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SCDL/Exam-Dept/2006 To, The Students of 2004 & 2005 Batch - All Courses Sub: Examination in Jan – Feb 2007 Dear Student, We are pleased to inform you that we propose to conduct the online examination from 03.01.2007 to 15.02.2007 for all subjects. The following enclosures are attached herewith for your reference : I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Instructions for the Payment of Exam Fees Exam Enrolment Form (to be filled and to reach SCDL on or before 23rd Dec, 2006). Exam Fee Payment Challan of ICICI Bank (to be submitted along with the Enrollment Form) Subject List & Codes – 2004 Batch Subject List & Codes – 2005 Batch List of APTECH Exam Centres List of ICICI Bank Branches. November 7, 2006

All students are a dvised to read all instructions, Exam Centre Details thoroughly and for more details visit the web site before mailing us your query. Students are requested to fill the ENROLMENT FORM ALONGWITH THE SUBJECT CODE and pay the exam fees through select ICICI branches & at SCDL Cash Counter from 20.11.2006 To 19.12.2006 only. The fees can be paid at the MAIN ICICI BRANCHES listed on our website ONLY . The enrolment form along with the ICICI receipt copy must reach SCDL on or before 23rd Dec 2006. Exam fees will be accepted at the ICICI branches & at SCDL Cash Counter up to 19t h Dec 2006 only. Kindly note that exam fees paid at ICICI & at Cash Counter in SCDL after 19t h Dec 2006 will not be refunded & students will not be allowed to appear for the exam. Please note that any exam fees paid to SCDL will be non refundable and non -transferable under any circumstances. Students should not go directly to exam center with challans without online slot booking as they will not be allowed to appear for the exam. SLOT BOOKING:-ONLINE BOOKING WILL COMMENCE ON 27.11.2006 To 27.12.2006. Availability of Slots is on a “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS”. Please book your exam slots immediately once your exam fee challan details have been uploaded by SC DL on to the APTECH Server to avoid non-availability of slots. The online exam session SHALL NOT be extended beyond 15T H FEB. 2007. SCDL is not liable to accommodate / entertain any queries of the students, if the student does not book the slots within three (3) working days of the data being uploaded by SCDL. All students are advised to visit our website frequently to view examination updates and changes if any to the exam schedule and center information. In case of any queries, please forward your mail only on Please note any queries related to online exam, sent on other email ids, and shall not be entertained We wish you all the best for the forthcoming examination. Yours sincerely, Swati Chaudhari Hon Director Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

Please note that the bank will not provide you with the challan for the payment of fees. ***** . 9. You would be allowed to appear only for the papers for which you have paid the exam fees. Your names would be updated on the website within 5-7 working days after receiving your enrolment form and the challans. There will be no spot exam admissions at the exam centres and no exam fees would be accepted anywhere expect in the ICICI bank branches mentioned on the website or at the SCDL cash counter at Pune. 5. No other proof of identity shall be accepted. 23r d Dec 2006. You have to download it from our website. The fee for the exam is Rs.(Enclosure I) SYMBIOSIS CENTRE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING (SCDL) INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PAYMENT OF EXAM FEES 1. The students must carry the student’s copy of bank challan along with them to the exam venue without which they will not be permitted to appear for the exam. Please fill in the challan carefully and clearly with all the details. it would not be transferred at any case. 7. The bank will retain the bank copy while the two (student & SCDL) copies will be stamped and returned to you. Students are required to report minimum 30 minutes prior to commencement of the examination. Any request for challans received at SCDL after due date i. Students are warned NOT to use any unfair means in the examination hall.e. 6. 8. Students are requested to carry their Examination Hall Ticket and their SCDL Identity Card to the exam centre. 10. 4. 11.125/. 2. Students would be responsible for signing the attendance sheet available at the centre without which their paper will not be assessed and the student would be marked absent for the exam. shall not be entertained. If the enrolment form and challan are incomplete in any sense they will not be accepted for inwarding. 2006 . The exam fee can be paid only at ICICI Bank listed on our web site & at Cash Counter in SCDL ( No Cheque / Demand Draft / Fund Transfer) up to 19t h Dec. Please note that exam fees are payable ONLY through ICICI Bank & at the Cash Counter in SCDL . Please mention your subject name and subject code on the enrolment form as well as on the challan. Enrolment forms received late and/or without the paid challan copy will not be entertained. Please note that the students will NOT be allowed to appear for the exam unless enrolled by the due date at SCDL.per subject. The fees can be paid from 20TH Nov 2006 to 19t h Dec 2006 3. one student copy and one SCDL copy. The challan has one bank copy. You have to retain one student’s copy with you to produce at the exam center as a proof of payment and send the “SCDL Copy” of the challan to SCDL office at Pune along with your enrolment form by 23r d Dec 2006. On the reverse of the challan please indicate the code of the subjects for the examination as filled in the Enrolment form.