Omkar Training Services Private Limited

Omkar Training Services Private Limited

Hospital Training Solutions
Making unemployed rural Indians 'industry ready'.

OTS - Hospital Training Services
Wants to bridge the gap between the high demand for quality workers in hospitals and shortage of their supply by providing world class digital training material at very low price to unemployed illiterate Indians in their native language.

The Market Problem
India faces an acute shortage of over 6.4 million workers in the health sector with Uttar Pradesh alone accounting for a shortfall of 1 million professionals, according to a study undertaken by the Public Health Foundation of India for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reported in The Hindu.

One billion people are affected by global shortage of healthcare workers

Our Insight
Technology driven graphical (picture based) content along with local language voice over can be used to help illiterate unemployed rural population to get better equipped for hospital industry jobs can solve this problem. Rapid decline of Internet, computer, mobile & smartphone prices in recent years has resulted in its skyrocketing penetration in India (including rural areas) US NGO MyHERO has been using technology to deliver healthcare education to rural population. Reference

Accelerated shortage of workers
With increasing lifestyle related ailments as well as increasing awareness & progress in modern medicines, the load on already overloaded healthcare industry is expected to grow steadily. With increase in choice of occupation in urban and rural areas, its important to make getting into health care industry simpler, easier, cheaper and quickly rewarding.

Our Business Proposition
● Is to solve the workforce shortage problem by enabling Governments, NGOs , Hospitals to come on same platform via our solutions comprising of : ○ Mobile & desktop interactive Training delivery ○ Cloud based centralized analytics ○ Job boards ● And create this offering by using funds for : ○ Cost of detailed research of hospital needs ○ Creation of training material & local language voice over instructions ○ Technology development ○ Marketing Efforts ● In short its a highly scalable, quickly deployable & sustainable lean business solution, perfectly targeted.

How the business process will work
Make Training materials available to the potential workforce Identify potential pilot Hospitals, NGOs and Govt bodies

Generate money via ● Products ● Services ● Analytics

Pitch our services and products to Hospitals & others

Proof of Concept
Rural self study experiment with Ethiopian children have been learning without teachers.

This is a similar training model by the One Laptop Per Child organization that has shown “encouraging” results.

Market Size & Potential
Increasing population and urbanisation in India Increasing career options within health care industry & speciality hospitals Our Target : 18-24 age group has the highest incidence of smartphone users (13%)

Our Apps / software will be offline and will not depend on unreliable data plan / internet.

There will be massive need for technology driven training solutions in health care Industry

CD & DVD players have reached virtually every village household

Shortage of trainers in health care domain

Increasing Medical Tourism for low cost as well as better quality in India

Ever accelerating developments in medicine and hospital technologies

Decreasing cost to travel abroad and increasing demand and pay for workforce abroad

Competition Mapping
● There are few NABH Accreditation training organisation in India but their focus is mid or large urban hospitals. ● Some international NGOs are targeting this domain but none of them have dedicated pan India presence and neither is their focus on rural workforce training specifically for hospitals. ● We will have an early mover advantage and potential opportunity for sector dominance.

Go To Market Plan
Identify potential pilot Hospitals, NGOs and Govt bodies Research and Data Collection Develop Training Products and freeze service offerings

Generate money via

● Training ● Target Advertisements ● Analytics ● Placements

Pitch our services and products to Hospitals & others

Make Training materials available to the potential workforce

Core Strategy : Why will this work?
● Industry driven desperate need of time. ● Proven model for content delivery (one laptop per child) ● Extremely Scalable. ● High unemployment rates in rural India ● Future needs are expected to be even higher ● Virtually no competition ● Technical deployment infrastructure already in place in most geographical areas (CD/DVD Players,Multimedia Desktops & Smartphones) ● Hospitals have been willingly paying for training of existing staff & new hiring of quality staff.

Financial Model
Invest upfront in market research, training module development and technology

Earn quickly by selling digital training products

Earn gradually via placements & training services.

Earn also via in app advertising, sms, co branding, etc

Build Long term profitable partnerships - with Hospitals, Hospital Equipment Makers, Hospital Supplies Providers, Hospital Infrastructure creators / maintainers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Specialist Doctors, Medical Colleges, etc

What are we looking for?

US$ 847,800
This covers the basic CapEx & 3 years of Cash Cost

Utilization of Funds over 3 years
Cost Head Cost Per Month in US$ 5000 1000 250 300 Cost for 36 Months in US$ 180000 36000 9000 10800 Two Directors Office Rent General office Bandwidth, Hosting, Maintenance etc Averaged at 1000$ per person per month Travel for research, marketing and partnerships Test Marketing, PR Cost, Media Publicity etc. CapEx + Costs for 3 years Notes

Salary Cost of two founders Occupancy Rate Office overheads Technology Cost
Engineers / Developer 3, UI/UX Designers 1, Content writers creators / editors 4, Marketing 3, admin/account 1



Travelling & Accommodation



Advertising & Promotions TOTALS

2000 23550

72000 847800

Breakeven Plan
Revenue Medium US$ Per Instance Multiple Instances per entity 100 Multiple entities Total

Advertisements within the training Content (2/5th) Training material sale (2/5th) Retainership & Data access fees from Hospital (1/5th)













2. 3. 4. 5.

8,000,000 is known shortage of ward boys as of today. Ref Undocumented need could be even more. Assuming 10,000,000 as wardboys shortage today and about 10% reachout = 1,000,000 2,400,000 is known shortage of Nurses as of today. Ref Currently 25+ million people are unemployed in rural India Ref Additional possible sources of income not considered in this conservative projection.


Projections with better pricing & numbers
Revenue Medium US$ / Instance Instances / entity Multiple entities Total

Advertisements within the training Content Training material sale Retainership & Data access fees from Hospital Revenue (Total - 847,800) Investor share of net profit calculated as per 30% equity

0.0011 5 33 -

100 1 3 -

1,000,000 1,000,000 10,000 -

110,000 5,000,000 990,000 5,252,200 1,575,660






5$ (INR 300) is a reasonable price for training material + membership for much better job opportunities even in rural India 33$ (INR 2000) is easily affordable by even very small hospitals per year for getting workforce who are trained at least little bit. Hospital can also have particular user's detailed self-training statistics before hiring. It should be very easy to get 50 companies to spend 2200$ (INR 1,32,000) to advertise to at least 1 million rural Indians - at least 100 times each, @ 0.11 cents /impression Additional possible sources of income not considered in this projection.

Probable Threats
● International NGO / CSR funding similar project. ● Indian Union Govt deploying similar project in alliance with BSNL and/or local governments ● IT / Pharma industry syphoning our workforce. ● Automation of manual work by robots and computers in hospitals. ● Piracy of software & apps

Outcome of Business
From an IPO we create massive rural - urban channel for Hospital Industry as well as other related industries like pharma, recruitment, etc. Acquisition by Hospital chains like Apollo, Fortis or Sahyadri for sourcing people and even to create exclusive competitive advantage.

Exit via M&A or IPO

Acquisition by International Chain of hospital who wants to enter/expand into India, especially rural markets. Mutual funds may buy out Investor stakes
Advent has invested heavily in Care

Acquisition by mobile app development companies, training companies as well as placement/recruitment companies who want to get into rural India market

The Founders and Team
Omkar S. Nisal,Director , OTS Pvt Ltd He knows how to make business happen. Chaitrali O. Nisal, Director , OTS Pvt Ltd She knows how to architect and make technology happen.
They both have experience of numerous previous startups including hospital training services & IT Services. Various business mentors and guides across age-groups, geography and Industry.

Why OTS?
● OTS has been training workforce in many small & mid sized hospitals and thus are aware of some pain points first hand. We already had conducted some pilot tests for using technology for training the staff. ● OTS founders come from technology background and also have partnership with other technology companies as well. ● OTS is in process of creating joint venture with other successful partners who specialize in marketing, in rural solutions deployment arena and in working with NGOs & Govt of various emerging economies in Asia & Africa.

Did you have these questions in mind?
Q: Who will create the technology offerings? A: We have technology experience we will get things done inhouse. Q: How much time will it need? A: Our estimation is about 5 to 6 man-months. Q: How will you find local voice over talent? A: We already have shortlisted for English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. Q: How soon can this operation be started? A: In about 10 to 15 days of receiving first part of funding.

Did you have these questions in mind?
Q: How will to tackle Piracy issue? A: Assuming we will have 20 to 25% market share eaten by piracy, it still is a profitable proposition. Moreover pirated software means hospitals would not be able to track the training stats and we can charge the user (plus penalty) from user at the time of recruitment. Q: What will you do when there is a competition? A : User experience and speed of placement based on training statistical data would be our differentiator and value proposition. We of-course are expecting competition by the end of the first year. Yet its a huge virgin market, and even if we have 20 competitors, every one should be able to thrive.

Thank you for your attention.
Omkar Training Services Private Limited P22, Indrangari, Dahanukar Colony, Kothrud, Pune, India 411029 Omkar Nisal (Director) +919850230070

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