Dialog with Non Muslims on TopixVolume 3 (300 FAQ about Islam, Muslims and contemporary issues


Preface In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful All praise is due to Allah, the Creator and Cherisher of this Universe and may His Peace, Blessings and Mercy be on His Last Prophet Mohammad, the progeny of Mohammad and all companions of Mohammad, afterwards, This is the third set of Questions and Answers that I faced with Non Muslims on different threads of well known Discussion forum www.topix.net . Fist two volumes have been posted by me already on this site. Well the pattern is almost same, but you will find that the range is not as wide as was on previous listings. This might be due to the fact, that by this time, we are well known to our correspondents and the range of discussion is narrowed down. The Questions are divided into ten Chapters, Alphabetical list of all Questions is attached at the end of this document. As mentioned earlier, I am no scholar on Islam, the views given can be taken of a Typical Educated Muslim, If I have done any mistake, I seek forgiveness from Allah. I have not lied or hidden any fact knowingly and presented Islamic point of view to the best of my knowledge and capability. Some unusual Questions could be: 1. Religion or Football? 2. Are Atheist more Tolerant?: 3. Did Slaves Built Pyramids? 4. Why our answers should be short? Page 173 Page 176 Page 157 Page 155

With this I take leave with you, and leave you with the Answers posted on threads. Moiz Uddin Qidwai

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Chapter-1 (Atheism, Theory of Evolution)
Q-1 Creator, Is belief in God a Magic? It is you the believers of BTOE, who believe in REAL MAGIC. For any thing to Create itself is the oldest belief of MAGICAL ACTS. The things appear out of nowhere and that is what you believers of BTOE believe in. Life created itself and then life took this complex shape by itself. Have you ever tried this experiment in any of your workshops or assembly lines. Leave them to sort out their problems themselves and produce newer and newer models? Any sound theory stands with its feet firmly planted in ground and never changes its stand every now and then. So the permanency of a belief is also a test of its soundness. That there is a Creator of this Universe, was as true a million years ago as it is today and as it will be a million years from now on. The passage of time does not change the original truth. It is your BTOE that keeps on changing its stand every now and then and your “truths” os yesterdays are proven to be “Falsehood” of today and tomorrow. You are free to make your skyscrapers on shifty sands and laugh at those who built their single story houses on firm grounds. Q-2, Evolution, Cosmology, Are TOE and Big Bang not related? A good theory and a good argument is that which should answer all possibilities. Things started with Cosmology, if there was no planner, designer and creator for Life on this earth, then there would have been no such things for stars, galaxies and every thing else in this Universe. Religion never divided people, it is the people who followed one particular prophet did not want to change and accept other prophet and divided themselves. All prophets came with the same message, Believe in one God, Worship only Him and Follow me. No prophet contradicted any other prophet or called him bad or false names. It were the followers of these prophet who did that.

So we can never blame God or prophets that they divided humanity. Religion of all prophets was same and that is known in Arabic as Islam, i.e. willful submission to the will of our Creator. By So few rejections I mean that every specie is complete in itself and well suited to its environment. If one working specie was to change into another working specie, there could be millions of intermediate species which are a cross between the two. But our fossil records do not show these intermediate species. All fossils are working models and no undeveloped or half developed parts are to be seen. Whereas if Random Mutations was the only way of change from one specie to another, there would have been millions of such “Misfits”. Species come and species become extinct when they have achieved their purpose and function in the Grand Design of their Creator. Mass extinctions and mass arrivals are all planned. The species do not evolve, they just arrive at a particular juncture and that is the truth and logical and proven by fossil records. Q-3 Evolution, How scientific is TOE? The Blind Theory of Evolution says that things are happening in this Universe and on this Earth without any plan, design or purpose. It is like a Big Assembly Line in a factory where new and newer models are coming out from assembly line, without any one controlling or having any say. Things by themselves work out every thing. The only Guards are Random Mutation and Natural Selection. With some thing as undefined and as absurd as Random Mutation and Natural Selection to take care off of any goof ups, how can this great assembly line work with so few rejects? But that is what they want to bring down our throats in the garb of scientific investigation and verifiable proofs. If any one believes in Such a Blind Theory and calls himself a Scientist, then let me tell you that he is blot on that community. Are you a blot on your community Sir?

Q-4 Evolution, Mutation, How it happened? I defined the Blind Theory of Evolution, which you know by the name of Theory of Evolution. It says that life originated and proliferated without any plan, design and purpose. Things just worked out themselves and took care of their own problem. If you believe in any other theory, then please put forward it. Despite humans sharing 90 % of genes with mouse, 98 % genes with Chimps and sharing many things with mammals, humans are humans, rats are rats and chimps are chimps and mammals are mammals. Therein lies the Beauty, Power and Perfection of the Creator. Things having so much in common are so different ultimately. If you go one step further, we all have Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and a few more Basic Materials and Starts also have the same materials, so some one can say that humans evolved from stars!!! Q-5 Evolution, Mutation, How it happened? See how are you justifying and saying what I said that this is Blind Theory of Evolution. No one knows what will mutate, when it will mutate and what will be its effect. Things are taking care by themselves without any external guidance or principle. I do not deny Evolution of emotional basis. I deny it purely on logical and intelligent level. The very idea that things can design and develop and change themselves without any plan, design or outside influence is against basic human reason. The only reason you want to cling to this Absurd Blind Theory of Evolution is that, if you accept outside influence, you have to change you whole outlook and have to restrict your life style, which you do not want to do. Given enough time and space, humans cannot create a mere fly, while the nature went from Hydrogen Atom to Human Being in less than a Billion years, with very few rejections. People holding on to this Blind Theory are in fact attached to it emotionally.

Q-6 Evolution, Proof, Does TOE proves every thing? Evolution cannot explain How of every question connected with Creation, because it has no data as to how Creation started. It is only guess work, a sort of science fiction. Then there is another question which is WHY. That question is also as important as HOW. If you do not know WHY a particular thing was created, you will not be able to use it in optimum manner. I do not know if TOE deals with this question WHY. Creator Creates and He destroys. What is the logic is known only to Him. If in His plan, mass extinction of some specie was needed, then it was done. The basic problem with theory of evolution is that their claims are not backed by the data. If one specie is to evolve into another specie, then there are millions of in between stages. If fossils record are any indication, then we must have Millions of fossils of intermediate stages before finding a fossil of completed specie. I hope that fossil operation was not partial to preserve only the completed specie and do not preserve in between Millions of stages. When a Reptile starts to evolve into a Bird, how many stages it has to pass. Then every stage should consist millions of samples because Q-7 Evolution, Proofs, How scientific is TOE? Any theory of evolution which does not explain as to how the basic material for life was obtained, is an incomplete in itself. How the First Self Re-generating cell was formed is as central to Theory of Evolution as to saying how it developed into more complicated life forms. Theory of ABOGENESIS or what ever you call is, is a part of TOE. Unless you satisfactorily explain origin of life, evolution is meaningless. Then TOE in itself is incomplete by any standard. It does not give proof of evolution of a single specie from start to finish. There is no complete proof from either reason or logic or from fossil records. It rests only on one claim, how it could have occurred otherwise? Species do not evolve, they just appear suddenly at a particular time. That is what is proved by fossil records and not any other claim.

Despite such tall self made claims about facts and findings, TOE has nothing of the sort. You read Darwin’s Book on Origin of Species, where do you see any facts mentioned there. There are assumptions and generalization and future hopes. And that has been the hall marks of TOE followers since. To make large claims on meager evidences and to hope in future scientific discoveries. You say thousands of transitional life forms have been discovered is as misleading as Various stages of Human Evolution presented in magazines. Let is take the case of Giraffe, it would have started with an animal with normal necks as other animals, before it “Thought of Evolving” into a long neck animal. This process would have stared gradually, Now we should have fossil record to chart its progress, please check. How many Giraffe’s fossils we have with one quarter neck? How many with half necks? How many with three quarter necks? Answer is Zero!!! Then how illogical is to say that Giraffe evolved from a normal neck animal to long neck without any proofs? That is the case with each and every specie which is supposed to have evolved from one form to another. That goes for all so called transitional stages. None of these are transitional life forms, they are a different specie. A transitional life form would be one with half developed legs, hands, wings, and necks, beaks etc. As per you logic majority of fossils should be of these intermediate forms than completed life forms. Do fossil records prove it? You are right, before you propose such an extravagant and grand theory as TOE, you must have lots and lots of fool proof data. That was non existent when this theory was proposed. It was really an stand against the Church beliefs which stuck to every thing created in 6 (24 Hours) day basis. Purely on scientific and observational ground this TOE is a fraud on human intelligence and reasoning faculties.

Q-8 Evolution, Reason, How reasonable is this theory? The charges you are laying against me do in fact recoil back on you. In my all post on this subject, I have never reputed this Blind Theory of Evolution because it is against my Book. I said that any idea that this complex life forms could create themselves without any Plan, Design or Creator is absurd and against basic human knowledge. This rejection is purely on reason and logical ground. Whenever we see any thing on this earth, our minds goes to who it creator would be. It would be only fools and blinds like you, who would believe for even one second that this Universe and every thing in it created themselves by their own efforts. I have both legs firmly planted on ground and it is you, who are standing without any firm foundations. Q- 9 Theory of Evolution, Why I call it Blind? I think you have taken offense why I labeled your beloved "Theory of Evolution" as "Blind". If you look your self carefully, that Title is most appropriate. If the life was evolving without any purpose or any idea in which direction it would go and what would be repercussion of each such step, what best title can be given to it other than "Blind". If life proliferated into millions of forms only thru Random Mutations and Natural Selection, what best name can be given to it but "Blind". I think blind is the most civilized word which I could think of, otherwise, Stupid, Absurd, Too Farfetched, Hot Air and many similar words could aptly describe your version of "Theory of Evolution" which I call as "Blind Theory of Evolution".

Q10 - Evolution, Transitional forms, Do we have fossil records showing that? Where did I say that Creator did not know when to Create and when to destroy a particular specie. Why should it reveal all information to you? He reveals only what is required and needed for humans to do their jobs and prepare for their tests. AY: Tiktaalik shows transitional features from fish to reptile. The finger bones in whales' flippers show its ancestor was once a land animal with paws. DNA shows that the hippo is the closest relative to the whale. Your DNA is over 98% chimp genes, over 90% mouse genes. MUQ: Just read carefully your above statement and think how little is your information about Evolution. A TIKTALLIC showing some transitional features are irrefutable proof that Reptiles evolved from Fish!! A small finger bone in whale flipper is sufficient for you to claim that it was a land animal with paws. That is the bits of knowledge on which these BTOE supporters make their sky scrappers of imaginations!!! I think some day, you will quote data from Jurassic Park Movies as evidence that these creatures really did existed!!! Who is living in dream world? Me or You? Q- 11 God, Other Gods, Are there many gods? 1. That there are other Gods beside one True God of Universe. This is a very wrong concept of God. As I told that you have no concept of God at all. When you believe that Man evolved (automatically with out plan, design or guidance) from a single cell creature, without needing God ‘s help or God’s involvement, why at all should there be any God and why men should obey them? Therefore this very idea of multiple gods, each having sway over a particular race, or nation is filled with errors.

Q-12 Theory of Evolution, Start of life, Is TOE Complete? Any theory of evolution that does not deal with how life started is like making a building without knowing from where to get the raw material. How the first self regenerating cell formed is most vital question that must be answered by so called proponent of Blind Theory of Evolution. It seems that you support BTOE but are content to call it TOE. Only a blind man will not see any Purpose, Design and Reason in the living world around us. You were Blind in religious matters, having your own peculiar views and now it is clear that you want to remain blind in the living world also.

Chapter -2 Bible (Authority, Authenticity and Integrity)
Q-13 Bible, Corruption, Changes, Does Quran says Bible is Word of God? 4. God s word Cannot Change according to Quran I notice that you always use very derogatory words regarding Quran, now you want to prove your case from Quran itself. Quran never says that God s words do not change, in fact it accuses Jews and Christians of corrupting God s books and writing books with their own hands and then saying that they are from God. So how could it say that Bible did not change. What Quran means by God s Words and God s ways not changing means God s decrees and God s standards for Good and Evil and God s laws for people and such things and not the written scriptures available with various people. We say that Bible does contains Words of God, but Bible as a whole is not entirely word of God, it also contains words of prophets, words of historians, words of storey tellers and some words of fiction writers. They all are mixed with each other and Jews and Christians have no criterion to separate one from the other. Q-14 Bible, Authenticity, Did Joshua testified about Moses? A. Joshua bears Witness to Moses: Yes there is some truth that Joshua was a companion of Moses and he would have been a reliable witness. But we do not see that Joshua has bore witness to all events of Moses s life. On many instances he was not even present. Then in his book he does not confirm that he has seen Moses Writing all those five books. The testimony of Joshua would have any weight, if you could prove that indeed Joshua the companion of Moses wrote that Book of Joshua which is part of Bible. No a simple task eh. B. Bible prophesizes many things but Quran has no prophesies. I see Jews and Christians putting so much emphasis on miracles and prophesies. Any thing and every thing happening in the world is supposed to be prophesized in their Bible.

But the way they prove is really amazing. Jews the custodian of OT say that Jesus is never mentioned in their Books, while for Christians the whole aim of Bible is Jesus, who of these is speaking the truth? Then both Jews and Christians say that their books speak nothing about Prophet Mohammad. The single event in Human History which changed the face of the world and had undeniable affect of Both Jews and Christians is not mentioned in their books at all. Then what is the purpose of so called thousands of small prophesies when you miss the big one. Quran speaks about logic, reason, and common sense. The role of miracles and prophesies is down played. But it is not correct to say that Quran does nor speak any prophesy. The most important prophesy of Quran is that it predicts that Islam will supercede all other ways of life and this prophesy is really remarkable, since from the first day, Islam is always on the rise. Its followers are increasing with each passing day. Q-15 Bible, Authenticity, Should we use Common Rules? I have no line of attack. I am only following your suggestions. It was you who said that we should judge all scriptures by the same standard. I welcomed your suggestion as a fair one and asked you to make these rules. Now you are beating behind the bush and using every trick in the book to come to main issue. I can frame such rules, but Islamic rules are so hard and so straightforward that none of your 66 or 73 books would pass even the first round. Then if I make the rules, you will say that I am biased towards Islam and is making rules so as to help my book. That is why I left the job to you. We are not in a wrestling match to defeat or score a point over other so to say. We are discussing serious matters of religion and purity and authenticity of scripture is a very serious and important subject. It should not be taken lightly. You say, you are only a witness, witness of what? We should be witness for truth and justice and not for false hood or our own imaginations.

Q- 16 Bible Authenticity, Do Muslims reject Proofs about Bible? We Muslims do not reject any truth, whatsoever. We do not have to reject any truth to prove our Quran. Because Quran is truth and no truth contradicts another truth. However it is the people who try to mix a bit of truth with one thousand bits of falsehood and imaginations and then pass this whole amount as absolute truth that cause all these problems. First of all Quran confirms that Torah, ZABUR, INJEEL and other revelations were from God. So proving that Noah’s ark does exist proves both Quran and Torah. Dead sea scrolls only provide some confirmation of existing text for a few books of OT. Unless you are sure who wrote those scrolls, how can you cite them as final proof for authenticity of all books of OT? The Burial cloth of Jesus is a fake as any one will tell you/ The proof that OT books were changed or corrupted in a universal fact, the fact that not two manuscripts are identical copy of each other is a proof which no one can decide. We do not reject whole OT or whole NT, we say that they do contain Words of God, but they also contain Words of Prophets, Words of Historians and Words of Folk lore and some pornography. This is evident to any one who has gone thru Bible from cover to cover. Q-17 Bible Authenticity , Authenticity of Bible depends on Dead Sea Scrolls? It seems that truth or falsehood of Bible depends only on Dead Sea scrolls. I want to ask you, do you know who wrote those scrolls? What is the exact date when they were written? Do they cover whole text of OT books? If dead sea scrolls show that one or two books of OT are almost same as what we have today, how does it provide authenticity for all the books of OT? When we see with our own eyes, so many different manuscripts of Bible, each differing from each other, such minor events like Dead Sea scrolls are not sufficient to solve this problem.

Q- 18 Bible Authenticity, Some pointers. I have analyzed your post and find the following main points: 1. The Bible is not corrupted, but there are many Translations of Bible. This is the most common error into which you want us to accept. There is a difference between versions and translations. Let us take RC Bible, it contains 73 Books and then Protestant Bible, it contains 66 Books. Are they only different translations and interpretations? Then you see that one verse of Bible is missing in one version and is present in another version, how could it be different translations? The versions are different than translations. Then when we see that no two Old Manuscripts of Bible are identical, it proves itself that Bible has indeed suffered during transmission. 2. Bible is God s Word and Quran also confirms it. Quran 10:64 is in no way connected with proving authenticity of Bible. When Quran specifically says that People of Book distort their books by tongue during recitation , 3:78 and that they write books with their own hands and then say it is from God, 2:79, then we cannot say that Quran says that current Bible is God ‘s Word. Please note, that we do not say that existing Bible does not contain Words of God. It does contain Word of God, but it also contains words of prophets, word of historians, words of story tellers and also words of pornographic type of writers. We need a criterion to separate one from other and Quran being pure Word of God provides that Criterion. 3. There might be One Arabic Quran but 80 percent Muslims do not understand it: There is only one Arabic Quran and every Muslim reads it in Arabic during daily prayers. Now to understand it, they might look at translations into different languages and by different authors. If you go into market and buy 10 different translations, they might choose different words to convey the same meaning, but each will have same number of chapter and same number of verses. So we have different Quranic Translations and not verses. The Quran is in Arabic and in case of doubt, one always refers to the

Arabic Text. In case of Bible, you have lost the original manuscript and left with only different translations. 4. God wants His Word to Spread. Yes God indeed wants His Word to Spread and that is why He has sent Quran in the last and protected it from corruptions and interpolations etc, Ch. 9 V 14. Torah and INJEEL were for a particular time period and when the Last Book came, their periods are over and they are no more applicable. 5. How can we come to common Terms. Quran tells us the solution for this also. It asks us to agree at least on things which are common between the two scriptures and they are, A. That we should worship only One God. B. That we should not assign any Partner to Him. C. That we take not amongst ourselves patrons and protectors besides God , Ch 3 V 64. Then if we differ on any thing, we should verify the truth from which is preserved in pure form i.e. Quran. a. What Quran confirms from Bible, we also confirm it. b. What Quran rejects specifically from Bible, we also reject it. c. On matters where Quran is silent, we also keep silent. What could be better and fairer way to resolve our differences? Q-19 Bible Authenticity, Are statements of Biblical societies enough to prove it? The agreement of Protestant Biblical Societies and Vatican are nothing when we see contradictions and mutilation with our own naked eyes. 1. We see that Catholic Bible consists of 73 Books and Protestants Bible consist of 66 Books. Either Catholics added 7 Books to the Word of God or Protestants deleted them. So you should answer and not me as to who is right.

2. We have KJV and we have RSV and they differ in content. One verse is present in one version and not present in another version. It is for you to explain how the Word of God got corrupted. 3. We see contradictions within the books, Luke describes it separately and Mark and Matthew separately, how could both be right. 4. Then Fourth Writer puts his own words in the mouth of Jesus. No one reading the first three Gospels and then fourth Gospel would believe that it is the Same Jesus and same disciples who are speakers and listeners. With so many contradictions, variations and versions available before us, how can we simply believe in the statements of Protestant Bible Societies that God especially protected Bible from Corruption and we have in front of us Bible as it was revealed originally? Q-20 Bible, Authenticity, Comparison between Quran and Bible It is not for us Muslims to find where the uncorrupted OT and NT books are. It is for you to supply them. We have kept our holy book uncorrupted and pure as it was revealed for past 1400 years. It is preserved in written form as well as in the breasts and minds of millions of Muslims all these 1400 years. That is to show everyone how a scripture should be preserved and protected. You on the other hand have not a single bit of Gospels in the language which Jesus spoke. You all have translated books and they all differ from each other in thousands of places. Catholics have Bible with 73 books and Protestants with 66 books and then there are countless versions of Bibles each different in content and meanings. This is a mess in which you have placed yourselves, why you want us to come to your help. May be that was God’s plan that only one book should be preserved till the last day and all other books be changed and corrupted.

But whatever may be the conditions of your books, you still cannot prove that it teaches Trinity in so many words. Despite all corruptions and translation it has undergone, it still has no clear cut verse of Trinity in it. That is why instead of explaining and proving it logically, Christians are asked to believe in it one way or other. You can be happy in your own world of fantasy, the world of non existent Trinity!!! Q-21 Bible Authority, Was Gospels written by Eye Witnesses? You confuse between scripture, revelation and human descriptions of the events. If you assume these Gospels to be Word of God, then it means that they were reveled to the Writers by angels of God. If you say that these are only eyewitness accounts of what people of that age saw and recorded, then you can have your choice, but then these would not be described as Word of God. You can have your choice, but you cannot have both. It is very erroneous of believe that Gospel of Matthew was written by the Apostle Matthew or the Gospel of John was written by the Apostle John. These are anonymous books which have been attributed to those apostle. Mark never records that he is writing what he heard from Peter, and Luke could have been associate of Paul, but Paul was not a disciple of Jesus, so he and his teacher both are not eyewitnesses to the events they are writing. Q-22 Bible, Are Dead Sea Scrolls Enough? As I told you that drowning man clutches as straws. So now it seems that authenticity of Bible is totally dependent on Dead Sea Scrolls, so let us ask some basic questions about these Dead Sea Scrolls. A. Who wrote these Dead Sea Scrolls? date mentioned on them? Nothing Is there any signature or

B. Which is the exact time when these scrolls were written? Only Guess work. Authorities differ by a period of three hundred years on the dates.

C. Do these scrolls contain full text of whole OT? portions of some books.

No, there are

D. To say that Dead Sea Scrolls are word by word translations of Hebrew Bible is a myth. The existing Hebrew Bible is re-translated from Greek and there is no old Hebrew Manuscript of Bible existent. E. As per your own admission, there is still 5 % variation in Dead Sea Scrolls and existing Book of Isaiah, then what is right in those places. If we allow 5 % variation during each copying operation, where it would leave us after a few operations. F. As usual they are putting too much emphasis on Dead Sea Scrolls to prove the authenticity of Bible, a document whose authorship and ownership is not known, whose date of writing or copying is not known and which is not at all complete. I say that all OT and NT books available to you are only translations and you have lost the originals. Consider the following: 1. Jesus was born in a Jewish Family, he did not speak Greek at all. 2. His whole life he preached amongst Jews. 3. All his chosen Disciples were Jews. 4. Yet all the Gospels we have are in Greek. How can we be sure that these translations are accurate and express the exact views of Jesus? Only claims and claims and no proofs. But with such background, you have the face to accuse Quran that its divine origin is only a matter of belief. Q- 23 Bible Prophesies, Why Bible is Silent about Mohammad? Thank you Hugh Be, but if you ask the likes of Sound Doc & c , they will say that it was foretold by Jesus "For there shall arise may false prophets....." This is not describing a Personality to come that shall be permanent thorn of the sides of Jews and Christians for thousands of years. But they are "Experts" and we are "Novices". It is their words against mine.

But in reality, is it? More and more people are able to see thru this smoke screen. Any one studying Bible with open mind, clearly seed the advent of Prophet Mohammad mentioned in both OT and NT books. And what is more, it requires much less assumptions and explanations than these fulfillment of so called Biblical prophesies takes. Thank you once again. Q-24 Bible Prophesies, Why is Bible Silent about Mohammad?

Yes it should sound as interesting to every enquiring mind when he or she hears those "Experts" on Bible Prophesies explaining that every little event taking place on this earth is prophesized in their Bible. 1. Rise of Communist Russia is mentioned in the Bible, in a mere 70 years Communism has become history. 2. Rise of Europe is mentioned in Bible, after 500 years, Europe is a spent force. Center of Gravity is shifted to USA and now to Asian Tigers. 3. Hear them talk on small events taking place on this earth, all mentioned in their Bible. But when you ask them what Bible says about Mohammad, they are speechless and have no word to utter. Rise of Islam was a much more significant event in human history than rise of Communist Movement. Why Bible should be silent on this issue. Then from inception Islam has been a thorn for the religion of Jews and Christians. It tackles them face to face and addresses them directly. Why the Bible is Silent on such an important Topic?

The truth is Bible is not Silent on this topic. It very clearly speaks about the advent of Prophet Mohammad. But these

people with colored glasses hide this fact and speak for hours at length on insignificant events. They want to hide the truth with their dubious methods.
Q-25 Bible Teachings, Authenticity and authority It is your insolence that you are putting your views (And views of non prophets like Paul etc.) as necessary and binding conditions on the Word of God which you call as Bible. Before doing that, 1. First you have to prove that what Bible (or the books inside that collections) that you have today, is the same Bible which was originally revealed, I think it would be a Herculean task. Only your claims are not sufficient neither self-issued certificates of authenticity. 2. Then you have to prove each and every statement in your post as originating from the lips of a prophet of God and not from any one else. 3. All your talk about Lambs, and Lions are allegorical and not to be taken literally. We should not move to animal kingdom to prove something about humans. 4. The end result is that, in the end your whole message is muddled in allegory and your own imaginations and indoctrinations. 5. It is much better and safer to believe in actual Word of God, which is kept pure and preserved in its pristine beauty, and that is what it says from the lips of Jesus: “Most Certainly, God is my Lord and Your Lord, so worship Him only and this is the Straight Path (or Way)” Similar message from the lips of Jesus is recorded in According to John, is: Gospel

“Now this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent” 17:3 So instead of giving your own coloring to the words of Jesus, believe what he said and not others who make claims about him. You are true when you say, Hell is prepared for Satan and his followers, those who deny or openly disobey the message of God

revealed thru any of His chosen prophets. So instead of speaking in the language of animal kingdom, you should use plain language. Q-26 Bible, Is Bible Word of God? To cut a long story short, it is not Bible which claims it is the Word of God. It is the believers in Bible who CLAIM that it is Word of God and there is a hell lot of difference in the two things. 1. First the word Bible is not in the Bible. It is name given by the followers, so how can Bible say that it is Word of God? 2. Then Bible is not a single book, it is an encyclopedia of 66 or 73 books that has been put together some where in 382 CE. 3. To say that Bible is Word of God, we have to prove that each one of these books is Word of God. 4. Then in none of theses 66 or 73 books, there is any claim by any of its writers that his book from beginning to end is the Word of God. 5. In fact writers of most of these Biblical books are anonymous, the names which appear on Title page are only symbols and do not indicate the true writer. Now you can see, it is how childish to claim that Bible as a whole is Word of God. Having said so, let me tell you that Bible does contain following: A. Words of God as revealed to some prophets. B. Words of prophets of God explaining teachings from God. C. Words of historians and folk lore and national backgrounds. D. Some words from even pornography inserted as side things. All these words are mixed with each others in an amazing Encyclopedia which we call as Bible. We have no criterion to differentiate one set of words from other set of words. If we do have such a criterion, it would be very easy to extract Word of God from the Bible and publish it. In fact there is such a criterion (and I can identify it), but our Bible Thumpers would not accept it and try to convince world that their amalgamated mixture is Word of God, from cover to cover.

Chapter-3 (Christianity, Jesus and other issues)
Q-27 Counselor, Will Counselor come in the hereafter? As regards Counselor, It was Jesus himself who said that Counselor will come in this world. In fact you did not read my quotations carefully. Shall I remind you? 1. Jesus said, it is good for you that I go away, if I do not go away, Counselor will not come. 2. If I go away, I will send him to you. 3. I have yet many things to say to you, which you cannot bear them now, howbeit, when the Counselor, the spirit of truth….. These all point out that Counselor will come in this world. I think most of Christians believe that promised Counselor did come on Pentecost day, bit that is another topic of discussion. Q-28 Culture, Gun, Is gun un Christian? I am happy to know that you were born in India and now settled in Germany. I am also an Indian working in Saudi Arabia. If you say guns do not belong to Christian Culture, then I should say that you do not know what is Christian culture. Gun and sword have always been a part of Christian Culture , How could Britain and other Colonial Powers gained possession of vast lands in Asia and Africa? Thru beautiful preaching only? How did Britain ruled India? By winning hearts of Indians thru lectures and reasoning and trade? Even now majority of nations that possess most dangerous ammunitions are Christians. USA, UK, France and Russia are mostly Christians. Then these European nations have been fighting with each others since centuries. It is only recently after end of WW-2, that internal fighting in Europe has subsided. But that does not reach to this level for you to say that having gun is So Unchristian.

Q-29 Heretics, How much Church calling someone heretic counts?

BH Words as recorded in the Quran, that record of Mohammad s plagiarisms from Gnostic and apocryphal sources that the Church had officially rejected as heretical CENTURIES EARLIER. MUQ: About Gnostic influence I have told earlier. No Church declaring someone as heretical is no justification for truth and falsehood. Church had declared heretical the earliest Christians, who were closest to the time of Jesus. It was a tug of war, each party declaring its opponent as heretical. So this is no argument at all. Church keeps changing its instance every now and then, the present Pope has declared that Jews had nothing to do with the crucifixion of Jesus. With such shifting stand of Church, how can we believe in their decisions.
Q- 30 Jesus Birth, Bible’s Account Creation of Jesus: Quran is very brief in this and do not leave any place for doubt or discussion. As per Quran God only said Be and Jesus was created. In such matters we do not have much discussions. However it is Bible which goes out of the way and try to give some explanation as to how this was achieved. Matthew says, Before they came together, she was found to be with child thru the Holy Spirit. Ch1 V 18. Luke pipes in with , The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of Most High will overshadow you Ch1 V 35. So they are going out of the way to explain how it happened and that is why people are asking questions. If Quran was indeed a copy from Bible, it surpassed the original. The idea of Zygote for Jesus is also not my idea, that is also from other Christians only. In such cases we Muslims do not elaborate and leave it to God, which is a much safer approach.

Q-31 Jesus Birth, Genealogy Your problem is never ending, because you believe in some thing which is not true. 1. You said Mary was from the House of David. Both Matthew and Luke trace Joseph the Supposed father of Jesus from David. Matthew from Solomon and Luke from Nathan. Which of the two is speaking the truth? 1A Luke specifically says (1:5-28) that Mary ‘s family (Zechariah etc) were from the priestly family so it is very true that Mary was also from the same clan. However Joseph was from David s family. So your claim that Mary was from David falls flat. And Joseph the carpenter has nothing to do with Jesus at all. 2. Your description of the birth of Jesus, God becoming Zygote and planted in the womb of Mary, is downright down to earth and is your pure imagination. 3. The offer of redemption comes from Jesus and not from Paul. Jesus said “This is eternal life, that they should know you True God and Jesus Christ whom you sent”. We Muslims accept this statement of Jesus and we are entitled for Eternal Life. We reject Paul’s hypothesis that “Eternal life comes thru the Blood of Jesus” and no body rejecting Paul’s unsupported statement has to fear any thing from God Almighty. Q-32 Jesus Birth, Why God Created Jesus without a father? As for your question why all other prophets were created with mother and father and not Jesus? The answer it God knows. May be it was a Test (most probably it was) for both Jews and Christians alike. Jews went to one extreme and assigned human father to Jesus and spoke bad things and bad words for Mary. Christians went to other extreme and made God as his father. Then went further away and made him equal to God and one third of a Mysterious Trinity. It were Muslims, who remained on middle path. We recognize Jesus as Word of God, Spirit proceeding from him, virgin birth, Prophethood, being very near to God, having a place of honor in front of him. Every thing that can be imagined, except saying, he was God, Son of God and had any share in Divinity.

Only in the hereafter (or at the time of second coming of Jesus), it would be known as to which of us three parties is the one who is closer to the truth. It is you who are avoiding the real issue, if coming out without father was that important thing, then Adam and Eve have the same position. Just saying that they were first human pair, is not enough, if God can create humans without father and mother, the fact that He created Jesus without father is not sufficient to prove his Divinity. I have explained to you earlier , how illogical and contradictory is to say that God became a man, or God was born as a man. Q- 33 Jesus Genealogy, Why so much confusion between Matthew and Luke? You are trying to confuse the issue, by giving explanations about things which you do nothing about. The Creation of Jesus Christ without human father was a unique incident in human history. It was a miracle of God. We should not discuss on the methodology of this act, since we know nothing about it. That is why Quran stopped this discussion once for all and said, “If God wants to create some thing, it only says BE and it is”. Matthew and Luke tried human ideology for this event and tried to explain as you say in common human language and entered into a dangerous territory. For you it may be easy to figure our how “Mary was found to be with Child from Holy Ghost” and how “The power of Most High overshadowed Mary” but not to many many common people. The same is the case with Genealogy of Jesus. A man has no human father, then how can you give his genealogy? If any genealogy is to be given it should be of his mother Mary. Neither Matthew nor Luke mentions the name of Mary and you as an “Apologist” try to explain that Matthew traced it thru King’s and Luke thru Heli. The name Joseph the carpenter mentioned in both Matthew and Luke is absurd and has nothing whatsoever with Jesus’ genealogy at all. You say he was legal father of Jesus, was there such thing as Legal Father in those days? On one hand you object on Quran because it says Mary was Sister of Aaron and do not want to consider our reasonable answers and on the other hand you condone these

serious mistakes done by Matthew and Luke in Jesus’ genealogy. Is it fair? Instead of accepting the mistake, you are looping around in circles and providing all sorts of useless logics which have no scriptural proves. If Matthew’s and Luke’s Narrations are indeed words of God, then you are referring this error to God. Jesus’ virgin birth might have been mentioned at many places in Bible, we do not deny it and we accept that Jesus was born without human father from virgin Mary. You do not have to prove anything to us regarding this. Q-34 Jesus, Who died on Cross? It is Christians who say God died on the Cross. Who was Jesus? God or no God? Who died on Cross? Jesus or some one else? Then what wrong is to say that God did die on Cross? When your foundation is wrong, you will have problem with each and every step. In Islam our foundation is very strong, that is why we never have these types of problems. Q-35 Jesus Divinity, Did God Create Humans in His image?

BH What past scriptures? Genesis 1, 26, Then God said 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness MUQ The same God says in the same book, that do not make yourself a carved image or any likeness of anything in heaven, or on the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth, Ex. Ch 20 V 4. So by depicting Jesus as God, you are violating this express command of God. So you have to find another meaning for this verse of Genesis, that God is not talking about the physical image.

Q-36 Jesus, ,Divinity, Why God Created Jesus without father? Now coming to your question, why God created Jesus without father, the real answer is I do not know, I only say that what we read in our book, a. To show the power of God, that He can create what He wills. b. He created Adam without any father and without any mother. c. He created Eve without any mother. d. He creates billions of Humans with both father and mother. e. He created Jesus without father, so as to be a sign and test for Jews and Christians as to whether they will stay on right path after seeing this miracle. Jews went to one extreme and Christians went to other extreme. Q-37 Jesus , Was Jesus God? No one has authority to dictate to God what He should do or not do. It is God Himself who has revealed in past scriptures that He is not anything like in this universe. That shows that He is not like any human. Our Scripture (Quran) also confirms this, so the statements in Quran are both logical and confirming the past scriptures. The distortion comes in the claim of Christians that God was Born as a human and then they convince themselves on the basis that God can do everything. This is a very wrong reasoning. God can create a human without father, without mother and without father and mother, that sounds logical. But for God to change Himself into a human is absurd and against previous scripture. OUR JIBRELL was no one than Arch Angel Gabriel known to every Jew and Christian. He only spoke the truth as given in past scriptures that on one can bear the sin of others. So this whole concept of original sin and Atonement thru the blood of God is man made dogma. As for Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary. I have Bible in front of me, it says “And the Angel said to her “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of Most High will overshadow you,” Luke 1:35 How Mary was overshadowed by Power of Most High is for you to explain…as for Muslims, we say God Creates what He Wills and He

wanted to create Jesus without father, so He said Be and Jesus was Created. Simple and logical. Our prophet was not the most haughty of men, he was the most humble. He chose the Title of Abdullah, Slave of Allah for him. Jesus with much less to do was raised to God and Begotten Son of God and followers of our prophet could have gone to higher level, but they did not exceeded their bounds and only spoke the truth. Writings of St. Paul, St. Augustine and St. Aquinas and all other saints and scholars are to be considered as valid, so long as they do not go against the words of Jesus and other past prophets. In fact they have degraded the Majesty of God, by bringing Him down to earthy and die on Cross. I hope you will some day realize the insult you heap on God Most High, Creator and Sustainer of this Universe by this illogical allegation. Q-38 Jesus Divinity, Is it established so well? I thank you, that you liked my little “piece” on Jesus dieing like a God, but I also say that you forgot my another “Piece” that you cannot fit a Square in a Circle and vice verse. Both of these together could have helped you is reaching the right conclusion. The Idea of Jesus dieing as God came before verifying that Jesus was indeed God. (Let us forget for the time being that Idea of God dieing in itself is a contradiction. The one that dies cannot be God, because God and death cannot be together). So first this idea that Jesus died for our sin came, and was established, then they wanted to prove that Jesus was indeed a God according to four Gospels. And that is why you find so much contradictions and problems in proving this from Gospel. You have to constantly switch your stand, this verse Jesus spoke as God, this as human and so on. In the end, who died was only human Jesus and not God Jesus, so where is the endless atonement of sin? This is the dilemma of Christianity, in which brighter brains that yours and mines, been working since many centuries, but it remains where it was when it started.

To simple minded persons like us, they tell us to only believe that we get salvation thru the blood of Jesus and we just believe it, without thinking or analyzing, if it is true or false. If you only look at words of Jesus as recorded in Gospels, most certainly you will see thru the smokescreen. But the Church asks you to see these wordings thru the filter of St. Paul and others and you see a different color altogether. I like your sincerity and have told it many times. I wish that you will analyze the statements you make and ask for proofs from the lips of Jesus and not from others. Peace be once again be on you Joe. Q-39 Jesus Divinity, Why is it degrading to say that God became man? Let me first put a few opening remarks, before we come to this question: 1 God s personality and His attributes are beyond our comprehension. We have no right to say that God can do this thing and God can no do this thing. We only say what God Himself says about Him. 2 It is wrong to say that God Can do Any thing. We have no right to say that. In fact God does what He wishes and due to His exalted position, He wishes only highest things. 3 For example, we cannot say that God can lie, or God can Cheat, or God can commit mistakes, or God can die etc. 3A. In Quran God says, God only speaks Truth, God does not do any injustice, God never forgets and God is ever living. Therefore any actions which contradict these cannot be attributed to God. After these statements, you can see why it is degrading to God , to say that He became man, A. God is infinite and man is finite, how can one be finite and infinite at the same time? B God is immortal and man is mortal, how can one be mortal or immortal at the same time? C God never eats and never needs to go to toilet, where as man has both these needs, how can one do both at the same time?

D God is not born and never dies, whereas man is born and man dies, how can one do both these things at the same time. There are so many problems which arise, when we assume that God became man, some of them are: a. Was He God before and then became man and then changed back into God? How any one who changes be God. b. When He became man, who was running the Universe? Can Universe run without God? Or was he running the universe, while He became man? Then why no one noticed that he was running the universe? c. God s knowledge of both past present and future is perfect and He never forgets any thing, did He renounced those powers when He became man? If He retained those powers, then all actions and talks which He did as a man were mere dramas? There are so many questions which pop up into mind, when you say that God became man. And that is why we say it is degrading to say that God becomes man. And this whole ides of Jesus being God, is not so well established as you think it is. This is stated by others, and not Jesus himself. So why we accept all these contradictions and absurdities, just to fulfill some statements made by some people and not Jesus. Q-40 Jesus, Is Jesus God? Yes there is an instruction in Quran for Muslims, not to ask too many questions from the prophet. It does not say however that you will become unbeliever. It says that people before you asked too many questions and then they turned unbelievers. Because if you ask too many questions, then you restrict options for you, in the result it becomes very difficult to follow the right path. If you see OT books, you will find that Jews asked too many questions from their prophets and that is what Allah is warning us about. Now coming to the point of Divinity of Jesus, you have laid a very emotional outburst, without actually quoting from the scripture.

You have given only one example that Jesus asked his disciples to Baptize whole world in the "Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit". Where does it says that Jesus is God? Take one example, when any one becomes Muslim, he has to announce his faith that I believe Allah as God and Mohammad as his messenger. Just because Allah and Mohammad 's names are taken for any one to become Muslim, means that Mohammad is God. Then if you look closely, this instruction was supposed to have been given when Jesus was about to ascent to heavens. There is a contradiction, thru out his life, Jesus never preached to non Jews. Then why on ascending to heavens he placed a burden on his disciples which he himself did not do? No good teacher, Master or right man would do it. For your information the formula "Baptizing in the names of Father, Son and Holy Spirit" did not originate at the time of Jesus. It was added by Church much later. So apparently this verse is added to Gospel of Matthew at a later date. I know it is very hard to digest something which is against your life long beliefs, but to convince others, you have to be emotionally stable. I do not condemn you Joe, I know you are sincere person. You are just repeating what was taught by your priests and preachers over many years. Divinity of Jesus is not so easy to prove from gospels, to prove Trinity is almost impossible. That is why Trinity has never been explained in plain language. It is only a belief, which you must have, if you want salvation. That is not a reasonable approach. Q-41 Jesus Divinity, Is Jesus s divinity so Clear? I think it is right idea to sort one issue at a time. So let us discuss about the Divinity of Jesus Christ. You would agree that it is not every now and then that God comes to us in human form. As per you it happened only once in the history of mankind.

Since it was such a big moment for humanity, it was very clear for Jesus to express it in no uncertain terms, so that his followers are not in any doubt about this issue. But what he does, he never clearly states that he is God in human form. He uses the words in such a way, that they can be interpreted in both the ways. You said, that it is Gospel that My and Father are one. If that is conclusive proof of his divinity, then in the same Gospel he says, I and my disciples, we all are one. You cannot take different meanings for the same word in the same context. Then ha also said, 1. My father is greater than me, My Father is greater than all 2. I of my own self can do nothing; it is by the finger of God that I cast out devil. 3. His disciples address his as Rabbi meaning teacher, he is called Son of Man in Gospels more number of times than Son of God. So we have to interpret scriptures in the way that makes sense and they all are supporting each other. To say that God takes human form, is the belief of not Semitic people, but of the pagans Romans, Egyptians and Hindus etc. In their system God takes human forms in innumerable times. Christians have reduced only to one time that is all. To explain that God can do anything is not a reasonable answer. God cannot do illogical things. God cannot make 1 plus 1 plus 1 as 1. It will always be three. God only does what He wishes. Taking human form is not one of that. For guidance of humans He send prophets for that. Regarding Holy Spirit, as per Jesus, He should abide by and live in every Christian. If not always, then at least with those who formed all these churches and denominations. Now which Church is the true Church, how one can find out? Than all this idea of getting free from sin etc can wait, till we are over with Divinity issue of Jesus. Peace be on to you Joe.

Q-42 Jesus Existence, Did Jesus really existed? You are right in a way, if it would not had been for Quran, it was never possible to prove that Jesus existed at all. In their zeal to market Resurrected Christ, Christians have made all efforts to erase the existence of human Jesus on this earth. You are sure that based on four Gospels and the physical evidence available, there is not enough proof that Jesus existed at all. It is as case every where, Quran comes to the rescue!! It confirms Jesus as a human being and one of the greatest messengers of God, a man gifted by God, who came to reform the religion of Jews. He was a Jew, his message was for Jews. As you can believe in so many Jewish prophets, why not one more...the last of Jewish prophets? It was a good question, I must say. Q-43 Jesus Genealogy , Was it kept in Temples? Heli and Joseph were not that important persons that their genealogies would be kept and preserved in Jewish temple, you have to provide proof that genealogies of every person was kept in Temple of Solomon. The temple was destroyed in 70 CE so what happened to these genealogies. You say that Jehovah as Zygote was planted in the womb of Mary, but your friend Sound Doc is strongly against this idea. You decide between yourselves, I do not want to enter into these controversies. Our Quran says God Never begets and He is not Begotten!!! Regarding “As was Supposed”, look at the KJV where the words “As was Supposed” are kept under brackets and inverted commas, making it clear that these words were of translators and not of Luke’s. So it is your words against the words of KJV translators. But I think that YOU feel that YOU have HIGHER AUTHORITY than any one else on this earth. Because Holy Ghost might be inside you and coaxing you.!!

Q- 44 Jesus Genealogy, Matthew and Luke differences? Your confusion and contradiction is self evident from various corrections you have mentioned. Despite these corrections (and 100 more if you wish) you cannot deny that issue of Jesus genealogy is as clear as mud in the two Gospels. 1. It is your own Imagination that Matthew gave Genealogy of Jesus thru Mary and Luke thru Heli the father of law of Joseph. 2. Luke says that Heli is father of Joseph the Carpenter. Did Holy Spirit revealed to you that Heli was Father in Law of Joseph? And who would be father in law of Joseph? The father of Mary? Where in any record it is mentioned that Mary’s father was named Heli? 3. With your own imaginations as your guide, why can Matthew not write the Genealogy of Mary and Luke of Joseph? 4. Why did Holy Spirit not corrected Matthew or Luke to clarify this apparent contradiction in the two Gospels? 5. Then Matthew mentions only 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus and Luke mentions 66 generations. How could it be possible? Was it also a miracle that Heli ‘s forefathers always had issues much earlier than forefathers of Joseph? 6. The genealogy given by Matthew and Luke from Abraham to David contradict those given in other books of OT. Matthew in order to maintain symmetry of “14” generations has removed a “few” names. You want me to mention those names which Matthew omitted? 7. All in all genealogy of Jesus mentioned in the two gospels prove that they were not revealed by Holy Spirit at all. How can you be sure that other items mentioned therein were indeed revealed by Holy Spirit? 8. With this background you come up with tall claims like Bible Condemns people for eternal punishment. Q-45 Jesus, Did Jesus preached to Non Jews? With all due respect to you, Jesus was born in a Jewish Family; he was raised as a Jew. He preached his message to Jews and for your information, never preached nor allowed any of his disciples to preach to any one else but Jews.

That was all during his life time. It was later when he died that His "Self Appointed 13th Apostle" opened the gate to Non Jews i.e. gentiles. What was done in the name of Jesus after he left this earth, he is not responsible for that. If you know your Bible, you will appreciate what I have written. For your information, Muslims also had no problems with Jews for much of last 1400 years. It was only since 1948 that we have started problems with them, when they came to our lands, turned out people who were living there for past 1200 years and became a bully in the region. On the other hand, Jews and Christians have been at each other's throat for past 2000 years. It was only after WW-2, that Christians developed a new found love and friendship with Jews. So your love relationship with Jews is very new. And that is because you have shifted your problems to Arabs and Muslim Lands!!! By the way Jews have totally neutralized Christianity in the west. There is no Christian Church who can argue and win against Jews. They are still busy is apologizing to Jews for what they have done to them in past 2000 years. A lot of dirty linen still has to be washed. Pope will issue Apology after Apology to Jews for every act of crime and omission which Christians have done and in reply, he will never receive any Apology from Jews for what they did to Jesus and those Early Christians!!! It is heads I win and tale you loose situation between Jews and Christians of our modern times. I really have sympathies with Christians in the hole they have put themselves into. Q-46 Jesus Kingdom, Did Jesus establish Kingdom of God? About the Kingdom of Heaven, in fact Jesus did try to explain that too in many of his parables and the best of which is what you read in Lord’s prayer “O our Father in heaven! Hallowed be Your Name, Your kingdom come, Your Wish be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven….” So the Kingdom of Heaven means that God’s Will be Done on Earth as it is Done of Heaven. That means a society that implements God’s Laws and Commandments in their daily lives.

Unfortunately Jesus could not complete that task, firstly because his ministry was too short, secondly he did not get enough followers. So he left the job for a future “Comforter” who will do the remaining job and “Lead you into all the truth”. Now who was that Comforter? It is a Billion or Zillion Dollar Question. Which we could discuss if you have enough time. Jesus definitely wanted his followers to grow, mentally, spiritually and in every other way. That is what prophets are, they are best well wishers of their community. It is the people who think otherwise and become their enemy. Q-47 Jesus, Kingdom, Will Jesus establish it in his second coming? I agree that Jesus did not establish the kingdom of God on earth. He did not had enough followers to start with. Then what ever he had left him and fled at the first sight of danger (according to your scripture). What else could he say at the time of his trial? You are right, in Islam, there is no separate Church and no separate State. They are one and the same. It is Christians who have separated them and therefore there is not a Single Truly Christian Nation on the face of this earth. (There never was, how could followers achieve what the master could not). By the way, we Muslims believe in Jesus and also in his second coming. But we think that he will not come to establish the Kingdom of Earth, it is already established by his fellow prophet. He would descent to save it from mortal danger of Anti Christ. Q48 Jesus, Messiah, Jew and Christian point of views?

It is very interesting for me to watch this exchange of posts between Jews and Christians regarding Jesus and the Messiah. Some one mentioned questions being asked to John the Baptists and as recorded in the Gospel of John. There was one more question posed to John the Baptist, "Are you That Prophet" to which John replied I am not. Now I ask Jews, what is That Prophet and Has he come already or is yet to come?

To Christians I ask the same Question, If Jesus was That Prophet, then why John Did not clarify that Messiah and That Prophet are one and same, why ask me same question twice? It is really interesting exchange of views.
Q-49 Jesus, Mission, Did Jesus left his job Unfinished? As to prove that Jesus left the job unfinished, what better source than Jesus himself? “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you.” John 16: 12 and “If you love me, you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever— The Spirit of truth. John 14:15 These things show that Jesus did not finish his mission and left the Job for some future person who will come after him and finish the Job. You may recall “This day I have perfected your religion for you” Quote from Quran. No more promise of any future person to come. Regarding your second Question, why God created Jesus from Virgin Mary and my answer is God Creates what He wills. Can you answer me, Why God Created Adam without any Father or Mother? Why God created Eve without any Mother? To me the probable answer is that God wanted to have examples of all types of creations, without father and mother, without mother, without father and with father and mother. In last category there are billions of humans and in first three category, only one individual case. None of them are God or Incarnate God. But it was a Good Question indeed.

Q-50 Jesus Mission, What was Jesus’ Mission? You asked me a very interesting question and I will be happy to answer you. You say that Jesus’ mission was to free humans from sin and that he has done it. If his mission ended, then what was the need of any followers to walk in his ways? As sin came to humans without their knowledge so the stain also should have been washed away without their acknowledgement. It is not right that you put the stain of sin on all humans, without their knowledge and actions and for removing that sin, you need them to acknowledge Jesus as your personal savior. Now coming to the mission of Jesus, he and John the Baptist, both preached about approaching Kingdom of Heaven. If only John would have preached that, it might have made some sense (Since he is supposed to be herald for Jesus). But after John the Baptist, Jesus also preached the same good news of coming Kingdom of Heaven. Which I told you Jesus could not establish. Q-51 Jesus, Did Jesus preached to Non Jews Thank you for reminding me about Matthew 28 19-20, but you see this was after Jesus had dies and supposed to have resurrected. I said during his earthly life, he did not preach to Non Jews and did not allow his disciples to preach to non Jews. How this policy suddenly changed after his death, I cannot say. But if you look carefully the verse is a latter addition for the formula of Baptizing In the Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit started much later in Christian Church and not at the time of Jesus. I did not mean that every Christian persecuted these Jews. What I said was about the general conditions. There would be and there should be many good Christians who would have given protection to innocent Jews. If such persons are not there, there is no hope for humanity's survival. But when such statements are made, they are based on majority action. When we see white people in USA persecuted Black Slaves, it does not mean that every white man did that, there could be exceptions and there were exceptions. Same holds good for this case also. Whosoever does a good deed would be rewarded in the hereafter, that is what we also believe.

Q-52 Jesus, Did Jesus preached to all people? Now coming to the point that Jesus preached to all, whosoever came to him and you mentioned the case of Samaritan women, if you check the incident as recorded in scriptures, Jesus was initially reluctant to teach that women. It was only her persistence that won the day for her to say. On the other hand, we have such clear cut statements from the lips of Jesus 1. I have not been sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and he gave instructions to his disciples. 2. Do the enter into the cities of Gentiles or Samaritans, but go into the cities of Israel. These show clearly the intent of Jesus. Teaching some woman here and some slave there does not change the whole purpose of his mission. As regards Trinity, I do not know what you mean that it is not needed for salvation. As per Church teachings, if you do not believe in Trinity, you will burn in hell for ever. Further salvation thru the blood of Jesus itself implies that Jesus must be God, otherwise his blood as a human or a mere prophet is not enough to carry the sins of whole world. It is glad we are discussing this subject and I am pleased with you. May peace of God be on you. Q-53 Jesus, Was only Jesus created without Sin? A. According to Islam every human child is born sin less. So we cannot say that only Jesus was born without sin and stigma. B. I also told you that as per Islam, all prophets of God are specially protected against wrong doing and committing moral sins, there also there is no difference between Jesus and other prophets. C. The only superiority of Jesus over other prophets is that he was created by a special miracle, that he was created without any male intervention. This special miracle does not bestow any divinity on Jesus, as it was done by God and not by Jesus.

Q-54 Jesus Worship, Why Christians worship Jesus? Making and worshipping statue of Jesus: It is you own idea that God was born from the womb of Mary. Nothing supports it. Then at what stage you will make the statue of Jesus? A. The day he was born? B. When he was a small boy? C. When he became adult? D. The day he died? Who has the real authentic picture of Jesus? The statue might be that of his bitterest enemies. sure that it is indeed picture of Jesus? Will putting any figure will suffice? Can we put a statue of Hitler and claim it is Jesus? Q-55 Jews, Relation between Jews and Christians I do not want to create hatred and bad blood between Jews and Christians. I just want to tell that as your excessive hate of Jews was one side of extreme, now this new found love is the other end of extreme. We Muslims are always on the middle path, our theological differences in the past did not cause us to persecute them and we do not say that they are right. We have our religious differences, but we only oppose those Jews who have wronged us and taken our land and drove out our brothers and keep on committing all sorts of atrocities against them. In your love for Jews (or hate of Muslims) you condone these acts of Jews and always take their side. Which is against reason, logic and justice. As to your second question, why Muslims do not allow Christians to preach in their countries, there are two answers, first is that , name any country (except Saudi Arabia) which is closed to Christian Missionaries? How are you

The second answer is that why USA banned Communist Party in their country? Why you do not allow Al Qaeda and Taliban to open their offices in their country? Why you do not allow Muslims to practice Shariah laws in your country? Q-56 Jesus, Prophet of Deut 18:18 If you remember, in my first post, I had said that the title Messiah was not such a strange one for Jews. This meant any prophet or any person who has been selected by God to perform a given task. I think you already know this and there will be no need to expand this. However, there was another Messiah, who was to come after Moses, whom I called Messiah of Messiahs or The Messiah. In the scriptures of Jews, we have prophesies for both A Messiah and The Messiah which were to come at a future date. We can only distinguish between these two by the actions which they were to perform. If you just go by the names Messiah, then sometimes these two personalities get mixed. So what you mentioned that by Messiah they meant King, Savior and Restorer of Promised Land etc, it referred to The Messiah. Then the promise of a Great Reformer amongst the Jews called a Messiah were also present in their scriptures. So now you see the importance of Questions posed to John the Baptist. Are you Messiah? And Are you The Prophet , or That Prophet? The best prophesy for The Messiah still intact is to be found in Deut. 18:18, where God promised a Prophet Like Moses to come at a future date. There are many more who are not so clear, but would point to him, if you consider it with care. If that prophet was to arise amongst the Jews, then it was to be a slight disrespect to Moses, that one of his follower should rise above him. That is why God promised That Prophet to come from “Brethren of Jews”. It meant that someone, who will not be Jew, but closely related to Jews thru family ties. And the best was to have links to Abraham thru his first born Ishmael. If you look back with the hindsight, the followers of That Prophet got full possession of Palestine, within 30 years of his death, a task which took followers of Jesus 300 and more years. If Jews at that

time adhered to That Prophet, they would be in their promised land, 1400 years back!! What I have said above are certainly “detours” from our discussion and you have right to accept or reject it. Coming back to Deut. 18:18, if we try to justify it for Jesus, we come upon hurdles upon hurdles. The first one of which is the word prophet itself. For Jesus it is a secondary title and not a primary one and when we will discuss “Like Moses”, you will see further difficulties. With each step of this prophesy, you will find, it does not point to Jesus as easily as you think. We have to twist and we have to bend, to show compliance. I don’t know from where you will pick up the thread of next discussion. May peace and Grace of God to be on you.

Chapter- 4 (Trinity and other Topics on Christianity)
Q- 57 Archeology, Are Muslims hindering Biblical Research? We Muslims consider Moses, David, Noah, Jesus and all Jewish prophets as our own prophets and we do not distinguish between them. Any authentic sites connected with these prophets are equally holy for us also. The place where Noah’s ark rested in mentioned as MOUNT JUDI is Quran. Bible calls it mount Ararat, are these same thing or JUDI is a particular peak of Ararat series or otherwise is open to research and discussion and there is nothing dogmatic about it. I think you are talking out of malice than any thing else. Why Allah should be afraid of any archeology and finding of any thing on this earth. If you want to study any of these sites, you have to discuss and reason with local authorities there. But if your aim is to use our own sites for refuting our own religion and our own scriptures, then how can you expect cooperation from us. In spite of all your efforts, you will never be able to prove that Existing Books of OT and NT are exactly same as they were on the day they were revealed. Because no amount of excavation or archeology can disprove a true fact. Truth always supports another truth and never contradict it, whereas to justify one false statement you have to speak hundred or more false statements. Q-58 Prophet hood, David Solomon, Were they prophets or only kings? The issue of prophet hood is as confused in your books and in your minds as the issue of Trinity. You have no logical reasons to find out who is prophet and who is not a prophet. David is a King according to you, but God speaks to him, his Psalms are considered as a word of God and included in Bible and read in most Church services. Same is the case with Solomon, you say he is a prophet, but his books are included in your Holy Bible and considered as word of God and God speaks to him, but still he is a mere king,

God speaks to him, but he is a mere king. In our terminology when God speaks to any person (directly or thru an angel), he is a prophet of God. Q-59 Trinity, Is Trinity needed for Salvation? Trinity is not only an absurd concept, it is against the teachings of all prophets too. It is a totally human philosophical concept, which borrows heavily from Greek and Roman mythology. You say, Believe in Trinity is not required for salvation, I say that if you believe in Trinity, your chances of salvation are very much reduced, because you are indeed committing a Blasphemy against God Most High. Q-60 Trinity, Holy Spirit, Is Jesus Divinity not an issue? I think you are not right in saying that Jesus per see was accepted as God by His Chosen disciples and all of early Christians. There is nothing in the four Gospels where Jesus says in clear unambiguous terms that I am God or where he says Worship me. In the absence of such statements, how can you say that Divinity of Jesus was never a point? Jesus behavior thru out his missionary life was nothing but as an Ideal Servant of God. He preyed to God, He asked God for help and did every other thing which a true servant does to his Lord. Then I think that You are trying to circumspect the issue regarding Holy Spirit. If I know your scripture correctly, Jesus promised that Holy Spirit shall abide by each Christian for ever (I think it is how you interpret the Issue of Comforter any way). When Holy Spirit is inside every Christian, how the Satan can mislead them. I am not talking about common people , I am talking about highest learned Christian priests and bishops and popes and Archbishops etc. Those that are heading these sects and denominations. How come Holy Spirit did not prevent them from errors of judgment and understanding? The answer is the logical one, which I gave that Holy Spirit is indeed an angel of God, which descends only on prophets of God and to no one else. That is why only prophets of God are protected from errors and sins. That is why Trinity since the very beginning has been an issue of which Christians have always been divided and no one is able to

explain it logically and in plain words so that a common man can understand it. You can try your hand at it. May peace be with you. Q-61 Trinity, Did Jesus taught Trinity? The nature of Jesus was the issue…when he was raised to the level of God (after bitter opposition from early Christians)…a sort of Duality in the god-head was assumed… which later changed into Trinity. Trinity took its shape after 300 or so years after Jesus, that is fact. If you say that Trinity is derived from some statement of Jesus…. Then it shows that it cannot be the central pillar of your religion. The basis of your faith must be based on clear cut and unambiguous statement of Jesus and not Paul or other Apostles. As for Holy Spirit to come to me, after seeing the effects it has on Christians, I would certainly ask protection from God to send that type of Holy Spirit to me!!! Every Christian Church and denomination is supposed to be guided by Holy Spirit. It is pulling them in different directions. Can you tell me, which of these thousands Denominations is guided by the Holy Spirit. Church and

If you want to know the truth, Holy Spirit is an Angel of God, who comes only to the prophets of God and to no one else. It came to Moses…..It came to Jesus…and it came to our prophet. That is the end. Now it will come to no other person till the day of judgment. All those who claim to have Holy Spirit inside them or being actually guided by it are faking it. This is another plain speaking for you. May God have Mercy on you and guide you to His Path.

Q-62 Trinity Justification, Proper method to justify Trinity On any issue connected with theology, the first and foremost source is the scripture and all other sources are secondary. The more important is the issue; the clearer must be proof from the scripture. You cannot deduce a fundamental dogma of your religion from ambiguous and allegorical type verses found in the scripture. To deduce Trinity from scripture, you must prove by clear verses that God consist of Three Persons and these Three are co-eternal, equal powerful and then in spite of being three persons still remain one. The Trinity cannot be proven by citing usage of WE, US or ELOHIM etc. found in certain passages in the scriptures. That is why I said that this whole issue of Trinity is only in your minds which you try to superimpose and interpret from allegorical and ambiguous verses of OT and NT verses. That is why Trinity has always been a stumbling block of Christianity. This has caused maximum disputes and many of the earliest sects were declared heretics by the Organized Church only because of this. The current going is that Trinity is one of the Secretes of God and one must believe in it without understanding it. And that is the whole basis of your answers and logic. Whenever we try to give examples from nature which are not Triune, you just keep quite as if they do not exist any more. For example trees consist of root, stem, branches, leaves and fruits. Where is your Trinity in Agriculture World? Do not try to order or imagine what Creator Should do and What He should not Do. Just use the words and actions which He Himself revealed in Scriptures. Logic used by St. Paul was his own and not teachings of Jesus and all other past prophets.

Q- 63 Trinity Logic, How should we discuss theological issues? I think you are totally unaware as to how issues regarding any theological point are discussed. The first and foremost authorities during these discussions are the scriptures. You have to prove that this belief in so many words is taught by such and such prophet. Take for example Unity of God; I can quote innumerable passages from scriptures where it is told in no uncertain words that God is one. There is absolutely no doubt in that for any one who reads your scriptures. Now when we come to Trinity, the word itself is missing in the scripture. It is never explained in so many words and never with so much clarity in any of the scriptures. No prophet of God taught this Trinity. So why to believe in some thing which is not taught be any prophet of God? When we question you, then you ramble about nature being Triune, when we question you on that, you go on rambling about Thermodynamics and Eutectic point and so many scientific theories. What is the end point of it? If Jesus did not teach trinity, so you should not. Every thing which you can prove might not be right. If some one tries he can prove that every thing in universe is made of four contents. But that will not become the truth. The truth is what comes from God's revelation and what is taught by prophets of God. Proofs from nature can be given in support of a belief which is mentioned in scripture and in the teachings of prophets. You are making claims on behalf of Jesus, which he never made. Your councils try to formulate creeds which were never in the teachings of Jesus or any of Old prophets and you have cheek to tell me that Church Councils only argued against Gnostics.

Q-64 Trinity , Logical, Is Trinity easy to understand? Peace and Blessings be to you Joe…. What you say that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit is not only illogical but is also against the teachings of all Jewish prophets including Jesus. This is a Church Dogma which is a mixture of Greek and Roman Philosophy and a free interpretation of allegorical Biblical verses, which were never to be taken in their literal sense. This dogma was reached after a bitter struggle of over four hundred years, during which most of the Original and Oldest Christians and their sects were declared heretical. It is the most unintelligible and illogical of all Church Dogmas. That is why it has caused maximum problem in Christian History. How can you explain such things, Father is God, Son is God and Holy Spirit is God….but they are not three Gods but one God!!! Father is a person, Son is a person, Holy Spirit is a person…..but they are not three persons but one Person!!! Father is Almighty, Son is Almighty, Holy Spirit is Almighty…but these are not three Almighty but one Almighty!!! Can any one who speaks plain English understand this? As for your comments, what happens if Muslims start sharing beliefs of Christians? This could happen but they would not remain Muslims any more. Our scripture is preserved and there is no chance of it getting corrupted or misinterpreted, like the Christian scriptures suffered. Further there is no chance that some character like St. Paul could rise in Islam and hijack the pure monotheistic teachings of Quran and our prophet. It is too late for that any how. I do not mean to dishearten you. I have respect for you, but the question you have posed seemed a bit naïve. I hope you will not mind my straight answer. Q-65 Trinity Proof, Can we refer to Hindu Philosophers on trinity? Regarding Trinity, I said that it cannot be established by words like We, Us, ELOHIM etc used in OT and NT books. It needs stronger and more clear proofs. You want me to Quote Clear verses from Bible that God is one? I think it would fill the page and all of them are very clear and unambiguous statements.

It was intere4sting to listen from you about Dr. Radha Krishnan, for Hindus, Jesus being God and man would be perfectly logical. They believe in so many persons being God and born like man. You will have to convince them why ONLY JESUS should have that distinction and not RAMA or KRISHNA or many others. But we do not want to be part of that debate. In our views God does not take human shape at all, not because we limit His powers, but because We deny it, because God Himself denies it. Q-66 Trinity Proof, Can it be proved from Scripture? I know trinity can be deduced from human speech, from human actions and from so many things. It can be deduced from everything else, except by a clear statement from the lips of Jesus that God consists of Three persons, who are co-equal, co-eternal and Equally powerful and inspite of being three, they are still one. Luke 1:34-35 have nothing to do with Trinity. It explains how a virgin can deliver a baby. If God’ wills, He can create human without father and mother, without mother and without father. It does not mean that God Himself will be born thru a womb of a woman. John :1-14 is a statement from the Gospel writer and his own opinion and it is not the statement from lips of Jesus. God becoming man is absurd and illogical and against reason. So it cannot be accepted only because a Gospel Writer, whose real name and real identity itself is not known has written it. We need much stronger proof than that to prove an illogical concept. John 14:9 It is not to be interpreted in literal sense, if you want to interpret it, then you should believe that Jesus is the Father, which I think none of the Christian believes. I am in father and father is in me, is also repeated for disciples of Jesus also, that you are in me and I am in you and we all are one. If you want to interpret it in literal sense, then you should include disciples of Jesus also in Trinity, then it will become a FOURTEENITY!!! The thing remains as I said, Trinity is only derived by interpreting allegorical verses of Gospel of John. Most verses of Gospel of John

are written in allegorical language and it is not possible to interpret them in literal sense. That is why Trinity is such a stumbling block for Trinity since the first time this word was pronounced. Q-67 Trinity Proof, Proof thru infinity? As for your proving Trinity by infinity + infinity + infinity = infinity is the stupidity itself. It seems you are not familiar with basic principle of Mathematics. If you use that logic, then why limit at Trinity, you can also prove by that logic 1+1+1+1 =1 & (4=1) & 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 1 (6=1) and for any number of digits. Then one more stupidity in your logic is that one of that Infinity became Finite and appeared in Human form. When it became Finite, it was no more infinity. The more you think, the more illogical this Trinity becomes. But for your Pauline Christian nothing matters. The Holy Spirit which you speak so highly is (claimed to be) present in every Church and Denominations and the Same Holy Spirit is taking these into different directions. Who has it and who does not has it, will be decided by whom? Another Holy Spirit? In the end I told you as before you are welcome to “Relish in the meat and blood of Sacrificial Lamb”. You do the inequities and he pays for it. You have the headache and he takes the medicine. You have pain in your hernia and he is operated upon.!! Q-68 Trinity, Is it Three Headed Monster? 2. Trinity or Three Headed Monster. You try to deceive yourself and others when you say He manifests Himself in three ways. At all times Father is existing with full might and Son is also existing with full might and Holy Spirit is also existing with full might.

These three are three separate independent entities. When you think of Father, you do not think of Son. When you think of Son, you do not think of Holy Spirit. But you say God is One. What wrong I did when I called it a three headed Monster? 3. Did God Die If Jesus was God and he died, then what wrong is to say that God died. Every man is made of body and soul, but we say of every man that he is dead, even though soul does not die. Q-69 Trinity Understanding, Is the whole Universe Triune? This Trinity is only in your head, you want to see Trinity everywhere. It is like a colored glass which shows you only three things and not four or five. When we point out to you cases where more than three elements are present, you keep silence without explaining. Even a single exception is sufficient to break the rule. For example, trees consist of roots, stem, branches, leaves and fruits. There are five elements, where is Trinity? And trees are not so uncommon in our physical world. Even if there be three states in every thing, how can it be equated with your Idea of Trinity? Where all three components are one and separate also? Who calls human body only as Full Human and Human Spirit as full human and Human Soul as full human, only when they all combine, we call it human. Who says that root is complete tree, or Stem is complete tree or fruit is complete tree? When you question this absurdity in physical world, you take shelter in God, that God can do every thing. Why you leave all absurdities for God alone. The moment you remove this absurdity of Trinity out of your mind, every thing falls into its proper place, there are no mysteries. A Circle fitting properly in a circular hole. Elohim of Jews is a plural of respect, why do you not ask Jews, what it means?

A new Child is born sinless, pure as anything, it is you Trinitarians who cover him with not done sins. He is destined for Heaven or Hell is as per the way he lives his life. This is pure and simple teachings of all prophets, except St. Paul and his followers. Q- 70 Worship Jesus, Does Bible tells us to worship Jesus? You have spoken truth, that Biblical Teachings stop us from worshipping any one Else besides One True God, The Real Lord of this Universe. Any one familiar with Biblical teachings will not worship Jesus or any one on this planet, who all are Creatures of One True God. Jesus could be honored as a prophet or as a Messiah as you said, but not as a God. And what is more Jesus never claimed divinity himself. It were his zealous followers of Jesus who raised him to the level of Divinity. I also accept Biblical Quotation, Hear O Israel , Lord our God is one God... Quran says the same thing in Chapter 112 "Say Allah is One and Unique, Allah The Self Sustaining, The Eternal, He begets not, neither was He begotten. And there is none equal to Him. Same things in different and more forceful words. We do have many things in common after all

Chapter-5 Evolution and Homosexuality
Q-71 Evolution, Planning, Is Planning only required in Human projects? BTOE is scientific and Planning is only required for Humans and things n nature just work without any plan or design. In the end your observation that Planning is only required in human projects and things happen in nature without plan or design, speaks of your stupidity. Small things like toys and nails cannot be made unless they are planned and designed and gigantic systems like galaxies, planets and their complex motions come about without any plan and design? The harshest civilized word which I can use for persons with such views is Lunatic. Q- 72 Evolution Proof, Does similarity proves Evolution? Is the outer similarity between some parts of different species is sure proof that they evolved from each other automatically? Followers of BTOE will say with loud voice YES. But are they right? Answer is NO. Every good designer uses the best part of an old or existing design to create a newer design. It is simply wastage of time and energy to use totally different concepts for each new model. Can we apply the same principle, i.e. that outer similarity in design is sure sign that they evolved from each other, should we not use it for other fields also? For example all cars made by so many different manufacturers would be copies of each other and stealing ideas from every where. Every designer of newest models is nothing but a thief who used so many things from earlier models. All books must have evolved from each other, because 100 percent they use the same alphabets and so many words and sentences are common in many of them?

All newer generations of Microprocessors are nothing but copy and paste models of earliest Microprocessors, because they use the same principle. I know all of you will think the above examples as stupid, but when it comes to BTOE, you just follow the same principle. Since cells are used in every living things, so they must have evolved from each other. Since every creature has same body parts so they must have evolved from each other. Since some bone structures and some outer similarity is between two different species of any animal. They must have evolved from each other.. But the beauty is that you have almost no proof to link these dots, but using your high imaginations and firm NEGATION of Creator allows you to swallow these unreasonable pills. And at the end of it, You are reasonable guys and not the one who tries to explain it logically that there has to be a Creator, A designer and a Planner for all these myriad life forms. Q-73 Evolution, God Models, Are every model of God are true? Thanks for your honest remarks. In fact it is the problem of God's models used by different religions that for the most part derived scientists away from God. We have to choose and find out which Model of All Mighty God does provide answers to all these difficulties. All those models which believe in a material god, or God in human form, or God having sons, daughters and wives would be unable to explain the extreme power and knowledge needed for Almighty Creator of Universe and its vastness. We have to search for that Model and I am convinced that Islamic Model of God is free from all such imperfection and can explain all these so called scientific facts and theories. But that is the model about which these so called pseudo intellectuals and Blind Supporters of Blind Theory of evolution are most allergic to you. It is a sickness for which there is no remedy, except blunt realization after they die.

Q-74 Evolution, ID Movement, Can we solve Anomalies? The basic problem in all your approaches is that you want to think Life and Universe as some type of freak and chance event. That is why you want to curtail power of the Designer and bring it to your own animal nature. However, the creation of Universe and Life is not without purpose or idle sport. The life has a purpose and humans are there with a purpose. That is the point which should take your maximum time than analyzing bones and teeth. Q-75 Evolution, ID Movement, s ID the God of Bible? ID movement is not honest. boats. It seems they want to ride on two

They want to be accepted by those who deny God as well as those who accept God. You cannot please both the parties. Just saying in a meek language, that an Intelligent Designer might exist to assist start and maintain life on this planet would not please any one. The truth is every thing in this Universe is the result of Careful Planning and Design by a Very Powerful, Knowledgeable, Intelligent and Merciful Creator. The life and every part of it is not a mere idle sport. It has a purpose and Human Life has a Higher Purpose than fulfilling its animal extinct. The problem with ID movement is that it is controlled by those who have Christian Background and Bible and Christianity has already surrendered before the Modern science and they do not have a leg to stand on. That is why their arguments are weak on both scientific and theological grounds.

Q-76 Evolution Logic, Why Evolution is illogical? I never criticized Evolution and Creation from Quranic point of view. If I remember correctly, I never quoted any Quranic verse or prophetic sayings to disprove evolution. I proved that from purely logical and from pure reason, it is illogical to say that anything came by itself or created it, itself. Whenever we see any object, we immediately think who created it. Be it a painting, a building, a car, a radio, a garment or any other thing. Irrespective of whatever logic any one gives, our mind never accepts that this object came by itself or there is no designer or maker for it. Even if we discover some paintings in a cave which are 1 billion years old, we will change our whole stand and reevaluate our whole theory and believe than man did exist 1 billion years ago. No amount of argument will satisfy us that the paintings would have come by itself in the cave. That was the basis on which I discredited this Blind Theory of evolution and Blind Theory of Creation those trying to explain existence of this Universe and life forms on this earth as if they just came by chance, without any plan, without any designer and without any purpose. You go thru all my mails and you will find that I always criticized and condemned this Blind Theory of Evolution on this ground only. The tools put forward to support evolution (Random Mutation and Natural Selection) are too imperfect and too vague to be even considered scientific at all. It is only the bias of highest order which permits these so called scientists to believe in these things and still try to prove that Evolution is based on scientific evidence. A thing which can not be predicted, a thing which cannot be measured and a thing which cannot be traced back, how it could be called scientific at all. I am at a loss to understand that. Then the fossil records are so imperfect that they do not trace the full evolution path of even a single specie of the millions available on this earth from start to finish. With such a small and imperfect knowledge base, it is the stupidity of highest order to claim that

evolution is scientific and we have solved the riddle of life and universe. That has been basis of my whole argument thru hundreds of posts which I have written. The issue of Islam, Quran and other things were a diversion into which I was dragged from time to time. I have posted all the above arguments and I have never quoted any verse from Quran or from Hadith to support my claim. If Quran tells me that there is indeed a Creator of this universe and He has created and planned and designed every thing, then it supports my view. Why should I reject a reasonable and logical thing just because it is mentioned in Quran? For you Pseudo Scientists it could be a sufficient reason to reject any thing only on ground that it is mentioned in Quran, but it is your choice and you will have to face consequences for it when you appear before your Creator on the Last day (and Mr. Zahid, or LWS or Fossil Bob and nobody else will be there to support or answer for you). Q-77 Evolution Proofs, Is Evolution proven scientifically? How scientific is BTOE is proven by your comment that they have found a fossil of an otter like animal that may provide evolution of seals. That in nutshell is whole BTOE, making skyscrapers on a mole hill. Constructing fantastic castles on the smallest bit of information. The whole BTOE is filled with such type of FACTS and GENERLAISATION. You said that evolution of horses is well documented. I challenge you to bring the whole stages of evolution of Horse from a single cell original creature. We do not deny that Evolution does not take place or How one specie die out and another takes its place. It is this Idea of BTOE, that this happens automatically thru RM and NS and without any Plan or Design. Which is so Unscientific and so Unreasonable. Then your comments on Bible and Quran are very confusing. If the source of Bible was revelation which came from God, then why can the same God not reveal the same information to some one after say a thousand or two thousand years afterwards.

If you do not believe in God, or prophets or revelations, then it is another question. But as I said, I have found your stand varying every now and then. You are as confused on this as on every other matter which you discuss. You want to ride on two boats at the same time. Justify Bible on the ground that it came from God and then deny God and start justifying BTOE. Q-78 Evolution Justification , Is BTOE a scientific attempt to explain Life Forms? Now coming to your last point that BTOE is a scientific attempt to explain diversity of life form is very wrong. No theory should exceed their limits and talk about some thing about which it has insufficient information. When Darwin proposed that theory, he did not know many things as we know today. But even then we went ahead and proposed it. The idea of Blind Evolution is very unscientific and never proven by scientific observations. It is just a theory to explain life and life form without involving God, Creator, Designer or Planner. When nothing works in this world without design, plan, and purpose, how come this whole Universe and every thing in it came about without any Creator, designer or Planner? That is the basic flaw of this BTOE. So called scientists support it, because they do not want to believe in God, and do not want to regulate their lives. That is where BTOE differs from True TOE. Q- 79 Homosexuality Acceptance, What are levels of immorality? That is indeed a sad state of affairs. You do an immoral act, is a wrong. That you do it openly is wrong of a higher degree. That you chide those who do not participate or approve of your immoral act is another higher degree of wrong. That you force the people to keep quite and approve of your immoral act is wrong of the Extreme High degree. And Wrong of the Highest degree is when you force those people who do not approve to do the same immoral act.

I think in US and West, you have already reached to the last but one stage. The time is near when Homosexuality will be made compulsory for all residents of Modern Western Society. In How many years is the question before us. Q-80 Homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage, Should state treat it at par? Thanks for correcting me towards a genderless society. But I use sexless in reference to the word Same Sex marriages, which in reality are sexless and end result is zero. Non productive for human race and horrible for the moral of the two parties. It was very generous of you to describe that government should not discriminate on grounds of sex, race, religion etc. But there should be a limit to this non discrimination. They cannot equate people who eat with mouth and those who eat thru nose on the same category. They cannot equate people who walk with legs and those who walk on their hands. Tolerating Sodomites and Lesbians is another thing and treating them at par with normal people is another thing. The terms Homosexuals and Heterosexuals, Same Sex and Different Sex are coined so as they look like two sides of the same coin. In reality one is human behavior and the another is a sexual perversion. I think the days are not far when Homosexuality would be made compulsory that before marrying a person of different sex, you have to declare that I have tried same sex version, and I still want to marry a person from opposite sex. You may think what I am saying is far fetched. Just consider the change in attitude towards Sodomites and Lesbians in past 100 years and then contemplate what future holds for these people.

Q-81 Homosexuality, Marriage Ban, Will California ban them? This seems to be a very popular thread and it is impossible to keep track of all these answers, unless you sit full time in front of your PC and have a very fast Internet connection....which is not possible for most of people. But what I have seen so far, I feel that California is very much alive with this debate about so called "Same Sex Marriages" which are indeed a delusion. I have found respect for California and its people for fighting against this menace. A state which houses Silicon Valley and is home to many most intelligent people in USA, must take the lead to fight against this unnatural lust and profanity which is going on in the same of legal rights for Sodomites and Lesbians. That society should tolerate them, is itself a big thing than their demands that they be treated at par with so called "Normal" human beings, who satisfy their sexual desires in a natural way. If people do not take these people head on and restrict them, the days are not far when Sodomity and Lesbianism would be made compulsory in USA and other country affected most by this Virus of Homosexuality. California has had many firsts in USA, I hope it would be first state in USA to ban Sodomity and Lesbianism.

Chapter-6 Islam -1 (Various Topics on Islam)
Q-82 Allah, What is His name? You are right in a sense. There are indeed 99 or more names for Allah in different languages and in different parts of the world. But the crowing name is Allah which is a unique Arabic word for a Unique Creator. This Arabic Word Allah has no plural, no feminine gender equivalent, it cannot be mutilated by adding prefix and suffix before or after it. The English word God can be played on by changing it to god, gods, goddess, godfather, godmother, tin god, etc. Arabic word Allah is free from all these actions. You are also right that most Arab Christians prey to Allah because in Arabic there is no better equivalent for God than Allah. You are also right that it is your intentions and feelings inside our heart which count when to prey to Allah or God or whatever names you take. Quran also confirm this and says Call upon Allah , or call upon Rahman, by whatever name you call upon Him, it is OK, for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names… Ch 17 V 110. The last point I want to add is that we Muslims, do respect and do revere Jesus Christ and all previous prophets of God. We revere them as true prophets, receivers of revelation from God and having highest places of honor in presence of God and all exalted qualities. But we worship only One True God, Allah and we do not Worship, Jesus, Moses, Abraham or any other prophet of God. We do not worship our prophet Mohammad also. May Allah s peace and mercy be on all His servants and messengers. That is the true path, towards which all prophets including Jesus Christ invited his followers. Somewhere along the way, Christians lost their way and were misled by Paul to worship Jesus Christ in place of God of Jesus Christ. That is the voice of one which was calling in the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord.

Not Lord Jesus, but Lord God, the Creator of This Universe, mind you. So your post does contain many truths, but it is misdirected in a way. Q-83 Allah, How Allah was pronounced? You forget that it is not the written words which come first, it is the pronunciation first and then it is written down. The Quran was revealed verbally to our prophet, who asked hi wordings to be written down by scribes. The vowels were latter added to help Non Arabic people to pronounce the Original Arabic, but these vowels had to be authenticated first by a RECITER , who traced his authority to that of prophet himself. Quran has both types of authenticity, a written script which is kept pure and a pronunciation, which is also traceable to the original authority. Q-84 Arabs, Was Paganism original religion of Arabs? You said that I was wrong in saying that Islam always being the only religion in Arabia, you pointed that prior to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), 1400 back, Arabs were pagans and worshipping idols. I also must say that you are right. When I meant Always, it was for past 1400 years of history. Prior to that Arabs did fall into paganism for some time. If you know ancient history, let me tell you, that paganism was not the original religion of Arabs. They trace their descent thru prophet Abraham and prophet Ishmael, who were both icons of Monotheism. Kaaba was originally built for the worship of one True God of Universe. Arabs continued in monotheism for centuries after the death of Ishmael. It was only a few centuries before the birth of our prophet that Makkan fell into idol worship and transformed Kaaba into a sanctuary for idols. Arabs in fact knew the person also who brought idols to Makkah for the first time. Now can you find fault in my statement that Islam was always the only religion for Arabs!! I thank you for your frank posts and calling spade a spade.

Q-85 Co-existence, Should Muslims and Christians co=exist? Yes I know it is a free thread and any one can post whatever he or she likes. That is why I ignore most of the post. I only answer those, who answer me back or to some post, which I think need some clarification. But I think after 1400 years of co-existence, we should have been pass the stage of calling each other names. Trying to prove that our prophet was a false prophet. Islam and Christianity are two major religions on this world. Both of them believe in God and prophets. It was the time that instead of doing down each other, they should go to the majority of world population, who still does not know any thing about God. Our book says, that as to who was right and who was wrong, will only bed decided in the hereafter by God. In the present world, we should each strive and compete with each other in doing good. That should be the criterion in which we should compete, not in proving that one is demonic and one is angelic. These are a few of my thoughts which I want to share with you. Have a good day. Q-86 Contribution to Civilization, Was world living in dark ages till 1800? I think you believe that , The whole world was living in total darkness, till 1800 when European started their industrial revolution. Is that the meaning of your post. Just go to any Big Library in any Major City in Europe and only look at the names and subjects of Arabic Manuscript on Science, Medicine, Mathematics, Herbs, Plants, and almost all branches of science. It would answer your point that you “Invented” science and no other people had any thing to do with it. I can only say that your civilization is a very selfish civilization that wants to corner all glory for your own efforts and forget contribution of others.

When Europe was living in Dark ages, Sunshine of knowledge was abundant in Muslim World and that is a fact which you want to avoid accepting. Q-87 Muslim’s Contribution to Science , Who fuelled Europe’s development? If Arabs received reflected lights from Syrians, and Nestorians and Byzantine Greeks, how come they excelled more than their Teachers? How come Syrians, Nestorians and Byzantine civilizations crumbled before our own eyes? By the same logic Modern Europe got their reflected light from Arabs and Muslims. That is why I say, human civilizations do not exist in vacuum. Each generation and civilization adds its inputs to which it receives from its past generations and hands it over to next generations with its own contribution and things go on like that. That is the way how science progressed to this level. But you would like to take away the contribution of Islam and Muslims in development of Science and Technology and take all credit to yourselves as if the world was in total darkness till European Reminiscence. Q88- God Attributes, Do pagan beliefs change attributes of God? What pagans believed and what is the reality is not the same thing. Christians believe that Jesus is the Begotten Son of God, whereas in reality Jesus is only a servant and creation of God. Christians believe that God is a Trinity, whereas in reality God is a absolute unity. So you cannot say what were the pagan believes and then superimpose them on Islam, and Quran. Q-89 God Unity, Misc. Questions 1. Proof of many Gods: The thing you present as proofs of many god that many people are or were worshipping many gods and goddesses, is no proof at all. If you look carefully into each major scripture of the world, you would find out that they each point to only one God. The people

worshipping false things are in error and that is the mission of all prophets. So people worshipping many false things is no proof that there are indeed many Gods. 2. God is sum total of all living souls? This is your warped definition of God, sum total of all living souls? What it does mean is only known to warped people like yourself. Then if God is sum total of all living souls, how come there are different Gods for different races. 3. Moses did not preach to other people is proof that there are many gods? Moses not preaching to other nations is no proof that there are indeed many gods in the universe. Moses was sent as prophet to only Jews, that is why he addressed to them. Other prophets were sent to other nations to preach the same message. It was only the Last Prophet who was sent to all human kind and for all times till the day of judgment. 4. Moses heard God behind the fire and Mohammad in the cave? It is God who chooses as to hoe to speak to different prophets. He chose Moses to speak thru the fire….He delivered His message to our prophet thru the medium of Angel Gabriel…..it is His way. That does not prove either superiority of Moses or that every prophet must receive the message thru the fire. Q-90 Idol Worship, Do Muslims worship Idols? It was really amusing, you are kissing and praying and worship of crosses and kissing and praying to statue of Jesus is not idol worship, but Muslims going round Kaaba, praising God, Lord of the Universe, chanting and exclaiming His Powers, is Idolatry of highest order. Who is using double standards, me or you? 3. If you can show that any Muslim going round Kaaba or kissing the Black Stone, directs his prayers or worships to either of the two, then you have some point. But you cannot find any.

Kaaba is just the direction of our prayers, as prophet Daniel and others prayed by kneeling towards the direction of Jerusalem. But you believers in Trinity have no power to differentiate between Qibla and Idol. I am not surprised. Q-91 Jesus, Do Muslims sideline Jesus? Now coming to your second point that do we Muslims sideline Jesus?. I begin my answer by giving an example, it is not a perfect example but will give you general idea. You know George Washington was a Great President, Abraham Lincoln was another Great, May be Kennedy, Reagan and others were great presidents. If some one says that after Washington or Lincoln, I do not consider anyone worthy of the office of President of USA. If I accept anyone else as US president, then it is sidelining and insulting Washington or Lincoln. You know how illogical and wrong that person s stand is. In fact the one who follows the current President of USA, follows all past presidents and respects them all. The one who denies current President in fact denies and insults all past presidents, because he violates the US constitution. After giving this analogy, let me tell you that we do not sideline or show any disrespect to Jesus and Moses or all past prophets. It was God s plan to send our prophet in the last and by believing in him, we in fact believe in all past prophets. What is more, Moses and Jesus themselves predicted the advent of our prophet, Moses in Deut 18 v 18 and Jesus in Gospel of John explaining advent of Comforter or Counselor. In fact if you reject our prophet, both Moses and Jesus would plead innocence in front of God and will say that we had told our people about the Last messenger. They did not believe in him, so we are innocent of this charge. Then in Quran and prophetic tradition we are told that if some one believed in past prophets, Moses, Jesus etc and then he believes in our prophet, he will get twice the reward.

Listen to Quran Ch 57 V 28 O ye who believe, fear God and believe in His Apostle, and He will bestow on you a double portion of His Mercy, Many commentators explain that people referred in this verse are followers of earlier prophets. Therefore you do not insult or side line Jesus by believing in our prophet, but you act according to advice given to you by Moses, Jesus and all past prophets. What you need is an open mind and will to accept the truth when it is put before you. I hope I was able to clarify your doubts. Q-92 Jews and Christians, Do we worship same God? Now coming to the topic of worshipping one God. I do not deny that both Jews and Christians worship only one God. Our book also says that we should tell to Jews and Christians that our Lord and Your Lord is the one and same The problem comes only in the concept of God. Some how Jews have personalized their God, who has special relation ship with Jewish people and has given them special privileges over other people and races. They refer to Him as Lord God of Israel. In the case of Christians, they have modified the absolute unity of God into a sort of Three Headed personality. With lips they say that they believe in one God, but the object of their devotion is Jesus Christ, a creation of God and not God Himself. That is why you will see them preying to Jesus most of the time and not seldom they prey directly to God. The Person whom you call Father in heaven is the true God, He is the only God and only He should be worshipped. Prophets like Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be on Them both) only showed us the way to God. They should be obeyed, but not worshipped. That is the basic difference which you find in approach of Muslims and Christians. Our Monotheism is pure and unadulterated.

As per your scripture also God does not want any partnership in His worship. He wants to be worshipped alone. Q93- Jews Hate, Do Muslim hate all Jews? No need to worry about our Wahabi Police!! It is our Quran which says some good things about Jews as well. After describing the majority of them as rebels to god and exceeding all bounds....it has the following verse to describe good people amongst them "Not all of them are alike: of the people of book are a portion that stand (for the right); they rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long. and they prostrate themselves in adoration" "They believe in Allah and the Last Day: they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong, and they hasten in good works: they are in the ranks of the righteous" Ch3 V 113-114 Tolerance and broadmindedness is the hall mark of Islam and Quran. We only condemn those Jews and Christians who do wrong to us. Not Jews only because they are Jews Q-94 Jihad, Why Jihadis are against Jews? Islamic Jihad is fight against injustice, tyranny and oppression. In our present world Zionist state of Israel is the perfect example of all these. So any one supporting Zionists and their actions in Palestine and else where is following Zionists, and that is why he is labeled as LEAD BY JEWS or FOLLOWERS OF JEWS.. Q- 95 Jihad, SHAHADAH, What is the difference? Islamic Jihad is fight against injustice and SHAHADA is martyrdom that one attains during Jihad and it is the ultimate sacrifice. It seems that you are very concerned about Little Muslim Children and women , have you ever counted how many of those have been killed by your army in cold blood and in air strikes and missile attacks. If they have to die one way or other, what it matters to them if they take some of enemies with them any how?

Q-96 Jihad, Shaheed, What is difference between Shaheed and Murderer? I am glad that you asked me the difference between a murderer and a Shaheed. First I will give you an example. You see military people kill so many enemies in the battle field, does any one calls them murderer? But the same army man, if he kills some one outside battle field, or in his hometown or because of his personal fight, or some love affair, the same army man is called a murderer and tried and punished. Why the same man who killed hundreds in battle field was decorated and when he killed a single man outside battle field was declared as murderer? It is not the act of killing itself, but the purpose and intention with which one kills that makes him hero or a murderer. Take another example, policemen sometimes shoot to death gangsters, robbers and thieves or those running away from scenes of crimes. These killings are not called murder and the policeman is not called a murderer. But the same policeman, if he kills some one inside police station or after he has overpowered him, or because of some personal grudge is called a murderer. Here again it is not only the act of killing that makes a murderer out of a policeman, but the intention and circumstances around the killing. After these two examples, let me tell you that Islamic Jihad is a fight against injustice, tyranny, oppression and mischief on this earth. If some one carries out that struggle and loses his life in the struggle, he is called as Shaheed, i.e. Martyr to the cause. But if any Muslim kills any innocent man, women or child or has some other intention other than fight against oppression, tyranny etc or he gets killed in that effort, he is not Mujahid or a Shaheed. Even if Muslims call or refer him as Mujahid or Shaheed. Who is real Shaheed is only known to God and it will be told on the last day. In fact we have a prophetic saying, that on the Last Day, Out of the First Few who will be judged, one man will be presented before

God, who had died as a “Martyr”. God will question him as to how he repaid the Blessings received from God. The man will reply “I fought in your cause and I laid down my life in your Cause” God will reply “You are a Liar! You only fought, because people will say that you were a brave man. It has been said so”. Thereupon the man will be dragged to hell fire. So every fight which Muslim wage is not Jihad and every Muslim who is killed is not Shaheed in the eyes of God, even if Muslims call them as such. A real Shaheed and a murder are as poles apart as a Military man on battlefield and in his hometown. I hope I am able to satisfy your query. Q-97 Jihad, SHAHEED, Are they Murderers? Many times people put different labels on the same action. you see SHAHEED and Murders as one, it is not very strange. So if

Nelson Mandela was branded as Terrorist by Apartheid supporters while he was a Peace Maker by Black Majority. Gandhi was a trouble maker by British Rulers and Messiah by millions of Indian. A police man or a Military man also kills many, but his actions are different from a bank robber or a gang fighter. If you understand true meaning of SHAHEED, you cannot equate them with murderers. Q-99 Idol Worship, Do Muslims worship Idols in the shape of Kaaba? No you are wrong, if you know your scripture, the biggest Idol was constructed in Jerusalem by prophet Solomon, towards which All Jews faced when praying (read the book of Daniel). Then when that idol was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar , then it was reconstructed after 70 years by prophets Ezra and Nehemiah. And when that idol was also destroyed by Roman General Titus in 70 CE, since that time every Jew is planning to reconstruct it, demolishing the Mosque built by Muslims there for worship of One True God.

The house of God in Makkah was constructed by Prophet Abraham and since that time has always been under the custody of same people. It has never been captured and it has never been demolished by any enemy. I wonder if there is any other structure in the world that can claim the same history. That house is the symbol of Monotheism in the whole world. What rites are performed there are purely Monotheistic. There is no trace of idolatry or false worship and no Muslim ever worships that house. It is only Direction (Qibla) for us. We prey to The Lord of That House and not That House. Allah does not live in that house, but He is the Protector of that House, which was dedicated to His Worship. But to those who worship their crosses, their saints and relics of saints and statues of Jesus, this looks like idolatry and not their own actions. Another proof of Dual standards and Bigotry. Q-100 Language, Arabic, Is Arabic Superior to other language? About language, you have misunderstood my post. I was not going to establish superiority of any language over other. No language per see has superiority over any other language. All languages are from God and all are beautiful. I said that God’s original revolution in any age was nothing but absolute truth. It would be true in every age and irrespective of Scientific Progress. However if you translate the message into another language, or insert your own commentaries with the Word of God, it can no longer be future proof. Since Quran is preserved in its original language and in original condition, that is why it never goes out of date with the progress of modern science. If Quran is translated into any other language, it looses the status of Word of God. It is Word of God Translated and in case of any conflict we have to go back to Arabic Text to get the exact meaning. This is unfortunately missing for both OT and NT books, because they were not preserved in their original tongue and have suffered during transmission. And this is well known to any one who has studied Bible and its history in any detail.

The Quranic Arabic is very much understood in Saudi Arabia today , all religious sermons are delivered in the same style. In fact Arabic is perhaps the only language in the world, which has changed so little in past 1400 years and you know the main reason for it? It is Quran which has Arabic in its vice like grip and does not allow it to wander too far away!! Q-101 Aiyesha, Was it a Child Marriage? You can mention the facts, but should not put your own conclusions also. The marriage was never treated as Child abuse by contemporary society and that should suffice for you. If a Girl is married after she has reached puberty, there is no stigma or crime or shame in any way. If Lady Aiyesha reached puberty at an early age, it is not for us to put the blame on any party. Why should I give documentary proof, for an event that was not at mountains out of molehills. To prove that Islam is the Middle Path, requires that you compare the teachings of two religions that are at extreme ends. On every Issue, you give me the teachings of Judaism on one hand (extreme in the literal sense of law) and Christianity or Buddhism (extreme in the Spiritual teachings), and I will give the teachings of Islam. It would become clear to any one that Islam is indeed the Golden Mean Path between the two extremes. If any one is not following Islam or misusing its name, it is his or her fault and not the fault of Islam. I am not here to defend actions of any individual group or any individual. I am only defending Islamic laws and Islamic teachings, not teachings of any particular country, sect or ethnic group. Q102 Alcohol, Is banning Alcohol good for society? Yes you are side stepping the issue of Alcohol and Gambling. You are hiding the real price that your western society is paying for these two evils. Let us first talk of some statistics, According to Mr. Jimmy Swaggart (Well known Tele Evangelist of USA) there were 22 Million Alcoholics and 44 Millions Heavy Drinkers in USA (That was in 1990, the present figure must be much higher). And he saw no difference

between these two groups. So 66 Million people in USA alone are addicted to this Alcohol. Then if you consider social crimes, like Rape, Incest, Homosexuality, Murder, Robbery, Traffic Accidents, you will find that in most cases Alcohol is the root cause. Then how much money is spent on curing diseases related with Alcohol, the amount is mind boggling. It is certainly in Trillions of Dollars, if you combine the figures for whole of Christendom it would be really huge. And you jest glossed over this evil by saying that it could have some benefit for some people of the society. The harms are much larger than the benefits for a few people and its overall effect on society is a big negative. That is why Islam banned it totally and did not allow even a simple sip or tot. What you said about Underground Network in Iran and other Muslim countries could be true. There will be people, who would drink Alcohol, irrespective of what you do, but this would be limited to only few people and society at large would be saved from this evil. That is the beauty of Islam, because it bans all those things which are harmful to the society at large. Your society on the other hand struggles to educate people about negative points of Alcohol…the result being number of Alcoholics are always on the rise in your society. The reason US attempts to enforce Prohibition failed in 1920 s was only because they wanted to stop it by force. The best way to stop any social evil is to ban it from religion. Unfortunately Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism all fail in this regard. It is only Islam which has banned it totally and Muslims are still the biggest society on earth, who do not drink. But for you Islam basher, this great service to humanity is a negative point of Islam. What I said about Alcohol also holds true for Gambling….this “Fun” of few makes “Sorrow” of multitude. Only one who benefits by Gambling is the Owner of Den!!! Rest all are the looser in the long run. How much crime, hatred and harm is caused by this Gambling is for every one to see. But you would advocate to “Overlook” this harm….in favor of “a li’lle fun”!!!

By banning all sorts of Gambling, fortune telling and sorcery, Islam has done a great favor to the humanity at large and for simple folks, but you with “Sharp Minds” cannot appreciate that. What would life mean without Alcohol and Gambling? Where will be the “Fun”? Now what are your views about another social evil, Homosexuality or Sodomy? Should it be encouraged or discouraged by society? Q-103 Allah's Will, Is Allah's will unpredictable? Noetics8 : All are under capricious mercy of Allah who may or amy not let them into his abode, even if they lived right as a Muslim. In other words there is no certainty of anything other than Allah's unpredictable will MUQ: Allah's will is very predictable and stated clearly in His book. Those who willfully reject the message of Allah and teach and exhort others also to do so, would feel the wrath of Allah. Those who do mistakes or commit errors due to weakness of human body and soul and would repent would be forgiven by Him. In the end, Allah will be the sole judge as to how a man lived his or her whole life. Q-104 Bible, Why Muslims are against publication of Bible? Noetics11 : How come Muslim Countries and Muslims in the West violently resist publication of Bible or any non- Muslim work of art or cartoon or literature? MUQ: No Muslim country protest publication of Bible by Christians. What they protest is preaching Christianity in Muslim countries to Muslims. To lure away people who are already on right path to perdition. To take away Muslims those who worship True God and Creator of this Universe, into worshipping a Created being. Those who publish cartoon of our prophet are only lampooning the character of our prophet. This acts is not only wrong but shows extreme disregard to the feeling of billions of Muslims. Those who do such act and those who support them are in fact guilty of crime against humanity and should be tried and punished by ICJ.

Q-105 Born Muslims, Is very child born is Muslim? Noetics7 :. all wo/men are born Muslims MUQ: Muslim in this case means as per pure human nature. Every child is born pure and unblemished and innocent. It is the parents who teach him Trinity and Vicarious atonement and God becoming human etc. If left to himself the child would worship one God and not any stone or tree or sun etc. That is what is meant by prophetic saying that "Every child is born according to true human nature (which is another word for Islam" Q-106 Communal Violence, Why this Shia Sunni Violence? Noetics2 Communal massacres (Sunnis vs Shia or vice versa); MUQ: Islam does not teach, recommends or allows infighting between Muslims. Those who are doing these acts, are themselves to blame and Islam is free from their inequities. Q-107 Double Standards, Does God uses Double Standards? However, I would address only one point of your post, that Islam uses Double Standards to judge Muslims and those whom you call infidels. Now I would ask you, if there is any place in the world where Double standards are not used, let me give you a few example. 1. Will US Government award Bravery awards to its own army personnel for acts of bravery and also to Al Qaeda or Taliban Fighters? 2. Are Tax payers and tax evaders given same respect by Government agencies? 3. If someone in USA declared an area out of bound for US Government or declares that they do not recognize US Government, US constitutions, US courts, US Tax laws etc, how would US Government treat those people? Would they be given same respect as given to law abiding US citizens? Then we have many existing double standards in front of us, let me point out a few to you. a. Jews consider them as superior to other races. They have different sets of rules for them and different for other people.

b. Not very long ago Double standards were in place for White people and black people and Red Indians. c. Still there is wide ranging double standards the way whites are treated and the way other ethnic groups are treated in most countries. Therefore Double Standards are in fact existing in the world in one form or another. But most human formed double standards are based on criterion which are not in human control. No one can change his skin color, or his racial background or his linguistic back ground. Islam also uses Double Standard, but this is entirely under human control. Islam does not call any one infidel, in fact it is people who become infidel. They willfully reject the message of Islam which is universal for all humans. Let me give some examples by which you make yourself infidel and not Islam which makes you one. A. Allah says I am Only True God, but you say there is no God. B. Allah says, I created this Universe, but you say it just came by itself as a result of Big Bang and there is no Creator. C. Allah says, I created humans, you say that humans evolved themselves thru Random Mutations and Natural Selection. D. Allah says, this is my Book, you say, it is a fake book. E. Allah says, obey My prophet, you call him most unspeakable names. F. Allah says, I will judge you on the last day, you ridicule the idea. G. Allah says observe regular prayer, fasting and charity, you say I have more important things to do. H. Allah says do not eat Pork, you say I cannot live without it. I. Allah says do not drink Alcohol, you say what is life without Alcohol. J. Allah says, let there be no free mixing of sexes, you say, It is stone age practice.

K. Allah says shun Homosexuality, You say, it is as natural as anything else. The list can go on and on. In each of these cases, It is you who by rejecting commands of Allah make yourself infidel. It is not Allah or Islam which makes you infidel. Now if there is any sense of Justice in the world, how the two groups of people, one who accepts every command of Allah and one who rejects each can be treated as equals and they should have same position and reward in the eyes of Allah. Having said so, there are many types of infidels. 1. One who are ignorant of commands of Allah, since they have not received the message. 2. Those who deny these commands because of poor knowledge or some sort of misunderstanding. 3. Those who only reject the message of Allah themselves and do no other things. 4. Those who go one step further and ridicule the message, the personality of prophet and Laws of God. 5. Those who try to mislead others and create doubts in their minds, so that they may also reject Allah s message. 6. Those who use force to destroy Allah s message and Muslims and try every means to stop it from spreading. These all are infidels, but they have different grades. I do not know in which grade you want to place yourself. On the day of judgment each of these infidels would have different level of punishment. Allah is Merciful and Loving, but He is also Just and sees the contrast between His faithful servants and Willful rejecters. In the same way, every one who believes in Allah s message is not on the same platform, they also have grades and shades. 1. Those who sincerely believe in the message and try their utmost to live their lives in accordance with the message and invite other also to the same path.

2. Those whose believe only in their hearts, but do not follow the guidance fully. 3. Those whose most of actions are against the message of Allah. 4. Those who have Muslim sounding names, but in their hearts they do not believe in the message. All of these will not be placed or treated equally on the day of judgment. Their rewards and punishment would also be different. In the end, there is Double Standards, but it is in human s own hand which level he or she wants to be into. It is not based on something on which humans have no control. Q-108 Global Islamization, Why Muslims want to dominate the world? Noetics3. Global Islamization by peace, and by force if need be, MUQ: Islam is a missionary religion. It demands its right to be preached to every human on the earth. But this ends only at delivering the message of Islam. No force is to be used to convert any one to Islam. However, if there are forces that would use force to stop preaching of Islam or to force their people not to accept Islam, then these forces should be stopped by force. That is the whole concept of Islamic Jihad. Q-109 Heaven, Muslims will not go to heaven Noetics15 You DO NOT have to do anything to go to HELL, just show up on planet Earth. You CANNOT do anything to go to HEAVEN, ….. MUQ: That is not you or Jesus who is speaking…it is St. Paul who is speaking and you are parroting his views. Who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell is known only to God. We are humble and we try our best to please God and live our lives as best as possible in His ways. We are hopeful of receiving His mercy in the hereafter, however you are very CERTAIN of going to heaven. Let us each wait and see what happens after we both die and appear before God.

Q-110 Israel, Why Muslims want to destroy Israel? Noetics5 Destruction of the UN mandated Sovereign, State of Israel, MUQ: UN resolution to create Israel was a fraud on Arabs and Palestinians. There is no one to ask Israel about hundreds of UN resolution which it has rejected. What you have to say about its recent bombing of UN HO in Gaza. What would you say, if Israel did that to UN HO in New York? Q-111 Jesus, Does Islam depreciates Jesus? I do not know what you mean by depreciation of any one. Let us take one example, if X has been a president of USA and Y has been only a Senator, and people generally say that Y is also President of USA, then: A. Do we depreciate Y, if we say that he was only a Senator and never became President of USA? D. Do we not depreciate X, if we say that he became Senator of USA? Therefore increasing the stature of some one is really depreciating it and any one telling the proper place of him, is really appreciating it. Having said so, let us see what Quran says on the subject of Jesus "O people of Book (Jews and Christian) commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of God aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a messenger of God, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him…." (4: 171) Where do you find any thing depreciating in it? This and on other places, Quran tells us that a. Jesus was one of the Mightiest messengers of God. b. That he was the Messiah. c. That he was born miraculously without a father. d. That he showed many miracles, including bringing to life who were dead by God's permission. e. That he was not crucified and God saved him from that inglorious death and took him bodily into heaven.

f. That he will come back to earth before the final day to restore peace and justice in the world. Tell me where we depreciate him? If calling him Son of Mary is depreciating him, then calling him son of Joseph (Luke and Mark) is much more depreciating. If saying that he was not God is depreciating him, then let me say we "Depreciate" all prophets of God from Adam to Our Prophet, we do not say that they were God or God in human form. But let me say, you people depreciate our prophet. You put baseless accusations on him, his personal character and his personal life. Q-112 Martyrs, Why only Islamic Martyrs go to heavens? Noetics9 : Only Islamic martyrs for Allah's religion can have any certainty of a heavenly reward. MUQ: Will USA award bravery award to Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters for their heroic acts in Afghanistan and Iraq? Answer this question and you will get answer to your question!!! Q-113 Reformation, Why no reformation in Islam? Noetics12 : How come people such as you organize no REFORMATION movement against such un-Islamic and Non-Koranic practices and beliefs? Of course, you may be burnt at the stakes for doing that? … MUQ: Islam has built in provision for reformation. It has all the safeguards built into it, so as to remain current with changing times. Christianity needs all the reforms it can get, because it is imperfect, man made and is the plaything of priests and popes for ages. They modify its teachings and dogmas as they think fit. Islam is the perfect religion for mankind till the last day. By the way, burning at stake is the hall mark of Christians. In Islam it is strictly prohibited to kill anyone by burning at stakes. Q-114 Reformation, Is it need of hour? Noetics13 :If what is happening around the Muslim world and Muslim communities are Un-Koranic or Un-Islamic, it is high time that a REFORMATION be started in the Islamic world by Clerics and the faithful alike!!!

MUQ: There is a strong movement in almost all Muslim countries, for Muslims to come back to their original teachings. That is the best reformation movement that can be thought off. But it is west which is against this reformation and wants to stop it by any means hook or crook. They call these reformists as Fundamentalists, as Extremists and as Terrorists. Q- 115Reformation, Why it is not started? Noetics14 : Why not an ISLAMIC REFORMATION? MUQ: If by Islamic Reformation, you mean like one which St. Paul did to Christianity? Sorry that type of reformation is not possible in Islam. St. Paul distorted pure and simple teachings of Jesus to an un-intelligible mix of Greek and Roman Philosophy that one is never able to understand. Q-116 Self Destructive, Islamic principles are self destructive Noetics0 : In general this forum is given to understand that Islamic Principles are very self-destructive: MUQ: That is the view of those who are either ignorant or bent upon distorting teachings of Islam. It can be proven that all these views are wrong and based on insufficient study of Islam. Q- 117Suicide Bombers, Why don’t you condemn them? Noetics1 . Suicide-bombs (wo/man, children!); MUQ: Those who use their bodies as weapons to kill enemy soldiers (when they are overwhelmed in number and ammunition) do the right thing. Those who blow themselves to kill innocent men, women and children do the wrong thing which has nothing to do with Islam. So before deciding on any suicide bomber, we must see the circumstances and the background. There is no universal approval or condemnation of such activities. Q-118 Un Islamic acts, Why these are heroes of Islam? Noetics10 : MUQ wrote: " I do not commit individual actions of Any Muslim or any Christian". …How come those who commit these acts are hailed as heros of Islam?

MUQ: No one who does anything which are against teachings of Islam can be called an Islamic Hero. Islamic rules and principles are very clear and specific on such issues. If some one violates it, it is his or her problem and Islam is not responsible for this. Q- 119 Women Right, Islam subjugates women? Noetics4 Subjugation of women and non-Muslim minorities, MUQ: In Islam every section of society is given due rights. Women are given right and duties which are in conformation with their feminine nature. Islam does not say that men and women are equal…it says they are complimentary to each other. Together they form a pair, which is the basic building bock of the society. Men have rights and duties and women have rights and duties, each balanced beautifully. Minorities also have rights and duties in Islamic state, much more than allowed by any other system or religion in the world. Further Islamic rights to minorities are 1400 years old. While other systems are only a couple of decades old and are mostly on paper. Q- 120 Violence, Do Palestinians want peace? Islam does not preach murder of innocent. It preaches peace, but that peace should be based on equity and on honorable terms. What Jews and Israel mean by peace is for Palestinians to accept whatever they are offered and forget and forgive all past claims. That is not peace, it is blackmail and Islam does not allow that. All these 60 years Palestinians were requesting UN, US , UK and every other nation to intervene and restore peace there, but their requests were falling on deaf ears, as if they did not mean any thing. Only for past 15 or 20 years when Palestinians have taken to open demonstration, then the world is having some thought. Israel was in habit of crushing these peaceful demonstration with brutal use of police and army. How many have been killed by Police and Army bullets during these demonstrations, no one keeps count. Now when these desperate people have taken up rudimentary arms, whole world is branding them as Terrorist and fanatics. If Israel wants peace, it has to come down from its high horse and negotiate for a true and honorable peace, not the peace agreement

which is signed with Pistol to your head (like Hitler signed with French after capturing France in WW-2). Love and peace are directional roads. There can not be a one way traffic. First Jews have to show that they want real peace in the area.

Chapter-7 -Islam -2 (On Prophet and Quran)
Q-121 Past Religions, Is Islam different? 5. Messages of our prophet is different from Torah. Messages of all prophets can be combined only in one sentence “Believe and Worship only one True God and Follow me” That was the message of First Prophet (Adam) till the last prophet Mohammad, May peace of God be on All Prophets, Islam and Jewish religion have so many things in common, that it is strange for you to say that they teach separate things. Your study of Judaism and Islam is very superficial (as your statements regarding our prophet speak of your foul mouth, dirty thoughts and dirtier intentions). Usually I terminate discussions with people who use such foul language against our and other prophets. The same could happen to you, unless you correct yourself. Q-122 Past Sins Forgiven, Does Islam forgives past sins? Accepting Islam forgives past sins: We read in Quran Ch 39 V 53 as follows Say, O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls, despair not of the Mercy of God, for God forgives all sins, for He is Oft Forgiving , Most Merciful. Our commentators tell us that this verse was revealed in reference to those who had committed extreme crimes before Islam and were doubtful whether these sins would count against them after they become Muslim. One of them was the man who had killed HAMZA the uncle of prophet during battle of OHUD. Then we read in Quran Ch 25 Verse 70, after cautioning Muslims against punishment for certain major sins, it says Unless he repents, believes and works righteous deeds, for God will change the evils of such persons into good and God is oft Forgiving, Most Mer4ciful and Whoever repents and does good has truly turned to God with an acceptable conversion.

There are many such verses in Quran assuring forgiveness for past sins, if one believes and repents and corrects his or her course. Then there is a very famous incident in the life of prophet that AMR BIN AUS, who was an unbeliever and even fought against prophet, when he wanted to become Muslim, he came to prophet and prophet extended his hand to accept his pledge, AMR took back his hand, prophet asked him why. He said that I have done many sins as a Non Believer and even fought against you, I want to be sure that once I become Muslim, my past sins will be forgiven. Prophet replied, that AMR do you not know that Islam demolishes what was done before it and Migration demolishes what was done before it. The logic is that God is a merciful God, He is not vengeful, if some one repents and corrects his ways, God is always ready to forgive him. Jesus tried to convey the same message in the parable of Prodigal Son. (Contd.) Q-123 Prophet Character, Did prophet lied? I thank you for your research done on the life of our prophet. From the outset, it can be seen as you are very thorough on the character of our prophet and just recount at a moment’s notice any detail about his life. But in reality, you have no such qualities and mostly rely on information supplied by Anti Islamic sites. It is also clear that your knowledge of Arabic language is very poor and in these translations, many errors have been committed, intentionally or unintentionally, to show our prophet in bad light. Then there is no context to these messages, let me provide some thing, so that unbiased reader may know the real meaning of these points: 1. Story of Hajjaj: This gentleman had accepted Islam, but he told the prophet that he has most of his moneys pledged to Unbelievers of Makkah. If they know that he has become Muslim, they will usurp his money. He wanted the prophet can he keep secret his Islam and declare it openly, when he gets his dues. The prophet

allowed this request. have your choice.

If you call that propagating lies, then you

2. Ishaq 344: I think this refers to end of Battle of Badr, when the battle of Badr was over, ending in the victory of Muslims. The bodies of Makkans killed in the battle were dumped in an abandoned village in Badr. Next day Prophet visited the well and made the comments what you have quoted. After what he and other Muslims suffered at their hands for 13 long years, prophet told that these enemies of Islam and prophet have met their end in this life and they will face a grievous penalty in the next life. I do not know what is wrong in that. 3. Killing of Kaab Bin Ashraf: This Jew of Medina had surpassed all norms of civilized behavior when he started lampooning prophet, Islam and Muslim ladies in his poetry. In those days poetry was the Most Potent media for spreading mischief. Prophet wanted the source of mischief to be silenced. He could have opted for all out war on Jewish tribe, that would have resulted in much blood shed. That is why he wanted the job to be done silently. He asked for volunteers for the job and Mohammad bin Masalma came forward. If the job was to be performed silently, the convict had to be taken in confidence. That is why Masalama asked permission from prophet that he wants to say some thing bad about prophet to this Kaab, prophet agreed to this request. This was at best a military strategy and such misinformation is allowed during war. “War is Deceit” is a very popular Arabic sayings and prophet also endorsed it. If you see in the proper context, there is nothing objectionable in the above stories. For your info, our prophet was the most merciful of any warrior known in the world. During his ten years of warfare, total number of casualties do not touch even 1000 (on both sides). And with so less blood shed, he was able to conquer an area of the size of Arabia for an everlasting possession. Compared to that how many lives have been lost in capture of a tiny place called Palestine thru out history? There is no comparison at all.

Q-124 Prophet Character, Sincerity and Truth of the Prophet. On the outside you looked like a reasonable man, but when it comes to real issues, we can see the deep rooted hatred and bias in your post. To discuss any issue, you have to analyze it objectively and it full detail. As for as the life of our prophet is concerned, it is not a thing which is hidden from view. It is the only life of an individual which is laid bare in front of you in fullest detail. Much more than even our own contemporaries. There have been countless books written on his biography and the writers include some of the most learned and gifted scholars from all countries. You just cannot summarily pass a judgment on him by just picking a piece from here and there. At least you must have read one full book written by any Muslim on the biography of our prophet before you passed that judgment. You should have seen the historical perspective. What were Arabs before our prophet and how were they transformed in such a short period of time. From where they got that impulse. How could a personality which you would have described achieve so many sincere followers and achieved so much successes during his life and much more after his demise? There have been many warriors and fighters thru out human history, whose name was a terror during their lifetimes, but now, no one even remembers even their names. The religion of our prophet spread and continues to spread even today. Even today when so much Anti Islamic propaganda is being done, there is no let down in numbers of people coming to Islam. All these factors point to only one thing, The extreme attraction in the message and personality of our prophet. I can quote to you hundred of stories from Non Muslims of Western Origin who came into fold of Islam despite all this propaganda against Islam. You quote from Bukhari and other Islamic books, let me ask you one question, have you ever read Bukhari from beginning to end?

When you want to put such serious charges against our prophet, you must at least have some real knowledge. I told you that I am not averse to discuss any aspect of our prophet s life, but you should do it properly and in orderly manner. As regards you second post, You are off target. The point was that whether we should worship Jesus Christ, a Created being or the Lord God of this Universe, who is un-created and Creator of every thing. Bible tells us to Worship That True God and no one other than God, no matter what it is. A prophet, An Angel, Any Statue, or any such thing. Q-125 Prophet Character, Are there no good words to describe him? It is strange that you do not find a nice word to say about our prophet, whereas there is a long list of most eminent persons who have paid eulogies to our prophet is most glorious words. Even the list of those names would be more than what I can post on this thread. A western biographer of our prophet writes, the biographers of Arabian Prophet form a long and never ending line….it would be an honor to find a place in that long line. I only consider that you have very subjective views on this matter. No Sick, Perverted, War Monger in History could establish a Major World religion, whose followers exceed 1500 Millions as on date. No Such Person was rated as World’s Greatest Leaders and Most Powerful Personality of all Times…. There is some thing wrong in your argument and I can see is that your perspective is wrong. If you put a black spectacle on your eyes, you will see every thing as black. Note: I am not averse to discuss the sexual life of our prophet. But if you want to discuss it, you should discuss it objectively. We should do it in systematic manner, rather than you picking issues from here and there and then I try to provide justification.

It is the real proof of sincerity of prophet that we have so much knowledge about sexual life of our prophet, no other personality on earth could pass that test. If you have patience and open mind, we can discuss these topics. But from your post, I do not think that you have taste for these type of serious and objective discussions. You would rather go for tangent attacks based on bits and pieces of knowledge from here and there. Q-126 Prophet Divine, Was Mohammad Divine? This is an interesting Question, No Mohammad was not divine. He was human. As an human he could have made error of judgment or even mistakes. But lying is a sign of weakness of Character. All prophets of God are protected from having any weakness of Character. They do not cheat, they do not lie, they do not steal and they do not kill innocent people. They do not commit adultery or fornication. Not doing such acts do not make them divine. They still remain human, but the best righteousness and best human Character. example of human

All prophets are protected by God from such wickedness and they present themselves as role model for their followers. I thank you for asking a very good question. Q-127 Prophet, Why prophet denied divinity of Jesus? Regarding your theory that our prophet wanted Arabs removed from Idol worship, that is why he denied divinity of Jesus, it is only your assumption and does not satisfy facts or circumstances. Our prophet had the least idea that he was going to be a prophet, till Gabriel met him in that cave. The prophet delivered the message as he was told. So all these concepts that he did this because of this and that because of that are only in the minds of people.

A prophet does what he is told by God and not by himself. Q-128 Prophet Knowledge, What was the source of knowledge? Source of knowledge of our prophet: Unless you are able to prove that our prophet indeed “heard” from those Agnostics; your charges are still allegation without any proofs. If Makkan could KNOW, who was tutoring the prophet, it was very easy for them to stop our prophet from seeing him and that would be end of his revelation. In fact his detractors of present day are as divided as were his enemies during his life time. They do not have a single theory which will satisfy all facts. They allege, In case of Jesus, he must have learned from Agnostics, for Jews he must have interacted with Talmudists, for scientific facts in Quran he must have access to Greek Philosophers and so on. As if there was a whole committee coaching him all the time, and in reality every one close to our prophet was his disciple. They were all submitting themselves to his command. Which teacher behaves like that in front of one who is his pupil? Q-129 Prophet, Last Prophet, Can more people claim prophet hood? 4. People may come after our prophet and say I am last prophet. I do not deny that any one can come and claim “I am the Last Prophet”. In fact people have done that and have had some followings too. I think many people like you, who deny true prophets are grabbed by these false prophets and become their disciples. That is free choice given to you on this earth and based on that you will be judged. Q- 130 Prophet , Last Prophet, Are Muslims waiting for a prophet? We have to be content with what we have, because no new prophet is going to appear. God does not sends prophet, because someone is not satisfied with what they have. He has his Own reasons and in His reasoning, there is no need of any more prophets.

If you are content with the teachings of old prophets, then it will not suffice with you, because your scriptures do tell you that one more prophet is to come into the world. We Muslims are also waiting for one man to come before the end of the world. But that man will be no other than Jesus Christ, who was taken up into heavens and did not die, his natural death. So he will come down and have a natural death on this earth. So we are very clear for what we are waiting for, But are you sure that you should be searching for that prophet mentioned in your scriptures? Q-131 Prophet , Prophesies, Did Prophet made no prophesies? Our prophet made no prophesies in Quran and Bible makes many prophesies. In a sense you are right about Bible prophesies, two of the most important I knew are Deut 18.18 and John chapters 12 and 14, regarding Comforter or Counselor and all these prophesies are about our prophet. Quran made a number of prophesies and predictions , which proved correct and are still proving correct. Some of them I reproduce. A. Quran predicted that Roman empire though defeated by Persians, will become victorious in less that ten years. It happened exactly as predicted by Quran. Ch 30 Verses 1 to 5. B. Quran predicted that God will save the prophet from unbelievers, it happened exactly Ch 5 Verse 70. C. Quran predicted that prophet would capture Makkah, when he was flying from there…That God would protect Quran from corruptions etc. Like that there are many predictions in Quran which I cannot all mention here. D. But I would like to mention one prophesy of Quran which is an everlasting truth, it says, in three places of Quran It is He, meaning God, who has send His messenger, meaning Mohammad, with Guidance, meaning Quran, and a True Path, meaning Islam, so as to proclaim it over all other ways of life. This prophesy is being fulfilled before our own eyes, from the time of our prophet right until our own times. Islam is always on the

rise. Despite so much propaganda against it, Islam is still growing in all parts of the world. Allah Knows Best. Q-132 Prophet, Revelation, Did prophet saw Evil Spirit in Cave? The point is people get alarmed when they see angel of God for the first time. If the fear persists even after angel is left, it is no sign that Angel was Satan. The Real issue is what message that Angel has brought…and the message that angel delivered to our prophet could not be from Devil or Satan or Evil Spirits. Because no Evil Spirit would teach their disciples to worship one True God of Universe. The purpose of Evil Spirits is to take people away from Worship of True God. It was very interesting to see that you have seen and met angels of God…Now there is no hesitation in my mind that you are a mental case. Angels of God do not appear to every Tom, Dick and Harry, and you are no o more than a Tom, Dick or Harry by any standard human or godly. If the Angels of God instructs you to write such lengthy posts, then we have to complain to God to send you messages in short hand. Stop raising your own level. Try to stay where you are….keep both feet on ground and do not try to fly….that is brotherly advice from me. Q-133 Prophet, Source of knowledge, Did prophet copied from Gnostics?

BH So says Mohammad, and who was he? A plagiarist. He borrowed from the Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter to get his revelation, that Jesus wasn't crucified but was raised to God instead, thereby making liars out of all of the New Testament writers, in addition to deceiving Mary. MUQ To prove any charge you must have evidences and in this case you have none that our prophet borrowed from any one. Firstly he was illiterate, did not know how to read or write. Secondly he spent most of his life in Makkah, where there was not so many Christians and Gnostics, so to say. Even the Bible was not available in Arabic by that time. Then there is no

verbatim quotation in whole of Quran from any other book. Therefore your allegation falls flat on its face. Only allegation and no proof.
Q- 134 Prophet, Why we believe in Testimony of Prophet? We believe in his testimony, before we have eye witness record that he never lied in his life... That he was most honest and truth full person.... Then the message he brought is so reasonable, so simple and so universal, that it is easy to be understood and practiced by any one. That his message is free from Racial, linguistics and national bias. That it transformed its original followers (Arabs) from depth of ignorance to the rulers of the world. That the book he brought is preserved in its originality and even today every one can verify his message. He asked us to worship only one God, and do good deeds in our daily lives. Why should we not believe in his testimony? Q-135 Prophet hood, Prophesy and Miracles, Are these tests for True Prophet? I agree that we Muslims do not harp too much on Miracles and Prophesies as do Jews and Christians. We do not make them as touch stone of our faith, because these are subjective matters. Islam deals with reasons and logic. But that does not mean that Miracles are strange to our prophet or that he did not prophesize any things. The miracles of our prophet are too many and are established on much sound witness system than Jesus s and Moses s miracles which are established on the basis of single writer. So instead of discussing on things which are subjective and not reliable and talk on more important matters of faith.

Q-136 Prophet hood Test, Should be believe in every prophet? If you understand by my post, that any one coming along and saying, Hey I am prophet of God, follow me and then whole mankind should stop every thing and start following that man, then you misunderstood my message. I had posted my reply for those who are familiar with the religious history of the world. I was speaking to Jews and Christians particularly. Of course, there are false prophets and there are true prophets. If you are misled by false prophets and follow them, you will be the looses. If you reject the true prophet of God, then also you are looser. Now you can appreciate the mercy of God, who ended the prophetic cycle by sending the Last prophet into the world. Any one claiming prophet hood after the last prophet is indeed a liar and no one should listen to their claims. But your objection is valid as to why people should accept the claim of our prophet that he is the last prophet and every one should follow him. This is a big topic, but I will outlines a few points for testing the claims of any prophet. 1. First and foremost thing about a true prophet is that, he invites people to the worship of one true God. Now this is a thing which no false prophet can do, because he is deluded by Devil and his teachings must be take people away from the worship of One True God. 2. Then we should see the Character of that prophet and his life style. How was he judged by those who saw him and those that became his followers and also those enemies who were his contemporaries. Best judge about a character of any prophet are the people who saw him. 3. Then we should see the effect which that prophet s teachings brought into his followers and the environment around him. This is what Jesus described as By their fruits should you know them. Every good tree brings good fruits and every bad tree brings bad fruits. 4. Then for people who have previous scriptures, there is always mention of that Last Prophet that will come into the world.

So by these standards, prophet hood of our prophet hood is established. Now coming to Bahai religion, if someone is satisfied of his claims and is certain that past prophesies refer to him, then he can become its followers. But by my standards you will find that any prophet coming after the last prophet is a liar and should be dealt as such. Q-137 Qibla, Do Muslims do Idol Worship? You are just twisting my words to get your desired answers. The prophets are such whose words and sermons are included in your scriptures for future guidance and both David and Solomon belong to that category. So they are indeed prophets and denial of their Prophethood is mere insolence. 2. You want us to accept your own words that you do not worship Cross, or Statue of Jesus, even if we see you kissing the cross and praying to Jesus and his statue. 2A. And at the same time we should accept your claims that we Worship Kaaba and Black stone, because we face towards Kaaba while praying, and kiss the Black stone when we go Kaaba? 2B. What is wrong if I called that a double standard? 3. The Quranic verses you Quoted 2:149, & 150 clearly lay down the principle of Qibla. This is express instruction from God, then how could it be idle worship? 3A. God commanded Moses and David to perform many rituals at Altar of the most high, and prophets (Daniel etc) faced towards Jerusalem while praying. Was all that idol worship? 3B. Our prophet also faced towards Jerusalem for first 15 years of his mission, was that also Idol worship? Or when he turned his face towards Kaaba then it became Idol Worship? 3C. I do not deny that our prophet did kiss the Black Stone, but it was not an act of worship, but an act which originated from the time of prophet Abraham. Caliph Omar has said addressing Black Stone “I know that you are a stone, you can neither harm me nor benefit me, if I had not seen my prophet kissing it, I would never have kissed you”, then he kissed the stone. 3D. That is whole idol worship in front of you!!!

Q-138 Perfection, This day, I have perfected your religion? You asked me two sincere questions and I hope that you will be patient with me, even if my answers are a little long. 1 What is the meaning of Quranic Verse, This day I have perfected your religion 2 Why Muslims say that it is Degrading to God, that He should come down as a man Now the first Question. This day I have perfected your religion. This is part of Quranic verse in Ch.5 Verse 3 and is one of the last few verses revealed to our prophet. In fact it was revealed exactly on the eve of last pilgrimage at Mount Arafat and our prophet lived only for 90 days after this revelation. Many people translate Arabic word DEEN as religion, whereas correct meaning of Arabic Word DEEN is way of life. So Allah says that This day, I have perfected your way of life for you. It can have several shades of meaning: 1 The instructions which were being given are now complete and no new Instruction would come now, which was correct, because no new do s and don’t s came after this verse. 2 Islam as a way of life is now complete and perfect till the last day. Both these answers are correct and both are intended. The questions that come into minds of other groups (Jews and Christians amongst them), then what about our religion and our way of life and our prophets? If you look at the Quranic argument in this regard, God tells us that: 1 Each prophet of God, from Adam to Mohammd, Peace be on them all, preached the same message. There is no difference in the message which Adam preached at his time and what Mohammad preached at his time. 2. Due to problems of movements, interactions and human civilizations being in infancy, earlier prophets were sent to a particular group and to meet the needs of that particular time.

2A When the human civilization reached to maturity and means of interaction were available, there was need now to unite these different ways of life into one. 3 It was in God s original plan to send a Universal Prophet at the end of all prophets and thru him do this job. All previous prophets told to their followers about the coming of this last prophet. 4. Now when the mission of our prophet was fulfilled and he was established thru him, the Kingdom of God on earth, God announced thru this verse that now this great job is completed and from now on, teachings of our prophet shall be applicable till the last day. That was in short answer for you first question and I would be happy to provide any clarifications should you need it and now let me come to your second question Q-139 Pillars, What are five pillars of Islam? Noetics : Would you elaborate beyond the "five pillars of Islam"? MUQ: Do not underestimate the importance of Five Pillars of Islam. A building is as strong as its foundation is. That is why Islam gives much importance to these five pillars which are its fundamentals. First of this is belief in Allah as the Only God of this universe and belief in the prophet hood of Mohammad. This is the central pillar, without this the structure will fall down. The second pillar is offering regular prayers, which are five times daily. If one does not prey, then his declaration of faith is only a lip service to Islam. Third pillar is fasting during the month of Ramadan, which helps in self control and to know first hand what hunger feels like. It helps is purifying the soul and overpower one's baser instincts. Fourth pillar is payment of Zakat or Charity to those who are poor and are in need. This is a social security scheme for the needy. It diminishes the excessive love of money and greediness and helps in better relations between have and have not s. Fifth pillar is Pilgrimage to Makkah (at least once in life time) for those who can afford it. This helps closer ties between Muslims from different parts of world and exchange of religious, cultural and economical ties. It makes International Brotherhood of Muslims.

None of these pillars can be proven to have any bad effect for society or personality of any Muslim Q-140 Quran , Arabic, Why God would limit His words in one language? This is also a useless argument and recoils on you. OT was written in Hebrew, so why did God limit His revelation to only one language. Then NT was written in Greek, again the same objection is applicable. God sends His revelation to prophets, in the language which the prophet speaks. That is why Quran was revealed in Arabic. Since it was the last revelation, so it is applicable till the end of world. There is no restriction for people to translate Quran into other languages, but these translations would remain translations and would not take the place of Quran. This is the most sensible approach that one could take on this subject. Q-141 Quran, Arabic Grammar, Did Quran influence Arabic Grammar or otherwise? I congratulate you on asking a very relevant question. These are the questions that maintain life in these otherwise boring and monotonous posts. You are very right, the books of Arabic Grammar were written much after the revelation of Quran. But that does not mean that Arabic was not a fully developed language before these books were written. The fact is Golden age of Arabic was already over before these books were written. These books only codified what was already written before. The rules of Grammar were based on past writings of poets and Quran was always considered as the highest authority on any Grammatical issue. It was Quran which codified Arabic Grammar and not otherwise. I am not sure about other languages, but I think, books of Grammar are written after the language is developed, no one writes the books of Grammar first and then people start speaking that language. Now coming to our topic, how the purity of Quran was preserved, when no punctuation marks and distinguishing marks for similar shape words were added to the text of Quran.

The answer is that the Quran was revealed in the form of recitation!! Angel spoke to our Prophet and he recited the verses verbatim to his followers. It was also written down also, but the main source of transmission was thru recitation and memorization. Quranic re4citation was part of five daily prayers. Prophet and Imams used to recite long portions of Quran during these prayers, those behind them would listen and memorize. Arabic people knew their language, they could read the written words of Quran and correlate it what they have heard from the lips of prophet. So they faced no problem in the initial stages. However when Islam spread and many Non Arabic people came into fold of Islam, then there was need of punctuation marks and distinguishing marks for similar shaped letters. These were invented and at every stage, the importance was given to the recitation of a trustworthy Reciter who traced his links directly to the Prophet. That is why we find lo less variations in the recitation of Quran from Muslims in Arabia, India, China and South Africa!! I once again thank you for a very good question. Q-142 Quran, Archeological Proofs, Does Quran need Archeological proofs? Archeological Proofs for Quran: 1. It is very strange to say that Quran lacks Archeological proofs, or it has no roots. 2. Such types of supports are required for books like Bible which have no authenticity and should be supported by such props. 3. Quran on the other hand has irrefutable authenticity and does not need these supports. 4. Further Quran is revelation from God is proved by its own challenge that humans cannot bring a book like. That challenge is still open after 1400 years. There are millions of Arab Christians and they still cannot meet this Quranic challenge. 5. All your talks about KUFIC or NON KUFIC scripts are in vain, because there is no other Quran in the world, than what we Muslims read.

Q-143 Quran , Authenticity, Can we compare Quran with Biblical books? Quran and Biblical Books: 1. Compare this with the conditions of Biblical books, no one knows who really wrote them, no one knows who translated them. There is no record as to how they were transmitted. 2. The books vary in contents and each manuscript is different from each other. 3. If there was only one standard authentic manuscript of Biblical Books, no one would have had any cause of worry and complaint. Since the books are different and have contradictory accounts from each other, that gives rise to the suspicion of corruption during transmission. 4. I do not say that every corruption was willful and was done with bad intentions. There could have been intentional or non intentional mistakes. Whatever might be the case, the proofs are in front of us. How can we say that Bible is word of God when RC Bible has 73 Books and Protestants has 66 Books. Q-144 Quran, Authenticity, Did Othman wrote or changed the Quran? Caliph Othman and his contribution to Quran: 1. I think this is systematically propagated that Othman either wrote Quran or edited it or changed it as per his own will and we have only Othman ‘s Quran with us and all other Quran s have been destroyed by Othman. 2. If some one does it unknowingly, then he may be excused, but if someone after research concludes that Othman wrote the Quran, then it is another thing. 3. It is universally agreed that our prophet did not know how to read or write. He received revelation from Gabriel in oral form, He recited it to his followers and at the same time asked it to be written down by one of his many scribes. 4. So during the life time of Prophet the Quran was preserved in the breasts of his companions as well as in a written form. Quran was always in the open and companions use to memorize it and read it in their during regular prayers. There were hundreds who had memorized whole Quran during the life time of prophet.

5. After the death of prophet, within one year First Caliph, Abu Bakr asked the whole Quran to be compiled in a book form. He asked Zaid bin Thabit for that task. Zaid made an official copy of Quran and gave it to Abu Bakr and that Quran remained with him and after his death with second Caliph Omar. 6. During the reign of Third Caliph Othman, when Islam spread to far and wide and many non Arabs nations became Muslim, they had some difficulty as to how to recite Quran properly. Because the Quran was read in different dialect of Arabian Tribes, that was the concession which prophet gave during his life time. 7. So Othman wanted to unite Muslims on a common dialect, that is why he made a committee under the chairman ship of same Zaid and asked him to prepare 6 or 8 authentic copies from the Quran made for Abu Bakr. Zaid got hold of that Quran and once again verified each and every verse and then produced 6 or 8 copies, two of which survive to this day. 8. Othman asked that Quran be written in the dialect of QURAISH, which was the tribe of prophet and that was the dialect in which Prophet used to recite the Quran. That was a very correct and prudent approach. 9. Once the authentic copies were made, Othman sent one copy to each of the province and deputed one man to recite and teach Quran to other people. Then Othman gave a ruling that now any one who has any other writing of Quran should destroy it. From that time onwards, Muslims have only one Quran which is read every where. 10. How false is the allegation that Othman wrote the Quran or changed or modified it and all such allegation. The Quran was written when thousands of Companions of prophet were present, Othman, Zaid and all people involved in Writing down Quran were Companions of prophet and had listened Quran from his own lips. Q-145 Quran, Authenticity, Does truth changes with time? 1. I do not deny that Biblical Books wrote hundreds of years before Our Prophet that Isaac was sacrificed by Abraham. But that claim only will not make it true. 2. Do you mean to say that falsehood and corruption and bigotry started in modern age and all old people were 100 % honest and whatever they write should be accepted as 100 % truth just because it was written 2000 or 3000 years back?

3. Truth and false hood do not change with age or date. 4. If you have any Biblical Manuscript written by Moses, which says that Isaac was sacrificed and not Ishmael, then we have some problem. 5. The words of Quran have superiority over all “unauthorized claims” because Quran is Word of God and is preserved exactly as it was revealed. 6. No other book in the world is in this class. Q-146 Quran, Authenticity, Did Othman Changed Quran text? I would only comment on that portion which deals with Othman ’s involvement in the Quranic Text we have today. It seems that you only have a superficial knowledge on this subject. A. Quranic Text During Prophet’s life time. You know our prophet did not know how to read or how to write. So whenever he would receive any new revelation from Archangel Gabriel, he would call one of his scribes and ask him to write it down. Then he would ask him to read, to make sure that it was recorded correctly. Then he would recite the newly revealed verses to his companions and many would commit them to memory. Then prophet would recite long portions of Quran in prayers and those who stand behind him would listen to it (exactly as it is done in every mosque). So Quran was being preserved in the hearts of Muslims as well as in the written form. It took 23 years for whole Quran to be revealed and by that time many of the companions memorized it fully. By the same time, each and every verse was also written down. But prophet did not compile whole Quran in book form (may be, because there was no certainty that new verses would not come down) B. Quranic Text during the life time of First Caliph (0-2 years). After the death of Prophet, during the reign of First Caliph, it was decided to compile whole Quran in a book form, so that it would not depend only on memorizers.

First Caliph asked Zaid bin Thabit, a Companion of prophet, to gather the Quran from those who had written it during prophet’s time and have at least two witness to prove it. In this way whole Quran was compiled in a book form and was kept with the Caliph. C. Quranic Text during the second Caliph (2-12 Years). During the reign of Omar, the second Caliph, things remained same as were. He got the Quran from first Caliph and kept with him,. When he died the Quran was kept with his daughter Hafsa, one of the wives of prophet. During the time of prophet and upto second Caliph, people recited Quran in their own tribal dialect, which would differ in pronunciation, but would means same in the dialect. Since by that time Islam had spread only in Arab lands, so there was no problem (Contd.) D. Quranic text during the Third (Othman) Caliph (13-24 Years). During the reign of Othman, Islam spread far and wide and many non Arabs people accepted Islam. There was some problem in people reciting Quran in different dialect, so Othman decided to standardize the text of Quran in the dialect of QURAISH, the tribe of prophet himself. So he formed a committee under the chairman of same Zaid, who made the first copy of Quran. He got the original copy from Hafsa, and once again verified the records available with other companions of the prophet. This time Quran was written down according to the dialect of QURAISH Tribe and Othman had no real role to play in its recording, except to decide on dictation where committee members disagreed. When the Quran was written down, Othman asked Zaid to make seven or eight copies of it. Othman then sent one copy to each major province along with an official recite. Othman then asked every Muslim to burn down any other copy of full or partial Quran that he had, so as there would be no confusion in future. Two of the copies of that Quran still exist today and every one can see them and compare with what Quran is available today. E. Quranic Text that we have today

Modern Quran is exact copy of that Othman text, only punctuation marks and reading aids have been added to help non Arabs read Quran properly. Now you yourself decide as to what you have written that Othman included what he wanted and removed what he wanted. Q-147 Quran, Borrowing, Did Quran copied from past scriptures? I could have given you many more things in Quran that are copied from Talmud, OT, NT , Greek and Roman Philosophers and hundreds of other books, let us check 1. There is only One God and there is none like Him (Copied verbatim from many places in OT and Talmud). 2. God is the sole Creator of everything in the Universe (do-). 2A. God sees every thing. 2B. God hears every thing. 2C. Do not worship anything beside God. 2D. Do not make idols for worship. 2E. Only seek help from God 3. Honor your parents (-do). 4. Do not commit adultery or fornication. 5. Do not take or deal in interest. 6. Do justice to all. 7. Existence of Angels, Prophets, Heaven and Hell etc. 8. Believe in life after death. 9. Spend in Charity. 10. Do fasting. 11. Repent and your sins will be forgiven.

The list could be very long, the problem is in your understanding. Where Quran or Our Prophet did claimed that they have brought a new religion? Quran claims that Islam is the same old religion of all prophets, which is presented in pure form, after cleaning it from all the corruptions done by people. As to your claim that our prophet “Borrowed” it from other scriptures, you have to give stronger proofs. Our prophet did not know how to read and write. Talmud and Greek Philosophical books were not available in Makkah and who taught prophet these books. Q- 148 Quran , Plato’s dialogues, Newton’s Principia are comparable to Quran? You have placed Plato's Dialogues, Newton's Principia, and Darwin's Origin of the Species are just three examples as equal to Quran. This shows your extreme ignorance. None of these books have any literal merit. Many of the theories mentioned there have been proven wrong and discarded by their fellow scientists. Majority of world population cannot understand any of these and their scope is extremely limited. They deal with only one subject. Still you have audacity to compare them with Quran. I can only say that you lack any sense of decency. Q- 149 Quran, Content, 63 Percent of Quran was abrogated in 23 short years It is folly to say that 63 percent of Quran was abrogated in 23 years. There are only a few verses of Quran which were abrogated and these are relating to certain specific actions. That figure does not reach even to ten. Q-150 Quran, Foreign Words, Why are there foreign words in Quran? I give you ANOTHER FREE advice. Let me know how many of these words were not known to Arabs of our prophet's time and they complained to our prophet that what are these foreign words and we cannot understand them. Every language does contain foreign words, that does not mean it is a fault of the language. Quran was revealed in the language which was fully understood by the Arabs of prophet's time. And that is the purpose of revelation.

Q-151 Quran, Mary, Does Quran calls Mary mother of Jesus as Miriam, Sister of Aaron? Now let us look at your charges against Quran 1. Quran says that Miriam, the Sister of Moses which lived 3000 years before Jesus is the Mother of Jesus. I don’t know from where you Got the idea that Miriam, sister of Moses was mother of Jesus? I think you refer to Quran Chapter 19 Verse 28, where Jews accusing Mary, the mother of Jesus say, O Sister of Aaron, your father was not a man of Evil, nor your mother a women unchaste. On this you make your sky scrapper of allegation against our prophet, that he called Mary sister of Aaron , therefore he could not distinguish between Mary Mother of Jesus and Miriam the sister of Aaron, so he was ignorant and so he cannot be a prophet and so Quran cannot be Word of God. There are several points which you should consider before laying such a big accusation. Let me point out a few to you. A. The name of Mother of Jesus was indeed Miriam, a very common Jewish name, the Christians changed it to Mary, to look like a Roman name. B. This Miriam belonged to priestly class of Jews, who were from the descendants of Aaron the first Priest of Jews. C. So Jews were very right in accusing Miriam that you have brought a baby, out of wedlock, even when you belong to noble house of Aaron and your parents are both pious. So there is nothing wrong if mother of Jesus was called as Sister of Aaron. D. But if you want to insist that our prophet was ignorant and every word in Scripture has to be taken literally, then can you explain the meaning of following Verse from Matthew Ch1, verse 1 This is the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham…. How could Jesus be son of David which passed 1000 years before him and son of Abraham which passed 2000 years before him. How can Jesus have two fathers?

So according to your own logic, Matthew did not know this, so his Gospel is not the word of God? Q-152 Quran, Science, Should we prove every thing from Quran? I have gone thru the referred site, while I agree that Great Designer has indeed put Great Signs in every one of His creatures, the idea of Hoopee Bird Chromosome and then to derive it from Quranic Verses is a very far fetched thing. We should not try to derive such things using Quran, it is more than a gimmick than proving such things from Quran. Quran is a book of Guidance for humankind. It refers to various Creations and their beautiful relationship to show the Might, Power and Mercy of All Knowing God. But it is not the book of Science, Astronomy, Geology , Zoology or Botany in the sense that we should try to derive or prove every thing from Quran. If we do this, then we are doing injustice to Quran and moving away from the real purpose of the book. Q-153 Quran , Topic, Does Quran talks about Mohammad s life and family:? It is amazing that you say, Quran only talks about Mohammad and his family. Let us see, does Quran mentions the following: 1. Name of Parents of our Prophet? No 2. Name of His First Wife? No 3. Name of his other beloved wife, Aiyesha? No 4. Name of his other wives? No 5. Name of any of his sons or daughters? No 6. Name of any one of His uncles, aunts, grandparents? No 7. Name of His Nearest Companions, Abu Baker,Umar, Othman, Ali ? No , only name of any companion of prophet mentioned in Quran is Zaid, his slave and adopted son. 8. Name of his chief opponents? No, only name of his opponent mentioned in Quran is Abu Laheb, his uncle for specific reasons.

9. Has any Chapter in Quran named after His Parents, Wives, Sons, daughters, Companions, No 10. But we find Quranic Chapter named after Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and even Mary. Quran is an amazing book. If Mohammad was its writer, he must have included these biographical data in his own book. It is only your ignorance, that has prompted you to write this. Q-154 Muslims Science Contribution, Is Islam responsible for Muslim’s backwardness? Thanks for you accepting that “The Muslim world was a beacon of open mindedness, scientific research and progress in the early Middle ages” But you are wrong it was not early middle ages, it was right unto 1700 s that Muslims were at par with other nations in science, technology, medicine and other fields. Now I accept that in last 300 years, Muslims have lagged behind in these fields and one may ask what is the reason for that. Your diagnosis that Islam is the reason for Muslim’s backwardness is not correct. Because if Islam was the reason for backwardness, then how it catapulted Muslims to No1 Position for so centuries. You know the contributions of others warriors like Mongols and Huns etc. They only achieved Military victories and no lasting civilizations. If you could prove that Islam is against growth of Science, Technology, Medicine and any scientific fields, then you could have a point. Just blaming Islam and Shariah and Quran as reasons for Muslim Backwardness is not correct. The situation is like as some one explained as : When Muslims adhered to Strict Islamic code, they were on Top of World. When they loosened that code, it was the beginning of their downfall. When Other Religions (Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc) adhered Strictly to Their Religious codes, they were lagging behind in civilization, when they loosened that grip, they started rising. That explains the difference between Islam and other so called religions.

Your proposed solution to ask Muslims to abandon their Islamic code totally, would result in their further down fall.

Q-155 Science Contribution, Did Islam Contribute nothing to science? It seems that you think that humanity started only 200 years ago, when Industrialization of the world started. Before that there was total void in human civilization and Europeans just jumped from Stone Age to Steel age. It is like saying that a Child started in the Master Class all of a sudden. Progress in human civilization is made by all nations and every one contributed it at one time or another. Just because one race or nation is on top means you disregard contribution of all other races and nations. Why not take a look at the titles of Muslim Written books on sciences, Medicine and all other fields. Almost every library of repute has a fair collection of them. Islam has a glorious history of 1400 years, just because they are now down (due to the weakness of Muslims and not in any teaching or principle of Islam), you make such wide ranging claims. May be your Grandchildren after 200 years will make the same comment about your present society. Q- 156 Shariah Punishment, Is punishment for Apostasy logical? I do approve of death penalty for Apostasy, but if it is administered under the ruling of an Islamic Court, in the same way I approve of all punishment of Islamic Shariah. If you consider the safeguards and protections and witness system for each of these crimes, you would come to the conclusion that they are best and most effective ways to keep the crime rate and moral degradations to minimum. As regards the third choice mentioned by you, it is really non existent. Before joining Islam, one should make sure that it is the right path. However if he is convinced that Islam was not the right path, then he should leave Islamic country and shift his residence to a Non Islamic country. He cannot stay in Islamic country and reject Islam publicly. We do not want other people to be tempted. When you tried your system of punishing Apostates (during middle ages), you killed millions of innocent people.

In 1400 years of Islamic history there are very few cases where someone was punished because of being an apostate. That shows the difference between Islam and Other religions. Islam is so logical that once any one accepts it, it is only a digression and moral corruption on his part, that will prompt him to leave Islam Q-157 Society Problems, Is Islamic society filled with problems? There was no problem with our society, till you people barged in with your own ideas to reform our peaceful societies. You came with your ideas of free sex, legalizing Sodomy and Lesbian relationships, allowing Bars and Gambling dens and what not s. If you call me hypocrite, you should also look at yourself too. Take any poll, huge majority of Muslim women would like to live by Islamic rules, but those huge majorities are not sufficient for you, you would like to impose the views on less than 0.1 Percent of Muslim women to vast majority of more than 99.9 percent. Who is Hypocrite, me or you? Even if we assume that 9/11 and those other bombings were carried out by Muslims, who gives you right to involve every Muslim in these acts. If some one does crime, you punish him. You cannot put the blame on whole 1500 Million Muslims for that. What rights Islam has given to women, you should ask from thousands of Western Women who have accepted Islam and their figures is increasing every day. If Islam mistreats women, who more than two thirds of women accepting Islam in West are Women? There has to be something wrong in your society. Have you ever tried to diagnose it? Q-158 Universality, Religions, Why there are different religions? You asked me what makes difference between religions? If you really ask me, it is the followers of prophets who make different religions and not God. In the eyes of God, there is only one religion that calls for total submission of our wills to His will. He has sent many prophets at

different times to different nations, but all these prophets preached the same message. So there is no difference in any prophet's religions. They are not enemies of each others. They are like brothers unto each other. You will never find our prophet of God fighting with another prophet of God. It is after the prophet has died, that his followers restrict themselves to that particular teachings and when any new prophet comes, they reject him and choose for them a separate name. That is how, so many different religions came into being, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity etc. We believe in Universal religion of Submitting our wills to our Creator. We respect and believe in all prophets, we believe in all books sent by God. For us Moses and Jesus are as honorable as our prophet Mohammad (Peace be of All prophets of God). You are right, Democracy Sucks, because Modern Western Democracy is nothing but deceit, lies and getting your way by hook or by crook. If you separate religion and politics, what else you expect? where you will get moral element into politics? Q-159 Women Rights, How Islam distributes rights? That comment about beating women was a satirical one and not to be taken for real. Islam gives most rights to a woman that goes with her feminine nature. Men and women are complimentary to each other and not opposite to fight for same thing. Man and Women make a family which is the building block of society. Men are given separate duties and women are given separate. Both are of equal importance and carry equal contribution to the society. A healthy and happy home is the basic requirement of a happy and healthy society and each member of the family has rights and duties to make that happen. From

Q-160 Women Right, Past VS Present, Was Islam very liberal in past but has turned into repressive now? You have spoken some truth when you said that for many centuries Islam was leading in the role of giving rights to women, but you have not told the truth when you said that now Islam is in forefront of denying women their rights. Islam gave rights same rights to women 1400 years ago, which are still provided today. There is no change in Islam ‘s attitude towards women. What has happened that your society has swung from one extreme to another extreme. For may thousands of years, your society was not giving women any right. They were treated as chattel and had no role so to say. They had no right to education, property or conducting business. That was one extreme, at that time, you felt that Islam gave women many rights, much more than any other society or system. Now you have gone to another extreme, and try to equate man and woman. You want to bring women in all walks of life, in areas for which they are not suited. You call that women freedom, but it is the exploitation of women, she is burdened with double duties, home and office. Her beauty is for sale. You cannot sell anything unless you put a semi nude women there. These beauty pageants, these cat walks and all such things give opportunity for men to goggle at her beauty. The free sex movement has removed her sense of fidelity. And now the Sodomy and Lesbian movement has proven to be the last straw of sexual morality. No doubt you find Islamic teachings oppressive, they are same as they were 1400 years ago. Islam considers men and women as complimentary to each other and not as direct competitor. Their areas of activity have been clearly demarcated, not by us, but by Her Creator and her Lord. At least by saying that for many centuries, Islam was the most generous in giving women rights, you have removed the charge from our prophet that he enslaved women. At least you have accepted that he gave women much more rights than any society gave before him. This will help when we do discussion on sexual life of our prophet.

Q- 161 Women Rights Comparison, Islam and other systems? Your post about Muslim women is totally based on misinformation and misunderstanding. You read the rights which Islam gives to women and then compare it with rights given to women by any other society and system in the world and you will see the difference. Islam gives women rights which are still far advanced than what she gets under the present system of “Sex Equality”. Do you know that in Islam women has no financial burden of any kind? She only gets from her husband, from her parents, from her brothers and close relatives? She is not asked to spend on maintenance of any one, irrespective of what ever wealth she amasses. As regards domestic violence, your society is not in apposition to lecture us on that. The cases of domestic violence are more in your society than in Muslim society. And what is more, despite your best efforts, they are always on the rise. What is the cause of Domestic Violence, Incest and Child abuse in your society? Q-162 Women Rights, Feminine Nature, Who determines? Now coming as to who determines, what is a feminine nature, the answer is the One who Created man and woman. He knows what is best for each of the two sexes. He has given different physical, biological and psychological trends to the twos exes, so that they can compliment each other. Not that they should fight and compete each other in every field. Otherwise there was no need to make male and female, a Unisex model would have been sufficient, so that man and women issue would not arise at all. We should ask our Creator why He made man and women separately. What I say, that the roles allotted to woman by her Creator are in no means derogatory and less important.

Chapter-8 (Israel, Palestine and Solution of this Problem)
Q- 163 Israel Creation, League of Nations, Parts played by UK and LON? Please refer to my last post, in which I have answered to many of the points raised in your latest post. Here I explain some more points. 1. The League of nations had no authority to Divide Palestine and give one half of it to the “Imported” Jews coming from every corner of the world. 2. Jews who migrated from every part of the world to share in the “Palestinian Pie” offered by League of Nations. 3. As I told you before Zionists, Jews, Britain and League of Nations all were in cohort to give a home land to Jews in Palestine. This decision was taken even before WW.1. 4. No nation has right to divide a country unless the indigenous population, themselves demand and become a party to that. 5. The action of League of Nation was therefore wrong morally, politically and has not contributed anything towards the peace of World or inside Palestine. 6. Arabs by living there since generations did not need any “Right” from League of Nation or any other International body. 7. Only Jews who were living in Palestine before 1917 had right to demand a separate state, if they could not adjust with the local Arabs there. Then they should have been given land in proportion to their population, which would be only 10 % of Palestine. 8. Therefore so called Mandate of League of Nation or whatever you call it, has no authority for Arabs 9. Partitioning of Palestine is like UNO dividing USA into two equal parts, one half for whites and another half for Blacks living there as well as those blacks who live in Africa and elsewhere in the world. Or UNO dividing Britain into three equal parts, one for England, another for Scotland and third for Irish people. 10. Therefore by all logic, division of Palestine into two equal halves by Britain or League of Nation was a fraudulent act and was against natural justice.

Q-164 Israel Creation, War , Who started war? This is a very strange question to ask, that Arabs started 1947 war. 1. Consider a situation, some one forcefully occupies half of your estate or house and turns half of your family to street. And if you protest or take any action to evict the usurper, you are branded as violent and aggressors. 2. What option was left for Arabs. UK, USA, League of Nations and UNO all had conspired against them to divide their lands into two halves. Where they could go? If they had accepted that decision, their rights were to be finished for all times to come. 3. They did the right thing by declaring war, so as to bring into the record that from day-1 they did not accept this fraudulent act. I hope they did not stop that war on any pretext, so there would have been no state of Israel by this time. 4. But they were not united and took political and military advise from the nations who were themselves a party to the whole conspiracy. They turned to USA, UK and UNO for justice and to solve their problems. How could they find justice there and the same thing continues today. The sympathies of all Western Nations is towards Jews and Israel, because they have shifted their own problems to Arab lands and are smiling smugly at the daily violence there. 5. As I told you, the Creation of Israel was illegal. They are the aggressors and it is they who should be brought to justice. For any honorable peace terms, both parties should be given equal position. In the present scenario this is not possible, because Israel has thin invincibility hallow around them. That has to be punctured one way or other, so they would sue themselves for peace at any terms.. Q-165 Israel, Jews , Holocaust, Did Jews contribute to it? My suggestion that Jews could also be responsible for holocaust in a way, seemed so outrageous to you. Let me give you some example from the contemporary world, which I have personal experience. You see I am from India and in India we have every year thousands of Anti Muslim riots. These riots result in much loss of life and property. The sufferers are mainly Muslims. There is a hardliner Hindu Organization named RSS, which is full time engaged in Anti Muslim propaganda. They have much clout in media and Government and Police Force and Para Military Forces.

They always say that Muslims are responsible for every riot which take place in India. So according to them It is Muslims who instigate these riots, and in the end they suffer. The same logic is given by LTTE in their struggle against Sri Lanka Government and the Sinhalese Population, that they always mistreat Tamils. The position of Government is otherwise, that it is Tamils who create these problems and try to divide the country. So unless you believe that Nazis were Devil, Incarnation of Satan and had no thinking or reasoning power, you can put whole blame of Holocaust on them and feel happy. But to an independent mind, one would ask why should Nazi pick on small minority in their country and do such inhuman acts on millions of innocent people, unless they had some ground for that hatred. And one ground which any Extreme Right View Party holds true, is that these people are culturally separate and not loyal to the Motherland or Fatherland. You have to analyze how true or imaginative were the accusation of Nazis, but you should not summarily dismiss them. As to your comment that I do not know what Holocaust is, sorry you are wrong, I live in India and I know what that means. As late as in 2002, more than 4000 Muslims lost their lives in Gujarat India and in 1984 More than 4000 Sikhs lost their lives in Anti Sikh Riots in New Delhi and other places in India. Living as a minority is not a pleasant experience, but at least it tells you what suffering is. Q-166 Israel, Does Israel has right to do what it wants in Jewish Country? Your post is full of haughtiness and shows that you have no understanding of right and wrong. If we go by your logic, then what Hitler did to Jews was absolutely right. It was German Country and every Jew should have crawled before every German? Then what Christians did to you Jews over 2000 years, then that was also OK, because it was Their Country and you should have kissed the feet of every Christian.

If that is your logic, then why whole world is against Sudan for what they are doing in DARFUR? It is their Country and they can do what they like. As per your logic, it is the law of Jungle out there. The powerful can do anything it wants with those who have less power. There are no human rights per see, there is no UNO. I think you have not learned anything from those 2000 years of wandering as nomads. You are obsessed with whatever temporary power you seem to have. When we are discussing the legality of Israel itself, then the rockets and Gaza problems are not that important. For your Information Jerusalem was not the part of Israel which UNO allotted it in 1948, so your occupation of that land is illegal. But if your logic is that, we took it by force, then what you took by force, you will use by force also. Where is the question of accommodation and finding a solution to this issue? I have seen that you seem to swing between two extremes, you do not have a balanced view of the situation and only believe in crisis management. Q-167 Israel, Zionism, Is there nothing wrong with Zionism? You may not call Jews Christ Killer, but they were branded like that in past 2000 years and persecuted thru out Europe. This is history and you should know it, right or wrong, it is history. Just because you do not like it will not change the facts. Palestinians are no different from any other Arab Muslims. They were living peacefully in Palestine when suddenly after WW-1 they were uprooted from their homes by European Immigrant Jews and they want their homes and land back. It is a justified demand and every peace loving and just man should support their claims. You see nothing wrong with Zionism because you are not at the receiving end of it. Nazism was also OK, unless you were a Jew.

Every type of racism is equally bad, Nazism, Zionism, White Racism or Black Racism. It is only Islam which is free from all these “isms”. A universal religion for human kind. Q-168 Israel Justification, India and Pak, Analogy between Israel and Pakistan? I told you before, do not find analogy between creation of Israel and partition of India. When India was partitioned, one group of India moved from one part to another. No one came from outside. When Palestine was partitioned, a part of it was given to hordes of Jews who came from outside to grab the land and the original residents of the land were turned out to live in tents. Do not catch straws as a drowning man to save your precious Israel. The wrong was done by British and USA and the wrong shall be avenged, sooner or later. Do not try to paint the Colonial rule of Western Nations in Asia, Africa and others in other than natural color. We know what goodness of heart led them to our lands and by what they established their rules and how they were kicked out from our lands. If to you as member of those nations, it brings a feeling of nostalgia, then you are entitled to it. It would not change the facts. You have always dealt in double standards and would always do so, because in the heart, you are racist and believe in supremacy of white race over others. Q-169 Israel Justification, Natural Justice, Was Israel creation a Natural Justice? Was creation of Israel was according to pure Justice? a. You had said correctly that Jews were persecuted in Europe for centuries and had a desire to go to their homelands. There is nothing wrong in that aspiration provided it can be achieved without injustice to others. b. You must appreciate that it were not Muslims who had driven out Jews from Palestine and it were not Muslims who were persecuting Jews in Europe, so they were not in any way responsible for the suffering of Jews.

c. If you look at historical records, you would find that Muslim countries always provide shelter and protection to Jews who came to their countries fleeing from persecution. d. That was despite the fact that our scriptures say so many negative things about Jews, but we Muslims are advised to deal justly with them and deal with them fairly. So long as they do not harm us or plan against us and try to subvert our state. e. That was the Muslim’s position, but Zionists were planning against Muslims much before WW-1 and in 1900 had passed a resolution in Jewish congress to give them home land in Palestine. In fact they helped Britain against Turkish Empire for this demand. f. Britain after WW-1 , rewarded them for this support to allow large scale migration of Jews to Palestine. But the demand of separate state for Jews was not accepted by world opinion till the end of WW2, when Jews had gathered the general sympathy of the world due to their sufferings in Germany. g. Now to carve a separate state where people are already living for centuries, is not such an easy matter that you just allot the state to them and then expect that things would work out themselves. h. The most affected parties were Palestinians living there and no body consulted them or asked them or found what was to be done to them. So the “Justice” to Jews resulted in “In-justice” to these Palestinians. They were uprooted from their lands and homes and are moving like nomads for past 60 years. Is that you call a Natural Justice? I. These Palestinians had all rights to take back their lands, but they were branded as Trouble Makers, Un Civilized People , Barbaric and so on. For many decades they went to every body in UN and other forums, but no one listened to them, do they not have a right to take up arms? What does Natural Justice says about people to take back what belongs to them? J. There fore the creation of Israel was never according to Natural Justice, it was a decision forced by those in powers, Muslims and Palestinians were never taken into confidence and you can not blame them of treachery for any thing which they did not agree in the first place.

Q-170 Israel, Palestine, Britain, How much Britain is responsible? Thanks for clarifying so many things in your latest post. If I would have said it myself in my own words, may be many people would have not liked it. But what you have said proves following. 1. The Idea for Jewish Homeland in Palestine was taken much before even the start of World War 1. 2. Britain took a leading part in it and Lord Bilfour (British Home Secretary) promised Jewish leaders that Britain would help in establishing a Jewish home land in Palestine. 3. There is no need to say that this decision was taken without the consent of Arabs or Palestinians living in that land. 4. Once that decision was taken, it was only a matter of time or opportunity as to how soon it could be implemented, with or without the consent of Arabs or Palestinians the most affected of the parties. 5. Based on assurance of Lord Bifour Jews and Zionists helped Britain in war against Germany and Turkey. 6. Jews of Germany therefore had a direct hand in the defeat of Germany in WW.1. So the anger of Hitler against German Jews had at least some basis and it was not totally one sided. 7. After the end of WW.1, Britain got a toe hold in Palestine and put into operation their already agreed promise to Jews. The first step was to allow large scale migration of Jews into Palestine. 8. And that was the starting point of friction and fighting between Jews and Arabs in Palestine. Since Arabs never agreed or made a party to division of Palestine, their resistance to Jewish migration was justified and right or every ground. 9. The friction and infighting in Palestine between Jews and Arabs continued for almost 30 years, in between WW-2 also took place and Jews gained the sympathy of world due to their suffering in Germany. 10. The end of British occupation was to end in 1948, therefore in 1947 Britain announce the partition of Palestine into two halves. This action was taken unilaterally without consent of either Arabs or Palestinians.

11. The day British occupation ended, the same Day Ben Gurion announced creation of Israel unilaterally, this was later recognized by UNO. 12. From the above it is very clear that Creation of Jewish homeland in Palestine was already agreed even before WW.1. It was decided without approval of Arabs or Palestinians. The action of Britain was therefore against natural justice and was only enforced by machination, you may call it Current International Law, resolution of League of Nation, Bilfour Declaration or UNO resolution. It was a fraud on Arabs and Palestinians and since they were neither taken into confidence nor agreed to any of this, they have a right to protest and take back their lands. Q-171 Israel, Palestine, Was division of Palestine Equitable? The British had no authority or mandate to divide Palestine in any way. Even if the Palestine was to be divided, due to in fighting between Arabs and Jews at that time, the areas should have been proportionally divided. At that time Jews did not consist 50 percent of population to be given 50 percent of land. Jews that arrived in Palestine after WW-1 , had no claim to be granted a separate nation. It is like asking Indians and other Asians who migrated to USA after WW-2, to claim a separate country in USA. The British divided Palestine in equal half with bad intentions and in a very partisan manner. Most of the Arabs present in Israel are from those areas which Israel captured subsequent to 1948 and those living there for centuries. When the partition of Palestine itself is in question and doubt, these issues are of secondary nature. Q-172 Israel Creation, Was it a mistake? I am happy that you agree that Creation of Israel was a great mistake by UN and US and UK. Now how that mistake is to be corrected? By providing more support to Israel? By condoning its each and every act of Terrorism? By continue making it a bully in the religion? By condoning its Nuclear Arms? I think your standards of justice are not very uniform and standard, they vary as to who the parties to conflict are.

PLO and HAMAS are there only because of Israel. There was no PLO, There was no HAMAS and there was no Terrorism in Palestine before 1917, i.e. from the time, these immigrant Jews set foot in Palestine. Remove them and you will have no PLO and no HAMAS and no terror in the area. But would you consider such a solution? Q-173 Israel Creation, Is Palestine a laughing matter? It seems you are very fond of laughing and any thing and every thing that is not as per own way of thinking moves you to laughs. I am neither for nor against Al Qaeda in any way. If they were involved then they must be punished. But you must have sufficient proofs to convict any one guilty of any crime. In the case of 9/11, it was only trial by media and execution by politicians. If you think self incrimination is sufficient legal proof then you can accept so called acceptance by Osama, two years after Afghanistan attacks that he was responsible. I think you were laughing when Muslims took control of Palestine in 650 CE and when they kicked those Crusaders out in 1099 CE, so you would be still laughing when Jews are removed from there. Are you by any chance related to laughing hyena or have had a more than normal does of Laughing Gas? Q- 174 Israel, Palestine , Why Allah is not helping Palestinians? Your Triune God was helpless when Son of God was being crucified in front of His own eyes and was crying for help. Allah tries His servants in state of well being and as well as in state of hardship and miseries. May be the current occupation of Zionist in Palestine is a trail for both. This is not the first incident, Christians also took the command of Palestine in 1000 CE after 99 years they were thrown back, may be the similar fate is awaiting Jews. After all Jews were also praying for 2000 years in wilderness, before their YHWH heard their prayers.

So my advice to you is do not gloat over the current state of affairs. Our religion teaches us to show humility when you are successful and be patient and show perseverance when the goings are rough. But rest assured of one thing, sooner or later we will turn every Zionist out of land of Palestine, only those Jews will be living there who lived there before WW-1. Q-175 Israel, Palestine, Division, Was it according to natural Justice? Your post depicts what did actually happen, but you are presenting the wrong version of it. Can you imagine any country where a large number of immigrants suddenly descend from all over the world and try to force out the original inhabitants? Imagine the case of USA, Australia and any other country, the reaction of original residents would not be any different than what was of Arab Palestinians. But there was one difference, Arabs were ruled by British, who were also part of the same fraud. And Immigrants Jews were rich, educated, ruthless and were had the blessings of whole Europe and Western World. It is ironic that you call British as Pro Arab, when they were the original people who allowed Jewish Migration to Palestine in the first place. The whole scenario which you have described is exactly like bandits or thieves who occupy the land and possession of some one else and then try to bargain and demand terms for equitable distribution of property. Only the Jews who were residing in Palestine prior to WW-1 had any claims on the land of Palestine and Palestine should have been divided between Arabs and Jews based on the percentage of their population as on that date, if those Jews wanted their separate land. That was the natural justice and that rules were violated by your so called League of Nations, UNO, Britain and other western countries. They place Original Arabs, Original Jews and Migrant Jews on the same footing and that is their mistake. All your arguments are also based on the same logic and therefore not acceptable.

If the claims of migrant Jews are to be upheld, then the claims of Red Indians and Aborigines of Australia and all other such people should also be up held and USA and Australia and most countries of South America should be divided into two halves, one half for new immigrants and other half for the old Inhabitants. I think you and no one else would support that idea/ Q-176 Israel, Palestine, History, Should Arabs vacate Palestine? Well you do seem a jolly fellow and have a very crooked sense of history. If Muslims army have to leave Syria and Palestine because they captured it in 640 CE. Then I think prior to that USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Most of South American nationals have to vacate those lands for the original inhabitants of those lands. You should apply the same rules to every one, should you not? By the way when Muslims captured those lands, they did not drove out local people, they lived alongside and made it there home. Bulk of local population accepted Islam and very few original Arabs moved there in fact. That is the tale of each and every country which Muslims conquered. They made it their home. It was not like White races that wherever they went, they exterminated the original inhabitants of those lands. The practice they learned from Jews of 3000 Years ago, when they came to Palestine for the first time and exterminated the local people living there. Loosing and winning wars and battles is the order of day. They do not prove any thing. If Arabs lost to Jewish armies between 19481967, it does not mean that they loose all rights on the lands. Winning wars and battles is not the solution to any problem.. The two state theory might be the solution, but the Palestinian state would be established by dividing the area which was given to Israel in 1948. Not the solution which Jews of Israel are proposing today. West Bank and Gaza belong to Jordan and have no connection with solving the Palestinian problem.

I think you in your jolly mood, have a built in detector to decide who are responsible for any crime. May be you are related to Sherlock Holms and other such characters. The truth remain that so far, neither Bin Laden, nor any one has been convicted of crimes of 9/11 attacks Not only that, none of the GITMO inmates have been convicted of plotting or being responsible for 9/11 attacks. That is despite they being in illegal custody for more than 7 years. This is a black mark on US and NATO Judiciary system and it would take many years to wash that guilt. Meanwhile keep trying to win Power ball Lottery. Q- 177 Israel, Palestine, History, What is the history? Your whole post is based on half truths and propaganda items. If you knew Jewish history well you would know: 1. Palestine was not the home land of Jews. When they descended there during Moses time, the area was already inhabited by other persons, whom Jews removed to possess the land. So from the very beginning, Jews are used to removing people and taking over their land. 2. Then Jews were removed from Palestine during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, who destroyed their temple and took them as prisoners, and they spent almost 70 years under Babylonian captivity. 3. They got the second lease of life after 70 years and rebuilt their temple and started living there. But the rejection of Jesus was a final warning o them and they were removed from the land of Palestine in 70 CE by Roman General and dispersed in all the lands. Jews were not a power in Palestine from 70 CE onwards. 4. When Muslims conquered the Palestine in 650 CE, they took it from Byzantine Empire which was Christian. Muslims did not move people living there but lived alongside them. Slowly and slowly Islam spread amongst the local population, but many Christians and a few Jews lived there alongside Muslims. But the control of land and Civilization was distinctly Muslim. 5. Muslim and Arab control of Palestine continued till 1948 (except for a brief period of 99 Years during Crusade wars) when British partitioned Palestine into two parts.

6. There was one Muslim nation, which controlled most of land of Middle East. The control passed from Damascus, to Baghdad, to Cairo and to Istanbul during 1200 years of Muslim history. So no one can say that Turks occupied Palestine illegally. They were Caliphs of Muslim Nation and all areas were under their control. 7. It were the British who instigated Arab sates to revolt against Turks during WW-1. The defeat of Turks also meant the arrival of Britain in Palestine that led to partition of Palestine. So you can say that Arabs got what they deserved by stabbing Turks in the back during the war. The creation of Israel was a conspiracy against Turks and Muslims at large in which Arabs also played their part. 8. It is sheer propaganda to say that during Muslim rule Palestine was a waste land. It was as good or as bad as all other Muslim lands. The people lived peacefully and had no quarrels between them. 9. The arrival of Jews in 1948 repeated the 3000 years old history, since from that day, the area has not seen a day of peace and shall never see, till the solution of 70 CE or Nebuchadnezzar is again applied. 10. And I think that is the solution which Zionists in their arrogance and false pride are being driven to slowly and slowly. Q-178 Israel, Palestine History, Did Turks stole Jewish Home Land? To say that Turks and Arabs stole Jewish homeland means that you have no knowledge about Palestine and its chronology. The Jews were removed from Palestine not by Arabs, but by Romans in year 70 CE, more than 500 years before even the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Even when the Roman Empire accepted Christianity in year 325 CE, they did not allow Jews to resettle in Palestine, except for a very small and insignificant numbers. When Arabs conquered the Land of Palestine in 640 CE, it was from Christians and one condition of peace treaty before handing over the control of Jerusalem was that no Jew would be allowed to settle there. This event is recorded in Islamic history. Any Jews who resettled in Palestine were those who were allowed by Muslims, when they fled from the persecution of Christians in Europe and elsewhere.

UN or League of Nation giving homeland to Jews was not correct as explained earlier. The injustice cannot become justice if done by any International body. You are wrong in saying that 80 % of Palestine was given to Arabs, Britain divided the land of Palestine half way between Arabs and Jews, when Arabs had more than 90 % of population. Their action as I told you would be like dividing USA in two halves, one for white and one for blacks. Or dividing Britain in two halves, one for whites and another for Asian community residing there. The refugee problem started from the day European and other Jews started migrating to Palestine after the end of World War-1. Before that there was no problem of Jews and Arabs in Palestine. There was a conspiracy to bring Jews in Palestine and that is why a rift was created between Turks and Arabs in which Britain helped Arabs. So long as Turks were there, there was no chance of Jews getting there. So there was a lot of planning and actions there, as we see even today. But if the injustice is done to any group, it will come to surface sooner or later. If some Arab Leaders did mistake before or during WW-1, it does not mean that it would be binding for ever. New generation could rescind that decision. If Arabs did big mistake by declaring war in 1948, they may undo the mistake by forcing Israel to come to senses and do the justice. I know what US and West means by Palestine State and they want it to include a tiny part of Jordan which Israel captured in 1967 war. They want to give away a land which did not belong to them to start with. The logic of Might is Right and we can make Black as White could work for some time but not always. The road to freedom is a hard one and it does require many sacrifices. The problem with Arab nations is that they feel that US, UK and UNO will give them justice, forgetting that these very nations are those who are root cause of this problem and they have tilt and sympathy only towards Jews.

Q-179 Israel, Palestine, Justification You want to discuss ancient history to solve modern day problems? How far you want to go back? 2000 years. 3000 years, 4000 years? Then would Jews and Israel be the only people, who would be judged on the basis of Ancient History and no other people? So instead of racking ancient history, let us come to our modern time and when the problem started of this conflict. Jews were evicted from Palestine in 70 CE by Roman, and were dispersed thru out Europe. A very little insignificant percentage was allowed to live there and they had no political or economical power or any sort of control. This situation continued even after Roman Empire accepted Christianity in 325 CE. When Arab Muslims conquered Palestine in 650 CE, they won the battles against Roman Christians and not against Jews. From that time onwards Palestine remained under the control of Arabs and Muslims. They never fought any battle or wars against Jews,. The control of Palestine then passed to the hands of Syria, Iraq, Cairo, Istanbul (the seat of Caliphate) etc. but they were all Muslims. You have no knowledge of Arab or Palestinian history and just parroting the propaganda which you hear so often from Jews. The pact between Second Caliph Omar and Ruler of Jerusalem (called EILEIA in those days), is recorded in all Islamic books of History. You mean to say that there was no migration of Jews from Europe to Palestine? You mean to say that idea of Jewish Homeland originated from Jews living in Palestine under Turkish Empire? You mean to say that Lord Bilfour promised home land to Palestinians Jews? I had thought that you would have some knowledge about history, but it seems you have none.

Q-180 Israel Justification, Is Israel justified? I like your comment that Jews lived in Israel for thousands of years and some of them as Arabs. I never denied it and say that Jews, Christians and Muslims were living peacefully in Palestine for many centuries. There was hardly any tension between them. Why all this changed when Britain got a toe hold there after WW-1? It changed because they changed the demography of Palestine by allowing large scale immigration of European Jews to Palestine, which had no business to be there. That is where the tensions between Arabs and Jews started, the seed of hatred were sown. and

You cannot create a country by importing its population from outside. If the Jews living in Palestine wanted a separate state, they should have got it, but only according to the percentage of their population, not the major part of Palestine. That is the point, we should discuss and not our mutual hatred of HAMAS or Israel. Let us discuss why Israel was crated. History is not what is done by 50 or 60 years ago. From the day-1 of creation of Israel, the problem between Arabs and Jews has started. It is an ongoing problem don’t narrow it down to HAMAS or any particular group. There is no harm if truth is discussed on any thread or forum. I do not condone any wrong act done by anyone. It is you who only blame one party and do not allow justice top prevail there. Q-181 Israel, Palestine Partition, How logical? You are forgetting one basic rule in resolving such issues. It is not the political name of the land or the name of country which matters really. It is the question of its population. The people living in land known today as Saudi Arabia were living their since generations. They have been under control of Egypt, Turkey, Family of Ibn Saud, and so many others before them. The country had been named by so many different names thru these centuries and like that. Despite all this political changes, the native population continues to live in their homes.

The same is the case for Palestine. Muslims, Jews and Christians were living there for centuries. Might be the area was under control of Turkey, Egypt or any other nation. It could have beeen called by any name. If disputes arose between local Arabs, Jews and Christians and they wanted to have separate lands for themselves, it could have been divided according to their actual population. No body denies that. So if Palestine was to be divided, it should have been according to the population of Jews living there prior to 1917 and not after hundreds of thousands converged there after WW-1. The Palestinians who were uprooted from their lands are demanding their lands, and that must come from the portion which was given to Jews in 1948, not the land occupied by Jews after 1948 thru wars. Because that land does not belong to Jews and Israel at all. The land captured during war, must be handed over to the parties after the end of hostilities. Now the whole idea of Palestinian state is linked to the West Bank and Gaza which Israel captured during 1967 war, which is another fraud being done to the whole issue. The demand for Palestinian state is much older than 1967. Q-182 Israel , Peace, What should be the starting point? If peace has to start somewhere, then It should start at the root of all violence and that is the Zionists state of Israel, which gets your more than normal supports. If you go by your own logic that friend of your enemy is your enemy, then Arabs are right in considering US as their enemies. As the World Super Power, US should try to remain neutral and try to broker peace between parties, instead of supporting and helping one side in each and every conflict and each and every debate. Unless this basic fact is recognized and understood by bulk of US population, there cannot be peace in any part of the world. You think beheading your enemy is too cruel….but by killing them in hundreds and thousands using Missile and Bombs is more civilized. People use what arms they have.

If they have sword, they will fight with Sword. If they have Machine Guns, they will fight with machine guns. So there is no point in discussing tactics. The problem is , do the parties want real peace? If they want real peace then they have to understand the other side of story and try to deal people on equal basis. From what I have seen and heard, Your and Jews attitude is at the least haughty and you only consider your version as the true version and disregard all other people’s views. These are not signs of wanting peace. I hope the sooner it penetrates into your minds, the easier it would be to obtain peace. Q-183 Israel, Peace, Israel wants peace but not Arabs? Israel always wants peace but Arabs do not respond. This is another myth which is propagated in world media to garner support for Israel and Zionists that they are peaceful people and only fight against self defense. a. As told above, the creation of Israel was itself wrong and therefore Palestinians and Arabs had every right to protest against it. b. Israel was created as a bully in the religion. With full support of US and Europe, it was given Military Weapons and Political Support, so that it would always have a upper hand in any short conflict. c. So the strategy used was that, there would be a short brisk war, in which Israel due to its initial advantages would advance and capture enemy land, after a few days, there would be a UN enforced ceasefire and then offer for talk. If you talk, it would be on Israel’s terms and you have to accept what all happened before the start of war. d. So in the world media they project themselves as peace loving and always ready to negotiate, but inside they want that all their land grabbing prior to the last war be made legal. That is the idea on which Arabs states are rejecting any so called peace moves by Israel.

Q-184 Israel, Palestine Punishment, Is it a punishment from God? However I would see the Jewish occupation of Palestine and sufferings of Arabs and Muslims as a test and punishment from God, for deviating from the true path and not living our lives in accordance with God’s wishes. That was the crimes for which Jews were punished when their temple was destroyed for the first time and then for the second time. It is God’s way to get tested and punished by the people whom they think as lowest. Jews considered Assyrians and Romans as Pagans and much lower to them, but were punished by them. In the same way Muslims consider Jews as people who are much lower to them and God chose to test and punish Muslims thru the same Jews. There are many sayings of our prophet, which speak about rising influence of Jews and Christians near the end of world. Our scholars (during hey days of Islamic Civilization) were unable to figure out how could Jews attain Power and dominion. Now we see before our own eyes the event unfolding and things happening. I still do not know if this would be a temporary phase (as Christian occupation of Palestine during Crusades) or the end of world is really near. But we hope to continue our struggle for the just cause, because that is what we are supposed to do. To struggle for justice and just peace irrespective of whatever be the odds is what we are supposed to do and that is what we are doing. Those who are exceeding their bounds or killing innocent people would have to account for their actions. Q-185 Israel, Palestine, Solution, Could Arab and Jews live peacefully? I like your comment that you do not like Jews. Just be sure that these “Anti Semitic” guys are not around, because you may get booked for a few years for saying that you do not like Jews. I also do not like Jews, but that does not debar me for being just with them, That is the teaching of our religion, to be just and do justice irrespective of whatever are the circumstances. You said Jews and Arabs should live peacefully, in fact they were living peacefully for all those 1300 years before this Idea of Jewish Homeland started after end of WW-1. In fact Jews those who were living in Palestine before WW-1 have right to demand their separate homeland, but that should be in proportion to their population in

Palestine before WW-1. I think that is a very fair solution. Jews living in other countries have no right to demand land in Palestine. Then you said that Jews were powerful people that is why they won their homeland. Let me say, it was due to one sided support by UK and other White nations that Jews became so powerful. I said that about 9/11, no one has yet been convicted by a court of law for planning and executing those attacks. The proofs and conviction is only from Media and from politicians. You have to convict some one in a court of law before taking action against him, irrespective of the situation. Taliban have been involved without first proving the guilt of Al Qaeda. They will pay all debts and so would be their attackers. Afghanistan has a very violent history for many centuries. I hope US and NATO do better that British Empire and USSR. Q-186 Israel Palestine, Solution, What is a just solution? Many things that look impossible today, by tomorrow they become reality. Who could think 100 years ago that Jews would have a home land in Palestine all to themselves, but it became a reality once world leaders put their heads down to it. Removal of Israel looks impossible to you today, but may be the future would show how easy was this solution. But I do not want to be day dreaming, and I do not think that Arabs and Jews cannot leave peacefully in Palestine as they were doing for past 13 centuries, just before those European Jews landed there after end of WW-1. So for any permanent solution, Israel has to return all Arab territories it captured after 1948, and the Palestinians would have to get their state by dividing Israel of 1948. The current solution of creating a weak and toothless Palestinian state in West Bank and Gaza, which Israel captured in 1967, is really a fraud on solving the Palestinian problem, which was existing prior to 1967 war. The problem of Afghanistan is a creation of US and western powers. Taliban had no link to 9/11 attacks and they were unnecessarily made as an enemy of the world.

The final end of Terrorism is linked with the end of those nations who act as bully in the whole world and try to impose their wills on smaller nations by one way or other. Q-187 Israel Palestine Solution, How sincere are talks between Israel and Arabs? Yes that is good advise, let us sit and talk about it, but the talks should be honest and include all parties to the disputes and discuss all issues. But despite so many pretensions, that is not what Jews and Israelis want. They put such preconditions that talks never take place or even if they take place there is no result. It is like India and Pakistan holding talks to “Solve” Kashmir problem. Despite thousands of such meetings, there is no result. Why? Because India has already decided that it will not leave one inch of the land of Kashmir. In the world media it is projected that India wants to solve Kashmir problem peacefully and is always open to talks. It is Pakistanis and Kashmir people who do not want to solve this problem peacefully. The same is the approach of Jews and Israel’s on the so called “peace talks” with Arabs and Palestinians. Some issue are taboo and must not be discussed. The end result of peace talks would be that “Arabs wont get any thing” and “It will be portrayed that they are the ones who do not want peace”. Q-188 Israel, Palestine Solution, What would be a just solution to this problem? I said at the outset that there are two sides of the story, you and your friend are presenting Jewish side and I am presenting the other side. We have to reach a compromise. You are wrong when you say that Jews and Israel have made all efforts to reach a peaceful solution. From 1948 till 1967 Jews and Israel never recognized PLO or Palestinians as a party to any dispute. They were always against any talks or getting a solution by talking to them directly. Then after 1967 War, the only solution they are talking about is a tiny Palestinian state to be established on the land they captured in 1967 war. That land does not belong to Israel at all. So the Palestinian state has to established by dividing some to the land of Israel that it had in 1948 and not that which it captured in 1967.

Jews and Israel are fooling the whole world that they are being kind hearted by giving a small portion of land which does not belong to them at all!! So any serious efforts from Israel would begin by vacating all lands captured by it since 1948 and then establish a Palestine state by dividing Israel’s 1948 boundaries. Looks a very far fetched and extremist solution to you? But I say that grab it before that option is still available to you. It is like a thief whom the owner asks to return half the stolen goods and he will have title to the other half!!! Q-189 Israel, Palestine Solution, Did UK had mandate to divide Palestine? Palestine never belonged to Britain and they had NO RIGHT to divide a country against the wishes of its indigenous population. If they did it, then they did it wrong and must be accused of International Crime. I know UN recognized Israel on USSR motion, but before that Britain had already handed over the control of Israeli land to the Jews, many of whom were labeled as “Terrorists” by Britain, like Begin and Ben Gurion and others. So the injustice done in 1948 still persists and Palestinians have not remained quite even for one day, that shows that partition of Palestine in two halves was illegal and was not done by mutual consent of Jews and Palestinians. For your info, Partition of India into India and Pakistan was agreed upon by the majority of leaders of both nations and it was only ratified by Britain. That was a legal act and binding on both parties and not the division of Palestine into Israel and Jordon. Q190- Israel, Who fired First Shot? Who fired the first shot? I think no one can find that out with any accuracy. Each party will blame the other. But Jews (coming from Europe) are the aggressors per see because they had no claim on the land where other people were living for centuries. Any claim they had was already expired due to time limit.

Loosing a war is not the solution for any problem. They lost 1948 and 1967 War, they could win in 2010 or 2011. If you want to solve any problem then War is not the solution. War is only a mean. British won many wars in India in 1800-1900, but they had to vacate India and go back to England in 1947. So instead on harping on Israel’s winning those wars (which was mainly due to support from Western Nations), you talk about the real peace terms. How to mollify Palestinians and come to a solution which is acceptable to both parties. Q-191 Israel, Palestine Solution, Is a solution possible? You have right to hate HAMAS and every other Palestinian organization that is fighting for independence of Palestine. If you do not solve a problem in equitable manner and allow it to simmer or to die down by themselves with passage of time, the events could take different turns. The issue of division of Palestine in equal halves was not correct and that injustice continues to this date. If Jews and Israelis would have tried to solve this problem really, it could have been solved. But they tried to solve it using force and forcing Palestinians and Arabs to agree to the solution which they propose and which they want and this approach is not working. As I told that violence is not the solution of any problem, it has to be solved amicably between the parties. If you are worried about where the next Missile will fall, the Palestinians are also wondering since 60 years, when the next Bomb and plane and Bulldozer would come and destroy their homes and lands. No body cared about their miseries, now at least they are able to transfer about 10 percent to their opponents also. . Q-192 Israel, Palestine Solution, Mutual Mistrust, how it could be reduced? Now you have mentioned many interesting things in your post. If you remember I said that problem in Palestine started after Britain got its hold there and allowed large scale migration of European Jews to that land.

So you should refer to period before WW-1 and check how Jews and Palestinians lived there and what sort of problems they did have. I want to take a slight detour and tell you about Hindu- Muslim problem in India and India Pakistan problem and what role British played there. 1. India was a country which was ruled by Muslims for more than 1000 years. Muslims were in minority but they captured most of the country and established their rule. 2. There were many fights, between Muslims and Hindus, but they were at state levels and normal Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully thru out India. 3. This all changed when British got a toe hold in India in 1757. They decided to rule with their divide and rule policy. They turned this small ruler against that, helped that prince against that and slowly and slowly ruled the whole India. 4. Once they established their rule in India, they systematically ignited hatred between Hindus and Muslims. They distorted the history in such a way, so that every Muslim ruler was projected as Anti Hindu and so on. 5. The hatred reached to such a level that frequent Hindu Muslim riots started in India which still continue. 6. This mutual hatred led to partition of India in 1947, in which more than 2 Million people lost their lives. If you ask Hindus, they will blame Muslims and if you ask Muslims they will blame Hindus. 7. The flame of hatred kindled by British is still burning in India and every year thousands of lives are lost in India. In India there is a group whose only aim is to fuel Anti Muslim feeling and they are encouraging such riots. My point from the above episode is that once the confidence and cordial relations between two communities or religious or ethnic groups become sour, it is not easy to repair them. Each group become suspicious of other and sees its every move from negative angle. Migration of large scale European Jews to Palestine after WW-1, did cause suspicion in the minds of Arabs living there. They saw in that an effort to change the demography of a country.

The Jews living in Palestine before WW-1 could have asked separate homeland and they could have got it, but only as per their population at that time. By changing the demography, they did get much higher share than what their population demanded. Then as you told, there is no end of extremists in Jews who lay their claim on whole land of Canaan and preach that and get a handsome following and many of them are now in power. This all results in mutual suspicion and mutual blame game. You blame Palestinians for every problem and they believe Jews and Zionists. If any solution is needed then this attitude of mutual hatred is to be broken. Jews and Israel have to show more intention, because they have been the aggressors for most part. As I said, Violence is not the solution, Israel cannot finish or bent Palestinians to its will and neither Palestinians have power to finish off Israel. For confidence to build up again between the two parties a lot of effort is needed but as a first step, we have to stop generalizing and fuel hatred. Economic blockades, continuing Jewish settlement in Arab lands and negative propaganda against Palestinians round the clock will not help this peace cause. Q-193 Israel Palestine Solution, How it should be worked out? What will be the final solution that has to be discussed between the parties. Like any family dispute, first it will be decided who is the aggrieved party and who the aggressor is. Then the aggrieved party has to be placated to adjust and find a mutually agreeable solution. May be Palestinians would soften their stand and make some concession in return for lasting peace. But that depends upon the attitude of Jews and their sincerity in peace talks. For the time being, Zionists think that they can bend these Palestinians to accept any peanuts that they throw before them.

That is why I said, that Jews and Zionists first have to come down from their Military and Moral High horses and realize that they are the real aggressors and have wronged these fellows for past 60 years. Once that stage is reached, a mutual compromise could be achieved. After all Muslims, Jews and Palestinians were living in Palestine for more than 1200 years peacefully, why that stage cannot be reached even now. But Israel’s power has to be curtailed, so it is no longer a bully in the region. After all you did the same for Iraq and planning to do it for Iran that they be not the threat for Israel, why not the reverse idea and make Israel such that it is no threat to any of its neighbors? Remove all offensive armory and place strong UN force to patrol the secure borders? Q-194 Israel, Palestine, Solution, Are Palestinians blocking peace moves of Israel? First of all Palestinians want that Israel should discuss with them on equal footing. That is the missing in Israeli and Jewish attitudes. The peace should be honorable and not only on acceptance of Israeli terms. The concessions have to be offered by Israel and not by Palestinians, since Israel is the usurper of their lands, it has to mollify them and try to get a permanent solution of this problem. What happens is that Israel never puts forward any real terms of peace like going back to original 1948 boundaries and vacation Jerusalem. What goes on really is more and more Jewish settlement on occupied and usurped land and to the world they say innocently , See we are all ready to discuss peace terms, but these stupid Palestinians never come to table to discuss any peace with us. And the West and their Media just love the, reasonableness and peaceful attitude of Jews, and ,stubbornness of Palestinians. Q-195 Israel, Palestine Solution, All people of WW-1 time are dead Thanks for your thought provoking post. Yes the people who were living at the time of WW-1 are mostly dead but their children are alive and they inherit the land after them.

That is what goes on with passing of each generation and in every country and in every race. So instead of talking philosophically let us speak in common day language. We cannot bring alive those who are dead, but let us do justice to their children. Q- 196 Israel , Is there any solution to the Violence? You cannot paint all people in Germany and Nazi party with the same brush and in the same way, you should not paint all Israeli soldiers with the same paint. There would be some who hate Palestinians with the bottom of their hearts and some who are more tolerant. This happens in every country and in every society, so you should make allowances for that. Israel was created illegally is the matter between those who are the parties to the issue. Why should the whole world care what it was. I ask you, if the occupation of Kashmir by India is legal or not? You may or you may not know all the details, so you would be happy to let the status quo continue. When we discuss creation of Israel, then you have to convince me, why it was logical to bring people from outside the land and uproot the local population living there since centuries. You are right the word “Peace” was never heard in Palestine, from the day Zionists landed there in swarms and it will never know that word till they are removed or come to a just agreement with those, who were wronged. If you think that passage of time, will make that illegal action legal, then it is your mistake. You have used all type of force and every thing in your power to sweep the issue under carpet, but you have not succeeded and will never succeed. You have in the past murdered Sheikh Yaseen (The Blind man in wheel chair) and many other Hamas and PLO leaders, but you kill one and ten will be born to take their place.

Violence has never solved any problem in the past and violence will never solve any problem in future. So it is high time to come down from your high horse, swallow your false pride and discuss real issues with Palestinians as to how to solve this problem amicably. You may have to go back to 1948 boundaries or what ever you agree mutually, but if you are in any hope that your illegal occupation of that land will become illegal just by passage of time, then it is your wishful thinking. Q-197 Israel , Is there any Solution to this problem? Now you are talking some sense. Jews and Muslims were living in peace in Palestine for past 1200 years without any blood shed. Why did it all change after WW-1 when Britain got a toe hold there? I agree that Jews wanted their home land, but you cannot get your homeland by evicting people who were already living there. If Jews wanted the help, mercy and understanding from Muslims and Palestinians, some thing would have been worked out. But they returned on a totally different plank, that This is Our Land and You are Usurper and it is our Birthright to take it back and so on. Muslims did not banished Jews from Palestine and it was not their fault that Jews suffered at the hands of Christians in Europe and Elsewhere. Why should they pay and sacrifice their homes and possessions because these banished Jews want to return after 2000 years. Then from 1948 till today, Israel has been very harsh towards the Palestinians. PLO and Hamas are recent phenomenon and have been born after years of frustration when all efforts to find out peaceful solutions failed.. Love and hate are mutual phenomenon. You cannot expect the other party to love you while you hate them. Jews and Israel has been using all means and disguises and intrigues to dispossess Palestinians of their lands and homes. They are planning openly and secretly against the Third Muslim Holy place, to demolish it by hook or by crook and built their temple there.

So if any solution to this problem has to be worked out, first Israel and Jews have to acknowledge the wrongs they have done to these people all these years, then they have to work out a solution on give and take basis. All lands captured by Israel after 1948, have to be returned. Israel’s boundaries have to be fixed permanently. But I do not know that at present Jews and Israel are in any mood to even consider these terms, but a time will come, when they would beg for these terms, but they will not be in a position to negotiate. You may call me too optimistic, but it is judgment of history, that any nation built on hate and injustice soon falls with a thud. So instead of talking about short term things like suicide bombers or rocket attacks, we should concentrate on basic issues. Q-198 Israel, Palestine Struggle, Is Palestinian’s struggle freedom movement? What you capture by wars, can also be lost by wars. If you go by that logic then force is the only solution to this problem. The fight should continue until one party is fully finished or broken to pieces. That solution has been tried for past 60 years and have not succeeded. The problem and violence continues and will continue unless the original problem is resolved. It is your mistake that Palestinian struggle for freedom started only after 1967 war. It is as old as 1947, when British decided to divide Palestine into two halves. Palestinians have been fighting against that injustice since that day and the struggle is continuing to this day. It has taken nay twists and turns along the years, but the basic problem is still there. I know Israel would want to dilute that problem and would want that Palestinian state, if formed should be on a small piece of land which Israel captured during 1967 war. By showing that carrot to Palestinians they would rob them of their original demands to nullify 1947 partition. Let us see if they are successful in their stick and carrot approach, so far there is no result. Many injustices in the world have been ratified, let us see if this would add to that list.

Q-199 Israel, Violence, Killing Innocent women and Children I think Zionists have found a new excuse for killing Innocent Women and Children, that Terrorists are hiding behind these women and children. I think they use the same technique when they deal with Hijackers and those who held hostages. To kill these hijackers and hostage takers and do not bother about innocent people trapped there. The heads I win and tail you loose type of situation. Winning and loosing wars and battles is not such a thing that you take that as a basis of right and wrong. Right and Wrong have to be justified in a reasonable way and with evidences. Just because Israel is powerful now and no Arab nation can defeat it, does not mean that Its stand is Right and Just. If winning the war is the basis of right and wrong, then I think, you have a very wrong yardstick. Q-200 Israel , War in Gaza, What Moral elements? What you said about the Dilemma of your soldiers was exactly like some of those Nazi Soldiers who persecuted innocent Jews during WW-2. Their conscience told them that they were doing wrong, but inspite of this they followed Orders. The same is the case with your soldiers, many of those knew that they were doing wrong, but still they followed orders. They were more hypocrite than those who were doing these with zeal. That was the verdict of Nuremberg Trials, was it not. In your opinion, the problem in Palestine started with HAMAS and it will end with HAMAS. In my view the problem is older than HAMAS. It is linked with illegal creation of Israel and illegal occupation of West Bank and Gaza, unless these problems are solved, HAMAS or no HAMAS, the struggle will continue. So try to understand and solve the root cause of problem rather than pruning the branches. Q-200 A Israel , Solution, Why Jihad if Violence is not final solution? If violence is not solution for any problem, they why this call for Jihad. This the fourth point on which I want to comment.

a. It is true that Violence is not the solution of any problem and in the end, people have to work out peace agreement between themselves. b. Jihad is a tool and a means to force the enemy to come to the peace table. To know that you can not defeat Muslims by intimidation and by fighting. In Quran the limits are fixed for Jihad as “When there is no more persecution and religion becomes God’s in its entirety” ( 8:39) and in another place “Until they give tribute with willing submission and feel themselves subdued” (10: 29). c. These are the limits of Jihad, i.e. when enemy wants to stop hostilities and wants real peace to prevail. d. Till that stage is reached, Jihad should continue and Muslims should be firm and show perseverance irrespective of what are the conditions. e. Therefore Jihad is not the final solution, but a tool to bring the peace. If you are Fed UP, then it is your problem and not ours. The peace must be real honorable and just. Not twisting your arms till you accept whatever terms are given to you. Q-201 Israel, USA Relations, Does USA spies on Israel? To say that USA spies on Israel is like saying that a Pro World Heavy Weight Champion spies on a Light Feather Weight Amateur to learn some tricks from him. You should have at least some respect and loyalties for the country which help create you, maintain you, arm you and protect you. I think it is because of Israel that USA has suffered maximum humiliation in the UNO and in the world. It is only because of Israel that it behaves in a hypocritical manner. It is only because of Israel that it cannot make lasting friendship with close to 60 countries in the world. It is because of Israel that such partial rules like AntiSemitism are in force. It is because of Israel that USA has to walk out of so many conferences like UNESCO, ICC, World Assembly on Racism and numerous other such events. Every US presidents vows to protect Israel more than he will protect his own country.

I can hardly think of any other country who has done that much for a tiny insignificant country in the world. And what you to show in return? What good have you done to USA? It is only because of you that USA had to fight a proxy and totally illegal war in Iraq. It is because of you that USA may engage in fight with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many other countries. And you have cheek to call him as a simple Allie? Where is the gratitude? Where is the Loyalty? It is like biting the hands that feed you. I have yet to see the case of one sided love affair than between USA & Israel. It cannot be rational, unless you have some very strong hold over it and I think Jews and Zionist’s Vice like grip on US financial and News Media is the main reason for this. I think that 2000 years of wandering have cultivated in you extreme selfishness and extreme ingratitude. For a similar service done to Kuwait, the country handed over the key of country to George Bush Sr. And what USA gets from you, curses and threats and abuses to its highest dignitaries, every time their conscious force them to say some good words about Palestinians and protest mildly on your inhuman atrocities. I don’t know as a woman, how much hate you can accommodate? Q-202 Israel, USA Support, Does USA uses double standards? Your stand is always changing, except for one never changing axiom of your policy (protecting Israel and defending it at any cost and in any and every situation), all other things keep changing. 1. Communists were not allowed 50 years ago when your policy needed it and now they are free to come and preach. 2. Afghan Mujahideen were OK and your friends so long as they were fighting against USSR, but the moment that goal was achieved, you shrugged them off. 3. Same holds for your policy in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and every other country in the world. As I said above, only exception is Israel and US will be willing to sacrifice itself on altar of Israel. It cannot be natural love, it shows the strong hold that Jews and Zionists have on your media and your financial institution.

4. US has taken on itself the enmity of 1.5 Billion People and 60 + nations just to please its small minority of Jews. Don’t kid yourself that there are any higher issues of justice and fair play are at work. 5. You again speak of double standard when you say that Iraq war was illegal but your army was not targeting civilians. When you drop bombs in a civilian area whom you think it would kill? Do your bombs have built in Al Qaeda and Taliban detectors? 6. The same double standard is visible in your answer about US citizens accused of crimes in other countries. The rule of land applies and why should they bother where it is crime in your country or not. Incest might not be a punishable crime in your country but in our society it is punishable with death. So you have to beware when visiting our countries. Q-203 Israel, Innocent Killing, Does Israel not kill women, children? Israel does not want to kill women and Children but HAMAS makes them as human shield. This is another propaganda item which is going around in the world. This is one way to silence their conscience, which otherwise cannot be justified by any group. a. First of all there are many cases of Israeli planes bombing and attacking with Missiles thickly populated areas. What would be the accepted levels of casualties in those areas and how it is ensured that innocent women and children would not be killed? b. HAMAS is not a regular army, they are composed of the people living in the same area, then how can you say that they are hiding behind women and children. Do you mean that whenever Israeli soldiers enter into their areas, they should all gather in one place (open field, you would prefer most) and then fight with you holding all the aces in your hands? c. Disrespect shown to Palestinians, frequent curfew and economic blockades, demolition of their houses and non stop construction of new Jewish colonies in the occupied lands, show your real intention. d. But in they eyes of world, Israel plead as innocent victims of non stop aggression from Palestinian groups.

Q-204 Israel, Media, Does Media only show Palestinian suffering? How can you say that no one hears the plight of Jews. If any Jew is killed the news is repeated non stop on all World TV News Channels for many days. The killings of Palestinians is a small news which is shown only as a news strip on CNN and BBC. Killing of Arabs, Palestinian and Muslims and their numbers is no more a major news for any of International News agency. Now after Al Jazeerah has started, some of that filters to World and for that all Western Nations and News agencies are so much against Al Jazeerah. And you say that Jews have no propaganda channels in west. Aid for Israel is a permanent feature of many Church and News Agencies. But as I said, the violence and force shall not solve any problem from the root. The only solution is thru dialogs and to end suffering of human kind, irrespective of their race, language or religion. If instead of reporting that so many Jews died and so many Muslims dies, if Media only reported that so many humans lost their lives, may be it would make a change in the world. But each of us are busy in forwarding our own cause and our own problems and do not recognize or understand problems of others. If Israel had adhered to UN declaration causing for Israel to withdraw from all lands occupied during 1967 war, this Gaza, West Bank, PLO and HAMAS problem would not have arisen at all. But Nationalistic Fever in those days, did not make them think of that potion and they thought that they would be able to force these Arabs out and make their control permanent. Q-205 Israel, Is Israel cause of west’s problems with Muslims? Most of the problems which you are having in Europe and USA are only because of Israel. It is the main cause of tension between West and Muslim world. You one sided and blind support to Israel and its atrocities on Palestinians, is the main source of anger. If you think hurling insult at your president is the ultimate goal of your happiness, then your thinking is very shallow.

Would you do the same to your father and mother also? We are taught to respect our leaders and elders. No one is to be headed for hurling insult at ruler. He might be punished though.

Q-206 Jews, Arabs Propaganda, Are Arabs Good at Propaganda? If Arabs were very good at propaganda, they would be owning or controlling the propaganda channels like News papers, News magazines, Films, TV and Satellite News channels etc, but they own or control none of the World s leading News papers, News Magazines or News Channels, so how can you say that they are very good at Propaganda? Jews on the other hand, control directly or indirectly most of the world s Print , Film and Electronic Media. And you are also wrong, when you say that Jews give a damn what world media says about them. In fact they make most noise in world media when any one says any thing bad about Jews, Israel, or Holocaust. No Western Politician can say any thing against Jews, Israel or Holocaust, if he wants to retain his position. Such is the Power and Terror of Jewish controlled Print and electronic Media. It is only in the last few years that AL JAZEERAH TV channel has started broadcasting some truth about Arab side of the conflict. But you can see that most Western People do not like that channel and want it to be closed, so they can have open field to distort the facts and present it in a way which is helpful to Jews and Israel. You can close any discussion by not responding to my comments, it is as simple as that. But to know the other side of the story it is good to keep the communication channel open. Q-207 Jews , Control, Are Jews behind Secularists? Jews have completely neutralized Christianity in the west. Secularists are another group and if you look at the back of Secularists, you will see that it is Jews who are pulling the strings. The current going in West is that anything and every thing that has any connection with Any Scripture is to be opposed at any cost. Moreover they want to export the same philosophy to other people and other nations and other civilizations. It is a sad day for all of us.

Q-208 Jews, Messianic, Are Messianic Jews Christians? Considering that Jesus was born as a Jew, and he preached amongst Jews, he followed all Jewish laws and customs, celebrated all Jewish festivals and feats and all his earliest followers and chosen Disciples were Jews…. Therefore it can be safely stated that Messianic Jews are the True Christians indeed. The present day Christians are followers of St. Paul, who introduced Trinity, Divinity of Jesus, Original Sin and Vicarious atonement etc. into the pure teachings of Jesus. These so called Christians are not true followers of Jesus. Present day Jews are those who rejected the message of Jesus and decided to follow all prophets that came before Jesus. Messianic Jews, Christians, Judaists, etc. are human given names and Titles. God calls His true Servants and Slaves as Muslims, i.e. those who submit themselves to God willfully. Regarding Kosher food, will you please explain logic behind not eating meat and milk together? I could not understand it. Christians for Buddha might be a strange word, But Jewish Christians and Christians believing in Moses and Torah are not so strange. Q-209 Jews, Christians Relations, Christians should thank Jews!! You are absolutely right Christians should in fact show gratitude to Jews for Crucifying Jesus. In fact they were doing the same thing for past 2000 years. Their form of showing gratitude is to burn people at stake, that is what they were doing! I do not know what got into Present Pope s mind to think that this was wrong and he started apologizing to Jews By the way, Jews are showing their gratitude to Palestinians for the shelter and peace they got at their hand during past 1200 years. There is so much misunderstanding in the world today that Palestinians take these acts of gratitude as persecution.

Q-210 Jews, Are Jews living in modern age? Jews have really started "living-in" after the end of WW-2 so to say. Let us wait and find how many days this "Live-in" relationship with Christian continues. Muslims are living as they were living all these years. Truth does not change in first or 21st Century. Is Muslim conspiring against the world or the world is conspiring against the Muslims, is clear as to who holds the cards. Muslims have no hold in the world to conspire against the world. It is the same Wolf and Lamb story. In every case it is the lamb's fault. I think Israel is supposed to be a democracy, where no one should be persecuted because of his or her religion. What you say contradict the world opinion of Israel. If they persecute Messianic Jews themselves , how much they would be persecuting Muslims and Arabs is self evident. Q-211 Jews Racism, Were Jews supposed to preach to others? So what you say means that Jews were not supposed to preach their religion to others. This is very correct and that is what we also say.

Chapter-9 (Misc. Topics)
Q-212 Media Bias , How media brainwashes? When the media reports the truth and when they put their views and analysis are two different things. The same could be done for any other country or people, by reporting shooting incidences inside your schools and universities, someone may deduce that all American Schools and universities are like that. Students just kill each other for fun. That would be obviously wrong, but that is what your media does with respect to Islam and Muslims. When they do see any act of violence by Muslims, they report it and then generalize it saying that all Muslims are like that and do that. This is a subtle trick, which very few are able to detect. When asked, they would refer to the website and say, See what I told you is true. This is the technique which you are also using. I do not know whether you are a victim or the one expert in this maligning campaign. From your reactions, it looks like you be one of the latter group. Q-213 Media, Jews Control, Do Jews control world Media? You ask me how come Jews control World Media? I refer you to the following link to read a monograph on this subject. (I usually do not like to refer to links, but I cannot post the article here because of the size). http://www.scribd.com/doc/8004976/Who-is-Controlling-Media-inUSA You want to see the proof, of Jewish influence in US Media and US people. Let us see: 1. What is Anti Semitism? protected by such Laws? Is there any other community that is

2. How many times US and Western nations have boycotted UN sponsored conference that discuss racism, only because they criticize Jews and Israel? Latest example is Durban Conference of 2009.

3. Every time any current or past politician dares to say any thing bad about Jews or Israel, he or she has to retract their statements due to intense media pressure. Which other community, group or religion has the same clout? If you wished for a greater media control, then world would never know that there is a land known as West Bank or Gaza or that Palestinians are still existing. Jews control the media, but they do not control the World, which is controlled after all by a Merciful and Just God. Slow in Anger, but Swift in punishment. I thank you for your gift and generosity that you provide to Arabs living in Gaza and West Bank. I would only wish that you change your name and appearance and try to live like an Arab in those lands. Q-214 Alcohol Restriction, Should Alcohol be freely available? What it sums up to is that "Alcohol Should be delivered to people at their door steps, so they don’t have to go any where" and "Every one should be encouraged to have a "little-sip or nip" before driving, so they would have no craving to suck it like a vacuum cleaner" every time they see a bar. and "Alcohol should be freely available like water, so people would stop drinking heavily. It is the restriction that causes people to drink heavily" And " A society where Alcohol is flowing like water is inherently a safe and sober society. The societies which restrict sale and purchase of Alcohol are inherently an unsafe and crime fest societies" That is how statistics and common sense goes down the drain, if you start using statistics to your own vested interests.

Q- 215 Answers Short. Why should our posts be short? I see you are back with your Big Cut and Paste Jobs. You cannot keep your answer short, cant you? Why don't you ask your angel to speak to you in precise and concise language. Has no one told you that the length of any post is inversely proportional to the message it contains. The longer your message is, more people would ignore it. So keep it short and mention one point at one time. If some one replies to that post the next point. This is a free advice from your opposite group, how to improve your personality and writing habits. Q-216 Death, Why God Creates Human beings knowing fully well that they will die?

Yes I can answer that Question. God has sent us for a limited period on this earth, because we are undergoing a test. Any test must have a limited time period and that period is our life time. God will ask us what we did when we were living on this earth and enjoying all of His Bounties Free of Charge? Did we show our Gratitude or ended our sojourn as an Ungrateful Brat? On that answer depend your life in the next world.
Q-217 Democracy, Is Democracy a Magic Wand? There is nothing to say that Democracy is Absolutely right or Kingship is absolutely evil. It depends on the nature of who the leaders are. A good and pious king is indeed beneficial for growth and happiness of a country as well as a great and true democratic leader.

We have examples of both types of people in Kingship as well as in democracy. The war in Iraq is agreed by most people as an illegal war, all the reasons cited for war have been proven wrong. If some one after 200 years write that it was a justified war, his comments would not mean anything, because he would not have sufficient knowledge. The war on Afghanistan was also illegal, because Taliban had no fight with USA, neither they were involved in 9/11. The media implicated them so much that now Al Qaeda and Taliban are deemed as synonymous words. When England became Superpower of the World, there was no democracy there at least not in the form it is deemed now. It was a controlled monarchy and the same was in other European countries. You just do not become great by following a type of Government. You became great by hard work and social justice and open economy. These things are not the result of only democracy. China and Russia became Superpower without democracy. Israel is democratic for past 60 years, but still is nowhere in world, despite getting Trillions of Dollars in free aid. So Democracy is not a magic wand that you wield it and world comes under your feet. Nations rise and fall not because of only democracy….but because of other qualities. Healthy Criticism is welcome in Islam and is appreciated. But lampooning and making fun of our prophet or religious icons does not come under healthy criticism. There has to be a limit on such type of freedom and Islam imposes that. All in all, Islam advocates a controlled democracy, where wills of people work only within the areas and limits which is allowed by our Creator. These limits are very logical, practical and are in full harmony with human nature.

Q-218 Egypt, Pyramids, Did slave built Pyramids? I have also read in National Geographic that Slave Power was not the main source used by Egyptians to built Pyramids. They based their research on the attendance reports at site, absentee report and some other data collected from the construction sites. They claimed that since for many months most areas of Egypt were flooded with water, common people had no work to do. To help common people Pharaohs developed the idea to built Pyramids, where a large work force would work for many months on low wages (mostly food) and make huge pyramids. That is why it took many years for the Pyramids to be built. As per National Geographic, Pyramids were a sort of National Monuments and Buildings of National Pride that is why thousands of people worked voluntarily and were not forced. That however does not totally negate the use of slave power. Slaves were a sort of resource like animal power to be used as and when required. So in reality, may be both Egyptians and Slaves worked to built these magnificent Pyramids. To be dogmatic on any one side is not prudent in my view. events of past our researches are always open to questioning. In the end, I may Say (If you do not mind) God Knows Best. Q-219 Evil Control, What is best way to control evil? The best way to stop a thing is controlling the source and not the buyers. When you give freedom to people to produce anything and then only want to educate the buyers to not buy the product, it will never work. That is why Islam strikes at the source of evil and not prunes only the branches. In Islamic system, evils acts and deeds cannot be done openly, so as to tempt others. This results in safer society, where evil is always underground and hidden. In your system the evil deeds are done openly and you want people to make their own choice. The result is that evil keeps on increasing with time. For

Q- 220 Gun Control Laws, Is Gun Control solution for Campus Violence? The guns are needed as self defense, people should have right to self defense, so some sort of Gun Control is required. This age limit of 21 or 25 years is not the right idea. People who are respectable citizens should have guns for their personal protection. The question here is not gun control, but why more and more such cases of campus violence are taking place. The reason may be because kids see too much violence on TV and Video games. A child sees 60,000 murders (on average) on TV before he becomes adult. Can you blame him if some of them become insensitive to murder or have no sense of right or wrong? Many time in movies, the hero is just a happy go around shooter, he will kill as he walks and moves, what about such characters. The problem is very complex and people want to shorten it by simple means as gun control or increasing the age of gun control etc. People are slowly getting more violent and that is a fact. It needs review of our ways of life. Q-221 Democracy, Does Majority support immorality? To me it seems that you might be one of the Arab Christians working in Saudi Arabia. Not that it matters in our discussions, but your ISP address got me thinking. You say putative benefits have to be judged against putative costs. I do not know who will do the costing and what standards shall be used. In western civilization of today, the world religion and moral is taboo. Then the only other criterion is the worldly benefits and the Dollars. If you ask owners of Gambling dens, Strip Joints and Live Show dens….their only justification is that they bring money. That is why Is aid, if they found there is more money in “Incest Only” joints, they would go for it. The problem with your system of morality is that it enforces minority views over majority population, which is totally against what Democracy means. In democracy it is the views of majority

which must be given preference over minority views, but what happens is exactly opposite. It is the minuscule minority of Sodomites, Lesbians, Free Sex Proponents, who have taken the vast majority of country s population hostage. These people speak their minds whenever and wherever they want. But when some one criticizes them, his views are take as reactionary and never given publicity. For example, if 99.9 percent of Muslim women in any country vote for Islamic System, this huge majority is not given any weightage and the views of 0.1 Percent women are given so much publicity as if that is the voice of all Muslim women. The media uses such types of unfair techniques to uphold their agenda. The same might be the case in other countries also including western countries. Any country with Majority of population practicing Sodomy or Lesbian cannot survive more than one generation. Normal people in every country form overwhelming silent majority and are always ignored by Media and pollsters. Q-222 Morality, Material Gain, What should be our goal? If you open a Gambling den, or a strip tease joint, or a live show joint.....may be it would get more money and tax revenue than a mere bar would do So for economic reasons you would want to open these rather than bars. Then after some time if you calculated and found out that a brothel would indeed fetch more money than a Gambling Joint, or a live show joint, then you would close them and open a brothel....Just for economic reasons. Then you calculated that a free Homosexual Joint would indeed be the best money winner than a brothel....then you would open that too. And if a Incest Only Joint where people can have private and uninterrupted sex with their dear and near ones would be a still better economic option and would bring lots and lots of tax

revenue...you would recommend that too ....just on economic grounds. Then what about Drugs and Smack Joints that could bring more tax revenues than all these sex shops...what about that on Economic Reasons? I think for people like you nothing matters except dollars, they come any way, it does not matter. Q-223 Pakistan Partition, Was Pakistan creation fraud by UNO? You asked if Pakistan was a UN fraud on Indians? Apparently you are not aware of Indian independence movement and Indian partition. It was not UNO which forced India to be divided into India and Pakistan. That decision was reached by the leaders of India and Pakistan and UNO only ratified it. Do not try to find analogy for Israel's creation from this incident!! Q- 224 Racism, Did Aborigines died of Measles and Malaria? You have summarily rejected the charge of Extermination of Aborigines on Small Pox and Measles. Why did you not check with the remnants of those people and they will tell you the true story of gory killings. Then you try to lighten up your conscience that it happened many centuries ago and we are not responsible for that. But when it comes to Jews, you upheld their 2000 years old claim. Why this dual standard. If History is to be left alone, then It should be left alone for every one and not in cases where it helps you. I neither feel guilty nor I defend wars that happened in past. I condemn every illegal war and any injustice done to any one, irrespective of its religion, race or language. You on the other hand would be selective and try to save your people from the charges of Extermination, Taking people as slaves and using their resources for getting illegal benefits. Liking or Not Liking Jews or Whites or blacks is a personal opinion and no one has control on that. But what matters is that you do justice to every one irrespective of his religion, color or language. Our religion does not teach us to oppress or do injustice to other people only because they are Non Muslims.

How strong Jews are would be known when the crutches that are propping them up are removed. The present attitude of US and European to act as servants of Jews would not continue for ever. Now a days, it is one and same thing. If Israel boycotts a conference, US and European nations will also boycott it. If Israel says Day is Night…US and European will echo it. If Israel says God gave Palestine to Jews for exclusive possession….they will echo it. I doubt if your nations have any self respect in front of Jews and Israel… But why you, as a jolly fellow would care for that….Go and enjoy you 18 holes on the golf course….I only hope your handicap on golf course is not as rotten as your reasoning and understanding powers. Q-225 Racism, White Nations, Were they racist? The Spanish court decision was against aiding Al Qaeda, a banned organization at that time . It has no link with 9/11 attacks. So US decision is the sole case in which any one has been convicted of 9/11 attacks. Now this conviction came in 2006, whereas US had already attacked Afghanistan in 2001, so was it a fair Judgment? Then who was this person and what was his real position in Al Qaeda? I do not reject any Al Qaeda link in 9/11, I only say that 9/11 was not investigated with the details and depths the crime required. It was a summary trial and summary judgment. The justice should be transparent and fair. In case of Al Qaeda it was none. Yes by using puppet regimes in Jordan and Iraq, US can get any thing it wanted. The problem of Palestinian state is older than 1967, so the solution prior to 1967 has to be applied. You say us forget Israel proper, but let me tell you, a day will come when these Zionists would agree for a toe space in Palestine, but they would have no choice. A black man has become president of US, for you it might be the big deal, but not for us. We have many black presidents and prime ministers in our countries.

My observation that Whites are exterminators is not a claim in vacuum. This history of South America, North America, Australia , New Zealand is all proof for that. May be you do not like action of your ancestors, but that is what they did. The policy was simple, if the conquered nation is very backward and thinly populated, exterminate the local population. If it has strong civilization, colonize it. That was the rule followed by White Nations for most of past 200-300 years. If it is not racism, then what is it? There are still chances for you to win that lottery. Q-226 Relation ship, Interfaith, What are the limits? I may not like Jews or Whites, but I do no injustice to them. That is the teaching of my religion. To speak the truth irrespective of the circumstances. You on the other hand wants to be selective, if truth looks favorable to you, you take it and if you find that it is unfavorable to your interests, you ignore it or contradict it. That half truth and bigotry is hallmark of people like you. Just like your jolly nature. It lost its luster so soon. Try to be polite and do unto others what you want others do unto you. Q-227 Tolerance, How we should live together? You do Unto your brother what you want he do unto you By the way, that is the Golden Rule in ALL THE RELIGIONS. Moses said the same thing, Jesus said the same thing and Our Prophet also said the same thing. On the outward it is so simple, do unto others, what you want others to do unto you, but in practice it is the most difficult thing to do. You have to have a really big heart and really strong personality to treat others with same respect, irrespective of their, race, color, language and nationality.

If Followers of Moses, Jesus and Mohammad all unite to put this single golden rule into practice, I think most of world's problems would be solved. Instead of accusing each other of crime, hate and terrorism, we would verify, have we done any wrong to them, have we hurt their feelings, what we should do to recompense that etc. Instead of that we come on this thread, accusing each other of ignorance, trying to do down each other's prophets and demonizing each other religion. In Quran Allah tells us that the final decision of these differences between different religious people would be done in the hereafter in the presence of Allah. These disputes can not be solved on this earth. Then Quran advices us that instead of doing each other down in religious debates, we should "Strive in good deeds (to score over each other) as is a race.." This advice is addressed to every one, Jews, Christians and Muslims. So I do not Angelise or Demonize any religion, any religious group or any religious personality. I hope that instead of negative talks, we listen to some positive things from each religion. Like I say, our religions asks us to be kind to our parents and we should not speak to them in harsh language and prey to Allah to show mercy on them as they brought us up from childhood.... So let us each write good teachings of each other's faith (For I time being at least). Do I string some cords? Q-228 Violence, How to control I think there is some misunderstanding here. What I was talking about was the source of all these Violent Films, Video Games and Books which de-sensitize the minds of people and children against violence. If we have to control campus violence, then we should have to control these means.

In that sense, I said that it is better to control the source and not the buyer. We just cannot keep producing violent movies and games and educate people not to buy or use them. It never works, Regarding arms productions and distributions, This is separate topic and already discussed on this thread. Q- 229 Worship God, My God or Our God Is it not strange that Muslims, Jews and Christians are fighting over My God and Your God.. Whereas Quran clearly says that we should say to Jews and Christians that We Muslim Worship the same God which Jews and Christians Worship. There could be some difference in the concept of God , in some of His attributes or linguistics, but basically our God is same. It would be true if there were many Creators than God!!! So we should not fight on such a clear issue and cool down our emotions. Q-230 Hitler, Did Muslims supported Hitler? The enemy of your enemy is your friend, is a very popular and correct saying. If Muslim countries had soft corner for Germany in WW-1 and WW-2, it was because they were fighting against Britain, who was the country with which Muslims had lot of anger. But no Muslim country supported the Nazi philosophy of Racial Supremacy. Islam is against any type of Racism. Jewish Racism, or German Racism or White Racism or Black Racism. Islam tells us that we all are children of Adam and Adam was made from dust. Far from being weak, UK was the root cause of all problem in ME. It was UK who after WW-1 allowed large scale migration of Jews into Palestine that started bad blood between Jews, Muslims and Christians who were living there peacefully since centuries. Q-231 Tolerance, Muslim Jew relations over centuries We are not hypocrites. Even though we do not like Jews and in our book they are condemned in no uncertain terms (excepting those Jews and Christians who truly follow teachings of their prophets), we never go to extremes.

You will hardly find any cases of persecution of Jews in any Muslim countries in all these 1400 years history (except minor skirmishes in Medina and round) of Islam compared to what they witnessed in Europe and other Christian countries. Let me tell you what our book teaches us on this subject: “O you who believe! Stand out Firmly for Allah as witness to fair dealing, and let not the hatred any group make you swerve to wrong and depart from Justice, be Just that is next to piety…” 5:9 “If you Judge, judge in equity between them, for Allah loves those who judge in equity” 5:42 These are teachings which never allowed Muslims as a whole to persecute Jews. Your love and your hatred for Jews are both in extreme. First you branded them as “Christ Killer” now you give them free leash to persecute Palestinians as much as they like. We follow middle path always. Q-232 Jews, What do Jews claim? Jews say that Whole Land of Palestine was given to them by God about 4000 years ago for an everlasting possession. So anyone and every one occupying that land is an usurper and must be evicted from the land and vacate it for Jews. It does not matter if Jews are and were unable to keep possession of that land for most of the last 4000 years. It is their Birthright and it is the duty of ALL NATIONS to help and Support Jews getting their Birthright. For you information, no other people or race has that birthright on any other piece of land in the world. Red Indians have no birthright on South and North American lands. Eskimos have no Birthright on Canadian Land. Aborigines have no Birthright on Australian and New Zealand.

And all other nations and all other countries are up for grab, it is only Palestine, which should always be kept ready on a platter to be given to Jews, whenever they come to demand it. Any one who does not support Jews in gaining their birthright is in fact fighting against God. If there is any Jew on this thread, he or she might correct if I said anything wrong. Q-233 Solution, Is Palestine issue a local problem? I know your anger and you are right. But the Palestine issue was started from the very beginning on the wrong foot. It was projected as a local Arab and Palestine issue, which would be solved by the local people themselves. This has not produced any result in the last 60 years. Unless it is made a Muslim issue and the support of all Muslims to the cause is obtained, there will be no solution. Jews have support from most western nations and Palestinians alone cannot alone counteract it. But if you be a Christian Palestinian, then I can understand your feelings. Q- 234 Nuclear Monopoly, Should Nuclear should be monopoly of a few nations? Why Nuclear Technology should be the sole property of a handful of nations? Why every one should not have access to it? You can no longer control the technology flow to whole world. If countries becoming Nuclear Power is a test for success or failure of US foreign policy, then let me tell you, it is doomed for failure. Very soon every nation on earth with have nuclear technology. That is the gate which was opened by USA. If they entered it, they can not deny access to others. I have full sympathy for doomed US foreign Policy Q-235 Nuclear Tech, Non Proliferation, Is it logical? I know that all Americans did not approve of Atomic strikes on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, as all Americans did not advocate wars in

Afghanistan or Iraq. But is the action of Policy makers that matters and that is what we condemn. We do not include every American in our criticism. But to me there is some fault in your democratic system, that people like GWB get re-elected even when it was known that Iraq war was illegal. That speaks bad about the average voters of your country. How can you avoid spread of Nuclear Technology? This is a science and technology issue and every nation will get them sooner or later. It is like a genie which has been taken out of Bottle and you can not put it back. Then the policies used by so called Superpowers are very unreasonable as for this Non Proliferation issue is concerned. They reserve the full rights for them and their buddies to make and develop deadlier and deadlier versions of these arms and at the same time try to prevent others even the basic technology. If Nuclear Arms are bad, they are bad for all nations and not bad for so called smaller nations. You do not trust North Korea or Iran, then by what logic you can trust Israeli leaders with Nuclear Weapons. But I see complete silence in Western countries whenever Israel’s Nuclear Arms are concerned. As long as you will follow such biased and lop sided policies, more and more countries would get Nuclear Weaponry. China must have it, because Russia has it. India must have it because China has it, Pakistan must have it because India has it. Iran must have it because Israel has it and the story continues. As for as Saudi Arabia is concerned, they never encouraged any terrorist activities. Saudi Government is as concerned as any other government to fight this menace of Terrorism. But the real Terrorist state is Israel, which is root cause of 80 % of the problems of World Terrorism. Thanks for reminding that future source of energy is sun and not oil, for your information Saudi Arabia has as much solar energy as it has oil. The country is mostly desert and there is no limit to tap solar energy.

Q-236 Aiyesha, Did the marriage helped prophet or Aiyesha? I see that your post is full with misinformation and half truths. You really had no knowledge either about Quran, our prophet or his marriage with Lady Aiyesha, May Allah be pleased with her. There is nothing wrong, if a man marries a women with full consent of her and her parents. There is nothing wrong if a man has sexual relations with a women who is his legally wedded wife and has reached the age of puberty. The difference in age of parties is not a necessary condition to demonize any man or woman. If our society or culture does not approve it, we have no right to judge other people or other ages by our own standards. So our prophet did nothing wrong when he married Lady Aiyesha by any logic. The thing which we forget is that how much the marriage raised the status of Lady Aiyesha and how much she benefited from that marriage. Probably no one might have heard of her and she would be a non entity in the world history, but her marriage with prophet, raised her status to Mothers of Believers, she became the most learned lady of her age and transmitted many sayings and actions of prophet which no one else could see or know. She lived 47 years after death of prophet and you cannot recall any one incident in which she in any way disliked her marriage to the prophet. Her so called “Supporters” on this age have no real sympathy for her, but want to use her to malign the character of our prophet. For your info, our prophet did not write the Quran. If was a revelation from God Almighty delivered to him thru Angel Gabriel. Our prophet did not know how to read and how to write. Yet the Quran is the masterpiece of Arabic Literature for more than 1400 years and there is no book in Arabic literature that can match Quran in beauty, eloquence and truth. If you want to write a book like Quran, please go ahead and let us see your efforts.

Q-237 Quran Authenticity, Witness, Did prophet had witness when angel visited him? Two to three Witness to establish a truth: You are using the principle at a wrong place. If you apply this test to your scriptures also, you will see that it would fail in every respect. Let me ask you following questions 1. Who wrote those five books of Moses? Moses or some body else? Where are two or three witness to testify that Moses indeed wrote those books? This holds for almost all OT and NT Books and every book is attributed to one man. 2. When Moses met Lord at the Bush, how many witnesses he had? Do you accept those statements? 3. When Angel appeared to Mary, how many witnesses she had? If you go by this criterion many miracles of Jesus are described by only one Gospel. Where are your two or three witnesses. Therefore the rule of two or three witness does not apply to what a prophet of God tells to his people about revelation. The thing which separates prophets and common people is that they see angels of God and common people do not. If two or three people were to witness what goes on between Prophets and angels, then you will have so many prophets, that you cannot count. Further this rule of at least Two Witness , was fully followed when the Quran was being compiled in the book form. Every one who was producing any verse of Quran had to bring two witness, to testify that he wrote down that verse in front t on instruction of prophet. Authenticity and purity of Quran is unparalleled amongst the world scripture. No other can match it. As regards, your statement that it contradicts established scripture, you first have to prove that you reliable text of scripture. One verse found there, one scroll found there do not establish the purity of entire text. The contradictions and errors in Bible are numerous and every one who has studied this subject knows it. The space is short on this thread, otherwise I could quote many examples myself.

As for your statement, that Bible supports that earth was without foundations, then you are misleading. If at one place Bible says that earth is flat and has foundations and at another place it says otherwise, then it comes under contradiction. Which one you will believe as truth and which one as falsehood? Please carry on your discussion with Joe!! Q- 238 Atheism, Modern Society, Positive and negative points You aired your views and you have every right to do that. one is entitled to put one s views before every one else. Every

There are always two sides of every story. On one side these highways help people reach their destinations faster and on another hand, they are most potent killers of humans using it. The economy and consumerism also have positive and negative points. It all depends who is controlling the world. Right now the World is controlled by Atheists and people believing in Materialistic approach. That is why they have only one goal, to make money and to make it fast. To invent newer and newer means to earn money. It is a rat race, in which there is no option to stop or rest, because you will be thrown back. The people who believe in any religion have no say in running the World’s Economy, Politics or Military Machine. They are reduced to keep preaching in Churches, Mosques, Temples and Synagogues etc. The Bible , I told is translated in over 2000 different languages, these languages are indeed spoken by men, who is a sort of ANIMAL after all, I say if you believe in Theory of Evolution. Q-239 Revelation, Do prophets Plagiarize from each others? Since all prophets receive message from same God and since the essence of their messages is same, it is only natural that they should look like same. You cannot call that Plagiarizing from each other. Or every one saying that sun rises from the east would be dubbed as a Plagiarizer. The prophets do not speak lies in their lives, why should they commit such an immoral act. Now coming to your specific charge that our prophet plagiarized from OT. First you should know that our prophet did not know how

to read or how to write, how could he Plagiarize from these books. Further he did not know Hebrew or Greek, so how could he copy these stories. Then there is another very important difference between stories told in Quran and those told in OT and NT books. The similarity is only superficial. If you look carefully the two are very different from each other. I can discuss story of many prophets told in Quran and told in Bible which are different from each other in content and in meaning. For an unlettered man to copy and edit at the same time looks a very difficult task, that too when his enemies were prowling to find as to how he gets all this information. So unless you provide proof, your allegations are mere allegations not having any base. Q-240 Revelation, Do later prophets reject Earlier Prophets? Since all prophets are from same God, they essentially preach the same message. That is worship only One God and follow me as your guide. So belief in one prophet is same as believing in all prophets, and rejection of one prophet is like rejecting all prophets. The exception in this case is Jesus, whom his followers have raised to the level of divinity and worship him as God. This is wrong from any point of view and that is why we Muslims are at odds with Christians. We say that Jesus never claimed divinity and his followers exceeded their bounds to raise him to that level. But we never criticize Jesus whom we consider as a righteous prophet. You on the other hand believe in what his followers say and cast aspiration on his personality and his teachings. This is the difference between me and you. We criticize Christians and you criticize Jesus. Q-241 Revelation, What is successive Revelation: It happens that after the prophets die, their followers dispute with each other and divide into sects and distort the original message of God. That message is either lost, or corrupted or is interpolated.

When this happens, God sends another prophet or prophets to revive the original message. That is why we find a long list of prophets thru out human history. If your contention that God sends one message and that is end of it, then why did not give Torah to Noah, Abraham, Isaac and waited for the advent of Moses. Do you mean to say that all people before Moses were not following laws and commandments. Our prophet is the last in the chain of that long list of prophets. He is the last prophet. The message given to him is to be preserved and protected till the last day and that is the only difference between him and past prophets. Q-242 Revelation, Purpose of Revelation The purpose of revelation is to guide human beings in following the laws and commandments of God, so they can live their life successfully and on death enter the Mercy and Blessings of God and enter heaven and avoid Hell Fire. God sends His laws and commandments thru humans whom He chooses and that revelation is sent to these prophets thru angels or thru inspiration. Q-243 Religious Differences, Best way to resolve differences Difference between Catholics and Protestants It is not my purpose or my style to discuss differences between sects and as to who is right and who is wrong. I have little knowledge of these differences and I do not want to comment on them. In fact our book instructs us to not discuss the differences but commonalities between our faiths. Listen to this verse from Quran Ch 3 Vs 64 O people of the book (Jews and Christians), let us come to common term between you and us, that we only worship One God and make no partners with Him, that we do not take amongst ourselves Lords and Patrons other than God Therefore I usually do not discuss differences between our faiths until someone asks me specifically. I comment on Divinity of Jesus and Trinity because they are against Monotheism and Absolute Unity of God.

Q-244 Football , Religion or Football? If my memory serves me, it was Liverpool fans, who killed close to 30 supporters of a rival club after a football match. The incidents of violence after football matches are not so infrequent. In fact if it was not for some very heavy police arrangements, many foot ball matches will end with blood shed. That is what happens, if you renounce serious thing like religion, you take these frivolities like football as your religion. Q-245 God, Proper Name, What is His name? You are right that Yahweh is the word used for God in OT, but there are no vowels in the original Hebrew, it is written as YHWH, and no one dares to take that name. So the real pronunciation of this world is not clear. Yahweh and Jehovah are two such attempts. Name like Baal or any other words which had been corrupted by people by making images etc are not liked by God to be used for Him. You are right that no one can understand about God 100 %, it is beyond our capabilities. That is why in Islam we do not discuss the personality of God in too much detail. We restrict ourselves only to the simplest meanings of the words which are used by Him in His book and leave the details. You are also right that we should not try to demonize each other’s religions. We should rather have a civilized dialog and understand each other’s point of views. Q-246 Purpose of Life, Is there no purpose of life? Yes according to you, you were created by a happy coincidence of Random Mutation and Natural Selection and you will die as the result of some bad coincidence of Non Random Mutation and Non Natural Selection. You came into this world as an advanced version of insect and animal kingdom and your end will be just like them,. May be outwardly more advanced, but same in the real sense.

Your life was without any responsibility or purpose and your death also shall be like that. Your slate was clean before you were born and it will be wiped clean the day you die. If you lived a honest life or you lived like a monster, will not make one iota of difference in your world governed by Random Mutation and Natural Selection. You were a good citizen paying your taxes and spending in charity and being kind to your parent or you were a drug pusher, raped your mother, sisters and daughters, played havoc with the lives of others, will not cause any effect to you when you die. What is wrong I did if I called that stupidity? I could not find any other world which was stronger and still polite. Q-247 Revelation Rules, How to judge revelation? I like your suggestion very much. Let us formulate the rule and then apply it to every case without bias. I would like YOU to lay down the rule as to what revelation is, How to verify its authenticity, and how to separate Revelation from other writings. Please formulate these rules and then let us analyze, every book of OT, NT, Quran and any other scripture that you can think of. That would be a positive and constructive act instead of just going round the circle as you have told. I would be eagerly awaiting list of these rules from you, so we can direct our dialog in a better way. I hold my reply to your comments till we sort out the basic problem in separating human words from those of revelation or inspiration. Q- 248 Religion, Science Compatibility, Religion and Science? As regards Earth having foundation, or without foundation, it is my understanding (and I think you will also support it) that Bible, Quran and other scriptures are not sent to us to teach Math, Science and other branches. These are books of guidance for humankind. Since the source is form God almighty, who always speaks the truth, so if there is any mention of any physical phenomenon, it is also correct and truthful. That holds good for revelation, which is preserved in its original tongue.

However when people translate that scripture into their native languages, they do it as per their understanding and their available information. So usually the translations for these scientific phenomenon go out of date, with the advance of science. If you have lost the original scripture and have only the translation, the scriptures and science seem to contradict each other. As per my knowledge, none of the Biblical books are preserved in their original tongue and in their original forms. They have been translated and you have only translations and originals have been lost. Then people have added their own commentary and notes in the text and it is not possible to separate them in every case. That is why, we find in many places that there is contradiction between Bible and Modern Science. Quran on the other hand is preserved in its original tongue and in its original condition. That is why, we see that it is always current with modern science. Arabic Words used by God Almighty have many shades of meanings and they support modern discoveries. But Quranic Translations in English and other languages and even Arabic Commentaries, are not safe from this. This explanation, accommodative. which I have given is unbiased and

Q-249 Evolution, Is theory of Gravity against religion? Where did I say that every theory of science is wrong and must be considered as wrong unless proven by a Scripture Book? I only said scientific theories in areas which do not belong to science per see, cannot be accepted at face value. Blind Theory of Evolution, or any theory which tries to explain the Creation of Universe and life on this earth, without considering a Planner, Designer and Creator at the back of it, are basically wrong and non scientific. So you can believe in your theory of Gravity, Motion, Thermodynamics and more, unless you exceed you bounds and say, this theory of Gravity and others proves this Blind Theory of Evolution!!!

Q-250 Scientists Tolerance, Are scientists more tolerant? So far we have not seen any country or society run by only scientists, so your guess is as good as mine. But this is my assumption that any country ruled by scientists would turn to be as extremists as you claim religious persons. This is like a party which always sits in opposition, they always find fault with the ruling party and promise that when we come to power we will do this and this and turn the country into living paradise. When they come to power they are as corrupt and as inefficient as the other party. The same holds good for you scientists and Atheist. When you use such extremist language on this thread itself, what you will do when you get real power is any body s guess. Q-251 Scientists Tolerance, Are Scientists and Atheists are more tolerant? As for the myth that Atheist and Modern Scientists are more tolerable and less violent, it is only a myth. We have yet to see what they do to the world when they get power. So far they are a minuscule minority and are playing in the hands of Politicians,. Administrative Bosses and Military Powers. So unless any country is actually ruled by scientists and Atheists, we cannot say how they will behave. But I have a hunch that they will be never better than those whom they accuse. I can picture a scene in a Country Ruled by Scientists and Atheists (CRSA) that the parliament passes a law that anyone opposing Darwin Theory of Evolution be branded as heretic and be banished from the land. Then fights will break out between followers of one theory over other, when the Parliamentary vote is not enough, they go at each other s throat and so on. Q-252 Scriptures Tests, Did Socrates rally existed? I see that you are once again by passing the main topic. Did Socrates existed or not is not the issue here. You wanted that we should apply the same rule to check any book if it is from God or not. I accepted your proposal and asked you to

frame the rules using which we can verify if any book is from God or not. Instead of following your own argument, you want to circumvent the issue, first you took up that Prof. Green Leaf and now you are babbling about Socrates. I am a logical person and I want you to frame rules, so that we could verify any book, if it is from God, is it a revelation or is it an inspiration. So please restrict to our topic and do not diverge into unknown issues Q- 253 Sin, Prophets, Was Jesus only without sin? As regards sin, let me tell you, as per our belief, not only prophets, but every human child is born without any sin or stigma attached to him or her. Human Child is born innocent, and till he becomes adult, record is not kept of his acts or deeds. Once he attains adulthood, then he is responsible for his actions and records of his deeds are kept for his judgment on final day. So all prophets of God are born sinless. Now during their lives, all prophets are especially protected from God to engage in any act of sin which involves moral turpitude, like lying, stealing, fornication, adultery and any such crimes. Because prophets are specially chosen people of God and a role model for their followers. However since prophets are human beings and not angels, so they sometime commit errors. God immediately informs prophets of these errors and they ask forgiveness from God and that is the end of matter. So Jesus and each and every prophet appear before God as sinless. But I know in Christian theology Sin and Death are mysterious words just like Trinity.

Q-254 Tolerance, Co-existence , How should we co exist? I must thank you for a very good and positive post. What you have written is true, but it is applicable to both of us. None of us are Satan or Angels in human shapes. We Both have good people and we have bad people amongst us. However the media or some vested interests paint negative pictures of both of us in each other’s eyes. People with less information tend to believe what they read in media and base their opinion on that. Very few people have the tendency or inclination to really see the other side of the story. So most people are just biased about their opponents and become part of this misinformation campaign. We should therefore have open minds and do not generalize what we see in some people of a group. In the end, peace is the only solution and that is the end towards which we should make all efforts. Every one has to make compromises to achieve that peace and that starts with having an open mind and realize that people might have different ways of life, different from ours. We should also have open minds that some of their systems might be even better than ours. This give and take and adjustments are the hallmark of any human growing society. If you silence all old people, you will be in danger of losing much wisdom from the earth. Remember how much China lost during the so called Total Revolution of 1960 s and 1970 s. Q-255 West, Materialism, What are the fruits of Modern society? You think the present materialistic and non religious society bodes good for the humanity. I think it is dragging the society to the lowest depth since its inception. You see the fruits out of wedlock, countries, growth increase in violent of it already, free sex, most of the children born dwindling human population in all Western of Sodomy and Lesbians, drug addiction and and hate crimes.

If you think these are the signs of a progressing society, then you are wrong. The technological advances has not increased happiness on the globe. There are more mental patients than any other time in human history. And you are optimistic that these trends would ultimately result in the peace and tranquility of human race after a few generations? I think you must rethink your point of view. Q-256 Evolution , Is Theory of Evolution scientific? I am not against science and not its opponent. What I want to say, is that science is being misused by its zealot supporters to areas which do not fall in the realm of science. Science deals with material world and material phenomenon and has no place in areas which are not material, like spiritual world, God and His attributes. It is illogical and unreasonable for science to ask material proofs for these things and subjects. A true scientist will remain neutral on these subjects. These Pseudo Scientists like to explain as if this whole Universe Came out without any Plan, Design or Creator at the back of it. Theory of evolution could be true or false, but this “Blind Theory of Evolution” which tries to explain every thing thru “Random Mutation / Natural Selection” without any plan, design, purpose and Creator at the back of it, is basically faulty. It is this Blind Theory of Evolution that I am against. Unguided and unplanned evolution, where facts are reported and no views are inserted to close the gaps.

Chapter-10 (Terrorism, War on terror, 9/11, Iraq and Afghan War)
Q-257 9/11, Al Qaeda, Who did it? Some questions.

My point by point answers to your post are as follows 1. Nobody was not punished, because it is not failure of humans, but failure of security. May be, I am wrong, but few persons were punished after events. MUQ: None of the ground staff was punished because of dereliction of duty. A few staff here and there lost their jobs, but not as a punishment, but as a superficial actions. 2. Pilots were in plan? MUQ, it is not serious. Why? They have not reasons to do it! MUQ: When you investigate a crime on that scale, you should verify and take into account all possibilities. Involvement of Pilots answer many of the unanswered questions, like A. How the planes were hijacked, without least resistance and without any outside alarm. B. How the routes were changed almost 180 degrees and navigation was done. C. How the planes hit their targets with pin point accuracy. D. No one flying the Jumbo for first time would be able to aim is so accurately as to hit at the exact point in the building where it would cause maximum damage, there was no hit and trail effort. E. What motives could pilots have, should be investigated thoroughly. I am not saying that they were actually involved, but it solves many of the mysteries. 3. I don’t think that few changes in fly direction impossible to realize without great pilot's experience.

MUQ: You have not seen carefully, how the planes changed direction almost 180 degree and their height was lowered gradually so as to hit the target. If you think any one with basic flying knowledge could do it on all four planes, then I will say, that every thing is possible in Holly Wood movies but not in real life. 4. Nobody don’t know precisely, what happened on boards of all planes, but at least persons of hijackers were identified and their connection to radical terrorist organizations is a fact. The most dangerous was AlQ, this one was hitted. MUQ: Hijackers could be part of a wider conspiracy, may be Al Qaeda was used as a tool by some one or some other organization. What I said that 9/11 was not investigated with the care and impartiality that it needed. They wanted a culprit and they named one and went after it. They offered a solution, which would look feasible to Media and some persons in Higher Authority and that was end of it. 5. Why war still continues? Russians fought there more years without success. It is hard war in mountains, but at least AlQ has not opportunity to repeat so wide action. MUQ: The capture of Osama was not the target of Afghan war at all. You say that none of this type of action has been done after start of Afghan war. I ask you how many 9/11 type of events took place before the start of War? 9/11 was a unique event of its time, none was done before and none afterwards. So the claims that Afghan War has protected USA from Terrorist Attacks is empty. As per media analysis, the cases of Terrorism and Violence are on the rise since the start of Afghan War. How this trend continues only future would tell.
Q-258 9/11, Al Qaeda, Did they do it? If you have already closed your minds, then no fresh ideas can enter into it. That is why, when discussing any issue, we should keep our minds and thoughts open. I think it is very logical if we assume that when one plans any action of the scale of 9/11, he takes into account every possibility. He leaves element of chance or surprise to a minimum. He does

not assume that every thing will work out in his favor, just by chance. 1. The element of surprise is there, but to successfully hijack four planes at one time, and that no one will know about it, does not go down well. Plane hijacking is not a new thing and every airline has procedure to deal with this kind of emergency. 2. No weapon was detected with any of the hijackers, how they killed and overpowered all four pilots, without any one of them raising alarm? 3. How could they be sure that all four planes have been hijacked successfully? If any one hijacking was detected and reported, it would have blown the whole operation. 4. The Hijackers who never ever flown a Jumbo Jet, were able to take command of the planes and change the route and redirect it to New York and Washington all by themselves, without any outside help, may look true in Holly Wood movies but not in real life. The problem comes with programming and brain washing. Once the idea is accepted by your mind, you will find all reasons to justify it, and that is what happened in this case also. a. Taliban were ruling Afghanistan, they had every right to see any evidence before handing over any one who was living in Afghanistan. Would not USA do the same if India asks US to handover any person residing in USA who is accused of some crime in India? b. The test of nations comes only in the time of crisis, and it is only in the crisis that your civilization is judged. c. USA by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq without sufficient proofs and by indulging in actions like GITMO and Abu GHARIB have shown to the world that it is morally bankrupt and would go to any level just to take revenge. d. I am not defending Al Qaeda or Taliban, If they are guilty they should be punished, but you cannot take any action only on the basis of suspicion. That is the Law of your land also, if I am correct.

Q-259 9/11, Al Qaeda, Did they do it? I read your reply with interest, but I think that you have painted a very simplistic picture, without taking every angle into account. If 9/11 was preplanned, then any action on such a scale requires that all angles be covered and very little is left to chance or coincidence or surprise. It was not an operation where the planners left any thing to chance. But in your analysis, this seems to be the case. 1. If anyone can think that Al Qaeda could plan and execute such a huge and complicated operation without any help from ground or without any ground accomplices, then he or she is living in a very simplistic world. 2. If any one thinks that it was only pure chance, that hijacking of all four planes were not reported, or the change of their course was not detected, or the time gap between first and last strike was not significant, then he or she is living in a very simplistic world. 2A. Many new planes have navigational information like speed, whereabouts, Direction, altitude etc available to individual seats. How did the hijackers knew that hijacked planes have no such system, or none of the passengers are looking at it and getting alarmed? 3. I say that 9/11 was never investigated with the depth it demanded. 9/11 Commission report was only a watershed. It did not blame any culprit. No one was convicted, no one was punished and so many persons lost their lives. Its only purpose was consensus must be reached between the two major political parties. 4. I agree that any friend of your enemy is your enemy, but we should say that did we made any effort to make him our friend. In the present case Taliban wanted proof from USA and if even after seeing this proof, they would have refused, then USA had some ground. But USA refused to share that proof with Taliban and wanted only one sided action. 5. Now coming to “Hashish” business, it is only allegation that Taliban are behind it. When Taliban were in power, they had curtailed that business totally. Now for past 8 years, US, NATO and “Good Leader” KARZAI. It is their problem and they should solve it and not Taliban.

5A. I think despite all their negative points (according to western point of view) eradication of Hashish business from Afghanistan was the greatest plus point of Taliban and west should have supported and tolerated them only because of this if not other things. But they lost their opportunity and despite best efforts, the evil is on the rise. And they still blame Taliban for the rise!!! Q- 260 , 9/11, Al Qaeda, Who did it? When you start investigating some thing as big and as spectacular as 9/11 attacks, first thing you do is to keep your mind open. But that was not the attitude of USA from day1. Within minutes of second plane hitting WTC, the Media anomalously confirmed that NO ONE CAN DO THIS JOB EXCEPT AL QAEDA AND OSAMA. And that was the attitude that was the hall mark of whole investigation. The conclusions were drawn first and the evidence was taken afterwards. Same as Iraq and those WMD s. Once GWB decided that Al Qaeda did it and Saddam had WMD, CIA, FBI and all agencies only gathered the PRROFS that match with this hypothesis. None of the view, which was against this PREDETERMINED view was considered. Who planned the whole thing, what was the motive, how could four planes be hijacked at the same time, without any one raising any alarm. If they would have only considered, which party, nation or group got maximum benefit from 9/11, it was not easy to investigate the whole operation. But wool was already put above their eyes and they saw only as much as the wool allowed. Then Taliban and Al Qaeda were used in such a way, so as to make them synonymous The real target were Taliban, but the world was fooled into belief that it is Osama and Al Qaeda who are the real target. Immediately after end of Cold War, there was a move to make Islam and Muslims as the next Enemy of Western way of life. 9/11 did that in one instance and placed a wedge between west and Muslims at one stroke.

Q-261 Taliban, Is Karzai a better leader than Taliban? Karzai may look to be a better leader in your eyes, but what did he achieve in 8 years besides being a puppet to US and Western countries. Taliban brought the peace to Afghanistan after years of infighting and disbanded most of drug trade from Afghanistan. In your Good Leader Karzai’s time, they are back to normal and the country is bleeding with violence. Is that you standard to judge a Good or Great leader? Q- 262 , 9/11, Taliban, Did Taliban did 9/11? Afghans have a long history of infighting amongst themselves. That is neither Islamic and that is neither Jihad. I told you the concept of Islamic Jihad earlier. Not every war fought by any Muslim is Jihad. However the Taliban’s fight to free their country from US and NATO forces comes under the category of Islamic Jihad. Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11 attacks. They asked US to show them proof that Al Qaeda and Osama were involved in 9/11 attacks. But US would not show or give them the proofs. It just ordered them to handover Osama and other Al Qaeda leaders, whom they had no right to ask. You remember India asking Pakistan every time to handover this and this person and Pakistan refusing them unless India supplies the proof. Should India attack Pakistan every time for such refusal. Are there different rules for Big and small countries and separate rules for World Super Powers and less powerful countries. You said why Arab countries did not stop 9/11 attacks? Why did not USA stop these attacks from happening. No one even in USA knew it was a terrorist attack till the second plane hit WTC, that too because it was seen live on TV. Who actually planned 9/11 is still not known. So far no one has been convicted and punished by any court of law. What benefit did Al Qaeda got from 9/11? What benefit any Muslim country got from 9/11. Can you name any country or group of people who gained maximum from 9/11? Is it so difficult to find?

Q- 263, 9/11, US response, Did US behaved normally after 9/11? US behavior after 9/11 was like an angry and injured tiger, it wanted to attack any one and every one whom it “Considered and Believed” to be responsible for that attack. The prudent course was to first establish the guilt of those who were responsible for that dastardly attack. Prove their guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Once the guilty party have been identified, US would have gone with full might to punish and bring to them Justice. In reality nothing of the sort happened. Media declared Al Qaeda as Culprit, based on summary investigation there was some prima facie evidence. Based on that meager input, they declared a full fledged “War on Terror” without defining what is Terror and should it be fought everywhere in the world. Who would be the enemy, what would be the limits of warfare. Without declaring anything as to what would be the goal of this so called “war on terror”, they attacked Afghanistan, midway there they shifted to Iraq and started threatening Iran. Libya, Syria or any country that they believed supported their self defined definition of Terrorism. No action of Jews and Israel was ever branded as Terrorism and only the actions of Palestinians were deemed fit to be called as Terrorism. The commission to probe 9/11 was started almost after two years of the event and since action had already been taken, so its report was a forgone conclusion. How could it decide otherwise. So it was no more than a formality. By every standard USA behaved immaturely after 9/11 attacks and its commencement of so called War on Terror. After eight years and more than two millions dead, Terror and threat of Terror is as strong as ever. What this war actually achieved would be a subject for war historian. But as we know today, Vietnam war was a big mistake , Iraq war was illegal and big mistake, same thing we will say about Afghanistan also. It was a big mistake to attack Afghanistan and equate Al Qaeda with Taliban. As regards media bias, to any unbiased reader or listener the bias is self evident. I will give you example the media approach on the

reporting of same crime, if Criminal is Muslim and when Criminal is Non Muslim. They always highlight word Muslim, if He is Muslim and never mention if He is Jew or Christian. Why this double standard? Q-264 Afghanistan, Taliban, What was role of Taliban in 9/11? Prior to 9/11, Al Qaeda was not a banned organization by UNO or anywhere in the world. So if Taliban gave them shelter in Afghanistan, it was no crime. Right now, many organization banned in one country do have offices in other countries. Is that reason to attack those countries? After 9/11, Taliban did ask USA to show them the proof that Osama was responsible for 9/11 attacks. But at that time, USA was in no mood to share this information with some one “so Low” as Taliban Now after eight years, they are humble enough to talk to the “same Taliban” and share “Some proofs” of 9/11. We have completed a full circle!!! Q- 265 Afghanistan, Taliban, Were they treated justly by world? I did recognize some sort of sarcasm, but I wanted to be sure. I am not informative about differences between different Afghan factions, so I cannot comment upon particular difference between Mullah Omar and Shah Masood. But to me fighting and bloodshed between different parties must be stopped. If Mullah Omar has done wrongs, he should be punished and same should apply to other factions also. The Taliban were not that obstinate to start with, but the attitude of world to treat them as outcast and barbaric might have made them harder in their views. The more you isolate a person, the harder he will become in his thoughts and views. If world would have accepted Taliban rise of power as the internal matter of Afghanistan and dealt with them as they deal with any party in power, the things would have taken a different shape. But the world always treated them badly and never dealt with them on equal footing and the result is in front of us.

Now by saying that we will deal with moderate amongst them is again a ploy to divide them. You are being unfair to Taliban rule. They got very less time to rule and in that short time, they made the whole country peaceful and wiped out Opium trade. If world powers would have encouraged them, they would have tackled economic problem also. They did not inherit a prosperous Afghanistan any way. I am not their blind supporter, but I do not bracket them with Satan or Devil either. To me they were true to their beliefs and were not hypocrite as most of other people are. If good sense prevails in America and Zionist do not derail the initiative of Obama with their Nationalistic Propaganda, USA can salvage some pride and leave the country with grace. Solving Afghanistan problem with mere Force is not possible, Q-266 Iraq, Justification, Who was punished for Iraq War? You agreeing or not agreeing US attacks against Iraq did not make any change in US attacks on Iraq. The attacks were justified as part of ongoing War against Terror, based on: 1. That Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction which pose threat to US and its allies in ME. 2. That Saddam Hussein has close links with Al Qaeda and was linked to 9/11 attacks in a way. 3. That Iraq has acquired Missile technology and possibly Nuclear capability to threaten US and its allies directly. 4. That Saddam is a dictator and majority of people of Iraq are against him. These in my views were the four charges, on which US attacked Iraq. It has been proven beyond doubt that first three were false charges and were cooked up to get public support. The fourth one could be true, but that is not a sufficient reason to attack any country. Otherwise you will have to attack each and every country ruled by a dictator. Now my question is, was any one blamed or punished for starting this illegal war, what was the punishment given to those who supplied misleading information to White House that resulted in loss

of more than a Million Iraqi Lives and tens of thousands of Allied Lives. Would you just gloss over this loss of human lives and say Very Sorry, we Got it all wrong. Is that your idea behind this War on terror. No responsibility only authority? As for your reasons of not attacking Russia, China, India or any other big nation is that you are too scared of the consequences. It is very easy and less risky to pick on smaller Muslim or Christian South American nations to further your interest. That is nutshell is the US policy since the end of WW-2. Bully the smaller neighbors and smaller nations to gain political and economic benefits. May be the end of that policy is in very near future. Q-267 Iraq War, Justification I told that of the 4 strong reason for attacking Iraq, three were proven absolute lies. Iraq had no WMD, No link with Al Qaeda and No Missile or Nuclear Capability. The only issue was his dictatorship. If that demands a war of that magnitude, then why only Iraq, US should attack every nation that is ruled by dictators. Why single out only Iraq unless their intentions were bad. The war was not about democracy or dictatorship, it was for oil and to get maximum benefit from Iraqi oil. Q-268 Iraq War, Rebuilding, Did US spent its own money to rebuilt Iraq? I was talking of the charges against Saddam to launch 2003 attacks against Iraq. All of these charges were false. Regarding Kuwait invasion, it was a separate issue, for which he was punished in 2001. You cannot punish twice for the same crime? Could you? The simple proof for having WMD is that you have to SHOW them? No UN Investigators could find them. US accused those instigators of being inefficient, when US captured Iraq, then after two years of extensive search, they could not locate any, what does it proves? If Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam rebuilding is the standard how US frees and rebuilds any country, then I request you to keep such types of rebuilding to your selves and your own countries.

My view is that instead of using US dollars to rebuilt any country, US sucks dollars from that country instead of investing there. Can you tell me how much US has really spent on Iraq rebuilding? And who has got all those Millions of Dollars? Mostly US contractors. So you are paying your own contractors by Iraqi Oil Money, plus getting cheap Iraqi Oil Yourself. It is a Win –Win Situation Q-269 Iraq War, Was Iraq Superpower before US attack? India and China and Russia and so many countries have World's Largest armies. Would that be the reason for USA to attack these countries? It is a normal practice of Western Media to first "Pump Up" their opponents so that it looks like a giant or Monster and then bust it and congratulate themselves for what a Big Job they did it, If Iraq had the World's fourth Largest army, why it could not defeat Iran during 10 years of Iran and Iraq War? A country that cannot defeat Iran can not a world superpower and no threat to whole world. And to fight that small country, USA came with its full might and gathered most of its cronies....and they feel like Rambo or Superman that they subdued a big enemy. The same tactics they did in Afghanistan, a country which has no Air Force, no Advanced Weapons and nothing except rudimentary weapons they are attacking with planes, cruise missiles and what not s. They are still fighting despite eight years speaks about bravery and commitment and string will of Afghan people if nothing else. And what is more US and NATO soldiers are Models of Bravery and Afghan Fighters are cowards....Is there any justice and fair play in this world? Or in the Bigot world of Biased Media? Q-270 Muslims, Do only Muslims acts of Terrorism? I think it is you, who is to be taught to be realistic. It was not Muslims who invented this Human Bomb or Suicide Bomber. It was started first time in the world by LTTE in Sri Lanka and they still do it with impunity. They killed many hundreds in Sri Lanka including their President and Rajiv Gandhi, ex premier of

India using Human Bombs. I condemnation for LTTE acts either.






Why Muslims picked this from LTTE, is a separate issue. We should be impartial, when any act of Terrorism is done, it should be called as Terrorism and condemned as such. Just by equating Terrorism with a particular religion or a particular group is duplicity and double standards. Due to this one sided propaganda, whenever any one hears of word Terrorism and Terrorist attack, he will only think of one community, one religion and one people. For you information, this is not the first incident of its kind. More than 20 such incidents are reported in past few years. And what more, their frequency is increasing. Virginia Tech. incident is still in memories of us, before that and after that many such incidents have taken place. If you condone such incidents as mere acts of individuals, then you are really encouraging others also to take the same path. And that is what I am saying. Why is it, that you who have no Imam, No Mullah, and no Fatwa, still produce such sick persons with regularity? Think about it and come with a proper answer. Q-271 Israel, Is Israel main reason for rift? You do not see Israel as main problem with your bias against Muslim countries, because you never consider what others say. In you view Israel is an Ideal, Peaceful, Democratic Nation, whose security and safety is Irrevocably linked with the Security and Safety of USA. So you would turn your face away and rubbish Muslims claim that Israel is the main reason of current tension between US and Muslim nation. Why do you not try the solution of Muslim nations by distancing yourself away from Israel and its brutal policies against Palestinians. What it would cost to you, if one small nation comes to an end? After all Loss of South Vietnam did not cause any feeling in your mind.

Why should Israel be different than your another CLOSE ally, South Vietnam, defending whom you lost more than 100000 lives? Q-272 Non Violence, Is Non Violence solution? You are entitled to your believes and no one has to say anything about it. But your notion of Non Violence is not a practical solution at all. If you are made ruler of any country or any society, you cannot rule even for one day without using force of one kind or another. That is why in practical systems, there is option to use force as a last resort, and to the minimum level it is needed to bring the peace. Extremes of one kind or the other kind are to be opposed. So Non Violence, in the extreme, is a good Arm Chair type of philosophy, or only a few in a million are able to do it. But in a practical world, it is like a dream or an ideal state of affairs. Q-273 Preemptive Attacks, Is this correct? I know what war is and what is allowed in the war. But to annihilate whole cities is against all theories and practices of war. The acts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were indeed against acts of terrorism. If USA went to Vietnam to save lives of innocent people from Communism, why It did not attack Russia the source of Communist movement? Too scared to pick up some one of own size? Only going against minnows so that you will not have to fear repercussion. If you idea of attacking your enemies without waiting for UN approval is accepted, then is this principle only applicable for World Super Powers or Every Nation Has same powers? Why US is opposing Unilateral attack by India on Pakistan, because they feel that most of attacks are planned from that country. Then every nation would attack any other nation on slightest suspicion that some one is planning terrorist attacks against it.

Where it would lead the world to? Or you want a separate law for USA and other Super Powers and another (and more civilized) for smaller nations? Q-274 Taliban, 9/11, Taliban involvement in 9/11 attacks. If you remember your dates and facts correctly, Al Qaeda never claimed the responsibility for 9/11 the day or immediately afterward when that was the best time to corner all publicity and glory. The so called claims from Al Qaeda appeared almost two years after Attack on Afghanistan and they carry much less weight. Taliban had no part in 9/11. Yes they were giving protection to Al Qaeda and Osama and they asked US to show them proofs that Osama or Al Qaeda are involved in 9/11 attacks. You tell me was their stand justified or not? US did not want to deal them at equal level and wanted to impose their own will on them or wanted to attach Afghanistan one way or the other or to take revenge for 9/11 attacks on any one, that is why they went ahead with attack and never listened to any effort to not start the war. If Osama and Al Qaeda were their targets, then why they did not complete the mission and started attack on Iraq without finishing their task in Afghanistan? The infighting in Pakistan and subsequent violence in Afghanistan is directly related to US attacks in Afghanistan, whereby they loosened the central authority and allowed people free way to act in violence. Similar was the case in Iraq. US should take the major responsibility for rise in terrorism and violent actions happening in the world that are the result of their own actions. I do not deny the problems in Muslim world due to infighting and intolerance. No society is free from this. I know many people in west are not enemies of Muslims. But there are some, who do not want that peace should prevail between them.

Q-275 Taliban Label, Who is a Terrorist? You are twisting my words to get wrong meanings. Religion does not mean a separate tag, it is what people believe in automatically without questioning its beliefs. In Communist countries, Communism was religion. The people followed it blindly without asking Questions. And that is what other religions are. The Terrorism is a label, which people usually attach to their opponents. Every freedom fighter was branded as Terrorist by those ruling that country at that time. Nelson Mandela was branded as Terrorists for most of his life, before he became President of SA. Yasser Arafat was also a Terrorist, till he shared the Nobel Prize with another Terrorist Shimon Perez. Al Qaeda and Taliban are branded as terrorists by present day rulers, their actual status may come after some time. In history a few decades or a few centuries are a short time. Q-276 Violence, Does only US has right to attack? Yes it is only likes of you, who have the right to attack and destroy any country for whatever reasons. You may decide that Vietnam is threat to your security and kill more than a million people tere and still say that you were right. You may declare that Iraq has WMD and is a threat to your security and kill more than a Million there and still feel you are right and bask in your glory. You have right to put sanction against Iran for trying to develop Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes, But Israel having that technology is OK in your eyes. You can put sanctions and threaten Sudan, Libya, Syria, Somalia and any Muslim country and feel that you are above law and none of these should have any repercussion of any kind. You have right to extend you unflinching support to Zionists for carrying out genocide in Palestine and veto every attempt to bring justice there and feel that there should be no reaction of any kind. You have right to attack Afghanistan because they were friends of Al Qaeda and friend of your enemy is your friend. But no one else has

right to declare you as your enemy since you are No-1 friend of our No-1 enemy, Israel.. It is this skewed logic that is the main cause of all this trouble in which you find yourself. But instead of self analysis, you put all blame on others. Only you are right and all others are at fault. Q-277 War on Terror, 9/11, Who did it? If you are so sure that 9/11 was done by Al Qaeda, why still no one has been convicted of the crime by any Court of Law. You had thousands of detainees in GITMO camp for close to 8 years, why you could not establish their guilt? That speaks the truth about you allegation. What you have is your arrogance and worldly power and media power and using that you want to prove that Right is Wrong and Black is White. Many before you tried that and failed and you will also fail. You failed in Vietnam, but did not learn any lesson from it. You failed in Iraq and did not learn any lesson from it. You are loosing in Afghanistan and will most certainly come back empty handed and eggs on your faces. I do not know whether you will learn any thing from it This time or not. In the mean time you try to brow beat me and threaten to run away to another thread. You do have the right to do so. Q-278 War on terror, 9/11, Was Al Qaeda responsible? Both Al Qaeda and Taliban denied any link immediately after 9/11 attacks, when that was the best time for those who want publicity and glory. It was two years after end on Afghanistan war that “Anniversary tapes” surfaced where there was some acceptance. But I think that as per your legal system, self evidence is not a fit evidence, it is prosecution who should bring the evidence.

And that evidence you do not have, that is why the prisoners are held in GITMO camp for 8 years without any trial and punishment. That itself is proof enough to blow to pieces all your claims of Taliban and Al Qaeda involvement in 9/11. Q- 279 War on Terror, Afghanistan, Is Pakistan Nuclear Arms the real target? You just do not count heads to decide which the largest army in the world is. It is the sum total of numbers and weapon system and air power which determines the strength of any army. To declare Iraq as the fourth largest army in the world was a media trick, to pump up your opponent so as to draw up support within the congress and senate. Regarding Afghanistan, every one fights according to its strength. Taliban with no Air support and only conventional weapons are more suited to Gorilla warfare. That is the technique they and other Mujahideen groups used against Russian army. At that time whole world was praising for their courage and bravery, now when they use the same technique against you, they have become cowards? History would tell you, that it is very easy to reach Kabul , but to remain there is the hardest part. Britain learnt it to their sorrow 150 years back, Russians after 1979 invasion and now is the turn for US and NATO to learn the same thing. I know what is behind all this propaganda that Taliban are hiding in Pakistan and that gives a clue to this whole Afghan war. The real target was Pakistan and control of its Nuclear weapons that is the real reason behind Afghanistan attack. That may also give a clue to 9/11 attacks and real culprits behind it. Now slowly and slowly the real reasons of 9/11 attacks are coming into open. I wish the best of luck for Northern alliance and mere 40,000 NATO troops. Please keep sufficient body bags ready. Russia lost around 100,000 troops there, same as US lost in Vietnam. I think OBAMA wants to send another 60,000 US troops in Afghanistan, a better target practice for Taliban. Best of luck to these new arrivals in Afghanistan.

Q-280 War on Terror, Afghanistan, Why Muslims should support Afghanistan? When we see Lone Superpower in the World, gathering other Super Powers and all of their friends and then waging a war against small countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, it would be height of callousness to leave our millions of brothers to your mercy. Who is a loser is known to every one, USA failed in Iraq in no uncertain term, they could not achieve anything they planned. They only succeeded in tearing down and demolishing Iraq and be main cause of murder of more than a million people there. If you call that an achievement, then please hang that medal around your neck. The same is going on in Afghanistan, there also you will be looser and return empty handed with egg on your faces. You might have caused untold misery to innocent men, women and Children living there. You can hang that medal around your neck if you wish. You were looser in Vietnam also, where despite causing untold sufferings to common people, you returned empty handed with eggs on your faces. It is said that people do not learn anything from history. Obviously USA did not learn any thing from Vietnam. That is why they are eager to learn a fresh lesson. Q-281 War on Terror, Afghanistan, Why should people interfere into Afghanistan? It seems that you have special soft corners for Muslim women and their sufferings. Why do you not speak against the suffering of Muslim women in Gaza that is done by Israeli Soldiers or what was done by American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems your sympathy is superficial and has no real sense. What is happening in Afghanistan is their internal matter. In your eight years of being there, you have not achieved any thing except increasing the problem there.. You have no business to be there, You must leave them to their fate and come back from that country. Humanitarian issue were the least of your concern when you attacked Afghanistan, so do not try to find moral justification for your acts of aggression.

Q-282 War on Terror, Afghanistan, Is Afghan war Jihad? What is going on in Afghanistan is struggle to free their Islamic country against outside forces who are Not Muslims and have no soft corner for Islam or Muslims. This struggle certainly comes under Islamic Jihad. US and NATO forces are indeed aggressor, tyrant and trying to create mischief in a land which was enjoying peace under Taliban. Now the only question comes as to the method of fighting these forces who are much more in numbers and heavily armed. Use of Gorilla tactics against such an army is both permitted and most effective. That is what Afghan and Taliban are doing to fight US and NATO forces. I do know that NATO and US would welcome all Taliban forces to gather into one field and fight directly, because US and NATO have every type of advantage over them. However if the roles were reversed, US and NATO would resort to same techniques which Taliban are using now. Q-283 War on Terror, Afghanistan, Should we talk to Taliban? It is a thing they should have done immediately after 9/11. Taliban had no role to play in 9/11 Bombings and none of their member was to do any thing for it. If USA would have talked to them as a ruler of a free country, may be the blood shed of Afghan and later Iraq war would have been avoided. But at that time GWB the Great and Dick Cheney were mounting the Highest Moral Horse and wanted to get rid of Terror from the world. See where it has landed the world after 8 long years.

Now the new president, wants to correct the mistakes of past and make a bridge, but here are you with your vitriol advices. It is a lesson of History that you cannot win Afghanistan with force and wars. British learnt it after much losses of money and manpower.

Russians too learnt it after 10 years, with too much loss of life and dismemberment of their empire. Now it is the turn of USA to learn the same lesson. But it has roped in other members of NATO to share in the sacrifices, in which they will not gain any thing but would loose much. Talking to Taliban and handing them back Afghanistan would be a much better and sensible option than being kicked out like Russia or US from Vietnam. They are fighting from their home base, and their enemies are coming from far away. Fighting is their life and nature and they do not mind long lasting fights. But for your armies it is a much costly war. Why to engage in this wastage of life and money.

Leave Afghanistan to their chaos, they will keep on fighting amongst themselves. But when any outsider is present, they will unite and fight jointly. Now choice is yours, why not take a better and safer route? Q-284 War on Terror, Why US did not attack Sudan etc? Religion is not a person that can solve any problem. It shows you the way, using which we can solve a particular problem. The religion is after all is to be practiced by its followers, if they are not sincere or do not apply the full solution, they will not get the desired result. 1. I told you that decision to link only Al Qaeda with 9/11 was taken in hurry and without investigating all options. So you cannot say that it was successful because no 9/11 type incidents took place since. This is a false logic because 9/11 was a unique incident in US history. So you cannot generalize with only one incident as your basis. 2. You asked why USA stopped only on Afghanistan and Iraq and did not attack Sudan or other countries. GWB did start this War on Terror with very high hopes and plans. He wanted to root out Terror from the world.

Afghanistan was the test case. They got bogged down there, then they started Iraq war considering it to be another soft target, but they bogged down there also. If they had an easy path in Afghanistan and Iraq, may be by this time Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria and how many other nations could be under War on Terror. Man may plan any thing, but there is also A God in this Universe, whose plans supersede all human plans. 3. You asked a very important question as to why US is at war with Muslim World. My analysis is that Majority of US people are peace loving and they do not war US to get involved in useless and purposeless wars. However there is a section in USA, which wants US to be always at war with some one or the other. First it was Cold war, when it ended immediately they picked up Islam and Muslims as next target. This small group controls most of US media and its financial institutions and is able to mold Public Media in which ever way it likes. Most people in West have Childlike faith on the impartiality and truthfulness of their Print and News media and seldom analyze themselves the issues. That is why they are led by media in whichever directions they want to take it. The same media can make a man a villain in 24 hours and vice versa. If Media wants, Israel can be proved to be a Terrorist state in 24 Hours or less. They could do it and they have done it many times. Saddam was best friend of USA when he was fighting with Iran, overnight he became Satan the day he attacked Kuwait. Q-285 War on Terror, War is continuing because of Muslims? Thanks for your IMPARTIAL analysis on War on Terror. You start the War and you are blaming it on those affected that they are not changing. So this War on Terror is actually a War Against Islam and Muslims? This is a novel thing and I think every one should take notice of it. That is what we were saying from day1. That this so called War on Terror is indeed a War Against Islam and Muslims.

Islam and Muslims are same for past 1400 years. They have not changed. Why all of a sudden they became problem to Western Civilization? That too immediately after end of Cold War and break up of USSR? Does not the timing tell us some thing, that the War on Islam was a preconceived notion. Now the focus and attention on Pakistan seems to be to take control on their Nuclear Arsenal. The events show this possibility slowly and slowly. Q-286 War on Terror, Purpose, Is it War on Islam? You are free to agree to any view you like. There is a freedom to choose. After all in this world there are many groups and each one has logic and each one has followers. So I do not resent that you hold to a particular view. The purpose of these threads is that we should discuss and know each other’s point of views rather than to force each other to accept our own views. You say what is the purpose of USA in Afghanistan to annex it? What was the purpose of USSR when it attacked Afghanistan in 1979? To Annex it? What was the purpose of USA in Vietnam? To annex it? You may not call War on Terror as War on Islam, but it is really a War on Islam, reasons: 1. You have not defined what is definition of Terrorism? 2. All your enemies and targets are Muslim countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia. Why should we believe in your hollow words that this is not War on Islam but War on Terror. If it was really a War on terror, you would have acted in each and every country where acts of terrorisms are taking place Kashmir, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Nepal and so many places in the world.

Therefore this War on Islam and Islamic Countries and Muslims is only named as a good sounding name of War on Terror. Q- 287 War on Terror, Terrorist, Who is a murderer? If any one entered any country without valid passport or Visa, he is illegal entrant and must be turned back. Period. No Step Backward. If any one kills any innocent man, woman or Child, he is murderer. Period. Not one step Backward. Be he a Palestinian, Iraqi, Israeli Citizen, Iraq Soldier, US citizen or US soldier. Period. Not one step Backward. If any one killed any innocent person by what ever means, he is a murderer, irrespective of how he does it. By blowing himself, or my using Missiles, Air Planes, Bombs or artillery. Period, Not One Step Backward. I also do not want any middle ground here. We do agree on every think. The problem is that you only consider one side as guilty party and try to save your own military and police and we concentrate only your persons and try to save our people. We both are equally right or equally wrong. Period. No One Step Backward. Q-288 War on Terror, US Power, Can US destroy any country in the world? I wonder your comment that “If we really wanted it that bad we would wipe out each and every village killing every man, woman, and child.” Are these not boastful words? These would have been also the words of Russian Generals on the way out of Afghanistan after loosing 100, 000 people!! And those of British General after loosing close to 25, 000 people in Afghanistan!! By the way, why could you not kill every man, women and child in Vietnam and returned from there empty handed after loosing close to 100, 000 of your Brave and Well trained soldiers. Do you not know that there is another power superior to so called Lone Super power on this earth, and that is the power of Lord and God of this Universe.

Every nation at the height of its powers thinks that they can do any thing they want, they can kill and they can exterminate every nation they think of. But in reality these same warriors and super nations bite dust in a few years. That in my view is what is going to happen to USA. If you persist in in justice, you bite the dust. Lean some thing from History, or US will be a fairy tale in a few decades. Q-289, 9/11, Al Qaeda, Was 9/11 Commission open minded and impartial? I agree that it is not always possible to satisfy every one in any enquiry. There are people who will always have doubt. But the purpose of an independent and impartial enquiry is to find out truth with sincerity and with best of your ability and keeping your minds open. Any open and independent enquiry would provide answers to most of doubts and facts and would point out the areas which are still not clear and need more information. No such thing was done for 9/11 attacks. The media provided their “Judgment” within 5 minutes and Politicians acted on it. Any dissenting voice was shouted down as “Against Patriotism” and “Encouraging Terrorists and Terrorism”. No doubt that you are satisfied with the “Guilty” verdict and want to close down the chapter of enquiry. But the truth will come out in the open, no matter how long you suppress it. The case of Iraq having WMD has finally been proven to be false and done with pre-conceived opinions. This has been accepted. May be after a few decades “Another 9/11” Commission will decide that original commission acted “Too Hastily” and “Did not investigate Fully” etc. There are many cases of similar nature in your history itself.

Q-290 Afghan War, Taliban, Have they lost popular support? Which was the power behind Afghan Mujahideen when they defeated Russia? It is your propaganda that Afghan people did not liked Taliban. If that was the case they would have welcomed US and NATO forces with open arms. But none of that happened. Afghan people are tired of US and NATO people occupying their country and they are coming towards Taliban. US and NATO have done nothing to rebuild Afghanistan (which they promised at the start of war). They have made more enemies than friends in Afghanistan and very soon the whole country would rise against them. It is you wishful thinking that Afghan people would support US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. If you think so, then you have no knowledge about Afghan people. They would all unite to fight any foreign forces in their country. When the foreign forces have left, they would fight with each other. US did mistake to attack Afghanistan, and if they had captured Kabul, they should have left that country as soon as possible after establishing their puppet government there. They would have saved some faces and could boast of their heroics. By prolonging their stay, they have got sucked into the bottomless pit as was the case with Russia in 1979. If Russia would have left Afghanistan after installing its puppet Government, it would have gained much. It is this way, When you think you are most powerful and can do anything, that is the exact moment of your decline. Q-291 Iraq War, Rebuilding, Did US spent its own money for rebuilding Iraq? If you are that type of Simpleton, who believe what ever they see on CNN, then no one can help you. The Iraq war was not for Democracy, it was not for freedom, it was not for WMD or any such thing…..it was pure for Iraqi Oil. Whatever little US spend on so called Iraqi Rebuilding, it was all paid by Iraqi Oil. Your Government has made fools of you. By saying that it is spending money to rebuilt Iraq, whereas the money had gone to cronies of GWB in Defense Industry and in Oil Industry.

Do you mean that US has got right to smash up every country and Arabs should pay to rebuild It? It is the duty of those who smashed it to rebuilt it in the first place. I think if the current recession is some of the price which you have to pay for Illegal Iraq and Afghanistan war, then it is small justice in the end. You have to pay somehow for killing more than a million people in this open ended so called War on Terror. Bush got the Shoe as a parting gift from Iraq, His die hard supporters like you may get the same, if they go to Iraq or Afghanistan and babble about what US taxpayers have done to rebuild their countries. Q292 War on Terror, IS war on Terror war on Islam? I know that your political leaders deny that they are fighting a War Against Islam. But the ground reality is totally different. The Media is full time busy in attacking Islam and painting it in bad light at the slightest of faults. They are generalizing actions of individuals and painting all Muslims with the same brush. USA is fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq. It is accusing Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia , Libya, Egypt, PLO, HAMAS and any other Muslim country that oppose USA on any ground. So the war is officially named as War on Terror, but in reality it is War on Muslim Nations and subdue them so they tow western lines on every thing. Q-293 War on Terror, Muslims, Should Muslims not help Afghanistan? Then do you think it is OK for a World Superpower (USA) to gather other World Superpowers (UK, France, and others) and then with full Might attack a small country like Afghanistan and whole world should watch mutely your aggression and massacre? You have every right to intervene in East Timor and Darfur, and we should leave millions of our brothers to the aggression of you and your criminal friends? I hope America really wakes up and gets out of this Zionist plot to create permanent rift between it and Muslim world. I had thought that your adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan would have been sufficient to indicate the folly of your approach, but apparently it is not enough and you want more.

Some people never learn unless they are taught the hard way. As for Oil dependency is concerned, I am hearing it for past 30 years, but still world depends on Oil. You come back to me when you have solved your problem. If Jews, Israel and Zionists all have their lobbies in USA and paying Senators, Members of Congress and so on, why it should be crime for Saudi Arabia to have a few friends? Why should you always follow double standards RLH? Q-294 Preemptive strikes , Justification, Is US acting only against small countries? That is what I said, that you were too scared to attack USA, China or any of the big powers that could retaliate and give befitting answers to your acts of aggression. That is why you are picking on small countries like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran etc. because you do not fear any backlash. This is the first sign of a bully that he always picks on those who are weaker than him. You say US actions in Iraq was sanctioned by UNO, no it was not. When US was assured that its motion would be vetoed in UNO, it never went for voting and bypassed UNO and said that earlier UN resolutions cover the present action also. It was a dastardly and illegal attack on Iraq by every standard. The charges were false, the motive was bad and the action itself was a terrorist action. You justify it only because you have superior ammunitions and not any thing else. Have you ever sat and thought why the persons whom you call terrorist have become your enemies. What is the root cause of all this friction between Muslim countries and USA? If you think, you will reach the real reason of this trouble and that is your one sided and wrong support to the state of Israel. You want to solve the problem of Terrorism, without removing the root cause of the problem. Unless you remove the root cause, just pruning branches would not solve your problem. The results of so called eight year old War on terror proves what I am saying. Q-295 Media Bias, Are US citizens brainwashed by Media?

The accusations you have made can be rotated other side also, that wherever there is a Muslim country, its neighbors try to de-stabilize it by using any means. If Americans were not fools, how could they be hijacked by a Small Minority of Jews and Zionists, to fight for them, let themselves be killed and be enemies with one Quarter of World Population? I think most of Americans are brainwashed by one sided propaganda of their News and Paper Media, which are under firm control of Jews and Zionists. I feel that normal US citizen is more to be pitied than censored. I cannot say about you, that you should be pitied or censored, because I have to find out, if you are the one who is brainwashed by the media, or you are the one who is trying to brainwash the simple folks of USA. Normal citizens who do not find enough time to research and find the truth themselves. They have child like belief on the impartiality and infallibility of their News, Print and Electronic Media.

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Why I call it (TOE) Blind? Why is Bible Silent about Mohammad? Why is it degrading to say that God became man? Why Jihad if Violence is not final solution? Why Jihadis are against Jews? Why Muslims are against publication of Bible? Why Muslims should support Afghanistan? Why Muslims want to destroy Israel? Why Muslims want to dominate the world? Why no reformation in Islam? Why only Islamic Martyrs go to heavens? Why prophet denied divinity of Jesus? Why should our posts be short? Why should people interfere into Afghanistan? Why so much confusion between Matthew and Luke? Why there are different religions? Why these are heroes of Islam? Why this Shia Sunni Violence? Why US did not attack Sudan etc? Why we believe in Testimony of Prophet? Will California ban them? Will Counselor come in the hereafter? Will Jesus establish it in his second coming?

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