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Erik Ribsskog

Address: 10 Keith Court, Keith Avenue, Liverpool, L4 5XJ Mobile: (sensurert av johncons-blogg). E-mail: PERSONAL PROFILE I started with learning programming when my father bought me a VIC 20-computer, in the early eighties. The cassette players for VIC 20 storing were sold out, so I had to type the programming-code, from a book, to play games, so I learned Basic-programming from doing that and reading a tutorial that came with the computer. I also became a member in the local computer-club in Svelvik, in the early eighties. I then had Computing as a choise-module, at high school, the two last years, and the last year on commerce-school, I got accepted on a programme, for pupils with good grades, so I could go to a commerce-school in Drammen, (in the neighbourcounty), which had a Data and Information Management-line, (which my local Upper Secondary School, in Sande, didn't offer). When I went on the Data-line, we went to an IT-fair, in Oslo, and a private academy named NHI had a stand there, and I wanted to move to the capital, (due to family-problems and because I was used to living in a town, Larvik, when I lived with my mother, so I got a bit bored when I lived on the county-side, where my father was from. And my father also wanted me to study.), so I applied to NHI, and got accepted there, before my last commerce-school-year had finished. At NHI I got some economical problems, due to that this was a private academy and I didn't get enough study-loan, from the Norwegian government, to last all year, so I had to get social security the last months of the first study-year, and that I didn't want to happen again, so I worked for one year, at first a lowpaid office job, (that I got through the Norwegian jobcentre), and then at a hypermarket. I got a half-year full-time job at the hypermarket Matland, (which changed it's name to OBS Triaden, while I worked there), and after that I worked part-time, in the summer of 1992, and while I studied the last year, at NHI, (where I studied Information Management). After that again, I had to go to the army, in Norway, (since that's manditory). And after that again, it was a recession, in Norway, and I could only find a job, in the grocery-chain Rimi, where I eventually got promoted to be Store Manager, in 1998. I got the internet, in 1996, (and started doing some simple Web Design, (a personal start-page, on my internet-providers web-shell), in the late 90's). In 1997, I was hand-picked to be an op, on the Norwegian irc quiz-channel #quiz-show, (on ef-net). And I also had my own chat-channel #blablabla, where I would chat with new and old acquaintances about IT and more. After I had worked as a Store Manager in Rimi, for some years, i decided it was time to start working with IT instead, (which I thought of as my 'real' field), and I started studying IT at Oslo University College, (Faculty of Engineering), in the autumn of 2002. In the autum of 2004, I moved to Sunderland to study the last year, of my Bachelordegree there. Again it was problems with the Norwegian government study-loan bank, so I only got a Foundation-degree, in IT, from Oslo University College, (which I received, in 2009, after getting some modules from NHI approved, as part of that degree). I worked on Rimi as a Key Holder, (in two different shops), the whole time, while I studied, at Oslo University College, by the way. PROGRAMMES Alarm-clock: A programme I made in Basic for VIC 20, in the eighties. Kronespill: A programme I made in Basic for VIC 20, in the eighties. Tipping: A programme for betting on the Norwegian government bookmaker Norsk Tipping's football-betting. Acapulco: A 'shoot them all' game which I made in Basic for a Sharp-computer I had in the eighties, (which I didn't have time to finish). Kentucky Derby: A horse game I made, (in Pascal), when I went on the data-line, the last year at commerce school, (1988/89). My class-mate Magne Winnem said this game had some complicated random-functions. The game was inspired by a horse-betting-game I had seen on arcades in Brighton and Weymouth, when I was at summer-school there. Except one could run one of the horses oneselves, by pressing on the keyboard. Fred Bing in our class, borrowed me a sound-team, (which he had made himself), which I used as a background-sound, for this game, (so it was almost the 'class-game'). Guess an Animal: I made this classic game the first year at NHI, (as a school-assignment). I added an extra question at the end. I used nodes, (in Pascal), to make this game. Cross-word Compilator: The second year at NHI I made a programme, (in Pascal), which could actually make cross-words, from a word-list. As part of a final year project-module there. Advisor was Ole Øren, (who was also Head Master at NHI). But I just used my skills, from when I did Basic-programming in the eightes really, (and only had one initial meeting, with Ole Øren). Percent Tipping: This was a second programme for betting on the government football-betting, (Norsk Tipping), in Norway. I made this after I was in the army, in 1993, (in Pascal), and I used a type of own-made Windows, for selecting the football-teams from a list, etc. I only had one part left to make of this programme, and that was to print the betting-coupons out. I didn't get to do that, because I worked a lot at three different Rimi-shops. Also the Crossword-programme didn't get me anywhere, so I decided to try to focus on my retail-career, at least until I had become Store Manager. Real Estate Broker: I made this program, (using Java and Object Orientated-programming), in the second term, (spring 2003), at the bachelor IT-program, at Oslo University College, (Faculty of Engineering). I made this program in Java, and I also made a data model, (after we had gotten the system requirements from the academy). I got a 'B' on this module, that I did all the programming on myself, since the other guy on the group, (Dag Anders Rougseth), had a policy, that he could get a bachelor-degree in IT without learning programming. ONLINE PORTIFOLIO I got a TV-card around the year 2002, and in 2004 i recorded some Evertongoals, from different Norwegian TV-channels, and published them, on an Angelfire-site, (on my spare-time). A personal website, which I started making in 2008, (using HTML and Javascript). This is a webshop I run on my spare-time and which I started to make my own design for, in 2010, and

which I been using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, (and also earlier SVG), to make. A web-shop in English, which I started making, (using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP), in 2012, to try to sell to English-speaking countries as well. KEY SKILLS ● ● ● HTML Java Information Security ● ● ● CSS Data Modeling Communication ● ● ● Javascript Linux Management, (have worked as Store Manager in a big retailchain named Ica).

WORK EXPERIENCE (Excerpt) A webshop, (which I've developed my own web-design for, from 2011 to 2013), selling Glacier Mints, and other bagged sweets. I got the idea for this business when I read on online message-boards that people in Norway missed the Norwegian version of Glacier Mints, after these were discontinued, in the shops in there, around 2009. In 2012 I also started an almost similar webshop in English, (, which I changed the name for, to, in 2013 . October 2010 to Todays Date, (part-time). ● Sending packets, updating the web-shops, web-design, etc.

Bertelsmann Arvato's Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation-Campaign, (Liverpool). Multi Lingual Contact Centre Representative . August 2005 to December 2006. (The first months, from August 2005 to June 2006, employed by Randstad).

● Activated Windows and other software for Microsoft-customers calling from Scandinavia. ● I was given the responsibility to organise a 'service level-competition', for the staff, while working there. ● At the end of the Christmas-holiday in 2005, I ran the whole campaign alone, (for some days), because all managers and
staff became ill or went on holiday. Self-employed, (working from home, in Skansen Terrasse 23, Oslo). System Developer. Easter 1993, (I got one extra day Easter-leave, from my conscription-service, in the infantry, to work on this project).

Developed an accounting-programme, for the company Arcade Action Øystein Andersen, (my third-cousin).

EDUCATION AND COURSES (Excerpt) University of Sunderland, Faculty of Applied Sciences. Bachelor of Science, Computing, Final Year/Study Abroad Programme. 2004/05. Oslo University College, Faculty of Engineering. Høgskolekandidat, Information Technology. (Comparable with a Foundation-degree/HND). 2002-2004. (Degree received in 2009). Rimi Food Shops, Norway. (Courses mostly held at ICA's head-office, in Sinsen, in Oslo). Courses for Rimi Store Managers, (Economy, Management, Presentation, Communication and Employment Law). 1998-2002. Global Knowledge Network, Skullerud, Oslo, Norway. Windows NT Core Tech. (A one week full-time course which I took in a holiday from Rimi, to get more career-options). Spring 1998. Norwegian College of Information Technology (NHI, now NITH), Oslo. (A private Norwegian University College, which was owned by Vivendi and Næringsakademiet, at the time I studied there). NHI-candidate, Information Management. (A study modeled after the two first years at US Universities). 1989/90, (First year), and 1991/92, (Second year). Sande Upper Secondary School, (First and Second year) and Gjerde's Commerce School, Drammen, (Third year). Commerce and Office. (First year: Basic Commerce and Office. Second year, (ongoing course I): Economy, (with Marketing). Third year, (ongoing course II): Data and Information Management, (with Economy)). 1986-1989. (Gave the qualification 'Generell Studiekompetanse', meaning one are eligable to study at Norwegian universities).