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86 Bangladeshi Buddhists arrive in Maungdaw Wife of Arakanese singer stabbed to death in Sittwe Bangladesh pushes back 99 Burmese nationals Birth of Arakan National Party: RNDP and ALD emerge as a single entity Burma-Bangladesh FOC meeting concluded in Naypyidaw Unification agenda: RNDP and ALD delegates to meet in Yangon Two physicians appointed after a solo protest Night curfew extended in Arakan for two months ‘Burmese Army planted landmines on border areas’ Solo programme demanding government doctor in rural hospital Kaladan Project must involve indigenous peoples, says report


Six Arakanese face attacks in Kuala Lumpur ALP alleges insolence from Arakan government After-affect of sectarian violence: Schools remain closed in northern Arakan




ALP urges for a stronger National Army for Arakanese

16) Thousands join rally supporting two-child policy for Muslims 17) Hearing of 10 villagers for anti-CNPC protest postpones 18) One lakh Kyat bribe sought for an agricultural loan 19) Arakan residents continue suffering from shortage of physicians 20) Lands confiscation still going on in Arakan 21) 33 temporary schools for Muslim displaced children in Arakan

1.86 Bangladeshi Buddhists arrive in Maungdaw

it is the last batch arriving in Maungdaw and they are still staying in our monastery. a border town with India. had already arrived in the Maungdaw township in the last two months. a western border town of Burma on Saturday. A group of Bangladeshi Buddhist stay in a school in Maungdaw.( Maungdaw. A senior monk in Baho monastery of Maungdaw.” said Ko Zaw Lun. .” he added. Prior to the 86 Buddhists team. a Muslim dominated locality for providing shelter. they were shifted to Maungdaw. The Bangladeshi Buddhists had arrived in our Buthidaung jetty at around 8 pm and stayed the night in Aye Zayi monastery. Next morning. who hail from Chittagong hill tract area of south Bangladesh. revealed the senior monk. while talking to Narinjara over phone informed that over 1000 Buddhist families. by two machine boats. “They were brought to Maungdaw from Paletwa. “Till now. The Burmese authority received them at Kyauk Taw of Arakan State. have been moved to Maungdaw. Later they are expected to shift to their shelters those are arranged by the local authority. who entered Burma for safe shelters. a group of 48 Bangladeshis comprising 12 families reached Maungdaw in the first half of June. 18 June 2013): At least 86 Bangladeshi Buddhists. which is closer to Paletwa and later sent them to Maungdaw. The Bangladeshi Buddhists comprising 23 families. had recently crossed the border through passes to arrive in Paletwa of south Chin State for refuges. who received the team in Buthidaung. who came to Burma from different place of Bangladesh. said officials and witnesses.

who is the mother of three children will be held on Wednesday at Manzi graveyard in in many model villages throughout Maungdaw township. According to the family source. 18 June 2013) : The wife of well known Arakanese singer Ko Doe Ree was stabbed to death on Monday in Sittwe. On the Monday evening incident. economic and religious freedom there. Ma Onmar Tun.narinjara. a family source disclosehttp://www. http://www.The authority has put the Bangladeshi Buddhists. the popular Arakanese singer and his wife Ma Onmar Tun had altercations with U Maung Took in several occasions before the said a family source. the capital of Arakan. the assailant U Maung Took suddenly stabbed the lady by a knife and fled from the location.narinjara. The cremation of Ma Onmar Tun.php/wife-of-arakanese-singer- stabbed-to-death-in-sittwe/ . who had left Bangladesh for the continued repression in respect of social. 32 died after their neighbour U Maung Took attacked her in the evening nearby her residence and she finally succumbed to the injuries.php/86-bangladeshibuddhists-arrive-in-maungdaw/ 2.Wife of Arakanese singer stabbed to death in Sittwe Posted: 17 Jun 2013 11:28 PM PDT ( Sittwe.

Bangladesh pushes back 99 Burmese nationals ( Dhaka.Birth of Arakan National Party: RNDP and ALD emerge as a single entity ( Yangon. 17 June 201): Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) and Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) have finally combined into a single party named Arakan National Party (ANP) in the unification meeting held in Yangon. . The incident took place in Bandarban hill district and Cox’s bazaar areas.3. All the Burmese nationals were later pushed back by the Bangladesh border authority with the route they used to enter into the neighbouring country. when the Burmese citizens tried to enter Bangladesh illegally through different international border The commanding officer of 42 battalion of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at Teknaf said that 67 Burmese nationals comprising various ethnic minorities of Burma were detained during their approach to enter Bangladesh through the Naff river between 12:30 and 2 pm of June 16. It is learnt that the Bangladesh border authority normally pushes back the Burmese nationals rather than handing over the encroachers to the Burmese counterpart.php/bangladesh-pushes-back-99-burmesenationals/ 4.narinjara. 17 June 2013): The Bangladesh border guards have pushed back 99 Burmese nationals to their country on Sunday. In another incident. a bordering town with Burma. the BGB personnel arrested 32 Muslims including women and children when they tried to get an entry into Bangladesh through Sabrong union of Teknaf township.

17 June 2013) : Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh have discussed and resolved many issues including the repatriation of Muslim refugees in a Foreign Office Consultations (FOC) meeting. The two day long consultation meeting concluded on June 15. the new capital of Burma. The delegates from both the parties also discussed about their future strategy and activities in the unification meeting. said party officials. The RNDP won 35 Parliamentary seats in 2010 general election and the ALD won 11 Parliamentary seats in 1990 election.narinjara. The meeting is attended by six delegates from each party and also been graced by some prominent monks and citizens.http://www. .Burma-Bangladesh FOC meeting concluded in Naypyidaw ( Naypyidaw. The final accord is going to be signed today by the delegates.php/birth-of-arakan-national-partyrndp-and-ald-emerge-as-a-single-entity/ 5. The ALD did not participate in the last general election of Burma. The combination meeting between RNDP and ALD delegates was organized in the office of Rakhine Thahaya Association of Yangon that is going on since June held recently in Naypyidaw. Mentionable is that both RNDP and ALD are the biggest political parties of Arakan. said the officials and local media sources.The delegates representing both the Arakan based political parties agreed to unify and emerge the new political party for the benefit of Arakanese.

The Bangladesh delegation proposed to form a joint committee to exclusively deal with issues of repatriation in relation with the undocumented Burmese nationals taking shelter in their country. Burmese minister Thant Kyaw. where delegations from both the neighboring countries reviewed various bilateral issues related to political. The process was stalled due to the outbreak of communal violence in Rakhine State of Burma last year. The Burmese delegation took note of the proposal for active consideration. where as deputy foreign minister U Thant Kyaw led the 20 member Burmese delegation. Six delegates from RNDP and another six delegates from ALD will meet in Yangon tomorrow (Saturday) to finalize the process. 14 June 2013): Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) and Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) are on way to merge into one organization.It was the 7th round of FOC meeting. . Delegates representing both the countries also agreed to address the entire range of transboundary crimes along the international border jointly with a comprehensive effort. said the leaders representing both the Arakan based parties. while responding to Bangladesh’s willingness to import natural gas from Burma. http://www. He however assured that Bangladesh would be given priority in meeting Dhaka’s domestic energy needs. Both the governments also reiterated their commitments to uphold ‘zero tolerance policy’ against the unauthorized use of their territories by any person or group for subversive activities. Bangladesh foreign secretary Shahidul Haque led the 11 members’ team from his country. They also discussed about Dhaka’s proposal for a ‘security dialogue’ within the FOC framework. informed a Burmese foreign ministry official.narinjara.Unification agenda: RNDP and ALD delegates to meet in Yangon ( Yangon. economic and security cooperation between Burma and Bangladesh. Shahidul Haque stressed on resolving the longstanding repatriation issue of Muslim refugees in the meeting and called for early resumption of repatriation process relating to the Burmese refugees taking shelter in Bangladesh. apprised the meeting about the ongoing process of floating bids for offshore and onshore gas blocks.php/burma-bangladesh-foc-meeting-concluded-innaypyidaw/ 6. The Burmese delegation assured in the meeting that the repatriation process of Muslim refugees from Bangladesh would be resumed soon as the situation turns normal and stable in Rakhine

Two physicians appointed after a solo protest ( Taungup. a leader of RNDP. Besides the delegates of both the parties.RNDP president Dr Aye Maung is expected to lead his team. Hence we expect a satisfactory outcome. http://www.” said ALD president U Aye Tha Aung. The leaders are optimistic about the meeting. . “The initiative to combine the parties has been supported by the members of both the political 7. prominent monks and representatives from social organizations will also attend the meeting as observers. 13 June 2013) : Two physicians have been appointed in two rural hospitals by the Rakhine State health department. He expressed optimism while Narinajara interviewed him recently. while ALD vice president U Kyaw Myint will lead the other team.” said U Tha Tun Hla. “The meeting will be held at the office of Rakhine Thahaya Association in Yangon and it is scheduled to start at 9 am. incidentally two days after a solo protest program that took place in Taungup township on June 11 and was promptly covered by Narinjara News. It is understood that Arakanese across the globe are enthusiastically looking forward to the Saturday meeting as the development has the potential to change the faces of Arakanese living inside Burma and abroad.

com/main/index.” the NLD leader added.php/two-physicians-appointed-after-a-solo-protest/ 8. 12 June 2013) : The night time curfew imposed by the Arakan government authority in six townships of the State has been extended for two more months. a central committee member of National League for Democracy in Taungup informed that two medical doctors are being appointed in Ma Ei township hospital and Wra Ma village sub-hospital.Night curfew extended in Arakan for two months ( Sittwe. Min Kyi is even forced to sign an agreement by the police declaring that he would not stage such protests in future without the authority’s prior permission. Min Kyi expressed his furies against the authority for not appointing any physician in the town hospital for seven months. The local residents express happiness at the appointment of the government doctors and also appreciate Min Kyi for his initiative.Ko Min Aung. Though the authority has taken the initiative to appoint two physicians after the solo protest. Earlier Ko Min Kyi alias Maung Mae staged the protest program alone for one hour. An official source confirmed that Dr Htet Pin Soe has been appointed in Ma Ei township hospital and Dr Aung Naing Soe is appointed for Wra Ma village sub-hospital. Through his demonstration starting at 8 am. the local police have asked Min Kyi for not staging any such demonstration in future. a government report said. Both the hospitals are located in the Taungup township of central Arakan. “It is a victory for the people.narinjara. . http://www.

but the sense security among the mass people is still missing and hence the authority has decided to extend the curfew for two more months. Maungdaw. was clamped in all the township areas following the clashes between the Buddhists and Muslims of Arakan last year. Kyauk Pru and Kyauk Taw. 38. Maaungdaw and Kyauk Taw since June 8 and the same order for Sittwe. The night curfew. include Sittwe. Buthidaung. Kyauk Pru and Rambree was implemented from June 10 last. . The situation in Arakan has improved a lot.php/night-curfew-extended-in-arakan-for-two-months/ 9.The six townships. starting from 10 pm every night.‘Burmese Army planted landmines on border areas’ ( Dhaka. 12 June 2013): Serious allegations have been raised against the Burmese Army as the planter of landmines along Burma-Bangladesh border ignoring the international norms. http://www. The Bangladesh authority. 39 and 40 with variation of distances from 70 yards to 100 yards. while raising the allegation. The authority has extended the 6 hours night curfew in Buthidaung. said that Burmese armed forces have planted landmines along the border pillars no 37. But the restriction has resulted in tremendous difficulties for the common people. under the blanket of curfew.narinjara.

A local media report quoting the Bangladesh home ministry said that Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) had already notified its counterpart in Burma about the violation but it is yet to get any reply from the concerned Burmese authority.The international border areas between Burma and Bangladesh comprise hills covered with thick forests at several places and there is no fencing in many He accused that the Burmese government.narinjara. It is understood that the issue will be raised by the Bangladesh delegates during the foreign secretary level meeting between the two neighboring countries in Naypyidaw on June 14 next.” revealed a border expert while speaking to Narinjara. as per the international rules. BGB director general Maj-Gen Aziz Ahmed told the media recently that the Burmese authority.php/burmese-army-planted-landmines-on-border-areas/ 10.Solo programme demanding government doctor in rural hospital Dateline: Ma Ei township witnessed a solo demonstration yesterday asking the authority for practicing physicians in the local hospital. “The area is located in the northern parts of Maungdaw township of Burma. which is adjacent to Taungbro area of Bangladesh. while violating the border agreement by planting land mines. also continues ignoring the concerns expressed by the Bangladesh counterpart. Now the BGB has reported to the Bangladesh government about the violation and urged the government in Dhaka to resolve the issue with diplomatic efforts. has no right to plant land mines within 150 yards from the international zero line along the border with Bangladesh. . http://www.

The authority in town did not prevent him of the protest programme. In most cases the nurses have to look after the patients. there is no doctors. there is a sun hospital in Wra Ma village (alias Tan Lwe)closer to Ma Ei township hospital. where no physician is being appointed by the authority. Maung Mae staged the protest in front of Ma Ei township hospital at around 8 am and concluded after one hour. . Similarly. Even the hospital faces shortage of medicines also. but few of those have government doctors. but only two nurses provide relevant services to the patients. Min Kyi decided to stage the protest after he felt very bad about the poor patients who were deprived of healthcare services in the locality. though responsible officers kept an eye on him till the programme ended on 9 am. said a witness. so we demand for a physician appointed by the central government immediately’.The lone protester Ko Min Kyi alias Maung Mae expressed his resentments for not appointing any physician in his town hospital for seven months. The witness also added that Min Kyi raised a poster reading ‘Ma Ei township hospital has no doctors for 7 months. In the Ma Ei township hospital too. The Ma Ei township hospital in Taungup locality was recently promoted by the government to a sub-township level hospital. One can see a number of hospitals in the entire Arakan State.

000 local residents. says report    11 Jun 2013 02:40 Written by Mizzima News Regional A new report by the Kaladan Movement raises community concerns about the lack of government transparency surrounding the implementation of the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project.In Ponn Kyunt township. 16 miles north of Sittwe. But the local residents argue that they need more physicians including a dentist for the hospital.Kaladan Project must involve indigenous peoples. which has not been fulfilled by the government.php/solo-programmedemanding-government-doctor-in-rural-hospital/ 11. . Arakan State mining minister told Narinjara recently that one additional doctor has been posted by the State heath ministry in Yota Yoke sub-hospital.narinjara. there is only a government doctors to look after nearly 200. U Aung Than Tin.

particularly for Arakan [Rakhine] and Chin States.” http://www. and increased militarization in connection with the project.” said Twan Zaw. prior and informed consent must be the foundation of this kind of infrastructure development project. the two most impoverished regions of Burma.mizzima. The deep-sea port will transfer cargo from large container ships to smaller 300-tonne barges (from 50 to 200 metres in length) that will ply the 160 km inland waterway north to a port complex at Paletwa Town in Chin State. as well as disruption and loss of existing livelihoods. “Local people must have full participation in major development decisions in Burma. it may lead to increased tension between India and Burma rather than improving ties. and driven on a yet-to-be-built 130 km highway connecting to a new Land Customs Station at Zorinpui on the southern-most tip of the 1. At the Paletwa port. Lalremruata said. “The report also aims to highlight the potential benefits of the project. and focuses on the concerns and hopes of the local people. “People living in the project area in Mizoram State want the Kaladan Project to be a sustainable development which brings local economic benefits and does not destroy the environment. classified as Indian development aid to Burma. and the principle of free. There must be fair compensation for land acquisition for the Kaladan Project. Executive Director of Arakan Rivers Network. Indigenous peoples in both India and Burma must be involved in all decision-making regarding their ancestral lands. and health impact assessments should be conducted and made public before the Kaladan Project proceeds any further.634 km India-Burma border. While acknowledging the need for improved infrastructure and the potential benefits of increased trade opportunities for local farmers and producers. provides an overview of the current on-the-ground impacts arising from the lack of transparency. The Project.” the report says. Unless the Kaladan Project is implemented with a people-centred . The Kaladan Movemnet says the report. “Comprehensive environmental. Twan Zaw added. Kaladan Movement says the prospect is enhances of further land confiscation and forced evictions. titled “One cannot step into the same river twice: making the Kaladan Project people-centred”. cargo will be transferred to trucks.” Zo Indigenous Forum Director C. is a cornerstone of India’s “Look East Policy” aimed at expanding Indian economic and political influence in Southeast Asia. a core member of the Kaladan Movement.The $214 million Kaladan Project—estimated to be fully operational in 2015—will see the construction of a combined inland waterway and highway transportation system connecting Mizoram State in Northeast India with a Bay of Bengal deep-sea port at Sittwe in Rakhine State. social.

Six Arakanese face attacks in Kuala Lumpur ( Kuala Lunpur.12. A group of suspected Muslim goons approached their house at around 3 am and sprayed a kind of gas inside the house through the holes. Arakan-remains unconscious in the hospital bed. said a close friend of the victims. Two Arakanese were severely wounded in the attack. who were shifted to the hospital. a group of six masked people entered their house and targeted them with swords. When the Arakanese opened the door to come out. The inmates. soon found difficulties in breathing and also felt itching in their eyes. The incident took place in the early morning at their rented wooden house. and the rest could escape with minor injuries. who hails from Rathidaung township-20 miles north of Sittwe. One victim named Ko Khin Maung Win. who received injuries on his head. . where the six Arakanese stays. 10 June 2013): A group of miscreants attacked 6 Arakanese. nose and also arms. informed the source. who have been working in an umbrella factory of Kuala Lumpur. who were sleeping then. Malaysia on Saturday.

Delegates from ALP and Arakan state government in peace talk meeting on 6 June 2012.php/six-arakanese-face-attacks-inkuala-lumpur/ 13. The polce is yet to arrest the culprits. The Malaysian police found the dead body of the Burmese migrant near a rubbish pile of Kalong Utama town. Nearly 10 Burmese were reportedly killed in Malaysia in the recent time by the suspected Muslim goons. has not been able to implement all clauses mentioned in the five point agreement with the Arakan State government.In another incident in Malaysia that took place few days back. . The ALP leadership has alleged that the authorities have not cooperated in this respect even after one year of signing of the accord. The political observers suspect that it was the retaliatory actions by the local Muslim community on migrant Burmese there to take revenges against the ongoing attacks on Muslims inside Burma. a migrant Burmese were chopped to death by the miscreants. 8 June 2013) : Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). The body showed the mark of cutting on the throat. an influential Arakanese ceasefire armed group of Burma.ALP alleges insolence from Arakan government (Kyauk Taw.narinjara.

So they have expressed their resentments against the plan. The reason behind the non-functioning of the institutions even after a week is understood to be the absence of teachers. 7 June 2013): The first June is the opening day for the government schools in Burma. Khine Thukha. alleged local residents. general secretary of ALP. to allow the members of ALP to travel across the country. to open liaison offices in Kyauktaw and Paletwa for mutual communications. and to continue negotiations for building peace initiative and development activities in Arakan’.php/alp-alleges-insolence-from-arakan-government/ 14. Paletwa was under the territory of Arakan State. informed that following the agreement the ALP has succeeded in opening a liaison office in Kyauktaw but the other office proposed in Paletwa of Chin State is yet to be materialized.” added Khine Thukha. the capital of Arakan State in western Burma. But the State government has not permitted the ALP members to fully engage in various development activities of Arakan. In fact. The restriction has thus prevented the ALP to work for the benefit of common people and finally it has emerged as a major challenge for them to achieve their goal.After-affect of sectarian violence: Schools remain closed in northern Arakan ( Maungdaw. not to cross each others’ areas holding weapons without prior information or negotiation. “The Chin parties oppose our plan citing the reason that Paletwa is not inside Arakan state. During the British rule. but later the city was reportedly put inside Chin State by the U Nu government in 1953. Presently the ALP members without carrying arms can move freely across Burma. http://www. The agreement clearly pointed out ‘to stop fighting each other. . many Chin political parties including Chin National Front have opposed the ALP’s plan to open the liaison office in Paletwa.The ALP and the Arakan government signed the five point agreement in April last year in a meeting held in though the agreement has mentioned about it. but a number of schools in rural areas of northern Arakan remain closed.

php/after-affect-of-sectarian-violence-schoolsremain-closed-in-northern-arakan/ 15. “We are Buddhist. The government has vowed to upgrade the education scenario in Buthidaung and Maungdaw areas. We cannot attend rural schools without the security cover.” she added. “Maung Chan Tha was a headmaster from Thari Konboung village. but many teachers have not forgotten about the last year incidents those broke from the areas. But he is still in Buthidaug and yet to join his duties. The incident took place when U Maung Chan Tha tried to intervene in an attack by a group of Muslims on his village. Presently there is no report of violence in Buthidaaubg and Maungdaw township localities. We do not feel secured working in the Muslim localities.“It is because of the security reason. Not every teacher now reposes faith on the Muslim villagers. A school teacher named U Maung Chan Tha was chopped to dead by his pupils during the clashes. said a female teacher Ma Nin Nin who hails form Maungdaw.” disclosed Min Maung Than. but many unseen hurdles have emerged like the fear of Buddhist teachers going to schools in Muslim localities. who was killed by a group of his Muslim pupils last year.” he added. a southern district town of Arakan and teaches in a school located in a Muslim dominated village. We are not convinced about the assurance of security by the authority. Nobody knows when these teachers would join their duties for the benefit of pupils. a primary school teacher from Buthidaung. Min Maung hails from Thandwe. So we are yet to attend classes for our Muslim pupils.ALP urges for a stronger National Army for Arakanese . Mentionable is that Min Maung is one of many Buddhists who works in the government run primary schools located in Muslim villages under Buthidaung and Maungdaw township.narinjara. Hence we are still in the town areas where the security is not a problem.

“Hence the Arakanese people today need a strong modern Army to protect the indigenous people. has called upon the Arakanese people to build a stronger Army to fight for the freedom and to defend the indigenous people. Arakan Army. the ALP made the appeal commemorating the 36th anniversary of Khaing Moe Lun’s fall. In a statement issued on 4 June. ALP founder Khaing Moe Lun. They are now stationed at Burma-China border areas. Without a stronger force we can not achieve our goal.” stated in the statement. the ALP termed the present time as crucial period for the Arakanese people. The land of Arakan is today witnessing the conflict of interest under the deadlock of Burmanization and Islamization which has finally threatened the existence of the Arakanese people. has already recruited nearly 2000 trained fighters. the ALP founder Khaing Moe Lun fell down fighting with the Burmese Army. the land and our natural resources. India. Mentionable is that the ALP has its own arm wing named Arakan Liberation Army.Burma and Bangladesh-Arakan (Burma) border areas. One can remember that on 4 June 1977. where Kachin . which is somehow not considered as a powerful unit. which is based in Thailand. Mourning the demise to Khaing Moe Lun. one of the ceasefire ethnic armed groups of Burma. The Arakan army has around 300 combatants.Burma. However the intelligent source claims that there is a stronger Arakanese army in the Kachin State.(Inzul. The ALP claims that the successive rulers of Burma have only destroyed and exploited the natural resources of Arakan without the consent of Arakanese people.7 June 2013) : Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). raised by some Arakanese young leaders.

died in the battle against the Burmese army in 1977. It is understood that the Arakan Army has been supported by the KIO leadership. observed some analysts.php/alp-urges-for-a-stronger-national-army-forarakanese/ 16.Independent Organization (KIO) enjoys tremendous influences. Shan and Kachin. which was known as Akyab during the British rule in western Burma (Myanmar) are coming to the streets supporting the single wife &two-child policy for the Muslim families living in the South East Asian country. The ALP statement revealed that their visionary leader Khaing Moe Lun formed the armed outfit in the territory of Karen National Union in 1973 and he maintained his struggle with the support from the biggest rebel group of Burma. who dedicated his life for the Arakanese people. Thousands join rally supporting two-child policy for Muslims Thousands of residents joined in a rally yesterday supporting the Arakan State government act for the controversial law targeting the Muslim community in two townships of northern Arakan. http://www.narinjara. The rally was organized by groups of when the ALP led the 2000 Mile March from Karen to Arakan State across several Burmese ethnic revolutionary groups dominated States like Karenni. The ALP’s statement is seen as a signal to combine all Arakanese armed groups under one umbrella with an aim to fight for the freedom of Arakanese. . participants of social networking and local politicians in the Arakan capital to show their backing to the province government on its mission to adopt the two child policy for the Muslims. Khaing Moe Lun.Thousands join rally supporting two-child policy for Muslims Dateline: More residents of Sittwe. which is fighting for the self-determination.

http://www. NUP etc. USDP. ALD.” she . Ma Nyo Aye. Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with the UN and US had already expressed their resentments against the two child policy for Muslims adopted by the State government in Buthidaug and Maungdaw townships of northern Arakan condemning it as another form of human rights abuses going on in Burma. RNDP.Hearing of 10 villagers for anti-CNPC protest postpones ( Kyauk Pru. informed that the rally was joined by not only the local residents. “It is for our national interest that so many people including the worker-leaders representing several political parties had joined in the rally supporting the government’s act.php/thousandsjoin-rally-supporting-two-child-policy-for-muslims/ 17. The rally was organized with the government permission and it was concluded at 2:30 PM without any unpleasant incidents. wearing white T-shirts together. but also many political party leaders of Arakan namely NLD. 4 June 2013) : Kyauk Pru township court in Arakan has postponed the hearing of 10 villagers who have been charged by the police for leading a protest demonstration against Chinese National Petroleum Cooperation (CNPC) recently in the State of Arakan. “We also demand that the government should extend the two child policy for Muslim residents throughout the State of Arakan and implement the process of ‘Swe Tin Sit’ that literarily means ‘to scrutinize Muslims whether they are Burmese citizens or foreigners’.narinjara.A female leader from Rakhine Women Network Group. The rally that started at 1 PM witnessed the participation of thousands of demonstrators holding posters and placards highlighting the two child policy on Muslims. marched through the streets of Sittwe endorsing their supports to the government law. Many demonstrators.

b) to construct connecting roads among the villages.One lakh Kyat bribe sought for an agricultural loan . Before the demonstration. The local sources inform that the CNPC is now constructing a connecting road among the villages of the island. one of 10 villagers facing charges by the police. d) to supply electricity to all villages located on the island. The demand for a road was included in the charter placed by the agitating villagers during the 18 April demonstrations. informed that the judge of Kyauk Pru court yesterday postponed their hearing to 13 June as they could not arrive in the court all together on the last hearing on 3 June 2013. e) to scrutinize all workers coming from outside in order to avoid crimes in the island. Nearly 600 villagers of Mradea island marched into CNPC’s office there on 18 April 2013 to express their angers against the Chinese petroleum project in Shwe gas field. the police sued 10 villagers for leading the protest programme illegally (read without permissions from the authority). g) not to confiscate lands on the island without the people’s consent. h) to repair a broken embankment on the Island immediately and i) to compensate those who have suffered due to the oil & gas Tun Kyi. f) to allow villagers for fishing in the surrounding offshore areas of the island. c) to employ all villagers living in the island at work-sites of Shwe gas project if they have workers’ registration. but they were denied which compelled the agitating farmers to do so without the valid permission. Afterward. the villagers however requested the authority to grant the permission. http://www.php/hearing-of-10-villagers-for-anticnpc-protest-postpones/ 18. The villagers placed a nine point charter during the protest programme including a) to compensate the farmer against the confiscated lands with international standards. The villagers organized the protest programme against the CNPC without obtaining the permission from the local authority.

20000 Kyat for national ID card (otherwise 5000 Kyat for family unit list). 4 June 2013): The farmers of Arakan are being forced to pay nearly one lakh Kyat as a bribe by the local authority for agricultural loan. said the farmer. We come to know that a farmer has to pay 20. allege a number of farmers from different parts of the State. they would not get the loans or it will take very long time. Another farmer from Rambree also alleged about the practice. but for a poor farmer having . 9000 Kyat for another sign from township agriculture officials. Because of this. A farmer of Ngwe Twin Htoo village in Mray Bon Township disclosed that they had to pay nearly one lakh Kyat per head for the agriculture loans. As we come to know about the loan. we got disappointed with their views.( Mray Bon. The incident come as a surprise to the conscious citizens of Burma (Myanmar). which is offered by the government. He argues that for a middle class farmer may not find it difficult to pay one lakh Kyat as the bribe. he added. clearance paper for debts and other testimonials from various government departments. many farmers have already paid the bribe amount to the officials. we apply for our National ID cards. 20000 Kyat for a ledger book to withdraw money from the bank and 4000 Kyat for another paper. as the present reformist government led by U Thein Sein announced of a clean government and assured good governance for the people.000 Kyat for a sign by officials from revenue department. The Myanmar agriculture development bank is preparing to lend loans to the farmers in our area. The farmer claimed that if they don’t pay the bribes to the local authority. Thus finally we have to spend from 80000 to 100000 Kyat for the agriculture loan. Photo by Internet They allege that the officials claim the amount for processing the formalities of loan. But when we met the concerned officials.

the farmer concluded. The farmers received loans of 2 lakh Kyat per acre of land last year as the rainy season began. . Recently a village administration clerk came to the farmers and asked for one thousand Kyat from each farmer as the bribe for the ledger book which was to be received from the township office for processing the loans.only two or three acres of land. a fact that is admitted by the elected representative it would be really difficult to gather this amount of money for bribing the officials. Now the farmers hope that the authority would offer same amount of money as agricultural loans with similar rate of interest this year too. but the authority did not mention about the rate of interest against the loan amount.narinjara. Nearly 150 farmers in the village were asked to pay the amount.php/one-lakh-kyatbribe-sought-for-an-agricultural-loan/ 19. Residents in Ponna Kyunt gathered at Jetty looking forward to a ferry ship. 3 June 2013): The shortage of government physicians in Arakan has deprived the poor residents of the State in respect to modern health care facilities. http://www.Arakan residents continue suffering from shortage of physicians ( Ponna Kyunt.

We need more doctors and assistants in both the hospitals. The residents have appealed many times to the health ministry for it.php/arakan-residents-continue-suffering-fromshortage-of-physicians/ . http://www. It is a big problem for the poor families to attend doctors in Sittwe always. where there is only one government physician employed by the health ministry to look after the public health of nearly 200000 inhabitants. but there are no doctors at Yota Yoke hospital. which is around 16 miles north of Sittwe. the health ministry has promised Aung Than Tin about the appointment of more physicians in the Ponna Kyunt township level hospital as soon as the training session. also admitted that the people of Ponna Kyunt were facing problems due to shortage of physicians. “It emerges as another problem for our township people. as there is no sufficient doctor in the township.One can mention about Ponna Kyaunt township. for all kinds of health related treatment. The local people also complain about the expertise of Dr Maung as not being satisfactory to them. We are expecting more doctors in the other hospitals. they have to go to the capital city even though they face minor illness. In addition to it. who is an elected representative from the township in Arakan State parliament and also in charge of Arakan mining ministry. now going on for 500 physicians. completes. Though there are two hospitals in Ponna Kyaunt township. but only one government physician is presently engaged by the government.” asserted the social activist.narinjara. but the problem remains with the shortage of qualified physicians in our country. a social activist of Ponna Kyunt informed that the residents of the township have to rely on physicians from Sittwe. U Aung Than Tin. I have already presented about the situation to the health ministry and I wish it would soon resolve the problem. “Many patients in our township usually go to Sittwe for health related reasons. Some time. The residents in Ponna Kyaunt township suffer from malaria annually. “I have already raised the issue with the health ministry. who is now heading Ponna Kyunt hospital is not going is 16 bedded township level hospital in the down town and another is 8 bedded sub-hospital located at Yota Yoke circle. Arakan state parliament and Union parliament of Burma.” Nay Lin Said. the cholera and diarrhea also surface in the township time to time. Now one female doctor has been posted at Yota Yoke sub-hospital. Of course.” the minister said. The minister also added that the health of Dr U Thein Maung. U Nay Lin. capital of Arakan. which has created another problem for the but the response remains lukewarm.” concluded Aung Than Tin. “The Ponna Kyaunt township level has one physician.

After the land confiscation. Though the houses are understood to be included in the government model village. Unfortunately the authority had not offered any compensation to the affected villagers. In earlier too. claimed a sufferer family member. 3 June 2013) : The authority of Maungdaw in western Burma.5 million per acre and hence the cumulative value of the total confiscated lands is estimated to be kyat 9 million. On 9 April 2013. a construction company named Kyan Sit Min.20. The land. from whom farmlands were confiscated. under Long Don village tract located at northern part of Maungdaw township. bordering Bangladesh faces criticism for its failure to compensate the farmers. As the authority has not paid the amount. added the affected family member. . some high officials led by Maungdaw township administrator U Kyi Than confiscated 6 acres of land from three Arakanese farmers namely U Maung Thein Nyunt. the authority confiscated several acres of land in 2006 for 60 buildings to be constructed in the model village. all the affected farmer families have to suffer now. Maungdaw-gate The farm lands were seized by the authority for setting up a government model village there and it promised some amount of money for the confiscated lands. erected 40 buildings (houses) on the land. U Sein Poin & Daw Yin Tha Poin from Zay Di Byint village. But in reality the Arakan authority has not paid any amount to the land owners.Lands confiscation still going on in Arakan (Maungdaw. was seized with a promise of compensations. The present market price of land in that area is estimated to be Kyat 1. the local residents are still in dark about the complete plan.

Hence the authority has erected the temporary schools for those deprived children with an aim to enlighten them like other children across the country.narinjara. It is a big challenge for our community on the western border of the country.php/33-temporary-schools-for-muslim-displacedchildren-in-arakan/ .com/main/index.“We. “Among those 33 schools. 7 for Pauk Taw township. It was realized that the children from the Muslim refugee camps were unable to attend classes in nearby local schools in 2013-2014 education year due to the security reason. The final phase of construction for those schools will be completed by the beginning of June 2013. informed U Win Mying. the authority needs to pay for the confiscated lands in Burma! http://www.narinjara. but the authority seems to be uncaring for our woes. Some relatives of the three affected farmers even went to Maungdaw recently to know about the compensations from the government. 31 May 2013): The authority has planned to construct 33 temporary schools for the children of Muslim refugees’ camps in Arakan State of western 15 are being constructed for Sittwe township.php/lands-confiscation-stillgoing-on-in-arakan/ 21. four each for Mrauk U & Kyauk Taw township and two each for Kyauk Pru and Rambree township. http://www.” informed a reliable source in Arakan State government. We are surviving here with various risk factors. an Arakan State government spokesperson. but it is learnt that the township administration officials posed a questioned to them in return saying if. Some educated Muslim individuals will also be appointed in these schools by the State education department.” asserted the affected family member.33 temporary schools for Muslim displaced children in Arakan ( Sittwe. at all. It may be mentioned that the Myanmar education year starts in the month of June itself and hence it is believed that the deprived children would not miss classes. the Rakhine community people in Maungdaw township are minority. But even then we can not leave this area as it is our birth place.