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DELINEATION OF THE HOUSES In delineation of the houses the bhava chakra is used, the erection of which has been

explained in the Introduction to Part Two. Briefly, the cusp of each house in this trisected horoscope occupies the middle and strongest point of the house, whose limits extend half way to the preceding cusp, and midway to the following cusp. Thus a planet which may be in the lst house in either the sayana or nirayana horoscope might very possibly be in the 2ndhouse of the bhava chakra, etc. Consequently, in applying the following rules, a bhava chakra for the nativity should be erected. Despite the variance in the house cusps between this and the Western system, the meaning of the houses is generally the same, although the Hindu system involves greater refinement and exactitude of interpretation. FIRST HOUSE The Ascendant always marks the time when the individual arrived in this world, which, if accurate, is the time when the first breath was drawn, "and he became a living soul." The Ascendant, together with the nature of the entire first house, is therefore of primary importance in revealing the personal characteristics which the individual has brought with him from previous incarnations into the present one. The world knows him accordingly—by his physical appearance, his temperament, his preferences and prejudices, and his reactions to his environment. The 1st house is also the primary indicator of the health and ailments of the individual, although other houses, particularly the 6th, contribute in such matters. EFFECTS OF THE PLANETS ON BODILY FORM No single planet can entirely take control of a function or part of man's constitution, but must be combined with other influences in the chart. Nevertheless, a planet may become dominant at times, and express its inherent nature apart from that of other planets. Thus a planet on or near the Ascendant tends to modify the structure and quality of the physical body. The more powerful the planet, the greater it’s manifested influence. A planet occupying its own rasi, or a varga which it rules, or in which it is exalted, would be most apt to demonstrate the effects described in the following rules. SUN Sun bestows a square body with large, strong bone structure. The face is broad; the hair limited and tends to stand out from the head. Sun in this position frequently indicates a person of a bilious or irritable temperament who demands attention even when he does not command it. Sun in the 1st house often marks a person who avoids physical work or who works at occupations which are not strenuous. He is prone to anger easily and is proud, valiant and somewhat cold hearted. When afflicted in the 1st, sun denotes poor eyesight, or vision impaired by disease. When very weak in Shad Bala (less than 300 virupas), or in the rasi of its fall, it may bring poverty, lack of public recognition, and sorrow through children.

MOON Moon, on or near the Ascendant gives a soft, round body with a large chest development. Although usually stout, Moon in this position may also denote a thin body with much delicacy of formation. The eyes are lustrous, the speech soft. Moon is a traditional mark of discrimination. If it is waxing in the 1st house the native will have a strong constitution and along life, marked by fearlessness, power and wealth. However, if Moon is waning the opposite is likely to be the case. MARS gives a youthful body, with broad shoulders, narrow waist and vigorous movements. The disposition is generous but passionate, and a temperament inclined. to be fickle. Mars in the 1st house indicates a person of a daring or impulsive nature, leading o situations which can shorten the life. Even when well aspected it tends to bring danger or injury to the limbs. MERCURY gives a body of medium build characterized by quick, nervous movements. There is apt to be a speech impediment, but also ability to talk, great curiosity, and a fun-loving disposition. With Mercury in the 1st house, the native will be sharp-witted, skillful in the art of communication, and learned in whatever occupation he follows. It tends to give excellence in all pursuits in which the tongue is the main instrument. If well associated it can bring along life. JUPITER gives a large body and a phlegmatic temperament which causes the native to move slowly and deliberately. Often it bestows a high, broad forehead and a fair complexion, while traditionally it indicates intelligence and understanding. Jupiter in the 1st gives a handsome appearance, good fortune, a long life and fortunate progeny. VENUS gives a beautifully proportioned body, with a great love of ease. Traditionally it bestows eyes that are soft or quite striking, and fine or wavy hair. Venus in the 1st house denotes not only a beautiful but a healthy body which can enjoy a long life. The life is apt to be happy, even though the disposition tends to be selfish. SATURN is disposed to inactivity. When strong, it gives a tall, muscular body inclined to be awkward in gait or movement. The teeth are generally large and the hair straight and usually dark. Saturn powerful in the 1st house makes for leadership in government or civil affairs. If weak, his presence denotes melancholia or sorrow arising from restrictions which frustrate the drive to achieve recognition. Because of its self-preserving drives it can denote indolence, and when afflicted, depravity. RAHU in the 1st house, the native will be successful in possessing wealth, but is apt to be short lived. Often there are diseases of the head, face or neck. KETU in the 1st house, the native is inclined to be morose, sullen, unappreciative of favors from others, and a gossip monger. Traditionally it marks the outcast, or one fallen from a high position, and association with the wicked. Physically it is said to cause the body to be deformed or crippled in some manner. (Note: These are extremes of delineation and would occur only if there are other supporting indications in the horoscope. )

EFFECTS OF MOIST AND DRY ELEMENTS: EFFECTS OF MOIST AND DRY ELEMENTS: Water rasis and moist planets on the Ascendant tend to make the body stout. The three full water rasis are Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn. Half-water rasis are Aquarius, Taurus and Sagittarius. One-fourth water rasis are Aries, Libra and Scorpio. Full dry rasis are Leo, Gemin, and Virgo. The moist planets are Moon, Venus and Jupiter, while Sun, Mars, Saturn and Mercury are dry. From this rule it may be seen that the Hindus classify the rasis differently than the Western system of fire, earth, air and water signs. The question may arise as to whether rasis or signs are the more significant in producing fleshiness or leanness in the body. Observation indicates signs as the more influential in youth and early maturity, after which time the rasis become dominant. Queen Victoria is a good example, with the sign Gemini and the rasi Taurus on the Ascendant. Moon, a moist planet, conjuncts the Sun, a dry planet, close to the Ascendant. Victoria was notably slender in her youth but became very stout around and after her 40th year. In all cases the astrologer must balance various factors in the horoscope before making judgments on this matter.

1. Any of the fully dry rasis on the Ascendant causes the body to be lean. 2. Dry rasis on the Ascendant with dry planets therein, causes the body to be lean and may even produce emaciation. 3. A full water rasi on the Ascendant with moist planets occupying the 1 st house, the body tends to become very obese. (The common belief that fat people are better natured than the average person seems to be born out in astrology, since the moist planets, Moon, Jupiter and Venus, are all benefics and tend to give corpulence when on the Ascendant.) 4. If the ruler of the Ascendant joins dry planets or occupies their rasis, the body will be lean. 5. If the ruler of the Ascendant occupies the 8th house or a navamsa whose ruler is a dry planet, the body inclines to be lean. lf a moist planet, the body tends to be stout. 6. If the ruler of the Ascendant joins or is aspected by moist planets, the body becomes stout. CIRCUMSTANCES FOR HAPPINESS Happiness should not be confused with wealth or with success in achieving power or reputation. It consists in being able to accept the varying fortunes of life with cheerfulness and equanimity. Happiness is a condition of being, rather than of having, and consequently is relegated by Hindu astrologers to 1st house rulership.

indicates that the native will have much happiness in the first and middle portions of life. If Venus occupies the second half of the 1st house (i. the native will know how to be happy regardless of his material circumstances. wealth and good health. and Venus having 6 favorable vargas (paravatamsa). On the contrary. and there are evil planets in the 4thand 5th houses. Jupiter powerful in an angle with the ruler of the Ascendant occupying 9 favorable vargas (iravatamsa). or its own or a Friend's drekana. Afflictions to these points tend to destroy health. the native will be happy in the middle and latter part of life. If Jupiter and ruler of the Ascendant occupy angles. If ruler of the Ascendant occupies its vargottama. 3. 10. If ruler of the Ascendant combines with benefics in angles. If Venus occupies 7 favorable vargas (devalokamsa). 6. 2. as well as a happy disposition. If Venus occupies the first half of the Ascendant (in the bhava chakraJ. has benefic aspects and is joined with ruler of the 10th. friends. or in the 5th or 9th houses. Even when not be set by ill health or ill fortune. or exaltation navamsa of its exaltation rasi. Benefics in the 1st. and the 5th. 2nd and 3rd houses. 5. 7. possess good character. 8. several malefic planets in the 1 st house tend to make the native unhappy throughout his lifetime. reputation and material wealth. or is in conjunction with a benefic or receives strong aspects from a benefic. while ruler of the Ascendant occupies 4 favorable vargas (gopurasamsa). and lead a long and happy life. The native will be blessed with loved ones. charitable. a person with an afflicted 1st house will be discontented. to the midpoint from the 2nd house cusp). the native will be virtuous. and Jupiter occupying 5 favorable vargas (simhasamsa)~ are indices of a happy life. the native will be required to endure unhappiness at the end of life. 4. gives happiness from the beginning of life. the native will have happiness from infancy. with the ruler of the Ascendant a benefic. Also. 9. or to have good health and a happy disposition is based upon the Ascendant and its ruler.. and the Ascendant is aspected by benefics. have material well-being. 8th and 9th houses are free from malefics. the native will have a long life. healthy. occupies an angle with beneficial aspects. judgment of a person's ability to enjoy life. As may be seen by the foregoing rules. When ruler of the Ascendant has more than 480 virupas of Shad Bala. and enjoy life beyond 90years. .e. live comfortably. inauspicious rasis coupled with malefics or aspects with malefics. holding Heaven and his fellowman responsible for his own mistakes and disappointments. If the Ascendant is an auspicious rasi occupied or aspected by benefics. the native enjoys happiness in the beginning of life. and possibly the life itself. with the ruler of the Ascendant powerful and in an angle. Benefics in the 11th and 12th houses. be protected from dangers. happiness.1. excellent surroundings. give un happiness from childhood. repining and sometimes malicious. the native will have a good reputation.

) As with all rules given in these pages. and those under Saturn. afflicts the psyche also. the native is prone to diseases of the genito-urinary organs: in a man. or break bones originate with Saturn. there will be wounds or sores caused by weapons or stones. 8th or 12th houses. 4. or in the 8th house. or occupies the rasi of its fall. 3. occupies an angle. 2. there wi]l be wounds to the head due to falls. The conditions described here are apt to be more severe if the ruler of the Ascendant is weak in Shad Bala. If ruler of the Ascendant is in conjunction with a malefic. Mars and Saturn occupy the Ascendant. which lacks power of direction. unfounded or inordinate fears and phobias. where the power of intelligence is located.) 3. the student is cautioned to avoid literal application. If ruler of the Ascendant occupies the 6th. St. Vitus dance. or the rasi or its subdivisions which are ruled by Enemies. while wounds that crush. The 1st house is the analogue of Aries. or the 5th or 9th houses. Hindu astrologers explain this apparent discrepancy with Western concepts of the two Nodes by the fact that Rahu is the Dragon's Head. If Saturn joins the ruler of the Ascendant and they are aspected by Mars or Sun occupying the 1st house. epilepsy. and all emotional states characterized by obsessive or compulsive behavior. Taurus properly has rulership over the face below the brows and including the throat. In modern terminology this would mean mental or nervous diseases or derangements such as tremors. If Saturn or Rahu occupy the Ascendant in the bhava chakra. or if the ruler of the Ascendant is with Rahu and either Mars or Saturn in the 8th house. and malefics therein tend to cause wounds and scars to that part of the head above the eyebrows and ears. If ruler of the Ascendant and Mars are joined by evil planets in the Ascendant. (While Saturn and Rahu produce similar effects when in the 1st house. the native suffers from devils or evil spirits. while Ketu is the Dragon's tail. in a woman. or from missiles or fire. Rahu also causes nightmares.) 4. Mars is implicated in wounds that draw blood. (These two rules indicate the difference between injuries caused by Mars. . Conversely~ any strength held by the Ascendant or its ruler aids in alleviating the evil consequences indicated.INDICATIONS OF POOR HEALTH: 1. bruise. If Rahu. or is associated with their rulers. of the ovaries. but in a much weaker manner than Rahu. 2. the South Node. If ruler of the Ascendant is weak in Shad Bala and malefic planets occupy the 1st house. If ruler of the Ascendant is weak. Ketu. AFFLICTIONS FROM MALEFICS 1. afflictions of the testicles.

BEAUTY OF FACE A handsome or beautiful face.Competent interpretation of any horoscope requires that ali factors constituting the chart be given due consideration. this house rules the eyes as well as the ability to see. the native will have a handsome or attractive face. in the limited meaning of whether the face is handsome or ugly. that of a Friend or its own. A "debilitated navamsa" refers to one whose ruler is located in a rasi of its fall or detriment. 2. The 2nd house also indicates the quality of the voice. However. and the quality of service.* or if it conjuncts any malefic. This weakness of the ruler of the navamsa causes it to be debilitated. If ruler of the 2nd occupies an angle and is aspected by benefics. and occupies debilitated or unfriendly navamsas. or the opposite. 1. . or its meaning. taken in connection with certain other planetary factors. The rules for calculating the position of gulika are based on hour-day divisions. are all judged from the conditions set forth in the 2nd house. If ruler of the 2nd occupies the rasi of its exaltation. being well-fed becomes tangible evidence of having wealth. Furthermore. poor or keen eyesight. or if a benefic occupies the 2nd house. or which is ruled by an enemy planet. the type of food eaten. 4. there are deeper and more logical reasons for this analogue with eating and the natural 2nd house of Taurus. hold and use wealth. with strong bony structure and well-padded flesh. the native will have ugly and repulsive features . conjunct gulika. and has 4vargas. If malefics occupy the 2nd house. SECOND HOUSE As in Western astrology. the native will have a full face. The nearest thing to it is the planetary hour ruled by Saturn. In a country where hunger and starvation are known to thousands. or its ruler is weak and conjuncts or is aspected by malefics. The assimilation of food begins with the mouth and the gustatory senses. complex and of minor value for the Western astrologer. the 2nd house describes a person's ability to gather. In the Hindu system it also describes his looks. The following rules are not the only combinations which give facial beauty. or to please them. to persuade. Other elements in the chart contribute their influence. Food represents the wealth or poverty of the body. If ruler of the 2nd is a malefic.*(Note: There is no equivalent in Western astrology for the term gulika. In this context it is of great importance to those who must use their voice in a vocational manner. Beautiful or disfiguring eyes. 3. structure of speech and the attendant ability or lack of ability to move others. the person's face easily shows irritability and anger. is judged from the horoscope by the nature of the 2nd house and its ruler. What may seem even stranger to the Western astrologer is that the 2nd house in the Hindus system defines the manner in which a person eats.

Although Venus is in a navamsa of its exaltation. If Jupiter is powerful. 4. 1. occupies a beneficial rasi. the native is a bore. many people have successfully talked their way to fame and fortune. If ru]er of the 2nd joins a malefic in the 10th house and is combust the Sun. 1. but stubbornly clings to the idea that he or she is an excellent speaker. The following rules pertain to the ability to conceive abstract ideas and translate them into communicative symbols other than speech. despite their lack of valid ideas. If ruler of the 2nd occupies its exaltation rasi. the native becomes a persuasive speaker.) SPEAKING ABILITY: Many a person with something worth saying has discovered to his chagrin that he is unable to speak effectively or persuasively. the native is apt to be dumb or inarticulate. 8. or the 5th or 9th house. On the other hand. ) 2. the native will be a powerful and eloquent speaker. Mathematical skill is indicated by: a ) Mars with Moon in the 2nd. a chart might have Venus located in the Pisces navamsa. If ruler of the 2nd occupies an angle. the native becomes an eloquent and humorous speaker. and at the same time is exalted. The following rules deal with such ability. the native will be defeated in public assemblies. the navamsa itself is debilitated because its ruler is in the rasi of its fall. or its lack. 7. or if the ruler of the 2nd conjuncts Venus or Mercury and has 9 vargas. Jupiter in the 1st and Saturn in the 8th house . the native will become a determined and unique speaker andteacher. or Mercury powerful in an angle b ) Mercury exalted in the 2nd. aspected by Mercury. the ruler of which (Jupiter) is located in the rasi Capricorn. which is exalted or has 4vargas and favorable aspects. is in deep exaltation and has 6 favorable vargas . Those with such a configuration would be ambitious to succeed in some competitive office but would be outdone because of poor debating ability. 5. or if ruler of the 2nd is in conjunction with Jupiter or has 6 vargas. If the ruler of the 2nd conjuncts Jupiter in the 12th house. If ruler of the 2nd occupies an angle. If ruler of the 2nd is conjunct the Sun and receives aspects from malefics. or its own or a Friend's rasi. and Mercury is in a navamsa which he rules in Virgo or Gemini rasi. joined or aspected by henefics. the native will be a capable speaker before legal assemblies. If the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 2nd house is Mercury. Such being the case.and Jupiter or Venus has 5 vargas. 3. 6. (This is an illustration of planets which govern oratory being lodged in a house normally inaccessible to the conscious mind. the power of speech is limited or inhibited. which is excellent.As an example. or is vargottama. or is ignorant in speech.

and Mars in its mula trikona. Near London. 1874 10:00 P. Venus. it is correctly placed in the rasi chakra." as a symbol accompanied the opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. illustratetwo modern examples of extraordinary power of speech.c) Jupiter in an angle. but associated with the Sun in its exaltation rasi.Ayanamsha: 26°3'Nirayana Longitudes: ASC. Churchill's use of "Vfor Victory. in contrast to Hitler's Saturn in its detriment in Cancer. represented by Saturn in the 7th. ruler of the 2nd powerful. or by benefics in the 2nd house in exaltation rasi. Venus in exaltation. indicates both intellectual and measured appeal for support of the homeland against open enemies. while Mercury is both exalted and ruler of the 2nd. Figure 20. In view of the partial evidence. Curiously enough. and Adolph Hitler. Moon. thus enlarging the scope of Cancer. and neither could be considered seriously as creative in this field of expression. or the 5th or 9th house. 28°34' 12°31' D 14°9' o~ 21°2' 22°16' 17°41' 25°17' 13°54'2°o°25'Winston Churchill. ruler of mental processes and discriminative judgment." Furthermore. sweat and tears. but in the actual 6th house. with its ruler in the rasi Leo. 2. Mercury. Hitler's irrational emotionalism and dogmatic ranting of hate were eagerly and enthusiastically accepted as absolute truth. However. Eng. despite the lack of intelligent thoughts or ideas in his harangues. has Cancer on the Ascendant. TWO EXAMPLES OF SPEAKING ABILITY : The rasi chakras of Sir Winston Churchill. 30. may be a reflection of Venus with the Sun in the 5th house. (13ecause the last degree of Virgo rises. Mercury gives fluency of speech. ruler of the arts. who became Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940 as an open enemy of Hitler. ruler of the 2nd house. it appears that Venus with the Sun in Scorpio in the 5th house is better off than Venus with the Sun in Aries in the 8th house! . Figure 26.) These planetary positions are all indications of speaking ability. In Hitler's chakra. Mercury is in its fall in Pisces. gave Churchill the ability to sway the British people to meet what he promised would be a war of "blood. Moon conjunct Jupiter in the latter's mula trikona. As with Hitler. Venus in the 2nd house and another benefic in the 3rd. FIGURE 26RASI CHAKRA--SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL Nov. but in its fall is shallow of content. Hitler frequently prated sheer nonsense. Mars with Jupiter in its detriment in the 3rd reveals invective speech on a large scale and for far-reaching purpose. the rasi chakra appears to be in conflict with statements regarding house positions. Ascendant is vargottama. Venus. An adept astrologer is indicated by Mercury in an angle. and ruler of the 2nd powerful. However. and when his speeches are examined in printed form they reveal a shocking lack of rationality. giving ambition to attain power with likelihood of success. both men attempted to paint as an avocation. significator of the public. Hitler was certainly a spell-binder.M. in the 2nd. in its detriment (he painted insipid picture-postcard scenes) gave persuasive powers of the tongue only to a people whose emotions were those of humiliated in the wake of defeat in war and a tragic depression. To this mass mind. in the 4th house. including that of speech. is in its detriment. Venus is in its detriment. Moon in Leo indicates great pride. ruled by Libra.

or otherwise unfriendly. and at the same time is weak in Shad Bala. nuts. but rather indicates the ability to appropriate and use it. so that the individual seeks stimulation from pungent foods. copper. etc. then silver. navamsa dispositor of the ruler of the rasi occupied by the ruler of the 2nd. or is in shastyamsa mirdu. and the caste system decreed the manner of service. or is aspected by a benefic. suchas fruits.FOOD AND ITS SERVICE: Much attention has been given in India to the vessels in which food is served. It also indicates preference for foods that are difficult to eat. milk and milk products. communications and skills. china and glassware of exquisite workmanship. Poverty extending back many generations is judged by the use of worn-out tableware made of the cheapest materials (2nd house occupied by a malefic. bronze and vessels of iron. In general. unaspected by benefics. sour oill-smelling foods. The nature of the appetite also comes under consideration. the native will feed on the bounty of others and take advantage of their hospitality. Since the quantity and quality of food is also of important. They also tend to coarse in perception of delicate flavors. or is otherwise powerful in Shad Bala or vargas. benefics in the 2nd house turn the appetite toward bland and sweet foods. dandayudha or kalamsa. through travel. or to prepare for eating. and is aspected by another malefic. Coarse or dirty meals are indicated when the ruler of the 2nd is in conjunction with Saturn or Mars. When Saturn rules the 2nd house. vegetables. A large appetite is indicated when the ruler of the 2nd joins a malefic and occupies ashastyamsa such as davagni. Malefics in the 2nd house denote strong appetite but interfere with the proper assimilation of food. or is combined with the ruler of the 2nd. the 1 st house if well-aspected aids in gaining wealth by regulation of health and native intelligence. and is indifferent to the way in which they are served. The appetite for food does not exceed the power of assimilation. which is very high when benefics occupy this house. Desire for alcoholic beverages comes sunder this planetary stimulus. honey. then on down the scale to brass. Saturn in the 2nd turns the appetite towards bitter. and is debilitated or in shastyamsa yama. weak and unaspected by benefics). From the 3rd may come assistance given by relatives or persons in one's immediate environment. Also if the ruler of the 2nd occupies the navamsa of its fall. such as peppers. or if the ruler of the 2nd is strongly aspected by Satum without interposing benefics. the native lives on free lunches or forms of charity wherever it is available. without shame. Such persons have little appreciation of refinement in food. If the ruler of the 2nd is aspected by planets in their fall. spices and curries. Rules pertaining to the degree of excellence of food and service measure affluence by gold vessels. When the ruler of the 2nd is in a navamsa of its fall. the 2nd house became an indicator of dining habits. Mars or Sun in the 2nd denote a taste for condiments. he will abuse his benefactors. grains. When the ruler of the 2nd is conjunct or aspected by benefic Rapid eaters are indicated when the ruler of the 2nd house is exalted.Briefly.A moderate appetite is indicated. Slow eaters are indicated when malefics aspect the ruler of the 2nd at full force. In delineation of a chart it is necessary to find sources of wealth outside the 2nd house . . GENERAL CONDITIONS PERTAINING TO WEALTH: The 2nd house of itself does not bestow wealth. such as garlic or limburger cheese. joins a malefic. most of which are of metal.

Saturn in the 2nd indicates loss of wealth due to selfishness. or wealth derived from the assistance of other people's influence or the use of their goods. its promise of wealth is strong. It has long governed prisons. or by ruthlessness. combust. or powerfully aspected by other malefics. It is the house most often used to indicate ability to earn money by one's own efforts. Being a miserly position for Saturn." with its unexpected windfalls . from those in authority. detriment. Sun in the2nd is a malefic. and all places where charity and patience are in high demand. especially gambling. international commerce. fear. foreign travel . Badly afflicted planets are those in their fall. points to acquisition of wealth from children. hospitals. or from the land. and frequently affords little comfort or happiness. creative expression or inventions. Conversely. The 11th house indicates riches from profit in commercial enterprises. or the person may seek to gain wealth by taking unfair advantage of others. the wealth promised would be slow in coming. In its more hidden nature. a benefic closely associated with the 2nd house by rulership or occupancy. animals and advantages gained through social adjustment. preserving it intact until its usefulness is passed or destroyed. speculation. the 12th may indicate wealth derived from unknown sources. Such a planet may also indicate wealth easily acquired. but it also indicates money gained from open enemies or opponents in law suits. or ambition to be admired. in its positive aspect. timidity or lack of action. indicating waste of wealth due to extravagance. Badly situated malefics in the 2nd house show waste of wealth if and when obtained. the government. or obtained only after long delays and much in-convenience. law. the evidence for wealth is unusually strong. A planet in exaltation. andhas more than 480 virupas of Shad Bala. Even the 12th house may be a source of wealth which. or "luck. The 9th house points to wealth through religion. philosophy. It is a condition . The 10th is the source of wealth derived from the profession. fraternal groups. or any planet therein. the most important are the saptamsas and the shastyamsas. The 6th house is the source of acquisition through servants. and anguiar. Mars associated with Mercury in the 2nd shows danger of loss through sharp practices. Partnerships of all kinds are the source of wealth from the 7th. navamsa or saptamsa. Of the rasi subdivisions which contribute ability to gain wealth. rasi of an Enemy. Mars shows waste of wealth from indulgence in the passions or appetites. teaching. In the matter of obtaining wealth it should be noted that a powerful malefic is fully as good a promisor as a benefic. However. the person is apt to hold on to money. from reputation or award gained by public service. is especially favorable for power and wealth if it is vargottama or uttama. if in its fall or detriment. if it aspects the ruler of the 2nd. agents. either by rasi. or in swakshetra. Even if such a planet does not join the ruler of the2nd house. and corporate investment. The 8th house indicates wealth inherited through wills or devices from any source. entertainment. but in a dishonest or unscrupulous manner. friends.The 4th house indicates wealth through advantages of family influence. in mula trikona. The 5th. except that the wealth is obtained by more effort. science. comes through selfsacrifice.

would want to involve himself with computing above average wealth in a horoscope. or an angle of the horoscope. or simhasamsa (5 vargas). From this is estimated the extent of his wealth. or the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 2nd is a benefic. 9th or 11th house. Ruler of the 2nd in a drekana whose ruler is in a navamsa which is ruled by a powerful lplanet. Ruler of the 2nd exalted. 4th and 9th houses. Ruler of the 2nd house joining a benefic planet while in its exaltation rasi. while at the same time an exalted planet occupies the 2nd house. or a rasi ruled by friendly planets or benefics. GREAT WEALTH 1. Rulers of the 2nd. . 7. or in its own rasi. and receiving an aspect from ruler of the 11th house. some of the rules for ascertaining outstanding wealth are as following. 9. 6. The saptamsa dispositor of ruler of the 10th powerful in Shad Bala. Ruler of the 10th occupying gopurasamsa (4 vargas) and aspecting the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the Ascendant. and Jupiter occupying paravatamsa (6vargas). 2. 5. Hindu astrologers have elaborate and detailed rules for determining more than average wealth according to planetary strength in the chart. Ruler of the 2nd occupying gopurasamsa. 11. 12. who deals primarily with persons of average income or resources. a well-associated Mercury. Rulers of the 1st. and receiving aspects from Jupiter and Venus. 3. and powerful in Shad Bala. However. together with Jupiter. 13. or Jupiter. joined or aspected by Jupiter. or its mula trikona. Ruler of the 2nd in exaltation. Ruler of the 2nd occupying gopurasamsa. with the ruler of the Ascendant powerful in Shad Bala and the rasi dispositor of the ruler of the 2nd in an angle. unless for research purposes.which seems to attract fraud and dishonesty. The four angles occupied by Jupiter. with the ruler of the 2nd occupying simhasamsa. and receiving beneficial aspects. 4. and a waxingMoon. especially if the planets are weak and the Nodes intervene. Ruler of the 2nd in its highest exaltation and conjunct or aspected by Jupiter. These are based on how many people--relatives or groups of people--a person can financially assist. 8. 2nd and 11th houses each having paravatamsa. It is unlikely that the Western astrologer. Ruler of the Ascendant and ruler of the 2nd house both in their exaltation rasis. 10. Venus. or occupying the 5th.and three benefics occupying angles. all occupying Ihe 10th house.

Moon and Sun each having vaisheshikamsa(13 vargas). Emperor of ancient India. Moon in the 2nd house. (In this situationwealth originates from the great-grandparents. and ruler of the 11th powerful in Shad Bala. Offsetting this unfavorable situation is the beneficial effect of Venus and Jupiter exalted. or in anangular house. 3. RASI CHAKRA--SRI RAMA . Ruler of the 2nd and 11th houses. 15. and Venus in the rasi of a Great Friend. 2. Venus in the 12th house and Jupiter in the 2nd. or its dispositor. and Sun in Aries in the 10th. 5. Moon in its own rasi combined with Jupiter. Venus occupying gopurasamsa. indicating conditions which required Rama to lead armies in a great war. Mars and Sun. this exceptionally wealthy Emperor-leader would have been a tyrannical and cruel an intellect able to counteract the undesirable qualities which are allied with the astral world. Venus is exalted in Pisces in the 9th. Had there not been a balancing influence from benefics. both with vaisheshikamsa. In addition.Figure 27. Mercury in the 11th house in Taurus. Ruler of the 10th house in a drekana whose ruler is in a saptamsa ruled by a planet which occupies an angle. and ruler of the 2nd has vaisheshikamsa. and that only by the most tremendous efforts would he be victorious. the Nodes are well-placed in Gemini and Sagittarius. or 5th or 9th house. Saturn. Mars in Capricorn in the 7th.14. 4. and the cusp of the 2nd occupies paravatamsa. four angles are occupied by planets in exaltation: Jupiter in Cancer in the 1st. Jupiter occupying simhasamsa. ruler of the 2nd powerful in Shad Bala and occupying iravatamsa (9 vargas).Saturn in Libra in the 4th. and ruler of the2nd joins a benefic. In the rasi chakra. Hindu texts use the horoscope of Sri Rama. in the 2nd. Three malefics. each having vaisheshikamsa. Ruler of the Ascendant and Jupiter in the same rasi. and hero of the epic Ramayana. 5th or 9th rasi. and Jupiter.)To illustrate planetary conditions which give great wealth. has vaisheshikamsa. ENORMOUS WEALTH 1. occupy all but one of the angular houses. Ruler of the Ascendant in a drckana whose ruler is in a saptamsa the ruler of which.

the native will have much self-acquired wealth after thirty. and ruler of the 2nd occupying the Ascendant. 3. 2. 2. Ruler of the 2nd joined to the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 10th. while receiving aspects from benefics and is strong in kala bala. and in its own rasi. aspecting the rulers of the 2nd and 10th. or the 5th or 9th rasi forward from ruler of the Ascendant. Ruler of the rasi occupied by the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the Ascendant. and ruler of the 2nd has vaisheshikamsa (13 vargas). WEALTH Acquired DURING OR AFTER MIDDLE AGE 1. 5. A benefic exalted and occupying the 1st. The navamsa dispositor of ruler of the Ascendant powerful. . Ruler of 2nd house occupying an angle. occupies an angle. 4. Ruler of the 2nd a benefic and powerful. powerfully aspected by the navamsa dispositor of the ruler of the 2nd. and the rasi dispositor of ruler of the Ascendant powerful and occupying the 1 st house. or 5th or 9th house. 2nd or 11th house. Ruler of the Ascendant joining ruler of the 2nd or 11th. If ruler of the Ascendant is the most powerful planet in Shad Bala. with aspects from benefics. and in conjunction with ruler of the 11th. 2.WEALTH IN EARLY LIFE 1. occupying an angle. Ruler of the Ascendant occupying the 2nd or 11th house. together with a benefic planet. friendly to the ruler of the 2nd house. WEALTH THROUGH PERSONAL EFFORT 1. and ruler of the 2nd is also aspected by benefics. and at the same time is in conjunction with an exalted planet or is itself exalted. and is conjunct Jupiter. 3. or 5th or 9th house. Ruler of the 2nd in an angle. or in an angle.which are joined in an angle.

while its ruler is weak and aspected by malefics. If evil planets occupy the 2nd house. and by Jupiter. Gain through marriage. joins or is aspected by both ruler of the 9th and by Jupiter. Father: If ruler of the 2nd is powerful. occupydepression rasis or a rasi belonging to an Enemy. and ruler of the Ascendant have vaisheshikam~a WEALTH FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES 1. If. joined oraspected by Jupiter and ruler of the 11th house. and ruler of the 2nd in the 1st or 11th house WEALTH Acquired THROUGH RELATIVES Brothers: Rulers of the 1st and 2nd conjunct or aspected by ruler of the 3rd house. and is exalted. instead of gaining wealth the native loses it through the agencies listed. Or. and Mars is ruler of the Ascendant and has vaisheshikamsa and more than 480virupas of Shad Bala. the planets specified are weak.(Note: If in these rules pertaining to wealth. if the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the Ascendant occupies the shastyamsa mridu. and aspected by ruler of theAscendant. 5. Mother: Ruler of the 2nd house powerful. if ruler of the 2nd is powerful.4. Financial success as a banker or money lender. Sons: To gain wealth from male offspring the ruler of the 2nd must be powerful. and is in a favorable navamsa or saptamsa while receiving an aspect from Jupiter. the native will receive much wealth from maternal relatives. 3. and ruler of the 3rd has vaisheshikamsa (13 vargas). Ruler of the 4th has vaisheshikamsa. A general indication of abundance and wealth is ruler of the 1st house in the 2nd. the native receives wealth from the father or from his spiritual teacher. joined or aspected by ruler of the 4th.while ruler of the Ascendant is weak and conjoins a malefic. Gain through profession or government position. ruler of the 2nd must be strong. ) POVERTY AND LOSS OF WEALTH1. or are otherwise afflicted. 8th or 12th house . if ruler of the 2nd is powerful. if ruler of the 2nd is strong. if the navamsa or drekana dispositor of the rulers of the2nd or 11th houses is in an angle with vaisheshikamsa. and is joined or aspected by Jupiter . or by work with charities. has malefic conjunctions or aspects. If the 2nd house ruler .s a malefic. Or. and ruler of the Ascendant is conjunct a malefic in the 6th. Gain through open enemies.2. the native makes his livelihood by helping others in a subservient or menial capacity. and located in the 3rd. 2. joins or isaspected by ruler of ffle 10th. ruler of the 3rd with Jupiter occupying the 2nd and having vaisheshikamsa. joins or is aspected by ruler of the 6th. in addition.4. joined by ruler of the 5th. joins or is aspected by ruler of the7th and by Venus. Gain through profitable work or business. and ruler of the Ascendant is strong in Shad Bala.

the native becomes penniless.5. Mercury. 52). ruler of the 3rd. The navamsa dispositor of the ruler of the 12th in the rasi of its fall. If the navamsa dispositor of the ruler of the 2nd joins with a malefic in the 6th. there is danger that the native. 1836 New York State Time. 4. is swakshetra. and aspects the rulers of the 12th and 2nd houses. & Lat.FIGURE 28 RASI CHAKRA--JAY GOULDMay 27. occupying an angle with malefics. 44~ or Dandayudha (No. Long. brings about financial downfall. and aspecting the ruler of the 2nd full force (opposition). or when malefics are inthe 2nd house. but became a multimillionaire by his shrewd and often dishonest activities in high finance. joined or aspected by a malefic. 48). 26°29'(~) 10°29'~ 26°29'o~ 5°29' r3°29' II2~ 20°29' II~ 25°29' II T? 3°59'24° 1 0' Jay Gould started life in poverty. and is joined or aspected by ruler of the 1st. If ruler of the 2nd and 12th exchange houses. Even during his lifetime he was known as one of the "robber barons" of Wall Street because of his outrageous manipulations. or similar adverse shastyamsas. When ruler of the Ascendant or the 11th house occupies the 11th. If the navamsa dispositor of the ruler of the rasi occupied by the ruler of the 2nd house is in the shastyamsa Kalamsa (No. 3. PRONENESS TO FALL INTO DEBT 1. If ruler of the 2nd has no beneficial vargas. the latter being also ruler of the Ist house. and receiving an aspect from the ruler of the 6th house. When ruler of the 2nd occupies either the 8th or 12th house in a cruel shastyamsa. loss of wealth from anger or revenge of the ruling classes is indicated. 8th or12th house. conjunct a malefic. 5. and the 2nd and 8th are occupied by malefics. or if the ruler of the 2nd is a malefic occupying a rasi ruled by a malefic which has aspects from a malefic. LOSSES THROUGH FIRE OR THEFT 1. the native earns a living with great difficulty. occupies a varga ruled by Mars or Saturn. If ruler of the 2nd is in its fall. 3.2. he turned his abilities to an admirable ambitions. and is associated with the benefics Jupiter and Venus. 8th or 12th house.and is in the 6th. Moon. and is in a cruel shastyamsa conjoined with malefic kn~wnAyanamsha: 25°31'Nirayana Longitudes:ASC. Although an intelligent man. When the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 2nd is in a navamsa ruled hy Saturn or Mars. while ruler of the Ascendant is in the 8thhouse. and rulers of the 2nd and 11th houses are each conjunct a malefic. will fall into poverty.35) or Damshtrakarla (No.(known as dusthanahouses). is in . while conjunct Mars. though born to wealth. 4. If ruler of the 10th and the Ascendant join in the 8th house in the shastyamsa Yama (No. In his rasi chakra (Figure28) ruler of the 2nd. and in vargas ruled by Mars or Saturn. occupies the 8th house and is conjunct the Sun.

square Mars in the 2nd house (wealth) in Leo ruled by Sun (gambling and speculation). Saturn is with the Sun and Venus in the 12th. together with Venus. There was no apparent explanation for his death. In the saptamsa chakra. the 6th to employees. and ruler of the 6th and 10th. . the 10th to profession (career)or government. "Lord of Region of the Dead. Barney Barnato. and which is in square aspect to the Moon. indicating a threat to the reputation. or a possible downfall (strengthened by the opposition from Jupiter in the 4th). and in Pisces. and square Sun in Taurus. governing-risks or gambles. Saturn in Aries is in its fall. In considering sources of wealth. this malefic is posited in Taurus (its detriment). which in the Hindu system governs thieves. in the 8th house in the navamsa chakra (wealth from other people). the natural significator of wealth.but in the 12th from the Ascendant. the natural 12th house rasi (conspiracies). square the Moon (the public). wherein the Sun is posited. Here the unlovely side of the character is revealed. Mercury and Sun in Taurus (natural significator of wealth) are in the 11th house (luck). In the saptamsa chakra. Barnato committed suicide by jumping from a steamship. although in the 10th house of the nirayana horoscope. Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 12th house from the Ascendant. Furthermore. while Mercury and Sun are in the 8th forward in Taurus. Both planets are strong by rasi but in dusthana houses. opposite Mercury in its fall in the 12th rasi forward from Jupiter." In the saptamsachakra. Sun. born Barnet Isaacs. Jupiter is in Aries (the natural 1st house). and square Mars in Taurus in the 8th. ruler of the 3rd. Moon is also in Aquarius rasi. and Mars is in the 8th forward from Jupiter in addition to what has already been said about Mars in Leo occupying the 2nd house of the nirayarla horoscope. Sharing this position of Moon and Venus is Jupiter.In his nirayana horoscope. Saturn. was a spectacular South African millionaire of the 19thcentury. or by acting as a "fence"for diamond smugglers working in the South African mines . Jupiter in the nirayana chart is in Libra (natural significator of other people). However. In the navamsa chakra. In the rasi chakra. which is the 8th rasi forward from Mercury. and Mercuryis in the 12th from Jupiter. squared by three benefics (protection ). or thievery. Mercury is in Capricorn rasi. trine Venus and the Ascendant (protection). Mercury is ruler of the 4th house (lands and mines) and also of the 12th (secrecy. In the navamsa chakra. in opposition to the Moon. house of self-undoing.the 5th house. and in the 7th from theAscendant (what helongs to others is appropriated to the self). for Saturn is opposed by Mars in its mula trikona in the 12th. Venus and Moon in Aquarius (the natural l lth. Saturn is in the 1 0th house. a situation further emphasized in the saptamsa chakra with Mars in the 7th house with Ketu. Saturn is in the shastyamsa Yama (No. This planetary configuration testifies to unscrupulous practices in obtaining riches. Saturn is in its detriment in the 6th rasi forward from the Ascendant. Most of his wealth was secured by smuggling diamonds. In the navamsa chakra. the 6th forward from Saturnin Leo. In the navamsachakra. servants. In the saptamsa chakra. the 4th points tofamily or to land. but in the 12th house. posited in the4th house. ruler of the9th (investment) and the 10th (reputation) is located in its exaltation rasi. Finally the Moon. is in the 9th of the rasi chakra (international affairs). and act as twin guards of selfishness (Saturn) and boldness (Mars) over the rest of the planets. Libra. Moon is in the 5th house(speculation and gambling). Although his illegal activities were known to authorities. 35). no evidence against Barnato was ever brought to light. activities behind the scenes). denoting ambition and struggle for power. Venus and Jupiter in the 12th. but in the6th house. Mercurv is in its fall in the 6th rasi forward from theAscendant. Moon is in the 6th house forward from Jupiter. Sun is in Taurus rasi. house of luck). Moon and Saturn are all in the 6th house forward from Jupiter.

. when he built his "Liberty Ships" with which to promote peace. famed throughout the world as the first to manufacture automobiles on a mass production basis for consumers in low income brackets. "City of the Dead. The shastyamsas in this chart are also most pertinent. with particular attention given to the2nd house and its' ramifications. or as counted forward either from the Ascendant in anv particular horoscope. The vimshottari system of planetary periods would throw light on these matters. Mars in Agni (No. but also ruler of the New Age. forms a grand trine to Uranus and the Moon (the public) in the 3rdhouse (transportation). the natural 2nd house of wealth.46) indicates the subtlety underlying his financial manipulations. It has been publicly asserted that the Ford Foundation was set up to avert monetary drain .M. meaning"Evil Standing." Venus in Mridu (No. In general. the transcendental planets are included in his horoscope. ruler of the 2nd house.all of which oppose Saturn in the 6th house. denoting fire (the motive power to attain wealth in this instance). 10). This has been only a brief analysis of one horoscope. Mercury in Saumya (No.Ayanamsha: 25°54 Henry Ford." pertains to the 6th. However. and subsequently known for his philanthropic enterprises of colossal dimensions. began life in virtual poverty. Sun is in Garala (No.Neptune in the 4th house. Pluto (which has dominion over the masses) is in Aries. is in Taurus. and supersedes Mars in rulership for long-range and long-lasting projects. also indulgence of the appetites.. 9). The saptamsa often shows the fruition of past karmic accumulation and as such reveals an affinity with Nature and the products of the earth. Both of these chakras are used in India to delineate greater details pertaining to the acquisition of wealth than is afforded in either the nirayana horoscope or the bhava chakra. whether in the natural zodiac. Dusthana. "a venemous snake. This venture was a failure. Jupiter and the Ascendant are both Amrita (No. Barnato was well-known as a bon vivant. Jupiter. In this respect. giving protection of the gods. trine Sun and Mercury in Cancer in the 5th forward from Neptune. in the present context we are dealing with indications of great wealth as revealed by the 2nd house and its relationships. 38). 18632:22 P. located in the 11th(circumstances and luck). However. 45 ) further substantiates benefic immunity (he was never caught in his nefarious dealings). and posited in the 7th (other people). 42°19' N. FIGURE 30NIRAYANA HOROSCOPE--HENRY FORD July 30. the navamsa chakra relates to the fruit of karma which is ripening. Since Henry Ford evidently exceeded his karma. 35) to proclaim the malefic intent of this man. The interested student will find many more dusthana positions in the chakras of Barney Barnato than have been cited here. 12 in even rasis). planet of extremes. or from any planet under consideration. LMT83°l 1' W." combines with the shastyamsa of Saturn (No. 8th and 12th houses. it serves to illustrate the manner in which any horoscope may be studied to reveal the various meanings of the planets in both their rasipositions and their positions in other vargas. Moon in Pretapurisa (No. The first large scale evidence that he was a man with more on his mind than making profit from his enterprises was during World War I. The prominence of dusthana houses in these chakras is remarkable. Uranus. but the Foundation that bears his name is not. shows protection of family and children.

through inheritance taxes on the Ford clan. Despite this possible motivation, the Ford Foundation has benefited creative people (the 5th)throughout the world (the 9th forward from the Ascendant in the rasi chakra).Henry Ford's fortune came as a result of his mechanical inventiveness, shown by Scorpio occupying the 1st house, ruled by Mars in Leo in the 10th. This powerful Mars, joined by benefic Venus, enabled him to turn what had hitherto been a luxury into a practical necessity. Mars also gave him the ability to organize and to take leadership (lOth house), substantiated by the following favorable vargas: rasi Leo, hora Sun, drekana Leo, saptamsaLeo, navamsa Aries, and trimsamsa Aries. These circumstances surrounding Mars are rnostpowerful, since Sun, ruler of the Midheaven, is not only a Great Friend, but is the dispositorof Mars, ruler of the Ascendant. Furthermore, the shastyamsa of Mars is Yakshavali (No. 5),"A Spirit (attendant of Kubera)," who in turn is "God of Treasure (akin to Pluto)." Thus the horoscope is most fortunate indeed, having the equivalent of 7 vargas associated with Mars--Sun, which is devalokamsa, or "Heaven realmed." In other words ,Henry Ford had assistance and protection from higher spiritual powers. The shastyamsa of Venus is Subhakara (No. 54), "Creator of good fortune. The full-strength aspect of Moon opposition Sun and Mercury in Cancer shows awareness of the needs of the common people, whom he served by giving them economical transportation. At the same time, Moon in its detriment is in the shastyamsa Mrityukara (No.31), "Causer of death." It cannot be again said that the automobile has become a major factor in mass murder, surpassing even the fatalities of a great war. In the navamsa chakra, Sun,Venus and Mars are all in dusthana houses from the Moon. However, three planets in the navamsa chakra are mula trikona--Moon, Mars and Mercury--so that one might say despite highway mayhem, the motor car has served a more useful than destructive purpose Although everyone who drives a car is subject to injury or death, the majority of people manage to avoid serious mishap to themselves, even though few have escaped having atleast a dented fender!Unusual ideas of economy are revealed by the Satum --Jupiter conjunction in Virgo, which are in the 3rd house (transportation) from their ruler, Mercury in Cancer (the mode of transportation). Jupiter is in its fall in the rasi chakra. It was said that Mr. Ford didn't care what color the customer wanted his car painted, as long as he wanted it black (Satum'scolor) ! Many a broken arm attests to the tenacity with which he retained the hand crankingsystem years after electric starters were standard on other makes of cars. But as many will fondly remember, his car would go, required Iittle maintenance, and could be handled by almost anyone. Jupiter, which rules the house of wealth in the nirayana horoscope, is in Leo in the 2nd house of the navamsa chakra, strengthening the grand trine in the natal chart regarding the ability to acquire riches bestowed by this benefic. Saturn in the navamsa chakra is in the 9th house, receiving full aspect from Mercury in mulatrikona, revealing the success of his product not only in his native land, but in foreign countries as well. Saturn is in shastyamsa Indumukha (No. 49), "having the appearance of beauty and intelligence." What person who was fortunate enough to own a Ford did not think it beautiful, and also intelligent, since this mechanical creature could go under its own motive power! Nor was it accidental that this car was nicknamed Tin Lizzy. Jupiter rules tin .Lizzy is a diminutive of Elizabeth, from the Hebrew which means "consecrated to God." Need it be added that money, whether referred to as '~tin" or "lettuce" (an analogue to Venus in Taurus, natural ruler of the 2ndhouse of the zodiac), has come to be worshipped as a god in this age? Jupiter is in shastyamsa Maya (No. 11 ) .Perhaps no other single individual has had so profound an effect upon the social lorganization, morals and economic institutions of our time. Modem historians claim that Henry Ford's liberation of the people from the confining modes of travel prevalent at the turn of the century created new dimensions in popular

concepts of work, pleasure and time(measured by distance ), which demanded greater tolerance between people and ideas, and eliminated the dependence of residence upon its proximity to places of employment. The latter has created problems in city planning which have not yet been solved. In concluding this vignette on the wealth acquired by Henry Ford, and also it may be revealing to note that the Ascendant in the nirayana horoscope is in shastyamsa Payodhya (No. 58), "container of water; the ocean," which brings to mind the nursery rhyme jingle:"Little drops of water, tiny grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean, and the prosperous land. " THIRD HOUSE In Westem astrology, the 3rd

house pertains primarily to the development of manual skillsand the ability to communicate on everyday matters (journalism, short-distance travel, etc.).It also govems

brothers and sisters, and one's immediate environment, including neighbors.Although in general, Hindu astrology implies these same interpretations of the 3rd house,the

emphasis is placed differently. Furthemmore, Mars is considered as co-ruler of thishouse, since it signifies skill as well as militant action. The West parallels this

use of Mars byusing it as a ruler of surgeons and dentists.

Since the family unit is the nucleus of all Oriental society, rather than dealing withcommunication per se, the Hindu astrologer looks to the 3rd house for conditions

existingbetween brothers and sisters as an index of environment, neighbors, and capacity to communicate. Although women in the East are by no means considered

unimportant, it is themale member of the family who is most valued for his projection of the family into the worldof commerce and society at large.Mars.,-as co-ruler

of the 3rd, gives vikrama, meaning courage, valour and skill. Courage isdefined as that quality of mind, or glandular balance, which prepares a person to

encounterdanger or adversity with firmness and control, enabling him to act with vigor and decision intimes of stress or danger. (Vikrama might be equated with the

function of the adrenalglands.) The 3rd house is also an indicator of the faculty of hearing. Poor hearing is obviously aninability to receive communication from

others. One rule pertaining to such is that, if malefics occupy the 3rd, 5th, 9th or 11th houses forward from any planet under considera-tion, and not aspected by

beneiics, hearing is impaired. SIB LINGS 1. If the ruler of the 1st house is in friendship with the ruler of the 3rd, there will be cordialityand cooperation between the native and his brothers. Enmity

between these significatorsindicates quarrels and strife.2. Brothers will be prosperous if the 3rd house is occupied by a benefic; its cusp is besiegedby benefics; its

ruler is exalted, or is in conjunction with or strongly aspected by benefics.Weakness either in Shad Bala or vargas, or malefics aspecting the points mentioned, in-

dicates troubles, danger, or short life of the native's brothers.3. If ruler of the 3rd house and Mars occupy even rasis or navamsas, the native will havesisters.4. If

ruler of the 3rd occupies an odd rasi and is aspected by Jupiter, Sun and Mars, thenative will have brothers.5. In general, brothers older than the native are

indicated by the 1 Ith house and itsassociations.6. If ruler of the 3rd house and Mars are in navamsas ruled either by Mercury or Saturn,brothers will be sterile,

sisters, barren

d) If with Jupiter.5. or Mars. If ruler of the 3rd is exalted. ispowerful. If ruler of the 3rd house. the native suffers defeat in battle. he willbe bold and versed in the science of diplomacy. courage and military skill are indicated.3. FIGURE 3 1RASI CHAKRA--ALEXANDER THE GREAT July 22. f) If with Saturn. the native will becourageous. e) If with Venus. the nativebecomes stupid and dull. he is bold in mind. the native will be bold before battle. or cardinalnavamsa. If Mars is powerful in Shad Bala or vargas. occupies beneficial navamsas. g) If with Rahu or Ketu. or is in the 12thhouse. If a powerful Sun occupies simhasamsa (5 vargas). or joins a cruel shastyamsa. b) If with the Moon.and engages in quarrels or fights arising from his lust for women. and has 13 vargas. If ruler of the 3rd occupies a cruel shastyamsa. but may lose heart if immediate success isnot achieved.4. but ordinaryin external appearances. the native becomes stupid or dull in warfare. the native is passionate.7. andMidnight. the native's courage increasesafter the battle begins. the native will appear bold but have a timidand wavering mind.Pella. If ruler of the 3rd is in a fixed rasi. the native is cowardly. or if ruler of the 3rd.6. or Mars. c) If with Mars.M.VIRRAMA1. MacedoniaAyanamsha: + 5° (5° Aries was the point of the vernal equinox) .8. 356 BCBetween 10 P. or in a fixed navamsa. the native will have outstandingcourage. If ruler of the 3rd is powerful. he is furious and powerful. or is combined with or aspected bymalefics. associated with malefics in a cardinal rasi.2. The ruler of the 3rd house combined with other planets or the Nodes: a) If combust theSun (within 15°).

Venus. At the age of twenty he inherited from his father a kingdom which had beendeveloped into a first-class state. posited in Leo. ruled by a GreatEnemy." indicating the sharpness of hisstrategies.a house of death. Sun is inshastyamsa Kantaka (No. hora Moon. all of which proclaim thefar-reaching authority and power which this militant ruler wielded. "thorn. Furthermore. As all who are familiar with history know. which is Libra. ruler of theAscendant (and natural ruler of the 10th house in the zodiac). But perhaps even more important is Sun's navamsa. the 3rd house of the horoscope is Aries. point of a needle. Mars is also ruler of the 10th. Moon and Jupiter share this position withMars. The 8th housealso indicates treasure of the enemy. Mars is in the 3rd rasi forward from the Sun. and trimsamsa Pisces. Sun occupies 6 favorable vargas: rasi Cancer. receiving full strength from Saturn. complete with a highly trained army toughened and sea-soned by battle experience.In the rasi chakra. 36). ruled by Mars. saptamsa Pisces. That this wealth was of vast extent is shown . He died of fever when he was only thirty-three years old. drekana Scorpio. Alexander gained enormous wealth throughhis conquests.dwadasamsa Sagittarius. giving military courage and skill of a high order. the rulers of which are all Great Friends of the Sun. 13° ~ o 12° S D 13° o~ 10°30' ~ 1° S~ 2~ 0° 1lR Q 25° S~ ~?11°Alexander the Great enjoyed unusual advantages in early training for his outstandingleadership.Nirayana Longitudes: ASC. posited in the 8th.. the 7th house in the rasi chakra--again showing the power atAlexander's command with which to possess thewealth of those he sought to conquer.

If Jupiter is weak in Shad Bala or vargas. Possibly no other military leaderin history has met with such vast odds and with such singular success. then kinsmen. and ruler of the 4th is in the 2nd.The 4th house. and modes of travel. 5th or 7th house. 4th or 5th house. From the latter comes ru]ership over land. and ruler of the 2nd house from it (the opponent's house of possessions and resources). and therefore healthy. and ruler of the 4th is weak and joined to amalefic. Constant . Because of its association with the parents. if wellaspected. if Jupiter is in the 4th. Jupiter.byMercury. the 4th house has close relationship with theMoon. hence its fundamental meaning is sustainment of the personality. nourishment (Cancer rulesthe stomach).and ruler of the 4th occupies the 4th house in a cruel navamsa.4. Unhappiness results if a depressed planet (in its fall) occupies the 2nd. great riches~ and Mars representing armed forces. It is also a significator of death. has 4 favorablevargas.2. and the legitimacy of birth. A person will be happy. houses ordwellings. with three powerful planets therein: Moon representing land. the4th also rules the heart as it has bearing on the emotions and on integrity STATES OF M~ND AND HEALTH1. also in the 7th. Showing the sourceof this support it first delineates the parents. security. the 4th mayrepresent their virtues or vices. pertains to happiness. harmony with family and good fortune with property. 11th. the native will be miserable even though wealthy.FOIJRTH HOUSEBeing the analogue of the constellation Cancer. In the Hindu system.3. and finally the earth whichrepresents the mother of all mankind.

a person may put on the appearance of purity of heart but will be corrupt.2. or ruler of the 4th is between two malefics. aspected by malefics. If ruler of the 8th joins a malefic and ruler of the 4th. so that what is sinful in one culture maynot be so in another. The ability to adapt to the demands of . and this ruler is not traveling towards its exaltation. and thereis a benefic in the 4th.HONESTY OR CORRUPTION OF HEART1. the native willbe a cheat.6. If there is a malefic in the 4th.ill health will be the consequence if ruler of the 4th is in conjunction with Sunand Mars. Ill health will resul~ if Sun or Mars is depressed in the 4th house with malefics.4.3. If Rahu is in the 4th. while no benefics join or aspect thecusp of the 4th house. A person will be pure in heart and mind: a) If ruler of the 4th is powerful. and ruler of the 4th joins a benefic. If the cusp of the 4th falls in its exaltation rasi. with 4 favorablevargas. joined with or aspected by benefics. c) Tf the 1sthouse is occupied by Jupiter and Venus. Such action causes loss both of respect and of status. A person will be corrupt of heart if Iuler of the 4th is in conjunction with Saturn or Rahu.and aspected or joined by other malefics.SINFULNESSDifferent societies have different rules of conduct. the person will be a dissimulator. and occupies 6 favorable vargas.5. or has three strong aspects from benefics. A person is said to be sinful who habitually acts against the acceptedcustoms of the society in which he lives. the nativewill be straightforward and honest. or rasi of a Friend.5. or if Sun orMars is depressed in the 4th. or occupies its own or the navamsa of a Friend. b) If ruler of the Ascendant is in the4th. or a benefic. and ruler of the 4th occupies a navamsa ruled by Saturn orMars.

and at the same time occupies a cruel shastyamsa. Rather these rules should be taken as indications of psychological fixations of the love symbol upon the mother or other members of theimmediate family. Ruler of the 4th joined with Rahu. Ruler of the 4th conjunct a malefic. theperson may commit incest with sisters.2. If ruler of the 7th. and receiving a malefic aspect from Mars."1.Such extreme deviations from prevailing social or moral codes should not be predicted froma horoscope unless the evil indications are very strong. or if ruler of the 4th lies between malefics. joined with Mars or Saturn in the 4th house in a cruel shastyamsa. indicates incestuousdrives.4. aspected by another malefic. or isaspected by malefics. a person becomessinful in the eyes of his associates or the law of the land. the person may have sexual congress with his mother. or which completely turns desire from its customary outlet intochannels of other sexual aberrations. with no beneficial influences tobalance or neutralize them. and ruler of the 4th house is in the 4th aspected bymalefics. which prevents the person from achieving happiness through normalunion with the opposite sex. etc.Fourth House Delineationone's social or legal culture and its mores marks the difference between "virtue" and"sinfulness.6. VIRTUE OF PARENTSSometimes questions arise about the legitimacy of a person's birth. indicatesthat the native may commit adultery. malefics in the 4th without beneficial aspects. Afflictions in the 4th.3. If the Moon is conjoined with Mars. aspected by malefics. while Venus and Moonare in angles in cruel shastyamsas. particularly in lawsuitsconcerning inheritances of property. The commonest .5. indicates incestuous drives. If the 4th house is occupied by malefics.

4th and 9th.d) If the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and Jupiter neither joins nor aspects them. and ruler of the 9th is weaker than ruler of the 1st house. and isaspected by malefics.1.'7 or those instances where a wealthy man has diedand some woman suddenly appears.3.) The student is advised to use the rulesthat follow cautiously and with discretion. Indications of a person being born of adultery:a) If ruler of the 6th joins ruler of the 1st. or the Moon isaspected by malefics.form which makes the daily newsheadlines is the so-called "paternity suit. (Again keep in mindthe basic rules of astrological prediction: one testimony indicates a possibility. the virtue of the mother is soundand cannot be doubted. Moon occupying the 1 st.2. and amalefic joins or powerfully aspects Sun and Moon. If ruler of the 4th is powerful. and aspected by a benefic. in the 4th or 9th house. These grounds will be even stronger if ruler of the 6th joinsruler of the 4th. claiming that he is the father of her child and who isthus entitled to a share of his estate. may constitute grounds for suspicionabout the virtue of the mother.If for any reason the virtue of a person's mother is in question. it may clearly be seen fromthe horoscope whether such suspicions have any foundation in ' fact. joined with Rahu or Ketu. (Note: The conjunction is more evilimmediately preceding than following the time of exact conjunction. and operates within anorb of 3°.b) If the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 6th combines with ruler of the 4th. two indicate aprobability. c) If the cusp of the 4th is besieged by malefics and the ruler of the 4th. and three are required f~r a certainty.)An instance when charges of illegitimacy .

Berlin. ruler of the4th.The open enemy is represented by Mars. a higher courtat Posen over-ruled these former decisions. establishing the child as Count Joseph Kwilecki.proved false is exemplified in the horoscope of Count Joseph Kwilecki (Figure 32). The case was tried and re-tried in three different courts."However Venus also receives strong square aspects from two malefics: Saturn. 1910. JOSEPH KWILECKIRASI CHAKRA--COUNT Jan. Furtherrnore.Powerful evidence that Joseph was the legitimate son of Countess Isabella Kwilecki is VenusiD the 4th house of the child's chart.M. not only causing her great public embarrassment. Jupiter in the10th. Thus both open and secret enemies of the child are indicated. 18975 . and in May. who is in . before the appeal in Leipzig found her son to be legitimate. 21°26' 10°56' 28°26' 15°26' 0°56' 21°56' S~ 26°26' 2°56' 19°10'the other being Libra wherein the Moon is posited. the supreme tribunal at Leipzigcancelled the high court's ruling..all of which handed down a verdict in favor of the Countess.occurred in February. ruled by Mars in its detriment in the Taurus 7th--one of thenatural homes of Venus. 1910. but ultimately her death. which primarily affect themother. but itwas not until Count Joseph was six years old that a peasant woman. with a full aspect from another benefiG. Count Ignaz. Venus is in the shastyamsa Nirmala (53). GermanyAyanamsha: 26°34'Nirayana Longitudes: ASC. 27. The father. in l 909. 00 A. and declared that Joseph was the son of Cecelia. immaculate. Cecilia Mayer. in the 1st house. appealed. The child's mother was over fifty when he was born. which is the 12th house of the rasi chakra. brought on by grief caused by the unfavorable court decision at Posen. Scorpio. The deathof the mother. cameforth to claim him as her own son. However. "spotless.

That her death was brought about by "the sorrow and indignity of the Posen judgment. Since the mother's faithfulness to her husband is already testified to bythe chart. at which timeit was exactly square the Ascendant and Jupiter in the 10th. suggesting possible rivalry between the father and Count Hector for theaffections of Isabella." is verified by Mercury. Unfortunately. exact square to Moon inthe child's 12th. is in the 12th house forward from the mother's 1st (the 4th inthe child's chart). does not identify the actual plaintiff in the various courtproceedings. but refers to him as Count Hector K. wherein the Moon islocated.Saturn being in the 1sthouse of the chart." which pointedly describes the woman Cecelia-. such a calculation should be . Using a degree for ayear. The 3rd forward from the 10th is Libra. and ruler of the 4th. MOTHERProbabilities concerning the extent of the mother's life may be read from the native's ownhoroscope. However. the latter being signified by Jupiter in Leo in the 10th house. Mars had progressed to 21°26' Taurus when the legitimacy of the child was firstbrought to attention of the courts. "son of Saturn. bringing Mars to 28°2~' Taurus. ruler of the 10th.The conspiracy between Count Hector and Cecilia is indicated by his 12th house position inLibra. From the rasi chakra it appears that thisman was either a brother or first cousin of Count Ignaz Kwilecki. posited with the Sun in her 12th.from which this data is taken. it is quite likely that Hector sought retaliation in the attempt to disprove her as therightful mother of Joseph. the 6th forward from Mars in the 7th house of open enem~es. Alan Leo's 1001 Notable Nativities. LENGTH OF LIFE OF THF.but less powerful. ruler of her 8th house. The mother's death occurredwhen Joseph was thirteen years old. Sun.shastyamsa Gulika (30).

If a benefic is in the 4th house. The ensuing rules for estimating the time of the mother's demise are given by VenkatesaDaivagnya in his work. or primary arcs to the Ascendant or its ruler. in the native's 4th house or its ruler. etc. occupying a good navamsa.Angles of a child's horoscope very frequently have a correspondence with the angles of theparents' horoscopes.. From the child's horoscope.or if it is in an angle counting from a powerful Moon. must be consulted before making any definite predictions. If either Moon or Venus is powerful.made only when the mother's birth data isnot known. Sarwartha Chintamani:1. determine as an indicator . as indicated by progressions. the mother's chart. and aspected by beneficsin any of the angles.important events in her life will be reflected in the charts of her children.2.3. while the 4th house has beneficial conjunctions or aspects. or if ruler of the 4th is powerfulin Shad Bala. A fundamentalprinciple in astrology is that an event in the life of a parent.All astrologers have an ethical responsibility in making statements regarding the death of anyone A long life for the mother is indicated:1. even though erected only on the Sun's position for the year of her birth. If the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 4th is in an angle. if the Moon joins a benefic. However.Should they provide more. the following rules may furnish no more than one testimony. Since the mother's karma is so intermingled with that of the child. will be reflected by correspondingprogressions. counting from the Ascendant.transits. In such cases an approximate indication of her death can be obtained from thechild's horoscope.

If ruler of the 4th is a benefic.3. considering that thiscalculation is based upon but one testimony." There is much confusion about themeaning of this term. Having established which is the strongest of these.2. Countforward from the navamsa Aries (No. and Jupiter is powerful in Shad Bala. is in navamsa Aquarius. the years are to bequadrupled. If ruler of this navamsa is retrograde. In the case given the mother died when the native was 69 years old. If ruler is in its own rasi or navamsa (vargottama). c) The Moon. ati. but research has shown that during its period of retrogression. ruler of the 4th house. Thefour to five percent error between 66 and 69 years is tolerable. If while retrograde.the strongest of any of the threefollowing elements: a) The cusp of the 4th house. aplanet is ativakra wnen it is in the longitudinal mid-point of its period of retrogression. b) The ru]er of the rasi on the cusp of the4th.4. andthe longitudinal point in which it resumes its forward motion. meaning "great. "retrograde.RELATIONS WITH KINSMEN1. EXAMPLE:Venus. aspected by benefics. the years are to be trebled.making 22. the ruler also receives an aspect from a benefic.5. the years of the mother are trebled. Saturn. or 66 years. 1). find the navamsa it occupies." and vakra. If the navamsa ruler is ativakra.the native will be respected by his . the count of which is 11 from Ariesnavamsa. is retrograde.6. the years of the mother's life should be doubled. to this navamsa. The number of the count gives thenumber of years the mother will live after the birth of the child. Ruler of the navamsa Aquarius being in its own rasi. these years are trebled (3 X22). Therefore the years are doubled. Ativakra is from theSanskrit. ruler of Aquarius navamsa.

If ruler of the 4th is aspected by Mars. the native becomes the helper of hisrelatives. the navamsa dispositor of the 4th house occupies an angle or is joined. If the 4th house is occupied by benefics. the native will be rejected by kinsmen. the native will hate his relatives or do mischief to them.LAND AcQulRED FROM WIFEIf Venus is in the 4th. or if ruler of the 4th is in the 7th house. the native becomesa leader of his kinsmen.2. and has 13 favorablevargas. If Jupiter occupies the 4th. When there is mutual reception by house between the rulers of the 4th and 10th houses. or aspect the cusp of the 4th. or aspected byMars. If the navamsa dispositor of Jupiter or the ruler of the 4th is combust. Mercury and Moon are in the 4th. If rulers of the 10th and 4th are Friends.4.7. or if ruler of the 4th and 7thare Friends.5. or in therasi of an Enemy. depressed. If Jupiter is joined to a number of malefics. If ruler of the 4th is conjunct malefics. If Jupiter.6.4. and powerful.LAND AcQulRED THROUGH BROTHERS1.kinsmen. occupies 4 favorable vargas as well as a favorableshastyamsa . occupying a rasi whose ruler is in its fall. and is not joined or aspecte-i by a malefic.2. the person will be guilty of despicable deeds against his kinsmen. or is joined or aspected by ruler of the 4th. If. or the ~th or 9th house. the native willbe of great assistance to his kinsmen. or in the house of an Enemy. If ruler of the 4th occupies an angle. whileaspected or joined by benefics.3. or if ruler of the 4th is aspected by ruler of the 3rd. and Mar's and ruler of the 4th join. If ruler of the 4th is in the 11th house.2.LAND AcQulRED THROUGH OWN EFFORTSIf the rulers of the 1st and 4th houses are both powerful.with Mars powerful. or areaspected by benefics. and in mutual reception.EXTENSIVE POSSESSION OF LAND1.3.

LOSS OF LANDS1. If ruler of the 4th is in the 2nd house. The same results occur if ruler of the 4th occupies the 10thunder similar conditions OWNERSHIP OF HOUSES1.4. beneficially aspected or otherwise powerful. and relates to karma from two incarnationswhich gives the right to own property. or is joined or aspected by malefics. or in a house ruled bya Natural Friend. (Note: This rule refers to property coming through inheritancefrom a powerful and fortunate grandparent.3. If ruler of the 4th is exalted in the 2nd.2. or inability topay his taxes to the government.)6. or if it occupies evil rasis ornavamsas. while ruler of the 4th is in the rasi of a Friend. and is exalted. The rulers of the 1st and 7th jointly occupying the 4th house. If ruler of the 9th is angular.2. carelessness. If ruler of the 4th is angular. depressed or combust. or if it is combust. If ruler of the 10th house is in the 4th. the native will lose his lands by poor management. powerful and possesses beneficial aspects. the native will own many houses. and is joined by malefics. or occupies therasi of one of its Enemies. If the cusp of the 4th house is besieged by malefics. If the navamsa dispositor of the ruler of the 4th house is angular. while occupying 13 favorablevargas. the native will comeinto possession of houses. If ruler of the 4th is in the navamsa of its deep exaltation. or in an Enemy rasi. occupying the navamsa of a ma]efic and an evilshastyamsa. the native will sell hislands. If ruler of the 4th occupies the rasi of its depression. while joined by a malefic. If either the ruler of the 1st or 7th occupies the 4th.5. the native obtains houseswithout effort on his part.3.4. the native willown several houses. and . is an indication that thenative will possess many houses.5.

even if he rides only a jackass. it is also of importance as a status symbol. Cavalier. In the East. MODES OF TRAVEL Just as the possession of houses or lands gives a person social status and presti~e.)1. sopossession of vehiclesproclaims to the world his social position. )2. or by the strength of the 4th house. If ruler of the 4th and l()th join in one of the angles.7. jewelry. which is equivalent to the wordgentleman. Because vehicles support social pretensions. Fine clothes. perfumes. the automobilein the United States is more than a convenience. so that when he goes about he can ride a horse (or taxi). as well as conveyances.3. (This covers a wide range of modes of travel. and ruler of the 4th are joined in the 1st house.8.and will not be obliged to go afoot. (The 3rd house rules travel itself. the Moon. or travel in a bullock cart (streetcar.a planet inthe 4th is exalted. actually means a man who rides a horse. the native will own a fashionable or artistic residence. thenative will be of the cavalier class. bus or . may be ascertained by referenceto Venus. and merely lifts theindividual above the pedestrian class. the native will have his home ruined. As has been amply discussed by sociologists. and Saturn is also angular. to possess or ride anelephant is a royal prerogative. the nativewill have a house built and furnished on a grand scale. matters concerning them and their ownershipare revealed by conditions of the 4th house and its ruler. the native will havesome sort of conveyance. If ruler of the Ascendant. If ruler of the 4th or its navamsa dispositor joins or is aspected by a malefic in the 8th or12th house. If ruler of the 4th is powerful and benefics aspect the cusp of the 4th. He who rides is immediately raised above thepedestrian.

are often referred to as Houses of Endings. When ruler of the 4th is in the 9th. relationships with others. earth triplicities govern substance and service. the native will have luxurious conveyances and many other pleasurablepossessions. the native will have three conveyances. conveyancesand other luxury items imported from abroad.4. rickety. ruling the natural 4th. andair triplicities relate to thoughts. or aspecting its cusp. 8th or 12th house. If ruler of the 4th is a benefic. occupying the 6th. ornaments. and Jupiter and Venus are in the 4th. the native will have clothes.7. indicates the end of life on earth.and aspected by ruler of the 9th. Cancer.6. skills. If one of the benefics in this case isexalted. etc.DEATH INDICATED BY THE FOURTH HOUSE The water triplicities. The Ascendant indicates what a . the native will possess old. out-of-date or otherwiseundesirable conveyances. so the first of the watertriplicities (Cardinal Water). Just asfire triplicities pertain to life and vitality. he will own numerous conveyances. and all three are free from debility. the 4th indicates the end of the matter in question.5. If ruler of the Ascendant or the 4th house is combined by conjunction or aspect fromMoon. combustion or occupation of Enemy rasis. Inour present time this would also indicate a person who purchases a new automobile anddoes not have to resort to the used-car lots. 8th and 1 2th housesin the zodiac. at least in this incarnation. In Horary Astrology. and have 13favorable vargas. for example.subway). and is therefore of a karmicnature. If the rulers of the 4th and 9th are in the 4th house. Scorpio and Pisces. combust the Sun..From Midheaven to Nadir (lOth to 4th houses) is the Line of Fate. and ruler of the9th is in an angle or in the 5th or 9th. Venus and Jupiter.

1. to other factors in thechart. The 1 2th is customarilydesignated as the house of confinement. there is danger of death by drowning in a largebody of water. indicates that the native may fall into a well. of course. The 4th as one of the houses of endings has particular bearing on the end of life for theparents. In Part Three. is given more completely. When the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 4th is conjunct or aspected by ruler of the7th. If rulers of the 1st and 7th occupy the 4th house.2. or by suicide would be indicated here. with a malefic. or ruler of the 4th.4. or ruler of the 4th weak and situated in awater rasi in the 6th house. and whichgives or withholds the Will to change karma brought from previous incarnations.and the rasi so occupied is in the depression rasi of the ruler of the Ascendant. in theHindu system. Danger of death from such an accident depends upon theweakness and evilness of the planets involved. aspected by ruler of the 1 0th. and also. or of self-undoing.person has brought with him into this life.The following rules pertain to death by drowning. . there is danger of falling into water and drowning. and ruler of the 4th is weak and joins Moon and Venus. aspects to the4th are of considerable importance to the native as well.prisons. the Hindu system of determining length of life. but as will be seen in the rules pertaining to 8th house delineations. in relation. there isdanger of drowning. or time of death. Some astrologers have equated the4th house with the grave. A planet in depression in the 4th. as a means of determining the cause of death. the 8th as a house of transformation or transition. joined by a malefic. If ruler of the Ascendant is weak and occupies the 4th house with a malefic and the Sun. Death in hospitals.tank or other water place.3.

In this connection. there will be a majority of females among the children and the . the majority of children will be of the masculine sex and the first-born will be aboy. occupying a feminine rasi andnavamsa. In matters of health.INDICATIONS OF PROGENY 1. If rulers of the 1st and 5th join a benefic in an angle. is joined or aspected by benefics. Mars or Jupiter). and at the same time ruler of the2nd is strong. Spiritual awareness is termed atma vidya(atma meaning "man's immortal self. If ruler of the 5th is a feminine planet (Venus or Moon). or if ruler of the 1st and 5th are in the samehouse. its cultivation. the 5th house per-tains to the physical heart. or its ruler. If the 5th house cusp. brings an increase in morality and sensitivity toward humanity.4. ministerial capacity and thosepsychic powers which the individual may develop through the use of mantras (sacredutterances) given him by a guru (spiritual teacher).2. and preparation for the next incarnation. Unselfish love.2.FIFTH HOUSE The 5th house has rulership over children. and creativity in general. It is thegateway to higher degrees of spiritual awareness." and vidya. The 5th house also indicates man's intelligence. the 5th house pertains to the interiorSelf. in a masculine rasi andnavamsa. The character and prosperity of children and all creative efforts as to merit and degree of success are also indicated here. whether forchildren or others. If Jupiter is ruler of the 5th and powerful. Tf the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 5th is joined by a benefic. or if both are exalted or in rasis of Friends.3. wisdom.SEX OF PROGENY1. or Jupiter. especially if thiscombination occurs in the 5th house. the ability to procreate. "knowledge"). If ruler of th- 5th is a masculine planet (Sun. and leads to what is calledmoksha-- emancipation from karma.

If the rulers of the 1st and the 5th occupy each other's navamsas.. gives children who will constantly abuse the parents LOSS OF CHILDREN1.DUTIFUL CHILDREN1. and occupies a cruelshastyamsa.SORROW THROUGH CHILDREN1. 8th or 12th house. aspected by ruler of the 1st. if one isodd. Mars andRahu.2. or if the rasi and navamsa containing the ruler of the 5th do not agree (i. eitherby being sickly or deficient in intelligence and morality. the sex of the child cannot be predicted. 8th or 12th house. In countries where snake bite is rare. 8th. It is also possible that their entiremake-up will be inharmonious with that of the parents. the other even). If the 5th house is aspected by a malefic. where poisonous snakes account forthousands of deaths. thesame consequences .e.2. and Jupiter is in the 5th. or if rulerof the 1st is in the 5th. If ruler of the 5th house is in the 5th.3. or is in the 6th. or in a cruel navamsa (i.. theremay be death of a child from snake bite.2. show misery through children. or if ruler of the 5th occupies the 5th. and is unaspected by a benefic. and has malefic aspects.. If ruler of the 5th is in its fall. In general. or 12th. If the drekana dispositor of the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 12th aspects ruler of the 5th house.3. If ruler of the 5th aspects ruler of the 1st. (Note: In India.4. or ruler of the 5th joinsor is aspected by a malefic. ruled by Saturn orMars). and has malefic aspects.5.e. Ruler of the 5th in the 6th. If ruler of the 5th is in the 6th. withmalefic aspects. this rule is easily applicable.first-born will be a girl. malefics in the 5th house. If Mercury or Saturn rules the 5th house in rasis and navamsas ruled by either of theseplanets. or combust. especially when weak. Children may be the "innocent" cause. combust or depressed. with Rahu.

adoption of a female is not so likely as in cultures wheregirls are as welcome as boys. or those of epidemicnature. the family dies out through poverty.INTELLIGENCE AND WISDOM The Sun. and there are evil planets in the 8th house forward from the Moon. .might come from diseases of the nervous system. If Mercury is in the 5th. ruler of the 1st in the 5th. natural ruler of the 5th house.(Note: The implication here is one of sterility. )CHILDLESSNESS1. If evil planets occupy the 5th. Moon in the 4th. If a weak Moon occupies the 1st house. or has less than 300 virupas of Shad Bala. a malefic in the 1st or 4th. and other malefics in the 5th and 9th. If malefics are in the 1st.2. (Note: Since in India male children areconsidered the more important. or SupremeIntelligence of all creation. The family becomes extinct under the following conditions:1. symbolizes the central source.2. and in the 5th would tend to destroy fertility.since it is believed that such circumstances destroy the parents' chances of reaching svarga(paradise) after death. ) EXTINCTION OF FAMILYIt is considered a great misfortune in India when none of the children survive the parents. ) ADOPTION If the 5th house is occupied by a rasi ruled by Mercury or Saturn. 8th. and a combust Jupiter is in the 8th. Mercury and Saturn are sexually impotentplanets. in its fall.3. If Venus and Mercury occupy the 7th house. such as poliomyelitis. and 12th houses. with malefics in the 4th and Jupiter in the5th. and ruler of the 5this combust. and these planets arelocated therein. the native may adopt a son. and allmalefics except the Sun are in the 5th and 9th.

SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE1. and higher education).4.e. The Sun is both benefic and malefic. If ruler of the 5th is in its exaltation navamsa with beneficial aspects. ruler of the 9th house (philosophy.. i. Mercury doesnot give intelligence per se. or the 5thor 9th house. (Note: In interpreting this rule itis necessary to remember that the cuspal degree also has subdivisions according to theSapta Varga Tables.2.and refers to the wisdom gained by man through non-selfishmotives. determines the navamsas for the remaining cusps. is an important aid. in that it destroys personal desires in favor of spiritual growth. If the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 5th has a beneficial aspect. religion. It allows one and all to take the consequences of his karma. thenavamsa occupied by the Ascendant. in the case of the rasi chakra.3. such as is required bythe effective teacher and spiritual guide. with beneficial conjunctions or aspects. and ruler of the 5thhouse is a benefic. the rising navamsa. However. but also givesthe inner strength to surmount the shortcomings of past lives. In this function Jupiter. or occupies abenefic house.ruling intuition and memory. If ruler of the $th is a benefic. If ruler of the rising navamsa of the house occupied by Mercury is in an angle. The Moon signifies the innate wisdom of Nature. the intellect will be acute and comprehensive.since each sector of the rasi chakra is exactly 30° in longitude. This rule indicates that thenative's efforts to develop and use his intelligence gained in former lives bears fruit by extraendowment of . and lies between two benefics. but bestows the ability to communicate.

If ruler of the drekana occupied either by Mercury or ruler of the 5th is in an angle. If ruler of the 5th occupies 4 favorable vargas. Fear or apprehension create malfunctioning of the breathingapparatus.3. sickness. and ruler of the 5th liesbetween two malefics. aspected by Jupiter. and the rasi dispositor is aspected by rulerof the 1st house. the native will be able to impart his knowledge to others. causing some organ or part of the body to manifest symptoms which we callill health. malign andaccuse us unjustly.SF. a dusthana house.. or if Venus or ruler of the 5th house is inthe 5th. disgust. and is aspected by a malefic. or inthe 5th or 9th house.When evil thoughts enter the psyche. The 6th. In the physical realm the enemy is disease. rebellion is engendered in the empire of the mind.STXT~T T-ToI J. is chosen to representenemies on every plane. in our opinion. dejection orresentment clog the kidneys. For example. the native will have foresight and prudence. or by thieves and other dishonest persons who rob or harm us in someway or another.)FORESIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE1.2. the native will be very sagacious and able toread the thoughts of others. aspected by Jupiter. If Mercury occupies the 5th. aspected by benefics. In social relationshipsthe enemy is represented by people who. lack understanding.soul and body. being inconjunct the 1st house (150°). HEART DISEASE This condition is indicated if the 5th house is occupied by a malefic.intelligence in this incarnation. and sometimes malignancy. To the astrologer this unhealthy conditioncan be revealed by careful examination of the 6th house and its . It is now recogni~ed by psychiatrists and psychologists in allied fields that everyphysical ailment has a psychic or mental origin.

In addition.ruler. syphilis is indicated. a person can protect himself against those enemies of his healthwhich usually enter through environmental agencies. disruption of family and social ties. or will be subject to cuts. Although Hindu astrology deals with these same subjects. to disease and evendeath. there is danger of smallpox.If competently forewarned.Western astrology customarily assigns rulership of employees. There will be a similar affliction if these planets occupy Sun's navamsa. If with Saturn. black leprosy may result. it does so moreon the basis of the planets and the constellations than by house position. If they join Mars. If Moon. if ruler of the 6th combines withMars. and diseases especially related to the organs of digestion and the appetites. servants and the armedforces to the 6th.From the 6th house may be read matters pertaining to tastes for different classes of food. Mercury and ruler of the 1st are in conjunction with Rahu. (Black leprosy is ulcerous andcauses disfigurement.2. Failure to heed the warnings on thislevel may lead to destruction of mental composure. if unchecked. 3. the native's body will becovered with sores. Mercury and ruler of . In addition to conditions of health. or malfunction of the ~all bladder. If Moon. whereby the 8th house reveals continuance of the story. made more serious if the conjunction occurs in the 1 sthouse. If ruler of the 6th house is joined with a malefic in the 1st or 8th. disease isapt to arise from faulty elimination. andfinally. If ruler of the Ascendant combines with Mars and Mercury in the 12th or 4th.leprosy is indicated. Circumstancesof untimely death also come under the 6th house.)4. indigestion.DISEASES AND OTHER AFFLICTIONS OF THE BODY1.

and at the same time occupies a cruelnavamsa. ruled by the malefic Sun. also ungrounded fears. rheumatism andneuralgia. or complaints involving theKetu head.(. fevers andbilious complaints are indicated.Moon --danger of fluids in ~he body.the Ascendant join the Sun in the 1st house. arthritis. such as edema. aspected by a malefic. or smallpox. If either Rahu or Ketu occupy the 6th. gas. fevers afflict thenative. If Mercury is in the 6th in a cruel navamsa. Jupiter --the native will be free from disease.Venus --the Will power is weak and sickly. Rahu or --headaches. If ruler of the Ascendant and ruler of the ~th house join:Sun --danger of fever. If the Sun with another malefic occupies the 6th.Mars --danger from fights. aspected by a malefic. aspected by a third malefic.Mercury --danger of bilious complaints.6. aspected by a malefic in a cruel . suffering from exposure or drafts is indicated.7. there is trouble with the spleen. such as neuritis. there will bedisease of the blood affecting that part of the body indicated by the rasi on the Ascendant. phlegmatic complaintsare indicated. aspected by a malefic.8. If Moon is in the 6th house.according to the following schedule:Aries --Head Leo --Nose Sagittarius--Eyes Taurus--Face Virgo --Genitals Capricorn-FeetGemini--Neck Libra --Hands Aquarius --Knees ~ancer--Ears Scorpio--Sides Pisces --Stomach5.'onstellat~onal Astrology10. cruel navamsas would not only be those ruled by Mars orSaturn. war. lf Saturn is so conditioned. obstructions or other irregularities of the bowels.9. If Mars is in the 6th house in a cruel navamsa. but also Leo. (Note: In this instance.Saturn --diseases accompanied by sharp pains.

13. or a wife sterile. thenative suffers from pisachas (evil spirits). Theformer is indicated by the 1st house and its ruler. together with Venus. If Mercury and Mars are in the 6th. aspected by the Sun. neuroses orpsychotic disorders.)11.APPETITESWhenever possible.or the cravings of the physical system for a food which will supply a needed substance. If the 6th house is occupied by a water rasi. If Sun and Moon are conjunct in the 6th house. phobias.navamsa. In the latter conclition it is the 6th houseand its ruler which act as indicators in the selection of food. with Moon in the 6th. a husband will beimpotent. indicate sinus infections or other afflictions of the nose andpalate. 12.15. and especially if Mercury is in an evil navamsa. occupies the 6th house. wasting of the body occurs. the condition wouldbe severe. with either Rahu or Ketu are in the 6th. Moon in the 6th. the native suffers from sarpasula (painsthat cause him to twist and writhe like a serpent). aspected by Mercury. Saturn in the 8th. If ruler of the 7th. rapidwasting away of the body is indicated. If Saturn and Mars. If there are no beneficial aspects. If there is a benefic in the . with ruler of the Ascendantin the navamsa of a malefic. stones or other obstructions of the urinary tract areindicated. aspected by Moon and Venus. tuberculosis. or ruler of the 6th in awater rasi. certain forms of paralysis. (In modern terminology. muscular distrophy. the nativeis subject to castration. Diseases such as asthma. and a malefic in the 12th. generally cause the body to waste away.1.16. and unfit for sexual relations.14. If the rasi dispositor of ruler of the 6th combines with Saturn in the 1st house.17. people base their choice of foods upon the pleasure derived from them.

3. If Jupiter and Mercury occupy the 6th. aspected by ruler of the 6th. If Jupiter is in the 6th.2. and ruler of the 6th is joinedto a benefic placed between two malefics.3. will be learned andhave skill in arguing both sides of a question.3. The same applies if Rahu or Ketu occupy the 6th. If Mercury is in Sagittarius. If ruler of the 6th. highly seasoned or spiced foods are desired. If Jupiter occupies the 6th.4. If ruler of the Ascendant and the Moonare joined or aspected by benefics. the native either becomes a thief or suffersfrom theft. thenative may suffer from fire or theft. A mediator. Rahu or Ketu. the native himself will not be a thief but may be subjectto theft. the native will have the·superior . 4. or if rulerof the 6th occupies cruel vargas. aspected by another benefic.5.FRIENDS AND ENEMIES1. or a rasi ruled by either of these planets is on the6th house cusp.6th. If the 6th falls in an evil rasi. and at the same time Jupiter or Mercury occupy a benefic shastyamsa. thenative will make friends of his enemies. aspected by a malefic. will be pOOIand contract debts.CONDITIONS PERTAINING TO SERVICE AND SEP~VITUDE1 If Mercury is in a rasi ruled by Saturn. or he may act as a perjurer in litigations. If ruler of the 9th occupies the 6th.2. If ruler of the 6th joins the Sun. or if Venus rules the 6th and has 4 favorable vargas. all sweets are rejected. foodswhich are conducive to mental activities are chosen. sweetsand other selfindulgent foods are favored. the native will overcome his enemies. the native will be honored by his superiors. If ruler of the 6th is conjunct or aspected by a benefic and occupies a beneficial rasi. Saturn and Mars. If Mercury is in Pisces. rich food. with butterand other fats are demanded. the native will do other people's work.2. occupies Aries or Scorpio. aspected by a benefic.

(Such a rule must be applied cautiously. )2. If ruler of the 6th or 8th~ along with ruler of the 3rd. andgood servants.since many factors in the chart may contribute toward a contrary result.combust. If Jupiter is in Capricorn. bhuktis and antaradasas of theplanets involved. or a commander of armed forces. aspected by ruler of the 1st. minister. the native is likely to be beheaded.5. poor and unhappy UNTIMELY DEATII OR CONFINEMENT1.4. When ruler of the 6th combines with Venus and Sun or Saturn. If Jupiter is in Leo the native will be the head of an army. the native may be either a king. the native will be base. )3. If Jupiter is in a rasi ruled by Mars. the native will have fine raiment. or in the 5th or 9thhouse. and be skilled in the handicrafts of low caste people. combine with Saturn or Rahu. or possessimmense wealth. as explained in Part Three. When the Moon occupies the 6th. in a cruelshastyamsa. 8th or 12th house. attendants. imprisonment is indicated. If ruler of the Ascendant and ruler of the 6th join Saturn in an angle. (The time when such may occur is during the dasas. death by imprisonmentor hanging is . whileoccupying a varga ruled by Mars or Saturn.hand over his servants. death in battle is indicated. A fatal ending of this sort would most likely occur if any of the planets here involved were depressed.6. andmay have the post of a minister. with Rahu.4. or in rasis of an Enemy planet. wealth. death by accident is indicated.5. the native will have military leadership.7. and joined by Saturn and Rahu. If Jupiter is in a rasi ruled by Mercury. When ruler of the 8th house is in a "serpent" or "rope" drekana. If Jupiter is in a rasi which herules. The same will result if Rahu or Ketu takes the place of Saturn.

On the physical plane. since each sex seekscompletion in its opposite. Furthermore. and the 3rd of Pisces. the 7th house also pertains to business orsimilar forms of association with others. Masculine planets in the 7th.while those for women are Sun and Mars. and thus deals with "open enemies.)SEVENTH HOUSE The 7th house is the analogue of Libra. ruled by Venus. The marriage partner. (The serpent drekanas are 2nd and 3rd of Cancer. number of marriages. as well as thosediseases arising from over-indulgence of the passions. happiness ormisery: legal matters in general. The rules for predictingmarriage for women are practically the same as those for men. since it involves those whoare of opposite nature. they also may be applied to partnerships of any kind. 1st and 2nd of Scorpio. and offspring come under its influence.For both sexes the 7th house is the principle significator of marriage. whereas those that are feminine apply for men. or the denial of them ." Although the rulesgiven here pertain to marriage per se. the 7th has to do with prosperity or poverty. Consequently. marriage and relationships centered about marriageare initiated or controlled by this house. favormarriage for women.indicated. The rope drekana is the 1st of Capricorn. inasmuch as others are a factor inproducing or denying wealth. The planetary indicators for men are Moon and Venus. or Desirebody. the motives forachieving marriage are different. and is the division of the horoscopemost closely associated with the astral body of man. conditions of the marriage. or associated with them.Because of the partnership relation involved. the 7th house rules over the genito-urinary system. known as the Kama Rupa. However. the most obvious influence of which is in matters of sex.length of marriage.

much wealth. pride. independence. may lose sexual potency. However. It also augurs humiliation in thesense that one's pride or dignity is often impaired or offended. Sun in the 7thhouse is apt to produce problems.deformity of the body. since it is the nature of the Sun to give self-confidence.MARS: Gives strong passions which incline toward the committing of improper acts. attain public esteem. and have wealth. good children. and a generous andamiable disposition. w ill become learned.RAHU: Indicates loss of wealth through intrigues with the opposite sex.OCCUPANTS OF THE SEVENTH HOUSESUN: Alone and unsupported by beneficial aspects. brings displeasure of sovereigns. and is . and love of authority--all of which areadverse to the limitations imposed by marriage--if unaspected and alone. JUPITER: Augurs for a good marriage.SATURN: Indicates that the native will be poor. a wandering life and the possibility that the native will be wifeless andhave little kindness. but it also indicatesintrigues and death of the marriage partner. distressed by loneliness. The native is likely to suffer afflictions from diseases associated with the 7th house. gives an attractive personal appearance. The native may beseparated from the beloved.MOON: Alone and without aspects.MERCURY: Tndicates that the native dresses well. The native willbe lovable and have a very agreeable disposition. sinceadditional factors are always present in each horoscope. It alss) signifies the death of the marriage partner.and have a wealthy partner.These conditions are not to be predicted in the life of everyone having Sun in the 7th. and will leada wanderer's life.VENUS: Presages that the native will marry well. generosity or sympathy in his soul. and willsuffer either from the marriage partner or the lack of one. a roamer.

according to conditions indicated in the natal horoscope. good or badluck. or is aspected by amalefic. If either the ruler of the 7th or the dispositor of Venus occupies the rasi or navamsa of itsfall. the man will have a malevolent wife. psychotic or neurotic. in a beneficial navamsa orother favorable varga. wealth or poverty. If Venus is ruler of the 7th. and brings about the loss of the marriage partner. If ruler of the 7th is in its fall. and has many degrees of intensity. combined powerfully with benefics. but the evil will be averted if the significators areconjunct benefics or receive aspects from benefics. seek the company of evilpersons of the opposite sex. while in combustion or . If ruler of the 7th combines with a malefic. the wife will have a sweet voice. wasteful. from bad temper tobad health. or if thenavamsa dispositor of ruler of the 7th joins a malefic. andwill bear children of admirable qualities. The native is likely to attract disrespect. the marriage partner will bring evil orunhappiness into the life. fine charactcr.2.3. and suffer loss of vital power NATURE OF THE MARRIAGE PARTNERA marriage partner may bring advantages or disadvantages.apt to be self-willed andfoolish. or in the rasi of an Enemy planet. If a benefic is in the 7th. or if itoccupies its exaltation. and at the same time has at least 4favorable vargas.KETU: Gives affliction by diseases which relate to the bowels.5.4. or its own or a Friend's rasi. slanderous. gracious manner. the marriage partner will bring great happiness.Possibility of evil takes many forms. or just the opposite. or if ruler of the 7th is in conjunction with a benefic. or if a malefic occupies the 7th house. criminal. The partner may beextravagant. happiness or misery. or helpful and good. Relatives can be evil and unfortunate.1.

without the assistance of aspectsor conjunction with a benefic. the marriage partner will be given to drunkenness. orin a debilitated or unfriendly rasi. is without powerS combust. in the rasi of an Enemy. The greater the difference betweenthe two significators. If ruler of the 7th is more powerful than ruler of the 1st.1.or is closely besieged by malefics in the 8th or 12th house. the wife will be cruelhearted or unfaithful.. the wife will be cruel-hearted. or cause the destruction of his family. and occupies a rasi or navamsa ruled by a malefic. and if the 7th house ruleroccupies a beneficial navamsa. while Mercury is cold and sterile. or if ruler of the 7th is combust.-i. or has beneficial aspects . (In this case. or occupies its fall or the rasi of an Enemy. joined with a malefic.6. will not bearchildren who will survive him.9.conjunct malefics and without beneficial aspects. in its fall. the nativewill reap sorrow through the marriage partner. If Mercury rules the 7th. since Mars has warmth. or in a"bird" drekana (lst drekana of Leo). conjunct or in aspect with anevil planet. if Moon is ruler of the 7th house. If the dispositor of the Sun. or ruler of the 7th occupies a rasi. or navamsa ruled by amalefic. If ruler of the 7th is less powerful than ruler of the 1st.sinful and dishonest. In the horoscope of a man. the native marries into a family of lower social standingthan his own. and is joined or powerfully aspected by a malefic.7. the wife may murder her husband.2. Mercury is more cruel and dangerous than Marsas ruler of the 7th house. If Mars rules the 7th.e.8. )SOCIAL POSITION OF MARRIAGE PARTNERA comparison between ruler of the 1st and ruler of the 7th house will denote equality ordisparity between the native and the marriage partner. the greater the social inequality.

If the dispositor of Venus is in an odd rasi in a male chart. occupies the rasi or navamsa of its fall. occupying a beneficial varga.or conjunctions. joined to one malefic. andthe rasi dispositor of ruler of the 1 st occupies a favorable shastyamsa. or occupies a rasi in trine to a kalatra rasi. she will bear him children. (The same rule applies in a woman'schart.b) The exaltation rasi of the 7th house ruler. 2nd or 7th house.)3. he will marry a woman of a social position equai to his own. and ruler of the 7th is in its fall.3.2. and ruler of the 2nd is powerful. If Mars occupies the 7th. the native marries into a family of higher social position than his own. and the7th is occupied by a malefic. receiving no aspect from ruler of . If ruler of the 7th is close to ruler of the 1st. 8th or 12th house. Thereare three positions in a male horoscope termed kalatra rasi:a) The rasi ruled by the navamsa dispositor of the 7th house ruler. or is in deep exaltation.c) The navamsa occupied by the cusp of the 7th house. In the horoscope of a man. if ruler of the 2nd house is more beneficial than ruler of the7th. or if a benefic is close to the cusp of the 1st or7th house.SIGNS OF FERTII. If a benefic is in the 1st. though in this case the dispositor of Venus must be in an even rasi.2. If ruler of the 7th house occupies 6 favorable vargas. Two MARRIAGES1. If the cusp of the 7th house is ruled by a malefic. and if thedispositor of this benefic varga is conjunct or aspected by a benefic. and aspected by another. or has 13 favorablevargas.ITYIf the rasi occupied by the Moon of the prospective bride occupies a kalatra rasi of theintended groom.3. and she will be of acompatible temper and devoted to her husbandINDICATIONS OF EARLY MARRIAGE1.

and ruler of the 7th is in its fall. and isdevoid of strength. THREE MARRIAGES1. If a malefic occupies the 1st.4. but also indicate how soonafter marriage death may occur. orcombust. If the Moon occupies a navamsa ruled by Saturn or Mars. and are powerful while in the 1st.2. and is aspected by Saturn. or those of its own rasi. the . while it is conjoined ruler of the 1 0thhouse. the native will have many wives. If at birth four or more planets possessed of at least 300 virupas. 2nd or 7th house. and Moon occupies the 3rd or 7th house. 60° or 270° ) .(~ELIBACY1. and ruler of the 2nd or 7th isaspected by malefic planets. If rulers of the 12th and 2nd houses occupy the 3rd. If there are many malefics in the 2nd and 7th house. or mutually aspect each other (always counting forwardin the zodiac). If rulers of the 7th and 11th join.I~EATH OF MARRIAGE PARTNER The following rules not only give planetary conditions of death. and has no other aspects. and occupies vargas of exaltation.MANY AFFAIRS WITH OPPOSITE SEX1. If the dispositor of the Moon is opposed by Saturn. counting in the same manner. this would indicate manysuitors and affairs of the heart.2.3. and rulerof the Ascendant or ruler of the 11th occupies an angle.4.2. occupy a single house.the 7th.3.5. and receives a powerful aspectfrom Saturn ( 180°. or by ruler of the9th. 5th or 9thhouse. The closer the besieging malefics to the significator. If ruler of the 7th is in an angle or in the 5th or 9th house. or rasi of a Friend. In a female horoscope. a manwill be surrounded by many women with whom he will have intimate relations. If a powerful Mercury occupies the 10th rasi forward from the rasi containing ruler of theAscendant. If the Moon occupies a drekana ruled by Saturn. and ruler of Ihe 7th occupies the 4th house. aspected by Jupiter. If ruler of the 9th occupies the 7th.

whileoccupying a cruel shastyamsa. combust. and gives indications of thelength of life.However. and the probable loka ("place") to which thesoul will go immediately after death. )3. unfulfilled vengeance. but all matters pertaining to death or endings. Judging thenatural length of life is dealt with specifically under the ayurdaya system (Part Three). manner and cause of death. death comes long after marriage. as indicator of the reservoir of the astral body. or in the rasi of an Enemy. etc. Cusp of the 7th house or its ruler between two malefics within an orb of 15° on eitherside.. The Hindu believes that for his soul's peace itis important to die Houses in a peaceful state of mind. time. Ruler of the Ascendant or the 7th in its fall. If there is a wide difference between besieged andbesieging planets. regrets. and thus rules death of the marriage partner. At death the soul leaves the body of physical senses and depends thereafter upon the activated spiritual senses and memory. Ruler of the 2nd besieged by two malefics within an orb of 15° on either side. The loka to which the soul goes immediately following death is dependentupon the mental attitude at the time of death.Memory is composed of all sense experiences of the lifetime which have been stored in theastral reservoir. The 8th house also pertains to diseases.sooner the death of the partner. are allvery deleterious to the soul during life. (Note: The2nd house is 8th from the 7th.EIGHTH H()IJSF.2. the 8th house is significant not onlyfor lengthof life. but are especially so at the . hatreds. Worry. ruled by Mars.1. The 8th house is the natural analogue of Scorpio. fears.

If the 8th house is unoccupied. or in a foreign country. choler (yellow bile).2. The term"wind. and melancholy (black bile).1. is thought to be especiallyevil. When several strong planets aspect this cusp there is a combination of humours causing death. from December 2 1 st until June 21st.e. the native dies at home.time of death. whichreveal the nature of the disease and the part of the body which is malfunctioning. If the cusp of the 8th is a cardinal rasi." as used under planetary humours. If the 8th house is occupied. "Deathbedrepentences" have little bearing on the destination of the soul after death. If the cusp of the 8th house is a mutable rasi.3. or far from his home.. or accidents bringing harm to the body. the native will diein a foreign land. If the cusp of the 8th house is a fixed rasi. the planets . diseases. or in his permanentresidence. for the loka towhich it goes is determined by the entire life's experiences and conduct. the native dies while traveling. Since the Indian generally abhors leaving the boundariesof his native land. the humour governed bythe aspecting planet involves that part of the body represented by the rasi on the cusp of the 8th house. and its ruler is in a cardinal rasi.and sometimes death. indicates pain in connection with any particularhumour. separating from malefic aspects andapplying to aspects with benefics. to die away from home. phlegm.DISEASES AND DEATHEach planet is related to various ailments. i. and its ruler is strongly aspected. It is alsofortunate to die when the Moon is increasing in light. TIME AND PLACE OF DEATH The Hindu considers it fortunate to die during the season of the year when the Sun isincreasing in its northerly declination. These afflictions more or less parallel the ancient concept of the bodyhaving four humours: blood.

also smallpox. or lack of discipline. produces ailments of the nervous system and the brain. indicates death by fire or fever.CAUSES OF DEATHIf two or more planets are indicators of the cause of death due to house occupancy. diabetes. bile and phlegm. and paralysis JUPITER: P~legm. indicates. ordiseases brought about by lack of food or proper nourishment. brought on by worry. indicate accidental deathby falling into a well. plagues. burns. produces diseases of an obscure nature. indicates diseases or ailments involving the throat.therein take precedence asindicators of the major cause of death. The following are only a few of the possibleplanetary conditions which may bring about death:1. lt has long been associatedwith both starvation and gluttony. and those diseases or accidentsbrought on by impulsive or ill-timed behavior.VENUS: Wind and phlegm. bloodimpurities. indicates watery diseases. with Mars in the 4th. shingles.2. or a fall from a mountain. and drowning. thestrongest takes precedence as significator. cholera. Saturn in the 4th. pneumonia.MOON: Wind and phlegm. (This might be extended to mean falling . diarrhea. andthose maladies derived from excessive drinking or thirst.MERCURY: Wind. Moon in the 7th. Sun in the 10th. indicates death from a falling stone or similar heavyobject.PLANETARY HUMOURS AND THEIR INFLUENCESSUN: Bile.death through weapons. The weaker planets furnish additional indicationsof ailments which may contribute to death. such as dysentery. cuts.SATURN: Wind. indicates malfunctioning of the body caused by inability to assimilate food.95MARS: Bile. It has always been an indicator of disorders of the liver. and Mars in the 1 0th house.

If Saturn. Saturn and Sun occupy the 9th. will often reveal the nature andcause of death. However. counted forward from the one occupied by the Ascendant. the cause of death may be determined from the22nd drekana (decanate). augurs death due to evil deeds orrelatives. Mars. Sun and Moon in Virgo strongly aspected by a malefic. Mars. 10th. death byasphyxiation. If a waning Moon. or from a beating is indicated 6. fire.When none of the preceding rules apply. If Sun.which may alter the direction in which the soul is traveling at the time of death (or re- . THE LOKASProperly speaking.into an industrial excavation ora mine shaft.) 3. If a waning Moon. Moon and Mars occupy the 2nd.5.4. the 8th house of the birth figure may be considered the 1st house of thesoul as it leaves the body. the nativemay be beaten' to death by a club or similar object. or from insect bites. Saturn and Moon occupy respectively the 1st. 8th and 9th houses. or by being struck by lightning. Theruler of this drekana. Saturn and Sun occupy the 8th. thenative may die by falling from a precipice. or the ruler of the rasi containing it. or suicide motivated by family differences or quarrels. Hence the 8th house is used to indicate the loka to which the soulwill go at death. the nativemay die from a surgical operation. It would be fallacious to ignore a person's activities throughout his life. 1st or 4th house. 1st or 4th house. 10th.7. 4th and 10th houses respectively. since the span of time between birth and death is often is only in a general sense that the horoscope can indicate the destiny of the soul afterleaving this life. 5th. Mars.

This is the realm of demons.birth). If either the 16th or 22nd drekanafrom the Ascendant is ruled by Sun or Mars.~Jv ~ vl ~ Jyy TIRYA LOKA This loka. Thus its supporting instincts are sustained and nourished by those needs and drives whichexist around hunger. the soul is ready fordeva loka. the soul is being guided to tirya loka. harmony." and is ruled by Venus and Moon. This is quickly done by consulting the Tables of Sapta Varga Boundaries.With this reservation in mind. count the 16th and 22nd drekanas forward from theAscendant.DEVA LOKA The third loka upward represents the "World of the Bright Ones. Such souls may have inteLligence butlack wisdom. whose indicators are Saturnand Mercury. in the meaning of souls that are either human orsub-human. It supports the needs and drives for beauty. including the animal functions of man. If ruler of the 16th or 22nd drekana from the Ascendant is Venus or Moon. A soul reaching this loka need onlyreincarnate according . virtue. the bindings to human existence. form and design in all things.BRAHMA LOKA The fourth and highest loka is ruled by Jupiter. If either the 16thor 22nd drekana forward from the Ascendant has Mercury or Saturn as ruler. or rectitude. Thestronger of the two rulers (in Shad Bala) will generally indicate the loka to which the soul isdestined NARAKA LOKA The lowest of the lokas adjacent to our material world is naraka. or to be more exact. and live in this loka as a matter of evolutionary purification." lies between naraka and deva lokas.e. compare the rulers of the drekanas on the cusps of the 6thand 8th houses. self-preservation and sexual drives. then naraka isthe place to which the soul evolves. but lacking in love. meaning "middle course.. i. and is the closestin contact with the humanity of the material world. It is the place of emancipation from thenecessity of karma.

THE LOKAS IN THE HEAVENS There is a symbolic relationship between these lokas and the constellations. Among these circumpolar constellations is the Great Bear. is represented by that portion of the heavens Iying south of the ecliptic. while those of the southern half are brutish and animal-like. heroic nature. Tirya loka has its correspondence in the celestial sphere within the zodiacal its own will. Being thus limited. they also have a calculation indicating the loka occupied by the soul in theperiod previous to the . brahma loka is the goal toward which thesoul is moving. Polaris. If the 16th or 22nddrekana from the Ascendant is ruled by Jupiter.positive. or Big Dipper. from 8° north to 60° north of the celestial equator. The heavens aredivided into a northern and southern hemisphere. the lowest plane. referring to the seven sages of ancient humanity who contributed sogreatly to the continual enlightenment and spiritual insight of man.Brahma loka is centered in the path of the circumpolar stars which revolve around thepresent North Star. THE LOKA PRIOR TO PRESENT INCARNATION Just as the Hindus have indicated the method for generally determining the loka to which asoul is traveling.Naraka loka. with the path of the Sun (or the zodiac)Iying between them. they lack moral purpose or ideals. Constellations of the northern half of the heavens are of a noble. Iying 8° north and south of the path of the Sun. desire or purpose. Usually it reincarnates in order tohelp others who have been left behind in the process of soul evolvement. Deva loka corresponds to that span of the heavens beyond the zodiacal belt. which the Hinduscall the Seven Rishis.representing those organisms which lie below the human intelligence or refinement of structure.

Nevertheless. based on the stronger of the two luminaries. it hasmost of the associations used in the Western system. religious sensibilities. Ingeneral. This is a field of inquiry which is usually limited to esoteric astrology in the Western system. and application to philosophy. it is themost important . it must beemphasized that this is a most revealing and transcendentally useful branch of astrology. In Hindu astrology. in that the father is the first teacher and guide of the child in matters of ethical or religious behavior. The one which has thegreatest virupa strength will indicate from which loka the soul has come into this life. The 9th house also pertains to thenative's father. For the most part Western astrologers will find the subjectof cursory interest. and will not seek to explore its full possibilities. To the Hindu. Thus it also represents the native's guru. Only an astrologer of deep spiritual insight should attempt to delveinto this matter. grandchildren are represented here. it has to do with long journeys. with a few additional meanings.present birth. The rulerof the drekana in which the Sun is posited is compared with the ruler of the drekana in whichthe Moon is posited. investments. etc. the 9th house has rulership over the conscience of the native. the subject of the lokas is very pertinentand of great importance. with his living belief in reincarnation. Finally. or spiritual teacher. It indicatescapacity for mastering higher academic education.NINTH HOUSE The 9th house is the analogue of Sagittarius. whose ruler is Jupiter. Traditionally.Since the 9th is the 5th from the natural 5th house. corporations. since it requires a spiritual intuition developed by practices which promotethe inner awareness of the soul. together with hisunderstanding of ethics.

cruel. Moon in the 9th conjunct Jupiter. or that ruled bya Friend.religious institutions and corporate bodies dealing with higher education or charitableactivities. PATER~AL RELATIONSHIPS1. If the Sun or ruler of the 9th is . especially with women. together with ruler of the 9th. PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION1. If ruler of the 9th is a benefic. or is weak in Shad Bala or vargas. or if a beneficoccupies the 9th house.2. and occupies the 9th house.indicator of the native's past incarnation. the native will have happiness through the father. the native will have perception of religious or ethical principles. or is locatedbetween two benefics. When ruler of the 9th is a benefic. the native will beprosperous. and takes precedenceover the meaning of the drekanas in this respect DIPLOMACY. virtuous. If the Moon is disposed by a planet which is its Enemy.or is in its fall. or in its own navamsa. or in its exaltation rasi or navamsa. If Jupiter or Venus occupies the 9th. Such a configuration attracts influential friends and professional advancement.2. thereis much toassist the native's success through relationships with government (law and diplomacy). or is aspected by a benefic. the native is apt to be involved in disgracefulintrigues. The opposite applies if the 9th or its ruler is in evil. If ruler of the 9th is in the navamsa of a benefic.5.3. in exaltation. powerful and conjoined or aspected by benefics. the native will be skilled in matters of philosophy and religion. and have estimable children.4. and will perform meritorious deeds. This is all the more likely if Venus is weak and inconjunction with malefics. learned. or weak combinations. and the Sun is in conjunction with a benefic. revealing whether or not he hascome into this life prepared for a higher stage of spiritual evolvement.

originating in open or secret hostility or disobedience of the son. the native will pursue the same work as his father andthere will be harmony and helpfulness between them. rules concerning wealth or prosperity must beconsidered in relation to other elements in the chart.4. 9th or 11th house of the father's chart. NDICATIONS OF WEALTHAs has been previously emphasized.exalted. he will becritical of his father.7. A wellaspected or favorably occupied 9th house indicates estimable quality and characterof the grandchildren. 9th or 10th. to bestow greatwealth. he will be a faithful and obedient son. For the following dama yogas (dama = "gift"). counted from the lunarnakshatra of the father. its culture and religion. if the native's Ascendant falls in the2nd.6. as well as long life to the sons of the native. He will inherit the father's wealth if his Ascendant is the sameas that of the father. If the nakshatra occupied by the Moon is the 8th. and the native will reap advantages therefrom.3. 1st or 2nd. or found in 6 favorable vargas.5. together with the individual'soccupation. counted from the nakshatraof the Moon in the father's horoscope. implying a denialof the bonds and traditions of the family. etc. the native will travel to distant countries and cause his father sorrowand grief. The native will equal his father in reputation and position if his Ascendant coincides withthe father's 10th house cusp. prosperity of thefather is indicated. as well as their good fortune. or cast blame upon him. The same conditions also indicate longlife for the native. If the native's Ascendant falls in the 6th or 8th house of the father's horoscope. If the lunar nakshatra of the native is the 27th. Another indication of inheritance fromthe father is Sun at birth in the native's own 10th house. However. the native would have to be born in a wealthy . family status. or of the latter's 3rd house cusp.

the native obtains wealth through his brothers.3. depending upon his own fortune or influence amongpeople of wealth.or through gambling.2. If ruler of the 5th house is in conjunction with ruler of the 9th.1. If the Ascendant or its ruler is aspected by ruler of the 9th.3. aspected by benefics. However. or if ruler of the 5th aspectsruler of the 9th. and is conjunct or aspected by benefics occupyinga beneficial navamsa or shastyamsa. or the 5th or 9th house. However.the native becomes a philanthropist. If ruler of the 9th joins ruler of the 3rd. and if ruler of the Ascendantoccupies an angle.1. If the dama yogas set forth in the following rules arecombined with raja yogas in a natal horoscope. and Jupiter does likewise. and the 9th house is occupied by abenefic. the native takes active part in charitable movements and becomes notable in suchendeavors. Thus a person whose ownfortune is limited may act as a direct force in obtaining money from wealthy individuals forcharitable or educational purposes.Constellat10nal Astrologyand it is up to the discrimination of the astrologer to make predictions accordingly. thereare exceptions. the native will PHILANTHROPY To do great acts of charity one must possess great wealth. the native will receive wealth through his children. they enable the native to draw the attentionof men who possess wealth to invest in philanthropic activities. persons of verymoderate means may initiate movements or stimulate organizations that are devoted to theaccomplishment of charitable deeds. If ruler of the 9th is aspected by Jupiter and occupies 6 favorable vargas (paravatamsa). If the rulers of the 7th and 9th exchange houses. and Venus is in the 7th. the native takes an active and commendablepart in .2. If ruler of the 9th is exalted.or influential family.

Most importantly. reputation andpublic standing. ruled by Saturn.e. From these are derived the power to command. especially from the fatheras representing authority. allowing himto rest upon satisfaction with his own conduct. in which the person's wisdom (as gained from the 9th) is tested. Hence it is a house of trial. and governs the profession oroccupation which gives a person his livelihood. or inheritance.5. the native will be cold-hearted. It also reveals his honor. the native will perform charitable acts for selfishpurposes. If Rahu or Saturn occupies the 9th house in cruel vargas. Wealth. Such self-appraisal is not acceptable to theLords of Karma. or an evil shastyamsa. or theability to hold executive office or position. the 10th is the house of karma in its application of a person's own actionsupon the world. Even the presence of Saturn or Rahu in the 9th will give ulterior mntiv~ ~ tn a~ t~ nf charitv TFNTH H( )I J.philanthropic work. and if ruler of the 9th is positedin a cruel rasi or navamsa. and the reaction of the world upon the individual self. it is important to keep in mind that the 10th house forward fromthe Sun or Moon . Thc 10th house is the analogue of Capricorn. The sinwhich brought upon Job his great sufferings and losses was self-complacency. may also be indicated by this house. and hence Job was "tested. The Book of Job in theOld Testament illustrates this karmic meaning in its application to an individual.SF.. ruledby Mars or Saturn)."PROFESSION OR OCCUPATIONAlthough the 10th house of the natal horoscope is usually referred to as an indicator of theprofession or occupation.4. injuring others withoutcompunction in order to gratify his ambition or malicious intents. If a benefic occupies the 9th. and the cusp of the 9th falls in a cruel navamsa (i. as well as his dignity.

militant.councillor. chemist. professional or occupational opportunities are increased by the presence of planetsin the 10th house. manufacturer or researcher inchemistry and drugs. physicallydemanding.. and in general .may also be used for the same purposes in delineation. the use of explosives or power derived from heat. especially if they are dignified by rasi position. The same rules will still apply. judge. medicine. gold. race tracks. it is better to take the 10th house Iyingforward from the luminary which has the greater strength. or by strength in ShadBalas or vargas. i. dignity.SUN: Indicates livelihoods gained through grains. the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 10th is of particuiar use. operator of lotteries. speculation. aggressive. administrator of government or non-profit foundations. humorist. governmental positions. If they are outstandingly dignified they will tend to raise the person's ma-terial status in life. and administrative qualities are required. If the Sun or Moonis more powerful in Shad Bala than the Ascendant. the following delineations of the planets in re-lation to the 10th house mayserve as guides to interpretation. It alsoindicates theatrical enterprises. gambling or the operation of gambling houses.Sun in the tOth connotes a doctor.and all professions where honor. requiring skill in engineering. Ingeneral. pharmacist. gaming houses. For example. As a modifier of the occupation. Also advisor tolovers. etc. where Sun rules the 10th.e. trades dealing with gold or precious metals or jewels. gold miner. and Mars is thenavamsa dispositor7 ~ocations associated with the Sun would take channels of a Martian nature.use of sharp instruments.When ruler of the l0th and its navamsa dispositor are considered as indices of the professionor occupation.

MERCURY: Inclines to all pursuits which deal in communication of ideas. newspaper editor or reporter. Mars connotes athletics. sharp instruments. products of the sea or trades involving water.MOON: Indicates trades having to do with the public at large. public relations. but it can be exhausting in thatthe Moon requires constant awareness of the changing intcrests of the public. writer. or catering to the imagination of the general public. missionary. children's necessities. As a rule. broadcaster.MARS: Gives preference for those occupations requiring physical dexterity. lecturer. It often involves selling or trading in household goods.fearlessness and aggressiveness. or all professions where good judgment andprobity are required. power. physical education. law. journalist. and other professions which guard or protect. facts. belong toMars. explosives. priest or minister. Thc occupation is not apt to be asphysically demanding as under some of the other planets. as well asemployee or owner of any enterprise which has to do with the sending or receiving of information. hygienic or sanitary engineers. JUPITER: Presages success in counseling. agriculture.metal.fads.fighters and others who engage in competitive sports. thugs androbbers. All professions having to do with heat. bravery. such as gangsters. Jupiter gives pursuits which are not only .alloccupations ascribed to the Sun in Western astrology. dan~erous or corrosive chemicals. especially in those areaspertaining to its needs and wants. firemen. In this capacity it gives skill as a teacher.traveller. display of merchandise or goods. women's clothing. On the militant side it indicates service in the armedforces.foods and food products. policemen. It may also indicate those who live by aggression and force. Because of its joyin the physical. concepts andknowledge of every sort.

SATURN: Holds dominion over all occupations which require hard work. design and-balance. either in the military or professional occupations. so that it often indicates judges. the work which comes under his rulership frequently pays little. or there is lack of ability to work.well-paid and highlyrespectable. Because of the limiting factorof Saturn. It could be said to govern all matters whichplease the senses.VENUS: Indicates occupations devoted to creating physical and emotional pleasure throughbeauty. and it issaid to control strategy. but also physically undemanding.disgraceful. Although Venus isgiven rulership over the arts. or no skill at all. but it also creates peace and harmony through compromise andadjustment. agronomy. among more commonoccupations it pertains to dairy farming. bankers. so that the native lives off public charity. floriculture and beekeeping. There is generally a certain moralcontentment in Jupiterian professions. despised.However. harmony. philosophers and sociologists. it may also indicate a person who is connected in an associative way with suchprofessions or occupations. as well as order and understanding. or which use cheap or inferior material. tedious or exactingskills. It is often indicative of occupations which are lowly. teachers on the college or university level. Being of a cruel and heartless nature. or by inciting pityCG~stellat~onal Astrologythrough self- inflicted bodily injuries. form. Saturn often rulesoccupations which create ill-will between dignitaries. degraded. feminine affairs and luxuries. senators. or by those which profit from . Occupations which deal in liaison betweenvarious elements of a social or economic group come under the rulership of Venus.

VENUS -.INHERITED WEALTHWhichever of the planets occupy the 1 0th house.(Note: If ruler of the 6th occupies the 10th. aspected powerfully by a malefic. Uranus.SATURN -. If Saturn or Mars occupy the 10th. ELEVENTH HOUSE The 11th house is the analogue of Aquarius. the source of inherited wealth is indicated. partners.MOOM -. or if powerful benefics occupy the 10th. servants. the native will become shameless and be disgraced. or an evil varga. If ruler of the 10th is powerless. indicates a bad reputation. and occupies an evil shastyamsa.MARS -. whose keynote is humanitarianism and universal brotherhood. conjunct a malefic. Most textbooks on Western astrology summarize the 11th house as governing "friends. employment of servants is indicated.From inferiors. the nativewill be respected and determined in his efforts to do good. )REPUTATIONA person who is determined to lead a good life can overcome much adverse planetaryinfluence. or occupies anangle. If ruler of the 10th is well-aspected. Likewise.if the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 10th is in conjunction with Saturn.From the husband. since the Hindu system does not use the non-karmic planets.1. or employees. Saturn and Sun in the 10th. aspected by Mars or a badly associated Mercury. JUPITER -.From the mother. or open enemies.MERCURY -From friends.3.From the father. and ruler of the 10th is conjunct Saturn in a rasior navamsa ruled by the ruler of the 6th. hopes. and eitherMars or Sun in an evil navamsa. thenative will have an unsavory reputation which he well deserves. the native will command many servants.4. Neptune and Pluto. Because ancient Hindu texts were written at a time when material well-being was of .as follows:SUN -. should indications of evil exist in his 10th house. ruled by Saturn. but he will not escape being severely tested.From the wife. or if ruler of the 10this in its fall. wishes and circumstances.From brothers or children." The sign of the Water Bearer is also used in defining the ensuing Aquarian Age.themisfortunes of others.2.

have lasting resources. MARS: The native will be brave. OCCUPANCY OF THE ELEVENTH HOUSEF or beneficial effects from planets in the 11th house. the amount or value of the benefit depends upon the strength of the planet (in Shad Bala)." Also the 11th. and children . domestic harmony. whether in the 11th or any other house position. love. Hence it comes under the heading of "luck. represents money earned through profession or occupation. or in those things which add to one's comfort. and so As such. long-lived. and free from sorrows. or any form of profit which seems great in comparison to the work involved. The 11th house represents gain in wealth or property. and will enjoy many luxuries. and possessed of servants.Consequently. The esoteric meaning of a planet in the 11th house is that the Ego has been found reliable and sound. However.. this being the 5th from the 7th house. honorable. land. The 11th determines the quality and substantiality of friends as well as marriage. free from sorrow. most of which parallel the Western interpretation of this house.MOON: The native will be idealistic. for unless marriage partners live on a friendly basis. The 3rd house rules friends and neighbors of a casual nature. opulent. SUN: The native will be wealthy. wealthy. VENUS: The native will be born to riches. good income. and public standing earned from the 10th. lasting friendships. highly respected. may be interpreted as other than possession of money. and therefore receives its rewards in this life. fond of the company of women and refined society. long-lived. Any of the karmic planets is considered of beneficial influence when posited in the 11thhouse. the marriage is in jeopardy. travel in style or comfort. the natural 5th representing romance. of good character. it appears to represent wealth acquired without effort: capital investment. pleasure or social dignity. riches. the benefit being along those lines over which the planet has rulership. MERCURY: The native will be truthful.Great importance. Indications of domestic harmony with the marriage partner are also found here. and be free from diseases. JUPITER: The native will be fearless. rents. happy.. courage. but will have few children. Hindu delineation of the 11th house is primarily concerned with "luck. Servants may mean any assistance from others in the furtherance of one's spiritual as well as material prosperity. but also as well-endowed with spiritual resources earned from the9th house. and will hold a position or office of authority . and Uranus yet to have its influence in the far distant future. SATURN: The native will be long-lived. Indications of enduring friendship share in the delineation of this house. well-to-do. Wealth. fortunate with children and servants. Even the malefics exert a favorable influence when strong. with a favorable 11th house. . enduring love between a married couple may be expected. longlived." good fortune. long lived. being the 2ndfrom the 10th house. it is assumed that the planets are powerfully situated. etc. etc.

is exalted. 3. and if the cusp of the 11th is besieged by benefics. If the drekana dispositor of ruler of the 11th is a benefic. Such conditions are not to be expected in every case of a 12th house Sun. long-lived. or the 5th or 9th house. In the esoteric interpretation. but is likely to suffer from ear trouble. SUN: The native will hate his father. and the bedroom. but the evil of such a position will be emphasized if the Sun is weak in other respects. or a resignation of useless objectives and desires which would hinder the soul on its forward journey. Consequently it has much the same meaning as it does in Western astrology. confinement and loss. and impractical in material affairs. and in the Hindu system is a dusthana house. the 12th represents the end of a karmic cycle and the preparation for a new one. self-undoing and confinement. KETU: The native will hoard money. In India the 12th house also has rulership over the left eye. especially in such institutions as hospitals and prisons. The Piscean nature is that of a dreamer. This has been called the house of expenditure. Even when well-conditioned. 2. and is exalted. As a general rule. but will have many good qualities. If the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 11th is a benefic which occupies a rasi whose ruler lies between two benefics? 4.RAHU: The native will be prosperous. a visionary. OCCUPANCY OF THE TWELFTH HOUSE: The delineations ascribed to the planets and Nodes when they occupy the 12th house apply most especially if the person is grossly materialistic. and occupies its own or the rasi of a Friend. Hence there is usually a thrusting away of possessions. ruled by Jupiter. no planet can bring much benefit into the life when it occupies the 12thhouse. and aspected by ruler of the10th. the feet. On the worldly plane. have defective eyesight. a theorist. If ruler of the 11th occupies an angle. The person so afflicted tends to be inept. and favorable vargas. extravagant. whose mind is set on matters beyond his immediate power of comprehension. TWELFTH HOUSE The 12th house is the analogue of Pisces. and will be successful in the pursuit of the necessities or comforts of life INDICATIONS OF ABUNDANT WLALTH 1. which traditionally has regarded it as a house of secret sorrow. If ruler of the 11th is aspected by or in conjunction with ruler of the 10th. will lack means of support and be childless. have many children. the Sun in this . which literally means a place where misery and ill-luck stand. this karmic resignation leads to discontent with ordinary ambitions or accomplishments.

If ruler of the 12th is powerless. will remain ignorant or devoid of education. is subject to various miseries and insults. his affairs will suffer through inactivity or is unfortunate for the father. malicious gossip. MARS: The native may have some affliction of the eyes. and is stupid to the point of being driven out by his enemies RAHU: The native will be intent upon committing sinful acts in secret. is profligate. imprudent. VENUS: The only planet which can do well in the 12th house. If Venus and Jupiter occupy the 12th. while occupying an evil or unfriendly navamsa. . delighting ir. MOON: The native incurs dislike from many people. MERCURY: The native will be unhappy and generally miserable. and occupy 6 favorable vargas. and occupy cruel navamsas. hospitals. such as strabismus. the native will spend his money for meritorious and noble purposes. loss of money through the mother. the native's money is wasted 5. the native will lose money through enemies: a) Joined or aspected by ruler of the 7th house. He is apt to be cruel. or may never occur. social success and happy relations with the opposite sex. lazy or required to perform menial tasks. and aspected by benefics. 4. spend his substance on vile or unworthy things. the native will spend money on charitable works 2. etc. occupying a beneficial navamsa. is extravagant. JUPITER: The native will be hated by others. loss of money through the wife. childless person. will be a boaster. loss of money through children. such as public parks. and aspects or joins the ruler of the 12th.or inactive. childless. 3. KETU: The native is prone to commit secret acts which are immoral. foul mouthed. USE AND Loss OF MONEY 1. schools. consumes the wealth of others by setting fires or engaging in similar acts of destruction. If Saturn or Rahu are in the 12th. and will delay public recognition of the native's abilities. joined or aspected by the ruler of the 6th house. suffer humiliation which makes him cruel . There is apt to be injury to or diseases of the eyes. SATURN: Indicates an indigent. aspected by Mercury and Moon. If ruler of the 10th is a malefic. c) Joined or aspected by ruler of the 5thhouse. Marriage will be unfortunate. the native will spend money for immoral purposes. good reputation. and suffers from watery diseases. who is likely to be defective in some limb. or join the ruler of the 12th. It indicates wealth. b) Joined or aspected by ruler of the4th house. even though they are most deserving. dealing in slanders and making himself objectionable. and is in conjunction with Rahu. He tends to thwart the good intentions of other people. and a fortunate marriage. If the navamsa dispositor of ruler of the 12th is a benefic.

DEFORMITY OF THE BODY 1. while those with more ambition than scholarship will scatter their energies and in one inept delineation destroy forever the confidence of the client. When this vast storehouse of horoscopic aphorisms is realized. One can employ statistics laboriously computed and still miss the essence of a chart. The Western astrologer these delineations have been offered as a pattern from which may be derived a broader application. requiring subtlety of spirit as well as awareness of the facts at hand. A horoscope is a many-faceted image of the person described therein. Special attention has been drawn to the Hindu use of the many subdivisions of the rasis which give greater refinements to chart delineation than the Western system provides.d) Joined or aspected by ruler of the 9th house. so that properly viewed and understood by the serious student of today. . Much of the Sanskrit texts remain un-translated. loss of money through the father. it would be impossible to include detailed rules for every event or circumstance in a horoscope.~atllr Rahu CONCLUSION TO HOUSE DELINEATIONS: In the foregoing sections on planetary influences in the twelve houses of the zodiac. If ruler of the 12th is powerless and occupies a debilitated or cruel navamsa. it is obvious that but a small dent has been made in the Hindu accumulation of tested knowledge. using the tools and knowledge of astrology already acquired from Western teachings. In India there are so for four hundred thousand astrological maxims. and those which are available in English often have not been adapted to application in our modern world. Customs and ideals change. From the general rule one can develop the particular significance in a given instance. Obviously. 2. and must be treated with the respect and cautious study which it deserves. patience. but time. and ruler of the 12th is in conjunction with . If the cusp of the 1 2th occupies evil or cruel vargas. of which five thousand were translated and examined for ultimate inclusion in this work. and constant testing are required Evaluation of an astrological chart is an elusive science. the ancient practices can shed much light on the procedures of delineation. but the fundamental laws remain the same. only the most outstanding or influential have been touched on to demonstrate the method used.