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Anastasios G.

Personal Information
Date of Birth: Nationality: Passport Details: Marital Status: Mobile (Greek): IM: E-mail: Permanent Address: LinkedIn: ResearchInfo:
27/06/1972 Greek AI1951112 Married, (one child) +30 6946 121218 (skype id: afragop);;

Stageiron 8 & Ritsou, 26335, Patras, Greece

Roles and Responsibilities Technologies Formulated, Skills & Specialties Professional Experience Research Activities Teaching – Training Experience Education Certifications – Other Courses Attended Memberships – Affiliations Research Publications

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Roles and Responsibilities
Operations Manager, IT

 Oversee systems performance, the monitoring of equipment and manages vendor relationships.  Adhere to and monitor the appliance of established Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with external systems vendors
while carrying out their responsibilities.

 Have the responsibility for the incident handling, availability and performance monitoring, routine start-up and shutdown, and the maintenance of operating plans and schedules.

 Manage the implementation, and monitoring of critical, regularly scheduled application processes that are core to the
continuous and seamless operation of the casino.

 Develop relationships with various Business line and Technical stakeholders for collaboration and continued

 Manage day to day IT support personnel, ensuring that end user needs are met  Develop and implement disaster recovery procedures.  Monitor and maintain network stability; communicate and coordinate network schedule, backups, and downtime to

 Prepare and maintain detailed documentation of network configurations and cabling layouts.  Provide technical assistance to system users, coordinating activities with other IT department staff  Responsible for the annual IT budget compiling, and for the management of all Information Systems related,
procurement and expenditures.

 Design and implement server/production environment policies to ensure alignment with organization growth plans,
internal security and business continuity.

 Responsible for appliance and monitoring of IT compliance in accordance with standards, policies and procedures;
manage operational IT security controls and ensuring issues/risks are mitigated.

 Support the operations within the IT Data Center; supports Project Management functions related to the Data
Center; plan, coordinate and manage of the Data Center.

 Manage the operations of all internals computing platforms including server, data archival and storage, network,
telecommunication and application systems.

 Benchmark, analyze, report on and make recommendations for the improvement and growth of the IT infrastructure
and organizations systems.

 Manage the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade and support of all IT systems.  Provide to the Top Management, analysis, configuration, recommendation and implementation of state of the art
cost effective network and hardware solutions.

 Participate in the formulation and the deployment of IT standards and policies to support the operational
environment and business direction.

 Develop all supporting technical documentation to facilitate consistency and quality of installations, systems
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upgrades and recovery/ repair; have the responsibility for the creation and maintenance of assets inventory, (hardware/software) and for the change management.

Systems Manager, IT

 Manage internal information systems, including computer and data processing, telephony and communications
systems, Internet and other systems, data security, data backup and storage systems;

 Configure, install, and maintain network hardware, software, and telecommunications services,  Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; review IT professional
publications; establish personal networks; benchmark state-of-the-art practices; participate in professional societies.

 Enhance information systems results by identifying information systems technology opportunities and developing
application strategies.

 Do research and recommend innovative, and where possible automated approaches for system administration
tasks; identifies approaches that leverage our resources and provide economies of scale

 Analyze the IT needs of the organization, balancing day to day operational factors with strategic, long-term planning
to formulate an effective deployment, maintenance, and growth plan for hardware and software.

 Safeguard assets by planning and implementing disaster recovery and back-up procedures and information security
and control structures.

 Manage efficiently crisis situations, which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems;  Maintain staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees; develop personal growth opportunities.  Continuously evaluate user needs and systems functionalities, ensuring that ICT facilities meet these needs.  Sustain information systems results by defining, delivering, and supporting information systems; audit application of
IT systems.

 Provide secure access to the internal company’s network for remote users;  Adapt security countermeasures that ensure the security of corporate data from internal and external attack;  Provide to the end-users with appropriate support and advice;  Accomplish financial objectives by determining service level required; prepare the annual IT budget, while obtaining
competitive prices from suppliers, to ensure cost effectiveness; schedule expenditures; analyze variances; initiate corrective actions, where it is needed.

 Review internal IT project plans and ensures progress according to schedule.  Meet with department heads, managers, supervisors, vendors, and others, to solicit cooperation and resolve

 Perform daily backup operations, ensuring all required files and system data are successfully backed up to the
appropriate media; recovery tapes or disks are created, and media is recycled and sent off site as necessary; performs regular file archival and purge as necessary.

 Have the overall responsibility for the maintenance of all the internal IT systems, i.e. maintain data center
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environmental and monitoring equipment; performs ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, and resource optimization as required.

 Participate in all aspects of the in-source developed software life cycle, from defining the strategy and architecture
through deployment and support

Casino Operations

 Great knowledge and training of all table games; Live Games) Management (Experienced, 10+ years)  Possess strong experience in Slots Games, (systems operations, data analytics, new requirements deployment,
technical operations, etc.); strong background in utilization, installation Management Information Systems and administration of various Slots

  

Logismos MIS (Experienced, 5+ years) GTECH (ex. SPIELO, ATRONIC) Galaxis - Slots MIS (Experienced, 5+ years) ACES Gaming Management System – Slots MIS, (Experienced)

 Have actively involvement to online gaming operations, (systems/operations/compliancy/legislation).  Exceptional ability to deliver the highest level of customer service to guests, VIP's, and co-workers.  Immense ability and flexibility to work at multiple casino sites.  Uncommon ability to work any shift assigned to include days, swing, grave, weekends, and holidays.  Great manual and finger dexterity for the operation of a personal computer and routine paperwork.  Solid ability to maintain extreme confidentiality, work independently and be proactive.  Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.  Strong interpersonal skills with remarkable ability to produce results in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Research Operations

 PhD Researcher with main area of research "Security in Embedded Systems".  Branch research fields involve DRM (Digital Rights Management) with focus on low power DRM, MPEG-21
standardization, cryptography, random number generation.

 Perform further research, towards efficient appliance of security and privacy aspects in nomadic user-centric
environments, emphasizing to e-health medical computing pervasive environments, through the utilization of Trusted Computing Platforms.

 Participate in periodic management review of projects to communicate project status, present business process
improvements, demonstrate application functionality, and ensure needs are being met,

 Strong experience in managing projects or multiple complex tasks with competing priorities

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Technologies Formulated, IT Skills & Specialties
 Installation, Administration, Maintenance of IBM servers, (x Series)  Installation, Administration, Maintenance of IBM Storages, (SAN Storage, DS3500 Series)  Installation, Administration, Maintenance of DELL servers, (PowerEdge Series)  Installation, Administration, Maintenance of DELL Storages, (SAN Storage, EMC, AX150 Series)  VMWare ESX Server 4.0/4.1/5.0 Installation, Administration,  VSphere Administration  VMWare VMotion, VDR, High Availability / Fault Tolerance  MS Active Directory 2003/2008, Configuration/Administration, Group Policy Management  Administration of various RDMS, like ORACLE 11g, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MS Access 2007/2010  MS Exchange 2003/2010, (Installation / Configuration / Administration)  MS SharePoint 2003, (Installation / Configuration / Administration)  Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008, (Installation / Configuration / Administration),  Software Development using C/C++/C#, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java  LAN/WAN administration, DELL switches configuration, CISCO 800 series administration, configuration  Knowledge of Paessler PRTG, ManageEngine OpManager, network performance monitoring tools  Analysis, Design and Creation of IT Policies & Procedures,  IT Management,  Team Management,  IT Projects Management & Administration,  Data Center Design,  SAP Business Objects (BOXi) Administration and BOXi Reports Design  Installation, Administration, Policy and Backup Plan creation, Symantec Backup EXEC 2012

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Professional Experience
CASINO RIO, Greece 04/2009 - PRESENT

Manager, Systems & Operations, IT & Telecoms Division
Detailed description of key roles and responsibilities that I have under this position are well described on the relevant section, (Roles and Responsibilities).

Key Accomplishments
Dec, 2010

Configuration and Deployment of Wide Area Progressive (WAP)
 Casino Rio, acting as the central administration site, in co-operation with Casino Corfu and Casino Xanthi, are the first Casinos in Greece that operate a Wide Area Progressive (WAP) Jackpot. May – Sep, 2010

Casino Rio Renovation
  Had active role in this mini project of the Casino Rio renovation, where among other re-designed and expanded the existing IT infrastructure. All the operations took part with no downtime to all Casino operations.

Apr, 2009 – Dec, 2009

Installation of Galaxis, (SPIELO-INT), Slots MIS
 In close co-operation with SPIELO-INT, I had the overall responsibility and the coordination for the provision all the technical requirements set by SPIELO-INT for the installation of Galaxis Slots MIS.  Under that context, proposed the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies, like Virtualization, to support critical Casino applications, thus providing 99,999% systems availability for the 24/7 Casino operation.  Casino Rio is the first Casino in Greece that adapted Atronic's ChipCash functionality, thus providing to its customers high level of added value services.

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08/2010 - PRESENT

Manager, Systems & Operations, IT & Telecoms Division
  I own those duties in partial with the ones at Casino Rio; my central location is in Casino Rio, Patras. Detailed description of key roles and responsibilities that I have under this position are well described on the relevant section, (Roles and Responsibilities).

Key Accomplishments
May, 2011 – Oct, 2011

Casino Corfu, Renovation & Relocation
 Planning, analysis, design and deployment of all IT & Telecommunication infrastructures have been done under my directives.  Had active role in the preparation of the migration and operation of all Slot Machines in the new Casino premises.

Feb, 2010

Installation of Galaxis, (SPIELO-INT), Slots MIS
 In close co-operation with SPIELO-INT, I had the overall responsibility and the coordination for the provision all the technical requirements set by SPIELO-INT for the installation of Galaxis Slots MIS.

CASINO DIAMOND, Lusaka, Zambia

09/2012 – 03/2013

Manager, Systems, IT & Telecoms Division
 Detailed description of key roles and responsibilities that I have under this position are well described on the relevant section, (Roles and Responsibilities).

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CASINO DIAMOND, Lusaka, Zambia

02/2012 – 09/2012

General Manager
 Actively involved to all the construction processes, and to the interior design of all the Casino areas; also, supervised and administered all the construction processes.  Had the overall responsibility for the recruitment of all the Casino personnel and for the training of the Casino Dealers and the rest of the Casino personnel.  Had the overall responsibility for making sure that all areas of the Casino are working effectively, including operations, forecasting, budgeting, staffing and customer satisfaction.   Had the overall responsibility for the analysis, design and deployment of the backbone IT infrastructure. Performed the analysis and provided all the specifications for the IT equipment which would support all the internal Casino MIS and the internal domain. Also, physically installed and performed final configuration of all the serverbased systems of the Casino.    Utilized and gained knowledge in the Slots MIS, ACES. Established and interacted with new business contacts. Actively involved to the development of strategic marketing plan to boost profits and efficiency.


08/2003 – 04/2009

Personal Assistant of Casino Director
Acting as a part of the human resources department, I was responsible for the whole bureaucracy issues of the Live Games staff, which among other involved,    shifts scheduling, disciplinary actions monitoring training, etc. 02/2001 – 08/2003

INTRACOM S.A. – (Patras Section), Greece

Software Engineer, (Analyst & Developer)
Worked on the analysis, specification and development of software for mobile telephony, in Ericsson telecommunication centers. CASINO RIO, Greece 08/1996 – 02/2001

Senior Inspector – Live Games
 Observe and supervise table game department to ensure that employees render prompt and courteous services to
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Casino customers.    Assist in supervising all employees in the Table Game Department. Enforce all table game policies and procedures. Direct workers in compiling summary sheets for each game to show amount wagered and amount to be paid to winners.       Prepare work schedules and assign work station. Resolve customer complaints regarding service. Explain and train all table game employees on departmental policies and procedures. Settle customer disputes over rulings arising from any table game. Perform all computer functions necessary for the smooth operation of the department. Apply knowledge of dealing procedures including house rules so as to preserve the security and integrity of games.  Notify Casino Management of any irregularities noticed.

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Research Activities

Collaborating Researcher
In the context of my research towards my PhD, I have joined ISI as a collaborating researcher taking part in the following projects, INTERMEDIA, (NoE), FP6 European Program,

Analysis, design and implementation of Digital Rights Management System based on MPEG-21 standard, with emphasis on light-weight user-converged multimedia environments. CHIRON

Security aspects in e-health monitoring environments. UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS, Greece 05/2005 – 09/2005

Graduate Student – PhD Researcher
In the context of my research towards my PhD, I have done a part of my research in the context of European funded project Innovation-Friendly Public Procurement & Fight Against Telecommunications Fraud and Security Threats, (INNO-Utilities), in the area of, “Design and Implementation of the Architecture of a network –centric secure web server”.

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Teaching – Training Experience

Introducer of Information Technology and Office Automation Courses
Acting as external partner, I was involved as introducer/scientific responsible in a numerous seminars of “Usage and Basic Introduction to ICT Technologies in the Small Medium Businesses, (SMBs)”. In total, I have more than 650 training hours, among them 32 are referring to ICT training for people with disabilities. CASINO RIO, Greece 1999 - 2001

Trainer of Dealers (Croupiers)
Under my responsibility, there have been trained three series of trainee dealers, (in total more than 80 people), in the games of Roulette – Black Jack – Caribbean Stud Poker.


PhD Researcher
I am elaborating research in the area of “Analysis, Design and Deployment of Specialized Security Mechanisms, emphasizing in Embedded Systems”.


Degree in Physics



Certificate of Obligatory Education

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Certifications / Seminars Attended
International Gaming Technology (IGT)
AVP (G20/G22) Training Seminar Course, (Installation/Administration/Configuration)

Apr. 2013

Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM)
EPI, – HP Hellas,

Dec. 2010

CITM ID No. 32041110300405 GSM System Survey, LZU 108 852

Nov. 2001

Software Engineering Course

July 2001

Memberships - Affiliations
IEEE Student Member ACM Professional Member National Geographic – Greece Section Member 2006 - PRESENT 2004 - PRESENT 2002 - PRESENT

Research Activity – Publications
Journal Articles

Anastasios Fragopoulos, John Gialelis, Dimitrios Serpanos, “ Security Framework for Pervasive Healthcare Architectures Utilizing MPEG-21 IPMP Components”, International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications 2009: 9 Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Achille Peternier, Xavier Righetti, Mingyu Lim, George Papagiannakis, Anastasios Fragopoulos, Kyriaki Lambropoulou, Paolo Barsocchi, Daniel Thalmann, “A virtual 3D mobile guide in the INTERMEDIA project”, The Visual Computer, (2008), 24: 7-9. 827-836 A G Fragopoulos, D N Serpanos, “Sources of Randomness for Use in Random Number Generation”,
Curriculum Vitae, Anastasios Fragopoulos Last update: 2013-06-14

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International Journal of Scientific Computing, (2005), 4: 2.

Book Chapters

Anastasios Fragopoulos, John Gialelis, Dimitrios Serpanos, (2012), “ DRM & Security Enabling Mechanisms Leveraging User Centric Multimedia Convergence”, Cutting Edge Research in New Technologies, ISBN 979 953-307-655-2, (under publication) A G Fragopoulos, Dimitrios N Serpanos, A G Voyiatzis, “Design Issues in Secure Embedded Systems In: nd Embedded Systems Handbook”, 2 ed., chapter of “Embedded Systems Design and Verification”, edited by Richard Zurawski, CRC Press, 2009 A G Voyiatzis, A G Fragopoulos, D N Serpanos, “Design Issues in Secure Embedded Systems”, in “Handbook of Embedded Systems”, edited by R. Zurawski, 17-1, CRC Press, 2006

Conferences Proceedings

Andreas Papalambrou, Anastasios Fragopoulos, Dimitris Tsitsipis, John Gialelis, Dimitrios Serpanos, Stavros Koubias, “Communication security and privacy in pervasive user -centric e-health systems using Digital Right Management and side channel attacks defense mechanisms”, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), March 2012, Athens Matteo Repetto, Riccardo Rapuzzi, Stefano Chessa, Stefano Lenzi, John Gialelis, Anastasios Fragopoulos (2010), “The InterMedia Networking and Security Architecture for User Centric Multimedia Convergence ”, in: International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, (SPECTS) IEEE Anastasios Fragopoulos, John Gialelis, Dimitrios Serpanos (2010), “ Imposing Holistic Privacy and Data Security on Person Centric eHealth Monitoring Infrastructures ”, in: 12th International Conference in e-Health Networking, Application & Services, IEEE Anastasios Fragopoulos, John Gialelis, Dimitrios Serpanos (2009), “ Adaptive DRM framework in userconverged multimedia ecosystems, utilizing MPEG-21 semantics”, in: 9th International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems (ISADS 2009), 4, IEEE Achille Peternier, Xavier Righetti, Mathieu Hopmann, Daniel Thalmann, Matteo Repettoy, George Papagiannakis, Pierre Davy, Mingyu Lim, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Paolo Barsocchi, Anastasios Fragopoulos, Dimitrios Serpanos, Yiannis Gialelis, Anna Kirykou (2007), “ Chloe@University : an indoor, mobile mixed reality guidance system”, in: VRST ’07 : Proceedings of the 2007 ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology, pp. 227-228, New York, NY, USA: ACM A G Fragopoulos, A Athanasopoulos, A Vogiatzis, E Topalis, J Gialelis, S Koubias (2007), “Security and DRM in indoor/outdoor heterogeneous networking applications for user - centric frameworks”, in Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation, 2007, (ETFA), IEEE Conference, pp. 651-656, IEEE Press R Bolla, F Davoli, M Repetto, A G Fragopoulos, D N Serpanos, S Chessa, E Ferro (2006), ” Heterogeneous networking in the home environment”, in: Broadband Europe (BBEurope 2006) A G Fragopoulos, D N Serpanos (2005), “Intellectual Property Protection Using Embedded Systems ”, in: NATO ARW: Security & Embedded Systems, 22-26, Aug, 2005, pp. 44-56, IOS Press

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