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When you remove the element of "Time" and you go back to the Beginning, back before the World ever was to the Mind of God, then you see He slew the Lamb in His Mind before he ever even begun to create the World, So God knowing all things knew what would take place in the Garden etc. So when we go to the Book of Revelations, again we see no Time! because the Angel sounds in Revelations that Time is No More! When you say Time is no more then you have removed the veil over the mind from which came forth "Time" and when you remove the veil of "Time" you are then back to The beginning with God and you are beholding Calvary in the Mind of God which was and is The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Calvary Revealed! We see at Calvary darkness came over the Earth showing the Veil dropping down between God and Man. So back to the beginning in the Mind of God we Go, we see from Revelations standpoint that what some see as a future event, is actually already taken place in the Mind of God and again we say Calvary. So A Star named Worm Wood falls to the Earth and into the Seas and 1/3 of the Water become Blood and 1/3 of everything in the Water dies. Now lets be spiritual and see this taking place in the Mind of God. A Star shined so bright the "NIGHT" Jesus was born, this Star was "Wormwood" it was the fallen Image of Sin in the form of the Worm, as Jacob thy Worm I will help thee, and the Wood going back to the Cross, showing the Serpent on the tree or the Serpent on the Staff Moses held up and here Jesus coming in the likeness of sinful flesh as a worm hanging on the wooden cross, Him being that Star that shined in the Night time of Sin representing the Law and the lesser Light, because the Flesh is the reflector of God or it is a lesser light. The Outer part of Jesus being that which reflected God. The Nighttime of His birth indicating the darkness as to the sin and veil of the weakness of the flesh and him coming from heaven as to the Star and falling to the level of the beast in the Manger. Then Blood life being the Red Dragon and the Tail that wrapped itself around the 3rd part of the Stars again the Star typing the Spiritual part of man and the Flesh through the condemnation of the Law being cast down to the Earth. This happened when Eve and Adam partook of the Tree and their eyes came open and the flesh came into view as they said, We are naked. So the Star falls and is cast into the Waters and Revelations says Waters is people. So the Waters were turned to Wine in a type as to the blood red wine as the Waters being the mass of humanity they were turned to Blood, as their spirit was enclosed in a robe of bloody flesh, this was the Water as to the flesh of all humanity and it was changed into Blood, again this was proven as Jesus was made a vesture dipped in Blood representing all humanity then when He died His Blood covered all of Humanity changing the Water to Blood, answering the why of Moses doing this in His day. Then it says to us 1/3 of everything in the Waters died, again that was the Blood Flesh Life, in that we were that which dwelled in the Water and we died because of the changing over to the Blood. This is how the veil came about and what it produced from the Garden. The Real Garden being Calvary where the Real Serpent Hung from a Tree made into a Cross and that Tree today says to us if you come and partake of my fruit you can become God and the way that seemed right and unto Life became Death instead, yet knowing it was still true, in that to reach Canaan land you have to cross Death or Jordan to do so. So Jesus was the Star Wormwood that fell to earth and turned all of humanity into Blood by His shedding of Blood on the Cross. This answers also to the Valley of Armageddon which

spiritually was again inside the Body of Jesus, as the Warfare took place there inside of Him and He slayed the masses with His death and His Blood and the Law of the Sword that rod of Iron that came forth from His Mouth, Him being the head of that Law, His members of the Jews being the Tail. The Levites being the priesthood of the Bloody Dragon called Leviathan, making atonement unto the god of this world, having to have blood to atone for their sins, not being the true God, but again as Jesus was they were also the reflectors of God. The Whole World wandering and worshipping this beast who had a deadly wound that was healed, healed upon His Resurrection, smitten in the Head and all the World follows after Him as he said, if I be lifted up, I will make all men follow after me. The Flesh is the beast. This is why it must die, we must reckon it dead in trespasses and sins till we come to rend the veil and be resurrected into the true God the Invisible Image of the Risen Christ who is made a Quickening Spirit which takes us back to our original image in the garden as before they fell into the view of fleshly beings they were spirits. We are commanded to be spiritually minded and not carnally minded. To be carnally mind is the Law of Sin and Death and it reveals the Lying Sign and Wonders to us by telling us we are in the Flesh and we must eat of the Dust and what grows from it all our days, but it is a lying vanity, we have never been flesh, we have always been Spirit! We was trapped by a lie which was the flesh and we was changed into an image like the beast from a truth into a Lie, but we rend the veil and see we was never beast, where as the others as Jesus and John said are truly of their father the Devil and they are Beast, having no heavenly father and no hope of Eternal Life. We as Nebuchadnezzar, fell from our first estate and then we changed back after 7 times passed over us as to the Church Ages and as to Samson's 7 locks growing back and then to the Jews it is the 7 yrs of Tribulation when they will be changed back from the beast image to their true form. All of the entirety of the Book of Revelations is the Holy of Holies, the declaring of the End from the Beginning and the beginning from the End. To the Religious Serpent it is from The Great White Throne to the Garden to be the Beast, but to the Saints it is from the garden to the Holy of Holies as we ascend back to heaven the beast fall to the Earth, this is the Cross Experience. So when you remove the Veil to see and enter into the Holy of Holies, you have removed the veil of Time and the Shadows from Calvary and you see HIM, God, Face to face, seeing His Wonderful Eternal Mind before the veils and shadows of death ever came, and it brings us back to our beginning as Calvary is at last Unveiled! and We see who we are and have always been, The Sons and Daughters of God eternal, Powerful, Wealthy, Blessed forever, Royal, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresence as God! Amen and Amen! PHN