License 257.

---M DWLS/Rev/Denied 904 M Expired License 314 M Ops Never Acquired 904 M No Ops in Possession 301 M Alter/ Reproduce Ops 310 M Mutilated License 313 M Violation of Restrictions 312 M Unlawful Use/ Possession 324a M Lending License 324b M Fail to Change Address 315 M Allow Unlicensed Adult Drive 904 M Allow Unlicensed Minor 325 M Instruction Permit w/o ops 306 M Furnish False Info 324 CI No Cycle Endorsement 312a Plate/ Registration/ Insurance 257.CI Expired Plate 255 CI Improper Display 225(1) M Unreg Vehicle 215 CI No Proof of Insurance 328 M False Evidence of Ins. 328 CI No Reg in Possession 223 CI Reg Address Change 228 M No Plate Displayed 215 F Stolen/ False Tab/ Plate 257(e) M Improper Plate 256 Equipment CI Obstructed View 677 CI Obs. Vision Rear window 709 CI Unsafe Vehicle 683 CI No Windshield 708 CI Defective Exhaust 707 CI No Headlights 684 CI Defective Brake Lights 697(b) CI Defective Brakes 705(1) CI One Headlight 685 CI No/ Defective Tail lamps 686 CI Drive w/o Headlights 684 CI No Driver Side Mirror 708 CI No Bumper/ Too High 710c CI Muffler Excess Noise 707(1) CI Muffler Excess Smoke 707(2) CI White Lights to Rear 698 CI Tint Violation 709 CI Flag on Projected Load 693 CI Unlawful Device on Plate 225 CI Fail to Illuminate Plate 686 CI Fail to Dim Headlights 700 CI Headlamp <54” from Road 685(c) CI Headlamp >24” from Road 685(b) CI Dangling Ornament 709 CI Defective/ No Horn 706 CI Television in View of Drvr 708(b) Speed Violations CI Posted Speed CI FTSACD CI Too Fast for Conditions CI Resid/ Business Unposted CI Impede Traffic CI Drag Racing CI Assist in Drag Racing 628 627 627(1) 627(2) 676(b) 626a 626a

Traffic Control Devices CI Stop Sign 649 CI Red Signal/ Turn on Red 612(1) CI Traffic Control Device 610 CI Flashing Red Signal 614g CI Avoid TCD – Private Prop 611(2) Turns CI Prohibited Turns (rgt, left, U) 647 CI Fail to Signal/ Unsafe Turn 648 CI Unauth Use of turn around 644 Improper Lane Use/ Passing CI Drove Left of Center 639 CI Pass on Shoulder 637 CI Wrong way on One Way 641(2) CI Pass in No Passing Zone 640 CI Lane to Lane w/o Caution 642 CI Pass School Bus w/flashers 682 CI Unsafe Lane Change 642 Hazardous Violations CI Seatbelt 710(e) CI Child Restraint – under 4 710(d) CI Child Restraint – 4 to 8yoa 710(e) CI Careless Driving 626(b) M Reckless Driving 626 CI Driving over Fire Hose 680 CI Unsafe Stopping 648 CI Ride in P/Up Bed under 18 682(b) CI Emer. Veh. Fail to Yield 653 CI Emer. Veh. Caution Law 653(a) M Drive-Sidewalk/BikePath 750.419 Motorcycle/ Moped CI No Motorcycle Helmet CI No Goggles/ Faceshield CI No Cycle Endorsement CI No Moped License CI Ride More Than 2 Abreast CI Pass Between Lanes CI Moped More than 1 Rider CI Shall not attach to vehicle 658 708(a) 312(a) 312(a) 660 660 658(3) 659

Boating – TWP Code MCI 153Unregistered Vessel 3 Fail to Display Number/Decals 40 Fail to Aid (Accident or Injury) 9B Fail to Report Acc/ Collision 9D Under 12 yoa Operate Unsup. 10 12-15 No Boater Safety Cert 10C Child Under 6yoa w/o PFD 11A Motorboat fail to yield to Sail 13A4 Operate/ Speed interfere w/others 14 Misd – Speed over 55MPH 15A Slow no wake – unintentional 50G Misd – Slow no wake violation 15B Misd – Reckless Operation 16 Misd - Pull Skier/Boarder 1hr 20 after/before sunset/sunrise Misd – Ski/ Board 1hr after/before sunset/ sunrise 20 Misd – No Muffler/ Under 25 water Exhaust system OUIL/ OUID – Watercraft 30 Refuse Chemical Test 30M Misd – Violation of Non31 operation order Maximum Capacity Violation 36 No/ Insufficient Nav Lights 43B No/ Insufficient PFD’s 43C No Fire Extinguisher 43D PWC – Operate 1 hr before 51D6 sunset to 8:00am DNR Fish w/out License 324.43532(1)

Twp Ord (May also use state code) Disturbing the Peace 80-6 Prohibited Conduct 80-1
(Indecent&obscene/ Nude BatheBegging/ vagrant)

Pedestrian CI Walk in Roadway (Sidewalk Provided)655 CI Walk/ Don’t Walk Signal Vio. 613 CI Shall not attach to Vehicle 659 (Skateboarder/ Roller Blader/ Bike/ Etc.) Alcohol Violations M OUIL/ OUID M Transport Open Intox CI PBT Refusal 625(1) 624(a) 625(h)

Fireworks 80-12 Spitting / Urinating in Public 80-16 Dog’s at Large 20-3 Barking / Howling Dogs 20-4 Open Fire Prohibited 53-1 Loitering 80-2 Littering in Public Place 146-3 Littering from Vehicle 146-6 CI - Littering (State Code) 324.8902 Fish from Bridge / Shore 113-2 Hunting Prohibited 132-1

Accident Fail to Report (FTP)/ Stop (FTS) M FTS – Injury Accident 617(a) F FTS – Serious Injury/ Death 617 M FTS – Attended Vehicle 618 M FTS – Unattended Vehicle 620 M FTR – Damage to Fixture 621 M FTR – Death/ Injury/Damage 622

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