Important Information on Mock CATs

For Proctored Mock CATs:
You will need to select the city and center where you would want to take the test. The city cannot be changed once selected. You can book your slot through “Online Booking System” on your SIS. List of center(s) will be visible with the slots available. You can book your slot as per your convenience/ availability of slots. You can book your slot 7 days before the proctored window starts. Booking closes at 5:00 pm on the day prior to the respective test th date. For example, booking for Proctored Mock 1 will start from 10 May 2013.

Each of the 10 Proctored Online Mocks would be conducted over a period of 10 days, in a computer lab at a pre-designated location. These will be followed by detailed performance analysis and an All-India percentile ranking. If a student fails to take the test in the proctored online format, that particular Mock would be made available to the student in the unproctored online format for 3 days only, after the Proctored Mock Window. Post which, the test will not be accessible on SIS. Note: You will need to carry a valid Identity Proof (PAN Card, License etc) to take the test in the proctored environment at the center.

Schedule of Proctored Mock CATs:
S.No Proctored Mock CATs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Proctored Mock-1 Proctored Mock-2 Proctored Mock-3 Proctored Mock-4 Proctored Mock-5 Proctored Mock-6 Proctored Mock-7 Proctored Mock-8 Proctored Mock-9 Proctored Mock-10
Test Date/s (Proctored)
17 May to 26 May, 2013
st th
th th

Test Date/s (Unproctored mode)

27th May to 29th May, 2013 31 May to 9 June, 2013 10th June to 12th June, 2013 14th June to 23rd June, 2013 24th June to 26th June, 2013 28th June to 7th July, 2013 8th July to 10th July, 2013 12th July to 21st July, 2013 22nd July to 24th July, 2013 th th th 26 July to 4 August, 2013 5 August to 7th August, 2013 16th August to 25th August, 2013 26th August to 28th August, 2013 30th August to 8th September, 2013 9th September to 11th September, 2013 th nd 13 September to 22 September, 2013 23rd September to 25th September, 2013 27th September to 6th October, 2013 7th October to 9th October, 2013

Note: Students would need to book their slots beforehand before appearing for any of the Online Proctored Mock CATs. *The dates of Proctored Mock CATs are based on the expected CAT 2013 dates. They are liable to change if CAT 2013 testing window differs significantly from CAT 2012 testing window.

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) are not new tests and are inspired by last year's Proctored/ Unproctored Mock Tests. hostel. 2013 May 6th . 2013 July 31st . 2013 April 24th .For UnProctored Mock CATs: Unproctored Mock CATs (computer based) will be available online on Student Information System (SIS).No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Detail Unproctored Mock-1 Unproctored Mock-2 Unproctored Mock-3 Unproctored Mock-4 Unproctored Mock-5 Unproctored Mock-6 Unproctored Mock-7 Unproctored Mock-8 Unproctored Mock-9 Unproctored Mock-10 Unproctored Mock-11 Unproctored Mock-12 Unproctored Mock-13 Unproctored Mock-14 Unproctored Mock-15 Unproctored Mock-16 Unproctored Mock-17 Unproctored Mock-18 Unproctored Mock-19 Unproctored Mock-20 Date February 15th . 2013 August 26th . 2013 June 23rd . 2013 August 13th . 2013 October 17th . 2013 September 21st . cyber café etc. 2013 April 12th . 2013 July 18th . 2013 September 8th . These tests can be taken by you anytime after they are made live. You can take these tests from anywhere . 2013 February 28th . 2013 May 18th . Schedule of Unproctored Mock CATs: S. 2013 June 11th . All the Best! – Team CL Page 2 of 2 . 2013 Note: The Unproctored Mock CATs (20 nos. 2013 March 15th . 2013 October 4th . 2013 March 31st . 2013 July 5th .home. 2013 May 30th .

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