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Thailand Jungle survival kits

Thailand Jungle Survival Kits
Tropical Jungle (land) Survival Kit – Essentials - Water purification filter straw - Water purification tablets (iodine) - Knife (sturdy fixed-blade knife with a 4” to 6” blade) - Butane or similar lighter (in a waterproof container even if it's just a zip-top plastic bag) - Fire striker (magnesium fire stick) - Waterproof matches (in waterproof container) - Kindling and some tinder (Vaseline coated cotton balls, pre-charred cotton material, natural materials) - A smaller knife for more delicate work (folding multi-tool, but be selective. Most tools are useless for survival situation) - A small fine-grade knife sharpener. I dull knife is dangerous. There are plenty of small sharpeners. - Snare wire - Parachute cord (small-diameter nylon rope) - Signaling mirror - Compass - Fish hooks and line - Small LED flashlight - small alcohol wipe packets (both first aid and fire starting) - Tetracycline tablets for diarrhea or infection - Imodium (diarrhea is extremely bad in the tropics as staying hydrated is your #1 priority) - Antibiotic ointment packets or small tube (Neosporin or Bacitracin) - Surgical blade - Butterfly sutures - Insect repellent packets (small rubs are better than lotion and can often be reused) - Solar blanket - Needles and thread - An epipen if you’re allergic to insect stings - Life-sustaining personal medication - some money in the local currency Note: in Thailand, most Thais don't go into the jungle without a traditional Thai jungle knife. This is a wonderful tool as it can be used as a knife, hatchet and perhaps a weapon. Check out this YouTube video. (Photo to the right is a Thai jungle knife) Think about this: Although the battery can go dead, the modern smart phone is a potentially invaluable survival tool. Not only is there good reception throughout most of Thailand, but you can get a GPS/compass app... and maps! Small solar battery chargers make the dead battery issue less of an issue. A spare battery is an additional safeguard. I almost always carry my smart phone around my neck in a waterproof pounch when I go in the jungle. Tropical Coastal (but not lost at sea) Survival Kit – Add-on Essentials - Water purification straw or pump - Additional fishing gear

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Heavier fishing line (Braided line is very strong. You can put your knife on the belt too.A tent (in the jungle. If you have the means to cut. and if you’re going to be around water.Firearms (slingshot rubber bands and leather pouches make more sense) .Whistle . a few water purification tablets.GPS with mapping .Small water-purification pump . There are several brands of waist packs that are waterproof already. When splitting bamboo. The remainder can be in a waist pack.Toilet paper .Lightweight poncho . It does not have to be heavy or a massive “Rambo” style knife.Non-lubricated condoms (water storage) . If you’re on the sea or in a river. some fishing line. etc) should be kept completely dry. if you’ve got dry kindling and the knowledge of where to locate somewhat dry tender. You want a survival knife to be very sturdy.Collapsible sun glasses . I find they don't produce sufficient amounts of water for tropical survival. First of all.Strobe light . Jungle Survival Destinations 2 of 4 .Tube tent or light hammock .Rambo style knife . most of which can’t be uses .Thailand Jungle survival kits . Bring monofilament leader material as well) . fire-making tools (lighters. There is no better way to do it.Lures (jig and spoon-type lures pack well) . you can often carry most of your survival kit in your PFD (Personal Flotation Device.Food bars / energy bars . Anything that would be ruined by getting wet should be in a waterproof container.Magnifying glass for starting fires as there are better methods . this method works wonderfully. flat. you can use a club-like piece of wood to hammer the back of the blade.New Skin liquid bandage . i.Lip balm with high SPF rating .Surgical tubing and slingshot pouch . you can start a fire. The stronger types of lighters that produce a powerful. pry or split wood.Knife-sharpening stone (nature provides plenty of natural stones that work just fine) .A notebook and a pencil .Cooking kit .Large bandana or piece of cloth for sun protection .Multi-tools with everything imaginable. When should you carry a Survival Kit? Basically.Hand-Operated Emergency Desalination Water Pump . coconuts or whatever without using your knife. matches. but visible. sharp blue flame are much better than the standard cheap throw-away lighters. a knife. do it that way. Knives with hollow handles are popular for carrying survival gear. anytime you venture off into the great outdoors. sinkers.Aluminum foil . water is usually not overly difficult to find. the ones that are difficult to blow out.A shovel . Naturally. Second. take one.Assorted cable ties (many uses from repairing broken gear to makeshift lashing) What You Don’t Really Need .An attitude of superiority over Nature… you’ll lose. hooks and maybe a lure. satellite phones have better coverage .A mobile phone + extra battery. Optional Coastal Kit Items – space-permitting .Sun protection . Life Jacket) pockets.Additional first aid material .Lead or other metal weights .Candle (‘trick’ birthday candles. Double-packing fire material is always a good idea. Even in wet conditions. a hollow handle is a weaker handle. but it should be a well-built. If you’ve got room for a compass. In order to use your survival knife as a hatchet.Some might consider solar still material. clear ground is not common) . Plus.e.Hatchet or axe . that is a limited amount of space. work really well) . How to Carry a Survival Kit Waist packs are a great idea. Though larger and certainly more expensive. you should have the fundamental essential: fire-making tools. Save your knife for when you truly need it. kindling.Signaling flares Optional Land and Coastal Kit Items – space-permitting .Frog/fishing spear head . This is much more efficient than hacking at the wood.

check out our Phuket Wilderness Survival Introductory courses. woodlore and traditional wilderness living skills than just surivival. Bushcraft courses are also available for those who are more interested in camping. what gear to take. Would you know what to do if you were shipwrecked or in a plane crash? Check out our coastal survival training course. My friend Cody Lundin is a master at primitive living skills. you can choose from some smaller national parks or conservation areas. wilderness living and survival skills. PaddleAsia offers a two-day jungle survival course in Phang Nga Province. It points out certain (often repeated) patterns in many survival fatalities and how they can be avoided. This is a comfortable way for you to see the jungle and experience one of the nicest national parks in SE Asia. Dave also offers a unique magazine called Self Reliance Illustrated. one of the best survival shows to ever air on TV.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! Dave and Cody are the 'stars' of The Discovery Channel's show Dual Survival. Dave has a multitude educational videos on YouTube pertaining to survival skills. For lots of information on common sense survival and self-reliance as well as survival supplies. Cody is the author of two best-sellers: When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes and 98. Dave offers one of the most durable. If you don't have a lot of time and/or Khao Sok is out of your budget. Visit the Wilderness Survival Skills website for information about safe wilderness travel. Cody also believes in sustainable living and his philosophy shines through with his incredible self-reliant home. 3 of 4 . Furthermore. high-quality knives on the market. Cody proves that ancient skills are still applicable. and Why by Laurence Gonzales. For more budget-minded travelers who also want a more hardcore jungle survival experience. survival techniques and links to survival schools around the planet. beautiful. Who Lives. Who Dies. This book deals primarily with the psychology of survival with plenty of real-life stories. His Aboriginal Living Skills School is a must for all who are interested in training and learning survival techniques to use in the modern world. Or. if you're looking for a knife that will last a lifetime. Contact us for details. check out my friend Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School. Check out his Pathfinder series knives by Blind Horse.Deep Survival .Thailand Jungle survival kits You can choose from Khao Sok National Park whereby kayaking is included in the course. See our tour prices list for prices. Me with Dave and Cody Highly recommended reading .

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