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RBH Access Technologies
RBH was established in 1995 and released its first AxiomIII™ system in the fall of 1996. To date Axiom ™ systems have been implemented in many languages around the world. Drawing on decades of experience in the Electronic Access Control markets, RBH’s founders insisted that Innovation, Quality, Integrity, and Value be the cornerstones of the company and its products – and that the advantages resulting from dedication to these principles flow to its dealers and customers. RBH continues to invest in research and development to provide innovative and effective products that address the ever-growing market demands for open, stable, and scalable integrated security management systems.

• Innovation • Quality • Integrity • Value

Central & South America.RBH Worldwide RBH Head Office also serving: Mexico. and Australia Company Info ARAS -RBH Group (UK) ARAS Group Netherlands ARAS Group Denmark RBH Quebec RBH U. Asia.A. Canada ARAS Group Belgium RBH China RBH Middle East & South Asia • Strong • Global • Multilingual • Flexible .S. Africa. RBH W.

000 Readers (under construction) • Largest completed system: 1.700 readers.000 Systems in the field • Largest system: 16.000 cardholders and over 30 clients • Multi-site Systems for the Fortune 500 • Large and small housing projects • Large and small manufacturing facilities • Various Healthcare and Educational facilities • Government. 39. Law Enforcement and Military Sites • Diverse range of satisfied customers .RBH Clients Company Info • Installations on 5 continents in over 100 countries • Over 20.

RBH Product Lines Integrated Access Control & Alarm Monitoring System 2 to 64 Doors Unlimited Capacity and Alarm Panels Enterprise Security Management System .

and Video Surveillance into an elegant and versatile building management and security system. • Unlimited System Size • Multi-Server Architecture • MS-SQL 2000 or MSDE • Internet Communications • TCP/IP Alarm Monitoring • AxiomLinks™ Automation • Advanced Reporting • CCTV & DVR Control • Interactive Maps • Elevator Control • Universal ASCII Ports • E-mail & SMS • For Large Multi-Site/-Tenant Systems .MSDE 2000 Axiom V™ Enterprise Security Management System seamlessly integrates Access Control. Alarm Monitoring.

RS232/422 32bit Processor Memory: 256K-16MB 2. IOC-16 In/Output Controller 16 Relays (SPDT) or 16 Inputs (Supervised) Configure I/O Ratio in the field Bi-directional Comm. RC-2 Reader Controller 2 Doors 8 Outputs: 4xSPDT. .System Layout NC-100 Network Controller TCP/IP.6 MB/s C-Net Bi-directional Comm.4v12VDC 8 Inputs (Supervised) Bi-directional Comm.

distributed system architecture. • Up to 15 NC-100s could link together by supervised bi-directional communications. extremely fast 32-bit . expandable memory and flash firmware • The NC-100 Controller is designed to operate on or off-line with full functionality through its embedded distributed processing power. • Supports TCP/IP over local and wide area networks.NC-100 Network Controller • Modular design. • Power of the Distributed Intelligence . • Supports 4 RC-2 Reader Controllers and16 IOC-16 Input/Output Controllers.

8 Failsafe/-secure Outputs and 2 Reader ports. • Multiple built-in. protection status indication and monitoring.RC-2 Reader Controller • The RC-2 is one of the most rugged and reliable reader controllers on the market. • Built-in fire signal and cabinet tamper. Flexible and Reliable . regulated power supplies.. • Supports fully supervised bi-directional communications. • Built-in lightning protection • Robust. • Supports 8 Fully supervised Inputs. • Supports readers of ANY technology with up to 5 different card formats per reader.

• Supports fully supervised bi-directional communications. • All input points can be individually configured for one of seven levels of supervision. ranging from no supervision to maximum security. Built-in lightning protection. • Multiple built-in. • Configure functionality in the field .IOC-16 Input/Output Controller • Fully field configurable. regulated power supplies with protection status indication and monitoring. allowing any one of the 16 I/O ports to be used either as an input or an output. Built-in fire signal and cabinet tamper supervision. dual resistor supervision.

powerful and flexible interface .Main Screen General View • Modern.

Main Screen Alarm Management • Sophisticated Alarm Management .

Status and Configuration .Main Screen Status and Commands • Control.

Main Screen Interactive Map • Live Status and Complete Control .

Main Screen Visual Verification • Configure each workstation .

panels. Etc.Main Screen General View • Customize your toolbars. .

• Modern.Database Cardholder. powerful and flexible interface . Schedules. Etc.

ASCII. E-mail and DVR integration .Database Advanced Features • Link.

Tools Copy Wizard • Speed up large system configuration .

Reporting History and Database • Configure History and Database reports .

DVR Integration Configuration • Multiple DVR makes supported simultaneously • IP Port assignment and Password protection • Associate with hardware points and PTZ shots .

Map and Log screens • Control Doors.DVR Integration • Universally accessible from Status. inputs and outputs from video screen • Multiple DVR makes supported simultaneously .

• 8 or 4-zone. PANIC buttons • Fully functional without controller/computer • Condominium Alarm System .System Features Axiom™ SafeSuite™ has been specifically designed for condominium living to allow for flexible offsite notification and onsite interaction with the building's common area. INSTANT • User codes are programmable from suite • User-selectable door chime and zone bypass • Alarm memory and zone status • Single press FIRE. HOME. fully supervised alarm control panel • 3 arming mode… AWAY. AUXILIARY. while maintaining individual suite control.

Layout .

Features Door is Locked 1st Swipe Access Granted! 2nd Swipe Door is Unlocked! Lock Unlock e l bpe u i w Do S 2 Use an authorized card twice in a row to unlock the door .

Features Door is Unlocked 1st Swipe Access Granted! 2nd Swipe Door is Locked! Lock Unlock e l bpe u i w Do S 2 Use an authorized card twice in a row to lock the door .

Features High Security is Off Swipe card 4 times High Security is On! Lock Unlock High Security e r l u e b o u p F wi Do S 2 4 Use an authorized card four in a row to turn on High Security Mode . .We welcome your questions… Visit our website: www.

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