Under administrative direction, manage the City computer system development and
operations activities; provide professional assistance to City staff in information systems
development analysis. Assist in management of all information system activities throughout
the City by coordinating, planning, and evaluating operation of the system, to include systems
analysis, programming, computer operations, network administration and management, and
equipment and software acquisitions, installation and repair.
Supervision Received And Exercised
The Assistant City Administrator or his/her designee provides general supervision.
Responsibilities include direct supervision of any clerical positions assigned to help on an as
needed basis. This position will also coordinate technology tasks with the Library's
Automated Systems Technician.
Examples Of Duties
Design, acquire, install, customize, document and maintain all hardware and software.
Provide a point-of-contact for vendor support to departments. Maintain liaison with
equipment manufacturers and vendors to ensure satisfactory support.
Manage and provide direct technical and administrative support for the operation of the area
Novell networks Citywide.
Receive and prioritize requests for computer application development and assistance and
oversee the implementation process.
Resolve service complaints and implement corrective action on a timely basis. Repair or
return defective hardware/software or coordination with vendors for replacement of defective
Evaluate and recommend software for purchase and/or programmers who provide services to
the City.
City of Cannel-by-the-Sea
lnfonnation Systems/Network Manager (continued)
Examples Of Duties (continued)
Serve as liaison between the City and outside agencies in all matters pertaining to
information systems including database administration, computer operating systems,
networks, and Geo-graphical Information Systems.
Serve as system supervisor for managing the computer system including network security,
passwords, new user configurations, and changes to accommodate individual and
departmental needs.
Develops, recommends, justifies and monitors the annual budget for the citywide information
services program.
Drafts, recommends, and implements policies and procedures related to the use of the
citywide information system.
Insures proper maintenance, repair, and servicing of equipment.
As time permits and as prioritized by management develops and programs software systems
for City and departmental applications and oversees implementation of these programs.
Provide 24 hour support to emergency services (Police and Fire) computer operations with
timely response (preferably 1 hour). Assist in coordination of use of the Computer System in
the event of an emergency and develop disaster preparedness plans as they relate to the
computer system.
Maintains and updates detailed citywide computer inventory.
Confers with users to identify training needs and coordinates training schedule(s). May
conduct training as needs are determined.
Serve as Chairperson for Citywide computer users group.
Keeps informed regarding developments in computer technology and techniques affecting
City operations and distribute pertinent information to departments and users.
Attends outside organization meetings and training seminars as related to City needs.
Examples Of Duties (continued)
City of Cannel-by-the-Sea
Infonnation Systems/Network Manager (continued)
Provide monthly written and/or oral reports to management concerning the status of the
computer system, overall system performance, and status of current computer projects.
Maintains availability via phone and pager. Makes arrangements for computer system
coverage when unavailable, i.e. vacations, seminars.
Maintains accurate and complete records.
Other Job Related Duties
Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
Job Related And Essential Qualifications
Knowledge of:
Novell NetWare operating systems, architecture, and topologies.
Local and Wide Area networking systems design, integration and management.
Ethernet, ARCNet and X.25 protocols.
Microcomputer hardware troubleshooting, maintenance and network integration.
Microcomputer communications technology including Bulletin Board Systems, Internet
connectivity and TCP/IP communications protocols.
MicroSoft Windows installation, maintenance and trouble shooting on a Wide Area Network.
WordPerfect installation, maintenance and trouble shooting on a Wide Area Network.
Microsoft applications i.e., Office, Access, Excel, Presentations, Project, and other software
applications which may be installed on a Wide Area Network.
Various programming languages, including Basic and PYX.
Municipal financial systems and budget preparation.
Ability to:
Trouble shoot errors and quickly identify the source as being Network, DOS, application or
City of Cannel-by-the-Sea
Information Systems/Network Manager (continued)
Design, write, and debug computer programs in a variety of programming languages and
database systems.
Manage multiple priorities.
Communicate effectively with users who possess a widely diverse experience level in all
matters of computer automation.
Communicate effectively in written documents and orally with city staff, users and outside
agency representatives.
Conduct formal and informal training sessions.
Prepare written documentation and users guides for internal systems.
Deal effectively with Department Managers, City Staff and outside vendors.
Experience and Training Guidelines:
Any combination equivalent to experience and training that would provide the required
knowledge, skills, and abilities would be qualifYing. A typical way to obtain the knowledge,
skills, and abilities would be:
5 years experience with increasing responsible professional work in Novell network
administration and Management Information Systems.
Equivalent to graduation from an accredited 4-year educational institution with a major
course work in Application Programming, Business Data Processing, Computer Science, or
Management Information Systems.
Note: At the sole discretion of the City, extensive, applicable experience may be substituted
for 2 years of required education.
License or Certificate:
Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid driver's license.
City of Carmel-by-the-Sea
Information Systems/Network Manager (continued)
Possession of a certificate as a Certified Network Administrator, preferred.
Special Requirements:
Essential duties require the following physical skills and work environment:
Ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel crouch, stoop, squat, and lift 50 lbs.; ability to travel to
different facilities, availability for emergency on-call work during non-working hours; ability
to work in a standard office environment.
Effective Date:
Revisions Effective:
March 1997
July 1, 1998
POLICY NO. C03<-01
City ofCarmel-by-the-Sea
Computer, E-Mail and Internet Policy
A. The City of Cannel-by-the.;Sea computer, e-mail and Internet systems are
business tools made available to City employees In order to ellhance
efficiency andjob performance. The City's e-mail and Internet
systems are resources that are provided for the transmission of City
business and information.
B. The City of recognizes that the use of computers, e-mail
and the Internet by City employees· raises numerous policy issues with
respect to communication, creation of information and systems, retrieval
and storage ofrecords, and proper use of technology.
C. The City respects the individual privacy of its employees. However; an .
empl()yee cannot rea,sonably expect privacy rights to extend to work-related
conduct or to the use of City-owned equipment or supplies. The deletion of
a message or file sent or stored on electronic media by an employee may
not fully eliminate the message from the City's information system.
Additionally, information created or stored on electronic:; media .is generally
subject to public disclQsure under the Public Records Act or in litigation.
D. The general policyofthe City ofCarmel-by-tbe-Seais thatuseofCity
computer equipment, electronic facilities and electronic data are limited to
officiahCity purposes during working hours. Employees shall use the
information systems for City bl)siness during
working hours.
E. Electronic mail and information systems ofthe Cio/ shall also notbe used
in any wa)l that may be offensive to others or harmful. to morale. ,
For example, the City prohibits the display or transmission ofsexually
expliditimages, messages, or cartoons,. or any tram;,mission: or use of e-mail
comtn1Jnications that contain ethnic slurs; r&cialepithets Qt anythfug that
maybe c(mstrued as barassmentordispataging of base<fon race,
national origin, color, sex, sexual age, disability, or religious or
political beliefs.
F. The followfug policies apply to the use of computers, Internet
and all other electronic media by City employees and independent
con.tra<:;tors who .are authorized to use City· equipmentduring·working
Policy No.
Page Two
A. Although employees have individual access codes to their computers,
and computer network systems, these systems are City property and are accessible
at all times by the City, and may be subJect to periodic unannounced inspections
by the City. The. City has the ability and may access all phone-mail, e;.mail, and
computer accounts without the use of passwords at any time. The City may also
monitor any activity on. its .information systems including, but not limited to, the
monitoring of individual keystrokes, trackiJ:Ig of activity, and examination of any
files in the system. Backup copies of e-mail, personal computer files and phone
mail are maintained and can be referenced for business and JegaJ
R. System security features including passwords and message· delete functions do not
negate in any way the Cityts ability to access any message at any time. Employees
are advised that the possibility of such access by City management always exists.
Therefore, employees should have no expectation that electronic communications
or the storage ofinformation: on electronic media is confidential.
A. Employees. are expected to use the e·mail, phone-mail, and computer network
systems for· business during working hours. Personal.purposes include, but
are not limited soliciting or proselytizing for commercial religio-us or
political causes, outside organizations, orothet riottwjob related activities. AU
personal use of such systems, excepting infrequent incidental personal use that
does notadversely affectthe employment, is subject to disciplinary action and is
ther.efore done attheemployee's uw.nrisk and includes offhottt usage.
B. Employees are prohibitedfrom using the City's infonnation systems in any way
that may be disruptive or offensive to iuf.';luding, but not limited to,·the of sexually explicit cartoons, ethnic or racial slurs, or
aJ:Iythingthat may be constmed.a:s harassment or disparagement of others.
C. Use ofthe. City's information systemsfor any of the following purposes is always
1. Tofacilitateapriva:te purpose;
2.. To harass any individual;
3. To conduct ongoing personal business;
4. to commit any crinle or fraud;
To attempt unauthorized access ofanother's account
Policy No. C03-0l
Page Three
6. To transmit sensitive or privileged information to unauthorized
persons or organizations;
7. To transmit obscene or indecent•messages; or
8. To engage. fu.any other activity inE!ppropriatc for a City employee.
A. Employees shall not
I. InstaU· programs on the City computer system (including but not
limited to virus checking and screen>savers) without the prior written
consent of the Deparfinent Director and the Information ·
Systems/Network Manager, or each oftbeir designees;
2. Use computers, includfuglaptops and personal computers, Qn City
work that are not owned or leased .by the City for use by employees
orconnect such computers to the City informati<>
withoutthe prior written consent ofthe Department Director and
Info:rmation Systems/Network a n a g e t ~ or each of their designees;
3. Use the access cod¢s ofother employees to gain access to their e.,
mail and phone-mail messages, or miy computer account;
Disclose an account password of otherwise make the account
available to others, or,
5. In:fiinge on others' access and use oftherCity's computers, including
but not limited to:
a) The sending of excessive messages,. either locally or .off-site;
b) Unauthorized modification of system facilities, operatirig
systems ot disk partitiQns;
c) Attelripting to crash or tie up a City computer or networlq
d) Damaging or vandalizing City computing facilities,
equipment, sofhvare, or compl!t(')r files;
e) Intentiomtlly develop or 'liSe programs which disrupt other
computer users or which access private ortestr.icted portions
of the system and/or damage the software or hardware
components of the system;
Policy No. C03-0J
Page Four
f) · Install or use a modern on City owned or leased computers
without the prior written consent of the Department Director
and Information Systems Manager, or each oftheh: designees;
g) Forward or reproduce communications marked attorney-client
privileged or confidential withoutthe prior consent of the
City Adn1inistrator and/or the City Attorney; ot
h) Violate any federal, state or local law in the use of City
information systems.
A. AU permanent City records, .including those stored on paper and electronic
media, are governed by the mandatory public disclosure requirements of
the ·Public Records Act (Government Code section 6250 et seq.) and the
limited exceptions thereto.
B. Public Records requests shall be handled in accordance with Government
Code section 6250 et seq. Any questions requiring of the
Public Records Act .in order to comply with a public records requestshal1
be directed to the City Attorney.
C. The City reserves the right for any reason toaccess and disclose all
messages and other information sent or received by electronic means or
stored on electronic media.
D. The City has the right to delete or retain any or allmessages orother
informatio11 sent or received by electronic means or stored on electronic
media by a City employee, who is no longer employed by the City.
A. 'The City shall maintain all e-mailmessage.s, whether sent or received, that
are determined by staffto be official records for the period of time
desig11ated in the •• retention. schedule by printing and saving a
paper file or by preserving them or hard drive). All
other e-mail messages are considered transitory, subject to imtnediate
a11d areJlotpreserved .in the ordinary course of business. E..;mai1
communications that are not intended to be retained and which serve no
useful purpose to the City (transitory communications) will be
automatically deleted after a period .of30 days,
Policy No. C03..;0 l
Page Five
B. Except as provided fo:r above
by default, e-mail messages are
electronically deJeted from the-infonnation system database.
A. The City'_s computet network and/or internet access-is_ provided for a
limited governmentpurp:ose and all activities using the Internet shall be
work-.related. to the Internet may be regulated by
department poUcy as determined by the department
B. notusetbe Internet in anyma,uner that causes confidential
or sensitive information to be subject to eavesdropping or interception by
unauthorized Employees<shall 'liotfiansmitproprietaty, private,
confidential, sensitive, ot persona:ll.nfomtation ovei" the Internet.,
c. Use of the Internet or the World Wide-web for ap.y of the following
P'QIPQSes ·is .Pr<>bibitY(I: ·
1. To access any obscene, indecent, or pornographic material;
2. To pirate software or other material;
to play games;_
4. To in "¢h,tl;tr<>oms";
5," To c011duct iUega] activities.
However, if fu the cours.e.·of research for a.particular case orassigmnentan
employee. requites: access to suchJnternet or Wodd Wide Web the
employee shall obtam prior Written approval ftom the;department:direcwr
or hi$ Q,r .
N« shall violate: any Obpyrlght or llcensl.'fto software. or othet online
infotmation(inclndfug, ·butn6tlimitedto, text Images, icous, etc;)
whether ereated by fl1e. Citj qt any or ··
.'PtPUibiteqpersonalor.o.therinappropriate use ofthe City's Information Systems
may tesuitinJuss: ofCity'lnf<lrmatibfi Systetfisprii;ilegesand disciplinaty action
up to and inCluding, termination from t\n:Y' di$cipJWary· aqtion aU!)fflg
from violation of this Policy be in with the City pf Carmel-by-· ·
:Person.nel ).{ule$ ·

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