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1. Introduction Introduction to the Tour Objectives of the visit 2. Company Profile Introduction to Salient features 3. Information: Plant Layout Product line Product features Procurement of raw material Production and operation management Packaging and Warehousing Distribution Channels Distribution network 5. Conclusion and suggestion 6. References

At early morning of 11th January, Sunday we reached to our destination Goa. We all travelled down by train. We were total 13 students with our principle and our beloved faculty Soumya mam we all were tired of a 12 long journey. We all were tired and drowsy. As per the plan we all stayed at Whispers Palm resort. That day we enjoyed at cocona beach and visited some tourist places at Goa. Next day on 12 th January 2007, Monday as per our Preplanned program we got ready early in the morning to visit A.L.Industries. After a deluxe breakfast at our resort (Whispers Palm) we moved on for the visit. We all were dressed in uniform and were egger to visit the industry. As soon as we finished our breakfast we left the resort. At 11:20we reached A.L.Industries. Our heart were palpitating to get in to the industry and to see the manufacturing process. We were guided by the Production Engineer Mr. Sanjay. With this we were lucky to have a conversation with the proprietor of the of the industry Mr. K. A. Thomas Arul.

Objective of the visit

A.L.Industries is a manufacturing industry, so our main focus was on to know how the management principles and concepts are applicable in the real manufacturing process and how the people A.L.Industries manage the man, money and resources. We were even curious to the manufacturing process of the giant Grabs manufactured by the industry.

Company Profile

Figure 1. Manufacturing unit

Figure 2. Inside vision of manufacturing unit

A.L. Hydraulics

Testing of grabs performance

A.L. Industries has established by Mr. Thomas Arul 6 years before at 2002. A.L. Industries is situated at Verna Industrial state, Verna (Goa). Its Head office is located at Vasco-daGama, at the 2nd floor of classic building, Pixem Dongri (Goa). However Mr. Thomas is in this business since 10 years. A.L. Industries is the manufacturer of all kind of grabs and Ship repairers too. Their main product is Radio remote control grabs and Motor hydraulic grabs. A.L. Industries is a small scale industry Where 50 to 60 people are working. Their work span is from 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. In Goa they have total three units working now.


Plant layout:
A.L. Industries has a Process layout. It has two unit. One manufacturing unit and other testing unit Known as A.L. Hydraulics. It is situated almost 3km far from the main manufacturing unit. The finished Product is sent for testing at the testing unit. Assembling of components takes place at a fixed place therefore it also enjoyed the benefits of Fixed layout.

Product line: The main product of A.L. Industry is Mechanical Motor Hydraulic Grabs and Radio Remote Control Grabs. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:
1. Wireless Radio Remote control Grabs:

Grab ready for Testing

Grab in use

Wireless remote control grab is a new type of single rope product, which can open in the air, it has both the advantages of simple structure and operation of rope type grab and high productivity of the powered grab, its birth terminates the low efficiency history of

single rope grab. It widely used on the ship, port, railway station, factory, mine and other transport department it is an ideal tool in handling bulk cargo such as coal, ore powder, fertilizer and sand. It can be operated well under circumstances of high temperature. Severe cold, dust and rain. The remote control distance is more than 50 meters, the grab has high performance accumulator cell, can continuously operate 100 hours in succession after charged.

2. Mechanical Motor Hydraulic Grabs:

Suitable for all kinds of lifting appliances to handle bulk material with maximum granulation up to 100mm especially for quayside. cranes, deck cranes and multi-purpose cranes with high efficiency and flexibility.

Procurement of Raw material: For manufacturing the grab they procure steel and iron sheets from Chennai and Pin rods are procured from Mumbai of EN24 quality.

Production and Operation Management: The general purpose machines are used for cutting, Milling, Welding, Drilling and grinding. The Components produced in different machines are further assembled at a place. Finally the finished grabs are transported to the testing plant for giving a final touch. Following are the machines used for manufacturing:

Figure 1. Drilling machine

Figure 2. LATH Machine

Figure 3. Milling Machine

Figure 4. Power generators

Figure 5. Receiver and Remote

Finished Grabs are stored at the open ground at A.L. Hydraulics from where it is supplied to shipping, constructing and other companies.

Distribution Network:
A.L. Industries supply grabs all over India. Mainly it markets their product to Isac, Vishakahapattnam and Bhilai. Its major client is Sap Port Equipments Pvt.Ltd. located at Raheja Arcade, Sector No.XI, CBD Belapur, and Navi Mumbai.

CONCLUSION In this visit we have seen how the management is practically applied in the real scenario. A.L. Industry is a small scale industry but its future is bright. It is going in a right way to accomplish its goals. REFRENCES 1. All the information we collected personally by the staffs and proprietor of the industry. 2.