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ENGLISH YEAR 3 KSSR (LANGUAGE ARTS) Subject Class Date Time Theme Topic Proficiency level Focus Integrated

Skill (s) : English :3 Bestari : 8th July 2013 : 9 am- 10am : World of Knowledge : Fresh Fruits : Intermediate : Language Arts : Listening, speaking and writing

Content Standard: 4.3 Pupils will be able to plan, organise and produce creative works for enjoyment. Learning Standard(s): 1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite rhymes, tongue twisters and sing songs. 3.3.1 Able to create simple texts using a variety of media with guidance: (a) simple messages

4.1.1 Able to enjoy action songs, jazz chants and poems through non- verbal response. 4.1.2 Able to sing actions songs, recite jazz chants and poems with correct pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. 4.3.1 Able to produce simple creative works with guidance based on: (a) jazz chants Language focus : Vocabulary apple, mango, red, yellow

Behavioral objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

recite the fruit rhyme with correct pronunciation and intonation produce the fruit album with the correct names and colours of fruits. create and perform the fruits rhyme according to the fruit album produced.

Previous knowledge : Students are familiar with types and colors of fruits Instructional materials : model of fruits, mystery box, task sheets, video, envelopes, manila cards Educational emphases: multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, visual learning, CCTS (generating ideas) Moral value : teamwork, eat healthily

STAGE Set induction (5mins)

CONTENT Mystery box Models of fruits Riddle- appendix 1

Presentation (15mins)

Appendix 2 Appendix 3

TEACHING/LEARNING ACTIVITY 1. Teacher shows a mystery box consists of 4 models of fruits in front of the class. 2. Teacher asks the pupils what is in the box. 3. Teacher reads a simple riddle for the pupils to guess the content of the box. 4. Teacher shows 4 types of fruits to the class. - apple - mango - lemon - grapes 5. Teacher introduces the topic- Fresh Fruits. 1. Teacher shows a video of a Fruit Rhymes to pupils. 2. Pupils are to recite the rhymes together with the teacher. 3. Pupils are to tick the types and colors of

RATIONALE To activate their schemata and prepare students for the lesson in a fun yet meaningful manner.

REMARKS Teaching aids: - mystery box -models of fruits

To lead the students into the subject matter. To integrate reading and speaking skill.

Teaching aids: - video of Fruit Rhymes - task sheets

Practice (20mins)

Fruit albumappendix 4

the fruits included in the rhymes, in the task sheet given. 4. Teacher discusses the answers with students. 1. Students are divided into 4 groups according to their chosen fruit token. - team lemon - team orange - team apple - team mango 2. Each group is provided with an envelope of fruit pictures, a few manila cards and a ribbon. 3. Each group needs to generate ideas and prepare an appropriate fruit album using the aids given. 4. Pupils must include the names and the colour of the fruits. 1. Each group needs to present their fruit album in front of the class. 2. Next, they have to recite the fruit rhyme referring to their fruit album produced. 3. Teacher conducts feedback after the activity with students. 1. Teacher discusses the moral value in the lesson and recaps the topic.

To encourage cooperative learning.

Teaching aids: - envelopes -fruits pictures -manila cards -ribbon -fruits token

To generate students creativity.

To generate writing skill.

Production (15mins)

Group presentation - appendix 5

To build self- esteem in students.

Teaching aids: - fruit album - rhyme lyrics

Closure (5mins)

Moral values: Healthy eating

To recapitulate todays lesson.