Animal Aardvark Albatross Alligator Alpaca American Bison (Buffalo) Ant Anteater Antelope Ape Armadillo Ass/Donkey

Baboon Badger Barracuda Bat Bear Beaver Bee Bison Boar Buffalo

Young cub chick hatchling cria calf larva, pupa pup calf[13] infant pup, baby foal infant cub, kit pup cub[18] kit, kitten, pup larva, pupa calf shoat, farrow, piglet calf

Female sow — cow cow queen, worker, gyne sow doe — sow jenny — sow — sow, Shebear — queen, worker
[note 2]

Male boar — bull bull drone boar buck — boar jack boar — boar, He-bear — drone bull bull

Group — flock[7], rookery[8], gam (when searching for mates)[9] congregation[10] herd herd army,[11] bike,[11] colony,[11][12] swarm[11] — herd,[11] cluster,[11] tribe[11] shrewdness[1][10][11][14], troop[10][11] — herd,[11] pace,[11][12] band, drove,[10][11] coffle[11] tribe, troop[10][14], flange[note 1] cete [10][14], sett, colony, clan, company school[15] colony, cloud,[16] flock[17] sleuth, sloth family,[10] colony[10] colony, drift[14], erst [14], grist [10], hive [10][14], nest[10], swarm[10][14] herd, troop, gang, obstinacy singular, sounder[10] herd,[10] troop,[10] gang,[10] obstinancy[10]

cow cow

pounce[10]. pussy cow[21] doe hen. drake cow molly. bull congress. larva. hind. group. congregation. flight.[10] drift.[13] fawn bull bull rooster. sedge. siege bask. clutter. sprat chick cub. army (caterpillars) flock.[10] bask[10] hover. pullet empress velvet. kindle (young) army. cast herd. kine (female)[10] herd coalition (male)[22] flock. colt[24] hatchling calf. plot rabble. swarm. sprag. pup. bull.[25] herd. brood. whelp — chick. glaring[10][14]. float. kit larva nymph codling. train consortium. flutter[10]. murder [10][14].[10] herd.[25] rangale[25] . gathering. jimmy bull buck. chrysalis calf calf kitten. train[10] herd clowder[10][14]. dog cock. hake. harem herd bed quiver[23] intrusion[23] school bitch hen cow doe.Bush baby Butterfly Camel Caribou Cat Caterpillar Cattle[note 4] Chamois Cheetah Chicken Chimpanzee Chinchilla Clam Cobra Cockroach Cod -see also Fish Cormorant Coyote Crab Crane Crocodile Crow Deer infant caterpillar. pupa.[13] hart (red gulp. stag.[10] constituency herd. cock(erel)[note 6] blackback boar. queen. kit queen king. cluster[10]. nest. sow bull tom [note 3] calf[20] calf cub chick.[3] drove. parcel[3] bunch. peep infant tureturle.[25] mob.[23] flight pack.[10] peep[10] troop.[10] mob.

brace[12]. herd. team. sore[25]. arrangement gang. juvenile whelp. dam cow deer) bull dog.skein[25]. pup.[6] puppy cow[13] cow bitch. parade herd. safe[14]. dule[10][25].bunch[14][25]. pod. brood. pack (carnivores) pack. legion. raft[14][25] In flight . dole[14][25]. tercel. flock. stud. busyness. drake duckling drake calf eaglet.Dinosaur Dog Dogfish Dolphin Donkey Dove Dragonfly Duck -see also Mallard Dugong Eagle Echidna Eel Eland Elephant Elephant seal Elk (wapiti) Emu Falcon Ferret Finch hatchling. hatchling eyass/eyas kit chick bull — boar — bull bull[27] bull bull[13] tiercel. flight On land . badelynge. pack. aerie — swarm. cell. string[25]. sord[25]. waddling[25] On water . school.[1] business. squal nymph bull herd (herbivores).[3] alliance (male). array herd herd. pipe. group of hounds (cry. terzel hob[note 7] cock . paddling[14][25]. team[25] herd convocation. fesny(i)ng. sire calf.[25] litter (young).[25] gang.flock. fledgling puggle leptocephalus (larva). party (female) arc[10]. kennel. piteousness[14][25]. cote. fesynes quiver hen queen duck. pup See Ass chick. mute) troop[25] team. herd mob cast. herd. flight[10][14][25]. pitying[10] cluster. elver (juvenile) calf calf[20] calf calf[13] chick. hen cow — sow — cow cow[21] cow cow[13] falcon jill hen cock king.

school. colony. piglet. wedge[14] infant nymph chulengo chick pup chick. horde herd herd. buck.fester. tadpole. corps. cloud. pup — blackback.skein[14]. doeling goose tod. froglet calf calf[13] pup cub calf larva calf kid gosling vixen cow cow[13] doe sow cow cow nanny.Fish Fly Fox Frog Gaur Gazelle Gerbil Giant Panda Giraffe Gnat Gnu Goat Goose Gopher -see Prairie Dog Gorilla Grasshopper Grouse Guanaco Guinea fowl Guinea pig Gull Hamster Hare Hawk Hedgehog fry. gaggle In flight . doe.[note 8] buckling gander draft. skulk[10][12] army.bundle. sire bull billy. fingerling maggot cub. dog. team[14]. jill hen sow cock boar cock buck buck. dog fox. warren. silverback troop. husk cast. pup[6] polliwog. reynard bull bull[13] buck boar bull.flock. trip On ground . jack tiercel boar flock[29] herd flock horde band. kettle.[18] kit. mob. run. tower[28] cloud. shaol swarm. knot herd herd horde herd. scorrie[30] pup leveret eyas hoglet. tribe. group (band) swarm covey hen sow hen doe doe. boil[note 9] array[3] . business leash[10][12]. down.

pupae foal. harras. herd colony. jill. smuck[3]. polyp. cock bull bull cock dictator leopard. chick. boy chick cub. crash. host. band. buck. pup.Heron Hippopotamus Hornet Horse[note 10] Human Hummingbird Hyena Iguana Jackal Jaguar Jay. thunder[23] swarm herd. smuth[8] mob. population bank herd herd exaltation plot. smack[12][14]. herd. court. fluther[14]. sedge bloat. tribe charm clan. stud man cock dog siege. hen cow cow hen princess leoparde ss lioness hembra hen[4] — cock boar boomer. spot (has been proposed) lion macho cock[4] — charm bloom. troop. cackle[10][12] pack hen sow flyer. team (work horses). congress. conspiracy leap. stable. doe. filly (female) child. dam woman hen bitch cock bull drone stallion. crowd. prowl. whelp pup cub chick planula. roo doe cow.jack buck bull. flock cloud. sawt herd. girl. plague. ephyra[32] joey joey hatchling. swarm colony[33] . colt (male). clan. string or field (race horses) band. lepe pride. Blue Jellyfish Kangaroo Koala Komodo dragon Kouprey Kudu Lark Lemur Leopard Lion Llama Lobster Locust Loris chick calf larvae. calf calf calf chick infant cub cub[18] cria nymph infant hen cow queen mare. mob.

match consortium herd flock. lute. tribe. infestation. gang. wriggler. company. mare mule hen cow jill hen sow cow — cock cock drake bull — boar boar — bull[13][27] buck — john. gulp. nest scourge. charm. flock. drove. owlet calf spat cub — hen hen hen cow — sow sow — cow[13] doe — molly. culch panthere . harvest. span. flock brace. mob labour. puddling. raft parliament[10] yoke. chick pup. tumbler foal calf eft[36] chick larva calf joey calf hatchling.[35] pup nymph. family. team. swarm. troop romp. pinky/fuzzy/crawler/hopper (as pet food). sord herd clan. kit pup infant. whelp fledgling. herd bed. movement tribe.Louse Lyrebird Magpie Mallard Manatee Meerkat Mink Mole Monkey Moose Mouse Mosquito Mule Narwhal Newt Nightingale Octopus Okapi Opossum Oryx Ostrich Otter Owl Ox Oyster Panda . route.see Bear Panther nymph chick duckling calf pup cub. cast. horse mule cock bull jack cock boar bull. hive. horde. murder. tittering. steer colony. bevy. lodge. boy/girl calf[13] kitten. mischief. troop[14] herd colony. lice musket tiding. pack. flush. rake blessing[citation needed] watch. cloud barren.

team puddle herd. mischief. colony (on land). kit. shoat/shote (a young. pup. bury. mob. nestling cub. gaze flock colony. peachick chick. nest. gilt (female) squab. drove. horde. swarm unkindness. parliament. nestling chick. drove. leash nursery. colony. jill sow reeve ewe doe. ostentation. flock covey peaflock. colt (young. immature male). crime[citation needed] herd pack herd sow hen boar cock mare sow cow sow hen doe. squeaker platypus foal (either sex). kit chick lamb kitten. flock. loft.Parrot Partridge Peafowl Pelican Penguin Pig[note 11] Pigeon Platypus Pony Porcupine Porpoise Prairie Dog Quelea Rabbit Raccoon Rail Ram Rat Raven Red deer Red panda Reindeer chick chick chick. conspiracy. bevy. immature female) pup calf pup chick bunny. town flock. nestling piglet. jack boar ruff ram buck. drift. muster. cow stallion boar bull boar cock buck.[1][38] congress. filly (young. pinkie. calf[6] ss hen hen. school coterie. kit. kitten. pride pod [10] rookery. litter. chantelle peahen cock cock peacock company. plague. string prickle herd. nestling. just weaned pig). waddle. marmalade. trace. raft (in water) [37] herd. bull calf cub calf hind sow cow stag boar bull . party. sounder flight. pod. swarm warren. murder. pack.

lamb. game. dray. harem group. hurdle larva pluteus (free swimming stage). flock. plot. bob. lambkin. trip. calf cow sow bull boar crash. neonate(newborn) spiderling Spider chick hen pup. audience squad. harem. herd herd. cosset dam shrewlet. school frenzy. flock. rookery. clutter roundup. harem. flock. school. drove. herd. herd building[14]. juvenile (young urchin) pup. troop colony. mob. parliament[14][39] maelstrom. race. swarm cob bull buck bull . hatchling (a newly— hatched snake). crash. wedge measure. flapper calf infant larva pen cow doe cow seastallion bull cock bull ram[note 8]. buck boar boar[4] n/a — Spider cock buck shoal pod. rookery. salamanderling larva pluteus (free swimming stage). band cow bull pod. herd colony. colony. team. shiver drift. herd. scurry[23] intrusion flight bevy. herd. juvenile (young urchin) seafoal seamare pup[6] cow chick hen kitten cub[18] ewe. drove surfeit [ hood citation needed] pit. nest or bed cluster. kitten doe nymph cygnet. kit.(caribou) Rhinoceros Rook Salamander Sand Dollar Sea lion Sea Urchin Seahorse Seal Seastar Serval Shark Sheep Shrew Skunk Snail Snake Spider Squid Squirrel Stinkbug Swallow Swan Tapir Tarsier Termite calf tadpole. bob. team. baby sow kit sow n/a snakelet.

cabinet herd. dog. clew.[10][12] lump. gang. herd mob herd. she-wolf jill cow cow mare bull bull stallion . pod swarm.Tiger Toad Trout Turkey Turtle Vicuña Wallaby Walrus Wasp -see also Bee Water buffalo Weasel Whale Wolf Wombat Woodpecker Worm Wren Yak Zebra cub[18]. señor jack bull drone bull buck. herd. rafter bale. señorita jill cow queen. dule posse. pup.[41] zeal[10][41] hen — cow. stag. jill cow[21] bitch. mob descent bed. wiggle herd. hive. cabinet herd. kit calf[20] cub. flock.[6] whelp joey. school pack. gobbler. jake (immature) — bull. squirm. grind. colony pot sneak. worker cow bitch. nate[40] gam.[10][41] cohort. whelp tadpole. chick chick wormlet chick calf colt. bunch. foal tigress — tiger — tom. coven hoover cream[citation needed]. toadlet fingerling poult hatchling calf joey calf larva calf pup. doe.[10] streak[23] knot. rout wisdom. pod. hub. jack bull dog jack ambush.

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