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Templars. Zoroastrianism We come together for protection against predators. the secret societies of the world are all connected and all derive from a similar if not the same source. Illuminati. Secret Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge. and the Serpent Cults. In the extensive research for my new book and DVD. Revelations About the Freemasons. Yoruba House 140. Nazis. historically. for strength in numbers. the reason you join forces with others of like-race and like-mind is to gain strength and protection. and that the threads running through them all have been traced by scholars throughout the ages. William Blake Oasis 137. . Whether you are a Freemason or a Boy Scout.133. World of Freemasonry 138. Yoga Links 139. Weird and Strange Cults 136. I found that. Watch the Tower 134. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society 135.

" This "analogous" form running through all secret societies is the underlying belief in and worship of the stars. Zoroastrianism and Egyptian occultism mingled with Grecian mysteries. and fragments of ancient Syrian cults. The role of the priest was to interpret the movements of the stars. The Templars are said to have been initiated by the Assassins into anti-Christian and subversive mysteries. heretical sects. or 'Dargon'. they were meant for astrology and the logic of the stars. the Persians. . from the Egyptian to the Illuminati.As Le Couteulx de Canteleu said in his Les Sectes et Societes Secretes published in 1863: "All secret societies have almost analogous initiations. and most of them form a chain and give rise to others. . the secret brotherhoods no longer knew why they kept their odd symbols secret and why they said strange invocations. were all originally Sabeists and worshipped the stars. and later mystical cults . the Rosicrucians. This worship of the stars was known as Sabeism and the high Mason. and after the rise of Mohammedanism. they kept alive a rich tapestry. "For centuries there have existed certain schools of mystical philosophy (with) . through tradition and dedication to their brothers. These secrets of the stars were mystical to the early peoples who could not understand the magic. . Yet. Even the Holy Vehm were 'wissends' who had the sun and the stars as symbols of power. and mythology arose . It is this element which named them the shining ones and it is this element that is still at the root of so much misinterpreted symbolism. Anabaptists. Cathari. Albert Pike. and Chinese. Turks. This jealousy forged ciphers. To the same sources may be traced the ideas that inspired such political-religious movements of the Middle Ages as the Illuminati. and Lollards and the rise of early secret societies. pointed out: "The seven great primitive nations. sun. Troubadours." According to an article published in the Patriot 1922 by G. Indians. from whom all others are descended. Many of the Freemasonic symbols we see today were never meant for building. Egyptians. Secrets were passed from one generation to the next by initiates and adepts and this is how the long thread was woven. Waldenses. .G. . in order to predict the future and for navigation. . codes and symbols and forced the hiding and destruction of implements and tools of the trade. Albigenses. Chaldeans. a tapestry that I and other scholars can break down and interpret." The very power of understanding the stars was jealously guarded by priesthoods around the world. Greeks. Out of the hodge-podge of Oriental philosophy. Gnostic sects. . entitled "The Anatomy of Revolution". Eventually. by passing on knowledge and keeping it hidden. magic. Jewish Kabalism. and we find similar traces of an old and occult origin in the Alchemists. elements of Buddhism. from Aztec to Egyptian. and moon.

man has sought answers to the conundrums of his own inner reality--the only radical change is the wording. Because we begin each generation afresh. why are we arrogant enough to believe that we discovered the root of human psychological problems? This is utter rubbish--Psyche herself was a Greek goddess. Only at the highest degrees in Freemasonry are the real secrets revealed. living in harmony with his neighbor and respecting the earth and living in balance with it. the lesser initiates were only told things that were deemed proper. Yet. we still rage war in the name of religion and we pollute the environment and destroy our own homes. At the highest level. the priests or leading men of the organisations followed the Egyptian hierarchy. we find the greater initiates. The majority of Freemasons today fall into the category of the lesser initiates. of the world's secret societies. and the clever new words that came with them. Are we more advanced than our ancestors? 90% of the world's population still believes in God. and yet there have been some who claim to have been higher-level initiates or indeed 'priests' and who have since 'spilled the beans'. and these small bands emerged as our kings and queens. As populations grew and more people occupied smaller spaces. Anyone who has seen these supposed secrets of white powdered gold and even Jewish conspiracy plots will know that this is misinformation at best and money-making at worst. violent sacrifices. we do not see the thread running through each generation from the one before--the thread of the secret society. In this hierarchical trinity. who alone could do magic and contact the gods. we see the plan of most. psychology and psychoanalysis emerged. minor wars erupted and even. yet. For thousands of years. When we say that a person is psychotic. our ancestors would have said they were touched by the spirits. forgetting that our past holds intelligent and thought provoking answers to questions that are and will always be relevant. At the third. According to Le Couteulx de Canteleu. there was the priest. . one generation at a time. those chosen from the people and who must maintain secrecy at all costs and protect the priesthood. Small bands of men gathered together to control those who fought. In the 20th century. they seek no more because they know of no more.Hidden History We must pull hard on the thread to unravel the tapestry. and our secret societies. There is anthropological evidence to prove that ancient man was peaceful. At the second. medicine men and priests. if not all. Lessons for Today Each generation tends to look forward.

com His DVD documentaries can be found at http://www. Without balance. what to do and say. Six billion people can do a lot of harm to themselves and the Sacred Texts Shinto Index Previous Next . Just 100 years ago. How close are we to doing it yet again? How 'noisy' are we? A frequent media guest and public speaker. it can easily be knocked over. The Shroud. Proof – Does God Exist? His website is http://www. destroying the whole for everyone. Balance is wisdom. My evolutionary instinct is to gather goods. what to buy. Light and dark are opposite sides of the same coin. another does not. I am a realist.reality-entertainment. Templars. Secrets of the Serpent.There is a lesson here for us all. Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed. where are we heading? We may believe that some spark in the bio-chemical and electric brain is enlightenment. Our masters tell us what to be like. The ancient Chinese texts tell us that mankind has been in this situation before many times and that his greed and 'noise' has brought his civilization crashing down to the ground. Philip Gardiner is the author of Secret Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge. and the Serpent Cults. a yacht in every port or another million. and Mary. The Serpent Grail. like a coin placed upon its edge.gardinersworld. I desire a good life that does not include a range of cars. without knowledge. protecting it until time matures the original intention until it becomes unrecognizable--these are the origins of the secret societies of the Article Source: http://EzineArticles. money and capitalism and these can be interpreted as the dark forces of human nature. Now. And yet. yet. Illuminati. property and wealth for the bad times ahead. it is not. and somebody somewhere suffers. Revelations About the Freemasons. there are six billion and growing. The down side of this is that we grow that divisive side of our nature. The Ark. We no longer need to know ourselves--the TV has all the answers. and like a coin. what we see on TV is a reflection of greed. and the reality is that while one man Article Source: http://EzineArticles. without wisdom. to see me through the winter or the coming storm. greed. Nazis. The Shining Ones. a billion people lived on the planet. We join forces with others and hold our newfound cabal in secrecy.

or "Way" from the foreign religion of Buddhism called "Butsudô. subsequently modified to some degree by Chinese influence and ceremonial." The three forms of the Shintô worship of ancestors are the Domestic Cult. but everywhere in Japan its fundamental character remains unchanged.--neither do I mean by "family" anything corresponding to the term "household. the religion still professed in one form or other. by the entire nation.The Ancient Cult THE real religion of Japan. 23} of the Japanese cult offers remarkable evidence in support of Herbert Spencer's exposition of the law of religious development. indirectly represents the most ancient form of the religion. The first is the religion of the home. But. The evolutional history of ancestor-worship has been very much the same in all countries. In the course of thousands of years this original cult has undergone modifications. But the later domestic cult. we find three distinct rites of purely Japanese origin. and should therefore be considered first in any study of Japanese social evolution. the worship of family ancestors. or the Roman gens. is that cult which has been the foundation of all civilized religion. having been developed out of the primal family-rite." which signifies.--or. In prehistoric Japan the domestic cult of the house-ancestor probably did not exist.--the others being later developments. There are various other forms of Shintô worship.--Ancestor-worship. the Communal Cult. To comprehend this . I do not mean the home-religion as it exists to-day. 22} and the worship of imperial ancestors.--the family-rites would appear to have been performed only at the burial-place. Without including the different Buddhist forms of ancestor-worship. or tutelar god. the worship of clan or tribal ancestors. and has assumed various shapes. and of all civilized society. "The Way of the Gods." or "The Way of the Buddha. but they need not be considered for the present. in speaking of the family-cult as the oldest. and that {p. Of the three forms of ancestor-worship above mentioned. These Japanese forms of the cult are all classed together under the name of "Shintô. and it was first adopted only to distinguish the native religion.--the patriarchal family in the largest sense of the term. the second is the religion of the local divinity. the third is the national religion. the family-cult is the first in evolutional order. and the State Cult. in other words. {p." It is not an ancient term." The Japanese family in early times meant very much more than "household": it might include a hundred or a thousand households: it was something like the Greek {Greek génos}.

The cult certainly existed. it is no more correct to speak of the existing ancestor-cult in Japan as "primitive. the propitiatory cult of spirits began. was developed out of the primitive funeral-rites and propitiatory ceremonies. 24} brought with it any civilization of the kind which we would call settled. nor any well-developed ancestor-cult. we have little testimony. must have grown out of still more ancient funeral-rites." No persistent form of ancestor-worship is primitive. we must.general law. The earliest ancestor-worship. and it conserves beliefs and ideas which are indubitably primitive. The domestic cult proper may not have been established until about the eighth century. as we shall presently see." as Herbert Spencer calls it. from a sociological point of view. but it Is at least as old as the true civilization of the country. doubtless. 25} . Now when the Japanese race first established itself in Japan. or double. The earliest ancestor-cult. The true domestic cult begins with a settled civilization. it will be necessary to consider some of these older beliefs. our knowledge of the subject dates from a period at which a domestic religion had long been established. One should bear in mind that. cannot be said to extend to the primitive form of the cult. The existing family religion is therefore a comparatively modern development. Our knowledge of ancestor-worship. But this earliest ghost-worship must have long preceded that period of mental development in which men first became capable of forming abstract ideas. In the case of the Greeks and the Romans. But of the earlier cult that must have preceded the home-worship." than it would be to speak of the domestic cult of the Athenians in the time of Pericles as "primitive. Before treating further of the cult itself. however.--was probably coeval with the earliest definite belief in ghosts. it does not appear to have {p. The {p. as well as ideas and beliefs derived from these. again. so soon. as regards the early European civilizations. which. and we have documentary evidence as to the character of that religion.--"the root of all religions. and every established domestic cult has been developed out of some irregular and non-domestic family-cult. go back to the origin of religious beliefs. and we can surmise its nature only by study of the natural history of ancestor-worship among peoples not yet arrived at a state of civilization. but its ceremonies would seem to have been irregularly performed at graves only. As soon as men were able to conceive the idea of a shadowy inner self. when the spirit-tablet is supposed to have been introduced from China.

accumulate and complicate.--no ideas of any heaven or hell. .--from the period when all the dead were supposed to become gods. They thought of their dead as still inhabiting this world. and as traditions. Their real world was the place of burial.--never developed the notion of a heaven or a hell. Only at a much later time did this dim underworld of imagination expand and divide into regions of ghostly bliss and woe. indeed. connected in some mysterious way with the place of sepulture.primitive ancestor-worshippers could not have formed the notion of a supreme deity. were the greater gods of nations evolved from ghost-cults. "The spirits of the dead. in a primitive tribe. There were. These distinctions were gradually developed. Among the Indo-European races likewise there appeared to have been at first no difference between gods and ghosts. or Hades. or to make apparition in the dreams of the living. or as descending into some realm of torment. and all evidence existing as to the first forms of their worship tends to show that there primarily existed no difference whatever between the conception of ghosts and the conception of gods. will diverge--until their original community of nature becomes scarcely recognizable. Afterwards there slowly developed the idea of an underworld. where mysterious Thunder-gods and evil goblins dwelt in corruption. nor any ranking of gods as greater {p. the tumulus. At first the dead were thought of only as dwelling in the tombs provided for them. Even the notion of a shadowy underworld. make mention of an underworld.--the grave.--and as societies advance. will grow more and more distinguished. 27} . Spencer. was of much later evolution. local and general. No more than the primitive ancestor-worshippers of Aryan race did the early Japanese think of their dead as ascending to some extra-mundane region of light and bliss. these once similar human souls. but those ethics of ancestorworship which shaped alike the earliest societies of West and East. or at least as maintaining with it a constant communication. and so in the Far East. It is a noteworthy fact that Japanese mythology never evolved the ideas of an Elysium or a Tartarus. . an ideal group the members of which are but little distinguished from one another." says Mr. consequently.--whence they could issue. {p. date from a period before the time of the greater gods. but this vague world of the dead communicated with the world of the living. 26} and lesser. to visit their former habitations. . from time to time. acquiring in the popular mind differences of character and importance. no definite beliefs in any future state of reward or of punishment." So in antique Europe. "forming. Their earliest sacred records do. Even to this day Shintô belief represents the pre-Homeric stage of imagination as regards the supernatural. with no distinction of rank.

By death they had acquired mysterious force. They required food and drink and light." wrote the great Shintô commentator.and the spirit there. It was not even necessary to have been a virtuous man: the wicked man became a god as well as the good man. gods.--they had become "superior ones. But yesterday." Such also {p. thrilled its substance. "it is necessary to propitiate them with offerings of agreeable food. in the thought of the early Greeks and even of the late Romans. all the dead became gods. and called the beneficent or harmless ghosts. de Coulanges observes. Thus also we find the personages of Greek tragedy. but their spirit-power still lingered in the upper world. 28} was the case in Shintô belief: the good man became a beneficent divinity. such as Alcestis. So likewise.--to-day. . . Lares.-consider them divine beings. in despite of their supernatural {p. they could confer benefits. could still receive upon earth the homage and the offerings of men. . moved in its winds and waters. blowing the flute. "And since there are bad as well as good gods. and Cicero admonished his readers to render to all dii-manes the rightful worship: "They are men. . playing the harp. and in return for these. according to Apuleius. being dead. or Genii." In Shintô. Larvae. in La Cité Antique: "This kind of apotheosis was not the privilege of the great alone. he retained the evil inclinations of his former life. . singing and dancing and whatever is likely to put them in a good humour. there was no idea of a heaven or a hell. to become capable of conferring benefit or of inflicting misfortune by supernatural means. But all alike were gods." The Latins called the maleficent ghosts of the dead. or Manes. 29} power. Before the advent of Buddhism. the dead are still dependent upon the living for happiness. Hirata. no distinction was made." he declared. . though in some sort attached to its decaying envelope. . Their bodies had melted into earth. . Though . and his children pray to him for the prosperity of their undertakings." wrote Motowori. Be it observed that there were no moral distinctions. gods in the oldest Greek and Roman sense.--dii-manes. The ghosts of the departed were thought of as constant presences. "All the dead become gods. East or West. M. such or such a man was a common toiler. That is to say. But. needing propitiation.--but all alike became Kami. and able in some way to share the pleasures and the pains of the living. the bad man an evil deity. he becomes a divine power. "who have departed from this life. . suddenly transformed into divinities by death. in this deification." Kami.--only that in this afterexistence. a person of no importance. to die was to enter into the possession of superhuman power. and addressed in the language of worship or prayer. as in old Greek belief.

it was essential that they should be made regularly. but it is to the Far East that we must took to-day in order to find the cult coexisting with an elaborate civilization. Neither could dispense with the help of the other. Such were the ideas of the old Greeks regarding the dead. every advanced human society has. But it {p. such as the custom of decorating graves with flowers. Although the religion of ghosts was once the religion of our own forefathers-whether of Northern or Southern Europe. and such were the ideas of the old Japanese. the spirit will suffer from hunger and cold and thirst.--each must have offerings. Now the Japanese ancestor-cult--though representing the beliefs of a .--food and drink. Upon these shadowy repasts depended the well-being of the dead. they need earthly nourishment and homage. and the reverence of their descendants. persist to-day among our most advanced communities. . and no single relation of that union could be broken without the direst consequences. In the early period of ancestor-worship the food-offerings were large. The dead are not supposed to consume the substance of the food. the offerings of food and fire and drink. The history of all religious sacrifices can be traced back to this ancient custom of offerings made to ghosts. passed through the stage of ancestor-worship.--and although practices derived from it. Each ghost must have shelter. . While honourably sheltered and properly nourished the spirit is pleased. at some period of its history. and will aid in maintaining the good-fortune of its propitiators. becoming angered. however small the offerings. and. 30} is probable that the real belief in ancient European societies was much like the belief as it exists in modern Japan.--only through the devotion of that kindred can it ever find repose. the funeral rites. will act malevolently and contrive misfortune for those by whom it has 'been neglected.viewless. But. the visible and the invisible worlds were forever united by bonds innumerable of mutual necessity. But if refused the sepulchral home. Each ghost must rely for such comfort upon its living kindred. In fact. and upon the well-being of the dead depended the fortunes of the living. but only to absorb the invisible essence of it.--our modes of thought have so changed under the influences of modern civilization that it is difficult for us to imagine how people could ever have supposed that the happiness of the dead depended upon material food.--a fitting tomb. and the whole Indo-Aryan race had at one time no other religion than this religion of spirits. later on they were made smaller and smaller as the idea grew up that the spirits required but little sustenance of even the most vapoury kind. . save in dreams.

their pressure upon the mind of a people dwelling in a land of cataclysms. and sharing invisibly in the life of their living descendants. probably of later development. and also their former homes.-II.--fair seasons or plentiful harvests. 31} non-Aryan people. in the sense of acquiring supernatural power. and before Buddhism helped to dissipate them. as on a moral foundation. these modifications have not transformed its essential character in relation to conduct. To these very early beliefs may be added the following. There is nothing simple in these beliefs: they are awful.--All the dead become gods. The history of Japan is really the history of her religion. must have been like an endless weight of nightmare. or before it. The latter two would seem rather of the period in which a true mythology--an enormous polytheism--had been developed out of the primitive ghost-worship.--flood and famine.--Every event in the world.-III. Though Japanese ancestor-worship has undergone many modifications in the past two thousand years. There survive in it especially these three beliefs. and offering in the history of its development various interesting peculiarities--still embodies much that is characteristic of ancestor-worship in general.--is the work of the dead. are yet a fundamental part of the existing cult. but they retain the characters which distinguished them during life. But the elder beliefs.--The happiness of the dead depends upon the respectful service rendered them by the living. good or bad. and the happiness of the living depends upon the fulfilment of pious duty to the dead. V. which underlie all forms of persistent ancestor-worship in all climes and countries:-I.--tempest and tidal-wave and earthquake. 32} the dead were the only gods. without distinctions of power.--The dead remain in this world.--haunting their tombs. The first three beliefs survive from the dawn of civilization.{p.--from the time in which {p. and the whole framework of society rests upon it. in softened form.--All human actions. good or evil. are controlled by the dead. No single . which at one time must have exercised immense influence:-IV. tremendous beliefs.

{p. and that in all matters the dead. derives directly or indirectly from this ancestor-cult. but almost everything in Japanese society. rather than the living. have been the rulers of the nation and--the shapers of its destinies." Later on we shall find that not only government. 33} Next: The Religion of the Home .fact in this connection is more significant than the fact that the ancient Japanese term for government--matsuri-goto--signifies liberally "matters of worship.