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ssSubject: assess personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals Name: Parth Chokshi ID: C343 Acknowledgments "I would like to thank my supervisor, Mr. Anup Bista, for the valuable advice and support he has given me in the writing of this report. I would also like to thank my teachers; My deepest thanks go to my Parents, for him love, understanding and support."

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C343 4 1. Introduction
The effective management is about taking some very difficult decision when u work and also find out different quatrain from all of them. That must be strong and its helpful to our organization. This all decision you can take from your own skill so for doing best management you have to increase your personal skill and professional skill. There are so many skills which we have to improve but the best thing skill which is improved for management is as follow. Time management Stress management Problem solving Decision making Effective communication This all are personal skill which help us to take decision when we work and that time any critical situation arrive. As we also have to good work as team with our team member so for that our professional skill also helpful to us. That help to leading our team, also managing people in work, we have to do good marketing with satisfying customer so professional skills are as follow. Leadership H.R.M Marketing Customer care Now lets see that personal skills and professional skills how contribute to meeting both organization and personal goals and objective.

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Time Management : The 80:20 rules which define you that many time 80% unfocused effort generates 20% of results and the remaining 80% of result are achieved with only 20% of efforts. By applying time management you can optimize your efforts.

Time management is one of the best personal skill which every manager and employee need for best future. Time is money this line many time we read and also speak but never we apply in our life. But who applied this line in life that person is one of the achievable person. Time management saw us that what things we have to do first and last, what is urgent and important. There is one chart which helps to identify your work in different part thats call .3

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From the above graph you can know that which work is more important and you can save your time that means you manage your time. There is 4 part from this management style.1 1. Urgent and Important 2. Urgent and Not Important 3. Not Urgent but Important 4. Not Urgent, Not Important Now next one is setting SMART objectives S: Specific M: Measurable A: Attainable R: Rewarding T: Timely

Problem solving: Problem is that thing which arrives any time without given any notice so you have to be ready for solves that problem and in organization every manager and every worker are under the gun of stress and short time. So when they find new problem than they have to ready for this problem solving and its easy for every manager if they define that. First of all whenever problem arrives than dont fill stress and first u define that problem asking following question. A. B. C. D. E. F. What is problem? Where is it Happen? How is it Happen? When is it Happen? With whom is Happen? Why is it Happen?

After that write down all answer and think about that also analysis about that problem so after that you easily get your problem definition and when you find out define you will be easily solve it.

After find out the potential causes of problem. You have to find out what you dont know what u know. After finding causes then you have to find identify alternative for approaches the resolve problem. From all alternative you have to choose one which very helpful to organization long time. After deciding than you have to ready to implementation of the best alternative. At last you have to see that its properly resolving the problem or not? Decision Making: Decision is very difficult to take at in urgency and some time you can take some wrong so for that you have to properly expand your decision making skill. In organization you have to take many financial and many sentimental decision for your organization and also in your life you have to take that all decision like you have to go far from your parents for your further study so whenever you take decision than you have to see profit about your future. And every decision makes your future bright otherwise worst.

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1.2 Professional skills

Professional skills which are help to make success organizational and help to leading as a leadership as good as possible. 2. Leadership : Leadership is about how to lead your employee and how to make them efforts to success. And here you to lead your team and show them right way to make success your company and thats why show your future of your company. Explaining and understanding the nature of good leadership is probably easier than practicing it. Good leadership requires deep human qualities, beyond conventional notions of authority. Leading the our team is very big responsibility and also make them success so this skill is very helpful to get promotion or success.2

3. H.R.M : HRM that means human recourses management that means how to manage your human in your work line that means in where? When? how? That means you have to know about how to set all employees where and how? Here also you have to recruitment good workers for you company so that they profitable for you company. When interviewing a potential new hire its standard procedure for a Human Resources professional to assess the candidate as compared to a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job.

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As you see above chart HRM main work to recruitment management, employee management, shift management, leave management, payroll management are main work to HRM employee. 4. Marketing: What is the marketing? As everyone know that marketing is about attracting our and other customer to our product and as much possible sell that to world. And marketing main 4 ps theory is good to improve your marketing. P: Product P: Price P: Place P: Promotion

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As you see for your perfect skill marketing than you have to also know about internal knowledge of this marketing skill. And this skill is as important as your heart because if you dont going to do best marketing than who is going to buy yo ur product and your organization going to loss. So marketing is one of the most important skill of your professional marketing.

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2 Techniques

Self-skill audit is required because that is the only way to know what we are and what we have to improve in ourselves. That is the best way to convert our weakness to our strengths. To achieve your goals we have to reduce our weakness to our strengths. Everyone has some of skill which never comes out, some of skill never recognizes but in actually he is using that skill every day to work. And main confidence is the best way to improve your skill. The most main two weaknesses is 1. Communication skill 2. Presentation skill This most main two skill important which is use in our life in any organization and also in business. And communication skill there is some problem in language I am good but I can do better but there is some problem but I can improve it and its helps to in future my business to dealing with client and my workers. And its good to me. Another skill Presentation skill which help to represent my business in world and behalf of this I can improve my business in everywhere and also in the world. And good presentation is acceptable everywhere.

From the all skills I would like to take a time management To meet the strategic goals and direction of the organization. As leadership requirements a rime management and for this I use Prioritsing work task method which help us. Whatever your occupation, prioritising your work is critical to your success. Failing to prioritise your work load usually results in being extremely inefficient and extremely stressed out. There is no exact science to prioritising, but there are several tips that should help you become a more efficient, less stressed version of your current self:

Make a list : This may look obvious but you'd be surprised at how many people try to organize their tasks in their head. You'll often find that you feel a lot better just getting everything out so that you can see it in one place.

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Consider time constraints: What absolutely needs to get done today and what can wait until tomorrow or next week? Everything may be important eventually, but some things are more important now. Consider people constraints: All things equal, move things that other people are waiting on to the top of the list. If you know that your manager can't finish his plan without your part, that's more important than the thing that you always do on Wednesday that could just as well be done on Thursday. Consider the consequences: Are you going to get fired if you don't do something? Is another task going to give you the inside track on that promotion? Those things should be more important than mildly inconveniencing the sales manager by responding to their email a day late. Re-prioritise as necessary: Lets face it, priorities change. As they do, update your list. It will give you a sense of control over the situation. Remove unimportant items: Is there something on your list that you always push to the bottom and never end up doing? Then get it off the list. It doesn't belong there. Don't list EVERYTHING: Only list of important tasks you have to make. You don't need to list routine tasks or menial tasks (like checking your email). Also, you're going into too much detail if you put down prioritising as a task. Do everything you can to keep your list small this means saying NO sometimes. You are not other people's gopher. Do your work and help other people with theirs when you have something to offer, but don't do their work for them. Along the same lines, learn to delegate things to the people that are supposed to be doing them. Why book your plane tickets when you have an assistant for that? And here another skill which is required to achieve organization goad which is communication skill and for that you have to take care about communication skill.5 You need to know, understand and be able to apply each of the following.

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Communication and interpersonal skills How to use effective interpersonal and communication skills.

Personal action planning Your own values and career and personal goals and how to relate them to your job role and professional development. The importance of assessing your own performance and developing your skills accordingly. The most appropriate methods for assessing your own performance. Who the best people are to judge your performance and give you constructive feedback (for example, clients, contacts and colleagues). What an effective development plan should contain. How to update a development plan in line with feedback received or development activities undertaken.

Improving your performance The current level of knowledge, understanding and skill required to do your job. The sources of information or support that will help or influence the way you do your job, and how to access them.

Personal behaviors You need to be able to: Apply knowledge/experience effectively, yet be open to exploring new ideas Invite a two-way exchange of information and feedback with others. Strive to add value by achieving results in the best way. Be committed to developing yourself to improve performance.

C343 14 2.1 S.W.O.T ANALYSIS:

SWOT analyses are to find out our strength, weakness, opportunity, threats. Which are you having and what you have to improve? In the life what you can do and what you dont have and from that you have to make your future better and what is your opportunity in.4 1. Strength: I am very good in time management, I can manage time in short period. I can also doing well in finance management, I fill that I am the best to manage and resolve financial problem 2. Weakness: I am poor in my communication skill there is some problem because of language and some time I am shy Pearson. I am bad in presentation. Because I afraid in front of many people to give presentation.

3. Opportunity: I can do better communication after joining language class and also help to be more confident I make my presentation better after improve my language because I am filling shy because of my language.


4. Threats: Suddenly change in worldwide economy change come in future fashion life.

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