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ORGAN BLOOD ADRENALS KIDNEY LIVER BLADDER INTESTINES LUNGS COLON GALL BLADDER PANCREAS STOMACH BRAIN FAT CELLS MUSCLES BONE FREQUENCY/NOTE 321.9 (E) 492.8 (B) 319.88 (Eb) 317.83 (Eb) 352 (F) 281. (C#) 220 (A) 176 (F) 164.3 (E) 117.3 (C#) 110 (A) 315.8 (Eb) 295.8 (C#) 324 (E) 418,3 (Ab)

PLANET EARTH NOTE SUN NOTE MOON NOTE MARS NOTE MERCURY NOTE ORBIT 272.2(C#) 332.8(E) 421.3(Ab) 289.4(D) 282.4(D) SPIN 378.5(F#) 497.1(B) None 389.4(G) 421.3(A)

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4/26/11 10:56 AM

Sex Adrenals.1(G#) 455.7(G#) 422.9(Bb) 409.Thyroid & Parathyroid MUSICAL NOTE C+ C# B FREQUENCY 264 586 492.2(B) CHAKRA ENERGY CENTERS OF OUR BODIES CHAKRA TRANSPERSONAL CROWN unknown THIRD EYE PSYCHIC CENTER unknown unknown THROAT THYMUS HEART SOLAR PLEXUS DIAPHRAGM unknown POLARITY ROOT FREQUENCY/MUSICAL NOTE 273(1:15)C#(EARTH ORBIT 272) 480(15:1)B 445(1:9)Bb (VENUS ORBIT 442) 448(14:1)A 416(13:1)Ab (URANUS ORBIT 415) 410(1:10)Ab-(VENUS SPIN 409) 372(1:11)G#(EARTH SPIN 378) 384(12:1)G 352(11:1)F# 341(1:12)F 320(10:1)Eb 315(1:13)D# 293(1:14)D+(SATURN ORBIT 296) 288(9:1)D (MARS ORBIT 289) 256(1:1)C COMPARISON OF PARTS OF THE BODY BASED ON THE SPEED OF SOUND THROUGH EACH ORGAN TO THE ABOVE (1996) FUNCTION OF THE BODY Personality Circulation.FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P.. http://www.8(Ab) 280.7(Eb) 486.4(A#) 430.2(F#) 442(A) 295.7(D#) 414.5(C#) * 2 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM .8(Ab) 310.htm JUPITER NOTE VENUS NOTE SATURN NOTE URANUS NOTE NEPTUNE NOTE PLUTO NOTE 367.

8 324 418.3 110 * 492 321..3 * 117.3 MINERAL NUTRIANTS FOR OUR BODIES ELEMENT CHROMIUM MOLYBDENUM CALCIUM MANGANESE IRON POTASSIUM IODINE COPPER PHOSPHORUS ZINC SELENIUM ATOMIC#/NOTE/RATIO 384(3:2)G#(THROAT) 336(4:3)F 320(5:4)E-(SOLAR PLEXUS) 400(4:5)G# 416(13:8)Ab(PSYCHIC CENTER/URANUS) 304(6:5)D# 424(5:6)Ab 464(10:11)Bb 480(16:15)B(CROWN) 480(16:15)B 272(15:16)C#(TRANSPERSONAL/EARTH) RESEARCH WITH SINE SOUNDS (1982-1988) By: Barbara Hero FUNCTION OF THE BODY MUSICAL NOTE FREQUENCY 3 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM .htm Kidneys Liver Bladder Small Intestine Lungs Colon Gall Bladder Pancreas Stomach Spleen Blood Fat Cells Muscles Bone Eb Eb F# C# A F# E C# A B Eb C# E Ab 319.88 * 317..6 * 220 * 176 * 164.9 295.83 * 352 * OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P. http://www.

80. 480 7. 204. 554 29. 336. 124. 18. 74.Thyroid & Parathyroid Kidney Liver Bladder Small Intestine Lungs Colon Gall Bladder Pancreas Stomach Spleen C+ C# B E Ab F# C# A F# E C# A B 264 586 492 330 198 352 281. 76. 40. 14. 184.6 220 176 330 117. 208. 464. 52. 148. 96. 28.htm Personality 152. 8. 60. 92. 928 31. 384 23. 288 4. http://www. 32.. 68. 168. 36. 320 19. 12. 416 6. 46.3 110 492 CHAKRA ROOM RESONANCES by Barbara Hero CHAKRAS ROOT POLARITY DIAPHRAGM SOLARPLEXUS HEART THROAT VENUSIAN GAIA (EARTH) PSYCHIC CENTER THIRD EYE CROWN TRANSPERSONAL DIAPHRAGM2 POLARITY2 CROWN NOTE/FREQ C (126 cps) D (283 cps) D# (75 cps) E (161 cps) F (87 cps) G (188 cps) G+ (49 cps) G# (54 cps) Ab (103 cps) Bb (113 cps) B (59 cps) C# (66 cps) D# (39 cps) D+ (36 cps) B (30 cps) ROOM SIZE FEET 9. 16. 20. 408 17. 34.Sex Adrenals. 112. 992 37. 136. 176. 56. 88. 272. 58. 62. 24. 120. 84.FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P. 160. 248. 224 13. 38. 48. 368. 22. 144. 116. 736 21.. 72. 592.greatdreams. 104. 26. 192. 352 10. 1184 MIDDLE OCTAVE (252cps) (283 cps) (300 cps) (322 cps) (348 cps) (376 cps) (392 cps) (432 cps) (412 cps) (452 cps) (472 cps) (264 cps) (312 cps) (288 cps) (480 cps) Hertz frequencies chart from Barbara Hero 4 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM . 496. 672 11. 30. 232. 128. 296. 44. 240. 256 15. 42.

15 Depression 0. overall view of inter-relationships.5 Production of endogenous opiates. http://www.10 0.10 MP2 AT MG 5 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM . pituitary and pineal.95 .greatdreams. Tendovaginatis pain relief.10 0.45 .10 0.10 0. therapy Post-traumatics Arthritis Cervobrachial syndrom Confusion Muscle pain very relaxing. relaxation 2.4 Sound sleep EQ MG AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AS AT 0. for lower back pain Whiplash deep.20 .16 .10 1-3 Delta 1.0 Neuraligias Mod. The two.2. PHYSIOLOGY. dreamless . creates entrainment between hypothalamus. electrical.20 .30 .2. NOTES & PLANETS These frequencies are of all types. According to Ronald deStrulle. 3.40 .. COLORS. non-REM sleep Feeling of well-being.15 .0.FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P.10 0.htm Copyright © Barbara Hero 1996-98 E-Mail Barbara Hero CYCLES PER SECOND (HERTZ).5 0.15 Alcohol addiction 0.30 . light.26 Dental Pain 0. trance state. 0.10 0.18 . AND CORRESPONDENCES TO MENTAL STATES.37 . pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone.28 .. etc.15 Drug addition 1.10 0. harmony and balance Tri-thalamic entrainment format.0. against headache MG. sound. May benefit dyslexics and people with Alzheimer's.45 2.or three-character source codes after each frequency are defined at the bottom.

safest frequency. tranquil and non-drowsy. imagery. mind/body unity..htm 3. valuable in convalescence. bodymind Qi Gong and infratonic Qi Gong machine Past life regression Pick up visual images of mental objects Awareness of causes of body imbalance and means for balance Pyramid frequency (outside) Mean dominant frequency associated with the earth's magnetic field enhanced release of serotonin and mood elevator.greatdreams.9 5. accelerated language retention!.FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P.6 Feeling of unity with everything.0 Relaxed and alert Centering. guided meditation.2 creativity. psychic surgery Inter-awareness of self and purpose.. Zen meditation. enhancement of receptivity attitude and behavior change recall.6 12.83 8-10 8-13 Alpha 8-14 8.0 7. entry into meditation Earth Resonance. switching thoughts.5 Catecholamines Healing of body. contact with spirit guides. doorway to all other frequencies 6 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM . fantasy. firewalking potent stabilizer and stimulating for the immunity.0 5. x MG x 10.0 9.3 9. drowsiness. "Schumann Resonance." learning new information relaxed. use to try effects of other mixes MG MH MG x MG MG x MH QG x x EQ MG EQ MB3 10 Acts as an analgesic. planning. Extrasensory perception Theta brain wave unusal problem solving Moves beyond knowledge to knowing. grounding.5 4-6 4-7 Theta 4 4.5 6. 10.5 7. inward awareness. Meg Patterson used for nicotine withdrawal.0 7. especially for hangover and jet lag.41 9. shows vision of growth needed long term memory stimulation Mental and astral projection.0 8. http://www. universally beneficial. creativity. Enkephalins. dreaming.

mains electrical in U. Causes distress during labor lowest note on a piano Meg Patterson used for marijuana Lumbago x EQ MG MP2 EQ MP2 MB3 AT 18-22 Beta outward awareness. enhanced vigor and alertness Christ consciousness.9.193 35 38 40 40 .150 35 . 15 16 20 27. Slower cerebral rhythms Tantra.htm 13-30 14-16 14. kundalini electric power lines Astral projection Mental and astral projection Emotional spectrum Awareness and control of right direction.greatdreams. Pyramid frequency (inside) Fractures Arthralgy Awakening of mid-chakras. balance of chakras Endorphin release dominant when problem solving in fearful situations anxiolytic effects and stimulates release of beta-endorphines Carcinomatosis dominant frequency of polyphasic muscle activity. http://www.60 43 .193 50 50 55 60 63 70 72 80 Densitizer. Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production.. with 160 EQ x MP1 x WL EQ MG AT EQ AT AT MG 70 .190 Normal wakefulness "associated with sleep spindles on EEG during second stage of sleep" Awake and alert chronic pain bottom limit of normal hearing fatigue.5 30 30 .FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P. hypersensitivity.K. sensory data 30-500 a few people able to replicate at will High Beta 32 33 35 .000 Voice specturm 7 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM .

Stimulation Sun. animus Pluto: power." G (musical note) Violet Moon: love. imagination.htm Hz. justice. originality Neptune: the unconscious. harmony Elevate and revitalize 33rd octave of Earth year HC "Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra. independence. freedom. Jupiter: growth. death Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production. psychokinesis Graham potentializer. sexuality. spiritual love Venus: beauty.72 147. security. 32nd octave of Earth year Sun: light. sorrow. sensuality.5 Hz. well-being. femininity.FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P.44 221..500 PSI 125 126.27 144. sensitivity.85 160 183.23 250 272 384 396 405 420.82 438 transmutation.greatdreams. love.58 194. spirituality Earth: stability.22 136. energy. 83 90 105 108 111 Cell regeneration 120 . crisis & changes Mercury: joy. anima Indigo PL PL EQ MH HC RV Third eye opening for some people Good feelings. with 80 Hz.71 207.25 141. http://www. center of RP the brainwave spectrum. mobility Mars: activity. warmth.. humor Saturn: separation. Sixth harmonic of six. success. grounding Uranus: spontaneity.36 211. balancing Overall view of complete situation Total knowing Beta endorphins MR 8 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM .1 140. Combine with 2. secrets.

FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P.186 16..greatdreams. A (musical note) Blue B (musical note) Green C (musical note) Yellow D (musical note) Orange E (musical note) Red F (musical note) Cerebral neurons highest note on a piano Upper range for normal hearing .000 .. Slower physiological cycles Heart: 76 beats/ min Respiratory: 22 cycles/ min Kidneys: 24 hour cycle Stomach: 3 contractions/ min Intestines: 1 contraction/ min Muscles: proteins broken down & built every 12 days Ovaries: 28 day menstrual cycle Red blood cells: 128 day life cycle Bone calcium: 200 day replacement MP2 MP2 . http://www.htm 440 473 495 527 528 580 594 597 660 700 704 1000 4. CA Sources: x AS Michael Hercules' Nustar Zen Player and B.000 Giles personal notes AlphaStim (research survey) 9 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM .

indicated for each ailment. Goldman. Equinox. an anthology by Don Campbell Sonic Entrainment. an interview with Alfred Tomatis.D. Derek & Julia Parker for slower physiological rhythms.htm AT CA EQ MG MG3 MH MR MP1 Auriculotherapy device information from Bentek Corp.Code of the Ancients 10 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM . M. see Super Science. 19 Mind Expanding Machines: Can the GP Do for the Brain What Nautilus Does for the Body?.. TENS or ECG type electrodes for others. Compleat Astrologer. http://www. Device has two channels.. Joachim-Ernst Berendt.FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P. ReVision. an anthology by Don Campbell Power of Limits (see Accords chart) for colors and notes. Octaves and windows. in Music: Physician for Times to Come. p. China Healthways Inst. MP2 PL QG RP RV WL HC Electrical wave forms One of the benefits of working with electrical stimulation is the ability to generate precise and complex waveforms. Radionic frequencies chart may be obtained from L'ORD Industries. Summer 1987 for planets. New Age Journal July/Aug 87 Graham potentializer not in production. Life Rhythm Mortal oscillatory frequencies of Rife radio instrument. by Jonathan S.. Astral Travel with Orgone Energy Machine.greatdreams. PHI . Wolfgang Ludwig Hans Cuosto. It is likely that specific waveforms have specific functions. Megabrain Report Vol 1 #2 Chant: The Healing Power of Voice and Ear. Fry's Incredible Inquiry Primordial Tones: Meditation on the Archetypal Energies of Celestial Bodies. by Michael Hutchison. by Tim Wilson. April 88 Megabrain Germany Megabrain Report #3. Earlobe type electrodes are specified for some conditions. Cosmic Octave. in Music: Physician for Times to Come. Brain stimulation. frequencies and waveforms are a vast and promising field of experimentation for alchemists. Ray A.Sound and Healing Great Dreams Main Index Gematria .

Two Suns . This meaning a fullness of the spectrum of light and frequencies.Who are they Really? .Alternative Energy .Chrystalline Children .Past And Future . LOW-FREQUENCY electrical and magnetic fields .What Are The Causes And The Symptoms? . .. towards the ultraviolet frequencies. chanting which is centered on the middle to higher frequencies of the human voice. .. Scalar Physics .. Though Alex speaks eloquently about the clash of frequencies on earth between people and nature and how the conflict between 'tones' are called 'frequency DNA . .. Biohazards of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF). We will only experience the energy frequencies/entities closest to our personal density or vibratory rate. 1996. .. In working with Gregorian chant among the Benedictines... ...... http://www... I found my drawing from March 20.. Perfection in existence. What Is A Walk-In and What do They Do? 11 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM .htm Chanting .. In the higher frequencies of density your sense of now-time is greatly expanded.. Are You Giving Up Your Freedoms for Security? .. combined with active .. Indigo Children ....Plasma precautionary principle for national authorities -. The Reptilians . A complete set of energies.. those with which we resonate.greatdreams.. . waveforms and frequencies have healing... in essence. Two Streams of Future Probability .FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P... collapsing the partititons between past and future and allowing you a much .. but not aligned with the all-that-is became raptured with the physical domains/frequencies .. (Please keep in mind that it has long been known that selected EMF pulse rates. and wanted to become creators likened unto the all-that-is. The Rainbow of Creation ...... Frequency Sickness .Free Energy . It was based on an idea about music frequencies.... The Sacred Spiral. sedation and emotion-evoking .

.... http://www.. to disrupt all "Council of 9" frequencies and setup was born.. . Dreams of Records and CDs ......htm . again becoming aware of the energies and uses ..... Alternative Health Database . the bodies’ life force with the energies it needs .... Color / Colour Therapy Charts/ Interpretations Second Insight .The Children .. yoga. light and sound through a series of harmonically .FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND P." Earthchanges . The color shots by TV back from Mars .... color and aroma . elements of light. Dreams of Awakening . responsibility of keeping our planet's energies in balance ... do our dream research and our website GreatDreams.Dreams . discussion. Worm Holes. in the system as a single point and energies as a . codes that are keyed to frequencies ... of the incompatible absorption of the incoming energies. Methods of Healing crystals draw light and color into the .. the same color as the .The Mythology and the Reality . by running different frequencies of color... into the .. I was dancing to some fast paced jazz music and my ... it was so noisy with music in the He has the ability to utilize his wings to shift consciousness.... My Father came in the room and turned off the music DREAMS OF THE GREAT EARTHCHANGES 12 of 12 4/26/11 10:56 AM . and allowing the emergence of "lower frequency energies... a large pile of green and blue mush.. it was because there was an oscillation of energies today ... in harmony with the refined frequencies/ideals you .Biblical Extraterrestrial .... Weaving .. and Time Travel ... There was no other color except that I told a girl . Black Sun Agenda ( not a racial color association ) of .. Agreements . buttons (like the candy kind) they were arranged by color in a ........ Stargates.. chat .... . that were the size of pearls and the same color.greatdreams. At this point. vibration (sound harmonics).. NOTE: We put the music "His Love Amazes Me" on . daily lectures and devotional music.