Personality Guide

Items that affect different personalities: Normal: Books: None Cleaning: Clean Napkin Clothes: Blue Hoodie, Stubble Hair Food: Buttered Cinnamon Toast, Hamburger and Fries, Toasted PB&J Cute: Books: Baby Unicorn's 1st Birthday, Princess Pony Beauty Tips Cleaning: Powder Puff Clothes: Red Bow, Heart Earrings Food: Joyful Cupcake, Wedding Cake, Sunday of Pure Ectasy, other sweetws Pretty: Books: Eyelashes 101, Beauty Tips for Round Faces, Princess Pony Beauty Tips Cleaning: Feather Duster Clothes: Pagent Hair, Blue Sundress, Star Earrings, Natural Auburn, Shaggy Cut Food: Sushi Boat, Rare Fruit Bowl, Fancy Pot Roast (if you can actually afford this one) Athletic: Books: Egg-Fu, Eggcercise, Shell of Steel Vol. 1, Hardboiled Yoga Cleaning: Gym Towel Clothes: Karate Gi, Karate Bely, Tough Guy Goatee Food: Juicy Turkey Leg, Bacon Wrapped Bacon, Hot dog w/Relish, other meat foods Nerdy: Books: Dragon Egg, Egg Space, Cosmic Cleaning: Psychedelic Towel Clothes: Wizard Hat, Cardboard Box, Reading Glasses, Moncular Food: School Pizza, Taco, Chalupa Dark: Books: Someday Everybody Will Die, Winny the Poe Cleaning: Leaf Clothes: Emo Cut Food: Misfortune Cookie, Forbidden Apple, Omllette of Regrette, Drama Brows Credit for certain Information goes to: Ravonna - All Dark Foods, 1 Normal Food Nightdaze - 1 Normal Food, Both Nerdy Clothes, 2 Nerdy Foods, Many other clothing Items guessulating - Most Cute Info, Pretty Cleaning and Food clregg - Normal Books and Cleaning, Dark Cleaning Egglover - Notes on Princess Pony Book Additional Notes: Apples are good for getting your egg full and as long as you only give the to your egg a few times doesn't seam to affect the egg. Princess Pony Beauty Tips is 50\50 for it to affect cute or beauty

Creature and Personality Index Pretty Creatures: Polkalette Constellapod Jade Vesper Thorn Slink Moon Doe Quoloti Nerdy Creatures: Chekibell Unami Sphirret Mudlet Rhinophilous Lavamingo Athletic Creatures: Zippig Stariken Mist Fox Leafrunner Bram Rocket Raptor Cute Creatures: Ginglamb Cosmic Ray Batterfly Puddlepuppy Rollephant Flicket Dark Creatures: Stitch Weasel Kaiboon Whispmouse Horned Poisontoad Uniraffe Crowl Normal Creatures: Pupsley Torbus Skullnk Landlizard Starwhal Smolduck .

."Normal" eggs dream about sawing logs "Athletic" eggs dream about footballs and such "Pretty" eggs dream about make-up "Cute" eggs dream about bunnies and flowers "Smart" or Nerd eggs dream about beakers and science projects "Dark" eggs dream about a crow and a skull Each type of egg. Swamp. Crystal will hatch these six types of creatures. Fire.Normal. Ghost. Cloud.

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