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THEORY - TIME TABLE FOR M.A /M.Sc.,/M.Com. & M.MUSIC DEGREE EXAMINATIONS, June 2013 (FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2005 – 2006) F.N. - Fore Noon - 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M. A.N. - After Noon - 02.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M.


M.A. HISTORICAL STUDIES FIRST YEAR 08.06.2013 Paper-I Social and Cultural History of A.N. Tamil Nadu (Upto Modern Period)
09.06.2013 Paper-II Cultural Heritage of India A.N. (Excluding Tamil Nadu) & Tourism





M.A- PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SECOND YEAR 08.06.2013 Paper-VI Human Resource Management
F.N. 09.06.2013 Paper-VII Public Financial Administration F.N. 15.06.2013 Paper-VIII Indian Administration F.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-IX Human Rights Administration in F.N. India 22.06.2013 Paper-X Public Policy Analysis F.N.



Principles and Practices
15.06.2013 Paper-III Economic History of India, AD A.N. 1526-1947 16.06.2013 Paper-IV Indian National Movement and A.N. Contemporary History of India



22.06.2013 Paper V History of Science and Technology PHSE A.N. in India Since A.D.1858

08.06.2013 Paper-VI Studies in Human Rights and F.N. Women’s Studies 09.06.2013 Paper-VII History of World Civilizations F.N. (Excluding India) Ancient, Medieval

08.06.2013 Paper-I Chaucer and the Elizabethan Age A.N. 09.06.2013 Paper-II The Neo Classical Age A.N. 15.06.2013 Paper-III Romantic and The Victorian Age A.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-IV Twentieth Century Literature A.N. 22.06.2013 Paper-V Literature Analysis, Approaches A.N. & Applications


&Modern Period 15.06.2013 Paper-VIII History of Socio-Religious, PHSH F.N. Peasant & Labour Movements in Modern India 16.06.2013 Paper-IX History of Europe from A.D.1789- PHSJ F.N. 1919 and International Relations since A.D.1919 22.06.2013 Paper-X History of South East Asia A.D. PHSK F.N. 1900-A.D.2000 and India and Neighbours since A.D.1947 M.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE FIRST YEAR 08.06.2013 Paper-I Political Theory
A.N. 09.06.2013 Paper-II Western Political Thought A.N. 15.06.2013 Paper-III Political Sociology A.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-IV National Movement and A.N. Constitutional Development of India 22.06.2013 Paper-V Modern Political Analysis A.N.



08.06.2013 Paper-VI Shakespeare F.N. 09.06.2013 Paper-VII English Language and F.N. Linguistics 15.06.2013 Paper-VIII American Literature F.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-IX Post Colonial Literatures in F.N. English 22.06.2013 Paper-X Literary Criticism and Literary F.N. Theory





08.06.2013 Paper-VI Indian Political Thought F.N. 09.06.2013 Paper-VII Indian Government and Politics F.N. 15.06.2013 Paper VIII Policy Science F.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-IX International Relations F.N. 22.06.2013 Paper-X Human Rights in India F.N.

08.06.2013 jhs;;:1 ,f;fhy ,yf;fpak; A.N. 09.06.2013 jhs;:2 ,ilf;fhy ,yf;fpak; A.N. 15.06.2013 jhs;:3 njhy;fhg;gpak; - nghUsjpfhuk; (,sk; G+uzk;) A.N. 16.06.2013 jhs;:4 ,yf;fpaf; nfhs;iffs; A.N. 22.06.2013 jhs;:5 tpUg;gg;ghlk; - xg;gpyf;fpak; A.N.
,uz;lhk; Mz;L

M.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FIRST YEAR 08.06.2013 Paper-I Administrative Theory
A.N. 09.06.2013 Paper-II Administrative Thinkers A.N. 15.06.2013 Paper-III Principles of Management A.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-IV Development Administration A.N. 22.06.2013 Paper-V Administrative Law A.N.


08.06.2013 jhs;:6 rq;f ,yf;fpak; F.N. 09.06.2013 jhs;:7 fhg;gpaq;fs; F.N. 15.06.2013 jhs;:8 njhy;fhg;gpak; - vOj;jjpfhuk; (,sk; G+uzk;) F.N. 16.06.2013 jhs;:9 njhy;fhg;gpak; - nrhy;yjpfhuk; (,sk; G+uzk;) F.N. 22.06.2013 jhs;:10 tpUg;gg;ghlk; - jpUts;Sth; F.N.


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06.2013 Paper-VII Public Economics F.06. 16.2013 A.N.06.N. 15.06. SECOND YEAR 08. 15. Business Promotion 15.2013 Paper-V Principles of Management A. Business Decisions 08.N. 22.06. HUMAN RIGHTS & DUTIES EDUCATION 08.2013 F.2013 Paper-X Financial Services and Stock F.N.2013 A. 09.2013 Paper-IX Monetary Economics F.2013 A. Paper-V Persian SECOND YEAR 08. 09.N.06.06.N.N. 16. 16.N.06.N.2013 A. Paper-VI Special Author F.N.N. 15. SUB CODE PARA PARB PARC PARD PARE PECA PECB PECC PECD PECE Paper-V History of Arabic Literature A.N. URDU First Year 08.N.N.06.N.2013 Paper-X Tafseer and Hadeeth Literature F.A.2013 Paper-II Entrepreneurship and Small A.Com FIRST YEAR 08.2013 F. Mathnavi aur Marthiya Paper-V Arabic XAA XAB XAC XAD XAE XAF 08.N.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-VI Advanced Cost and Management PCMF F.06.N. 16.N. Accounting Paper-IX Novel F.06.2013 F. M. 16. 09.N. Paper-VI: Special Study of an Author Paper-VII: Inshaiya.2013 Paper-III Grammar A.06. Drama Paper-VIII: Tangueed. 09.N.2013 Paper-I Prose A.2013 Paper-II Poetry A.N. 22.2013 Paper-I Advanced Corporate Accounting A.06.06. Development PECF PECG PECH PECJ PECK M.2013 A.2013 F. 15.06.06. 09.2013 Paper-VI Macro Economic Theory F. 09. 22.2013 Paper-VIII Drama F.N.06.N.2013 Paper-IV Economics of Development A.A.2013 Paper-III Statistics for Economists A.N.2013 Paper-VIII International Economics F.N.2013 Paper-IV Essay A. 22.06.2013 F.N. 16. 22.eBadi Paper-IX: Lisaniyat aur Qadeem Urdu Adab Paper-X: Essay Paper-X: Sahafat aur Tarjama FIRST YEAR Paper-I A Historical Perspective.2013 F.06.2013 Paper-I Micro Economic Theory A. Statutory Bodies and NGOS Paper-II Human Rights & Duties of State and Citizen Paper-III Human Rights.N.2013 A.N.06.06.2013 A.2013 Paper-X Economics of Human Resource F. and Policy 15.N. and Accounting Standards 09. 09. 08.A.06.N.06.2013 Paper-IV Advanced Management Theory A.N.06. 22. 22.N.06.N.06.06. Consumer Behaviour 22.N.2013 Paper-VII Translation Skill F.06.N. 09.N.06. PHRF PHRG PHRH PHRJ SECOND YEAR 08.N. M. Rubai Aur Oasida Paper-II Dastan.06.06.2013 A.06.I Human Rights Violations and Redressal of Grievances SECOND YEAR Paper-VI Human Rights and the Indian Constitutions Paper-VII Gender.N. 16.DATE SUBJECT 08. 15. Group Rights and the UN Paper-IV Human Rights and the New World Order in the Developed and Developing Countries Paper-V – Elective Subject .N.N. 15.N. Maquala.2013 A.06.06.2013 Paper-X-Elective Subject.06.06. 15. PARF PARG PARH PARJ PARK SECOND YEAR 08. Environment and Community Health Page 2 .2013 Paper-VII Financial Management PCMG F. Women and the Law and Contemporary Issues Paper-VIII Media and Obligation of the Corporate World Paper-IX Basics of Computer Education XAG XAH XAJ XAK XAL XAM Paper-VI Rural Sociology Paper-VII Urban Sociology Paper-VIII Sociology of Education Paper-IX Sociology of Health Paper-X Information Technology & Society PSOF PSOG PSOH PSOJ PSOK M.06.06. 16. ECONOMICS FIRST YEAR 08. 16.N.N.2013 A.06.N. Novel Aur Afsana Paper-III Tarikh-e-Adab-e-Urdu Paper-IV Nazm.2013 F.2013 A.2013 F.2013 F.2013 F.2013 F.06.N. Arooz aur Ilm.N. 15. 16. M.06.II Human Rights PHRK F.N.N. Exchange PCMJ PCMK 22.2013 Paper-V Quantitative Techniques for A.N. Paper-I Ghazal.2013 F.06.06.06.N.06.06.N.2013 Paper-II Indian Economic Development A.2013 A.N.N.2013 F. 22.2013 A.2013 Paper-VIII Human Resource Management PCMH F. 09.06.N. MODERN ARABIC FIRST YEAR SUB CODE DATE SUBJECT M.N.06.2013 Paper-III Advanced Marketing PCMA PCMB PCMC PCMD PCME PHRA PHRB PHRC PHRD PHRE A. 09. 15.2013 F.N. 22.N.06.06.N.2013 A.N.2013 A.2013 Paper-IX Marketing Research and F. SOCIOLOGY FIRST YEAR Paper-I Principles of Sociology Paper-II Sociological Theories Paper-III Research Methodology & Social Statistics Paper-IV Indian Society Paper-V Sociology of Development SECOND YEAR PSOA PSOB PSOC PSOD PSOE 22.

General Linguistics Paper-VI: Ancient and Medieval Poetry..N.N. Teachings of Christianity 22.06.N.2013 Paper-IV: The Basic Beliefs and A.2013 Paper-VIII: The Moral life of World F.N.N.N. Vaishnavism 09.06. Studies 09.Advanced Theory F. Tradition SECOND YEAR 08.06.N. 09. and Criticism.N.2013 Paper-VIII Leading Christian Thinkers and PCRH F.rpAk. cyf rkhjhdj.06. Njhw.A. 22. Movements 16. SECOND YEAR PMY1C PMY1D PMV1E SECOND YEAR 08.N.06.N.2013 Paper-VIII: Indian and Western Poetics F. 16..06.lq.N.Vedhathirium cyf PMY1H PMY1K PMV1L PMV1M PMV1N rKjha tho.2013 Paper .N. MASTER OF MUSIC FIRST YEAR 08.N.06.06.06.N.06.N.06.pd.2013 Paper-II: Early Texts in Vaishnavism A.N.2013 Paper-VII: History of Hindi Language & F.N.A. Nahfh.06.N. 22.N..2013 Paper-I: Origin and Growth of Yoga A.2013 Paper-IV:Sublimation and Social Welfare A.f.2013 Paper -VI: Stotra Literature in F. Fzeyg.N.06.N..N.06. 22.2013 Paper V-Christianity in India A.N. PCRJ PCRK M. Paper-I: Christianity: General A.06. 15.History of Music – Tamil A.06. PMY1E PMY1G KOikg. tsHr..N. (with Special Reference to Godhan).06.N.06.L Kiwfs.06. Religious Practices SECOND YEAR PCRF PCRG 08.capH tsKk.2013 Paper-X: Songs of Nammalvar F.06. Journalism 22. jpl. YOGA FOR HUMAN EXCELLENCE (FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2010 – 2011) FIRST YEAR 08.2013 Paper-VII: Science of Divinity and F. rKjha eyDk. 09.06. F.2013 Paper-IX: Special Texts in Srivaishnavism F.fs.N.2013 Paper-IX Christian Ethics F. 16. PMV1D 16. cly.2013 Paper-III The Holy Bible: The New A. force and Mind .06.N. Temple Festivals 15. PMUD PMUE PMUJ Page 3 .2013 Paper-II: The Holy Bible: The Old A.N.2013 Paper-IX: World Peace Plans F. eyk.History of Music – Samskrta A.06. Visishtadvaita 16.2013 Paper-II Modern Poetry A.. Testament 16..2013 Paper-V: Schools of Vaishnavism A. VAISHNAVISM (FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2010 – 2011) FIRST YEAR M. PMV1A PMV1B PMV1C 08.2013 Paper-VI The person and Message of Jesus F.2013 F. jw. Testament 15.2013 Paper-IV: Rahasya Literature A.N. 15. PMV1K 15.wKk. HINDI (FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2008 – 2009) SUB CODE FIRST YEAR 08. FIRST YEAR PCRA PCRB PCRC PCRD PCRE 08.06.2013 Paper-III: Art of Rejuvenating the Life A.2013 Paper-X: Essay Writing.iwQhdKk.06.2013 Paper-V:Translation Theory and Practice A.2013 Paper-X Christianity and Contemporary F.2013 Paper V . PHNF PHNG PHNH PHNJ PHNK 15.06.06.N. Vaishnavism 09.06.2013 Paper-VI: Benefits of Modern Yoga F.VII : Srivaishnava Agamas and F.2013 Paper IV .N.N.06.06.N. gad.2013 Paper-VIII : Basic Concepts of F.06. Introduction and History 09.N.A.2013 Paper IX . 09. Human Concerns 15. 16.NgWk.2013 Paper-I: Historical Development of A.N..06.N.2013 Paper-III History of Hindi Literature A. CHRISTIAN STUDIES (FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2008 – 2009) SUB CODE DATE SUBJECT M.06.2013 Paper-IV: Prayojan Moolak Hindi and A. NgWk.fhy Nahfht.06. 15. Realisation of Self . PHNA PHNB PHNC PHND PHNE SECOND YEAR 08.06. 09. kd PMY1A PMY1B tsKk.N.DATE SUBJECT M.N.N.A.06.2013 Paper-VII Christian Spirituality and F.if newp.2013 Paper-IX: Special Author Premchand F.2013 Paper-II: Physical Health A.06. 22. community .N.N. 16.06.2013 Paper-III: Songs of Tirumangai Alvar A. PMV1H 08.2013 Paper-I: Modern Prose and Non-Detailed A.ghl. Tradition 09.

2013 A.N. A.06.N. 15.N.2013 F.06.2013 A. Population and Economy SECOND YEAR SECOND YEAR 08.2013 A.2013 F.06.06.N.06.N.N.06.2013 F.06.SC. 09.N.2013 F.06.2013 Paper-X Elective-II Java Programming – F. F.06.06.06. 15.FIRST YEAR 08. 16.N.Sc. GEOGRAPHY .N.N.06.06.N. Those who have not attended the classes for Project Guidance are not eligible for submitting the Project Report.06.N.N.2013 F.N.N.2013 A. 09.06.N.2013 Paper-VII: Psychopathology F.2013 Paper-VI Population and Settlement F.2013 Paper-IX: Anatomy and Physiology M.06.06.N.06.06.Geography of Resources Paper VIII .N. 09.2013 Paper-VIII: Behavior Modification and F.N. (Theory ) 08.2013 A.2013 A. 15.06.06.N Paper-I Physical Geography PGJA Paper-II Cartography.N. Institute of Distance Education.2013 Paper-VI: Counseling Theory and Skills F.N. Paper-II Applied Physical Geography Paper-III Cartography Paper-IV Geography of India: Resource Base. Paper-VI Organisational Psychology and Consumer Behavior Paper-VII Psychopathology Crime and Delinquency Paper-VIII Guidance.N. 09. 16.06. GPS & F.06. MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY (FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2008 – 2009) FIRST YEAR M.2013 A. University of Madras for further details. 16.N.Sc.2013 A. PCYF PCYG PCYH PCYJ M. 15.06.N.2013 A. Counseling and Psychology of Interpersonal Relationship 16. The attendance is compulsory for Project Classes for the purpose of eligibility for submitting the Project Report.N.2013 A. 08.2013 A.N.N.06.N.N.06.2013 F.N.06.Sc.N.06.N. COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY ( FOR CANDIDATES ADMITTED FROM 2008 – 2009) FIRST YEAR Paper-IV Probability Theory and PMAD Mathematical Statistics Paper-V Elective-I Programming with C++ PMAE and Numerical Methods – (Theory) SECOND YEAR 08.N.N. The Project Classes are conducted for three days. 15.06. Chennai-600005 CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS Page 4 .06.2013 A.Sc.2013 F.2013 A.N. 16.Medical Ethics Paper-III Differential Equations Paper-VIII: Sociology of Health and Hospital Management.2013 A.06.2013 Paper-X Class Room Psychology PPYF PPYG PPYH PPYK 08.DATE SUBJECT SUB CODE DATE 08.06.N.2013 A.N.2013 Paper-V Motivation and Personality A.2013 F. F.N 09. 09. PGEF PGEG PGEH M.N.Sc.N. 09.2013 A. SUBJECT SECOND YEAR SUB CODE PMSF PMSG PMSH PMSJ M. 15. Psychotherapy 16. 15. Paper-VI Complex Analysis Paper-VII Mechanics PMAF PMAG PMAH PMAJ PMAK Paper-VIII Topology and Functional Analysis Paper-IX Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis 22. PGEA PGEB PGEC PGED 22.06.N.2013 F.06. 16. MATHEMATICS FIRST YEAR 08.Population and Settlement Geography Paper VII .N.06.2013 A.N.N. PPYA PPYB PPYC PPYD PPYE Paper-II Developmental Psychology Paper-III Quantitative Techniques for Psychology Paper-IV Advanced Social Psychology M.N. Such other candidates are advised to contact the Director. 09.2013 Paper-VII Fundamentals of GIS. Chepauk.N.06.2013 Paper-VIII Geographical Thought F.GEOGRAPHY (for candidates admitted from 2011-2012) FIRST YEAR 08. 15. GIS and Remote PGJB Sensing Paper-III Geography of India and Regional PGJC Planning Paper-IV Geography of Environment.N 15. 09. Environmental Science 09. 22. Remote Sensing 15.2013 F.06. 22. PGJD Culture and Politics SECOND YEAR Paper VI .06.2013 F. Paper-I: Introduction to Medical Sociology PMSA Paper II: Indian Social System and Health Paper-III: Research Methodology and Social Statistics Paper-IV: Principles of Sociology Paper V: Health Policy and Health Care System in India PMSB PMSC PMSD PMSE 08. 16.2013 A.06.2013 A.06. PMAA PMAB PMAC Paper-VI: Community Health and Social Medicine Paper VII: Bio.06.2013 Paper-II Real Analysis A.2013 Paper-I Advanced General Psychology A. 15. 09. Practical Examinations will not be conducted during the supplementary examinations. 15.2013 A. Project Classes for submitting the Project Report will not be conducted during the supplementary examinations University Buildings.2013 Paper-I Fundamentals of Geography and A. Geography 09.06.06. 16.2013 Paper-IX: School Counseling F.2013 F. PSYCHOLOGY -FIRST YEAR 08.2013 A. Paper-I: Advanced General Psychology Paper-II: Research Methodology Paper-III: Social Psychology Paper-IV: Life Span Development SECOND YEAR PCYA PCYB PCYC PCYD 08.N.Geographical Thought PGJF PGJG PGJH NOTE : The Practical Examinations wherever prescribed will be conducted at the end of the Practical Classes at the PCP Centres for those who have earned necessary attendance and made required progress by completing the record note books. Paper-I Algebra A.N.2013 F.