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Compiled by Periander A. Esplana

A. Evidences of Scientific Creationism

I. The Theory of Biological Abrupt Appearance of Living Organisms
1. The Paleontology Argument of Systematic Abrupt Appearances
2. The Paleontology Argument of Systematic Gaps
3. The Comparative Morphology Argument of Systematic Similarity and
4. The Information Content Argument of Vast Complexity
5. The Genetics Argument of Limited Change
6. The Comparative Discontinuity Argument of Extensive Anomalies
II. The Theory of Biochemical Abrupt Appearance of the First Life
1. The Information Content Argument of Incredible Complexity
2. The Probability Argument of Statistical Plausibility
3. The Isomers Argument of Left-Handed Amino Acids and Right-Handed
4. The Biogenesis Argument of Life from Life
5. The Thermodynamics Argument of Increasing Disorder
III. The Theory of Cosmic Abrupt Appearance of the Universe
1. The Thermodynamics Argument
2. The Information Content Argument
3. The Anthropic Principle Argument
4. The Heterogeneity Argument
5. The Galaxy and Star Formation Argument
6. The Radiohalos Argument
W. R. Bird, The Origin of Species Revisited: The Theories of Evolution and of Abrupt
Appearance (2 Volumes), Nashville: Regency, 1991, Vol. 1, 551 pp.
551 pp.

B. Evidences Against Evolutionism

I. Evolution Does Not Occur in the Here and Now
1. The Classification of Biological Organisms Today
2. The Unprogressive Nature of Biologic Change
3. The Twilight of Natural Selection
4. The Wistful Search for Good Mutations
5. Imperfections as Evolution
II. Evolution Never Occurred in the Long Ago
1. Fossils: the Alleged Proof of Evolution
2. Where are the Evolutionary Transitions?
3. The Chordates and the Vertebrates
4. Alleged Transitional Forms
III. Neither Did It Happen in the Recent Past
1. The Horse Family Bush
2. The Tale of Walking Whales
3. Men, Monkeys, and Missing Links
4. The Australopithecines
5. The Enigma of Homo Erectus
6. The Uniqueness of Human Language
IV. Evolution Never Happen at All
1. Punctuated Equilibrium – Evolution’s Last Stand
2. Evolutionary Stagnation
3. The Need for Extinctions
4. Living Fossils
5. Dinosaurs and Dragons
V. Evolution Is Not Even Possible
1. The Law of Cause and Effect
2. The Laws of Thermodynamics Versus Evolution
3. The Vacuous Open-System Argument
4. Criteria for a Growth Process
5. Order Through Chaos and Dissipation
6. The Ubiquitous Entropy Principle
VI. The Probability of Life is Zero
1. The Probability Barrier
2. Zero Probability
3. The Improbability of Any Kind of Order
4. Life and the Second Law
5. Complexity and Cosmic Bootstraps
6. Conditions in the Primeval Soup
7. Rampant Speculation
VII. The Heavens Don’t Evolve, Either
1. Creation and the Cosmos
2. The Supposed Evolutionary Big Bang
3. The Inflationary Universe
4. Problems with the Big Bang
5. Cosmic Fantasies
6. Mysteries of the Heavenly Bodies
VIII. Circumstantial Evidences Say No to Evolution
1. Vestigial Organs – Useful After All
2. Evidence from Embryos
3. The Witness of Biogeography
4. The Insignificance of Similarities
5. Chaotic Genetics
6. The Unstandard Time of Molecular Clocks
7. Junk DNA and Vestigial Genes
IX. The Rocks and Fossils Tell of Sudden Death
1. Return to Catastrophism
2. Surprising Testimonies of Catastrophism
3. Stop Continental Drift
4. One Worldwide Cataclysm
X. The Geologic Ages Are Vanishing
1. Circular Reasoning in Geology
2. The Supposed Order of the Fossils
3. Anomalies in the Evolutionary Order
4. The Anomalous Climate of the Ancient World
XI. Really, How Old Is the Earth?
1. The Beginning of History
2. The Human Population
3. Radiocarbon and the Young Earth
4. The Decaying Magnetic Field
5. Decaying Comets
6. Down to the Sea
7. The Uncertain Sound of Radiometric Dating
Henry M. Morris and John D. Morris, The Modern Creation Trilogy (3 Volumes), Green
Forest: Master Books, 1996, Vol. 2, 343 pp.

C. Evidences for the Existence of God

I. The Evidence of Reality
1. There’s No Escape
2. Faith Founded On Fact
II. The Evidence of Knowledge
1. Relativism is Self-Refuting
2. Some Facts are Undeniable
3. Love Tolerates People But Tells Them the Truth
4. Absolute Truth Presupposes Some Absolute Reality
III. The Evidence of Existence
IV. The Evidence of the Universe’s Beginning
V. The Evidence of the Universe’s Fitness for Life
1. A “Just Right” Universe
2. A “Just Right” Solar System
3. A “Just Right” Earth
VI. The Evidence of Life’s Origin
VII. The Evidence of Life’s Intelligent Design
VIII. The Evidence of a Fallen World
IX. The Evidence of the Bible’s Reliability
X. The Evidence of the Bible’s Accuracy
XI. The Evidence of the Bible’s Fulfilled Prophecy
XII. The Evidence of the Bible’s Profound Wisdom
1. Christian Faith: Neither Superstition Nor Skepticism
2. The Bible: the Original Charter of Human Rights
3. What a Few American Leaders Have Said About the Bible
XIII. The Evidence of Jesus’ Life
XIV. The Evidence of Jesus’ Claims
XV. The Evidence of Jesus’ Death
XVI. The Evidence of Jesus’ Empty Tomb
XVII. The Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection Appearances
XVIII. The Evidence of Those Who Lived for Christ
XIX. The Evidence of Those Who Died for Christ
XX. The Evidence of the Uniqueness of Christ
Kenneth D. Boa & Robert M. Bowman, 20 Compelling Evidences that God Exists:
Discover Why Believing in God Makes So Much Sense, Manila: Lighthouse Books,
2002, 317 pp.

D. Evidences for Christianity

I. Creator as Real
1. Required Idea (or Need) – Three Ontological Arguments
a. Necessarily
b. Existent
c. Eternal
d. Deity
2. Eternal Uncaused-Cause – Three Cosmological Arguments
3. Architect-Designer of Life – Three Teleological Arguments
a. Law of Biogenesis
b. Irreducible Complexity
c. Fossil Absences
d. Entropy over Time
4. Life-Generating Person – Three Anthropological Arguments
II. Gospels as True
1. Textual Integrity – Passing Three Bibliographic Tests
2. Reliable Authorship – Four Portraits: One Case
a. Christ (Messiah) – Matthew’s theme
b. Anointed Servant – Mark’s theme
c. Savior of the World – Luke’s theme
d. Eternal Word – John’s theme
3. Undeniably Real History – Internal & External Evidence
a. Realistic Self-Damaging Data
b. Eyewitness-Based Accounts
c. Archeological Corroboration
d. Life-Changing Impact
4. External Corroboration – Works of Josephus, Tacitus & Pliny
III. Christ as Fact
1. Fulfilled Christ Prophecies – Six Messiahnic Facts
a. Clear Davidic Lineage
b. Humble Bethlehem Birth
c. Royal Jerusalem Colt Ride
d. Internal Betrayal By Friend
e. Suffering While Lots Cast
f. Tomb Corpse Resurrection
2. Authority Factors – Seven God-man Powers
a. Forgiveness of Sins
b. Acceptance of Worship
c. Control of Nature
d. Teaching Authority
e. Ordering of Demons
f. Raising of the Dead
g. Salvation Proclamations
3. Claims of Divinity – The Trilemma: Liar, Lunatic or Lord
4. Tomb Empty – Five Resurrection Evidences
a. Eyewitnesses of Jesus
b. Moved Security Stone
c. Preaching of the First Apostles
d. Turin’s Shroud
e. Your Most Cogent Option
IV. Kerygma as Life
1. Love, Godly, Beget Incarnate Breath, since
2. Imperfection, Sinful, Wrought Human Death, so
3. Forgiveness, At Calvary, Christ Attained, that
4. Eternal Life, God’s Gift – thru Faith - We Gain
a. Forsake Sin & Repent
b. Accept Christ as Lord
c. Increase Love for God/Others
d. THink & Act Christ-like
David J. Carlson, Why Christ? A Concise, 21st-Century Handbook on Christian
Apologetics Using an Easy-to-Memorize Diamond of Defense to Champion a Cogent,
Compelling, Cumulative Case for Four Core Beliefs, Quezon City: National Book Store,
2006, 178 pp.

E. Evidences for the Inspiration of the Bible

I. Scientific revelations: The Bible reveals knowledge and scientific insights beyond
anything the Biblical author could have known at the time of writing.
Exhibit #1: The Genesis creation account
Exhibit #2: We descend all from Adam, Eve and Noah
Exhibit #3: Telomeres - we cannot live forever
Exhibit #4: The Ark of Noah
Exhibit #5: Timing of circumcision
Exhibit #6: Hygiene and contagious diseases
Exhibit #7: Dietary rules for a healthy life
Exhibit #8: Rules against incest
II. Prophecies: The Bible predicts events that are accurately fulfilled later in history.
Exhibit #9: Isaiah's Cyrus prophecy
Exhibit #10: Daniel's world empire prophecies
Exhibit #11: Ezekiel's Tyre prophecy
Exhibit #12: Jesus' Jerusalem prophecy
Exhibit #13: Daniel's "seventy sevens"
Exhibit #14: other Messianic prophecies
III. Unity: Written throughout 15 centuries by more than 40 authors, the Bible
presents one, and only one plan for salvation through Christ from the just wrath of
Exhibit #15: The plan of redemption
IV. Ability to transform lives: Like no other book, the Bible continues to have the
power to radically transform the lives of its readers – many times instantly.
Exhibit #16: Evidence of changed lives
Exhibit #17: The testimony of Jesus Christ
V. Testimony of Christ: The Bible is declared to be the Word of God by the Son of
Exhibit #17: The testimony of Jesus Christ
VI. Evidence of design: There are a structures, messages, and symbolic prophecies
hidden beneath the surface of Bible texts which cannot be explained by chance and
coincidence alone.
Illustration #1: The Bible codes
Illustration #2: The heptadic structure of the Bible
Illustration #3: Isaac, a symbolic prophecy about Jesus
Illustration #4: The tribal camps in the desert

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