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' How Facebook can be useful for various Marketing Strategies. operated and privately owned by Facebook. How Marketers and Businesses can start using Facebook for online business & marketing strategies.STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004. Facebook has more than 750 million active users. Inc. Some topics are chosen to analyze for various purposes are: Why Facebook is growing very fast worldwide? What are its objectives behind the operation of this fastest emerging networking site? 'Why people use the Facebook for Social Networking and Interaction. . How can Facebook be used as a powerful business tool. [1] As of year 2011.

This definition highlights the primary purpose of research. correct or verify knowledge”. In this study primary data plays a vital role for analysis.containing data. conclusion and suggestion. The secondary sources consist of readily available media and already compiled statistical statements and reports whose data may be used by the researcher for the studies. which is an aspect of experimentation adopted for the purpose. which have been collected and complied for another purpose.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY DESCRIPTION OF RESEARCH AND DESIGN The Encyclopedia of social science defines research as” the manipulation of generalizing to extend. Company Reports . interpretation. 1. Various Newspapers 2. For the purpose of collecting the same. 100 respondents have been selected.  SECONDARY DATA: These are source. arriving at generalization and the method of manipulation. Secondary data have been collected from the following. SOURCE OF DATA  PRIMARY DATA: Primary data are original source from which the researcher directly collects data that have not been previously collected from the structured questionnaire.

Information From Internet 4.Non Probability Convenience Sampling method will be used. .Users of Facebook SAMPLE METHOD .100 SAMPLE AREA .Delhi SAMPLE UNIT .3. The questionnaire I used five point Likert’s scale to provide their responses. SAMPLE SIZE . Magazines For carrying out this study I used questionnaire as a method of data collection.

3) The information collected in the survey will be kept confidential and used only for the research purpose.) Did you experience any problems with Facebook.QUESTIONNAIRE ON FACEBOOK N.) Networking c. a). 5-10 hours a week 7. more than 10 hours a week ( b). a).) ( b). Disagree ( e) Strongly Disagree 5. a). a). Search Engine d). Strongly Agree d). Disagree ( b).) How many hours do you spend on Facebook. Neither Agree nor disagree Do you think you spend less or more time socializing offline since you joined Facebook? Why do you think this is so? ………………………………………………………………………………………………….) Do you use Facebook as a substitute for other modes of communication technology. Disagree 2. Agree d). Disagree ( b). Agree ( e) Strongly Disagree (c).: 1) Please tick on the one of the options in each question as your answer. a).) Work d. Newspaper ( e) Other-State (c). Neither Agree nor disagree 6.) The Facebook experience is satisfying.B.) Where did you first hear about this side. (c). Neither Agree nor disagree a). Strongly Agree ( b). Strongly Agree d).) Facebook is a best social networking site. Agree ( e) Strongly Disagree (c). 3. Strongly Agree d). 2) Please rank in the order of preference wherever mentioned. Strongly Agree d).) Would you recommend the Facebook chat feature over other applications.) What is your main purpose for using Facebook? a). less than 1 hour a week d). Friends ( b). Friends b. Disagree ( b).) Other 4. Neither Agree nor disagree 9. 1-5 hours a week (c). Magazine 8. Neither Agree nor disagree . Agree ( e) Strongly Disagree (c). a).. 1. Agree ( e) Strongly Disagree (c).

a) yes b) no 14.10. a) yes b) no .) b) wide reach d) other Do you notice various advertisement published on facebook.) Would this advertisement effect you purchasing decision.) Why most of the company switching towards facebook because. a) 20-30 hours c) 0-10 hours b) 10-20 hours d) none of this 11. a) multipuluse c) customer data base 12.) How much time do you spend on facebook in a week. a) yes b) no 13.) Does this advertisement increase your awareness.