Social Divisions Essay Guidance Content     Make sure you answer the question rather than just writing

down everything you know about the topic. Define any concepts at the start (e.g. gender, social divisions, life chances) You get marks for your knowledge, but also ANALYSIS. Analysis is necessary to obtain higher marks. Difference within difference (e.g. if focussing on gender – look at intersections with other social divisions - what are the experiences of women and men from particular ethnic groups, or social class positions?) This module has been about Social Divisions and change in British society so make sure you focus on the UK, but you can include some brief comparison between UK and the rest of the world or point out the global nature of some of the debates. You will also be discussing theory which can obviously be applied to a range of contexts Make sure all your arguments are based on evidence not just your opinion. Include references. References: do not use Wikipedia or A Level text books. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and may not be accurate. A level text books are not written at a high enough level. Use a range of references. Do not rely on 3-4 sources. There is no set number as it depends on how you use them. However, to give you rough idea 10 or more is fine if used appropriately. These should mainly be academic books, journal articles, but you can also include government or other NGO reports. Case study examples from newspapers can be used but must be explained and analysed through academic arguments (from books and journal articles). You can use graphs and charts. These are included in the word count

 

Structure and style    Format: Black ink, Arial, Times New Roman or another clear font, size 12, line spacing – double Introduction (10% of word count) , main text (80% of word count), conclusion (10% of word count) Referencing: check bibliography and ‘in text’ referencing. Reference according to the Harvard system which you will have looked at in Learning Strategies Spell check and proof reading. It is often very helpful to get someone else like a friend or relative to read over your essay. They may spot something you have missed because you have been so close to your work.


Submit through the usual route for assessed work as set out in your Student handbook. See Division administration page on Blackboard or go to School office for further guidance if you are unsure. .

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