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PART 1336—NATIVE AMERICAN 1336.71 Administrative costs.

1336.72 Fiscal requirements.
PROGRAMS 1336.73 Eligible borrowers.
1336.74 Time limits and interest on loans.
Subpart A—Definitions 1336.75 Allowable loan activities.
1336.76 Unallowable loan activities.
1336.10 Definitions. 1336.77 Recovery of funds.
AUTHORITY: 42 U.S.C. 2991 et seq.
Subpart B—Purpose of the Native
SOURCE: 48 FR 55821, Dec. 15, 1983, unless
American Programs
otherwise noted.
1336.20 Program purpose.
Subpart A—Definitions
Subpart C—Native American Projects
1336.30 Eligibility under sections 804 and 805 § 1336.10 Definitions.
of the Native American Programs Act of For the purposes of this part, unless
1974. the context otherwise requires:
1336.31 Project approval procedures. Act means the Native American Pro-
1336.32 Grants.
1336.33 Eligible applicants and proposed ac- grams Act of 1974, as amended (42
tivities which are ineligible. U.S.C. 2991 et seq.).
1336.34 Notice of ineligibility. Alaskan Native means a person who is
1336.35 Appeal of ineligibility. an Alaskan Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut,
or any combination thereof. The term
Subpart D—Evaluation also includes any person who is re-
1336.40 General. garded as an Alaskan Native by the
Alaskan Native Village or group of
Subpart E—Financial Assistance Provisions which he or she claims to be a member
and whose father or mother is (or, if
1336.50 Financial and administrative re- deceased, was) regarded as an Alaskan
1336.51 Project period.
Native by an Alaskan Native Village or
1336.52 Appeals. group. The term includes any Alaskan
Native as so defined, either or both of
Subpart F—Native Hawaiian Revolving whose adoptive parents are not Alas-
Loan Fund Demonstration Project kan Natives.
American Indian or Indian means any
1336.60 Purpose of this subpart.
individual who is a member or a de-
1336.61 Purpose of the Revolving Loan Fund.
1336.62 Definitions. scendant of a member of a North Amer-
1336.63 General responsibilities of the Loan ican tribe, band, Pueblo or other orga-
Administrator. nized group of native people who are
1336.64 Development of goals and strategies: indigenous to the Continental United
Responsibilities of the Loan Adminis- States, or who otherwise have a special
trator. relationship with the United States or
1336.65 Staffing and organization of the Re- a State through treaty, agreement, or
volving Loan Fund: Responsibilities of
the Loan Administrator.
some other form of recognition. This
1336.66 Procedures and criteria for adminis- includes any individual who claims to
tration of the Revolving Loan Fund: Re- be an Indian and who is regarded as
sponsibilities of the Loan Administrator. such by the Indian tribe, group, band,
1336.67 Security and collateral: Responsibil- or community of which he or she
ities of the Loan Administrator. claims to be a member.
1336.68 Defaults, uncollectible loans, liq- ANA means the Administration for
uidations: Responsibilities of the Loan
Native Americans within the Office of
1336.69 Reporting requirements: Respon- Human Development Services.
sibilities of the Loan Administrator. Applicant means an organization
1336.70 Technical assistance: Responsibil- which has applied for financial assist-
ities of the Loan Administrator. ance from ANA.


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Office of Human Development Services, HHS § 1336.32

Budget period means the interval of private agencies including ‘‘for-profit’’

time into which a project period is di- organizations.
vided for budgetary and funding pur- [48 FR 55821, Dec. 15, 1983, as amended at 53
poses, and for which a grant is made. A FR 23968, June 24, 1988; 53 FR 28223, July 27,
budget period usually lasts one year in 1988; 54 FR 3452, Jan. 24, 1989; 61 FR 42820,
a multi-year project period. Aug. 19, 1996]
Economic and social self-sufficiency
means the ability of Native Americans § 1336.31 Project approval procedures.
to define and achieve their own eco- (a) Each applicant for financial as-
nomic and social goals. sistance under section 803 of the Act
Indian tribe means a distinct political must submit a work plan that falls
community of Indians which exercises within the statutory requirements of
powers of self-government. the Act and meets the criteria of pro-
Native American means American In- gram announcements published by
dian, Indian, Native Hawaiian, and ANA in the FEDERAL REGISTER. If the
Alaskan Native, as defined in the Act, proposed project extends beyond one
or in this section. year, a work plan must be submitted
for the period of time specified by the
Project period means, for discre-
Commissioner in the Program An-
tionary grants and cooperative agree-
nouncement. ANA will determine
ments, the total time for which the re- whether to approve all, part, or none of
cipient’s project or program is ap- the requested work plan. Proposed
proved for support, including any ex- changes to the approved work plan
tension, subject to the availability of must receive the written approval of
funds, satisfactory progress, and a de- ANA prior to implementation by the
termination by HHS that continued recipient.
funding is in the best interest of the (b) ANA will negotiate the approved
Government. project goals, objectives, work plan,
Recipient means an organization and the funding level for each budget
which has applied for financial assist- period with each recipient.
ance, and to which financial assistance (c) The evaluation for the purpose of
is awarded under this Act. The term in- making an approval decision on each
cludes grantees and recipients of coop- proposed work plan will take into ac-
erative agreements. count the proposal’s conformance with
ANA program purposes and the recipi-
Subpart B—Purpose of the Native ent’s past performance and accomplish-
American Programs (d) Financial assistance awarded
§ 1336.20 Program purpose. under section 803 may be renewed by
ANA to grantees based on acceptable
The purpose of the Native American work plans and past performance.
Programs authorized by the Native
American Programs Act of 1974 is to (Approved by the Office of Management and
Budget under control number 0980–0016)
promote the goal of economic and so-
cial self-sufficiency for Native Ameri- § 1336.32 Grants.
Generally, financial assistance will
be made available for a one-year budg-
Subpart C—Native American et period and subsequent non-com-
Projects peting continuation awards with the
same project period will also be for one
§ 1336.30 Eligibility under sections 804 year. A recipient must submit a sepa-
and 805 of the Native American rate application to have financial as-
Programs Act of 1974.
sistance continued for each subsequent
Financial assistance under sections year, with the same project period, but
804 and 805 may be made to public or the continuation application need only


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