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St Simon Stock Catholic Church

Brookfield Road, South Ashford, Kent TN23 4EU

Tel: 01233 622399
Parish Priest: Fr John Boyle 17th MAY 2009
Saint Simon of England RC Primary School,
Noakes Meadow, Ashford, TN23 2RB. Tel: 01233 623199 YEAR B
Head teacher: Mrs Elizabeth Willis


Sunday 17 Entrance Antiphon: Isaiah 48:20
Sixth Sunday of Easter (B) Speak out with a voice of joy; let it be heard to the ends of
10.00am Mass (Grateful thanks to Our Lady of Mount Carmel the earth: The Lord has set his people free, alleluia.
and St. Jude) with baptism of Harry Francisco First Reading: Acts 10:25-26.34-35.44-48
Woodham Manzo. The Holy Spirit has been poured out on the pagans too.
6.00pm Mass (People of the parish)
Monday 18
th Responsorial Psalm: Ps 97,1-4 R.v2
R: The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations.
St John I, pope and martyr
4.30pm Reception of the body of late Helen Wright Sing a new song to the Lord
6.45pm Mass (William Kiely RIP) for he has worked wonders.
th His right hand and his holy arm
Tuesday 19
St Dunstan, bishop have brought salvation. (R)
9.30am Mass (Rita Redman and family) followed by Divine The Lord has made known his salvation;
Mercy Chaplet & Exposition of the Blessed has shown his justice to the nations.
Sacrament until 10.30am. He has remembered his truth and love
1.30pm Funeral Service of Helen Wright RIP for the house of Israel. (R)
Wednesday 20 All the ends of the earth have seen
St Bernadine of Siena, priest the salvation of our God.
9.30am Mass (Agnes McNicoll RIP) Shout to the Lord all the earth,
Thursday 21 ring out your joy. (R)
6.45pm Mass of the Ascension of Our Lord (Latin, 1962
Second Reading: 1 John 4:7-10
Missal) (Mary Morgan RIP)
nd God is love.
Friday 22
St Rita of Cascia, religious Gospel Acclamation: John 14:23
9.30am Mass (Holy Souls) Alleluia, alleluia! Jesus said: “If anyone loves me he will
Saturday 23
rd keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we shall
10.00am – 5.30pm A Day with Mary come to him.” Alleluia!
11.00am Sung Latin Mass (1962 Missal) (James Tracey RIP) Gospel: John 15:9-17
Sunday 24 A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his
The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ (B) friends.
10.00am Mass (Raymond Finucane RIP) We say the Apostles‟ Creed in Easter (Simple Prayer Book p. 9)
12.00noon Mass (Latin, 1962 Missal) (Donor’s intention)
Preface of Easter V, Eucharistic Prayer II
4.00pm Mass in Polish
6.00pm Mass (People of the parish) Communion Antiphon: John 14:15-16
If you love me, keep my commandments, says the Lord. The
CONFESSION TIMES Father will send you the Holy Spirit, to be with you for ever,
Weekdays: before or after Mass upon request. alleluia.
Saturday: 10.30am; Sundays: ½ hour before Mass
CHURCH CLEANING As the Angelus reminds us of the Annunciation and Nativity of
nd th th th th
22 Bridie; 29 Sheila; June 5 Sue; 8 Sue; 15 Tara Our Lord, so the Regina Caeli reminds us of the Resurrection.
COLLECTIONS LAST SUNDAY The Regina Caeli is said/sung instead of the Angelus during
Offertory: £416.25, (Gift Aid: £125.91, loose plate: £290.34) + Eastertide. We are singing it after Mass on Sundays. The
£94 approx by standing order. Second collection: Parish English translation is found on p. 41 of The Simple Prayer Book.
Maintenance & Development Fund: £98.08. Thank you. PRAYERS FOR THE SICK
Second collection today and next Sunday: Parish Maintenance Please pray for all our sick parishioners, particularly Shirley Kent,
& Development Fund. Rita Redman, Catherine Boccarro, Catherine Lowe and Stephen
DAY WITH MARY NEXT SATURDAY Baker. Names of parishioners who need our prayers can be
All parishioners and their families are warmly encouraged to take placed in the box in the church foyer. All our sick parishioners,
part in next Saturday’s ‘Day with Mary’ from 10.00am to 5.30pm named and un-named, are remembered in our prayers.
on next Saturday. The day consists of a programme of prayers, PENTECOST MASS SUNDAY 31 MAY
devotions, Mass and sermons in honour of Our Lady. Bring a Please remember in your prayers: Lorraine Cole who will be
packed lunch. If you cannot come for all the day, come for part of baptised during the 10am Mass in two weeks’ time; Janet
it. See poster for details and take a handbill from the church Coombs who will be received into full communion with the
foyer. The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate who organise Catholic Church and Rebecca Peirson who, together with
the liturgy have asked if we can have Sung Mass in the Lorraine and Janet (who will also receive Holy Communion with
Extraordinary Form. After yesterday’s Mass a number of us for the first time), will be confirmed. In past years we have had
parishioners commented on the beauty of the celebration and an international Mass with a sharing of foods afterwards. It was
the atmosphere of awe, wonder, joy and solemnity. All the felt that last year’s was not as well supported as in previous
servers said they would like to serve again at this form of the years. Since these Masses and the social afterwards involve a
Mass. So I have decided to accede to the Sisters’ suggestion. lot of effort it really needs the enthusiastic support of all
Email:; Web:;
Parish blog:; diocesan website:
Our Holy Father Pope Benedict has concluded his visit to the Holy Land. Given the sensitive political situation at
present, it is perhaps not surprising that the words of the Roman Pontiff were subject to such intense scrutiny by the
media. Pope Benedict seems to enjoy an uneasy relationship with the press. On some occasions, perhaps the Holy See’s
media officials might have been somewhat naïve in failing to foresee the consequences of some announcements. But
more often it is simply that Pope Benedict’s words full of wisdom and truth are not in tune with the outlook of what we term
‘the world’. But such was the case with the words of Jesus in His own time. It is futile to think that, if Jesus was on earth
now, He would say things differently. Things He said in His time were just as unpalatable then as the things that the
Church says today are to some of the people of our own time. We were reminded of this in Raymond de Souza’s superb
talk on Tuesday evening when he spoke about Jesus’ teaching on His Real – not symbolic – presence in the Eucharist in
which we truly eat His Flesh and drink His Blood and worship Him in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
At Manger Square in Bethlehem last Wednesday, Pope Benedict said: „From the day of his birth, Jesus was “a sign
of contradiction” (Lk 2:34), and he continues to be so, even today.‟ Being great, God chose to be little. „In the birth of his
Son, he revealed the coming of a Kingdom of love: a divine love which stoops down in order to bring healing and lift us
up; a love which is revealed in the humiliation and weakness of the Cross, yet triumphs in a glorious resurrection to new
life. Christ brought a Kingdom which is not of this world, yet a Kingdom which is capable of changing this world, for it has
the power to change hearts, to enlighten minds and to strengthen wills. By taking on our flesh, with all its weaknesses,
and transfiguring it by the power of his Spirit, Jesus has called us to be witnesses of his victory over sin and death.‟
On his visit to a Palestinian refugee camp in Bethlehem, the Holy Father referred to a „stark reminder of the
stalemate that relations between Israelis and Palestinians seem to have reached – the wall‟ and the need to „pray for an
end to the hostilities that have caused this wall to be built!‟ The previous day in Jerusalem, the Pope spoke of the vocation
of Jerusalem – which means ‘city of peace’ – to be seen „as a prophecy and promise of that universal reconciliation and
peace which God desires for the whole human family.‟
If that is a dream still awaiting fulfilment, let us place Christ at the centre of our own lives and relationships so that
as we become more fully His friends, we may also be friends of one another. Fr John.
parishioners from all the various ethnic and cultural groups in the soon as you can for a guaranteed great time.
parish to be a success. It has been suggested that we give the
International Mass a break this year, but if you are enthusiastic th th
Faith Summer Break, 17 – 20 August, for young Catholics
to have one, please let Fr John or Titus know.
aged 11 – 15.
rd th
REGULAR EVENTS – COME ALONG! Faith Summer Session: 3 – 7 August., for young Catholics
after the 9.30am Mass on Tuesdays. Prayers of Both at Woldingham School, Surrey. Full details and applications
intercession for various needs and silent adoration forms available from Fr John, the sacristy or parish office.
of the Blessed Sacrament till 10.30am. PRO-LIFE PRAYER VIGIL MAIDSTONE TUESDAY
CHOIR PRACTICE TUESDAYS 7.30PM Vigil on behalf of The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. Led by
Newcomers always welcome. Fr. Jon Kightlinger, SOLT. Commences 1.00pm after 12.30pm
Mass at St. Francis Church, Maidstone, with a prayerful and
BIBLE STUDY THURSDAYS 7.30PM peaceful procession to the Marie Stopes abortion facility in
Studying St Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. Brewer Street. Ends 2.15pm. For fuller details see poster on
For all, Catholic or not, who would like to deepen their LEGION OF MARY PEREGRINATIO PRO CHRISTO (PPC)
knowledge of the Catholic faith. Next meeting this Friday, 7.15 Six volunteers (five from Ireland, one from Scotland, five male,
for 7.30pm. Topic: Scripture and Tradition. one female) from the Legion of Mary will come to carry out a
th th
PARISH ADVISORY COUNCIL PPC project in the parish in the week 6 to 13 June, carrying
Next meeting: TOMORROW. Please let Thereza Baker know if out home to home visitations in the parish. We need to provide
there is anything you think needs to be put on the agenda. them with accommodation. Can you offer a bed and breakfast
to one or more of these volunteers? They are coming to work
for the benefit of the parish so I hope that some parishioners will
June and July lists available from the table in the foyer.
be able to offer some accommodation in return. This could be a
MASS TO CELEBRATE MARRIAGE time of grace for the parish. As the time for the PPC approaches,
All are invited to attend a special Mass to be celebrated by we can keep this project in our prayers. If you can help with
Archbishop Kevin McDonald at Aylesford Priory on Saturday accommodation please let me or Thereza Baker know.
30 May at 3.00pm. Couples and their families are especially Thank you. Fr John.
welcome to celebrate and demonstrate the value of marriage ABORTION ADVERTISING PUBLIC CONSULTATION
and family life. Why not arrive early and take a picnic lunch?
The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast
YEAR OF ST PAUL – AYLESFORD 27 JUNE Committee of Practice (BCAP) are proposing changes to
“PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS” advertising regulations that could permit abortion providers to
A coach has now been arranged for a joint trip with St Teresa’s. advertise on TV. A public consultation on the matter is under way
It will leave our church car park at 10.15am and will depart from and responses must be in by 19 June. If you have access to the
Aylesford for the return journey at 4.30pm; cost £10 each. internet you can find details on the CAP/BCAP website
Please sign up on the notice board to reserve a coach seat. You can also contact SPUC
DAY TRIP TO WALSINGHAM – ENGLAND‟S NAZARETH for information on how to act by emailing
23 July. £20 for adults, £5 for youngsters. Sign up on the list or telephoning 020 7091 7091. Please
on the notice board as soon as possible so we have an idea of ensure you act in whatever you can to prevent this deterioration
numbers. Situated in Norfolk, Walsingham is England’s national of social morals and further attack on human life.
shrine to Our Lady with a history dating back to 1061. FUTURE PARISH EVENTS – DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
ALTAR SERVERS SUMMER ACTIVITIES Parish barbecue after 10.00am Mass 5 July
Full details about the previously advertised summer activities for Autumn Fayre 31 October
altar servers are available from the sacristy. Please book as
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