation. JONEL V. BITUIN In manus tuas Domine, commendo spiritum meum.