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Lea Pascal
eyes: Brown hair: Red height: 5’4”

215-696-9886 LK.PASCAL@GMAIL.COM

Alex, webseries, The Onion, dir. Geoffrey Haggerty Toy Wishes Mom, Walmart national spot. Angry Customer, Sanford-Brown College regional spot. Gabi , They Know commercial, dir. Alex LeMay, Producers: The Shadow Gang.

Everythingaoke Elephant and the Whale Conservatory Show The Improv Play Lighthousekeeping Queertopia 500 Clown: Trapped Anna Karenina Medea With Child You, I & All the Others Laika’s Coffin Blind Mirth Improv Les Jeudis The Tempest

Anne Female US Improviser Ellie Molly O’Rourke Lexi US Jersey Various Mumurous Timothy Chorus Improviser Various Ariel, Alonso

LiveWire VisionFest5 Chicago Children’s Theater, dir. Leslie B. Danzig Second City Training Center, dir. Anne Libera InFusion Theatre, dir. Mitch Golob New Leaf Theatre, dir. Jessica Hutchinson About Face Theatre, dir. Sara Kerastas 500 Clown, dir. Paola Coletto Lucky Plush Dance, dir. Leslie B. Danzig Sideshow Theatre, dir. Jonathan Green Dal Vivo Theatre ., dir. Paola Coletto Redmoon Theatre, dir. Seth Bockley Blind Mirth Improv, University of St. Andrews L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq, dir. Lea Pascal Eyeball Productions, dir. James Hartman

INTUIT Theatre Ruth Page Center for the Arts e.t.c. Stage, Second City DCA Storefront DCA Storefront Regional Tour Gorecki Theatre, MN Galaxy Studio La Costa Theatre Links Hall The Building Stage Edinburgh Fringe, UK Le Musée Pompidou, FR Edinburgh/Prague Fringe

École Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, Paris, France University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland: Scottish M.A Shakespeare: Intermediate Monologue, Susan Hart and Jeffrey Carlson, Chicago IL One Play Focus: Titus Andronicus, Susan Hart and Jeffrey Carlson, Chicago IL The Second City Conservatory, Second City Training Center, Chicago IL B1 Meisner Training at Black Box Studio with Eddie Bennett and Laura Hooper, Chicago IL PR Casting Internship with Mickie Paskal and Jennifer Rudnicke, Chicago IL Storytelling Workshop with Paola Coletto, Chicago IL Red Nose Clown Workshop with Paola Coletto, Chicago IL Redmoon Performance Internship with Frank Maugeri, Chicago IL Opera Training with Leigh Hunt, Philadelphia PA and NYC NY

Physical Training: gymnastics, acrobatics, clown, mask, mime, beginner jazz, hip hop and modern dance, and horseback-riding. Teaching: Clown teacher for the Second City Summer Camp, Chicago IL. Improv: three years improvisational comedy with Blind Mirth, Scotland. Improv teacher 2003-2006 St. Andrews, Scotland. National Tour Scotland with Blind Mirth Improv 2004-2006, 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Accents: English (various regional dialects), Irish, Scottish, French, German, Russian. Languages: fluent French, English.