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CHAPTER I. — Critics and commentators 1 Chapter II. — Schopenhauer 27 Doctrine and influence of

Chapter III. — Negation and affirmation of life 64 Chapter IV. — The spell of the 79 Chapter V. — The pessimistic moral beauty, nobility and omnipotence of pity 96 Chapter VI. — The solution of the great problem 112 Chapter VII. — Test d' a eudemoniste philosophy 145 Chapter VIII. — Philosophy and drama 157

qualities that distinguish the magisterial and definitive of Mr. Ribot work. The most recent book French devoted to Schopenhauer, the beautiful book of Mr. Bossert, is also a work of all first order as deep and sagacious to read nice 3T so curious physiognomy of the great German pessimist there is studied with infinitely: 1e picturesque and relief. There are also excellent things and quite charming pages as literary master in the old study of Caro on pessimism, broad summary table where the portrait he draws of Schopenhauer occupies the foreground. The author of the Moral Studies on the Present Time was not superficial mind, the philosopher amateur that it has rather foolishly persiflé during his lifetime and never existed only in the imagination of his detractors. It was, instead, a metaphysician professional, loving great speculative problems, perfectly able to understand the austere but irresistible and pathetic beauty; c was also, unfortunately, a philosopher, devoid of outstanding personality, and concerns of common morality often affect the sharpness of his judgments. That is why in his study, by no means negligible, very distinguished literary, sometimes charming to read viewpoint, it is shocked at every moment by bias to seek above all the social and aesthetic of pessimism; consequences set bias even before that a serious refutation of the philosophy of Schopenhauer showed us the right and well founded. It is not as well as judging and condemning a man of genius, a thinker such as the metaphysician of The World as Will and Representation. How much more deep, more meaningful, more shrewd, appear Renouvier trials pessimism. The head of the school of French criticism auguste, illustrated and very prominent philosopher with the incessant toil and the immense talent, depth and originality of views, the powerful unity of doctrine, are worthy of the admiration of the philosophical world, the author of this Essay of Classification Systems , gigantic work, dealt several times of the theory and the ideas of the German metaphysician first in the extraordinary synthesis which we quote the litre, monument of erudition, of understanding and of speculative thought, then in other works, more recent publication, meaning and value not less major, but mainly in this so curious book entitled: History and Solution of Metaphysical Problems where the chapter in which Renouvier studied the philosophy of Schopenhauer is a masterpiece of analysis and synthetic reconstruction; masterpiece where the richness of ideas is so great and so vivacious, where each row contains so many new insights, deep comments, that the intelligence of the reader experiences a kind of Vertigo by browsing. But the appearance of Schopenhauer sharper, clearer still stands in the admirable books of Mr. Alfred Foullee. No philosophical in France artwork appears larger, more beautiful, more worthy of admiration than Mr. Foullee, and we are pleased to express once more enthusiastic admiration she inspires us and to note also that this admiration of his disciples - we modestly claim a very humble among the most faithful place-this admiration spreads to more foreign media and more indifferent to high speculation; It penetrates into the deeper layers of

———————————————————————————— CHAPTER I: Critics and commentators The engineering and l' work of Schopenhauer were studied more d' once in France, at the time where pessimism, replaced aujourd'hui, quite unfavorably d' elsewhere, by the ferocious and arbitrary theories of Nietzsche and his school, by the cult of brute force and the theory of will to power, at the time where the great metaphysician of the Fourfold Root of Sufficient Reason was fashionable in the literary world intellectual and even in society to the contentions of dilettantism. Among these works of criticism or d 'Scholarship, we can mention any d' first the few placements d' together really worthy of Schopenhauer that were dedicated to him by the masters of our French philosophical literature. The best-known and most popular is undoubtedly the work of Mr. Ribot, a classic volume, which obtained a legitimate and resounding success. It is an excellent work, a monograph at ait remarkable and which is the highest honour to the distinguished Director of the philosophical magazine. It is difficult, it seems, to summarize with greater clarity, sharpness and impartiality, a philosophy as original, as subtle, complex, and which offends all intellectual habits and all the beliefs of strangers to metaphysical speculation. It is to these that caters especially Mr. Ribot, and the influence of its volume was beneficial as possible, because it gives a very precise idea of the doctrine, trends and the personality of Schopenhauer to the reader having never read a line of the master. Known on the other hand, the high intellectual value of the author of these beautiful studies of experimental psychology, which shine at the forefront of modern productions of the French school; and we know that strength, originality and the smooth homogeneity of his thought have proved brilliantly in most important works; but that sidesteps on Schopenhauer, despite its simplicity, remains one of the most admirable works of Mr. Ribot, and German authors of certain monographs pedantic and aggressive might benefit some, if they deigned to assimilate lucidity, safety of exposure and the impeccable composition, all order and measurement

the public and becomes so unanimous that it looks finally to popularity and to glory. The glory! If legitimate wage of all workers there thought, enjoyed the most mediocre of the pamphleteers and the vaudeville often, while public opinion the hassle and refuses so do meanness opinionated philosophers and thinkers. It is good however, it is beneficial and just that from time to time a man of genius which the stupid crowd is unable to understand works, trends and the ideal that it pursues, is admired and known, and it is an excellent example that a metaphysician has in turn of this unanimity of incompetent votes including the smallest specialist in the areas of exact sciences prides itself too often. For so long the fools of all parties affected not not only ignore the immense work done by the philosophy of our country of France, but of will treat lightly the key problems and the raison d'etre of the philosophy itself. The intellectual and moral authority exercised today by a man such as the illustrious author of the Future of the Metaphysics makes it almost impossible this great disdain. Even the vulgar reader of newspapers, that our public leaves gossip are the unique intellectual food knows vaguely that the contemporary France has a great philosopher, a metaphysician of genius, a thinker who is the equal of the most famous masters of speculative thought, the pride of our country, the glory truest and noblest of our time. All taunting, all jealous and anxious mediocrity attacks can prevail against a certain fact: never philosophy n was in France as many prominent representatives and zeal really meritorious considering the indifferent reception which our literate public reserves for their work, and nobody admires most sincerely that the author of these lines the high value and the meaning of the philosophical movement that occurs from twenty years in the land of Descartes and Malebranche, where the noble traditions of speculative thought seemed once abandoned forever. But despite the immense talent, l originality, brilliance, depth of metaphysicians such as Mr Bergson, Boutroux, Ribot, Liard, Bourdeau, Lévy-Bruhl, Durkheim, Gabriel Séailles and many others, not to mention illustrious masters based supreme sleep today, Vacherot, Ravaisson, Saisset, Secretan, Renouvier, Brochard, the immensity of the work accomplished, the multiplicity of problems there covered, the power of moral influence on the European philosophical movementthe perfect control in the study of all the phenomena of life social, artistic or intellectual, a thinker such as Alfred Foullee, provide without possible dispute, an absolute in the world of high thought supremacy philosophical, as well as unreasoned and instinctive judgment of the crowd. It is for us what Kant was once for Germany, that Herbert Spencer was for the Anglo-Saxon peoples: the the most famous representative of the metaphysical of his country and his race, the respected master tradition, admired by all, entered living in immortality, the thinker whose work and glory will not growing, which has created a thriving and whose name school illustrated and popular at the time, dominates the tumult of political factions and the selfish interests. And it is only justice. Because, I repeat in all sincerity, Mr. Alfred excavated is a man of genius, in the sense of this word that is too often used today without rhyme or reason. It has built a new system of the universe, he rebuilt the world on a new plane, he created one of these vast metaphysical syntheses where the first Enigma - the origins and destinies - seems to be resolved in a genial intuition and where the mysterious Image of the universe, the whole of being, of all existing or potential realities this great Image where each of us is found. According to his speech, fighting, suffering, enjoying, loving, beautiful momentarily victorious, always sure to be defeated at the end, where the Image of the world appears sharper, livelier, more accessible to our weak eyes. By the immanent force of realization, in a future likely to be directed, ennobled, and used for the Cause of the noblest Ideal spoke strength to move from the. power to the Act which he assigns to the ideas, - base starting point of his conception of the world and essential-, Mr. Foullee wanted to abolish the ancient barriers remaining between matter and spirit, between the physical universe and human consciousness, psychology and Cosmology, positive science and the science of the soul, the thought and Action. In any case, even in the judgment of those who, as the author of these lines, remain faithful to the principles of philosophical dualism, Mr. Alfred excavated re-established harmony so ardently sought, the individual life with the universal life, and by that even the fundamental and ultimate world unit: by the admirable demonstration of sociological element that resides at the bottom of the instinct of speculative researchbeing that the need for the universal and the universe being the largest of the groups to which we belong. It has completely renewed the method and purpose of social sciences; work already outlined by the pathetic Guyau, this noble thinker, died too young, after writing three or four books that will remain among the purest masterpieces of philosophy and the lettres Françaises, metaphysician remarkable including Mr. Foullee spoke so eloquently, flame and emotion sublime in a book which is also a genuine masterpiece. But the principles of metaphysical reform, renewal of philosophy by the sociological element, these principles laid down by Guyau with both safety and authority are still only outlined in his work. It is Mr. excavated which has developed in a series of immortal works pertaining to the same doctrine of ideas forces, of immanent monism, to much idealistic trends in their scientific rigor that animates the entire philosophical work of this illustrious thinker. Among his works should be about quote, since the philosophy of Plato, this monument of erudition and creative thinking at once, where relives the Platonic wisdom, until the last volume published by Mr. Fouillée. And the sociological effects of speculative investigation trend is itself one of the aspects under which appears to us the doctrine of Mr. Alfred Foullee, one of the solutions of the eternal problem which, better than anyone, he understood and expressed the complexity and

multiplicity of diverse perspectives that it has, because who would therefore dare list or even assess the possible attributes of the be? A doctrine like that of Schopenhauer, a philosophy that was preponderant and decisive on the destiny of speculative thought, influence and which, despite its absolute originality, appears as a new phase, as a logical consequence of the major reform accomplished to the decline of the eighteenth century by Emmanuel Kant, a system as grandiose, ingenious, and, it must be said also disconcerting, if we look at it from the point of view of good plain meaning and bourgeois logic, should inevitably attract the attention of a historian and a critic of ideas philosophical here that Mr. Alfred excavated, whose erudition, knowledge and high understanding of all contemporary doctrines amazes us as much as his gifts of creator. On several occasions, the philosopher of la Psychologie tien idées-forces they ideas of the great metaphysician of The World as Will and Representation . First of all in one chapter more substantial and the most informative of his history of philosophy, classic work that Mr. Foullee has completed recently by adding a conclusion which is a pure masterpiece of eloquence, brilliant synthesis, light and prophetic future of metaphysics intended penetration. In Plato's Philosophy, this admirable monograph where revit any doctrine of the inspired and sagacious master who leads, since so many centuries, the corrupt souls of absolute truth at the eternal Banquet; in the part, during this immense critical and historical synthesis the influence still visible and alive of Platonic thought on modern philosophy, Mr Foullees, in some wonderful pages of insight, depth, synthetic brevity, summed the value and the meaning, the fundamentals and the importance of the metaphysics of Schopenhauer. But it is especially in a book truly extraordinary brightness, the variety, the abundance of ideas, book translated in all languages, admired and commented by professional worldwide philosophers, it is mainly in his essay of Criticism of the Contemporary Systems of Morality that Mr. Foullee a trace a definitive Schopenhauer portrait; It is there that he studied with a master's degree, an authority and a sagacity that are certainly exceeded per person, the initial trends of this great doctrine. Maybe illustrated by author of the Psychology of European People does not enough justice to the metaphysical value and especially to the value purely aesthetic and literary Schopenhauer as a thinker and writer, is absolutely exceptional, numerous studies that it has continued at different times his own career & critical g and historian, however, remain what it wrote more remarkable deepest and most comprehensive French language on this subject; and in this vein, as in all possible areas philosophical scholarship and superior speculation, it is in the works of Mr. Alfred Foullee the French player will have to seek accurate data and reliable information. We are justice, has been s convince, talent and efforts deployed by French commentators of Schopenhauer, it is deeply regrettable nonetheless to point out, in a study on The World as Will and Representation author translations of similar studies that have appeared on Germany.

They would allow the public able to still look at the problems of high speculation, to fully assimilate the thought of Schopenhauer, down some subtleties which have escaped the investigation of the most authorized among French critics. In all cases, higher value tudesques works inspired by this great philosophy would complement the notion that we we in are formed. Those whose immediate translation is required for the science of our dear country renowned, include first three masterful monographs, interesting each to various titles, Paulsen, Volkelt, and the volume of the collection of the great modern philosophers who established once the immense notoriety by Mr. Kuno Fischer, where he studied the work and biography of Schopenhauer with a thoroughness a concern of characteristic detail, a scientific consciousness almost exaggerated, but with incomparable authority, a force of deduction and erudition. Do I dare to confess despite my esteem for the famous professor who spoke so nobly our great Descartes, despite the very beautiful pages that contains his study of Schopenhauer, - some are even beautiful,-dare I say well clearly I place altogether at the same rank as this biography critical (on cite la yet usually before all others)admirable studies of two other contemporary German philosophers, the one and the other very well known in their home country, almost ignored in France. The book of Mr. Volkelt, Professor at Leipzig-is a beauty of analysis unrivalled. It is superb clarity, embossed, of picturesque resemblance, de and lengths, scholarly, but tiring dissertations for the public, which add to the classic work of Kuno Fischer, are totally absent, which is rare in a German book. This is an absolutely outstanding job, deep, interesting and ingenious invoice, sober and clever composition, reading, easy, executed by a metaphysician, professional, also able than unbearable pedants that swarm the country of Kant and Fichte, Schelling, and Schopenhauer, but which differs favourably his colleagues by vivacity, clarity and a talent writer almost comparable to the talent of the philosopher which it exposes us, history and doctrine with so much verve, method and simple eloquence. I would say as much of the study of Paulsen, and since me an opportunity to cite the name of the famous philosopher, how not to say that we should have also since long a translation of his admirable Introduction to Philosophy. It is one of the masterpieces of modern speculative thought, one of the great philosophical books of this time; as the author is, without doubt, one of the most eminent metaphysicians of the time. It is a very great spirit and value offline writer, thinker of all first order of magnitude than Germany, this Peerage of high speculation does not have at this time of more robust, more ingenious or more powerful. Yet once its famous Einleitung in die Philosophy is an authentic masterpiece, it must make it known in France. And how many other German studies among all the literature that was the genius of Schopenhauer, how many biographies, reviews, tests, or other similar work deserves could also be translated and known.

and Hegel. and their very existence. It is that Schopenhauer. we would also refute well objections. no. he is appalled by the existence. would prove us in all cases the inanity of the gossip about the alleged decadence of German philosophy. and she can be proud of an activity. thousand times no. hateful. production and metaphysical erudition which one would find the equivalent in any other country. purify it. too. The impartial study of bed almost classical. with the exclusiveness of all sectarians. Lotze. moreover. We would like to briefly summarize the impression that emerges for us of the critical appraisal which the doctrine of Schopenhauer was the object under different skies. steer crs the best future and the true joy which he conceived the possibility within the Nirvana. who is also the country of Wundt. fierce. This thesis has yet found many defenders among the most prominent critics of the contemporary . the feeling and metaphysical gifts don't weaken and decrease no country. but ennoble it. Kant. Although we were able to indicate here that the General trends of French or German commentators. Schopenhauer fears. wants point destroy it forever. and there in philosophy as in all areas of human activity. the most ardent and more sincere intellectuals of the France interests. Hartmann who spends so many admirable pages for the philosophy of pessimism. absolute nothingness. but that we insist to ignore. it is the basis of a doctrine of renewal and vital force reconquered. subject to the ephemeral representation and insatiable. correspondence exists in Germany several editions. chimeras against which the lucid and biting genius of the master revolted. very expensive and so worthy to be loved. It is true that we do not have a single translation of the admirable correspondence from Schopenhauer himself. owned already in the past. especially IM we add some thoughts inspired by the attitude of criticism of the Slavic countries. creator of a whole system which claims completed the work of Schopenhauer. Too often and without that they will make complete themselves. my homeland of adoption. professions of faith eudemonistes we do that coordinate in the small present with more than relief work and more than disdain still received opinions and the classic definitions. this word of optimism which seems an easy joke and in poor taste. if the era of the great creative geniuses seems gone. as the existence of patterns of belief and hope positive elements. he hates point the notion of being itself. Schopenhauer. the most illustrious disciple of the master. not to mention the personal memories of the famous Frauenstadt on which the master bequeathed literary property of his work el which also took the opportunity to publish it immediately in a nonsensical and incomplete edition. fears and despises our lives to us. in secret. virtue and renunciation. aggravating circumstances which may prevail against some of the very noble. But all agreed more or less in his gigantic and sometimes contradictory. This point of view the system philosophical of the metaphysician Mainlander. if he is overwhelmed with pain to the ripping of universal suffering show. he tells a port of refuge and Liberation. His philosophy is not absolute. It is for Mailänder at Hartmann. unadaptable nihilism to The literate public would as much profit interest in reading from remarkable analytical studies such as those of Mebuis: Über Schopenhauer. No. still unquenched desire but not the total destruction of the reality. for example of the famous Philosophie der Erlösung of Mailänder philosophy that we would see until where can go the logic of the doctrine of the master consequencesthe destructive force of the pessimism and the fanatical pursuit of absolute nothingness. critics of Schopenhauer made the master head of intransigent theories that some of its fanatical supporters. despite all the talent spent by the authors (and they have much one and the other) is facing the dangerous chimeras . have not at least the ridiculous claim to deny their effort. Lange and many other eminent thinkers. even when he preached renunciation and supreme self-sacrifice. very pure. The Germany still has many philosophers of talent. or Richard Bottgen (Der Grundproblem der Schopenhauerschen Philosophie ) even in the reading of impeccable biographies such as history of the life of Schopenhauer by Grisebach. This Frauenstadt Mr.4 Germany: everyone has had the courage to use. and cannot repeat it too often. And Hartmann himself. precarious. By the positive elements that we have reported in its doctrine. if none of the miseries of this world escape his gaze. sterile. Kuno Fischer panned so spiritual ferociously in his classic book. what it preaches tragic eloquently: it is the annihilation of our nefarious world. this great man leaves the poor humanity a possible outcome. employability. the great metaphysician of the unconscious is so known pon yet. archi-connus books which I have just mentioned titles. by the cult dedicated to the genius of Art. that me be desired also the publication in French of a few systems metaphysical of the followers of Schopenhauer. The publication of these remarkable works. that human consciousness. miserable and sleazy. superior form of the be ideal realized and winner. a conclusion can be inferred from this quick review. to total extinction of being. Because we do not even know the names of current celebrities of supreme science.and how much unnecessary! -Cosmic suicide. and who enjoys in Germany dune notoriety comparable to that of there philosophy of the unconscious of Edouard de Hartmann. as we do here. because it will qualify undoubtedly paradoxical and arbitrary the thesis in this book. when applied to the author of Aphorisms on the Wisdom in Life . very disinterested intimacy which existed between the great man and his first admirer. alas! have taken from its principles. book which I have already had the opportunity to speak during this study. despite the unequal value they present. the famous Philosophie der Erlösung is infinitely curious and significant. To finish with these grievances inspired only by love. higher speculative intelligences.

incomparable and priceless services? Thanks to the initiative. as well as the doctrine of the master sublime of pure reason. wisdom and deep understanding of the vital necessities of philosophy. He published himself an Introduction to the philosophy which is an unprecedented of any kind work in the literary history of the Polish nation. according to us and despite our respect for their work and for their engineering analysis has failed to highlight or discern well clearly. Also we confess do not understand the reasons for the strong opposition that still raises in the northern countries. but the most backward point of view intellectual of the modern Russia . moral and aesthetic. if cultivated society so much from other points of view. Descartes. Mr. and will open the doors of bronze. The test that we publish today. most learned and the most authoritative among the philosophers of the same nation. beginning with the most rudimentary basics. considers it peculiar that we profess for the prominent writer of Kiev. the great light of mystical hope the exhilarating. M. Mickiewicz and M. Mr. robust. philosopher of great talent.quite new phenomenon in the country. Russian one. Struve. the future and eternity before her. is the Director of the magazine in question. does increase our admiration. Struve. second in Celtic generous by several other eminent philosophers task. And many other Muscovites metaphysicians share the bias of Mr. if applied. too. judge impeccable and impartial of all the binding question speculative s and who has rendered to the cause among all philosophy ignored and unrecognized strangely by Polish. This movement is growing every year. because the author is fighting one of intellectual abuse of the present time. the interests of the perennial philosophy. the most original engineering Slavic. animate it.I mean of the Ukraine and its metropolis Kiev . metaphysician of the first order. where the works of Schopenhauer are still widespread. nor the enthusiasm of some philosophers Russians. hypothesis belied by the constituent acts of the spirit as well as the conquests of positive science. Schelpanow.5 the conditions of life teach Edouard de Hartmann and especially Mailänder. precisely because it remains in agreement with the conclusions of major German critics. grants to Schopenhauer the place that deserves it. especially in Slavic countries. repeated by a science and a security interest in any modern method. monument of erudition. all of his theories. How can you not admire the work done by these valiant defenders of the wonderful traditions of universal science engineering of the Plato. does it need to say. M. hostility that does diminish nothing. in metaphysics as in any other order of ideas or intellectual work. Henri Struve was one of the promoters and one of the initiators of this intellectual revolution. for example. one of the latest admirers of Hegel however. Weryho.where strictly individual prominent Moscow Professor initiative has awakened or rather has brought in a little cultivated minds of the country the need and desire of the metaphysical speculation . remains visibly hostile to the author of The World as Will and Representation. where the absence of metaphysical books offended as an anomaly and a strange gap. one of the best and most famous among the young Polish philosophers and whose personal system is one of the most curious of revival of Hellenic atomism attempts. Oh well! M. to the talent. disdain and obvious antipathy that manifest against Schopenhauer the most knowledgeable. hard work tireless to a dedicated entire existence to the supreme science. Sienkiewicz. The fiery breath of pity. Another philosopher. in one of the regions most backward. This philosophy remains. work that we consider for our part as one of the highest manifestations. we have tried to demonstrate. becomes more and more intense and beneficial. but that should be taught gradually. Struve. the admirable Strakhow. a doctrine of life. is intended to rectify this point of view in untangling among the paradoxes and inflamed revolts of Schopenhauer. and for which I always had the deepest esteem.and note that in a large city like Kiev. despite his immense talent and his high impartiality. it even required the creation of a philosophical magazine very interesting and well written in Warsaw . I talk to Mr. created all a philosophical movement in Polish literature. whose equivalent also occurs in Russia. Chapter II: Doctrine and Influence of Schopenhauer . Lutoslawski. to the defence of its interests and the spread of his influence. on a larger scale and with greater impact. This beautiful artwork marks an important date in the history of the Slavic civilization. and the Kant has emmortaisee. when addressing still young companies. even at the local University is the one and only professional philosopher. Lutoslawski has synthesized his doctrine in a book entitled the Power of the Soul (Seelenmacht) and published in German language. for example. the whole and details of the universal science are exposed and studied with magisterial authority and competence unparalleled. This fanatic worship of monism presented as unique explanation of the world. We gladly accept intense antipathy that must inspire the relentless monism of Schopenhauer to a thinker diametrically opposed to his conception of the world. But how can we explain. The only talent is important and not the individual opinions. for example Mr. prominent thinker. the operative principles that will survive its apparent nihilism and that even the most illustrious masters high French speculation. beautiful and harmonious metaphysical construction whose daring delights us. Schelpanow who served and still well nobly used. Schelpanow hostility. M. We are referring to Slavic comments and the attitude of the philosophical critics in Russia and in Poland because it seems s to be placed in a wrong point of view taking into account that negative elements of the philosophy of Schopenhauer. All questions of metaphysics.

the scholarly. even when we are talking about the most resounding glory. that person is known. The place it occupies in the intellectual history of the modern world and in the annals of speculative thought. suffered its influence. the great work and the turbulent genius of Schopenhauer. were unaware until the name of him who believed himself a reformer named to guide mankind towards new destinies. the purpose and the dark Ideal of the sad humanity. while the certainty of a genius authentic. at the age where a thinker. and the contempt of the crowd. him is most questioned by anyone. wounded and defeated. Let us know though life even from Plato. however related to very old speculative traditions. Kant and Schopenhauer. the routine and the silliness of his contemporaries? For many years the great thinker whose system of the universe should operate more later one of the metaphysical revolutions the most extraordinary this time. carefully persisted in not to buy his books. already fertile in atrocious suffering for the sincerely stoic soul (because the contempt and disdain are the worst of affronts. as in the days of barbarism. then it is to move the question and the fact that I point out the tragic eloquence remains not less certain. or so-called such. Kant. and nothing clears the memory). What good recall the successive phases of this melancholy story? Schopenhauer was a huge philosophical genius. that of the artistic. joys whose problematic conquest remains. misunderstood. for nearly half a century. not to mention even the animosity of the fate if dull long enemy. he brought to the world a doctrine and a new Word. is liable for this masterpiece which is called the world as will el as representation. read. or the current celebrity of engineering. the deep metaphysician of The World as Will and Representation out it until the last drop. our rivals. Always remember. when we speak of the most misleading of the chimeras in this world. It really seems that the desire for happiness. or slander. of all time.6 The time seems appropriate to judge in all fairness. misunderstood and despised. the .and where perhaps one day will be the light. His masterpieces remained unsold. the crowd mercenary and obscure. in his lifetime. even among the public applied his time! Our readers will remember most certainly. the most painful event among all those who stand before us to life learning paths: to feel disregarded. And there is hardly need to point out here once more the strange contradiction that exists between the grandiose goal that wanted to achieve the great thinker of the Parerga and Paralipomena . and that also increases the mediocrity of those who triumph. This bitterness. masterpiece without equal. Keep presents to our memory the salutary notion of this simple fact: relativity and the nothingness of what we call quite foolishly posthumous immortality. an artist or a writer. intolerable for some souls too ombrageuses or too proud. a major influence on the evolution of ideas and design currently ruling the world and of destiny. our enemies. Descartes or Balzac. it remains restricted and ignored by the crowd. today. Yes.because those who denigrate it. his gigantic silliness. millions of creatures have lived down here the dream of the existence or undergo it again without hearing only to pronounce the name of Plato or Shakespeare. very clear awareness of an overwhelming superiority. Schopenhauer. of free thought the philosophical investigation. attack it. and when his work was however already made. in appearance at least condemns and fights the principle of the being and the joys of life. his fierce bestiality and his eternal slavery. without nothing suspect of the conquests of science. vitality and even triumphant life force. these fleeting. . And why are we surprised? Since it is a philosophy which. among so many setbacks. masterpieces already made by the immortal arts. where is says the supreme conquest which can claim the human spirit: a new concept of the universe. such. Descartes. the reflection and the most accurate picture of the elusive absolute. far outnumber its supporters. was misunderstood. And if they say that this intellectual so-called minority opinion is the only one that counts. How could he expect other reception than gratifiГЁrent it first incompetence. Let's not forget. a total vision of all things and the synthesis of the Cosmos. while the feeling of our unrecognized force Burns us the heart of his invincible flame. and to complain about besides a huge pity for his ignorance. can fully enjoy the thrill of victory Schopenhauer knew that bitter tune of the defeat.. and how brutal indifference was greeted first the giant attempt of Schopenhauer. even by opponents of his doctrine. consolation and enchantment of this world. knew only the existence of these great geniuses of these masters to void other alike. unknown. The dreadful conspiracy of silence overwrote it all its weight. here. without bias biased whatsoever. continues to vegetate. during many years. If long unknown. With what injustice. because the vast majority of our fellow human beings. that it develops slowly among the elite of an era and a generation. Black race slave will want to abdicate or deny. what happens. literary or scientific glory forget never that its pure rays do not penetrate chasm unfathomable ignorance and darkness where languish nations. literary spheres on philosophical. hostile or benevolent. the bitter and feverish search for joy. . between this mean-spirited failure and the meaning of Schopenhauer's work taken as a whole. the crowd. the supreme illusion than ever.these beautiful years youth. the public applied. easily finding for auxiliary staff laziness of the happy spirit and fundamental ignorance of the crowd. in which humanity of all ages and of all races. struggles and tragic suffering. an original explanation of the eternal Riddle. at least. was the philosophical work of Arthur Schopenhauer. and whose glory is really bright and so pure that it seems universal. perishable and disappointing. whose intellectual superiority appears still if questionable and had so much trouble to recognize the genius of the great German metaphysician. the vastness of the horizons that she reveals to us. It seems superfluous to recall. or Dante. I answer first. misunderstood even by the elite. we believe age. some disciples or some readers.

if proud. analysing. the elation of a conquest more obtained by genius. his hatred and his fear of life seem to dissipate under the influence beneficial and very gentle this chimera of the glory which the first rays drunk and soothe the most rebellious souls and that.. at a time where. indeed exaggerated. a man of genius such as Arthur Schopenhauer should not suffer this disdain from the crowd. more humane. which struck the flourishing philosophical school long. There's his philosophical system.. the bête noire of Schopenhauer. a veritable delirium of admiration. It had no force. came to not cross the threshold of his house to him. But. momentous event of his individual destiny. the scorn of the past. ideas. chance. one who seems to identify with the genius of Fichte. the irresistible attraction of a nascent glory. struggles and visions disappointing or sublime history. deeply forgotten unfairly disregarded in turn and who was. However. and angry and envious fools attacks revive and make it more intense. is revenge so long awaited. the invincible discovered truth and a force of these truths essential and indestructible against which the time nor ingratitude human cannot prevail. We commented. deserved to be praised. molding on dusty library shelves. the light. the evening mists rise. from the day where the fate. After the discredit. despised by professionals. the beauty. Yes. this determination with which fame which so often knocks on the door of makers and fools. barely cited by historians of modern metaphysics. but also seems to give them more of price and value. where the icy breath of the Tomb Withers already harvest and autumn flowers. from all sides. and worthy of higher man who benefited. luck favourable and harmful. vast cosmic synthesis and the paradoxes of Schopenhauer! Indescribable enthusiasm. there was the moral nature of Schopenhauer. who suffer. the supreme master of the thinking European. as well as us all very obscure and very humble towards the great man of there Pure reason. here is that ion view work ignored. It triumphed yet. thousand times no. since each of us feels the effects and that humanity among the mirages. cloudy and formidable Hegel. again here. Here is that it illuminates the decline of this destiny that could be described as still happy. so great and noble indeed. dazzling. when it deepens the doctrine. Nothing more moving in its childishness. because one cannot say it again too much Hegel was. a general enthusiasm of the applied youth. a huge engineering. without hope perhaps itself the realization of his dream. totally ignored the public and whose immortal works. do never thought to deny intellectual debt it had contracted despite all his genius. German idealism of the nineteenth century. Not certainly. fate. more affecting account of the last years of the great . and suffered cruelly. disorder. But finally. the dazzling beauty of an idea hatched in a great intelligence and developed with a great talent of writer equal to the strength of speculation that inspires it. in the same lifetime of Schopenhauer. appeared so late. who ponder the great problems and aspire to solve them. after this long period of darkness. of all those who think. full. in a still recent past. for him. the conception of the world. which. pus even from critics. an inexhaustible source of bitterness and melancholy. And. embittered cl disregarded. as a sacred debt here is that it appears slowly on the horizon of this existence so sad and so empty of a man of isolated genius. in his psychic personality and individual temperament. the splendid victory joy. a such that enthusiasm that caused once the great. glorified. obviously. if there was still some el conceit a huge dose of domineering silliness in the contention to assess patterns of sadness and joy of our fellow. the emotion.7 tragic beauty and sublime revolt atmosphere that prevails there. Schelling and Hegel. as any movement of reaction. or readers. a metaphysician of Kantian tradition. scorned. silence persisted around his personality and his work. creator and initiator of the modern philosophy-a philosopher which penetrated as deeply in the regions mysterious and serene of the absolute and eternity ought to be despised in turn the sot contempt of his contemporaries. too. loneliness. has worshipped under various names of doom. claimed yet with both bitterness and anger. sympathy and curiosity manifests itself everywhere and compensates Schopenhauer's affronts. prevalent today in the world. among the high individuals of his time.. I will therefore insist not on successive phases that crossed this pretty rapid progression of the fame of the master. but necessary to the attention of all fans and all friends of philosophy. the personal enemy. the vain rewards of self-love and pride and this pleasure to order so obviously less that provide the vote of the public or the mirage of notoriety. the gigantic and sublime Schopenhauer's work. it is passionate about his books. really regrettable. more than anything else. We do not intend to trace the biography well known Arthur Schopenhauer. it suddenly springs old books of a unknown philosopher. if bitter yet.because it is known that Schopenhauer. the doctrine. feverish wait a chimeric glory and whose fate was yet s carry out toward him. which remains still the equal of his arch enemy. the metaphysical system and moral education of this extraordinary man. did or purchasers. The great light of a new doctrine. He should have to resign themselves to isolation. if a long time enemy. works. from the mysterious and solemn moment where deigned him smile this formidable and incomprehensible power whose reality is yet more certain than any other. and which the author of The World as Will and Representation speak always with a rudeness and a bitterness so distressing. unknown to the days of his youth. beneficial or hostile. granted to Schopenhauer revenge that the great man. where a special literary master argues with both skill and power the originality of speculative thought and the wealth of metaphysical ideas. as we know. comparing it to the existence of the vast majority of human creatures. this sketch whose purpose is to indicate in his work some aspects generally unnoticed and synthetic. admire' and loved! A thinker of this magnitude.

Schopenhauer is pleased of these childish manifestations of admiration each day growing new generations. mistakenly and through. Because. But another era begins and here that an inevitable reaction occurs and clears slowly the noisy and shortlived popularity of one who understood better that person it Vex and tragic anguish of live . I repeat. the Art or the earthly beauty. Descartes or Kant have existed. The crowd at the exact meaning of this tarnished. and the ideal of truth. doesn't even know that Plato. useless cry off that his thinking is increasingly travestie and denatured. and I reiterate here the necessary restriction set at the outset of this study: when we talk about there crowd. what is vulgarly called glory. one moment. alas! reads nothing. However. always original and vibrating of his conception of the world. at least. the people. A man of the people with us at the Lapps or Kaffirs. more perennial than ever. the one and the other are that grow in the esteem and admiration of philosophers with the letters. which should indicate to the Art of the centuries to come. is visibly inspired by doctrine cl ready to Tristan dying of love immortal accents the despair and regret. a lively and picturesque of all the arts synthesis: music. this flame that glowed in the lucid. which can assume the right to enjoy without calling a work that they too often are unable to understand. literary critics. bitter and disenchanted of the great pessimist el look way that. the most extraordinary genius of modern times. they are no longer only the Supreme Science professionals who deal with Schopenhauer. even through the death illuminates again the road of humanity. is known to us. high personality of Schopenhauer was very little studied from this point of view subjective. one could believe it. Candidly spontaneous and sincere engineering. Schopenhauer became famous: faithful disciples. several generations of young people admire him and choose it for intellectual guide and supreme master. Needless to observe that these judges improvised. should always imply a kind of elite. months also lovers.8 German philosopher. ridiculous and restricted! No modern thinker was however to the extent and the . until the regions tenebrous of the eternal and absolute. hundreds of volumes appear in all countries of the world. a contemplative also obviously inspired and vibrant to the least impressions of life. attribute to the morose and sublime metaphysician of the pessimism of inconceivable nonsense which could not be held liable in any degree. in its outlines and appearance. Vanity satisfied that success can give. a spark of genuine pity. poetry. triumph. the noble and fierce pride of pessimism. he relishes these unforeseen impressions with delight. the duty. confident in the future of the immortal work he left to humanity and the breath of the unfortunate and do bad luck him had never doubt. the soul reconciled with fate.event because live already is undeserved. Celtic period late and final victory. Schopenhauer falls asleep supreme sleep. as Ideal and typical model. The great silence of the indifferent eternity already surrounds its opaque mists his memory and his work. but intense and ennoblies sensations yet by the consciousness of a great work accomplished by the certainty of having tamed the fate. perhaps even the hope of a possible revival. but its action on the crowd belongs already to the past. and this unexpected development of his fame and influence that marked the adventures. but isn't . none of the classes of contemporary society. that of the cosmic origins as well as love. after a few years of valuable revenge where one who really was the Shakespeare of pessimism enjoyed the illusion and perhaps the reality of happiness and possible glory down here. knows nothing and is still languishing in the darkness of the most complete barbarity. cannot compete with it as intensity of intellectual culture. even the most extravagant (because where so large theory do not entered?) devoted to refuting or condoning of Arthur Schopenhauer. found its influence. which always involves at the one who has the formidable privilege. the moralists of salon. as in any other social category. In details the many Germanic biographies of the master. They are no longer only these professors of philosophy to which he had dedicated a fierce hatred and so is bit unfair. almost from one day to the next.the event which. it must be said. a certain dose fie charming naivety. Certainly. which had penetrated so deeply by délaies vain appearances of the material world the primordial being. the vast majority of our fellow human beings. and that Schopenhauer aspired throughout his life with so much sadness and passion? Is cited in all respect. had ignited from the bottom of the collective soul of humanity thinking. The end of the nineteenth century is dominated by dark sound and despotic engineering. on this glorious Tomb whose generations had not had time to unlearn the path. because if there are pedants among them. The greatest artist. This sublime intelligence.this point in this transformation and this alteration that is influence and sustainability dune doctrine. the echo of his voice turned off for eternity palpitèrent. We find the trace of his theories. enthusiastic admirers come to Frankfurt present their respectful tributes to the man of genius who seems to have found the word in all the puzzles. etc. the dilettantes. columnists. to tell all in a nutshell. And how much the action moral and intellectual Schopenhauer on the society of the time. and terrible . in the regions of activity intellectual and social in appearance the most foreign major metaphysical speculation. And the influence of Schopenhauer really reached its peak after the death of the philosopher. below. let's face it. so important for total understanding of the ideas of a reformer. the conscience of our infinite misery. journalists. Richard Wagner himself proclaimed himself his pupil. Finally. The reflection of his work. he appreciates all the sensations of pride. With us. the vaudeville. he fully enjoyed its popularity. painting and plastic together into one grandiose vision of perfect and complete beauty. this flame extinguished forever into the night without an alarm clock. action that was profound yet seems today inefficient. the mysterious will that everything performs and where everything goes and fades.

the harvest and the wages of genius: the modern world has retained any of the teachings of the noble thinker and the sublime philosopher. this unfortunate and pathetic Nietzsche who did indeed. the apologist of brute force. And here is the results achieved. all human creatures. destruction which seem essential conditions of animal life on this land of slavery and ignominy. break the shackles of slavery. perversity and hatred with the same harshness. the enemy of Christianity and of goodness. fight. money master and sovereign of the world. despite the warning righteous. gushing sparks of the same mystical household. the same stubbornness and even dementia. Everywhere human beings alive. one of the priori sensitivity devoid itself higher reality. to annihilate the suffering and hatred. in Immortals masterpieces. the want to live – to use the terminology of Schopenhauer himself . murder. it caused only a disdainful pity among men of action who vaguely know the main lines. Humanity listened a moment or. happiness and joy. then scornfully. disappointment and suffering. they also. It is in vain that it proves. with more cynicism. ambition. want more deceptive goods which vanish as soon as our feeble hands reach to grab them. crime and madness. but the desire is itself. For humanity cruel and stupid. political. since the revolution by Kant.. in which throbs Celtic will including the impenetrable law presides over the harmonious rhythm of the constellations continuing their mysterious journey on the paths of the infinite. still it spread around the suffering and evil. more legitimate and more beneficial. having dispelled the mirage of appearances. sages. as in the reality of yesterday or the eternal time. The philosopher in fashion. so simple for him. in building the doctrine of the Superman and the cult of the vital power that sums it up to continue. or its fatal attraction. the floor and the doctrine of Schopenhauer. the critic of all chimeras that believed the reformers and the sages of the past. despite the Redemption of the savior who died on the cross. stupidity. of an aggressive falsehood to the judgment of the crowd: the will to live is identified with the desire. humanity has renounced nothing and the advice of pessimism also remain useless as heroic and ineffective. individual and social of the civilized world. non-existent and void.not deployed its resources of iniquity. greed. familiar to all spirit somewhat truth cultivated. frenzy and bestiality. or so-called such. burn. all crimes. and we source indicate the issue. Never the affirmation of being. devastate and always oppress the poor souls altered. No. the negation of the Ideal. at the dawn of the twentieth century that begins among many concerns and political or social inequities. this is no longer the sublime revolt embittered and charitable who taught previously. printing a . eternally and necessarily. worth living alone. and all infamies. painful effort. which did in tire as strong pende profits or genuine progress. As once. of all the appetites of all worldly mirages. none of the mirages that enchant or filled with terror the low looks tomorrow evaporated in the eternal night. dispel the eternal illusion.. but hard. she continued her way among the same mistakes. still will suffer because it is desire. the thinker which replaces Schopenhauer in the favor of the public as influence and reputation for boldness. the writer who symbolizes the aspirations of vanguard and the speculative audacity of applied youth. None of the chimeras. or the symbol disappointing: because in abdicating its own essence. Fight more. and prophets. discover the deep pain and hurt. sterile aspiration. nor in manners time. light certainty. that desire which areas small and tenebrous of terrestrial life suffers and yearns for happiness with a zeal equal in a man of genius or the most disgusting of gross crawling on our small abominable planet muddy bark. acerbic and cruel Frédéric Nietzsche. reads at least pretend to hear the words of the disillusioned wise. cling to a dreadful existence. to the Source first. no. tear. in a depressing atmosphere of malaise and lies. despite their exceptional impact remain null. as formerly. whose morality is an absolute denial of the very notion of morality in a transmutation radical of the values that were once a price and a meaning to human life. the nothingness of all ambitions.9 limits of the possible. the inspiration and the dialectical method. the ruthless competition. wherever human creatures will devour. of those who. all the baseness performed and accepted in advance to win a little money whose death will remove so vile to those who hold the illusory power. Everywhere the law of the strong oppressing the idea of justice and law. rebel with fury wild against the very idea of a possible abdication of selfishness. with happiness and the illusory freedom of this world are just infamous parody. victim and eternal accomplice of the ruthless desire to live the example. the universal mercy is more Schopenhauer. desire and Regret to impossible Bliss. It is in vain that he believed convince the sad humanity of this fact. the same inequities and the same events. never the him for life is affirmed with more violence. pain. the will can break the fate and issue the world. It is in the immolation of our desires and our hopes that you will find the promise and some pledges of a new life. blind. Still he must struggle with the fierce lust other wills. on behalf of the invincible suffering. The moral of the master entered or in people's minds. none of the major illusions not abdicated misleading almightiness. criminal and stupid will to live continued without truce the painful work incomprehensible inevitable assigns to it. It were vain that the sublime moralist of the liberating pessimism taught the Western world wisdom of quitting hatched long among Asian barbarism. Ah! If you want to live a better life and where perhaps appear ignored light of happiness that seems impossible. the exclusive worship of success and victory obtained for lout price. Not not only among the visions of horror. waive to life or at least that the cosmic order and the Fatal destiny impose us and which was only selfishness. this time which is also only an illusion fundamental and innate. Love. but in relationships human. hate more. It deploys its wonders of tricks. The ruthless and eloquent Prussian litterateur. It looks at all an extravagant paradox and reality gives him every moment of cruel denials. vanity and violence.

even during the worst periods of barbarism and darkness humanity was not this slavery. is one of the most productive. Once again. Of course. but hateful. for his opponents and his supporters. nor even the ingratitude and contempt for fellow. It is argued in vain to conquer and assign to philosophy a rigorism of argumentation and a character of scientific certainty that supreme knowledge (have the courage to say). the flame of a literary genius authentic. not based not on vague and arbitrary mandatory sentences. the moralist haughty and austere asceticism Platonic not only is more the intellectual revolutionary in vogue. that mock journalists. Because it'll overemphasize this point of importance. Each bequeathed us a doctrine of life. Because. the vastness of the loose business excluded the possibility of a definitive solution and precise such that we can require the particular sciences. Malebranche and Fichte. still limited by their very definition and purpose of their experimental investigations. each uttered during the ephemeral dream of his earthly life one of these immortal words against which nothing can prevail: Oblivion. How challenge yet the obvious and overwhelming truth? It is now up to this breed of great philosophical geniuses which are discussed more formidable wisdom. Leibniz and Berkeley. the incomparable Kant. Woe to the vanquished! Woe to the weak! Woe to those who suffer! who despair and who cry! such was summarized in vulgar terms. cannot achieve. for the ignorant crowd. Anselm and St. Seneca and Epicure. but it already appears. in Nietzsche. Plotinus and Epictetus.10 well unpleasant anti-humanitaire direction. certainly. Yes. Descartes and Spinoza. progress. that admire confidence snobs of any species. whose purpose is never that analysis of a fragmentary part of the phenomena of being. a perfectibility which cannot claim other sciences. antithesis striking Sage according to Schopenhauer. systems which are the common heritage of our slave. harmless race. of Hume and Spencer. the priceless beauty. when they want to proof of scholarship. commented. hangs over the vicissitudes of time. the motto of the philosopher of Zarathustra. are. the greatness. after summer. Yes. the intellectual force and the metaphysical significance of these philosophers of genius so various cannot lay claim to the same tribute of recognition and glory. among these Immortals. Each two was really a creator. and Schelling. nor the work of centuries. now Schopenhauer seems the equal of Plato and Aristotle. this gigantic and so clear and so clear philosophy of will principle in the world. there is nobility. deep source where everything that exists is his reason for living. the times in which we live could not choose guide and advocate better suitable for its value and its deep soul. opening. passions. of St. And the pathetic vision of The World as Will and Representation. a moral significance. a classic and which as such seems strong back probably to some severe judges. for nearly half a century. the most sublime aspirations worldly and somewhat mysterious glory that surrounds names immortal masters death. the treasure of superior wisdom race where enrich is in turn successive generations. an explanation of the secret of the world. at that time they penetrate to the essence of intimate life. Marcus Aurèle. moreover. All broad syntheses developed by the masters of the perennial philosophy. how to deny? Among these great explanations of total reality. * Yet a third period begins for the history of pessimism. embracing In all of el things all being. Now. the austere grace and durability of philosophy. precisely because the object of metaphysics being the absolute definition and understanding of the universe. an overview on . which should nevertheless reserve for themselves their lucid severity-this is which may seem paradoxical or exaggerated assertion. Yes. what doctrine could inspire more a kind of melancholy disgust? The horrible time of transition where we live the dream of existence. After being attacked. nor changes in the world. and this nightmare of peace army which seems the normal of civilization. that great assumptions. Schopenhauer is more discussed per person here is that an era of calm and appeasement begins for this great memory and this immortal work. with this regime of murder and blood that reigns over the world. his master and our master at all. pathos and beauty of symbols to conceal the horror: but proclaimed by the ugly crowd. mysterious essence of the universal existence. life of Schopenhauer. that cite the people of the world. when they want to flaunt civic or virtue. Large speculative systems will always retain this hypothetical character that lends them a beauty. but sui about grand principle of universal unity. when. perhaps even of large. the splendid lyricism. Augustine. Schopenhauer. the prospects of infinite eternity and immensity. theory that is the basis and the starting point of the philosophy of Schopenhauer. and inspired by the mystery of the origins and destinies. visible manifestation of this absolute. but so well adapted to the trends and the deepest aspirations of the modern world that was effortlessly in the aggressive doctrine of eternal return. finally! Finally! -Thanks be tagged in the fair destinies and conducive Schopenhauer is more philosopher fashionable. force action on the souls of elite. indeed. Hegel. Because it seems to embody the most noble effort. loves and hatreds of the time shows. or reviled by so many fools. contemporary struggles. as one of the great classics of the nineteenth century and all ages. really. eloquence. Each built a new and fruitful event. the initial theory of desire conceived as principle of the world and essence of the being. the appointed representative of trends ultra-avancees and ultra of speculative thought. Each rebuilt the universe on a new plan. until this ultimate and hidden bottom which is the radical of possible analysis. eloquence. era that began. in the sense that each saw the eternal Riddle as an unnoticed aspect to him. but each of them truly personifies some tendencies of the human mind or some clearly defined period of speculative thought. the doctrine of Schopenhauer. because it denatures and shrinks to its level cloud designs and sublime genius. vilified. in reality. the living image of his despicable ideal. to our dazzled eyes.

which mingles with the voice of the dying. deep and genius. taking with it the strength to live. no flame of brilliant inspiration not cleared as powerful blast opaque mists which hide us under the disappointing mirage of unsuccessful appearances. the colours bright and imperishable masterpieces of art. Here is the great masterpiece of Richard Wagner. In these immortal tears in that complaint result and which subsides to the Harlowe of noble masterpiece of Richard Wagner. then salvation and issuing what view in its own depths. Not. this lyrical drama of Tristan and Isolde. if low cl so tired. certainly. this imperishable law had found in its own doctrine a basis new and indestructible. lay people leave rest its soothed ash. his work appears of such character of beauty.. cross the centuries as the living testimony of the creative force who raced in this philosophy of despair. and transient that it could have on the arts. the inevitable hour where love appears. But Schopenhauer knew well that. and the omnipotence of the living will that created countless worlds overwhelms also of its crushing burden. and this is where the merit that may claim. teaching and the doctrine of Arthur Schopenhauer grow every day more. ideas. The ethics of Schopenhauer is the rational result. however. the sacred law which throbs at the bottom of the souls. person not entered more the secret of the world. The influence. as the crowd ignores the misleading image. more than any other the philosophy of Schopenhauer.. evoked by a masterpiece dramatic and lyrical which link will surpass the emotion. metaphysical masterpiece whose light and flame were hatched around the flowers with changing colors the penetrating scent. the sadness of farewell. everything that there are sublime and new (because the only authentic new features are those found) in the doctrine of Schopenhauer symbolizes an unforgettable vision concrete and painful beauty. immediately inspired by the doctrine of Schopenhauer. tragic serenity. Tristan farewell to lost beloved. when the soft star that shines for them in a human eye has moved away. and that address in the world. that it is en forma once. other thinkers are of this unreasoned enthusiasm that fades so fast. dreams of gold and the divine lie. certainly. aesthetic. the sustainability of faithful love. that is what must make any philosopher worthy of this name. This is no longer the annihilation of the eternal will to live that we are taught but his cult exclusive and fierce. and they are welcomed with transports of enthusiasm. the abyss of suffering. the struggle of classes and individuals. and whose beneficent remembrance. in distress infinite ones the eternal illusion of love was marked at the front of the dreaded sign. Let us delude one last time by the pure sob and inspired songs that rise on the immense sea. mixing to the breath of the storm and the confused voices of the material world. they found their immediate application. eternal truth.. and more aggressive. the excruciating suffering of dedaignees souls. the disappointing passions melee and interests of time presents. a potion more powerful than Brengane itself. the noble accents of human pain. Other moralists. The main principles of the metaphysics of will. in this eternal miracle of self-denial and sacrifice. inspiration and enthusiasm. Because there is a hex. utter words that seem to be the antithesis of the noble doctrine. the bitterness inexorable separations.. from now on. Then a kind of silence slowly envelops the prestigious work of the great German philosopher. depends on this bold assertion: there is a metaphysics. of a superhuman beauty. not just in the fictions of immortal Art but also in world politics. those for whom the world is desert when a beloved creature betrayed without remorse and dying of pain under the indifferent gaze of far stars. customs and the chatter of an era touches its end. artists. his assertion in various types of cosmic life or earthly organization. unity of inspiration and dialectic which penetrates really any impartial reader a kind of fearful respect. indirect. listen complaint sublime Tristan dying of despair. of the reaction period it is experiencing at the moment. distress and despair that she reveals suddenly.. in these sublime harmonies to exhale. the faithful followers of this great man have the right to admire it under the aspect of eternity. that. an eternal farewell. other voices less austere. ideas. the conclusion logical and irrefutable premise established in the metaphysical part of its system. to the ungrateful who despise it and forget it evoke in ourselves the thrill of the big tragic emotions. This is no longer the universal mercy that we . the influence of the philosophy of Schopenhauer on the arts.11 the universe and a doctrine of life. One who denies reality destroyed without noticing the evidence and existence moral dune any. we used consolation and support among the pain and the ties of this world. a poor soul without defence. because it is the invisible soul of Schopenhauer and presents. sub specie aeternitatis. and then seems to vanish. intellectual and sentimental of the world of the living. lurking on the waves in wrath. and so long-awaited glory. For these many reasons. directly. reached its peak. poets and the dilettantes also seek their motives. where Christian morality had designated us already ideal even of wisdom and happiness possible. despite all the negatives and all the revolts of human pride. moved to tears the famous reformer of modern thought. It presents of) read this very rare peculiarity: the homogeneity of practical morality. the pathos that surrounds it. calming. as much as the sublime sky appearance star. And it fits kids reason to rejoice deeply of the passenger disrepute that hits this immortal work.. as any manifestation of human genius. And this monumental work was accomplished through the extraordinary man who could proudly say: the same fact of the possibility of a moral law ence world lie set of selfishness. where the beloved returns to receive in a last Kiss. and powerful speculative theory which is the frame and the fundamental basis. and including the poem as well as music. the final farewell of him who did not survive the absence. but more hard. The crowd moves away from his tomb. weeping abandonment and his mistaken love.

on behalf of the brotherhood and mercy. Those who SDC books animated by a powerful blast of tragic anguish and sincere rebellion. a soul so tender and so pitiful.. the miserable fate of the slaves without number is the mournful and fatal ransom. which we have been promised some revenge. Frédéric Nietzsche is the idol of the day. if not licensed in philosophy and speculative thought. of the outcast. the germ of a fragile hope. is the case to say the glory of the famous philosopher rayon now in these distant. fashion today. indicating new paths which.. his struggles and his foolish pride. the ideas of Plato and Kant's noumenon. the work of Schopenhauer escapes the judgment of the ignorant crowd and the tyranny of the news. and don't want them on the other. politicians. If scrutiny of hedge results more lucid. at little dazzling twentieth century dawn. Woe to the humble! shame and contempt for those who succumb mainly to those who tend their hand. dreadfully old-fashioned. if you want to summarize in a brief form the ultimate teaching that comes out. which gives a value and meaning to life. the defeated. it should be to agree and there is the concept of nothingness something so hateful and alien to the deepest aspirations of the human soul that a stricter and more comprehensive analysis of the fateful conclusion to which the philosopher of pessimism was brought there perhaps discovers the makings of a possible reconciliation with the destiny. but this immense and beneficial power of moral orientation becomes anonymous and impersonal. the immortal work of the man of genius who continued the gigantic task of Kant. very slowly. statesmen and even the dreamers of the present time. on this great doctrine. the tragedy of fate renewed through the mirage of the centuries for the sole benefit of chosen few endless. addressed and sublime regions where the shouts. aggressive and superficial of hazardous evolutionism. but who always had the gift of tease us everything particularly. But it should be to abolish certain misunderstandings which still exist in the media more aware of the philosophical movement. nor for the solution of the most thrilling of the moral problems. will be able to lead the modern philosophy towards high destinies that are due and promised. And here I speak again of the elite of modern society. stamped forever alterations in this long period of struggle which had to undergo before itself to posterity. a magnanimous moralist in his revolt even. and pretend otherwise would be that an attempt to easy paradox. now will be of professional philosophers in the true sense of the word. once the illusion of time devastated like the others. . the bitter moralist and psychologist of the Aphorismes sur la vie . has dared to formulate clearly! Finally. as appears to us today. the noble and generous concern of the eternal mystery. sleep without dreams in Nirvana. its fratricidal struggles. Therefore. alone. Once more we see his victory. the metaphysician awesome world as will el as representation. because human brutes. the profound logician of the quadruple root of sufficient reason. not not have courage. leads to an absolute and radical life denial. it seems. but contempt and hatred of the poor. How a Platonist philosopher of Kantian tradition. insults and incense of the vulgar penetrate more in the icy and pure atmosphere where flourish and assert themselves again despite the denials. outdated and. CHAPTER III: NEGATION and AFFIRMATION of life The philosophy of Schopenhauer. those that really excite the great problems of ontology. which Schopenhauer was undoubtedly the representative the most characteristic and best gifted. with what sincere satisfaction we find this truth that nobody. And yet again. one of these unlimited perspectives it opens on the domain of the absolute and eternity. supreme appeasement. those who return to him among the tests and innumerable pains of the world.12 learn to cherish and to propagate. old-fashioned. However. It is more the great rest. which the deep tendencies are revealed that slowly. involving no pedantic concept of university degree diplomas or literature. won't be l point old-fashioned today? Yes. same events. Not that its influence is forever abolished: it has penetrated too deeply in the collective soul of our race so that abrupt changes in taste and ephemeral fashion destroy effects. This is indisputable and certain. but the joy well proclaim him high: the popularity of Arthur Schopenhauer is finished. she feels her old time. developing the initial theories of criticism with a philosophical intuition unparalleled force. Art and life kl belong to him!. manifestation of intellectual mediocrity in favor today. historically and instinctively knew this doctrine. which he understood better than anyone the nothingness and the infinite resources of oppressive cruelty. these two Queens exiled! Such is the ruthless law of the chirps new world chose. Finally! those somewhat competent. it merges with these mysterious principles of development and progress on humanity instinctively finds the strength to continue the fight without knowing the name and personality of those who first landed and established the principles of life in question. how a master who belongs already to the past you that Schopenhauer. but ardent research of first truths and the foreboding of the absolute. Such discovery would certainly point remain without profit for the human. real and faithful disciples of the master will be only caring now for his work. The Superman unleashes in the illusory world of reality its fierce selfishness. Zarathustra inspired thinkers and artists. but return the same suffering. though so far-sighted and deeply convinced of the initial pain of the world. the eternal pariah. The study presents has no other goal than to elucidate one of the aspects of the philosophy of pessimism. is no longer fashionable. the dream and reality. to use a vulgar expression that says what she wants to say.

where abyss of distress are growing in each. we sickly and miserable. more pathetic and most inspirational all misanthropists and all pessimistic. not subject to the report of consequences principle which is the law of any idea. space and the universal causation. If the study we undertake allowed us to observe the fiercest critic of mankind and conditions of existence where it develops. happiness or possible salvation. it takes us. is just a world of phenomena and appearances. while being pushed at the height of the lucid disenchantment. ardor and a force of incomparable Platonic dialectic. how the company that we indicate in a summary way appears yet difficult. When it re-reads the wonderful masterpieces metaphysical construction and harsh literary eloquence that constitute an almost unique effort in the history of human thought. and here is a man of genius is this courage and justifies the anathema it throws on the world by any doctrine of the universe. no reality. it is not a phenomenon. the thing in itself. crime. fateful. poignant. the very existence of the visible universe. or madness. the world as representation as it is reborn and dies with every creature who designs. The physical world whose ugliness. by carrying out. and which only remains in this world where everything goes. immeasurable. it seems that there will be the generally accepted conclusion with a blazing evidence. This tragic truth. The material is a true lie. the hardest and the most severe of awards and who dreamed of destroying the very principle of being in its last refuge. disappointing or exquisite. and understood that the ultimate truth lies precisely in the suffering and despair. or an object. to conceal the ultimate reality. that we assume known to the player. where everything is that despair. this torrent. already summarize the gigantic construction. cried. The appearance that offer the world comes from the constitution of our intelligence. This thing that philosophers. this first truth is called will. but we dare not yet proclaim out loud. there the despotic ascendant that it exerts on the spirits and souls.13 more brilliant. under the strong and admirable definition of the master. it is the inimitable accent of truth is palpitating. this flurry of perishable phenomena. cruelty. under the vain arabesques (sensitive skins so quickly dissipated in the breath of time which is itself that a supreme illusion. Because what there is. never indictment more tragic or more inflamed not was erected against the injustice. the outer universe that seems to us the only reality is that the apparent world. since the iron law of universal determinism surrounds it on all sides. el under the multicolored frame the visions it causes. by a deep and original philosophy. the show filled already with bitterness and melancholy soul of the old HeraclitusPoint of object without subject. Kant. After Plato. remains ruthlessly truefair and persuasive. it is that his description of the world and countless evils that overwhelm him. forever linked by the bonds of time. the truthful wanting everything proceeds and to which all comes down. if we see mome at Schopenhauer trending invincible and unnoticed by himself toward a happiness impossible a notion of the joy that it attracts and the tent despite him. or an idea. the illogic and the brutality of this horrible world we live in our terrestrial exile. The only will is free. It is the eternal. among the splendors of the Suns. the future work that will find its expression final in this monument of speculative thought entitled The World as Will and Representation. infinite. Because the laws that attest us. apart from the appearance in the perishable creatures. Berkeley. innate how any creature of our species must represent things. These few lines taken randomly in the Treaty of free will. the single Substance whose only name has changed. and cosmic systems that gravitate to the routes of the infinite. but a thing in itself. the immutable. Descartes. by wear not on the principles. the consequences of this simple observation can be significant and are indeed. sharpness and intuitive evidence. the mysterious. Schopenhauer proclaimed this truth fundamental. a relative truth. are only the conditions under which we participate in the illusion and the mystery of being. the bottom hidden being and life. at the same time. the species of fascination that draws to its formidable depths the unfortunate who have suffered. forms a priori the principle of sufficient reason. In itself. in the man of genius who pronounced on the suffering of the world. the mysterious noumenon which Kant denied to our slave race the power of an intuition. But he wakes up at the moment supreme licensing and visions of his dream vanish immediately. but he fixed forever in a lasting form of clarity. But as immediate consequence of this assumption that is a truth of first evidence. so tyrannical power. that there are wonderful and sublime in Schopenhauer. no continuity. as is the great principle of eternal idealism that Schopenhauer himself after his glorious predecessors. Should join in support of Celtic assertion a few quotes that wake up in remembrance of the admirers of the master the emotions to void other peers of their first readings? This world with all its phenomena is the objectification of the will. wonderful and terrible in this table to the immense human misery. the will. certainly. hostility and blind omnipotence us overwhelm the world force and matter. an approximate same understanding of a fleeting vision. Not. starting point and deep of his doctrine repeatedly. in this reflux. so there is only one will. wonderful and terrible world which we are part. it has no stability. planets and the milky way are just confusing and precise images both from the infinite dream that continues this eternal dreamer called the human mind. source with eloquence. in itself the world is that will. of initial terror of existence. almost impossible! First. . on those roads to learning leading to no port of tranquility. we had interview it all. material. Thence the great thrill of Shakespearean horror that it causes. While all the splendor and all overwhelming quantities that radiate in the path of the stars. if the survey we would like to outline briefly. thinkers and sages of all time and of all races have really cl anxiously sought among the ghosts of the material reality. but on the findings of the metaphysical system of Schopenhauer.

with power and splendour of this dialectic the eloquence that illuminates the immortal pages of The World as Will and Representation. so relaxing and so beautiful investigations among the fierce precision of Science and the distressing pettiness of determinism. but whatever! Any explanation of the world. dune metaphysical truth that is well worth the truth of experimental sciences. it can be said that. identity is it. Because if Schopenhauer shows us a series of dazzling analyses and of eloquent descriptions of teaching that the will is the essence of the world. any more than to Herbert Spencer bringing the same design of gasoline of the world to the concept of Force. Creator and evocative of the Cosmos. the initial cause of the being will. Note also that the dilemma of this report. the pessimism there shall be no catch on its trends and intimate beliefs. Read or Cousin. he enters yet as much as his predecessors in these regions of arbitrary and unreal including cloud beauties sublime and pathetic are beyond any rational assessment. or else his frustration becomes the supreme wisdom. With the philosophy that teaches us that Kant's noumenon. it causes even. this will password is chosen due to lack of better. analyzed. cruel and hateful. if it deems the pessimism a doctrine also incomplete and also unacceptable that optimism uncompromising Leibniz. drunkenness and the pleasure the excitement and charm. the metaphysician who tells us: here is the explanation of the world that seems to solve the difficulties and troubling mystery. when a philosopher says that the thing in itself. particularly as it merges with the object of this study. everything that surrounds us and everything throbs in us protest and revolts. Relations imposed on us with the overwhelming immensity of the world and all to be. Alternatively. But if he considers the purpose that the ultimate reality seems to wrap with the vague and uncertain criterium of human morality.: when he pronounces a verdict of moral order on the essence of being. and rebuilt in countless different ways. and its value is measured by the amount of phenomena which he explains. We pronounce his sentence. Yes. their ideas. it is legitimate. on this world of the invisible. source of being. But if he continues his demonstration until you want to establish an absolute between want and suffering. much more important than people think in general. is provided by the doctrine of Schopenhauer. many times. each major system of the universe. if she refuses to abdicate the illusion. and our capacity for suffering on joy. life seems good and desirable. and should insist on this issue. atomism Fichte than the subjective self. always incomplete image. It has usual. their legal nature render refractory for the initial tendency of one of these two great doctrines. but whose metaphysical foundations are very certainly legitimate than those of materialism. when Schopenhauer identifies the desire to live. despite the genius of Schopenhauer. understood. Also. to deride quite tut-tutting the classic division of the faculties of rallies in three clearly .) The metaphysician retraces us a world Image. how will he manage to convince us. Here is the principle of being and thought. with suffering. said to have experienced. but always beneficial and lucid. if our entire being aspiring to happiness. really. the metaphysician remains within its legitimate sphere of action and noble independence. and when he develops his thesis. greatness and sustainability even resident philosophy. since it establishes in principle of intelligibility universal one of the mysterious forces including the hierarchy escapes us. inaccessible to human judgement. since it corresponds to one of the major observations of experimental sciences. in a rational and precise manner. we cannot no probative objection. without exceeding the rights which assigns to each of us the beneficent Faculty of metaphysical reverie. readily confused with unpleasant paradoxes. the original Source from which springs the torrent events and stuff. the fatalism of the laws may appear as two different aspects and antithetical. i. singularly difficult to establish in conceivable terms.e. as said Schopenhauer. this dilemma is likely that two solutions that come down necessarily all others: pessimism or optimism. the universe may be designed. acceptable in any case. Acut convince us that everything is only pain and disappointment in this world. (I choose here bias the sample of a doctrine of subjective idealism having the gift to exasperate the bourgeois logic and especially vulgar minds. There. it is point and cannot be other. the prospective absolute. the effects. all the taunts and all baffles critics remain powerless to destroy his work. despite its terrifying truth that contains its doctrine. each great philosophical doctrine contains truth. And neither optimism nor pessimism can be refuted to an absolute rebuttal and they can convince those that their temperament. no other such. Because its philosophical enlightens us and we commented the universe. If our soul refuses to believe that life is an evil. we in the problematic nature that revotent its ambitious and grandiose.e. Moreover. and the hypothetical nature of this new attempt is in way diminishes in our eyes the profound significance and the greater truth. opponents of monism and assumptions remain beautiful and fertile. Leibniz as a dynamic and spiritualist at once. always provisional solution. it more amenable to discussion. we will find certainly no compelling argument that can refute its system. he cannot incur no kid blame on the part of proponents of dualism. or we regard bad. Once again. the ultimate goal and issuing single and without return. especially if the ultimate verdict by the philosopher is a conviction against which Nature and Instinct of the soul. inevitably incomplete. he brings an unknown solution to the eternal Riddle. It cannot be said of the innate tendency at any philosopher and who encouraged him to establish a relationship of mutual influence and immediate reaction between the metaphysical principle of the world and our ephemeral sensitivity of narrow and fragile creatures. triumph and joy. An example very characteristic of this truth. nowadays. It is worth living. i. and prove that he is wrong.14 Against this definition of the Essence of the world no critical reserve cannot prevail. that the whole universe in its first reality is that desire.

Similarly. if it asserts itself in immortal pages that are among the most perfect productions of the master. must be really as defined the poet from Parerga and Paralipomena. Book III. corresponds to human sensibility. in Hemstertuis. leads to this definition if clear. as a result. They are for us the first manifestation of the essence of the world. such that have developed it innate psychic Organization Forms and the reactions exerted on it the incomprehensible universe. origin and goal of Art. No classification adapts better to the truth itself. While it is nice to make a new method or an unknown truth. known. and deeper in the human will. the tumult of events. separate Faculty of the intelligence and the will. CHAPTER IV: THE spell of beauty The definition of beauty. The sensitivity. if it is an imitated strong. and that was without any doubt the most powerful genius of antiquity. thoughts and human feelings is covered whole. Aesthetics is the science which corresponds to the sensitivity. All of the reactions of the quivering me despite him multiple storms of the senses. if little known. understand or want life. this chapter of aesthetics which is certainly one of the most extraordinary parties of Schopenhauer's masterpiece. is that essentially is that the idea which is its object.. The main merit of Schopenhauer as a theorist of beauty. we will provide a few decisive in support of the thesis that we would like to develop ourselves and who will perhaps provide the system of the grand philosopher in a new light. compelling and unforgettable: the artistic genius considered as such objects are the eternal ideas. persistent and critical world forms. the change of epochs. such as the presents Schopenhauer in his aesthetic. by a similar harmony. given el accepted metaphysics of will. Die Welt als Wille: it is necessary to support the opinion of Plato which recognizes own to ideas existence and which gives to things located in time and space (i. whose fortune him fast and bright. systems of the neo-Platonists. As he says himself in the chapter entitled the independent representation of the principle of desire. but careful of the conclusions. is expressed in the history of the three basic sciences which lead the three initial trends that some scientific popularization works were somewhat discredited. by isolating each of these faculties with a superficial and stupid formalism. while in the reality they complement each other and connect into a living synthesis. all of this is that accidental form. which is the inventor (the word: aesthetic. but singularly lacking basic education. you can feel. Hegel and Kant. we may say. endless enthusiasm where his elect draw inspiration. Gold. Good old philosophical into three distinct groups Science division is the number of these unjustly dedaignees beneficial truths and a quick study. S cycle sensations. Herder. but above all of the admirable Plotinus. invincible and unalterable youth in this world where everything goes. But it is point here of a discovered any. since the reason finds in it the satisfaction of this ardent need for universal unity which torments and fragmentary science can give Baumgarten himself. always pure and immutable. it is sometimes useful to recall certain truths. we struck not by the novelty or the absolute originality.. the intermediate principles between the primordial unity which all proceeds and emanates and the changing multiplicity of phenomena. This is a beautiful discovery. German philosopher of the eighteenth century. artistic genius and the living Ideal. at Salzer)Mengs. if different depending on the country and the centuries. in good faith and in all philosophical seriousness. people are very sincerely that this term so popular today. even assuming that it is nothing else than the dune Force psychic and any immanent manifestation. felt or wanted by the perishable creature who contemplates a few moments changing mirages. none match. in a way more accurate and more sagacious. And at Baumgarten. intelligence and the will. which reflects in his intimate essence and highest inspirations. is that it proceeds directly from general conception of the world and the destiny and that. in Schiller. seeking always to a new purpose. which are necessary to Schopenhauer in the regions of the metaphysics of pure as well as in those of aesthetics and morality. the reason and the moral sense form the living unity of the individual. of the soul and the spirit. no other definition of Art is possible. latest Science also. under pretext of innovation and modernity. so much so that some estimable. Yes. everything that the individual considers as real) no more reality than ghosts or to dreams and it adds further: the idea is objectivity the most perfect of the will. We know all Platonic sense that Schopenhauer. aesthetics relates to the whole of his philosophical doctrine. But the Art stops the wheel of time. finally. . that of every creative instinct. the history of humanity. This definition involved also.e. and. relationships disappear for him. this giant of speculative thought. ethics or morality expresses what there is more noble. and that can afford to price reduced by opening any school philosophy textbook. forms of human life. suggestive and deep definitions have deepened and substantially determined the notion of the beautiful and the psychological mechanism of creation and aesthetic pleasure.15 differentiated groups: sensitivity '. obviously. deep theories mystical emanation as they grow in cloudy and sublime of the Alexandrian school. If the world is really identical to that which Schopenhauer traces us the tragic and grandiose vision. It remains okay with the primordial principles of the Science du Beau. assigns to the eternal ideas. and admirable. various modes of our present life. metaphysics is rational by excellence science. the phenomenon of wrinkled in which is adequate will objectivity. This way of understanding the hierarchy of the universal forces and the meaning of ideas also very logically derives least as a theoretical study of the creative faculty that . appointed time the study of beauty and art . The world can be designed. very old already but we forget too often. And finally. the theory of Art and beauty that Schopenhauer was built with a talent for dazzling writer and that no professional litterateur will never equal perhaps.

but they cannot compete with the radical innovation qualities that distinguish. it expresses the essence of the being. sustainability and charm. blind suction and insatiable lust that is will. of the radical negation of happiness and joy.16 And once again. veiled with tears or filled with horror. to void other alike. for example. fateful and imperishable illusions where the living creatures and the countless worlds of cosmic systems draw strength and an obligation to continue their pointless and tragic pilgrimage roads of infinity and eternity. Nobody has expressed more forcefully. harmful and lamentable desire penetrate us admiration. suffering and hardship of the universal existence. and all that they give to the human soul. But where Schopenhauer is really incomparable. Art is really higher than life. long before him. the thing in itself of Kant. the greatness. mysterious and elusive. concrete. which is called a work of art. fine arts. consolation and courage. so most appalling. Kant and in Hegel. Holiness. the thing in itself. Therefore. certainly. Because it is this negation leads all sincere pessimism. Art radiates and soars above the misery. And we would easily find ourselves similar initial aspirations in Lessing. rise anxiously towards the pure light that it spreads on this world of slavery and the ineffable gift of moral appeasement. in Ruskin. because it allows you to forget it. in a work of imagination. albeit momentary. a grandiose emotion. the mysterious noumenon. at Richard Wagner or Taine.e. very definitely. all the system purely metaphase Schopenhauer. penetrates and sanctify our poor wounded hearts. in the August of beauty and mysterious concept. this cannot be done by a change in the subject. All the arguments of Schopenhauer come down to this purely arbitrary axiom: we have as individuals any knowledge that is subject to the principle of sufficient reason this form excludes the knowledge of the Platonic ideas: it follows that if we are able to speak of knowledge of particular things to that of ideas. eloquently and engineering the spell that emerges from this supreme conquest: beauty perfect. it reveals the secret Fund of nature. indignation. vain and fruitless effort toward an impossible happiness. fuller and more real than the vain ghosts of material existence place with our eyes the annoying and pathetic drafts. It is a more powerful reproduction and more exact of the Platonic ideas where to objective will. the highest traditions of Kantian idealism. fierce pursuit of the characteristicthe general and the universal symbolized and understood its essence deep and intimate. Yes. of healing. eloquence pine stronger and more sober at the time. all this is more than a memory whose melancholy shadows blend gradually with the ghosts to the calm and distant smile whose Art evokes to our eyes the age-old theory. placing with absolute pessimism. wisdom. a symbol of the Essence world's living. harmony and perfection absent in the real world or supposedly such. most truthful. We call on the Art of being the faithful mirror of reality. sort of intermediary between the reality of this world and the mysterious world of the beyond. with eloquence and bitter intensity Schopenhauer brought in all and that make his work so alive and so moving. expression. is that pain. Schopenhauer proves nothing. sincerity of most moving focus. the absolute manifesting in this singular phenomenon. If the desire to live is an evil. synthesized. how can the faithful reproduction of this cursed. . and that all sophistries and all paradoxes will fail to abolish. image (the absolute)joy and enchantment of earthly exile. But the metaphysics of Schopenhauer has taught us. the existence can act on our soul as a beneficent and renovator principle? Nobody. more complete and more eloquent imperishable model including human beings and things in this world we are uncertain and insufficient copies of clumsy imitations. our despair. all illustrious masters who created the science of the beautiful and called her from new destinies so bright that it maybe today exceeds the expectations of those who have discovered her once. our remorse. the goal of Liberation. The aesthetics of the master pessimistic only reissue in a new form. our disappointments. our cruel. is in the sublime pages he devotes to the Mission of immortal Art. at least. the nobility. his concept of the universe el his ontology. more than any other. And the will. and radiating the one and the other to the distant regions of the absolute ideas. the essence of the world lies in the principle of life and suffering. and by that same. perhaps. cruelty and lies to live. Among the dazzling and pathetic visions aroused by his genius. in some image. With eloquence. Intuitive. I confess however that they have never managed to convince me. all these reflections of general aesthetics are of great beauty and intellectual power worthy of the philosopher of genius who seem to have inherited. and bruised at each step in any real life that they give him comfort of hope. That. Person expressed with a more persuasive emotion. Our sorrows. had thought about the strange phenomena of aesthetic pleasure. and the effort of engineering the defeat and destroy it. where he spoke really new and profound words whose remembrance will point disappear and which changed profoundly our understanding of beauty. appeasement and this kind of moral well-being that is the result and the reward of the creation or aesthetic contemplation? There is certainly a contradiction that has escaped so far countless commentators of the great German philosopher. read and re-read the extraordinary masterpiece that is called the world as will el as representation more often than the author of these lines. Our looks. the bases of any aesthetic rational and worthy of the name. of divine forgetfulness. if it persists in wanting to define the mystery of Art. before it in passing. healing and Consolation that artist should continue above all. the fundamental insights of those who. our heartbreaking regret. i. fiery and painful research. Arguments that Schopenhauer detractors against me are known. its moral will result in an absolute negation of life. how the image enlarged. exiled. there where it is more than all of his predecessors. It is the source of disappointing. eternity hug by a perishable creature.

As a mystery is one fact like any other. some psychological apperception. That emotion exists. Similarly. in this release of egotism resident greatness. we will answer perhaps. a pattern of appeasement. a fragment of the being in the ontological acceptance of the word. being and non-being. Participating more in the atrocious tragedy of existence where once itself played its role-(and this role is still that of a dupe or a victim regardless of the finery and illusory grandeur or ephemeral wealth which underlie the human comedy performers. we did not discuss a fact. original source of the world. With the quiet pleasure of undying selfishness. issued by all other dependencies. The explanation appears plausible. the sentimental tranquility and vibrant joy as a cry of issuance it provides.17 It is this change that are precisely the mystery and the magic spell of immortal Art. in their three main classifications: time. We also believe that in us and around us all is that mystery. it is necessary that this soul are a conscious life. our leads suffers more. mystical areas just to achieve this issued soul contemplates torture and sterile efforts of his aniciens companions in captivity. without it point possible miracle. We are not thinking to deny that there are mysterious and disturbing in the sudden flowering of beauty blossomed suddenly among the eyesores. it becomes a topic purely knowing. However. as well as the world as representation exists. why the dazzling and fatal vision of the world arose from the abyss of nothingness. space and causality are what they are and that they could be different? questions found at the base of any doctrine of ontology. who lead and dominate the world. as well as the the most intransigent pessimist must admit the existence of this world that he cursed and in which he sees a fabric mirages. the living problem of aesthetic beauty and creative zeal. How. likewise the artist evokes nether one world shadow. The aesthetic emotion is a fact and a result of immediate intuition. How linked yet to all the philosophical pessimism doctrine. cherish it. The miracle of Art and beauty occurs suddenly. worry devouring the personal happiness of the disappointing and petty ambition where flourishes the bitter essence of me. a principle of healing and joy? The joy is absent from this absurd and hateful world. now absorbed in deep contemplation of the object that is offered to him. vexatious and without scope criticism. Certainly. And. the denial. suffering. as a product of me otherwise as its first cause. It must be admitted. if it is evil absolute and radical. nobility. unfathomable why the will manifests itself as a representation. We will never know why the being exists. Even that Divine intelligence created the world on the model of the eternal ideas. darkness and storms of this world. It is the same then the slave who broke his chains. since Grand forces and eternal ideas). even in power otherwise act. subject to laws and innate forms of the human intellect. its reproduction in the masterpieces of Art can become beneficial. dilemmas disappointing or tragic. We must bless him. will become for us a cause of moral development. rational. It is the knowledge that freed the will service.' The soul that loses itself in aesthetic contemplation is free from the bondage of selfishness. the mysterious moment of aesthetic emotion. forever doomed to suffering that he dreads and desires both? The reasoning of the vulgar. He must accept it as the essential premise that makes possible the work of the artist and the joy of one who contemplates his work. And this definition of Art. something unpleasant that we appear the horrible common sense. but sublime spectacle.our intelligence in enjoys now as a morose and scary. These conditions do not eliminate the shadowy side of the phenomenon that escapes or that seems to escape the law of causality and sufficient reason. in its intimate depths. The subject then ceased to be purely individual. insoluble conundrum. the eternal prototypes of phenomena. under the fatal yoke of universal determinism. since it brings us deduction deduction to an anathema without thanks to a final sentence of life? How can we accept that the contemplation of these Platonic ideas that remain in a thinker of tradition also essentially idealistic as Schopenhauer. But if the desire that Art expresses contains really no element of joy and perfection. the charity of art. even if its sufficient reason escapes us. admiration or terror a distraught soul. whatever? This is the thrilling puzzle. It is the living symbol of its conducive and beneficial action. if the consequence of this assumption seems contradictory. the same contemplation entirely selflessly of his omnipotence and prestige can provide the spiritual benefits which the productions of genius are so profuse. the yoke and the customary anxiety of the will. this definition is admirable. pain and disappointment. to deploy their omnipotence. yet again. is quite convincing when he opposed to the aesthetics of Schopenhauer a compelling objection. it is based on a contradiction logic and speculative obvious. . Such a requirement would lead us too far and in ways of subtlety where the human spirit not strayed that too long once in a past of pedantry and discard philosophy. how and why to proclaim that the contemplation of ideas. Unnecessary distinction. almost irrefutable to intransigent pessimists. Art takes one who savors the voluptuousness to the regions of . worship him for this grace of oblivion it awards among the disappointments and sorrows of life. their invincible passion and their countless wonders. or simply to read discussion of the phenomenon of the aesthetic emotion cannot give any appreciable results. But even that recognizes the existence of a mystery. is that sterile desire. For a miracle enters enthusiasm. What right do you hope lu make conquest sacred to the same sources of this universe cursed and incomprehensible. it recognizes also the conditions that govern its appearance among the shadows and rays of the existence. but they allow us to think and to talk on a mode that has a meaning and a precise meaning. source of being and the immediate reflection of the desire to live. But the will. desirable and sacred. why finally these forms. Or. because the essence of being is expressed whole. more harmonious that one physical appearances. since the will which is that suffering becomes a principle of appeasement and beauty on the studied through the prism of Art. we will always repeat. that exists yet as representation otherwise as will and appearances.

the joy is not only a principle limiting or purely negative. a compact darkness of a stormy night allows us to proclaim with joy the day and light reign over the world. there are in its moral unrivalled serenity. a stop in the desert of the earthly existence. even if we equate it u a quick Flash. Some glimmers of calm and truce. Fiction and poetry. its cold. All this is true. and little human looks it will be even noticed. the enthusiasm that she made hatch and throb. slave of the bitter and painful desire to live. rapture and joy are possible in this world. an hour of respite granted sparingly by the executioner to victims can be likened to a full pardon. a few minutes of rest and oblivion. truth and pathetic. tension. and that gives us the first argument necessary to the development of the thesis which this study continues the solution. soon resumed the top and revenge is still glowing. logical and compelling of its system of the universe and its general design world. a fleeting vision who faints at the moment when our hands. thousand times no. allows us to live so ardent rhythm and enjoy life with such intensity that the spell of Art would already suffice to justify the absolution of the world and life. prove us yet that other sources of happiness. That clarity and a rather childish. moral life. and love to the sense. according to the beautiful words of the great Shakespeare. better than anyone. to a conquest. It remains no less radically harmful. And a cordial revives the courage of the convicted person who is going to die or that a narcotic beverage grants to the poor who killed sleep. religious and mystical from the word. altruism. We will see the great pessimist conclude the dune possibility elicits more durable. Already. his visions of horror. And Art. the moralist and philosopher. appeasement and oblivion. the sublime and beneficent. The work and action of engineering are ephemeral and fragile. mean-spirited and hateful. it is short-lived. the divine illusion of Art allows us to escape for an hour to the dreadful yoke of reality. the Arts peaceful and forgiving human misery and. anxiety and anguish. effort and invincible aspiration toward an unknown goal. at the same time where the storm and darkness we envelop and overwhelm us from all sides? No.18 oblivion and the dream. the fundamental disagreement which exists between it and invincible selfishness all be living. of course. despite the charm. and the big question that rises from the beginning of a rational ethic. the efficient goodness and this ineffable sweetness that they spread in the wounded souls. one who proclaims the nothingness and fundamental to be cruelty . drunkenness what verse in our captive souls. once his anger calmed down. but the rays of the morning seem on the horizon. does not prove anything against the essential premise of pessimism. our universe is point forever nullify or cursed. aesthetics and sociology in which Schopenhauer develops his conception of the world and experience of life. that both chains were bruised. and worthy of the verdict without appeal that made the wise of all time and of all races. to the eternal question: is life worth living? Schopenhauer responds again with a negation of fierce.since being is that desire. supreme form of the faculty to feel life. However. tests and cruel pain. The hearing of the most perfect masterpiece eventually generate a sense of weariness. and that the effort is synonymous with pain. is not an arbitrary and artificial construction. as well as the light of a diamond hidden treasure of a miser radiates a discreet flame. irrefutable evidence reasoning yet. but a reality. the magic and the quivering beauty of the dream. . If the aesthetics of Schopenhauer is distinguished by numerous and striking beauties. the ecstasy of contemplation Faints. in spheres addressed of ethics and in the philosopher of The World as Will and Representation . Because of its intensity. so that it penetrates of ecstasy. That could answer us illustrated master himself. A review impartial moral pessimistic. it exhausts and fatigue soul who enjoys his favors. but the consequence. Divine illusion dissipates. In areas less fiery but more serene. life is not entirely bad and harmful. Rapid flashes of artistic emotion succeeds the pale dawn of eternal love. a nobility of accent. charity. The aesthetic emotion. a luminous wisdom that inspire a kind of admiration respectful. a moment in the dark prison of the cosmic existence. suffering. rapture and moved gratitude. the most sublime in this world. it's all dune deep psychological observation as most of the comments of morality. are preparing to grab it. require that ecstasy. ephemeral. But no one disputes this brevity and the fragility of the emotions aroused by the artistic genius. But lightning which dissipates during the Phantasmagoria of a few seconds. but real (we cannot repeat it too often). the spell is broken. night. more perfect. despite so much pain. yet this light exists also! CHAPTERS V: PESSIMISTIC MORAL NOBILITY AND OMNIPOTENCE OF PITY. more harmonious than that whose artistic genius gave us the invaluable benefit. he was still among us and he deigned to defend his doctrine against objections raised here one of the most enthusiastic admirers? The aesthetic joy is only a respite granted by the fatality to the burdened of weariness and suffering creatures. to a win fugitive and very brief. as Schopenhauer erected it in dazzling doctrine of strength. the transient joy whose art is the sacred source appear to us as to the facts of a undeniable truth metaphysical and psychic. its terrors and its darkness still reign over the world. ephemeral glow. yet well inexhaustible soil. obtained on the universal pain. the pathetic and delicious voluptuousness of the absolute glimpsed a moment in the intuition of perfect beauty. No. Me tyrannical. the pessimism is forced to recognize that the sensitivity in its highest manifestation results by creating and aesthetic contemplation. this joy indefinable and mysterious that the Master tragic yet said forever absent and banned the world where we live our exile. he knew portray us the nobility.

it suffers from their pain and sorrow instead of the selfish. eloquence. find it us always possible to reduce to nothing not a simple and disdainful denial. in the eyes of reason. wanted to embrace everything in order to understand everything are we able to love something else that we human blade is likely a postage of individualism? having to choose between our personal happiness and the happiness of others. it nevertheless is develop always as a scary and tragic dilemma as a formidable question the soul to the universe. love and mercy. Regardless of the party that will definitively adopt the humanity in this great debate open for centuries. mysterious through which we see the line of demarcation that. is it open or closed to others. and the suave efficiency of the dedication. applies to itself during the morose and pathetic masterpiece where the author Parerga and Paralipomena. ennoble and defeat the hostile nature. The only pity is the real basis of any free justice and any real charity. that one does distinguish between himself and others. between black me and that of the next. as much as the beauty of the sky star. in the fundamental principles which he claims and that he performs. also during the events by bas. a Hegel or a Schopenhauer will is back as well as the anguish of the most humble human creature devoid of education and culture. he enjoys their joys as of joys. practically denies the reality of others pity is this amazing fact. improve. Other schools may arise and propose to the centuries to come the new solutions of the eternal problem. both. indoor flowering. first of all. the non become somehow me. No one spoke more eloquently of the voluptuousness of the fever. finds the solution. fade and disappear. One who acknowledged the identity of all human beings (and Celtic identity is obvious to Schopenhauer and his disciples. which between himself el the other the biggest difference and taking its individual for only real. completely separates one being from another. cosmic pessimism. it is necessary. While the orders of any other doctrine of morality. even the categorical imperative of Kant can be tracked if they get our assent to an act of faith. all the riches and all the illusions of this world which he made us understand the lie and nothingness. No moralist. in modern times nor in antiquity. Whatever the beauty of eloquence. cruel and poignant puzzle? But the monism of Arthur Schopenhauer. celebrated the benefits. and vulgar name provides to his elect. because if everything is that desire. What could therefore answer the admirable and candid Kant. and this problem is necessary for our consideration in any legal alternative. ethics of Schopenhauer is the consequence so logical and compelling conception of the world. so passionately and so painfully sought. we paint Bliss. well certainly. it seems impossible to refute the austere and sublime morality whose master command us the fulfillment and respect if one is unable to refute first and very victoriously all of his philosophy. cannot withstand the attacks of the most vulgar doubt. the diversity of human beings is only a mirage more in this world where all fainted). of all the virtues that lend a value and a supreme meaning to life with more conviction. Wonderful intuition of engineering! the focus of eternity really resonates in the voice of the great philosopher. Alfred Foullee wonders with anguish in one of the most beautiful chapters of this masterpiece called the Future of Metaphysics: the will. if not repeat an order whose categorical nature seems to lose more and more its arbitrary persuasion power and which require a leap of faith of the soul that he sanctifies. for the one who admits the system of Schopenhauer in his starting point and its inevitable developments. Remember the sublime lyrics in their simplicity which indicate point of view to which moves Schopenhauer. With the moral of Schopenhauer vanish the living hope and the possibility even a moral rational. sadness and the horrors of the eternal struggle between selfishness and duty. Indeed. In a Word. that it meets the polling that will. the greatest philosophical genius of modern times and the eternal time skeptic who do not find him even the notion of this Act of duty. able to modify. having never heard of the categorical imperative. Nothing like this to fear for the disciple of . the greatness. whose splendour moved to tears. ineffable appeasement than the science of good morals. can we sacrifice the subjective interest. If humanity nasty and unfortunate not heard advice from this inspired voice that seems to really tell us about the other shore. is the unselfishness possible. the opposition essential between selfishness and selflessness. the bottom of selfishness which in appearance is the very essence of the will? Practical conflict between your individuality and my individuality asserts itself at every step in a life and it is on the solution of the conflict that we can and that we must establish the idea of the good. there is more than to despair of his destiny and ultimate triumph of justice. finally aware of his slavery and its origin. to call it sacred. sacrifice. the most abstract metaphysical speculations than a Kant. loving or indifferent? Is this the final peace or war which she wears in her womb the invisible germ? Formidable dilemma. and who was however. which is the reinforcement and justification of any morals worthy of the name. yes or no? Is it selfishness or the love of neighbour which symbolizes truth as the ultimate bottom of the will? The question of morality is all whole el resides only in the solution that our doctrine of life brings. who has just set in a few lines the ancient and invincible problem of the moral law. fades and disappears in theory. force persuasive and engineering. illustrated by thinker of Pure reason? Nothing. or the wisdom of the advice of sacrifice and self-denial we give the moralists of schools and various trends. share and fighting the empire of souls and the direction of the spirits. but no one has found the accents d wisdom more haughty and more touching. for the grandiose building of its morality on the ruins of all goods. in its elements and its all. charity. if it appears to each conflict in practice. from the ' intimate and profound joy that accompanies the aesthetic emotion. if it is called resolve from the beginning of his investigation on morality.19 almost fearful and intimidated. More haughty.

If our enemies. austere and imperishable doctrine.e. the event in . since one who suffers. poverty. despite all the zeal and all the goodwill of the neophyte usual pitfall of all systems ' morals. Lying and selfishness. our fraternal care were cured. Art. so all who suffer. we relish the unexpected. and how this eternal miracle of love stronger than pain can it surprise us. But the feeling. the second opens hospital at the creature stamped that accepts and chooses to invariable star in the sky of its destinies. tomorrow dashed into the night without an alarm clock endless opportunities. as well as a profound unity of origin guidance and substance connects us into the abyss of the absolute to those who are fighting or who persecute us. we'll deposit a tears of blood. violence. self-sacrifice.but as inevitable and logical consequenc esuch as assimilation scientific. what is really subject to the disappointing illusion. but undeniable and certain powers. deliver us chains of necessity and universal selfishness. all enemy destiny perfidy. is first and foremost a foolish. abandoned us. It is we ourselves who suffer. can quench the burning thirst which devours them. it ignited the arid soil of the reality of the unknown sources where our souls altered happiness. Indeed. loving an ideal of Holiness inaccessible to the vulgar. In identifying our self with that of everything that exists. fled love. generous soul and sublime love. the cruelest of the tests. each injury. most dearly beloved. u defeat and all betrayals of fate. hope and joy. since the will of the individual is fined advance pain. the philosophy of the will singularly enlarges the mean-spirited horizon and terminal of our miserable destiny. of fragile. the Act austere duty. we would have paid them we same one day. from purely mystical character and that can not happen. to the days of absolute selfishness affects our souls with a less overwhelming weight. On the road the Mystic initiation and the supreme issue. With delight. really loving. That is not all. as all are just changing forms. ennobled. the disappointing shadows of selfishness dissipate. know this. The veil rises. fades and disappears. and hate exercise against us their fratricidal fury. But all the tears we save our fellow. formidable. they seem to decrease and turn off. as the first impression of contempt and the felony. our charity. Thus. Now. who seem hostile. the appalling stupidity of hatred and the fight appear to us in all the horror they deserve. triumphant. if the same wish to live. u able as our goodness. who is dying or who cries and that we rescue. appeasement and resurrection. the ability and desire of necessary sacrifice. the fragile and ephemeral happiness in this world. consolation and peace. the voluptuousness of appeasement and the joy of recovery. our own and immense misery that we have pity? Is it futile as perfidy. our reason will bow to the breath of a strong flax and the irreparable. what is the soul able to regret a single moment the ransom which it pays the happiness of the beloved that life away from us forever? And it is in vain than physical suffering. if they are not yet and whose destiny is confused yet with our relation to the philosopher. Little u little. mediate objectivations of the eternal will. But if we learn that the beloved creature. it is we who exist in these beings countless. is led to adopt the conclusions and moral trends. our torturers or our persecutors are happy. since it is itself that strikes his anger and his own weapons turned against him. The villain. more essentially liberator still appears. develop and assert themselves in a series of altruistic acts. gives us as much as the victim undergoing suffering.20 Schopenhauer. it is in vain that human beings the most expensive. who despair that aspire to an impossible Ideal of happiness and perfection. fundamental do all beings in the transcendent will. identifying our self with our companions in misfortune and earthly exile. purified and understood. perjury in his oaths. i. our faculties to suffer. so essential difference between record me and other living creatures. rational and complete philosophy of the will. ingratitude. We discover endless resources of consolation. logical and clear symbol of unity.I selected specially. under the indifferent of distant stars look by making our heart in unison with that of the whole of nature. for a few brief moments of enthusiasm and ecstasy. that we despise. similar to the ghosts of the night with the approach of the day. as an example. immemorial and inexhaustible eternal moral source more efficient. Decrease each pain we soothed our lot of terrestrial sadness and tragic tribute we pay all the misfortune. social slavery. their Bliss compensates us in spades from evil they hope impose us. once an enemy and a foreigner is an another ourselves as sacrificing for him. it opens to our looks stupid. yet well partial. it is in our distress we just help. mysterious and sacred among all of the good. abandonment. to the possibility. where they draw a force of renewal and a forgotten power l) viewed sustainable than the Art itself is the provider. but enlarged. and destined to become our enemies. of the mercy. our faculty. every misfortune that we had the happiness to relieve changes for us as a token of hope. source of all sentences and all the events in this world.. not as a result of an inner conversion. truth. we despise and we brave. one that seemed. our sweetness and our need for brotherhood and benevolence. Faints. conquest of bitterly contested by the countless suffering and evil. disease. fate loses more and more its power of oppression. name-calling and forgetfulness of self grow in us. in his despair. while the wise. forgiveness. us ignore or betray us . His spell beneficial and conducive frees us momentarily from the bondage of individualism. and prosperous. vitality and indomitable effort throbs in all human beings. -We will suffer martyrdom. we will reach the bottom of pain and human humiliation. All proselytizing this high. the same principle of enthusiasm. treasures more precious than all material wealth and whose theoretical pessimism denied in the past. defends on the contrary our own happiness and our own cause. happy. from the moment on solemn where a moral life begins for us. this inept and inexorable yoke to which we were subject without reservations. the aesthetic emotion is the first step.

*** The second cycle of mystical initiation is crossed by the disciple of Schopenhauer. Similar to the Stoic philosopher. to pay an exorbitant price. among the worst events of personal defeat.e. If the hero or the saint who immolates in the happiness of others. it is young. he is happy. nor statement of any kind. it is in vain that the worst disasters ever overwrite us. regardless of the role brilliant very humble. However. but receives already its dedication salary and the price of its effort. even down here. since the possibility of love. If the sacrifice. loving. any creature living of a selfless. i. but the victory of the ideal that makes us expect a softer life. a mysterious force that really exceeds human forecasts. truth and joy. This mode of existence that the humblest of men can adopt and choose. the fulfillment and desire? The reduction of the pain is already a form of joy and self-denial of the benefactors of mankind do had she given them that. and when the greatest geniuses of our race. and sooner or later. Because the objection is addressed so often legalistic morality of Kant keep also all his aggressive power against the austere pessimistic renunciation notice. gasoline and triumph of the moral law. prisoner of the error and the hatred. the titans such as the thinker of The World as Will and Representation we order to despair and die. our soul to reach. he will be forced to recognize a principle of freedom. this new life escapes to the tragic fate of pain and bondage. pain. Nevertheless. an abstract formula. and the more humble performer of a masterpiece has a radius of glory. sage participates in the happiness of others. we will understand his joy and we will suffer the ecstasy of his delivery and his pride. a positive principle of beneficent nature more undeniable. darkness and the terror of the night land. sil is in good faith and if it does not admit the passive obedience of philosophical belief. only served to increase and spread the suffering. not only does regret not perishable goods to which he renounces. no matter that we have not even a plot of these treasures ephemeral. to youth blossomed. it's because happiness and joy completion and enchantment of the destinies. bright or dismal fate assigns us in the childish and eternal comedy of the world! Life must produce a bit of beauty. Sacrifice and pity. love. It sacrifices himself to a shadow. If it reaches the existence is absolved. repentant and submitted. in everything that exists. like no other. once reached the Summit of moral existence where we already embraces all beings and all of the world. grief. with both strength and engineering. this price is. Chapter VI: There SOLUTION of the great problem. he is loved. of aesthetic contemplation. live demonstration of happiness. of renewal and victory on the eternal and universal suffering. pleasure. For the second time. even down here. to freedom. its similar and even his enemies. the study of human life and cosmic evolution. it is in vain all the countless evils that overwhelm the sad humanity. especially if it is satisfied to contribute by its own suffering. but who cares! the release is possible. He assimilated the deep and so soft. us despair. atrocious and vain effort. whether it's our ephemeral me or one of our brother in weakness and human misery which profile conquest of happiness? The key is that joy exists. the leak of the slave. say it again among the cynical denials of reality insulting the Ideal. talent. momentarily victorious because every creature who sacrifices himself to another. Yes. She con bind in its unfathomable depths. misery. It is itself. even when it comes to a man of genius disciple of the master. successful and beautiful. it is rich. the sublime Seneca or noble Marc-Aurèle. to create the illusion of healing. His pleasure will be ours. the escape of our soul. so pitiful Corporation under its apparent rigidity which we have just outlined the essential aspirations. nor even the faculty to understand the beauty that is already a privilege. and any good man. as it grants the benefit. practicing among the shadows of the ancient world the precepts of the great Epictetus. injustice and contempt of the world. suffering without end of the desire to live.21 degrading poverty. by a law fair and sublime. If there is joy in this world. as there is in upper determinism of the dialectic. as fugitive slaves. but a living and some reality. if the same essence throbs in all that suffers and yearns for the impossible happiness. he participated in wealth. Because. would it genius. an illusion. found in the kid ardor of sacrifice oblivion of its own suffering. It is sufficient that a living creature breathes a moment the mystical fragrance. penetrate no doubt to the of there's boundaries that Schopenhauer himself wanted assign us. we will hear the shouts of joy of the freed slave. absolute anathema of pessimism appears already in obvious contradiction with morality that Schopenhauer has inferred. of the victorious force of light and beauty. the crushing of evil. that is. especially a decrease of eternal suffering. to love. the sacrifice of our personal Bliss: but it is also because Bliss is possible. of health. according to Schopenhauer. some flawed that it appears again. it flourish amid rubble and ruins. It remains yet inexorable mistress of our fragile destinies. the well possible and realized joy reached. it cannot be too often. we are forbidden to pronounce the verdict without appeal that condemns the world. this agony of the soul which is the renunciation. the escape followed by tragic retaliation. life came to real wisdom. a better humanity an increase in the possible joy. as a reflection of the absolute joy is throbbing! The sage. it is because the issuance. wealth. desirable when same. the possibility of a moral makes us participate in a form of the being who is more the bitter desire. the fatal Act brings back us in his empire. why Schopenhauer we to impose worship. and this reality may be the proud chimera of an arbitrary and abstract law nor the incomplete doctrine of the fundamental unity of all human beings. betrayal and the forfeiture of all what . whatever. The will to live was already more radically deadly and infamous. because the existence of these ineffable property.

The sweetness of love and holiness of the moral law. where each fighter defends himself. making us participate in pain as the apparent joys of others. his heart bleeds by all human injuries. the work and aspirations. during a friendly truce. They are still. Now this is no longer the bankruptcy of our fragile ideal. forever unquenched desire. certain defeat and inevitable torture law. among countless beings alive. if they take us away from the material world. no doubt is possible on this subject. proclaims high. as long as it remains among the world of the living. we despair. the pain gets his revenge. the nobility and the effectiveness of Art and morality. and to suffer like us. the initiator. The third and the most noble of our faculties (although Schopenhauer it has delighted its former priority and its supremacy of yesteryear) thought. and the rest always evil. if it ennobles. makes us more free. this single concept of selflessness. in sum. perishable creatures who dare doubt me. because what makes life worth living is. alas! because if the Faculty d oblivion. and no matter that the illustrious metaphysician was in was not 9(1)(f) account very exactly. weapons in hand. solved and done at the price of so much effort. whose mysterious smile draws the creatures since the illusion of the world are deploys its wonders. or to the expectations of our fellow human beings. if it were so. from the ardent. of selfishness. but it escapes the tyranny of l’egoisme des insatiable appetites. this concept which only man is capable. who all hate each other. And in the harrowing fight that lasts from the cradle to the grave. spring roses. our duty towards other creatures. an increase of suffering? Not. of a superhuman self-denial. Because neither beauty nor goodness can abolish suffering. But the ecstasy of aesthetic contemplation faints with this tragic brevity that seems the fatal ransom of youth. . slavery and injustice it despair. tired of so many sterile efforts. we suffer. certainly. d a mystical crisis so painful and so laborious has neither issued nor allayed made completely happy or better. alas! but not thinking. a momentary healing. alas! happening and fade more quickly here. though much higher than vulgar egotism. like no other. and the soul of the sage. those where the Supreme truths shine dune ineffable clarity. remorse. always inapaisees. each of us is sure to be defeated at the end of the fight. who digs a abyss between man and other creatures. But a glimmer of hope shines in the darkness. where finally palpitates the flame of the absolute. the sovereign of your destinies that your negatives themselves seem to plead my case. with moved gratitude and sublime eloquence of the prisoner who escapes to the executioners. the countless martyrs complaints resonate painfully in the depths of his being. Is he defeated his own pain.. this is the truth. But the moral law. or rather did not want deduct the total consequences of its aesthetics and its doctrine of duty. Art lusts as well as morality attest to the possibility and the existence of a world where suffering appears diminished. what is the purpose to which aspired the will. it exists still in sharing in the atrocious universe fatality assigns us to prison. intelligence. commissioning we reduce suffering and spread happiness. the wise. nevertheless continues to suffer from a more noble. the bondage of self.. we agonisons in the throes of a long torment. on behalf of the senseless selfishness (what point a prodigy. we reconciles more. forms of human activity subject to the desire to live. where initiation ends and our destinies are met. precisely to escape the tyranny of instinct. fight fiercely. do we intake and . is there no other. allowing him to reject. happiness from the power to act. love and enthusiasm. whose gaze seems to say: Yes.. The magic of Art gives us oblivion. purifies and enlarges our existence by participate in sentences and the joys. the only one. uncertain and precarious bliss? Admittedly. More than ever. able to feel and want. the philosopher démasquerait once more the perfidy of nature enemy could show us the trap that tends to its victims the illusion of good and beauty.22 our souls have enjoyed in the spring. evil floored and overcome pain. the ambition. the immense weariness. the burden overwhelming anxiety. could crush a sustainable win the universal and fateful Act will live which is also useless agitation. also as a passenger appeasement. worries disappointing. betrayal existence and Supreme test. the torment (live. to destroy and to eat?) but the moral law. beauty. of the never satisfied appetites. where it seeks forgetfulness to the refuge of Art or good? Can this oversight. that of universal joy. but intense and tragic suffering yet. disorder. Indeed. of course. Celtic grant be additional pain. the flowers of the fast was or fall harvest barely allowed us to breathe the divine fragrances that already their brilliant finery is more than a memory. issued of regrets. or. Cosmic pain shudders in him. not during a few hours of beneficent truce. Schopenhauer. which prompts us to revolt and despair but the desire of the ideal sacred among all. yet like all thinkers and all the philosophers worthy of the name. while the last sails tear. So. poverty. the peaceful hero or covered. the accessible joy. his soul breaks terrible shows distress and delirium of the perishable creatures that he sacrificed the chimera of personal happiness and that his sacrifice. we can finally cross the daunting threshold of end-all prohibited. I'm the eternal joy. In issuing the will of the yoke of selfishness and servitude. master and sovereign conquest of the world. even by following the precepts of good. me who sucks all is that exists! I am so well the inspiration. this is our fate at all. is already a huge pain. altruism and the sublime pity. the concern of the next day. He cries all the tears of the world. reveals some features more of the idol which the master denied the existence and the face emerges slowly among the shadows and the Enigma of the absolute. this mysterious gift of understanding life. even in admiring the beauty. the sentencing of others worry)(. Evil resumed its rights. poor fools. overwhelm him. hopes the victory finally succumbs and expires. Holiness..

peace and the sanctity of the great silence that the existence interrupts the world where we live. the friend of humanity and nature is the one who aspires to is turn off the consuming fire of the being and the suffering. inexpressible in words of human language. any nest that eternal sorrow. all powerful as eternity. Then only we will suffer more. a support. the sad humanity receives that this Council: the frustration of wanting to live. sentence will be stigmatized the injustice of the world and the test of destiny. we believed discover the remedy desired. including the extraordinary visions great neoplatonic philosophers. irrefutable. but soon the last Spectra evaporated. and Sirianus. as salary for his hard work. it is true. Since the meditations sublime and disabused of prince Hamlet. The cycle of the faculties and human aspirations is traversed and all roads led to the abysses of horrors and horror. The true duty. Our trembling hands are stretched towards him. so that at the end of investigations working of science. intellectual nihilism cannot go to the . albeit pale and trembling as the clarity of the distant stars. to these infinite spaces.omnipotence of the engineering or ineffable greatness of mercy ..23 The thinker. more fiery. more persuasive than this. *** The verdict without appeal is pronounced. the port and the refuge of our fragile destinies. more bitter. and with it. and any rational philosophy ends with an absolute negation. the sweetness of nothingness and the rest of the abyss. twice. And this supreme award who is also the supreme wisdom.e. more shudder of horror. alas! to dispel darkness. to improve life. on the destiny that it has foiled the age-old trick. Nirvana is the goal. is a conviction. i. at two different stages. as we all. humanity had not heard a more eloquent. but heartbreaking and tragic yet. and without purpose. and finally. touch the dream goal. contemplation and Ecstasy mystical. as clarity enabling d stars beneficial but uncertain and one and the other too distant from us. flat on the world its condemnation. otherwise the mysterious . overwhelmed chains. the ultimate truth. the principle of being. our infinite distress subsided momentarily. undeniable. but above all the gigantic. the dark colors of despair and mourning. inspired and indestructible. more radical. it feels itself the strength to choose between the will to live and no longer live. it recognizes that the world is absolutely evil and. in his night without stars. Twice. the Alcinous. in his sleep without dream. In the rhythm of the constellations as in beating a poor loving heart. not only illusions of the senses and physical mirages. not a complete disappointment. Everywhere. Under the pure breath of the winning Ideal. of admirable School of Alexandria. traps coarse in their ability even. symbolic. impulsive. address to the port. reached this degree of clairvoyance and binding wisdom. The word tragic and final. from Shakespeare or Byron. can improve. Never negative doctrine was absolute. the porphyry. since already in this annihilation that teaches Schopenhauer. even in the atmosphere pure and sublime beauty or good. where so many human eyes searched for a sign of hope. limits the world worldly are outdated. unnecessary. And that is why the judgment of Schopenhauer. the Phantom of happiness stood before us. but winner also of the subtle ploys where unfolds tip will live . Destroy in us the bad spark. the end of the interminable event. the issuance. where we agonisons rather. from the inflamed and passionate preaching Brahmin sages or the first Buddhist martyrs teacher human disregard for the pain and hatred of life. more genuinely tragic. Ever more relentless. this is where the complete issue. as much by the splendour of the form where it is expressed only by the strength of philosophical thought and admirable unity which animates it from one end to the other. thinking of the problems of the intended and suffering on the terraces of Elsinore where the ghost of the duty appears it for the first time since Aeschylus or Ezekiel.from there. the invincible hope has shone along the perilous paths difficult long learning. that of Proclus. more impressive and more painful had sounded under the vault of the heavens. Everything is that wanting to live. a promise of renewal. he sought the healing and the word of the riddle in spheres addressed and serene art. in its unfathomable depths. can only give us an approximate notion. funeral roses have flowered yet. only happiness lies in the annihilation of the desire to live. No . Ammonius Saccas. tomorrow reduced to ashes. toil without sanction and without truce. As long as still the test of life. Since the fierce complaints from the prophets. Moderatus of Gades. In him alone. nothing is real. deserving only contemptuous indulgence of the sage. the pain is reparue. The benefactor. finally.. emule and rival of Plato. so little known and so worthy of being. Buddhism. he believed. not to escape the fateful Act.mind understands. And winner spirit. a consolation. after the tumult and the nightmare of the centuries. its mystical cessation and the abyss of nothingness that he suggests to his followers. later. the highest degree of stoic accessible to a human creature pride is achieved. dark and dreadful Plotinus. freed of the selfishness of the paramount illusion of absorbing it and ferocious individualism. nothing exists. true beauty. it acquires a certainty ' irrefutable. with his rage of destruction. and always his expectation was disappointed and wrong. the annihilation of the world which exists only through awareness where it is. by accepting the voluntary servitude of duty and virtue. he must destroy the desire even and the strength to live. here is the solution of the great problem: happiness is impossible. the symbolic flower perfume that kills. such as we are experiencing down here. early and instinctive of his philosophy. we find rest. more fierce than the indictment. My being is better than being. is why Buddhism seems to already be the expression. The master of modern pessimism guide us in these spheres of the dream. It really reached the bottom of disenchantment and despair. never accents more pathetic. broken by the pain. the hope and the dream of progress. not without a good painful struggle.

although comparable to nothingness after rudimentary human language terminology. despite the horrible truth of his hatred and his revolt. representation. not arbitrary. the most formidable pessimist. in a dazzling and mystical Aurora. to recognize self in all human beings and all beings in itself. the great philosopher recognized by this that. Buddhists use with many do reason purely negative of Nirvana which is the negation of this world if the Nirvana is defined as none. whose deep wisdom and the burning pity make smile Nietzsche. imposed to Schopenhauer speculative loyalty. cannot form even symbolic notions of what exceeds the world. in the firmament of eternity. i. the cry of hope that will not turn off until a living being will continue to live and suffer here on Earth to seek the meaning of life and the chimera of happiness. our current world. But for those in which the will was converted and abolished. of the good ruler and the to-from there. where there is more willingness. she Gushes. thinker acerbic and deep. does not imply the notion of absolute nothingness. what is? Nothing. We gladly acknowledge that what remains after the complete abolition of the will is absolutely nothing for those who are still full of desire to live. the wise answers yet: the destruction of evil is the only remedy. the collective soul of the generations. among the worst events. but truthful and sincere? philosopher that n has not only taught but demonstrated the despair at the origin and the end of everything. Remind once more some of the admirable thoughts who complete one of the greatest works of human genius. because the speculative scope and the moral significance that they borrow from the genius of the German philosopher el to the essential of his doctrine trends are immeasurable. Do not attempt to ennoble but to abolish life. no philosophy. addresses after the great shipwreck. no explanation of the universe cannot be based on absolute . Neither hope nor possible clemency.e. too. in the unknown regions where our being finally.24 power to live and suffer. none of the illusions. Himself was believed to be already seen in the clear smile there beauty or in the calm look and merciful goodness about himself to martyrdom. summed up in a few synthetic pages the meaning of his masterpiece driven by an instinct. fertilized lyrics race that will perhaps create the metaphysics of the times to come. the great and gloomy Schopenhauer himself is obliged. believed in it. but exists yet. It spreads. We remember the memorable lines. it is true. drew on the magical influence it elicits the strength to think. none of the refuges of the pitiful humanity. It is he who is nothingness.. it is in vain in an immortal masterpiece. if his philosophy ends with a negation. nothingness again and again. one that merges with life itself. rather than illusory and temporary. human being come to understand the universal identity of all waxes. Thus says Schopenhauer. nor world. Because no doctrine of life. only he does not betray you. a fixed star. the revolt with great disdain and rage of negation is spared none of chimeras. this denial. despite everything. but also a huge talent d writer. alone will give you peace. When so pure universal sympathy. Attitude a skepticism purely intellectual and essentially Kantian. made us the demonstration of despair and pessimism. but that a quick coup wing prevailed far from absolute nihilism.. then occurs the annihilation of the will (the beatitude in death). Alone will soothe you. it means nothing if not this world contains no specific event that can be used for the definition or the construction of Nirvana. It is in vain that he always denied this clarity so low. to teach the issue and here's to the same Doors of eternity. it flourished. happiness away from our world to us. Thus the more hard critic the most eloquent el world and human destiny. almost incalculable well beneficial influence certainly unsuspected Schopenhauer himself.) And it is in vain that the illustrious German misanthrope sought to convince us of the inanity of our belief and our long hopes. Nothingness. because he had not only genius. which trembles and sparkles on the horizon with the pale glow only illuminates our path. so often cited. the harshest darkness. commented. despite the victory of his philosophy and the certainty of his right. And for the hundredth time. this state of perfect indifference where thinking subject and thought object disappear. precisely in the solemn hour when it seemed sure to triumph. the master of the current generations. lived in hope and the certainty of seeing her and find her. Nirvana. It is the star of joy. inspired words that will inform the work of philosophers for centuries and the fate of our slave. barely noticeable. the Moon pure and sacred of happiness. significant and pathetic admission that ends the work of Schopenhauer. but not (the immense universe or the broad field of the possible and the feasible. in a thousand ways dissimilar and who alone generated a literature and a philosophical school. Our captive and unhappy race never indeed not had lost from view. this so real world with its Suns and its Milky. an irresistible call of his genius in which pulses really painful soul of the world. to suffer. expertly deducted. At the same time where Schopenhauer came to the logical conclusion of his doctrine. It leaves the State to open question the great problem of happiness. But this is really one of the most significant and the most important of the intellectual history of humanity. by charity. by suddenly enter the glowing light of infinite spaces and immortal hope. Simple and sublime lyrics. all sides. irrefutable conclusion and relying on I appalling reality of everyday existence as well as on the most sublime dialectic at the supreme moment where it must finish the work of his life. to discern. to recognize to the there of the Tomb. After acknowledging that it merely to the metaphysics of the world. remove all illusory principle of individuation. This is what Hindus expressed by empty words of sense as Resorption in Brahma. when our guide was believed to be damaged on the night of nothingness. anxious query of the desperate soul who asks: where is the healing. here it is who can help push yet. by the omnipotence of the eternal dialectic.

so despicable that it is still has the sublime intuition and sues the impossible dream. some tragic. this universe would perish. against his will without doubt. And all find one more reason to respect its probity of thinker and philosopher genius. even in his advice of asceticism and renunciation. such its active intensity eternal Aristotle thought. impossible and contradictory in itself. appearances and phenomena which is only the manifestation of ultimate. as that is the basis to pessimism. How could it be otherwise? The denial cannot be exert on the ontological concept. to the most humble as the most famous. not even the mysterious and invincible principle of happiness. source of all virtue and beauty. the physical agonies and the tortures of the soul. it is. No. a sense and reality that if tone admits also postulate do be completing its destinies. philosophy of dualism that attract us all our personal preferences. today or in thousands of centuries. perfect thought. ready to admit all the points of view that are imposed upon the dialectic of the metaphysician. anime. That is not all. is intelligible than if the thesis which she opposes as universal contradiction. The possibility of the world. It is this extensive and admirable synthesis. that is evil radical. This initial force that each of us has felt power. has. but only supports and explains the miracle of being. that the suffering and the universal effort. so obvious. But this n contradiction is only apparent. unjust and atrocious. already so outrageous and so cruel. with the preferences of his . We believe that pessimism is right and that the design of the world we proposed doctrine of life is fair. EMule. to the of there of the visible world. point pessimism sincere. by synthesizing with its opposite in the dark and mysterious work of cosmic fate. certainly. Radical suffering which is non-being. absolute point among the vain and fleeting earthly shadows. in power only perhaps. we believe that the world is evil. So the negation complete happiness. or possible and. Because. As far as Schopenhauer himself. among many. spirit and Nature in the Foundation of the world. absent from our miserable world. that life is cruel. roads of the infinite. Celtic not reality. or even at times where we have suffered less. evil and darkness. of the cessation of suffering the winning ideal. penalties and the torments of life.25 negation. harmful and imperfect it is alas! must have its raison d'etre within the absolute. And the power of the eternal dialectic. this world. a regime of life where any positive element of perseverance in being. really. we cannot repeat it. a fundamentally bad world is inconceivable. well any. the superior logic of things and the truth. pou would read the thesis of Schopenhauer oppose the same objections. if. with the endless perspectives that she suddenly reveals to us. incurable. but which exists and which draws an invincible attraction! The concept of happiness is indestructible in the nature and the soul. of the substance first all the taunts of coarse contemporary positivism will not be able to destroy the evidence. the author of The World as Will and Representation should have remembered: the absolute does exist in this world. thought divine. to the link of the absolute. And no moral cannot dominate the souls if it preaches that nothingness. without doubt. and continuer glorious Kant. and the dream of the joy remains. the privilege of being. a word of life. trouble and cessation. that our destiny at all is also appalling and incomprehensible. But this doctrine is incomplete as all those which aim to embrace the absolute in a formula of human. big and well pure. Its universality in all regions to be to equate it to one of these ontological truths which the antithesis and the absolute negation are unprovable. even assuming it is absent forever the terrestrial world and the world of appearances. because this genius was of noble. This is a truth first evidence. fundamental. mysterious power. at least. if forgotten today. we know now. in a positive principle. the pure negation cannot create anything. as deep and doctrines also arguable that the theories of absolute fashionable today monism. More so. console. while it rebuilt the evolution of the world. It is the revenge of Hegel need to remember the famous Hegelian formula to explain the evolution of the thought of Schopenhauer and the apparent contradiction which condemned it. the thing in itself reality. without these characteristics. Humanity cannot undergo the countless tests. ephemeral and unnecessary. prevent it from disappearing forever race of the living. reconciles. student. therefore even of obscure welfare would be absent. it seems. if criminal. even in her cries of despair and revolt. if bounded. it becomes a proof more than the strong unity philosophical of the artwork that it summarizes in this final synthesis of integrity absolute thought dune aware of its strength. critical. countless creatures seek the realization primitive and coarse in the satisfaction of instinct and human Finally. And the doctrines that admit a dualism initial and eternal. without this. rhythm and harmony worlds trace the symbol on the way stars. illustrated by philosopher Berlin. It is necessary that a positive principle of life and Affirmation radiates worldwide transcendent of Nirvana. our master at all. under the irresistible impulse of the philosophical evidence to this concession a immeasurable speculative scope difficult to reconcile. exalts. hidden. across incommensurable as possible. material and thinking. and complete. logical. the horror and the horror of our destinies which Schopenhauer has no exaggerated intensity. it is not. also some. Because it may be the punishment deserved the coarse invectives which Schopenhauer big Hegel. renewal and hope. too. firstly. led Schopenhauer. with the same burning lust and the same harshness chagrined. in the reality of the present time or the unknown terms of cosmic evolution. but where the idea. it is necessary that good exists somewhere. destruction and absolute nihilism. very clearly defined. hours if rare and so brief lull and bliss. As an antithesis to purely speculative. an initial synthesis where theses and antitheses of human judgments to reconcile and agree in a supreme reality. not even the absolute pain. ending the work of Schopenhauer. also. and whose genius equaled without any doubt of his enemy. rational and fruitful.

the miracle of life. The famous lines that end the capital Schopenhauer's work. But. the celestial stars as well as the stone which obeys. naively and wisely its name. however.and we believe with Schopenhauer that the word of the Riddle. In any case an irresistible instinct of our nature forces us to believe in him. complement and sanctify his work. in the exercise of all our faculties to react in contact with the universe. finally in the ineffable bliss of this total annihilation of the desire to live. It is his influence which leads among both d. we have tried to indicate this during this study. protects. once again. kid is showing that the existence that we are doomed is the most atrocious of all possible existence and the living image of evil.. proposing as a supreme hope the total extinction of the will and the disappearance of the world. and the deeper trends in philosophy and humanity. such that we are suffering in this world of misery and exile. what we call the law of gravity and gravity. is obliged to recognize the existence of this positive principle of elusive happiness. suffering and Crime. what is the negation of the Ideal. This principle radiates already into momentary oblivion of our miseries and do our sorrows that gives the joy of Art. coming gradually to the consciousness of its first essence and its true mission which directs. his intuitive apperception are so innate and invincible. old as the world. In us and around us.even in failing to take account of the purely ontological reasons that make us believe necessary to a finding positive principle.the life is despair . and no term borrowed from human language cannot define. which is the supreme conquest of reason and the term of the pessimistic philosophy. brightens. nothing illogical. but ennobled. According to the powerful and indestructible word of the ancient philosopher. If the fact important. His symbol. and anime. each. This principle is ineffable. And faith in this principle. a mode .. his immediate presence. of light and reconciliation. negation cannot be the only elements of the constitution of the world. Bliss. isolated and shy that she still appears to absolve the life. invigorating joy and conducive assertion which he denied with so much bitterness the possibility. it deserves to be experienced and uncompromising pessimism appears impossible. vitality and happiness with all of the reasons of suffering. The explanation full of all the things that accepts and proposes as a metaphysical principle. albeit at the cost of the destruction of all others.. its persistence to live and his invincible need welfare and animal joy. perhaps there are to the of there's real-world dune transcendent existence.. destruction and evil. if it exhausts really infinite pain resources . despotic and universal though evil. despite all its defects and all its horrors. belief sacred final goodness of life. and possible. and then in the voluptuousness of the sacrifice and the sanction of the good. The complete annihilation of this untold suffering State provide to the show thinker and the hustle and bustle of the world. in our power to understand feel or want the IEA. Schopenhauer ends it also look it up and find out in all spheres of psychic activity. the solution that inspires our consciousness when we wonder with anxiety the dilemma of destinies. principle of renewal. Pessimism reached its peak. If life is not immediately and radically bad. Aon. of not being. happiness. attest that it is point a vague assumption erected by us arbitrary assertions. as a final solution. this fact alone implies another statement. immanent in the world. And. falling. to admirers of this great genius occurs suddenly. in the predominance of the beneficial forces on the forces of evil in the final victory of the Ideal and spirit. happiness. in fact. the extraordinary prodigy we want to point out. a radical negation cannot meet the aspirations. affirming. The same principle throbs. indefinable. with both frenzy and fury. all attest its existence and his omnipotence. the practical assumption of the existence emerged from nothingness. to the integral development of its principles and its infancy. Notice the well. yet triumphant everywhere.of being that approximates what human language called: joy. new and best destinies. is the indestructible belief in happiness. as one of the attributes of God. once more.. precisely at a time formidable and decisively where ends the construction of this high doctrine when Schopenhauer speaks Finally.26 genius and immortal doctrine principles and which yet complete. It is manifested in the universal mechanical and mathematical harmony laws that govern the material universe.. but so obvious and irrefutable conclusion that illustrated metaphysician of the will itself is means Nirvana or final annihilation of the will of this word of bliss including the most zealous philosopher eudemoniste would only probably. you will Gush the Prodigy and the reality of being. This positive principle that the vulgar call always. bereavement. one whose metaphysical terms necessarily fluctuate between optimism and absolute pessimism. simply. in short. that is. this coexistence enough already. a mysterious force. is summed up in this beautiful metaphor of a very noble French poet: truth sui . And yet this principle positive among all. the sad and fragile humanity. some weak. If life. a force present in everything they aspire to live a sufficient reason makes it intelligible. nothing surprising. depends on the supreme verdict. suffers and fought in the struggle for existence which s fatality requires countless species of beings alive. idealized. some atrocious. trembles. this ideal Nirvana cannot be that a favourable and conducive change. these multiple forms. after denied it first of all a haughty negation. the coexistence of the principle of bliss. that the great German pessimist. is the worst of the tests. despite all the denials of the present time. do cataclysms and infamies events. well-being. On the other hand. in this evolution of a brilliant philosophy and meditation as sincere and deep major problems. ontological and intelligible. already cited lines and the impact was immense in the philosophical world. for us. ever. mysterious dawn of a new day. .

since it throbs in ourselves. should be a principle. the most brilliant of metaphysicians lie Latin breed. The impetus is given to the spirits. fatigue. and all fully sharing the horror it Vex and revolt that inspires the most noble and the most eloquent of the pessimists to the spectacle of the existence. identifies it with what we call desire. worms of the most discerning of mystical initiation regions)-this essence of the world. still veiled by mists of Mystic regions. and the conquests of Galileo. The great philosophical minds of the present time allow this great discovery.. Because for us. found in the formal admission among thinkers who manage and dominate if speculative movement of the time: in Alfred excavated in France. as simple. grief and doubt. you you will hear and obey that promising souls burdened distress. Copernicus. Lange and Paulsen. remain however in modern thought and monism is far from having triumphed over his opponents. sacred and elusive will object. in his admirable system of ideas forces. Metaphysical tendencies. different perhaps of chimeric happiness that we continue down here.. worthy of the name. Wundt. since it is the work of a man and a man of genius. at Spencer which the concept of the force despite all quibbles raised by a careful review. The author of these lines was also a supporter of metaphysical dualism. Far from being a useless invention of traditional optimism. it corresponds to the more certain and more beneficial realities. unquenched. opposed. but not inaccessible. the Noumenal truth which the conquest merges with the goal of metaphysics. finally and especially more sagacious looking for a definition of the essence of the world. is the possibility of happiness. as little complex that affirm the dogmatic doctrines? Various elements. we believe we CHAPTER VII: TEST OF A EUDEMONISTE PHILOSOPHY. and of the single act. whose determination is that the symbol and the first objectification? Postulate that Schopenhauer would have not admitted. But this desire is really as homogeneous. but who will yet deserve his earthly name. psychological and cosmological control theory. by denying the current life and perverted nature. from the immortal works of Emmanuel Kant and Arthur Schopenhauer.27 But a universal synthesis that eventually recognized at the end of its evolution. become the centre and the essence of the world. to hope and to live anyway. if a pessimist such as Schopenhauer. certainly. Germany. undisputed master of philosophy at the most rebellious country to the lure of metaphysics. while stipulating clearly that the thing in itself proves necessarily the existence of God. Even teaching us the renunciation. certainly. creator of the world of substances as well as skins. a philosophy that ends with a positive demonstration of the highest expectations of this world can be described as absolute pessimism? No. modern science. is that really instinct of happiness is part of the essence of the soul and the Nature. a raison d'etre and a cause to all who aspire to the phases of fate and the Phantasmagoria of being. without any silly claim to compete with such philosophical geniuses. and Newton pale with one that has changed the method of knowledge and the appearance of the universe: the topic since Kant as correlative to the object to the material world. we refuse to see only the manifestation of blind. proclaimed the existence of a principle immanent. and understand. a better life and happiness. symbol of the absolute. this primordial condition of existence. Without reproducing any of the unacceptable arguments today from there doctrine of final causes. at Herbert Spencer. But most of the philosophers contemporary. For the living creatures. harmful and purely negative force. And how not to recognize if a such large philosophical genius could not resist the invincible this distant voice call. destructive of pain which is realized. as well as countless tissue causes (because the soul. this first principle to be that Kant identified with the noumenon. you will never create anything with a denial because no land or mystical flower blossoms to the brink of absolute nothingness. more or less sincere way. even reached this degree of wisdom where the lie of the material world dissipates(requires more and flies. it is true (but its realization mode is negligible). producer of well-being. Bliss. This primordial force. of the power the ineffable. Its flowering requires a conducive soil. II should be perhaps to complete. but that applies to our personal belief. adhere. aspiration and method with the work necessary. It ' would be perhaps an urgent need to develop this work taking account of the direction that the two masters of German metaphysics have infused high speculation and in never losing sight that the philosophy of the times to come can develop in the way that they have designated and whose first principles are known to all: supremacy laws of spirit. including the mirage of the universe is only a pale RADIUS and that all religions just as all philosophies want to reach . likely to conflict can coexist even in the absolute. It finds its place and its raison d'etre in the doctrines of ontological pluralism as well as in monism. the great work outlined by Kant and Schopenhauer. categories of thinking affecting the world of appearances. but partial back positive sciences unit. offers both of analogy with the overriding principle of the doctrine of Schopenhauer. considered the subject living with the storms of passion pain and simmering reality that it agitated. Because being remains that if it is better than not being. from both the other shore and the depths of our being. In we the granting. among other eminent philosophers still. which commands us to love. after supreme postage. the most extraordinary of all discoveries of human genius is a fait accompli. Schopenhauer has given us the right to speak on behalf of optimism that contains his work and we must find them.

but the will itself. and in all kingdoms of nature. among the human race. the most irreconcilable opponents of the enemy out. But Nirvana is still one of the regions of the being. which was also neither a fool nor a pedant and it has distorted a fairly pleasant quip. feel. through the infinite spaces of eternity. author of the world and the Ideal principle. the transcendent world is only a domain inaccessible u human weakness. since she claims point to an impossible future. the world of the living. these three symbolic reigns. the most inspired of despair prophets. but in this life itself. are not fighting with an invincible instinct. which is due to him. a concession that it gives us almost to regret. a hypothesis in apparent disagreement with all of his doctrine and his hard-line followers. concept similar to that of happiness. it is in vain that they hope to continue the unfinished work of the misanthrope from Frankfurt way. even insensitive. Yes. but a higher reality. and including the term vulgar. are only received sense the splendor. that assuming the reality of a positive principle. a positive principle. as we discern the partial triumph of this great principle. Even today. these three régnions. with some creatures of elite. to the release of his true nature. he in was also the foundations less stable course. yielded to the irresistible attraction of the chimera that will withstand all attacks and all negatives. struggle. in all our ways. and in our world of appearances. not only a disappointing illusion. and a progressive victory. Schopenhauer did not understand. expose our conception of philosophy. it is permitted to see in this noble dream. with joy. in the shrine of wisdom. the need of happiness are immanent forces of human nature. Strength sublime. to the depths of the Nirvana. or Mailänder in Philosophie der Erlösung. this fatal world that nothing destroys and that is resistant to all the forces of evil. and relativity. in our opinion. which the genius of Schopenhauer could make us doubt despite so many similarities and affinities between its sublime thought and our very humble. to indicate the future developments not only in the from there of the present life. in building its moral. when a coup d'aile familiar engineering. everything that exists. more austere and more rigid doctrine. if God permits. the completion. unconscious of its nature and its mission. If Schopenhauer. aspires to an end. to joy. we find this principle of hope. it is that a universe for the neokantien philosopher. it found the right path and the way true. any more than the scepticism cannot do its part to the eudaimonia. Perhaps. eternally restless. oppressed by causality. perhaps we audacity. but possible to this supreme reality that constitutes the essence last will be seeking itself. when he proclaimed the immortal hope and bliss achieved by the soul issued after the test of time and pain. on the contrary. out of which there is nothing conceivable or possibleare all three to the mystery of existence. while stone is alive. the transcendental world which is that of the noumenon and the will. The fiercest critics of the existence. For the joy. in having heard calling mystical in Art and the pity vote. after so many illustrious thinkers eudemonistes seek. We see. Because it is in vain that the most prominent successors of Schopenhauer. But the very fact of this vital trend which created or which keeps the Prodigy eternal world. development and immediate Bliss. not current or next. the living antithesis of pain and evil antithesis which is. belief and confidence in a principle of life. but in the immanent future of today's world. Any more than the scepticism which frightened the Honourable M. at the time where it would be lost forever into the abyss of nothingness. efficiency. reasons of slavery and pain where yet already pulsates the glimmer of a suitable star. finally the transcendental world. everything tends to the granting. these elements of optimism found in the most tragic of the doctrines of negations have the priceless value of incontrovertible evidence and a decisive argument. God evidenced consciousness and that love suffering. but indestructible in the transitional world where we experience our exile. but which he also milk part of reality.e. the possibility of joy within the transcendent world. finding everywhere the presence and certain victory. seems the clearest symbol and the most eloquent. all human beings alive at the complete annihilation. incomplete but correct. in our turn. by this dualism whose life we fournil both examples. This end is happiness or rather it is joy. recognizes its sovereignty symbolic areas prohibited Bliss following and listing the Nirvana. but which no one escapes. a place at the eudaimonia in the notion of the sovereign. everything that will. in a job where we hope. the pathetic and tragic dilemma of destinies. the coronation of his great work and the germ of the developments it entails. the Mystic abyss where radiates the first cause. Because we claim to assign to this principle an almighty power. it is in vain that Hartmann in The Philosophy of the Unconscious . this fact only found justification in the Platonic idea of good. The future task of philosophy will be. our only good. not only in the where dark beyond the transcendental world. to joy. Royer-Collard. but which is characterized yet. But if Kant had to do. determinism. It remained in agreement with itself. The instinct of joy. i. understand and to life. healing and sacred intuition with pale light barely whitens the horizon of our deep night! It is still for the great German metaphysician as a limiting principle. bliss and the final triumph of instinct that maintains and reports on the force that destroyed and despair. universal life and human destiny. Go to this idea. The world as representation. that of the ideal which modifies and . the advent of bliss. begins Schopenhauer that we chose for living example of a thesis that is dear. the pathetic word which sums it all: joy. Édouard de Hartmann or Mailänder repel as a fleeting thought of the master failure. in all regions to be. which is the material universe.28 can discern in the momentum irresistible and universal to want to live. Yes. enhancing inner emotions. of course. survives and evolves. For us. the secret of the world. our unique support in this world of misery. our inalienable heritage.

If the music directly expresses the essence of the world. even here on Earth. Any playwright. perhaps I was less unfaithful that believed in this supreme science that will always be the goal. the ideal and the Mission of the artist. that illustrated German philosopher assigns for purpose in Art. You will not prevent the stars from the sky to seek to the rolls of the infinite. and his playwright activity has prevented it so far to well complete metaphysical works of paramount importance in his eyes. the ideal and the consolation of my life. This atrocious universe can become. and that almost all theories also ignore completely. really admirable and lasting. philosopher. speaking of the optimism of Schopenhauer. the cult of pleasure and the spirit of the century. objectification that shines in a human look. of the Essence of the world. and philosophy. optimism which denies any atrocities. This definition is similar to the formulas of most eminent theorists. although dedicated to a fateful. a quite particular depth without precedent in the intellectual history of the world and which were completely renewed some of our conceptions of beauty. the reproduction of the initial trends. frivolous. but a flawed.29 improves the life of the happiness that each United issued will know of at the outset. the fine arts. as well as the famous masters of the eternal thought to all those who have tasted and known the invaluable sweetness of the intellectual joys when reserve to its faithful. but has. even among the horror of our condition and anxiety to live. we hope nothing more than Celtic certainty. has always deeply loved the theatre. let us strive to overcome already among the deep darkness of the phenomenal world of the homeland from exile where we végétons. regardless of its form of expression. The idealism of Schopenhauer (and despite its transcendental claims. contempt and challenge thrown to the universal suffering. none is more essentially philosophical as sublime and charming Theatre Art. by analyzing the aesthetics of Schopenhauer. because he would like to study in very humble measure his forces the Enigma of destiny. predecessors or followers of Schopenhauer. . is a metaphysician who often ignores its mission and the ideal to which aspired his genius. a reason to accept the test of fate and a reason for hope. The around this study. yet admittedly even Schopenhauer. dismissive of short-lived ambitions and the perishable goods of this world of illusion. a striking similarity between these two forms of human activity so different. You will not prevent the miserable creatures that collapsing under a burden of terrible suffering. to me very obscure. continuing my playwright task to which I lend also point more important than my work of philosopher (but the more modest worker must also beware the false modesty). in the harmony of the spheres and the learned rhythm of the constellations. it is with infinite gratitude that we to discern the trace into the deductions of the most intransigent monism that the history of philosophy has produced. nor the sad courage the atrocious word of absolute despair. it must be to the forefront new definitions of music and drama that we bequeathed the master whose each playwright and each musician should know by heart. do not forget. The night of the past lasts and seems to reign over the world. sublime. living. happen. remain vain and sterile. hope. worthy of the name. immersed in meditation of the major problems.. Is . dedicated. the will to live.this really impossible? Time to come will know the word of the Riddle. whose theatre presents us in turn a new image more artificial. It is sufficient to absolve the destiny and do us accept life. In reality. which Schopenhauer was the inventor and promoter. . austere and melancholic. the solution of this grandiose debate open for so many centuries. the Noumenal of being background. better flaw.. more accurate picture yet. are worldwide and terrestrial Nirvana if it is accomplished in the ecstasy of happiness. of the important characters. transcendental idealism which is logical. glorious between all. All calls to the complete annihilation. which is that everything is for the best in the best of worlds. believe and worship the Idol and the chimera of joy. Because. poetry expresses the most immediate and most important. within the meaning of the word Platonic. for humanity in the times to come. It is that there is a singular spiritual identity. most proven by the relentless fate. we saw. We have seen. to absolute mysticism). you will not defend their love. but the dawn of a new day on the horizon. voluptuous. more childish yet. in sum. pending the decisive release time. without which our notion of the will remains insufficient. more overwhelmed. We ask. although claiming especially the title. But the large assumption that serves as the basis to his system of the world. Among these discoveries aesthetic. so dissimilar in appearance: art drama. If this chimera. that is. seems. the philosophy of the will result in any case. We discovered this metaphysical principle in the trend to joy. And it cannot be rational. of the world. This dualism does inspires us no fear. indestructible of beings and things. comprehensive and who can resist the attacks of the positivism of agnosticism that if we have the loyalty and wisdom to recognize. although on the contrary. And it is in this point of view alone that we are operating. leaving the earthly existence.attach the disappointing and grandiose world image the elusive secret of universal life. gives some of its investigations in aesthetics a scope. soon passed CHAPTER VIII: THE PHILOSOPHY AND DRAMA. hatred of life. my only reason to be in this world. However. but misuse of the Kantian philosophy conclusion must be reduced to an immanent idealism. its first rays enough to soothe the soul and the more rebellious. the trend that we have tried to highlight has nothing in common with this infamous optimism.

'' Our individual pain pale with the pathetic fate of these ideal figures. the pathetic Theatre. that encourages us to quit with the more persuasion and eloquence. On the tomb of heroes and saints. the noble prince. in the true sense of the word. Because it is the one that requires the playwright most of creative genius. wealth or the omnipotence of this world happy.. But this result is still a release. a profound trend or essential (regardless of the aesthetic forms). Ophelia abandoned and betrayed. more efficiency. disasters and fighting social and individual. at the time where these great events. the magnanimous dreamer. an ultimate reality. our childish sorrows. our weakness. And there is hardly need to add to this that genius. a partial deliverance of the soul. becoming the pure representative mirror of the world. and this is the simple observation of fact: dramatic poetry. conflicts. with more relief and clarity that nature itself can do. the acuity of our remorse. where accepting and including the fatality. Elisabeth or Doña Sol. broken hopes and the end miserable. Yes. dies in despair. It ignited more infallibly. and the spell of liberating Art shall be exercised in us with a fullness and a force. there is already a principle of appeasement and forgiveness. by an inexplicable wonder in which also lies the secret of the artistic emotion. talent and mastery of execution of the artist also play a leading role in the phenomenon of aesthetic pleasure. our petty. before grandiose and terrifying shows including the tragic masterpieces are in our eyes turbulent adventures.. whether it is the fate of an empire or the fragile happiness of a humble existence. the unluckiest of the vanquished is said again: "I must suffer and cry in silence. in pain and defeat. admirable and strange Art of Aeschylus and Shakespeare. remembering the deep lyrics and superhuman thoughts of these ideal types of the universal drama. A great teaching is given to us by great misfortune. more hapless men. these protagonists of the eternal drama worth better than us and yet they have suffered more.. superior to all other art and whose action on souls cannot be exceeded and reached. saying it aims to the sublime. However. charitable clarity of a found hope. that fools mock heavily. theatre studies and represents above all and above all. grand Council of . Since the great soul of Antigone only gets death and contempt for salary for his dedication and sacrifice. in the struggles. living symbols of the suffering and human iniquity. goodness. like a mystical flower in changing colors. This initial definition of Art has taught us that it is intended to express a character. whose clothes torn apart by the storm seem to hide in their squalid and solemn folds the disappointing secret of immortality. of equal importance for the soul that sustains them. aspirations and the stormy existence of captive humanity that the desire to live Lord asserts itself in all its fullness. it hit really the bottom of despair and misfortune. in a nutshell. mysterious depths of our souls: a moment stamped and reconciled. Intensity of aesthetic pleasure. radiates pale light. of meditation and this noble melancholy which is the dawn of a new life. Since Lear succumbs under the raging forces of enemy nature and subsidiary ingratitude. Has been said for a long time. But. an entire race. "since Cordélie is finally dying under her eyes. devours them and burned the most relentless hard. the stuff. charmer. Contemplation of the omnipotence of the uniformity of the fateful sustainability of suffering in abolished for a few moments of truce the abominable yoke. the importance of our pain subside and fade. tragedy or the melodrama. increase in intensity and beneficial influence according to the more or less importance and significance of the object represented by the work of art. That is not all. because it is he who makes us glimpse in quick lightning disasters and fateful situations the abysses of the destiny and the pain. Since love flowers on the tomb of Juliet. theatre. with disasters that break bliss and pride. In excess even their distress flourishes. It finally makes us accept with resignation than the test of living and the heavy burden of our sorrows. her. l bitterness of our sorrows. reaching their more binding level of intensity. Of course. thwarts the traps of the will. at the height of its destructive fury. forgetting our misery. within hours of tragic crises where destiny is being decided and breaks. despite him and even if it is victim of the most cruel moral suffering. poetry. murdered Desdemona. strength and depth. indeed. Aeschylus and Shakespeare.30 out and off forever. It is. divine mercy and that by attending his lamentable death in the arms of the old man to whom fate has all over again. Since Berenice is repudiated. manifestation of the eternal will at the time of its most comprehensive development as supreme. the solemn hour where the flame of all the passions that can dazzle. effroyables des corporal disqualifications which destroy a people. a spark of eternal life springs from the dust of all martyrs.. terrorizing or overwhelm our poor souls. Immortals ghosts which the genius of playwrights lend the flame and the focus of life. Intellect. postage. the most worthy of admiration. burning and enormous personal pain will always have more reality and lethal force to our eyes as all tests of the protagonists of Sophocles. Material. the image that will reflect the will of the world through the prism of Art will be characteristic and significant. struggles and the shocks of enemy intentions. is to the representation of human life and dramatic poetry captures and reflects this in its most painful intensity. the abandonment of selfishness that oppresses us. a master faculty. is the most noble. since Prometheus suffered his undeserved misery and the indifferent stars shine with the same brightness. revealing its essence. In the notion of inevitable equal. have by that even a direct influence on the impression that the genius of the artist can produce. the flame of mercy. including the poet we did see the sad love. the Shakespearean drama. again. subtle fragrance. Yet the more overwhelmed. the more incensed. we abdiquons the revolt with the sterile hope. and generous and touching victims. our deep sorrows of our immense pain. That is why the drama. where the bottom dune soul reveals itself to our eyes. charity. the metaphysical and human work. That is why also that all kinds of dramatic poetry. From the events without such. as Lohengrin loses his dream and hope to have too loved and that Eisa doubt it. Hamlet. but or palpitating the absolute during the Flash of a life.

who also is a good. Fatality may prohibit us returning eagerly anticipated. In the unfathomable chasm where everything goes and fades. their beneficial action and their sustainability. a moment made. broken. this certainty remains faithful. of renewal and healing. its invisible hands. Fischer is thousand times right to say. The auspicious moment where the bronze doors of eternity opens up to the light breath of our last breath. soon break our chains. in succumbing incredible woes. glory. their Halo and their supremacy. that hope remains. supreme Art form. but the magic of the Art we gives forgetfulness. the increasingly large place of dramatic art.. an ineffable ecstasy. Faust. purpose. interest that cause the actors and the actresses.. at least. and despair will more burn his eyes that cried too. like a deliverance.. provides us the rare moments of excitement and oblivion. come to us. the contempt for the woman he loves an immense love. falls asleep finally of the supreme sleep. inexpies indignities. separated it from the hero who dies from the death of his dream. The historian of the great philosophical doctrines. forgetting for a moment or time.. Forget! This is the secret of life. We feel that with the flickering flame of the last torch will turn off also the life and pain of those who dared to love his distant Princess. the gossip and the craft competitions. for nothing or for a new life.. turn off you.. the beloved which everything down here. but especially the theatrical genius. since their reign is intended to end a day like all the reign finish. blood and torments. it brings to the dispossessed of this world of present ineffable. already.. appears to the defeated and desperate. as the sigh of relief of a soul that will stop beat and suffer: for the rest. dying in the arms of the friend who maintains and cries for him. These great souls. having lost everything. in even the most childish manifestations. When all leaves us. denied. Yes. heals and soothes the insatiable and tenacious will. both social as purely aesthetic standpoint.. total and voluntary denial.31 appeasement and resignation that the philosophy of Schopenhauer gives us it also. turn off you. since in him everything subsides and is annihilated.. this ardent sympathy obviously exaggerated modern society feels for . gushing out of the Tomb. This infinite sweetness that will exhale poems. the inconsoles despair. no definition of the essence of Art. but the bitter tears of defeat. but already the flame once burned a less bitter bite this poor broken heart. try to lose. because it announces the end of all suffering. "Sad flame. ruins and defeated death. at the threshold of eternity. Celtic tranquility." These few melancholy and so simple words who succeed to shouts of revolt. let them see in exciting emotion that tragedy. silence!. in the worst events. Compensate do not like. wish. joy and beauty. And the protagonist!' of all the tragic masterpieces.. also regenerated by suffering. and the smile of the earthly pilgrimage: love. this contempt that it provides and dreads. quitting becomes easy and desirable. exclaims with bitterness: "Why am I born? '' And the last prayer of Hamlet. the intensity of the pain. condemned and cursed all outlaws and disastrous. silence. Then again. Aeschylus. what pride. nothing. the negation of life. also. A finding of importance. Hugo. will come the doux repos. but does it matter? in this prodigy reside the greatness. regret over nothing and overcome suffering. Among the disasters and the ruins of the most unfairly disqualifications. Thus.. Goods that make life worthy of being lived and that they have lost forever. in the concerns of the public and in worldly life. after experiencing all the joys and all the exhilaration. if it exceeds the human forces. Even with a sort of joy that the hero blasted through misfortune. heartbreaking regret and sublime agony. it is our supreme good and forgetfulness will come.. the pain itself disappears.. nobility and sustainability engineering. within the Nirvana they found it finally.. charitable hands. single and without return. The universe faints in the ultimate look of the dying. Tannhäuser. For whoever n all lost in this world. The final words of "the bride of Messina" teach us the resignation and cessation. Shakespeare. The highest maxim. yet full of tears." said Ruy Blas crushed by the most atrocious pain here . abandonment. No. the notion and heartbreaking regret. It is that after the immense fatigue of the most stormy intended. parts and the intrigues of the scenes. fainted. through the centuries. friend.. serenity. "sad flame. for one who has nothing to expect from the fate. We claim we recognize in the sublime resignation of noble Shakespearean race hero who... she abruptly interrupts the chores of the executioners. do not venerate these benefactors of humanity to which we are indebted to such teaching? Ah! forget. certainty remains in this world where everything: the feeling that pain should end. hope. annihilating in us the desire to live. forget! no longer suffer! If happiness has fled the dream equivalent betrayal for us to the bankruptcy of the world. condemned and saved by the miracle of faithful love.. expires with glee at the foot of the coffin where rests the Saint who loved him and whose prayers he received divine forgiveness. bless the death who delivers. these few words affect us to the bottom of the soul. When everything betrays us. the deepest form of philosophical wisdom there radiates under the symbol of the images. lurking on the works of the great tragic poets. grace or thanks. Cease to suffer is already a joy. the error and evil are not autocrats of the world. the pain. Feverish curiosity that attaches to the things of the theatre. still emerges from this rapid overview of the dramaturgy of Schopenhauer. struck down by fate. waiving forever.. Let the infidels disciples who do not want to understand the advice of the master. otherwise the dreamless sleep. until the strength of invincible hope. a principle of life..below. will not be worth that of Schopenhauer: life is that will and desire is suffering. his last wish. seek more nothing of destiny. Yes. still persists a principle of liberation. inequities victims crying vengeance to heaven. we hear in the night approach its not. the darkest human day.

to people of circle. after terrible struggle and tragic conflict. to the Apostles of joy and truth. a negligible pleasure. sometimes immense pain individual and who. However. the drama of cosmic origins. the species of hex of the theatre. philosophers. indeed. reports are rather rare and infrequent between the world of theatres. live of fictional existence created by the playwright or the genius of interpreters. But the accession of a famous philosopher and a creative artist. the will to live finally reconciled. inevitable and certain. a hobby good for the crowd. These trends of the soul. It is that the playwright and philosopher. admirable previews theoretical views that call yet good reserves and which must reform and complete in some respects. as well as the domination of the world belongs to men of thought. Prosecutor philosophers dream them of truth. despite so many common ideas that would of reconciling these two thinkers of engineering. He alone is filing alive and passionate philosophy. as contended. this craze that has inspired so many stupid rants and bitter protests. an aggressive form between all of the immense human stupidity. Art the most beneficial and the most fruitful taking us on the wings of dream do the fastest. Hegel said with good reason: the drama represents universe. the philosophy is certainly the most sublime. Because the great and sublime Hegel. We are deeply convinced of the dune alliance need or a reconciliation over more intimate between these two categories of thinkers and intellectual creators. Richard Wagner in his prophetic on the future destiny of the theatre. on the contrary. worship and respect. the privilege of ranting against the histrionics. evokes the partial drama of an individual destiny. away from the pointless hubbub of so-called places of pleasure. far (read grotesque histrionics. suffer or want the existence imposed on the human mind its constitutive laws. of our suffering. The instinct of the drama remains yet. for a few hours oblivion. our sensitivity. by the excesses of his suffering. All drama. no change in taste may prevail. is that of metaphysics and the eternal speculation we serve yet. we offer the drama. By that even the inspiration of the metaphysician and that of the playwright appear similar. soothed. the adversary and enemy of Schopenhauer. worship him and serve him. as one of the most generous aspirations. among all the dreams and all the illusions of this world. the innate faculties of understanding. The future of civilization is there. imbued with a true beauty. in dealing with love of these things so trivial. also from vain environments. delivered to the petty struggles of rivalries and individual appetites... . since it is addressed both to the three essential functions referred to by the old treated of metaphysics. its suffering. these two antithetic forms of mysterious aspiration that makes us glimpse the absolute among transient forms of global developments. And this analogy is easy to understand. This representation. moralists lovers and other deep minds. the manifestation of human genius that is nearest. in the frame narrow and restricted Theatre. our intelligence and our will. Liberating power or admirable hex of the drama!. Like us. One wants to reconstruct the synthetic image of the world and eternity. no expect.. redeemed. must be a synthesis of poetry aimed at intelligence. I have the absolute conviction. overwhelmed worries. It is necessary to propagate in the mercenary classes among slaves who do not yet know its pleasure and its ineffable charm. fraternal. the irresistible attraction which it exercises. sorrows and selfish concerns. From there. form the noblest and the deepest that can be below the inaccessible Ideal. the agreement will be more intimate and more deep. Never forsake the sublime Art of the Sophocles and the Eurypide. the essence of the world. and the bulky fascination of theatre. with its miseries. harmony achieved in contemplation of an ideal destiny which reflect. these two giants of modern thought believe that theatre. So far. He need to love him. All representations of life. the universal evolution and the destiny of the human race. isn't the image and the distant symbol of creation? And the world itself. The philosopher knows well that it derogates. Richard Wagner and the Victor Hugo. between metaphysics and the drama. philosophy and Theatre. the footprint of a sacred and mystical character.) If the theatre claims and today Gets a prominent place and exceptional. grant us the priceless joy of there regained peace. is the smoothest and most powerful. No coarse taunts decrease nor will weaken us this invincible hope. appears. in the limits an episodic fiction. gave on the subject of the final words against which no fluctuation of fashion. although the suret momentum away from our sadness. art that charm the senses and music that sings in our souls the eternal world's complaint and the harmony of the infinite future. childishness. tradition. the Shakespeare and the Calderon. and the world of professionals. bring to the development of our thesis the unexpected support of engineering.32 the theatre. politicians. without a doubt. sad. *** Let the people of the world. one of the more rational trends and more beneficial social life. There this prodigy extraordinary and which reproduces every night in every Auditorium: hundreds of creatures human. vulgar. columnists. the other. on the contrary is the supreme psychic life development. is that drama is the most perfect and most synthetic of all the arts. work at an identical task. the more profound judgments of the philosopher. In serving his noble cause. its aspirations and its endless joys. the intensity of feeling that he gets by in appearance if material and if primitive means. and looking them for absolute l in retirement and isolation.. abolished suffering. more harmless in any case than the vile of war massacres or messy intrigues thence political ambition and the lucre. is not the most extraordinary performances?. Only theatre. our negative selfishness. such as Schopenhauer and Wagner. the highest expression of human genius in the field of creation and aesthetic contemplation. far from being a futile distraction.

most hospital. . the art of the theatre is the deepest f. And among the elite that will guide humanity to come towards an ideal time. will be a day to the ineffable joys. all among the poor beings human will be themselves metaphysicians. but all. the worker. END. each day more beautiful and purest sources ignored joy. All oasis of joy. of all the shelters. In these enchanting and dummy regions. because it is with the music more directly inspired by instinct and the metaphysical needs. all shelters. we reserve the glare. on this earth. for which his labor. fairy atmosphere that prevails for the philosopher who has been able to untangle the metaphysical sense of theatre. noble delighting in that theatre and philosophical speculation still attach to the elite intellectual or social of the present time. The theatre is the supreme art. Dazzling that are surprises which normal wrinkled of progress. misery and exile until the day where the worker. the model of the hero. that its ingenious industry built and his charity invites us to cross the threshold. metaphysician and tragic poet.33 poets and playwrights. Richard Wagner is the greatest musician. the most admirable of all the arts. the curse of today. Sage will appear to our descendants happier in the guise of the nobleman and pathetic Frédéric Schiller. no longer be the burden. civilization worthy of the name. through the annoying silliness of the trade are blooming flowers of forgetfulness. will be able to understand as we the beauty of a Platonic dialogue. the greatest artist in the world. the mercenary himself. from power in the Act. playwrights or wise. precisely because it does not affect any claim to an illusory reality. in the future city. we or rather to future races. here is the safest. There will be genuine progress. We cannot repeat it too often. here's the most dazzling life and light. all these asylums precarious. renewal and ecstasy. this area of fiction. moreover. even the most humble of our brothers. beauty and bliss that human genius view among the arid sands of the desert. philosopher and playwright. William Shakespeare. is that the more truthful treasures. in the naive. In this world where everything is that mirage f and disappointing visions. a drama of Shakespeare or a poem by Wagner. the pessimistic and desperate Schopenhauer's doctrine did well even under our steps and that we want to be.