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Question bank 1 (2012-2013)

Paper 1 Questions

What order should the cards be in? A 5362147 B 1536274 C 5632174 D 1453627

10 A rectangular block is made of clay of density of 1800 kg/m3

The block is re-shaped into one which is twice as long and half as thick

What is now the density of the clay? A 450 kg/m3 B 900 kg/m3 C 1800 kg/m3 D 3600 kg/m3

11 A stopwatch is used to time a toy train around a track 2 times. The diagram shows the watch at the start and at the end of the two rounds.

How long did one round take? A 45.7 s B 46.0 s C 22.5 s D 23 s

12 The digital stopwatches show the finishing times of two runners in a race

What is the difference between the two runners? A 1.14 s B 7.28 s C 8.42 s D 15.70 s


13 Which statement is true about the weight of an object? A. B. C. D. Its weight is the same everywhere. Its weight is measured in kilograms. Its weight is the force of gravity on it. Its weight is zero on the moon.

14 The diagram shows some liquid in a measuring cylinder. The mass of the liquid is 16 g. What is the density of the liquid? A. B. C. D. 320 g/cm3. 36 g/cm3. 1.25 g/cm3. 0.8 g/cm3.

15 A regular cheese cube of side 2.0 cm is placed on a balance gives reading of 7.2 g. What is the density of the cube? A. B. C. D. 0.90 g / cm3 1.2 g / cm3 1.8 g / cm3 3.6 g / cm3

16 If you have an error in reading due to angle of view, this will be called A. Zero error B. Parallax error C. Ruler error D. Digital error

17 If the reading of micrometer to measure the thickness of a wire is 2.93 mm, and the zero error was 0.1 mm, so the true thickness is A. 1.93 mm B. 2.83 mm C. 2.92 mm

D. 2.931 mm

18 If the thickness of 200 pages note is 2 cm, so the thickness of only one page is A. 100 cm B. 0.01 cm C. 100 mm D. 0.01 mm

19 One of these is not related to the concept of weight of the body A. It may be changed from one place to another B. It can be measured by spring balance C. It is the same on moon as earth D. It depends on the gravity of the planet 20 Volume can be calculated with these methods except A. Multiplying the area of base of regular shape times its height B. Multiplying length, width and height of sphere. C. Multiplying the length of one side of the cube time itself three times. D. Subtracting the new (bigger) volume of a liquid after adding the object in a measuring cylinder minus the first (smaller) volume of the liquid

Paper 2 Questions
Imagine that you live beside a busy road. One of your neighbors thinks that many of the vehicles are travelling faster than the speed limit for the road. You decide to check this by measuring the speeds of some of the vehicles. (a) Which two quantities will you need to measure in order to find the speed of a vehicle, and which instruments would you use to measure them? Quantity measured Instrument used

.. .. [4]

(b) State the equation you would use to calculate the speed of the vehicle. If you use symbols, state what your symbols mean. .. .. [1]

2 One lorry travels from your town to another town. The lorry has 66 km/h average speed between the towns, the journey between the towns takes 20 minutes. Calculate the distance between the towns.

distance = .......................................... km


3 Physical quantities are divided into scalar and vector ones (a) State what is the difference between the scalar and vector physical quantities. Scalar physical quantity

Vector physical quantity

(b) State three examples for each of them Scalar examples Vector examples