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Conquer multi-cellular samples one layer at a time

The Hettich Cyto-System: fast single layer slide preparation
O V E R 1 0 0 Y E A R S O F Q U A L I T Y, S A F E T Y & R E L I A B I L I T Y
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Pediatrics.  deal for: Pap tests. I Pleura-pericardium fluid. or 4 funnels per slide. Urinalysis. Ascites CLIP SYSTEM ACCESSORIES Single and double funnels with attached or unattached filter cards plus sealing cap. Virology. Biopsies. Ascities. Abdominal Fluids. Fine Needle Aspiration HETTICH BIO-SEAL SYSTEM Certified bio-containment carrier with clear sealing lid. Paper is produced with 100% renewable electric energy & manufactured carbon neutral. etched location rings Single. Gynecology. Bronchial secretions. Perfect funnel for every application from 0.hettweb. Abdominal & I Spinal funnel system Accessories fit Shandon Cytospin® Wet or dry samples 12 slides (up to 2 sample locations per slide) Cyto-centrifuge with quick rotor exchange Applications CSF. 8 and 12 place Open.2 mL to 8 mL. Viral infections. single funnel or up to 24 sample locations per spin.0ml. For the most up to date information on Hettich please visit www. ISH. Urinalysis. Pediatrics. Optimize your lab with a quick rotor exchange to spin round bottom. All rights reserved. Viral Infections. conical/ skirted or other flat bottom tubes up to 100 mL. For ordering information please visit: www. Oncology. or contact your local representative ♺ Printed in the USA using soy based inks on 100% post PS-CYTOLOGY-E RevA 09/08 consumer waste recycled paper. all on one centrifuge! CYTO-SYSTEM OPTIONAL FEATURES Cyto-rotor Fits standard centrifuges 4.  deal for: Urinalysis.Hettich Cyto-System Slide preparation is the optimal way of viewing cells in a single layer. Bronchial Secretions Shandon Cytospin® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc Hettich Centrifuges distributed by: Copyright © 2008 Hettich Instruments. Pathology.hettweb. 8 and 12 places. Pap tests. . Neurology. FISH.2ml .8. Cultures. Cysts. 3. Ideal for: CSF. Microbiology. Closed rotors for improved containment and quick release rotors for easy transport. Internal Medicine. Immunohistochemistry HETTICH CLIP SYSTEM Flexibility for low and high throughput labs. Hematology. Corresponding glass slides with etched location ring. double & large funnels Attached & unattached filter cards EXCLUSIVE . Several rotor options with 4. Cysts. The Hettich Cyto-System offers a dependable method to create a monolayer of cells in one quick easy step. Pleura-pericardium fluid Laboratories Cytology. Blood Labs. From 0. Optimize lab throughput with multiple funnel options in 2. closed or quick-release versions Slides Funnels Filter Cards Eco-friendly Market Comparison Sedimentation Max Capacity Coated and uncoated.