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20th BIENNIAL MEETING August 2-3, 2013 Tentative Sessions

Day 1 (August 2, 2013) Registration: 8.30-9.30 Inaugural: 9.30-11.30 Welcome to IGIDR: S Mahendra Dev (5 minutes) Introduction to AIEFS: Sushanta Mallick (5 minutes) Inaugural/Keynote address: Charan Singh (45 minutes) Presidential address: Amit Batabyal (45 minutes), Innovation, Decentralization, and Planning in a Multi-Region Model of Schumpeterian Economic Growth. Tea (11.30-11.45) Trade and Economic Growth (11.45-13.15) 1. The Role of Exports in Indias Economic Growth, Pradeep Agarwal, Institute of Economic Growth (TBC R Krishnan, IGIDR) 2. Comparative Advantage as a Source of Exporters Pricing power: Evidence from China and India, Sushanta Mallick, Queen Mary University of London and Helena Marques, University of Balearic Islands (C. Veeramani, IGIDR) 3. Positive and Negative Externalities in Innovation, Trade and Regional Economic Growth, Amit Batabyal, RIT and Peter Nijkamp (A. Ganesh Kumar, IGIDR) 4. Bihar: A Growth Miracle in the Making?" Prerna Agarwal and Radhika Saraf (TBC Andaleeb Rahman, IGIDR) Lunch (13.00-14.15) Panel Discussion: Rainfed agriculture 14.15-15.30 (approx) Tea (15.30-15.45) II. Macroeconomic issues (15.45-17.15) 1. Monetary policy in a Two-Sector Open Economy, Mohammad Mohsin, The University of Tennessee and Kihyun Park, Korea Energy Economic Institute (TBC Naveen Srinivasan, IGIDR) 2. Separating Shocks from Cyclicality in Indian Aggregate Supply, Ashima Goyal and Shruti Tripathi, IGIDR, (TBC Romar Correa, University of Mumbai) 3. Foreign Exchange Reserves and Exchange Rates Variation in India: An Analysis, Harinam Singh, Indira Gandhi National Open University (TBC Sanchit Arora, IGIDR) I.

4. Measuring Core Inflation in India: An Empirical Evaluation of Alternative Methods, Madhu Sehrawat and AK Giri, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani (TBC Rajendra Vaidya, IGIDR) Break (17.15-17.30) III. Agriculture (17.30-18.45) 1. Size-class and Returns to Cultivation in India: Revisiting an Old Debate, Sarthak Gaurav, London School of Economics and Srijit Mishra, IGIDR. (TBC) 2. State rights Over Water and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from the Krishna Basin, Shreyasee Das, University of Wisconsin Whitewater (Vijay Laxmi Pandey, IGIDR) 3. Economic Analysis of Jhum Cultivation: Social Capital and Labour Market, Indrani Roy Chowdhury, Jamia Millia Islamia University (TBC Ritika Palit, IGIDR) Director's Dinner (Time, to be announced later) Day 2 (August 3, 2013) Special Lecture by Rathin Roy (9.15-10.15) IV. Finance (10.30-11.45) 1. Have the Benefits of Cross-Listing Disappeared? The Impact of Loosening Disclosure Requirements Rule 12h-6, Chinmoy Ghosh and Fan He, Central Connecticut State University (TBC Susan Thomas) 2. Role of Debt Market and Its Impact on Financial Stability: Analysis of Indian Market, Dinbandhu Bag, National Institute of Technology (TBC Vikash Gautam, IGIDR) 3. Does Portfolio Inflows bring about Stock Market Development? , Meena Abraham Chacko, Centre for Development Studies (TBC Nidhi Aggrawal, IGIDR) Tea (11.45-12.00) V. Other Growth Issues (12.00-13.30) 1. Convergence speed of economic growth under slow-converging stochastic shocks, Mamata Parhi and Tapas Mishra, Swansea University (TBC Taniya Ghosh, IGIDR) 2. Nexus of financial Development and Economic Growth in India: Revisiting Schumpeter, Bhanu Pratap Singh, University of Hyderabad (TBC Namrata Gulati, IGIDR) 3. Dynamics of Resource Mobilization, Sources of Funds and Investment in the Indian Private Corporate Sector, Prabhakaran Nair, Prasnath Nagar Medical College (TBC R Nagaraj, IGIDR) 4. The Global Economic Outlook: Perspectives and Key Issues, Parul Jain, Baruch College & MacroFin Analytics (TBC: Shovan Ray) Lunch (13.30-14.15)


Environment, Poverty and Local Governance (14.150-15.45) 1. SWOT Analysis, Environmental Factors and Growth Prospect in Pakistan, Khalid Mehtabuddin, St. Rose College (TBC Sudhakara Yedla, IGIDR) 2. Revitalizing Local Governance in India: Convergences Amidst Contestations, Bhavanarayana Vedam, University of Hyderabad and Alok Kumar Mishra, University of Hyderabad (TBC Rishi Kumar, IGIDR) 3. Measuring Poverty Do We Need to Cut the Cake in Two Parts?, Hippu Salk Kriste Nathan, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore (TBC Kiran Limaye, IGIDR) 4. The effect of political decentralisation and affirmative action on Multidimensional Poverty Index: evidence from Indian States, Kshitij Chaudhary, National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS, Mbabane, Swaziland (TBC: Sanjay Mohanty, IIPS)

Tea (15.45-16.00) VII. Development Issues (16.00-17.30) 1. Does Political Connections and Affiliations Affect Allocations of Benefits in the Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: Evidence From West Bengal, Upask Das, IGIDR (TBC) 2. The Unforeseen Effect of Violence Against Women: Spousal Violence and Womens Labor Force Participation in India, Haimanti Bhattacharya, University of Utah (TBC Purna Banerjee, IGIDR) 3. Risk Factors for Domestic Violence: An Empirical Analysis for Indian States, Meenakshi Rishi, University of Seattle, Nabamitta Dutta, University of Wisconsin, V. Vinodhini, Madras School of Economics, and Sanjukta Roy, World Bank (TBC Sudha Narayanan, IGIDR) 4. Women Voters in Indian Democracy: A Silent Revolution, Mudit Kapoor and Shamika Ravi, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (TBC Subhro Sarkar, IGIDR) Vote of Thanks (Srijit/Veeramani)