Z:1055|You can press the "?

" symbol in the status bar if you need prompting abou t what to do next. Z:2000|<gn> offers a host of customizable preference settings regarding appearan ce, sounds, operation and rules. Z:1055|The lightbulb symbol in the status bar provides a hint suggesting a good next move. Z:7001|You may right-click in many places to display a pop-up menu of common opt ions. Z:1072|If you right-click on the scoresheet, you may quickly review or change th e Scoring Preferences. Z:1003|You may reorder the cards in your hand by dragging them to the left or ri ght. ABCDEF:1003|You can prevent <gn> from automatically resorting your cards by righ t-clicking on the sortation icon in the status bar. G:1003|You can prevent Canasta from automatically resorting your cards by rightclicking on the grouping icon in the status bar. Z:1004|There are Tutorial and Autoplay facilities that allow you to watch a game being played automatically. Z:7002|You may update to the latest version of <gn> automatically. Z:4805|If you have used the Online Update facility, you may review and/or remove the downloaded installation files via the Admin menu. Z:1025|There is a User Guide available for you to print as a reference manual. Z:1072|You may drag and drop cards as an alternative to the point and click meth od. Z:7003|When you drag and drop a card, the special MeggieSoft Games mousepointer icon changes to show where the card may legitimately be dropped. Z:2003|You can change the card display to use one of several European alternativ es (instead of AKQJ). Z:2013|The opponent can be set to one of six different skill levels. Z:2013|You may elect to be able to take a quick peek at the opponent's cards by clicking the mouse button on them. Z:2000|You may disable the speech, music and sound effects via the corresponding preference sections. Z:1010|You may define up to twelve different player names which will maintain di fferent preferences and score histories. Z:5000|You may change your player name. Z:5300|The Explore menu provides a number of facilities for analyzing, and even altering, the cards in your hand. Z:2017|The Preferences display includes a "QuickSet" item at the bottom to facil itate changes to sets of preference settings. Z:2017|If you preferred the earlier interface versions (less "bells && whistles" ), you may use the "QuickSet" section of the Preferences display to disable grou ps of newer features. Z:2001|You may change the main window size by dragging an edge or corner, or via the Screen preferences. Z:2001|<gn> can display the game totals in a number of places, depending upon yo ur preference. Z:2001|You may change the headings of the scoresheet columns to be "Me/You" or t o use the player and opponent skill names. Z:2003|If you have installed the Plus Pack, you can select additional smaller, l arger and extra-large card sizes. Z:2003|The Plus Pack includes an alternative set of artistic card designs adapte d from Piatnik's "Luxury" card deck. Z:2001|You may customize the main window font, and even select a handwritten sty le for the scoresheet. Z:2002|You may alter the colors (and text colors) of most areas of the display. Z:2004|You may select from six standard card backs, or even specify your own ima ge file. Z:2018|The AutoMouse feature will move the mousepointer to your next logical poi nt of operation.

thus avoiding a restart delay when it is re-awakened. Z:2016|You can minimize the online connection dialog if you find the default too interactively verbose. it is turned over when you click do wn so that can see it before you release the mouse button. Z:2016|You can put your online session into AutoPilot if you are called away. B:2005|You can specify a deal of 11 cards to the non-dealer. C:2012|You can have <gn> warn you if you have an unplayed Dix and you are approa ching the end of the melding phase. DF:1055|When it is active. you may inhibit the Drag and Drop capabilities. Z:2006|You may adjust and/or suppress the animation options for faster card disp lay. B:2012|You can have Gin Rummy display the current deadwood value in your hand in .. AB:1072|You can right-click on a partially concealed melded card to see a tool-t ip describing which card it is. ABCG:1055|When it is active. you can specify that the dealing is done quickly. B:2012|You can have Gin Rummy warn you if you are missing the opportunity to lay off a card when ending a round. Z:2005|If you like the animation but find the dealing process laborious. Z:1025|If you uncheck the "Show Automatically" box. Z:2006|You may disable the card interleaving effect for faster card display (the whole of the moving card is always shown on top). <gn> will not process the sounds and run faster. you may enable "TrueSlide". Z:2011|You can suppress the "Are You Sure?" messages that are shown when you sel ect an item from the Game Menu.." you w ill see all of them once before they repeat. Z:2006|For increased realism of card interleaving. Z:2010|You may select the "AutoDeal" feature to bypass the "Deal" button at the start of each round. Z:If you have speech and/or sound effects enabled and mute or zero-volume your s ystem's sound. ( <gn> will play your turns for you.Z:2018|If you use only the Point and Click mouse operation. Z:2016|You can specify your online name (otherwise your Windows system name will be used). or by selecting and melding a group. thus starting with a discard from the non-dealer. ABG:1016|You may make new melds one card at a time. but if you repeatedly press "Another. Z:These tips are shown at random. C:2012|You can have <gn> warn you if you are playing a card which is meldable. you may review these tips (a nd recheck the box) via the Help menu. and at t he beginning of each new game (except during online or automatic/tutorial play). these tips will appear when you start <gn>. Z:When shown automatically. you can click on the "undo" symbol in the middle of t he status bar to clear your card selection. Z:2010|There are a series of "Operational" preferences which affect how <gn> sta rts and finishes. Z:2010|You can minimize <gn> to the tray instead of the taskbar by selecting one of the Operational Preferences. you can click on the "undo" symbol in the middle of the status bar to restart your turn. ABG:2012|You can have <gn> warn you if you are discarding a card which is meldab le. ABCG:1055|You can undo either the last melding action or your entire turn. Z:2010|You can "fast start" <gn> by selecting one of the alternative exit modes (Operational Preferences) in which case it will sleep in the background between sessions. A:2005|<gn> supports both the "Persian" style deck (with Jokers) and seven-card deal options. you may quickly review or change the Rule or Scoring Preferences. ABCEFG:1072|If you right-click on the rules/scoring panel (under the stock). ABCG:1043|When taking a card from the stock.) Z:2005|You can start each game with a cut of the deck to determine who deals.

E:2005|German Whist supports both simple dealing and the "box deal" convention. H:2013|You may enable and disable dialog boxes confirming the opponent's scoring actions. C:2014|You may play standard Pinochle or Bezique. H:2011|You may specify that most recent score details are shown in the status ba r instead of the running points totals. C:2014|You can permit the melding of Grand Binochles. G:2014|You may change the number of cards taken from stock (one or two). and Doub le Sets under the rules of Binochle . C:2014|You can permit the melding of Common Sequences and Double Marriages under the rules of Bezique . You may even play the or iginal game of Noddy. H:2015|Cribbage supports the "Muggins" (Cutthroat Cribbage) rule as an scoring p reference option. H:2012|You may enable or disable the "AutoCard" feature. D:2012|You can have Piquet put a highlight in the status bar if you have a Carte Blanche. G:2003|You may turn the discard pile and Canasta color tinting on and off. B:2014|You can play standard Gin Rummy. or as a separate Score Bar. or Seven Card Cribbage. seque nce or set declaration in your hand. you may quickly review or change the Rule or Scoring Preferences.) C:2005|You can specify the use of a 64-card deck (and also choose a 16-card deal ). or the Hollywood or Oklahoma variants under a variety of additional rule and scoring conventions. H:2015|You may specify either a Peg Board or a Score Sheet for keeping score. H:2005|You may play Five. H:2012|You may specify that Cribbage automatically score your combinations by en abling "AutoPeg". C:2014|You can permit the melding of Roundhouses and Double Pinochles in Pinochl e. F:1072|You may click on your exchanged discards in Écarté to remind yourself of whic h cards you exchanged. CDEF:1072|You may click down on the played trick pile to review which cards have been played. D:2012|Piquet can warn you if you are about to miss the opportunity to declare a Carte Blanche. H:2005|Cribbage supports the "Deal One To Crib" dealing convention as an optiona l preference. Six. D:2005|You may specify use of a 36-card Piquet deck (including the sixes) instea d of the default 32 cards. C:2012|You can have Pinochle display (in the status bar) the meldable points cur rently in your hand.or enable them for variety in Pinochle or Bezique. C:2012|Pinochle can automatically knock for you. F:6700|You may play standard Euchre or Écarté. H:2015|You may specify that the score buttons be shown in the status bar. D:2012|Piquet can automatically highlight for selection the highest point. or create a custom hybrid game by combining selected rules from each game. G:2014|You may change the number of Canastas required to go out (one or two). ABCG:1072|The "MultiSelect" feature permits you to drag the mouse across a seque . which permits you to se lect and discard/play a card in a single double-click action. F:2011|You can minimize the trump making dialog in Euchre and perform the intera ction by mouse-clicks. D:1072|If you right-click on the rules/scoring panel (under the talon). you retain control of when you wish to knock by clicking on the mat.the status bar.or enable them for a different style of Pinochle. Double Sequences. G:2014|You may play either Classic Canasta or Modern American Canasta rules. or create a custom hybrid "Eucharte" game by combining selected rules from each game. (Otherwise. G:2003|You may choose to have the melds displayed in one of four different ways.

G:2015|You may disable the penalty incurred for taking the discard pile and chan ging your mind. and automatically melds MultiSelect selections when the mousebutton is released. discou nts are often available. you m ay hide it (and reshow it) via the View Menu. ABCG:1032|The "AutoMeld" feature permits you to select and meld a card in a sing le double-click action. you may disable this feature. each using the same long-pr oven user interface used by <gn>. .nce of cards in your hand in order to select them all for melding. D:1072|The "MultiSelect" feature permits you to drag the mouse (right-button dow n) across a sequence of cards in your hand in order to select them all for excha nge or declaration. or on the left side. G:2012|You may have your cards displayed as a single block or separated into gro ups of cards of the same rank. Y:If you register more than one of the MeggieSoft Games at the same time. When it is enabled. Z:2012|If you do not want to see the pale green tint when new cards are added to your hand from the stock. Y:MeggieSoft Games offers a total of seven products. Z:2001|The toolbar may be displayed either at the top of the game window. Z:2001|You may disable (and enable) the menu toolbar.