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Accomplished detail oriented SR/LEAD Software Quality Assurance Engineer utilizing 10 years of extensive skills and
knowledge of Software Quality Engineering, structured testing techniques and procedures in all phases of the
software development life cycle. I strive to achieve a positive impact in the QA Testing Process providing better test
coverage by utilizing cumulative skills and the ability to quickly learn new concepts, technologies, and products
efficiently by multi-tasking with a specialty in black-box testing working in a team and/or independently or with cross-
functional engineering teams. Generalist with a wide focus can adapt to new technologies and become the expert.


 Ten years experience of Web based technologies (J2EE) with database back-end such as CRM Remedy AR
System Web-Tier, Determina Console, Business Objects Composer and Siperian MDM Hub for end-to-end testing
and troubleshooting failures. Total twenty plus years in all aspects of computers (IT, Tech Support, QA).
 Project Lead for End-to-End testing for Determina’s Web Console (remote teams), Feature Lead for AR System 7.0
(cross-functional teams), Project Lead for AR System 5.0 release for Web-Tier, Co-Project Lead for ARWeb 5.0,
Project Lead for RemedyWeb 4.5 Maintenance Release team of 4 (2 contractors).
 Experience in installing & configuration of Web J2EE application servers: SunOne, Apache, BEA WebLogic Server,
IBM WebSphere, JBOSS, Tomcat, IIS with ServletExec on Windows and Unix platforms.
 Used C# NUnit to develop and maintain automated test cases for Remedy AR System Web-Tier.
 Used non-recorded/Silk Test to develop and maintain automated test cases for Remedy AR System’s User, Admin
and Web-Tier. Provided training & support, mentor junior team members in promoting Quality relationships with
other parts of the organization.
 Knowledge of basic modification of JWebUnit automated black-box test cases in existing framework.
 Used Silk Performer 2.0 to 5.0 to model various scenarios and implement load, scalability and stress tests for the AR
System Web Tier on Unix Platforms (Apache Tomcat, IIS ServletExec, SunOne).
 Ability to build BASIC SQL Queries, but can do intermediate SQL using reference books & Internet.
 Ability to read and create BASIC PL/SQL by using reference books, database documentation when needed.
 Used PL/SQL snippets (supplied or created by SP) by verifying back-end meta-data and that I have gleaned from
the product's PL/SQL to verify and run functionality for Siperian MDM Hub back-end verification.
 Performed installations of new builds on multi-server environments for Business Objects Data Integrator, Remedy
AR System Server and Web-Tier.
 Efficient in the development of detailed Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Strategies to meet the business
specifications that is traceable to the Marketing PRD/MRD requirements with successful execution of the tests
during the Functional, Integration, Usability, Acceptance, Regression, System and Performance Load and End-to-
End Testing. Participated as technical support to customers for alpha and beta releases for Remedy AR System
Web-Tier. Designed real-world lab with isolated network 2 VLANS & Cisco Local Director for AR Server & Web-Tier.
 Organized test cases to be readable & repeatable for better functional coverage in improving data integrity of
expected results by creating step-by-step procedures to legacy & new test cases (customer, bugs, & features).
 Highly dedicated, dependable, determined, and goal-oriented individual providing consistency to any organization
with strong analytical skills. Proficient in testing techniques such as black-box, basic grey-box, ad-hoc in manual
testing with intermediate level of automated testing experience.
 Experience of testing methods and practices in various SDLC methodologies such as traditional Waterfall , Agile and
Test Driven approaches as well as Feature Driven over the course of my QA career
 Capable of setup and configuration of Test lab environment for various web servers and product integration.
 Participated in automation tools evaluation (Remedy, Determina and Business Objects).
 Knowledgeable in test identification techniques such as functional analysis, risk analysis, root-cause analysis.
 Performed security testing for Remedy AR System Server Web-Tier, Determina Console using WatchFire AppScan
and open-source Paros. Setup & implemented SSL (VeriSign) digital certificates for testing Remedy Web-Tier end-
to-end testing.
 Install, configure, and troubleshoot hardware and software such as client/server and web testing environments,
Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, servers, and virtual environments (VMWare)

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 Write clear and in-depth bug reports, provide supporting information including logs, screenshot, provide
workarounds, follow through to closure and merge back into test suites for regression testing.
 PRODUCT: Siperian MDM Hub (J2EE: Oracle 10g, 11g, DB2 9.1, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, JDBC, RMI) and Data
Quality (AddressDoctor and Trillium). Performed database intensive testing, some UI.
 FEATURES OWNED: Data Manager, Merge Manager, Batch Group Manager, User Exits, Oracle Proxy User,
Database Logging & Row Level Locking. Load stored proc algorithm: Load by ROWID, Load by GBID, Load 1
million rows, Load Tokenize data, Load Null FKEY & Updates, Load by Distinct Sources. Trust & Validation stored
proc algorithm: verify repeatable results for Best Version of the Truth.
 TOOLS: TOAD, using basic SQL, PL/SQL for verifying database back-end data, SoapUI & Eclipse to test APIs.
 Organized test cases to be readable & repeatable for better functional coverage in improving data integrity of expected
results by creating step-by-step procedures to legacy & new test cases (customer, bugs, & features).
 Integrated and documented the successful integration and installation of Siperian Master Data Management Hub on the
Oracle 11g database with IBM WebSphere JDBC ojdbc5.jar, Java JDBC with screenshots.
 Provided QA Test Plan template based on IEEE Standards to the management team.
 Merged bugs back into the legacy test suite & new test cases.
 This resulted in approx 75% more improved test coverage. Created an overall matrix for accountability of all owned
features per test suite to show management how much percentage of test coverage was completed for each milestone.
Received a special award that was presented by the Tech Writers Team in helping them succeed in documenting highly
technical functional areas for Siperian customers.


 PRODUCTS: Composer (J2EE: AJAX, DOJO, JSON, Tomcat, Java - Full ownership for 9 months) an ETL Design
Modeling Tool to export to Excel and Data Integrator (Clean data, keep history, etc)
 O/S: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris and HP. VMWare GSX & Workstation
 DATABASES: MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Netzezza, Teradata
 TOOLS: Toad and SQLPlus for verifying Oracle data integrity. MS Visio to create DB scenarios.
 Improved QA processes by approx 55% for the EIM QA Team (San Jose, La Crosse & Shanghais) by creating a file
structure on a shared disk that was used by QA Wiki pages to store QA Guidelines, QA How-to’s, QA
Methodologies, QA Templates, QA Test Cases, QA Training, and Software for team collaboration.
 Provided a Test Plan Template based on IEEE Standards that the QA Team used to create their feature Test Plans
that was approved by the team. This template was used throughout the EIM organization.
 Isolated legacy design flaws in user permission functionality for Composer that had to be rewritten in order to work
correctly based on design specs and MRD.
 Improved testing by restructuring test cases into features per worksheet in Excel focusing on specific areas of
 Worked closely with software developers to ensure a successful high quality release with a variety of databases
and operating systems for Composer's repository meta-data, source, and target data-stores. Installed and
configured MySQL, DB2, Oracle 10g, and MS SQL Server for data-stores


 PRODUCT: Vulnerability Protection Suite (Web Application MySQL backend, Tomcat), LDAP Active Directory
Integration for SSO (functionality for Domain Hierarchies and Single-Sign On)
 FUNCTIONAL AREAS: Domain User Roles, User Page, Login, System Page, Domain Configuration, Domain
Server & Server groups, Home Page, Events Page, Reports Page, Data Locking, Forensic data, History Page,
SNMP, SMTP, LiveShield and Staging Mode.
 TOOLS: WatchFire AppScan (XSS), Paros, Core Impact and MetaSploits, SQL Yog, MySQL Query Browser and
Administrator, Proxy Server (CCProxy), ActivePerl, CygWin, PSTools, Registry Compare
 AUTOMATION: HTTPUnit/Java using Eclipse (6 Months), AutomateQA TestComplete (6 Months), AutoIT, Pstools
 Lead & organized India offshore team’s test coverage with a new design I created in Excel using a matrix to show
overall testing by percent covered. Assigned India Team tasks to map automated test units to a specific repeatable
test case per functionality based on the features. Each feature had its own worksheet.
 This resulted in approx 110% improvement in QA testing efforts (per development and VP of engineering comments)
by maintaining a master test schedule with milestones for beta and release.

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 PRODUCTS: Remedy AR System (Mid-Tier, Server, Client User & Admin), Help Desk, Asset & Change, CMDB
BMC Atrium.
 WEB SERVERS: Installed & Configured: IIS ServletExec, Apache, SunOne, HP Web Server, Apache/Tomcat.
 APPLICATION SERVERS: Tomcat, Sun Java System Application Server 8.1, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere,
Oracle 10g Application Server v10, JBoss, JRockit. (Installed & Configured)
 O/S: Windows 2000, 2003, Macintosh 10, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, SUSE, & Red Hat Linux (English & I18N)
 DATABASES: Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, and MS SQL Server. (Installed & Configured)
 BROWSERS: IE, Firefox, Mozilla (Windows and Unix). Safari on Macintosh. (Installed & Configured)
 AUTOMATION & TOOLS: AppScan, Silk Test & Performer, C# NUnit .NET, JAWS, Cisco LocalDirector.
 TEST LAB: Cross-functional Project Lead: Created QA test matrix & lab setup. Designed an isolated sub-network
lab with firewall (Sonicwall), Cisco local director, two VLAN for AR Server & Web tier.
 2 YEARS experience testing with JAWS screen reader software that enables blind or visually impaired users to
read the computer screen for the Web and native client tools and participated in usability test with the blind.
 2 YEARS experience coding data-driven approach using Microsoft C# .NET NUnit Test Fixtures (Visual Studio
.NET 2003 Pro) in automating Remedy’s DOT.NET API with an existing harness for Remedy AR System Web Mid-
Tier components on the following feature test cases: “Custom Home Page’, ‘Default Home Page’, ‘Object List’,
‘Page Fields’, “Table Loop Performance’, ‘Table Refresh Defects’, ‘Active Link Defects’, ‘Push Field Defects’ &
‘Table Refresh Defects’. This resulted in approx 85% repeatable test cases where automated. Ability to switch to
coding in C# NUnit from Silk Test in a few short weeks.
 4 YEARS experience coding data-driven approach setting of scenarios for Remedy Help Desk using Borland’s Silk
Performer, executing & analyzing performance bottlenecks, and errors for the Remedy AR System Web Tier
Component and tuned Web/AR/DB Server. Resulted approx 66% more bugs found.
 2 YEARS experience coding using Borland’s non-record/Silk Test scripts on existing harness for native Remedy
AR User, AR Admin tool, and AR Web Mid-Tier browser functional test cases. This resulted increase approx 45% of
test coverage completion.
 AWARDS: Received yearly cash/stock bonuses awards for top 5%/10% individual contributors. (1996 - 2002). Created
Test Plans, Test Cases, and Defect Analysis of Root Cause for eight Web & Server Project Releases.


 Different ways of using entry points (Active Link JavaScript & CSS) with home pages
 AR System Mid Tier-Performance Goals & Best Practices in Load Testing with Cisco Director
 How to configure an IIS 5 Web Server with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for Remedy Mid Tier
 Installing AR System Mid-Tier with Apache 1.3 and Tomcat 4.0 with mod_jk on AIX 5.2
 AR System 5.1.2 Mid-Tier-Performance Tuning Apache 1.3.27 with ServletExec 4.1.1
 Introduction to AR System Mid-Tier Performance Testing
 Installing Two AR System Mid-Tier Instances on IIS with ServletExec
 Installing Two AR System Mid-Tier Instances on Tomcat 5.0


 PRODUCTS: Remedy ARS Server & RemedyWeb Support on Unix Platforms. First line support for the Sybase
database issues. Reproduced customer bugs & escalated to Engineering. Installed & configured Solaris O/S for
best performance standard partitions for Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Ingres installs. Supported armaild Remedy’s
AR Server Unix email daemon using Sendmail (SMTP).
 SPECIALTY: Troubleshoot & resolved customer AR Server performance issues by analyzing SQL transactions for
root-cause of bottlenecks. Performed AR System server SQL query optimization & performance tuning on Unix
Platforms. Lead Unix Database team and installed web servers for AR Web App (CERN, Netscape, HTTP Server
now Apache) in the early stages of the World Wide Web.
 DB & PLATFORM: Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Ingres on Unix Platforms (Solaris, AIX, HP, AT&T, SGI)


40 Plus classes with a approx grade point 3.8 for the following
 UCSC Certificate in Internet Security (Feb 2005)
 UCSC Certificate in E-Commerce Engineering (Nov 2000)
 UCSC Certificate Web / Internet Systems Engineering (Mar 2000)
 UCSC Professional Achievement Award for Hands-On Web Site Design & Integration (Mar 2000)
 UCSC Certificate in Unix System Management & Administration (Dec 1998)

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