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Here are instructions on how to "pay" in another form of LEGAL TENDER any Notice of Fine from the courts.

1) Take the Notice of Fine and detach the Payment Advice / Remittance Advice on the bottom third from the top portion usually a Statement of Account ........ bearing in mind that payment means..... the performance of a duty, promise, or obligation, or the discharge of a debt or liability, by the delivery of money or other value. Also the money of the other thing so delivered.

. and ; remittance according to BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY FIRST EDITION means ........ Money sent by one person to another, either in specie, bill of exchange, cheque, or otherwise.

2) On the top portion write the following : "Accepted for Value Received" Sign it Date it Your Social Security Number (same as WINZ# or Superannuation#) If you do not have a Social Security Number, use the number "111 111 111" 3) Place a five (5) cent stamp on the top portion 4) Place another five (5) cent stamp on the front of the Payment Advice 5) Ask the Post office to cancel each stamp.

6) On the front of the Payment Advice, cross out the word "Advice" so that it just says "Payment" 7) On the back of the Payment Advice Sign it Write "Payable to: Ministry of Justice" 8) Put both documents into the same envelope and post them to the address given for payments to be sent do. Send them by Registered Post, signature required. 9) DO NOT attach the papers to each other, and DO NOT do anything else that is not in the above instructions, no matter how good an idea it appears. So now we can have some more fun. I also add we should follow correct service procedure and retain a copy and proof of service.