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Manors of Salisbury

The following table can be used to radomoly determine of of 120 differernt manors within Salisbury. Simply roll 1d20 and 1d6 and cross reference the results on the table. Each entry consists of a manor and a grid reference to help locate the manor, using the included map, provided by Dr. J.M. "Thijs" Krijger. Entries in dark red are manors that are on the Current Home Table used by player knights in the King Arthur Pendragon rulebook. Note that there are appoximately 30 more manors in Salisubry that are not on the chart, allowing the GM to add the occasional manor as he needs for events in his campaign. Grately and Monxton manors have been excluded from the table as thier close proximity to Levcomagus would make them a bit too problematic to be randomly assigned to players.