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RE: Coughlin: RCR11-063341 (Petit Laren!" and RCR1#-06$%&0 (Resisting" and RCR#01#-06'630 ((isue o) %11"
*ah Coughlin (zahoughlin+hot(ail,o("10-11-1#
.o: /leslie+washoeount!,us0 eno1a2+washoeount!,us0 lti33als+washoeount!,us0
)ortier+washoount!,us0 /goodnight+washoeount!,us0 3dogan+washoeount!,us0
/3osler+washoeount!,us0 lgra!+washoeount!,us0 larlson+washoeount!,us0
r/we3+washoeount!,us0 renodiret+reno,go10 oplogirpd+reno,go10 da1id+n13ar,org0
tsusih+n1detr,org0 patri22+n13ar,org0 n1sler2+n1ourts,n1,go1
4ro(: *ah Coughlin (zahoughlin+hot(ail,o("
5ent: .hu 10-11-1# 6:31 P6
.o: /leslie+washoeount!,us7 eno1a2+washoeount!,us7 lti33als+washoeount!,us7
)ortier+washoount!,us7 /goodnight+washoeount!,us7 3dogan+washoeount!,us7
/3osler+washoeount!,us7 lgra!+washoeount!,us7 larlson+washoeount!,us7
r/we3+washoeount!,us7 renodiret+reno,go17 oplogirpd+reno,go17 da1id+n13ar,org7
tsusih+n1detr,org7 patri22+n13ar,org7 n1sler2+n1ourts,n1,go1
8utloo2 9ti1e :iew
% attah(ents (total 6,3 6;"
polie report oughlin % $ 11 against RPD Duralde Rosa - Cop!,ht(;lo2ed
su3poenas and su3poena dues teu(s to ser1e )or lient Coughlin redued )ile size,pd)Download
polie report oughlin REP8R.<=> RPD D?R9LDE R859 ;9R=E5 D?R<8 E.C 84 % $
z 1 & 1# reno polie depart(ent online polie report 3urglar! durden et,ht(;lo2ed
#01#060'@101'13 =orthwind (anager hand! (an atta2s )ro( gol) art 6 ' 1#,(p4Download
R6C transripts on appeal )ailure to pepare Pa( Longoni r1#-101&,pd)Download
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Dear ACPD0 ACD90 and Reno Polie Depart(ent0
Please onsider this o((uniation to 3e the )iling o) a polie report,
Bou gu!s ta2e ation during a pending Co(peten! E1aluation all the ti(e,,,see >oodnight setting the
.rial )or 6a! a)ter the #-#$-1# 8rder )or Co(peten! E1aluation that Dogan proured a)te0 upon
in)or(ation and 3elie)0 apparentl! 1iolating (! attorne! lient pri1ilege with DD9 Boung and the
R6C-Cudge =ash Dol(es (and a signed letter 3! Cudge =ash Dol(es the the 5tate ;ar o) =e1ada
dated 6arh 1#th0 #01# ad(its to orrespondene and or o((uniations 3etween the ACPD and
R6C-Cudge =ash Dol(es onerning Coughlin0 to whih the ACPD has stead)astl! re)used to pro1ide
an! answers to CoughlinEs Fuestions",
6r, Leslie0 thatEs the the thing0 though, Bou are still olleting a salar! 3ase0 in part0 on !our 3eing
listed as (! attorne! o) reord, 4or the ti(e 3eing0 !ou ha1e a dut! to represent (e, Bou )ailed to
su3poena an!3od! in this ase,,,>oodnight (anaged to sare .e(pleton and Dawson into showing on
Cul! 16th0 #01# (that was a .rial date0 Ci(0 despite !our 3lundering haraterization o) it on the
tape-transripts o) !our a3o(ina3le Ge))ortsG at representation at the Dearing on the 6otion to 5uppress
and the .rial (9ugust #%th0 and 5epte(3er 'th0 #01#",

Please op! (e 1ia )aH and e(ail on an! and all )ilings with the ourt in an! o) the (atters the ACPD
appears )or (e on, 6r, Leslie0 !ou (aintain !ou ha1e a super1isor! apait! that has allowed !ou to
hi(e in )ro( the heap seats in e))orts to throw (e under the 3us and pla! CB90 in (atters and
hearings where Dogan or >oodnight were appearing,,,3ut then !ou )ail to atuall! )ul)ill an! o) the
duties attendant to suh an arrange(ent when < reFuest a op! o) (! )ile )ro( !ou in RCR#01#-
06'630 (not to (ention the Cul! 31st0 #01# 6otion to 9(end Co(plaint 3! DD9 Boung0 or DoganEs
utter )ailure to o((uniate with (e in an! wa! whatsoe1er,,,learl! !ou ha1e i(posed a Egag orderE
on Dogan si(ilar to the one !ou i(posed on >oodnight at a hearing in RCR#011-0633410 and < ha1e
the CourtEs audio )ro( all those hearings0 Ci(0 and it ainEt good )or !ou whatEs one the(0 2now wot <
(eanI Dogan and >oodnight will )ind una1ailing an! de)enses the see2 to assert to the e))et that GCi(
Leslie (ade (e do itG, >88D=<>D.0 < D9:E REJ?E5.0 <= AR<.<=>0 9= EKPL9=9.<8=
4R86 B8? 48R B8?R 5?DDE= D<59PPE9R9=CE 6<=?.E5 PR<8R .8 .DE C?LB 16.D0
#01# .R<9L D9.E0 9=D .DE RE5P8=5E5 B8? D9:E PR8:<DED 58 49R D9:E ;EE=
<=C86PLE.E, PLE95E RE5P8=D C86PLE.ELB0 <= AR<.<=>, 6R, D8>9=0 5<6<L9RLB0 <
D9:E REJ?E5.ED REP8=5E5 4R86 B8?0 <= AR<.<=>0 95 .8 .DE EK.E=. 9=D
C8=.E=. 84 B8?R C866?=<C9.<8=5 A<.D .DE R6C0 C?D>E =95D D8L6E50 LE<.D
L886<50 E.C,0 E.C, AD<LE0 48R 9 .<6E0 B8? 5EE6ED .8 E>E. <.E .D9. B8? AERE
;E<=> ?5ED (9=D C<6 LE5L<E .E5.<4<ED ?=DER 89.D .D9. DE D9D =8 L=8ALED>E
84 9=B C866?=<C9.<8=5 ;E.AEE= .DE R6C-C?D>E =95D D8L6E50 9=D .DE ACPD
<= 9=B A9B REL9.ED .8 6E,,,," B8?R RE5P8=5E5 .8 49R D9:E ;EE= <=C86PLE.E 95
AELL, PLE95E RE5P8=D .8 6B <=J?<R<E50 <= AR<.<=> 9=D CE95E 49<L<=> .8
REC8>=<*E 6B <=:<8L9;LE R<>D. .8 C8=D?C. D<5C8:ERB 9=D 5?;P8E=9
A<.=E55E5 9=D D8C?6E=.9.<8=, < D8 =8. A9=. .DE ACPD <=48R69LLB
REJ?E5.<=> <=48R69.<8= 8R 48R A<.=E55E5 .8 9PPE9R,, .D<5 =8 .8?R=96E=.0
D9=<EL-58=0 .D<5 48R RE9L, < A9=. RE9L 5?;P8E=950 9=D 5?;P8E=9 D?CE5
.EC?65 5ER:ED 8= .DE <=D<:<D?9L5 AD86 < D9:E REJ?E5.ED .DE ;E 5ER:ED 8=,
=8. E:ERB D<6E 84 B8?R ;?D>E. 5D8?LD >8 .8 B8?R 59L9R<E5,
Please pro1ide (e 3! e(ail and )aH a op! o) (! Co(peten! E1aluation and an! other dou(entation
su3(itted therewith0 inident to the 5epte(3er 'th0 #01# 8rder )or Co(peten! E1aluation,
6r, >oodnight0 please eHplain !our ations in setting .rial dates0 despite (! eHpress indiation that !ou
re)rain )ro( doing so0 during the penden! o) the 8rder )or Co(peten! E1aluation (!ou )iled
ReFuests )or 5u3(ission on 6a! 3rd0 #0110 and set a .rial date )or 6a! $th0 #01#0 despite the )at that
Cudge ElliotEs 8rder in CR1#-03$6 did not re(and /urisdition 3a2 to the RCC until it was )ile sta(ped
on 6a! %th0 #01#, Ahat ourred at the 6a! $th0 #01# G.rialG date0 wherein !ou appeared utterl!
unprepared to go )orward with .rial (!ou ad(itted so(e things that da!0 1is a 1is !our )ailure to e1en
1iew ertain eHulpator! 1ideos that were pro1ided to !ou that is on par with the pu3li de)enders who
)ell asleep at trial,,,,GAee2end at ;ernieEsG indeed, Aee2end at Cere(!Es,
6r, >oodnight0 what ouredat the 6a! $th0 #01# .rial0 in a(era0 ought 3e indiati1e to !ou o) the
rationale 3ehind the ditates o) =R5 1$&,40', =ow0 i) < get arrested0 pre-trial ser1ies ites to so(e
eHpulsion )ro( 6ental Dealth Court as a 3asis )or den!ing (e an 8R, 6! 3eing in /ail )ro( Cul! 3rd0
#01# to Cul! #1st0 #01# resulted in (! 3eing pre1ented )ro( hallengeing a M4000'0 attorne!Es )ees
award against (e personall!0 and that eHtended inareration was 3ased largel! upon pre-trial ser1ies
iting to the 6CD situation0 whih in1ol1ed negligene and (isondut on >oodnight and the ACPDEs
part (<E( loo2ing at !ou Cenni)er Rains" in )ailing to ounter the lies told 3! Reno ;iondo and 5haron
Dollarhide", Please address the inauraies ontained in the RCC )iled in all three (atters0 inluding0
3ut not li(ited to0 the li3elous writings 3! Reno ;iondo0 o1ering up the 6CDEs 3reah o) the ontrat
entered into with (e in 6a! #01# (see (! earlier written orrespondene to !ou in this regard0
o(plete with that 6CD Contrat0 and the list o) prohi3ited (ediations0 whih did not inlude the
(ediation < was su3seFuentl! re(o1ed )ro( the 6CD )or ta2ing,,,whih was pri1ate in)or(ation0
until Dogan 1iolated (! D<P99 rights0 with Cere(! ;osler and Chris 4ortierEs 3lessing0 so(e (a! sa!0
intentionall! in an atte(pt to disredit (e and pla! CB9 )urther )or the ACPD0 in addition to ;oslerEs
i(per(issi3le )aHing to the R6C (aterials )ro( La2eEs Crossing that eHeeded the sope o) an!
authorization Leith Loo(is (a! ha1e oered out o) (e inident to the Cul! 'th0 #01# unnotied 3ail
hearing in R6C 1#CR1#4#0 (harge underpinning that ustodial arrest has 3een dropped", ;osler
)aHed (aterials that eHeed the li(ited authorization to pro1ide the teHt onl! o) the Co(peten!
E1aluations onduted 3! La2eEs Crossing0 inluding letters )ro( Dr, =iegh3ors and others that were
not part o) the Co(peten! E1aluation and inluded in a Ci( Leslie-st!le atte(pt to throw oneEs lient
under the 3us0 period,
Ci(0 !ou 2now )ull well that < ha1e 3een lear to !ou that < wish to testi)! at .rial and at the Dearing on
the 6otion to 5uppress0 and )urther0 that < wish to retain all rights < ha1e with respet to li(iting the
sope and plae(ent o) suh testi(on! (order o) presentation0 et," and the all ono(itant rights to
ha1e the 5tateEs witnesses i(peahed with the eHuplator! 1ideo and audio e1idene the ACPD was
pro1ided0 whih < ha1e delared to !ou0 under penalt! o) per/ur!0 was )il(ed or reorded 3! (e and has
not 3e dotored or altered in an! wa!,,,though < ha1e sought an indiation )ro( !ou with respet to the
eHtent that GsnippetsG o) the 1arious 1ideo or audio (a! 3e utilized at the 5uppression Dearing or .rial0
to whih !ou so))ed that (! wondering suh a thing was indiati1e o) (! la2 o) )itness to 3e an
attorne!0 as !ou )eel that onl! the 5tate should 3e allowed to seleti1el! hoose what it puts into
e1idene or uses to re)resh witness reolletion or i(peah testi(on!0 a onstant the(e throughout the
Ci( Leslie de)ense pla!3oo2, .he 5tate has 3een pro1ided all those eHulpator! (edia (aterials0 6r,
Leslie, Please pro1ide so(e legal itation )or !ou ontention that it would 3e i(per(issi3le to
introdue or utilize onl! seleted portions o) suh (edia where the 5tate learl! has an a3ilit! to utilize
an! portions thereo) that it (a! so hoose,
< 3elie1e0 6r, Leslie that !ou ha1e dut! to see2 to orret the in/ustie perpetuated the Dearing on the
6otion to 5uppress where !ou depri1ed (e o) (! right to testi)!0 inluding0 3ut not li(ited to0 !our
3right line re)usal to utilize an! o) the eHuplator! (edia (to show witness 3ias0 )or i(peah(ent0 or to
re)resh witness reolletion0 suh at DD9 Boung showing Duralde portions o) his polie report 3ut not
introduing it into e1idene0 et," or see2 their introdution,
PLE95E D9:E .DE 9..9CDED 5?;P8E=95 9=D 5?;P8E=9 D?CE5 .EC?65 5ER:ED,
=iole Aatson and Lu! ;!ington and 9ustin Liht! (and < pro1ide Leslie with Lith!Es liense plate
nu(3er0 so su3poena his address )ro( the D6:" are students at 6Jueen Digh 5hool in Reno0
=e1ada0 so0 shouldnEt 3e too hard to tra2 the( down, Court )ilings show the the ACPD has addresses
)or .e(pleton and Dawson0 and Leslie (ade indiation that the ACPD has =iole AatsonEs address0
!et onl! listed her telephone nu(3er in a ourt )iling listing witnesses the de)ense intends to all0 an at
whih i(periled the a3ilit! the atuall! all her0 gi1en the 5tateEs antiipated o3/etion 3ased upon a
la2 o) pro1iding an address )or her where the ACPD has one, .he %11 dispath reords and all logs
and the all reords )ro( the iPhone allegedl! 3elonging to >o3le will re1eal the ellular nu(3er o)
G?4C >u!G0 the one assailant whose na(e Leslie )ailed to eliit testi(on! diret to0 despite alleged
1iti( >o3le indiating that that earl! twenties so(ething (ale indi1iduals was Gthe (ost ph!siall!
aggressi1e with CoughlinG and that it would ha1e 3e rather reasona3le )or Coughlin to )eel atta2ed and
threatened 3! that indi1idual,
4urther0 < DE69=D .8 ;E PR8:<DED .DE 69.ER<9L5 PR8D?CED ;B 9.N. 8R 9=B
8.DER CELL C9RR<ER :<5 9 :<5 B8?R P?RP8R.ED REJ?E5. 48R .DE C9LL REC8RD5-
<=D<C<9 84 8A=ER5D<P 84 .DE <PD8=E 84 8=E C8RB >8;LE0 #40 84 RE=80 =E:9D9
(inluding (aterials relati1e to >o3leEs inonsistent testi(on! 1is a 1is the ownership o) the iPhone and
the (anner and ti(e at whih he a(e to possess0 it, Please ha1e >o3leEs 3rother0 R!an >o3le0 ser1ed
a su3poena and 5u3poena Dues .eu( in that regard0 as >o3le has0 in his Aitness 5tate(ent and
testi(on! as trial (ade inonsistent assertions as to how he got the iPhone and when", 9lso0 >o3leEs
sworn testi(on! that he had0 as o) the da! he was testi)!ing0 not heard an!thing o) so(e (an o))ering
the iPhone up to the denizens o) the s2ate par2 or a3out an! atta2s on Coughlin (and a lassi (o(ent
ourred when Leslie (ade a hearsa! o3/etion on 3ehal) o) the 5tate inident to LeslieEs own Fuestion
regarding a i((unit! )ro( proseution a))orded >o3le )or the Cune 'th0 #01# lit igarette assault and
3atter! upon Coughlin 3! >o3le0 9=D 5PE9L<=> 84 .D9.0 PLE95E 5?;P8E=9 .DE B8?=>
A869= DR<:<=> .DE LEK?50 AD85E L<CE=5E PL9.E 9PPE9R5 8= .DE :<DE8
PR8:<DE 84 .D9. 9559?L. 9=D ;9..ERB 9=D DER 5?;5EJ?E=. .R95D .9LL<=>0
< A9=. 9 C8PB 84 9=B 9=D 9LL C9LL5 9=D D<5P9.CD .9PE5 8R REC8RD<=>5 <= 9=B
A9B REL9.ED .8 *9CD9RB ;, C8?>DL<= .8 8R 4R86 E6ER>E=CB D<5P9.CD
C8?>DL<= 9=D L<E?.E=9=. ;R8A= 8R 59R>E=. 8L<:ER 6<LLER0 59R>E=. *9CD
.DEA 8R 9=B8=E EL5E, 4?R.DER0 < A9=. .DE %11 C9LL 9=D D<5P9.CD REP8R.5
<=C<DE=. .8 .DE C9=?9RB 1#.D0 #01# C?5.8D<9L 9RRE5. 84 C8?>DL<=5 48R
C9BA9LL<=>0 ADERE<= R<CD9RD >, D<LL0 E5J, C9LLED .DE P8L<CE 9=D 5<>=ED 9
CR<6<=9L C86PL9<=. 9>9<=5. C8?>DL<= 48R .RE5P955<=>, 4urther0 < want a de)ense
prepared that )ouses on the Aitness ;ias and (oti1es o) the Reno Polie Depart(ent and the
retaliator! arrests and proseutions and disri(inator! en)ore(ent o) the ri(inal law0 partiularl!
where (! polie reports and reFuests )or polie response to 1arious (atters ha1e gone unresponded to
(the 6a! #01# alls and o((uniations at >5R with RPD 8))ier Loo2 a3out the the)t o) (! >ar!
4isher 6ountain 3i2e0 wherein 8))ier Loo2 re)used to ta2e ation0 despite his 3eing a proess ser1er
)or a i1il .P8 proured 3! Dill0 whih Dill has signed a sworn Delaration indiating he sought at the
RPDGs diretion (and the RPD0 in 5argent 8li1er 6iller0 5argent D!e0 and 8))ier 9lan Aea1er has
de(onstrated an intent and ations designed to institute )raudulent harges against Coughlin (1is a 1is
the 6ilan Lre3s .P80 whih Leslie and Dogan ha1e re)used to gather the audio )ro( in RCC
RCP#01#-000#&$ despite its lear (aterial rele1ane and utilit!0 espeiall! 1is a 1is su3poeaning Lre3s
and inter1iewing hi( inident to the de)ense in RCR#01#-06$%&0 (and !ou 3etter hurr!0 Ci(0 as Lre3Es
a1aila3ilit! (a! 3e li(ited i) he is sent 3a2 into (ilitar! ser1ie o1erseas", PLE95E PR8:<DE 6E
9 C8PB 84 .DE DE9R<=> 8= LRE;E5 .P8 ;E48RE C?D>E 9L;R<>D., 4urther PLE95E0
48R .DE 596E P?RP85E50 >9.DER 9=B 9=D 9LL D8C?6E=.9.<8=0 C9LL
REC8RD<=>5 8R REC8RD50 D<5P9.CD L8>5 8R REC8RD<=>50 A<.=E55 5.9.E6E=.5
E.C <=C<DE=. .8 .DE 5EP.E6;ER 1&-#'.D D9R9556E=. 84 C8?>DL<= ;B .DE RPD
9. 5?PER<8R 6<=< 5.8R9>E0 <=CL?D<=> .D9. ;B 59R>E=. 8L<:ER 6<LLER 9=D
844<CER AE9:ER0 95 well as a all to law en)ore(ent reFuesting a response si(ilar to that shown
3! the R5<C Polie to Aal-6arts urgent pleas )or help inident to an alleged the)t o) a and! 3ar that
has )or(ed the 3asis )or a now 4 (onth long suspension o) CoughlinEs law liense0 where a =orthwest
Reno $-11 on1ereted apprHoi(atel! M1,'0 )ro( Coughin inident to ad1ertising one prie )or gasoline0
then harging another,,,.he RPD re)used to in1estigate or responde0 (uh less appear to 1iolate the
$-11 (anagers 4ourth 9(end(ent rights, 5i(ilarl! su3poena the 8))ierEs who( reponded to
Coughlin %11 alls inident to the assault and 3atter! 3! Cor! >o3le on or a3out /?ne 'th0 #01#0 as
well as reports 3! Coughlin and an! polie reords inident thereto with respet to the 8to3er 4th0
#011 the)t o) CoughlinEs (ountain 3i2e0 and Rihard >, Dill and 6atthew C, 6erlissEs trespass into
CoughlinEs )or(er ho(e law o))ie on =o1e(3er 13th0 #0110 in addition to DillEs 1ideo taped
on)ession to his ontator0 Phil 5tewart ha1ing apparentl! stolen CoughlinEs ladder )or a period o)
ti(e,PLE95E 69LE =8.E 84 .DE C?R<8?5 9PPE9R9=CE 84 RPD 59R>E=. ;R9D5D9A
.DR8?>D8?. 9LL .DE5E 69..ER5 9=D 69LE <=J?<RB RE5PEC.<=> 9=B
C8==EC.<8= 5DE 69B D9:E .8 R<CD9RD >, D<LL0 E5J, 5<6<L9RLB0 PLE95E PR8:<DE
6E (:<9 E69<L 9=D 9 CD" 9 C8PB 84 .DE 9?D<8 4R86 .DE C?LB '.D0 #01#
9RR9<>=6E=. 9=D <6PR86P.? ;9<L DE9R<=> <= R6C 1#CR1#4#0 ADERE<= A<.=E55
;<950 68.<:E0 9=D RPD 9=<6?5 9>9<=5. C8?>DL<= RELE:9=. .8 .DE .DREE
69..ER5 .DE ACPD <5 C?RRE=.LB 9PPE9R<=> 8= C8?>DL<=E5 ;ED9L4 48R <5
CLE9RLB RE:E9LED, PLE95E 5?;P8E=9 9=B 9= 9LL P8L<CE REP8R.5 4<LED ;B
C8?>DL<= (<=CL?D<=> 9=B ADERE C8?>DL<=E5 L95. =96E <5 6<5PELLED
C?8>DL<="0 <=CL?D<=> .DE REP8R.5 4<LED 9>9<=5. =8R.DA<=D5 9P9R.6E=.5
48R .DE<R 9..E6P.ED ;RE9L <=5 9=D .RE5P955E5 .8 C8?>DL<=E5 RE=.9L5 .DERE0
9=D .DE .RE5P955E50 9..E6P.ED .RE5P955E50 9=D 9..E6P.ED ;RE9L <=5 ;B
844<CER AE9:ER 9=D =E:9D9 C8?R. 5ER:<CE5 ?P8= C8?>DL<=E5 RE=.9L .DERE
95 AELL, 9lso0 inlude the )ailed responses 3! the RPD to the do(esti 1iolene against Coughlin
detailed in :
4:1#-001&& *9CD9RB C8?>DL<= :5, L9?R9 48RE5DEE (D6"0 and 4:1#-001&$", 8D0
9=D .DE 49<L?RE .8 RE5P8=D .DE .DE P8L<CE REP8R. 4<LED ;B C8?>DL<=
DE.9<L<=> .D DECE6;ER 1#.D0 #01# ;?R>L9RB 84 9PPR8K<69.ELB M&0000 84
PR8PER.B 4R86 C8?>DL<=E5 48R6ER L9A 844<CE0 D?R<=> 9 PER<8D <= AD<CD
R<CD9RD >, D<LL0 E5J, A95 9PPLB<=> 9= ?=L9A4?L RE=. D<5.R9<=. ?P8=
C8?>DL<=E5 PER58=9.LB 9=D CL<E=.E5 4<LE5 9=D ADERE :<DE8 DR<:ER5 L89DED
8=.8 C8?>DL<=E5 D9RD DR<:E5 8= DECE6;ER 6.D0 #01# A9RR9=. 9=
<=:E5.<>9.<8= <=.8 .DE EK.E=. .8 AD<CD D<LL :<8L9.ED C8?>DL<=E5 PR<:9CB
R<>D.5 9=D 8R 8PP85<=> C8?=5ELE5 4<LE5 <= .R9<P5<=> .DR8?>D C8?>DL<=E5
L9A 844<CE 9=D 9LLE>EDLB 9CCE55<=> 8R 9..E6P.<=> .8 C8PB D9RD DR<:E5,
4?R.DER0 9 CR<6<=9L <=:E5.<>9.<8= <=.8 .DE EK.E=. .8 AD<CD R<CD9RD >, D<LL0
E5J, 4<LED 9 49L5E P8L<CE REP8R. 9=D 8R C866<..ED PERC?RB D?R<=> .DE
CR<6<=9L .RE5P955 .R<9L 84 C8?>DL<= <=C<DE=. .8 .DE =8:E6;ER 13.D0 #011
9RRE5. ;B RPD CDR<5 C9R.ER (9=D 9= <=:E5<.>9.<8= 9=D C86PL9<=. 9>9<=5.
RPD 844<CER CDR<5 C9R.ER0 CR, <5 DERE;B 4<LED0 PLE95E PL9CE 9 C8PB 84 .D<5 <=
D<5 E6PL8B6E=. 4<LE 9=D <=:E5.<>9.E 95 .8 .DE EK.E=. .8 AD<CD C9R.ER
:<8L9.ED =R5 1%%, 586E.D<=> 9;8?. 6<5C8=D?C. <= D<5 844<C<9L C9P9C<.B 8R
49L5E 5.9.E6E=.5 <= D<5 P8L<CE REP8R. ADERE DE P?RP8R.5 .D9. DE 9=D
59R>E=. L8PE* <DE=.<4<ED .DE65EL:E5 95 RPD 8R 9C.<=> ?=DER C8L8R 84 L9A
;E48RE .DE L9=DL8RD 9PP9RE=.LB L<CLED <= .DE D88R .8 .DE J?95<-
;95E6E=. 9. C8?>DL<=E5 48R6ER L9A 844<CE0 DE5P<.E .DE 49C. .D9. 59R>E=.
L8PE* 69B D9:E 9D6<..ED 8= :<DE8 .D9. =E<.DER 5DE =8R C9R.ER <DE=.<4<ED
.DE65EL:E5 95 L9A E=48RCE6E=. <= 9=B A9B PR<8R .8 .DE D88R ;E<=> L<CLED
D8A= ;B .DE L9=DL8RD, DE5P<.E R<CD9RD >, D<LLE5 PERC?RED .E5.<68=B <=
.D9. RE>9RD 9. .DE C?=E 1&.D0 #01# .R<9L <= .D9. 69..ER (5EE 9..9CDED
.R9=5CR<P. ;B P96 L8=>8=<0 AD<CD 69B =8. =ECE559R<LB ;E 9CC?R9.ELB 9=D
49<.D4?LLB .R9=5CR<;ED ><:E= RECE=. 9LLE>9.<8=5 ;B 8.DER 9>9<=5.
L8=>8=< 9=D .DE 49<L?RE 84 5DE 9=D .DE R6C .8 48LL8A =R5 1&%,030 <=C<DE=.
.8 .DE A9L-69R. C8=:<C.<8= 84 C8?>DL<= <= 11 CR ##1$6 9=D 5?;5EJ?E=.LB
49<LED 9PPE9 (Cudge ElliotEs 8rder ites the )ailure to point to setions o) a transript that was the
R6CEs responsi3ilit! to ha1e produed within 10 da!s o) CoughlinEs Dee(3er 13th0 #011 )iling o) a
=otie o) 9ppeal"L <= CR11-#064", < A9=. 9 C8PB0 < D8=E. A9=. LE5L<E PRE.E=D<=> .8
D9:E 8;.9<=ED .DE 9?D<8 9=D 69L<=> G9= EKEC?.<:E DEC<5<8=G .D9. <5 A95
=8. RELE:9=. 8R ?5E4?L (Ci(0 !ou reall! need to o(e up with another go to (o1e0 !ou use
that one wa! too (uh,",
4urther0 < wish to )ile a polie report against Cit! o) Reno 6arshal Darle! )or what were purportedl!
)alse state(ents (ade to R6C Cudge =ash Dol(es leading to (! arrest on 4e3ruar! #$th0 #01#, Cudge
=ash Dol(es in her presentation in ourt on 6arh 1#th0 #01# indiates that Darle!0 apparentl!0
)ollowed Coughlin into the restroo( at the R6C and peered into a stall0 purporting to witness Coughlin
Gdisasse(3le his s(artphoneG or reording de1ie (and su((ar! onte(pt )indings )or ondut
allegedl! ourring outside the ourtEs presene reFuire and a))ida1it0 and here0 6arshal Darle! needs
to su3(it and 9))ida1it and eHplain his (isondut and or lies0 as does 6arshal Deighton0 Deput!
Dodge0 .rish ;e2(an0 6ar! Landaras0 ;ira! Dogan0 and an! other indi1iduals onneted to the
ations ta2en against Coughlin in onnetion with that 4e3ruar! #$th0 #01# arrest upon the suspension
o) the tra))i itation .rial in 11.R#6&00, .he purported searh inident to arrest o) CoughlinEs D.C
># s(art phone0 his 5a(sung )lip phone0 and a (iro sd ard (the data was wiped )ro( the s(artphone
and the (iro sd ard upon these ite(s )inall! 3eing returned to Coughlin so(e 3$ da!s later,,, and it
was i(per(issi3le )or the s(artphone and data ard to 3e 3oo2ed into propert! on 4e3ruar! #$th0 #01#
at the Aashoe Count! Detention Center0 onl! to 3e retrie1ed the )ollowing da! 3! the Cit! o) Reno
6arshals and returned to the R6C,,,that is not a searh inident to arrest0 it is not lose enough in ti(e
to the arrest0 it ourred a)ter the propert! was alread! 3oo2ed into propert! at the ACDC and there
was not ris2 o) spoliation o) Ge1ideneG0 partiular! where neither 6arshal Darle!0 Cudge =ash Dol(es0
nor Cit! 9ttorne! 9llison 8r(aas has 3een reFuired to sa! (uh o) an!thing on the reord to esta3lish
the pro3a3le ause )or onduting suh an unlaw)ul searh indient to arrest0 or the rationale )or suh
an arrest an!wa!0 3e!ond a see(ingl! preteHutal )inding that Coughlin o((itted Gsu((ar! ri(inal
onte(ptG0 (ade one seond a)ter Coughlin uttered the testi(on!: G5argent .arter lied when he said
that,,,,G and (ade /ust (inutes a)ter CoughlinEs return )ro( a restroo( 3rea2 where Cudge =ash Dol(es
ordered the Cit! o) Reno 6arshals to ao(pan! Coughlin into the restroo(0 and upon returing Cudge
=ash Dol(es i((ediatel!0 sua sponte0 3egan interrogating Coughlin and atte(pting to oeree onsent
)ro( Coughlin to an i(per(issi3le 1iolation o) CoguhlinEs 4ourth and 4i)th 9(end(ent rights0 and
where Cudge =ash Dol(es later (ade the erronoues and o(plete unsupported 3! spei)i )ats or
e1idene )inding that Coughlin GliedG or Gpro3a3l! liedG with respet to Fuestioning 3! Cudge =ash
Dol(es as to whether Coughlin was reording the proeeding, AC58 Patriia ;e2(an pro1ide
Coughin a handwritten note at the ACD9 indiating0 3ut unsigned that Gper Cudges 8rders0 ontat
R6C 6arshal Da!ton (Deighton0 si"G in response to CoughlinEs point Fuestionings regarding the hain
o) ustod! and possession o) the the s(artphone and (iro sd ard 3oo2ed into CoughlinEs personal
propert! 3! the ACDC sta)) on 4e3ruar! #$th0 #01#0 and apparentl! retrie1e the )ollowing da! 3! the
Cit! o) Reno 6arshalls0 an i(per(issi3le atte(pt at onduting a searh inident to arrest )or
Gsu((ar! ri(inal onte(ptG that was in no wa!0 at least on paper0 related to an! ations 3! Coughlin
onserning an! purported GreordingG or Greording de1iesG 3ut rather0 perhaps preteHuall!0 to
CoughlinEs Gpersisting in lines o) inFuir! a)ter 3eing ad(onished 3! the Court to ease doing soG and
other )airl! innouous sounding allegations that apparentl! warranted a su((ar! ' da! inareration o)
then attorne! Coughlin0 despite his indiation that his lientEs interests (a! 3e pre/udied 3! the la2 o)
an! sta! at all0 and where M100 in 3ail was retained 3! the R6C0 despite Coughlin not 3eing released a
da! earl! as agreed to, .hat 4e3ruar! #$th0 #01# 5tatus Con)erene in RCR#01#-06'6300 ourring
outside DoganEs lientEs presene0 whih started at approHi(atel! 3:00 p( a)ter Cudge =ash Dol(es
was )inall! loated 3! her assistant,,,and uriousl! lose in ti(e to the landestine 4e3ruar! #$th0 #01#
5tatus Con)erene 3etween ACPD ;ira! Dogan and DD9 *ah Boung (whih Coughlin had 3een
pro1ided notie0 in writing0 on 4e3ruar! #4th0 #01#0 to the e))et that that 5tatus Con)erene in that
(atter RCR#01#-06'630 was ontinued to 6arh #%th0 #01# in light o) a sheduling on)lit with
CoughlinEs R6C tra))i itation .rial (inident to RPD 5argent .arterEs =o1e(3er 1'th0 #011 order )or
so(e other o))ier who wasnEt e1en there that .arter alled in /ust to write the ti2et0 strangel!0 upon
.arter telling Coughlin to lea1e Rihard >, D<ll0 EsF,Es o))ier0 where Coughlin had gone see2ing his
state issued dri1erEs liense0 wallet0 2e!s0 and lientEs )iled upon 3eing release )ro( 3 da!s in ustod!
inident to a ustodial trespass arrest o1 =o1e(3er 13th0 #011 3! RPD Chris Carter0 who( lied in his
polie report regarding whether Coughlin indiated a resistane to lea1ing the pre(ises a)ter 3eing told
to0 or gi1en a warning (and CarterEs lies are on)ir(ed 3! the 1er! 1ideo tapes o) the interations that
Rihard >, D<ll propounded to the Reno Cit! 9ttorne!Es 8))ie0 not that that stopped Chris Dazlett-
5te1ens )ro( su3orning D<llEs per/ur!0 si(ilar to Pa(ela Ro3erts su3orning the per/ur! o) R5<C 8))ier
La(eron Craw)ord inident to the Aal-6art and! 3ar pett! laren! .rial on =o1e(3er 30th0 #011
(where Coughlin was denied a ontinuane e1en where D<ll was appl!ing an unlaw)ul rent distraint to
eHuplator! 1ideos 3elong in to Coughlin re1ealing an eHpress retaliator! intent 3! Aal-6art (anagers
and 9P 9ssoiates prior to the 5epte(3er %th0 #011 pett! laren! arrest o) Coughlin 3! 8))ier
Craw)ord0 )or ondut allegedl! ouring a)ter $p(0 outside the o))ierEs presene, Craw)ord had to lie
at .rial in testi)!ing that Coughlin )ailed to produe his dri1erEs liense0 to get around the statutor!
prohi3ition )or (a2ing suh a ustodial arrest )or a (isde(eanor (Craw)ord wasnEt a3le to )udge the
1alue o) the ite( Fuite li2e old RPD =iholas Duralde did inident to an arrest on 9ugust #0th0 #011
)or the alleged pett! laren! o) an iPhone that Cor! >o3le has testi)ied in RCR#0110-063341 was o1er
three !ears old at the ti(e o) the arrest and purhased )or M300 new in Cune #00&,,,RPD Duralde (ade
s(ug retaliator! state(ents to Coughlin with respet to the (isondut he was o((itting (preteHtual
o1erharging to get around the 4ourth 9(end(ent and =R5 ditates against ustodial arrests )or
ondut ouring a)ter $ p( and not in the o))ierEs presene",
6r, Leslie0 !ou reentl! wrote: G4inall!0 at this point0 a)ter ha1ing again re1iewed the dou(ents and
e1idene in the petit laren! ase as well as ha1ing again re1iewed !our 1arious e(ails
o((uniations0 de(ands0 threats0 and suggestions (inluding those with (erit and those la2ing
(erit"0 it is (! intention i) < ontinue to 3e !our attorne! that upon resu(ption o) petit laren! trial <
will all upon !ou to deide whether or not !ou will testi)! (to date0 despite (! repeated e))orts0 !ou
ha1e e1aded pro1iding a straight answer to that Fuestion and ha1e e1en e1aded (! atte(pts to help
prepare !ou )or testi(on! should !ou deide to testi)!", <) !ou do not learl! state !our desire to
testi)!0 then the presu(ption will 3e that !ou wish to rel! on !our 4i)th 9(end(ent right not to 3e
o(pelled to testi)! and upon that presu(ption !ou will not 3e alled as a witness )or !our de)ense,
8ther than !ou0 < antiipate no de)ense witnesses at this point in ti(e0 although < ontinued to gi1e that
Fuestion onsideration and re-e1aluation on an ongoing 3asis along with re1iew and re-re1iew o) the
)ile and testi(on! thus )ar addued,

9n! dates prior to the 10-##-1# o(peten! hearing in !our ase with 6r, Dogan will also need to 3e
reset to a date on or a)ter 10-##-1#0 sine0 as noted a3o1e0 no ourt ation an 3e ta2en pending the
o))iial ourt deter(ination o) o(peten!,G
Ci(0 !ou ha1e 3een pro1ided plent! o) reasons to get those witnesses ser1ed su3poenas and to
zealousl! ad1oate0 with reasona3le diligene and o(peten!0 !et !ou ontinue to appear to 3e doing
!our GAee2end at Cere(!EsG routine0 please ease that approah, 9nd !our haraterizations o) !our
Gatte(pts to helpG (e prepare )or .rial or to testi)! (no real e))orts 1is a 1is the 5uppression Dearing0
huhI" are laugha3le,,,i) 3! Ghelp !ou prepareG !ou (ean Gstor(ed out o) (eetings and hung up phone
alls li2e a (id-areer Diana Ross-st!le di1aG then0 uh0 !eah0 < guess !ou ould sa! !ou GhelpG a
sintilla or two0 oh and donEt )orget to redit !oursel) )or (anaging not to utilize inredi3l! strong
eHulpator! e1idene0 or (aterial witnesses0 or the rea(s o) eHellent legal anal!sis and researh < ha1e
pro1ided !ou,,,,i) !ou onsider that GhelpG0 that is, >et those su3poenas and su3poena dues teu(
ser1e0 please0 6r, Leslie,
.he ACPD has a dut! to ontinue representing (e during this ti(e0 and that inludes all the Rules o)
Pro)essional Condut0 !ou (a! want to go through the( with a )ine tooth o(3 as !ou are (a2ing this
reall!0 reall! eas! )or (e,,,pratiall! li2e ta2ing and! )ro( a 3a3!0 and < would pre)er to see the
ACPD pro1ide at least adeFuate representation here0 rather stu33ornl! persist in its urrent ourse o)
*ah Coughlin
P8 ;8K 3%61
Reno0 =: &%'0'
.el $$' 33& &11&
4aH %4% 66$ $40#
4ro(: Cleslie+washoeount!,us
.o: zahoughlin+hot(ail,o(
5u3/et: Coughlin: RCR11-063341 (Petit Laren!" and RCR1#-06$%&0 (Resisting"
Date: .hu0 11 8t #01# 1$:4':03 O0000
6r, Coughlin:

Please ta2e note that in !our petit laren! ase the o(peten! hearing has 3een (o1ed )ro( 10-1'-1#
to 10-##-1# at 10:00 a,(, and the trial in that petit laren! ase has 3een reset to 11-1%-1# at &:30 a,(,

Please also ta2e note that in !our resisting ase0 the (isde(eanor pretrial hearing is reset )or 10-##-1#
at 10 a,(, Ae are resetting the pretrial hearing on the 1#-06$%&0 ase to oinide with the 10-##-1# 10
a,(, o(peten! hearing0 sine under law we annot hold an earlier pretrial in that ase until
o(peten! in the petit laren! ase is deter(ined 3! the ourt upon the La2es report,

Ae are also sending regular (ail noti)iation o) these date hanges in addition to this e(ail
.he reason )or the hange o) dates is that < a( una1aila3le on 10-1'-1#,

9dditionall!0 gi1en !our repeated o(plaints and repeated eHpressions o) la2 o) satis)ation a3out the
per)or(ane o) an! and all attorne!s assigned to !ou0 and gi1en that the )eed3a2 we are reei1ing
)ro( La2es Crossing is that !ou are legall! o(petent and are a3le to assist and ooperate with
ounsel0 should !ou so hoose0 it is (! intention to as2 the ourt on 10-##-1# to relie1e our o))ie and
per(it !ou to sel)-represent, Please note that as a ourtes! to !ou < had the resu(ption o) trial in the
petit laren! ase pushed out past the o(peten! hearing0 so that i) !ou are per(itted to sel)-represent
!ou will ha1e inter1ening ti(e to prepare )or resu(ption o) trial0 reei1e an! (aterials )ro( our o))ie
that are appropriate to a sel)-representation hand-o))0 and pursue an! (otions !ou dee( appropriate
against the statePs ase prior to resu(ption o) trial,

<)0 howe1er0 !ou oppose sel)-representation0 < will as2 the ourt to ease entertaining an! and all )urther
o(plaints 3! !ou against ounsel0 sine 3! opposing sel)-representation !ou will ha1e deided to
re(ain represented 3! !our assigned ounsel, 5ine La2es reports that !ou are o(petent and a3le to
interat with ounsel li2e a nor(al person0 assu(ing !ou 1oluntaril! hoose to so ondut !oursel)0
there are no re(aining eHuses )or !our 3eha1ior and ertainl! no eHuses 3ased on (ental ina3ilit!0
de)iien!0 or ino(peten!,

4inall!0 at this point0 a)ter ha1ing again re1iewed the dou(ents and e1idene in the petit laren! ase
as well as ha1ing again re1iewed !our 1arious e(ails o((uniations0 de(ands0 threats0 and
suggestions (inluding those with (erit and those la2ing (erit"0 it is (! intention i) < ontinue to 3e
!our attorne! that upon resu(ption o) petit laren! trial < will all upon !ou to deide whether or not
!ou will testi)! (to date0 despite (! repeated e))orts0 !ou ha1e e1aded pro1iding a straight answer to
that Fuestion and ha1e e1en e1aded (! atte(pts to help prepare !ou )or testi(on! should !ou deide to
testi)!", <) !ou do not learl! state !our desire to testi)!0 then the presu(ption will 3e that !ou wish to
rel! on !our 4i)th 9(end(ent right not to 3e o(pelled to testi)! and upon that presu(ption !ou will
not 3e alled as a witness )or !our de)ense, 8ther than !ou0 < antiipate no de)ense witnesses at this
point in ti(e0 although < ontinued to gi1e that Fuestion onsideration and re-e1aluation on an ongoing
3asis along with re1iew and re-re1iew o) the )ile and testi(on! thus )ar addued,

9n! dates prior to the 10-##-1# o(peten! hearing in !our ase with 6r, Dogan will also need to 3e
reset to a date on or a)ter 10-##-1#0 sine0 as noted a3o1e0 no ourt ation an 3e ta2en pending the
o))iial ourt deter(ination o) o(peten!,

.han2 !ou0

Ca(es ;, Leslie0 EsF,
Chie) Deput! Pu3li De)ender
Aashoe Count! Pu3li De)enderPs 8))ie
3'0 5outh Center 5treet
4i)th 4loor
Reno0 =: &%'0%
Diret Dial: $$'-33$-4&#&
4aH: $$'-33$-4&'6
E(ail: /leslie+washoeount!,us

.he ontents o) this o((uniation and all ao(pan!ing dou(ents and attah(ents ontain
C8=4<DE=.<9L <=48R69.<8=0 are legall! pri1ileged0 and are intended )or use and re1iew onl! 3!
the part! sending sa(e and the intended reipient, <) !ou are not the intended reipient0 !ou are here3!
noti)ied that an! dislosure0 op!ing0 distri3ution0 use or ta2ing an! ation reliant on said ontents are
C8=4<DE=.<9L and stritl! prohi3ited, <) !ou reei1ed this o((uniation in error0 please
i((ediatel! noti)! us at $$'-33$-4&00 to arrange return o) the original trans(ittal, .han2 !ou,

ro(: zahoughlin+hot(ail,o(
.o: 3dogan+washoeount!,us7 /3osler+washoeount!,us7 /leslie+washoeount!,us
5u3/et: (isue o) %11 ase
Date: .hu0 #0 5ep #01# 0#:#0:## -0$00
6r, Dogan0

8h0 loo2 at that0 there is the 6DC ontrat with Coughlin that )ails to eHlude the (ediation Coughlin
was ta2ing and whih the 6DC and ;iondo ited as their rationale )or eHpelling Coughlin0 li3elling
hi(0 in )at, =ot that old Cenni)er Rains was going to ad1oate an!thing a3out thatI < ha1e no idea
what the purpose o) e1en ha1ing an attorne! there isI 9nd Cudge Elliot was reall! thrown )or a loop
when ;ira! (entioned a Gsoial wor2erG on sta)) at the ACPD0 in that transript o) the 9pril #$th0 #011
Dearing that < )inall! gots (! hands on,

< a( urious to hear !oru theor! o) the ase (whether the harge 3e resisting or o3struting arrest or
whate1er it was Boung sought to a(end the Co(plaint to (so(ething (ore in line with a EGerious
ri(eG 1is a 1is a 5CR 111(6" anal!sis0 or i) the harge re(aisn (isue o) e(ergen! ser1ies, Please
pro1ide (e with an! no1el legal researh !ou ulled )or this ase, 9dditionall!0 !oru were alread!
pro1ided these 1ideos0 3ut here the! are again0 1ideos o) 3oth arrests (ade or ordered 3! 5argent 5i)re
(who gets M1&'L a !ear and a3out our age0 ;ira!" within a 36 hour period o) eah other0 with an
inter1ening pullo1er 3! 8))ier Duralde and ' other RPD personnel late at night a)ter Coughlin 3onded
out on the ustodial arrest )or /a!wal2ing on Canuar! 1#th0 #01#,
;ira!0 so(e people (ight sa! that DD9 Boung has used !ou0 the ACD9 8))ie has used !ou0 the
R6C and Cudge =ash Dol(es ha1e used !ou0 and perhpas e1en that 6r, ;osler and 6r, Leslie are
using !ou, 6a!3e !ou li2e it, 6a!3e !ou li2e 3eing used, 6a!3e !ou li2e 3eing pushed around,
6a!3e !ou lo1e it, 6a!3e that is what !ou are good at,

;ira!0 please tell (e how true an! o) the )ollowing stri2es !ou as 3eing:

5CR 111(6": GDe)inition o) Qserious ri(e,R .he ter( Qserious ri(eR (eans (1" a )elon! and (#" an!
ri(e less than a )elon! a neessar! ele(ent o) whih is0 as deter(ined 3! the statutor! or o((on-
law de)inition o) the ri(e0 i(proper ondut as an attorne!0 inter)erene with the ad(inistration o)
/ustie0 )alse swearing0 (isrepresentation0 )raud0 will)ul )ailure to )ile an ino(e taH return0 deeit0
3ri3er!0 eHtortion0 (isappropriation0 the)t0 or an atte(pt or a onspira! or soliitation o) another to
o((it a Qserious ri(e,R

CoughlinEs ACPD0 ;ira! Dogan0 EsF, and DD9 Boung0 in the RCC proseution )or G(isuse o)
e(ergen! ser1iesG (%11 alls"0 when onsidering their la2 o) andor to the tri3unal0 )airness to
opposing ounsel (gi1en Coughlin )iled a =otie o) 9ppearane and has the right to represent hi(sel)0
and is an attorne!"0 DD9BoungEs repeated instanes o) 1iolating =R5 with respet to all (atters 3eing
sta!ed upon an 8rder )or Co(peten! E1aluation 3eing entered against a part!0 suh a Coughlin0 and
the )ailure o) Dogan to alert Coughlin to0 or pro1ide an! op! o) (depsite CoughlinEs repeated written
de(ands" the Cul! 31st0 #01# 6otion to 9(end Co(plaint (that0 upon Cudge 5)errazza Fuerr!ing DD9
Boung as to whether the D9 e1en needed see2 an 8rder allowing it to so a(end suh a Co(plaint0
responded that the D9 did not0 3ut that he was /ust see2ing one G)or purposes o) 2eeping the reord
EleanEG0 whate1er in the world that (eans, Ahen 1iewed with Dogan0 Boung and LeslieEs atte(pts to
shu))le Coughlin on through the 65C proess (DD9 Boung indiated0 to Cudge 5)errazza0 on the
reord0 while atte(pting to he2 o) the 65C 3oH (inutes 3e)ore the 5tart o) the 9ugust #%th0 #01#
iPhone pett! laren! .rial0 that he antiipated the 65C Gonl! ta2ing a ouple (inutes0 at (ostG and )elt
it was CoughlinEs Go3strutionistG and Gdi))iultG attitude o) Gnon-o(plianeG that was pre1enting hi(
)ro( e))eting his stated goal, DD9 Boung learl! su3sri3es to the RPD Ron Rosa-=i2 Duralde
shool o) GDowEs that runninE )or !aG st!le retaliation0 inti(idation0 and (isondut,
6ost trou3ling a3out Dogan and DD9 BoungEs apparent onspira! to get an 8rder )or Co(peten!
E1aluation against Coughlin during their landestine 65C o) #-#$-1# (whih0 again0 Coughlin was
notied0 in writing0 had 3een ontinued out to 6arh #%th0 #01#"0 inluding i(per(issi3le
o((uniations to the R6C and Cudge =ash Dol(es (who argua3l! 1iolated =R5 3! ontinuing on
with the tra))i .rial /ust (inutes a)ter 3eing (ade aware o) the #-#$-1# 8rder )or Co(peten!
E1aluation in the RCC 3! Dogan and0 perhaps0 3! DD9 Boung as well0 is DoganEs )ailure to in)or(
Coughlin o) DD9 BoungEs RPC 3,& 1iolating 6otion to 9(end Cri(inal Co(plaint0 wherein DD9
Boung see2s to alter the harge to one that would in1o2e a (andator! 5CR 111 Petition in light o) 5CR
111(6"Es de)inition o) a Gserious ri(eG and the Gstatutor! or o((on law de)initionG o) the ri(e )or
whih DD9 Boung0 though la2ing Gpro3a3le auseG su))iient to satis)! his RPC 3,& dut!0 sought to
ha1e so a(ended to an Go3struting or resisting a pu3li o))ierG harge0 whih o) ourse )its sFuarel!
in the Gserious ri(eG de)inition set )orth in 5CR 111(6", 5o0 no0 Cudge 5)errazza0 Coughlin was not
Go1er-law!ering itG on 9ugust #%th0 #01# during the Gonl! ta2e a (inute at (ostG 65C Dogan and
DD9 Boung (and Leslie" sought to slip past Cudge 5)errazza right 3e)ore the 3ig iPhone pett! laren!
trial that (a! well deide whether Coughlin an e1er pratie law again (inluding as a patent attorne!
3e)ore the ?5P.8", Coughlin0 on the reord0 ris2ed going to /ail when he indiated that what Dogan
has /ust said with respet to whether Coughlin o3/eted to the 5tateEs so a(ending the Co(plaint was
not what Coughlin had indiated to his ounsel0 in RCR#01#-06'630 )ro( a gross (isde(eanor
G(isuse o) %11G harge to a (isde(eanor Go3struting and resisting a pu3li o))ier hargeG, Coughlin
responded to Cudge 5)errazzaEs inredulit! at his o3/eting to a(ending to a lesser harge (Coughlin
indiated doing so0 howe1er ounter-intuiti1e0 G(a! so(ehow inureG to his 3ene)it"0 then Cudge
5)errazza indiated Coughlin Gde)initel!G was Go1er-law!ering itG,,,3ut then Peter C, went Peter C,0
li2el! sensing an atte(pt to pull the wool o1er oneEs e!es0 and 3eause Gga(e reognize ga(e0 real
reognize realG,,,Cudge 5)errazza deided to not ountenane Dogan and Boung atte(pts to lead the
RCC and Coughlin 3lindl! (and in a 65C that Gshould onl! last a (inute or two at (ostG per DD9
Boung" through their tired0 ta2!0 ha2ne!ed0 sordid little plan, .here is a reason Cudge 5)errazza is
o)ten (entioned as the 3est o) all the )ine RCC Cudges 3! long ti(e loal attorne!s, Dogan and Boung0
despite 3eing well aware o) the 5epte(3er 'th0 #01# 8rder )or Co(peten! E1aluation still ha1e )ailed
to 1aate the 6otion Dearing set )or 8to3er #nd0 #01# in that regard,

6a!3e old *ah Boung gonna gi1e his 3udd! ;ira! Dogan a /o3 pi2ing up his dr! leaning or
so(ethinE when DoganEs get dis3arred on aount o) the pri(rose path he got led on down 3! olE nie
olE *ah Boung0 who( is the GnieG and G)airG one o(pared to Dalstead and,,,re(e(3er sa!ing that
;-.ownI De niinE !ou into 3ar grie1anes and sti2! wi2ets a plent!,
*ah Coughlin
P8 ;8K 3%61
Reno0 =: &%'0'
.el $$' 33& &11&
4aH %4% 66$ $40#
respet)ull! su3(itted
4ro(: *ah Coughlin (zahoughlin+hot(ail,o("
5ent: 4ri 6-0&-1# 4:41 P6
.o: wea1era+reno,go17 3arnes(+reno,go1
6 attah(ents
#01#060'@101'13 =orthwind (anager hand! (an atta2s )ro( gol) art 6 ' 1#,(p4 (3,1 6;" 0
landlord tenant law (anual )or polie in (innesota,pd) ($3',1 L;" 0 Polie@(anual@-
@)inal@as@adopted@3!@5tateEs@9ttorne!,pd) (#63,$ L;" 0trespass ri(inal i1il e1itdion,pd) (6%,& L;"
0 6 & 1# )aH to northwind with page nu(3ers,pd) ('0,$ L;" 0 northwind )aH 6 4 1# ha3ita3ilit!
retaliation et,pd) (4',& L;"
Dear 8))ier Aea1er and 8))ier ;arnes0
< a( respet)ull! su3(itting this supple(entar! (aterial to the polie report < su3(itted to !ou in
person on Cune 60 #01# regarding the assault < was the 1iti( o) at the hands o) (aintenane sta))
(e(3er Lu2e o) =orthwind 9part(ents on Cune 'th0 #01#0 and the atte(pts at unlaw)ul entr!
o((itted 3! =orthwind 6anager Dwa!ne Ca2o3 on or a3out Cune 40 #01#,
< a( attahing an artile !ou (a! )ind o) interest regarding the intersetion o) landlord tenant law and
polie wor20 1is a 1is ri(inal-i1il (atters and the )ine distintions that so(eti(es arise, < didnEt see
an!thing in there on 8))ier Aea1ers )ine h!pothetial regarding entr! without per(ission when a
3urglar! (a! 3e ourring, .hat situation pro3a3l! does not o(e up that o)ten 3eause hardl!
an!3od! 3ut the polie would 3e 3ra1e enough to enter suh a dangerous situation,
< appreiate the 3ra1e ser1ie 3oth o) !ou pro1ide, < a( attahing this (aterials /ust 3eause the! are
interesting to (e and (a! 3e to !ou and in no wa! wish )or so attahing these to 3e interpreted as a
ritiis( o) either o) !our polie wor2,
*ah Coughlin
=e1ada ourt ser1ies atta2 and atte(pted 3rea2 in
4ro(: *ah Coughlin (zahoughlin+hot(ail,o("
5ent: 4ri 6-##-1# %:34 96
.o: wea1era+reno,go1
=C9 and northerns (g(t tried to 3rea2 again on Cune 14th,
4ro( (! 9ndroid phone on .-6o3ile, .he )irst nationwide 4> networ2,
=C99 and Dwa!ne /a2o3
4ro(: *ah Coughlin (zahoughlin+hot(ail,o("
5ent: 4ri 6-##-1# %:36 96
.o: wea1era+reno,go1
Leep turning light o)) atte(pting 3rea2 in (aliious a3use o) proess lai(ing olor o) law
4ro( (! 9ndroid phone on .-6o3ile, .he )irst nationwide 4> networ2,

--4orwarded 6essage 9ttah(ent--
.his inident has 3een reported to the
Reno Polie Depart(ent
and is pending appro1al Reno Polie Depart(ent
4'' E, #nd 5treet
Reno0 =: &%'0#
>eneral <n)or(ation
<nident .!pe Darass(ent
.e(porar! Report =u(3er .1100'%'6
Report Date 0%-0$-#011 0%:36 P6
Reporting Person <n)or(ation
=a(e uoghlin0 zah
Do(e 9ddress 1#1 ri1er ro2 5treet0 Reno0 =: &%'010 ?5
Do(e Phone $$'-33&-&11&
E(ail zahoughlin+hot(ail,o(
Rae ?n2nown
5eH 6ale
D8; 0%-01-1%$$
<nident <n)or(ation
<nident Loation 1 =orth enter 5treet0 Reno0 =: &%'01
<nident .i(e (start" 0%-0#-#011 0%:1' P6
<nident .i(e (end" 0%-0#-#011 0%:'' P6
Loation .!pe :aant0 E(pt! Lot
<nident Desription < was 3attered 3! 8))ier =i2 Duralde on &-#0-11 at approH 11:30p(, De
touhed (! penis0 3are s2ins on his hands se1eral )ingers touhed (! penis during his 5<.9, Duralde
also sla((ed (! head down into the top o) the trun2 o) his polie ar,
< was arrested that night0 howe1er0 8))ier Duralde re)used to arrest an! o) the 3 indi1iduals who
assaulted and 3attered (e on the 3ridge leading to the 5iena0 )urther he re)used to ollet identities o)
the other # (ain assailants in addition to one0 Cor! >o3le, .hese !oung (en tried to steal (! 3i2e and
(! dog and one atte(pted to reah into (! shortEs po2et and ta2e so(ething, .he ated in the onteHt
o) a (o3 o) !oung s2ater !outh surrounding (e on the 3ridge and 3a2ing (e up 1er! near the
ono(ing one wa! tra))i and re)used (! please to let (e (o1e with the( 3a2 to the sa)er s2ate
plaze0 onsidering (! dog0 3i2e0 and the ono(ign tra))i0 and their (o3 li2e 3eha1iour, .here were
approHi(atel! #0 s2ater !ouths surrounding (e until 8))ier Duralde showed up and started up with
his penis touhing and rights tra(pling at, Ro3 Dawson was with one o) these (ain assailants on
%-#-11 )or whih Durio and ;arnes ite R11#4$130#
on %-#-11 < was assaulted and 3attered 3! a hispani wo(an0 approH, #0 !o0 who( 8))ier ;arnes
inter1iewed0 a)ter < alled %11 when < again a(e aross her on the street at 1 =, Center 5t, s2ate plaze,
;arnes ad(itted to (e that the assailant ad(itted )li2ing (! 3ase3all ap o)) (! head, ;arnes
ad(itted that he )ailed to as2 the assailant i) she hit (e in the 3a2 o) (! head as < was retreating )ro(
her onslaught o) 1er3al threats and aggresi1e gestiulations, ;arnes said Gno0 < didnEt as2 her0 it doesnEt
(atter an!wa!sG, 4urther0 also in the sa(e s2ate plaze on %-#-11 Ro3 Dawson0 #0 o) Reno (ade 1er3al
threats to (e and assaulted (e with a deadl! weapon0 a s2ate 3oard o2ed 3a2 and he2 swung 1er!
hard # )eet )ro( (e repeatedl!, < /u(ped 3a2 se1eral )eet repeatedl!,
Person <n)or(ation
=o 1
=a(e Cuoghlin0 *ah
E(plo!er =a(e zahoughlin+hot(ail,o(
Do(e 9ddress 1#1 ri1er ro2 5treet0 reno0 =: &%'010 ?5
Do(e Phone $$'-33&-&11&
E(ail zahoughlin+hot(ail,o(
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--4orwarded 6essage 9ttah(ent--
.his inident has 3een reported to the
Reno Polie Depart(ent
and is pending appro1al Reno Polie Depart(ent
4'' E, #nd 5treet
Reno0 =: &%'0#
>eneral <n)or(ation
<nident .!pe Residential ;urglar!
.ra2ing =u(3er .1#000#1%
Report Date 01-0&-#01# 01:3' 96
Reporting Person <n)or(ation
=a(e Coughlin0 *ah
Do(e 9ddress 14## East %th 5treet0 #0 Reno0 =: &%'1#0 ?5
Do(e Phone $$'-##%-6$3$
E(ail zahoughlin+hot(ail,o(
E(plo!er =a(e *ah Coughlin0 EsF,
Aor2 9ddress 1#1 Ri1er Ro2 5treet0 reno0 =: &%'010 ?5
Aor2 Phone $$'-33&-&11&
Rae ?n2nown
5eH 6ale
D8; 0%-01-1%$6
<nident <n)or(ation
<nident Loation 1#1 ri1er ro2 5treet0 Reno0 =: &%'01
<nident .i(e (start" 1#-1#-#011 01:#' 96
<nident .i(e (end" 01-0&-#01# 01:#' 96
Loation .!pe Retail 5tore
6ethod o) Entr! ?n2nown
<nident Desription i also want to report a .respass 3! Coel Durden0 proess ser1er )or =e1ada Court
5er1ies on or a3out 8to3er #0th0 #011, 6r, Durden and an assoiate )ro( =e1ada Court 5er1ies
assaulted (! law pratie and trespassed 3ehind the 3a2 gate into the 3a2 !ard to 3ang on 3a2 roo(
windows, Bou gu!s )elt it neessar! to do a ustodial arrest on (e )or trespass0 well0 how a3out )or
the(I 5ee attahed pleading, Case! ;a2er0 EsF, reported the 3urglar! o) approH 1# 1# 11 to (e in an
e(ail on 1# 14 110 see attahed pleading,
9lso0 rihard hill0 esF, withheld (! 5tate o) =e1ada dri1erEs liense )ro( =o1e(3er 1'th0 #011 to
=o1e(3er ##nd #011 and ontri3uted to the )alse arrest against (e )or trespass )ro( =o1e(3er 1#0
#0110 l!ing to 8))ier Carter and Lopez a3out whether his o))ie had sent (e a 3ill )or the )ull rental
1alue o) the propert! )or =o1e(3er #011, 8))ier Carter indiated that Rihard Dill0 EsF, pa!s hi( a
lot o) (one! and there)ore0 8))ier Carter arrests who Rihard D<ll sa!s to and does what Rihard Dill
tells hi( to do,
9lso0 < was arrested on 9ugust #0th0 #0110 wrong)ull! and a( here3! o(plaining o) the lies =ate
*arate told0 8))ier Duralde touhing (! penis and onduting an i(per(issi3le searh prior to a
searh inident to arrest0 8))ier Rosa atte(pting to eHtort a onsent to an i(per(issi3le searh 3!
threatening to de)a(e (e to the 5tate ;ar o) =e1ada0 et, et,
Propert! <n)or(ation
=o 1
.!pe Ca(era-Photo EFuip(ent
5u3t!pe 9uto Ainder 4or Ca(era
Dow 6an! #1
6ar2et :alue (M" &000,00
Propert! Desription please see attah(ents )or detailes
Print .his Report
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