Requests for Presentations, Participation, Sponsorships from Oracle JD Edwards & PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendors

The purpose of an Oracle JD Edwards PeopleSoft Regional User Group (RUG) is to foster communication between users with similar experiences and challenges in their workplace. RUGs are self-directed teams of professionals from the same geographic area who meet regularly to exchange our most valuable commodity - knowledge! We share experiences and best practices relating to the use of Oracle JD Edwards World, EnterpriseOne, PeopleSoft and/or other related third party software solutions. The Houston Regional Users Group for Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft Users, H.U.G. meets quarterly to encourage knowledge sharing and experiences. Our General Membership Meetings are generally held in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters; normally in February, May, September, and December of each year. We are earmarking our fourth quarter meeting late in the year for the H.U.G. Holiday Social Networking Event. There are several ways Oracle JD Edwards/PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendors can participate in H.U.G. 1. Membership in H.U.G. Oracle JD Edwards/PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendors are eligible for membership in H.U.G. with an annual Silver Sponsor Membership fee of $350 for 1 representative. Gold Sponsor Membership is $700 per year and includes two members and one Event Sponsorship Package at the Annual HUG Holiday Social Event and Casino Night. Any Oracle JD Edwards/PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendor desiring to include more representatives in attendance at any H.U.G. function, can add additional representatives anytime in the year at $100 annually for each additional representative member, who in turn will have access to all H.U.G. sponsored events for the year. All new member membership dues are payable in advance. Membership renewals are due on or before the first quarterly meeting of the H.U.G. General Membership each fiscal year. All Oracle JD Edwards/PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendor representative members so designated by a company as members must be listed on the application form. For more information on Sponsor Memberships for Oracle JD Edwards/PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendors, please contact our H.U.G. Membership Vice President Mary Hollis by email at . 2. Facilitation of Educational Breakout Sessions: Our General Membership meetings are devoted to knowledge transfer facilitated though educational breakout sessions focused on either the Oracle JD Edwards World/EnterpriseOne/PeopleSoft products or third party solutions that interacts with them. Traditionally, Oracle JD Edwards/PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendors host these presentations during our meetings. These presentations are typically one hour in length, feature educational information as well as presentations and demonstrations, and are strongly recommended to feature a customer experience segment. If you are interested in presenting at a future H.U.G. meeting, please fill out the form on the reverse side of this document. Submit JDE presentations to H.U.G. Vice President of JD Edwards Programming Joseph Tecca at via email. Submit PeopleSoft presentations to H.U.G. Vice President of PeopleSoft Programming Lisa Brunet at . 3. Holiday Social Networking Event: We plan to conduct our Annual Holiday Social Networking Event and Casino Night in the November/December timeframe and will be seeking Exhibitor Sponsorships which will be granted on a first come first served basis. Each participating Business Partner Vendor that remits an Exhibitor Sponsorship fee or is already a Gold Sponsor Member will be able to set up a booth and share their products/services directly with our membership. A formal meeting agenda is not followed, and a more relaxed atmosphere encourages more interaction between customers and business partner vendors. If you are interested in participating and would like more information when it becomes available, please enter your email address below, and submit to H.U.G. President Terry H. DeMoure at We will email all the essential materials when available. Potential Holiday Social Networking Event and Casino Night Exhibitor Sponsor Company: __________________________________ Contact Name: __________________________________ Email address: ______________________________________________ 4. Meeting Location Sponsorship & Door Prize Raffle Prizes: In an effort to explore new and exciting meeting locations, your H.U.G. Executive Board of Directors would consider meeting location sponsorships from our Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft Business Partner Vendor (aka Sponsor Members). Also available, sponsorship of Raffle Door Prizes awarded at the conclusion of each meeting to lucky client/customer members whose name is drawn. This is always a highly anticipated part of the meeting. Door Prizes contributed must be pre-approved by a member of the H.U.G. Executive Board prior to the start of the meeting. If you are interested in submitting prizes for the raffle giveaway, please bring them to the meeting along with a business card to be included with the prize. For more information on potential meeting locations please email H.U.G. Vice President Marketing/Public Relations/Logistics Chris Arend at For more information on Door Prize Raffle Sponsorships please email H.U.G. Business Partner Vendor Liaison Larry McBride at See other side for Educational Breakout Session Proposal form

Oracle JD Edwards World, EnterpriseOne, and PeopleSoft Users

Houston Regional Users Group

Vice Presidents of Programming for either JD Edwards or PeopleSoft is required.U.G.U. will not be considered. Advance review of the presentation by one of the H. Education Breakout Sessions submitted for consideration. and found to be predominantly marketing presentations in focus. .G. Vice President of Programming of session approval as soon as possible prior to the scheduled event. Customer Company: _______________________________________________________________________ Customer Presenter Name: __________________________________________________________________ Customer Presenter Email: __________________________________________________________________ Summary of Customer Presentation: ____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meetings this presentation can be given:  1 Quarter st  2nd Quarter  3rd Quarter PLEASE NOTE: Selected presenters will be notified by a H.Educational Breakout Session Proposal Presenter Name: ______________________________________________ Presenter Company: ___________________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________ Phone Number: ________________________________________________ Product Line:  World  EnterpriseOne  PeopleSoft  Other (Please Specify): __________________________ This presentation will appeal to the following Oracle JDE/PeopleSoft customer groups / module owners: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Session Title: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary of proposed session: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ AV Requirements:  Laptop  Projector/Screen  Microphone  WiFi  Other:____________________________________________________________________ Preference is given to those presentations which feature a customer experience segment with Customer Co-Facilitator.

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