Bibliography of Medical Ethics

( ‫מאמר זה הינו חלק ממרכז מאגרי מידע לרפואה אתיקה והלכה ע" ש עו"ד חיים קהן‬ :‫ניתן למצוא את המאמר בכתובת‬

Editor’s Note: In Jewish Medical Ethics Vol. I, No. 1 (May, 1988) we published an extract of medical halachic sources from the Multi -Language Bibliography of Jewish Law by Prof. Ahum Rakover, Deputy Attorney-General and Advisor on Jewish Law to the Ministry of Justice. Prof. Rakover's bibliography was published in full by the Library of Jewish Law (Jerusalem, 1990). The following addenda and corrigenda to our previous extract will be of interest to readers of Jewish Medical Ethics.

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Bibliography of Medical Ethics http://98.8.124/articles/JME/JMEM4/JMEM.4. 9 of 9 7/3/2013 10:22 PM .138.131.asp?printPreview=1& * An asterisk at the end of an entry indicates that the work was unavailable to the author.

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