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Power is paramount Surprise innovations can turn the tide of an evenly matched struggle x 1.

Objective conditions in the physical environment 2. Subjective beliefs of your competitors in that environment Flexibility foresight individuality ability energy political acumen prowess vital force virtu fortuna 1. Start with tactics 2. Plans must change 3. Prepare, prepare, prepare - training, hard work, strong discipline, sound pla nning 4. Know your opponents 5. Boldness [[Episode 3]] 1. concentration 2. [[Episode 4]] I. Regardless of how chaotic a situation may be, there are principles that can g ive shape to your thinking about the situation II. Immersion in such principles allows coup d'aeil flashes of insight A. Preparation of (unique) capabilities B. Understanding of general principles of conflict C. Detailed tactical follow-through [[Episode 5]] I. Tactical principles A. Offensive B. Mass C. Maneuver D. Economy of Force E. Surprise II. Principles of War A. Have a clear objective B. Seize the initiative C. Mass your efforts on a critical point D. Use all available power E. Limit your opponent's room to maneuver F. Unity of Effort and Command G. Secure yourself against your opponent from getting unexpected advanta ges H. Surprise your opponent I. Keep it Simple, strategist! [[Episode 6]]

- Strong strategic intent can lead to successful strategy - Strategic intent <--> Achievable midrange goals [[Episode 7]] The strategic planning process 1. Mission 2. Objective 3. Situation Analysis 4. Strategy formulation 5. Strategy implementation 6. Control [[Episode 8]]