Gerberas flower between 13 C to 32 C temperature and 80-85% RH of Green House. Light intensity in India is generally very high.therefore,35 percent shade net should be used. Application of white wash on the roof of green house could be equally useful, in lowering the light intensity to the desired level. A large number of gerbera varieties have been introduced into the country. Some of the varieties popular are Aida (Peach), Sangria (red), Thalassa (yellow), Bianca (white), devil (Red) etc. Commercial cultivation of gerbera is done by using tissue-cultured plants. Gerberas for cut flower production are grown either in ground beds or in beds. The ideal soil for gerbera growing is a well drained sandy loam of good texture and aeration with neutral or slightly acidic PH(6.5 to 7.0) and high organic content. Beds are usually 60cm wide and 20 to 25 cm in height above the ground and 45 cm

distance between two beds .Thorough incorporation of manures and fertilizers in the beds should be done. Plants are spaced at 30 cm within and between the rows. Water and Nutrition management is done by drip system. The first flowers are produced 7-8 weeks after planting. The average yield per year is about 250 flowers per Post harvest handling : Gerbera flowers should be harvested when fully open and when the second circle of disk florets shows pollen. Flowers are plucked with gentle rotation of the base of the stem. Flowers are harvested in the morning and immediately placed in water. The stems are bunched into 5 and 10. Bunches are secured near the stem base and just below the neck with a rubber band. Individual flowers are sleeved with the poly cover, especially designed plastic cups. Flowers are then packed with 250 to 300 flowers in a box and marketed. Market demand : Per day Hyderabad market requirement is 10,000 flowers, which is being met from Karnataka and Maharashtra. Success story : At the Horticultural Research Station,Jaipur,Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh Gerberas were successfully cultivated under shade net with the help of ITDA . TABLE 1. Gerbera Cut flower cultivation under cost-effective green house of 560 sq.mts.
PARTICULARS I Capital costs 1. Green House Construction including drip irrigation system & Fogging system Sub Total - A II Recurring costs 1. Planting material @ Rs. 25/- per plant(4,000 plants) 2. Land preparation & Soil incorporations ( FYM,Coco peat etc) 3. Soil Sterilisation with formalin 40 lit @ Rs. 30/lit. 4. Fertilisers 6. Pesticides & fungicides 7. Labour charges Amount Rs. 2,50,000/ 2,50,000/1,00,000/25,000/1200/20,000/23,000/20,000/-

8. Preservative chemicals 9. Packing & transport Sub Total - B GRAND TOTAL (A + B)
1.Cultivation of Gerbera under cost- effective Green House 2. Open Cultivation of cut flowers in half- an -acre 3. Open cultivation of bouquet filler material in half- an- acre TOTAL

800/20,000/2,10,000/4,60,000/4,60,000/20,000/20,000/Rs. 5, 00, 000/- 17May 2013

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