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How to Promote Better Understanding Between

The Police And The Pakistani Public The object of police: That the project of police is merely service of the people and country is ordinarily ignored by the Public. Neither do the police try to render this service in a spirit of fraternity and goodwill nor the public takes them as guardians of public order and peace. People had police machinery because they take it as an unnecessary check on their liberty. They nurse grudges against it because it does not let them do what they like. They think what policemen investigate crime in the wrong spirit. They do not have the idea of public order and commonwealth at heart. They employ ruthless methods in crime detection. The treatment shown to the public is ordinarily impolite and disrespectful. They are rarely approached in a counteous manner. They are mostly commanded in a very insulting way. That the police is usually impolite when dealing with the public is a well known fact. It would very much be to the advantage of law and order if the police were trained in good manners before taking their position. Behaviour and manners count a great deal in society. And specially where the public and police are concerned good manner will go a long way towards mutual understanding. The duty of the police: It is as much the duty of the police to observe law as it is of the police to teach law. And if try to do their duties in a courteous and fraternal manner public peace will suffer far less. The public must learn to observe law if they are to live in an ordinary and peaceful atmosphere. If every one was allowed to do any thing our society would collapse in no time. To enjoy everything well we must invariably keep in mind the sense of proportion whenever we cross that frontier we may naver be sure of escaping from a fall. And it is quite possible what we may involve other too in that fall . We must there fore learn to restrain our impulses and do everything within the boundaries of the law. Which is the communist measure of agreement between impulse and commonsense. Whereas it is the duty of the public to observe this code of social behavior it is the duty of the public to help the police in a polite and effective manner do to it. Educate the police and the public: As soon as this understanding is reached between the police and the public much of the present ill will disappear. It is only due to the lack of education on both sides. With a gradual intellectual development of Pakistan society we may hope that the police and the public together will realize that their aim should be to serve one another as members of society.