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Horizontal Vertical Horizontal or vertical none of the above

Q 2 Sheer defined as the a. horizontal,longitudinal b. vertical,longitudinal Q 3 mass of displacement define as the a.?????? g as the gravity,density of water and vol. of water partially filled tank. b.?????? g as gravity,density of water and vol. of full filled tank. c.????? g as gravity,density of water and vol. of water displaced. d.?????g as gravity,average density of water and vol. of water displaced Q 4 dry peak tank is tested by <not sure dry peak tank tested as same as peak tank> Q 5 Position of metacentre is defined as the a. b. c. d. gravity upright,inclined plane section intersect bouyancy upright,inclined plane section intersect where gravity and buoyancy intersect none of the above

Q 6 after perpendicular is defined as the a. b. c. d. line joining the foremost stern of summer load line line from hub of propeller at summer load line line from side of stern at summer load line line from centre of rudder stock at summer load line <something lyk dat>ans

Q 7 In bulkcarrier longitudinal forming,hopping longitudinal and side tranverse why<mean L,LT>? save weight of ship b.ln some ships longitudinal will give longitudinal strength and transverse give strength c. some ships if in transverse we put side frames that will damage the cargo so putting longitudinal<not exactly remember>

Q.diff between forwd and midship draft d.difference between forwd and aft draft b. has to discharge some cargo in sea so that wen it goes to habour the draft remains .10 numerical on gm related to angle wala formula and simple wala formula.diff of average draft Q 9 A ship of 20000 ton having length. c.78 m> Q 13 A ship having displacement of 2000 tonne has a KB of 10m a mass of 50 tonnes already on ship is raised to a height of 10m find the new KB A 10.50m D 10. 11purpose of hopper tank in bulk carrier Q 12double table confirm ans 4.00m<I choose> C 10. A 395.Q 8 what is trim of a ship a. Given density of harbor -……. b. breadth and draught something.cb -……….04 m from aft<but you will get 4.5 smthing<choose by me> B.376 smthng Nd c nd also lyk tis Q.40m Q 14 Longitudinal how many intercoastal girder a. 1port and 1 starboard 2 p and 2 stbd<ans> 3p and 3stbd All of the above Q 15 What is a combinder<something lyk that option don’t remember> how much cargo been displaced in sea water.73 m> And centre of buoyancy ans confirm 7.25m B 10.diff between starbd nd port draft c.75 m<but you will get 6.

d …………………………. .a. Cpp with reversible c. Cpp with variable b.