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com Response to a Critic of LULAC/NAACP In the Zimmerman case
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Mr. Trevino, I am responding to your email regarding the Zimmerman case. You ask if I am sure that I want to take sides against fellow Hispanic Zimmerman? I was glued to the television throughout the court hearing. In the article that I wrote I do not place blame on anybody nor do I make disparaging remarks against anyone. However, I am of the opinion that the judicial system has not run its course. I made reference to the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases as examples of where the federal system overturned decisions that the local courts had rendered. If Mr. Zimmerman is innocent and the Justice Department investigates and determines that he is, I feel pretty sure they will not prosecute him. I really do not appreciate your comment that the NAACP could care less what happens to Hispanics and that I should not trouble myself with their work. I recently retired after 50 years of service with the federal government with 25 years of the 50 with the U.S. Department of Justice where I often mediated disputes involving LULAC and the NAACP against school districts and police departments. There is a signed memorandum of agreement and understanding between the NAACP and LULAC at the state level that I fashioned after facilitating discussions between the two organizations on how to work together on common issues. I think I can make good judgments regarding the NAACP and I respectfully disagree with your characterization of them. I agree that there are many Hispanic issues that should be addressed by either LULAC and/or

MALDEF. There is no doubt that we can improve on that. LULAC is the largest Hispanic civil rights organization and probably the most effective one in addressing minority civil rights. I am privileged and honored to serve on the national LULAC civil rights commission, at the state and district civil rights committee---on a voluntary and full time basis without any compensation. I am blessed to have that opportunity. I am not sure that we know each other or that we have crossed paths before. I invite you to call me so that we can further discuss your concerns. Maybe I can be of help. Just keep in mind that I do not discriminate because of race or national origin when it comes to helping those in need. If I had known that George Zimmerman is Hispanic I would have still taken the position that I took. Whatever happened in the Kerville case? Did the family of the victim file against the police department? Maybe it is not too late. Was LULAC contacted for help in that tragedy? I hope that I my comments help to clarify some of your concerns.

Respectfully, Richard Sambrano ----- Forwarded Message ----From: Visente Trevino <> To: Cc: Grace Guajardo Charles <> Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 12:00 AM Subject: LULAC/NAACP

Richard, Are you sure that you want to take sides against fellow Hispanic Zimmerman? The NAACP could care less what happens to HISPANICS. Why do you trouble yourself with their work? Mr. Zimmerman would never have been arrested, charged and tried had it not been for Sharpton and the likes of him. The media went out of its way to demonize Mr. Zimmerman and to angelicize Martin. It seems as though everyone wants to jump to side with the Black minority instead of justice for all. One who has been in a fight for his life knows the dangers of having to fight while on his back with the assailant on top. If you were on your back with someone on top of you banging your head against a cement surface would you use a gun to defend yourself? I've been there and had I had a gun I would have done as Mr. Zimmerman did. There are many Hispanic issues that should be addressed by either your organization or MALDEF. One that comes to mind is the killing by the KERRVILLE Police of a drunken Mexicano who supposedly came at them with a knife in hand and all three policemen had to fire to kill at the victim. Three big cops against one drunken man with a knife and all three had to use fire arms instead of a taser or wrestling the knife away from him? Forget the Martin case and take care of Hispanics in need. Vicente Trevino

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