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Harvest Baptist Church


Thyatira: The Counterfeit Church AD 476-1453 I. OBSERVATION THE LORD DETECTED, 18-19 A. Emphasis from His Person, 18 B. Emphasis on His People, 19 1. Way of Their Walk 2. Wealth of Their Work II. OPPOSITION THE LORD DETESTED, 20-23 A. Source of Failure, 20 1. Tolerance 2. Temptation B. Stubbornness of Failure, 21 C. Suppression of Failure, 22-23 1. Retribution on Sin, 22 2. Reward for Secrets, 23 III. OPERATIONS THE LORD DETERMINED, 24-29 A. Overseer's Recommendation, 24-25 1. Dedicated by the Truth, 24 2. Devoted to the Truth, 25 B. Overcomer's Rule, 26-29 1. Co-regency, 26-27 2. Co-heir, 28 3. Co-mission, 29 KEY TRUTH: Get Revival When in Need of Reformation!

Thesis: You can’t make God ____________ and still have revival. Acts 16:14 Point 1. The characteristic of Jezebel teaching is the denial of the ________________ work, John 19:30. Point 2. Christ does not want his church to _______________ sin once he has brought it out. 1 Kings 21:25-26 Point 3. Gifts are not ____________-specific, though some church offices are. Point 4. Wherever men are silent in the face of sin, it gives __________ to the Devil. Luke 5:30-32
ROME’S SIMILARITY TO PAGAN WORSHIP PENANCE DARKNESS MYSTERIES Through a priest called “father” CHANTING A FEMALE IDOL WITH PREEMINENCE Shown by burning incense, etc. 1 Kings 18:26,28 John 3:19-21 Judges 18:19-20 Matthew 6:7 Jeremiah 44:17-19

Rev. W. Alan Shelby ❦ ❦ ❦


Thyatira: In Need of Reformation TWO KINDS OF CHRISTIANS WHO SIN 1. Those who sin because they ________ to (wickedness) 2. Those who sin because they are stuck (________________) Point 5. Equal to the love of the sinner has to be ______________ for the sin. 2 Cor 11:14 Point 6. Whenever we get into the depths of Satan, God ________________ us to our sin so we will not infect others. OVERCOMER’S RULE, 26-29 1. Co-______________, 26-27 2. Co-______________, 28 3. Co-______________, 29


1. A new level of __________________ 2. A new ________ for release

THYATIRA RELIGION, 476-1453 AD The Teaching of Jezebel First Pope, Boniface III 607 AD Worshipping images & relics Use of “holy water” Canonizing dead people as “saints” A celibate priesthood Rosaries Transubstantiation and adoring the host (wafer) The Bible forbidden to laypeople The cup forbidden to people at communion Seven sacraments are affirmed Tradition is as authoritative as the Bible The apocrypha put into the Bible The immaculate conception of Mary The infallibility of Pope The bodily assumption of Mary Mary made Mother of the Church 786 AD 850 AD 995 AD 1079 AD 1090 AD 1220 AD 1229 AD 1414 AD 1439 AD 1545 AD 1546 AD 1854 AD 1870 AD 1950 AD 1965 AD

Result: A Merging of Paganism with Christianity

Rev. W. Alan Shelby ❦ Harvest Baptist Church ❦ 901 NW 19th ST, Blue Springs, MO ❦ Sundays 5:00P.M.