Activities of Inspection Section
The objective of this section is to provide guidance and support to LAMPS for better management of the affairs of the society. To make them understand their duties and obligations, the procedure of book keeping, maintenance of accounts, management of properties and funds of the society, deployment of deposits, face audit, inspection and enquiry etc. etc. Besides, eligibility for membership and privileges, liabilities and obligations of members, filing and settlement of disputes, making and amendment of bye-laws, holding of elections, recruitment of staff and framing of their service conditions, undertaking of economic activities, recovery of sums due etc. etc. are the subjects on which the authorities and employees of LAMPS are guided. The guidance is provided through various mechanism such as, organisation of training and workshop, holding of enquiry and inspection, issue of executive orders etc. etc. Guidance or advice on any issue sought for by any LAMPS are also provided through general correspondence. It may be noted that some LAMPS are directly controlled by Head Office. Also, there exist three societies, which are affiliated to the corporation. They are 1. Gramin Mahila Shramik Unnayan Samity, Jhilimili, Dt. Bankura, 2. Gramin Mahila Shramik Unnayan Samity, Chhendapathar, Dt. Bankura, and 3. Jangal Mahal Adivasi Unnayan Cooperative Labor Contract and Construction Society Ltd., Bankati, Dt. Burdwan. ACTIVITIES 1. To provide guidance /assistance to tribal members for organisation of new LAMPS and accord registration of such new LAMPS. Only through the registration a LAMPS comes into being in the state. 2. Inspection of LAMPS and follow-up of Inspection Reports and Audit Reports. 3. Organisation of trainings of Board members, ordinary members (especially SHG members ) and employees of LAMPS. 4. Appointment of employees of LAMPS including Chief Executive Officers. 5. Procurement of data on membership, employees, Board members, etc. of LAMPS. 6. Maintenance of Register on different aspects of LAMPS such as, Area of Membership, A.G.M., Audit etc. etc. 7. Maintenance of Register on the Advances at the LAMPS level.
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8. Maintenance of Register for Registration of LAMPS. 9. Placement of LAMPS in different categories depending on the overall performance of the LAMPS. 10. Maintenance of comprehensive picture of LAMPS in the form of LAMPS PARICHITI. 11. Co-ordination between LAMPS and P.R.I.s. Maintenance of Share Register of LAMPS.
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Forms of Inspection Section
Form of application for the registration of the Co-operative society with limited liability, rule 8/(1). This is the registration form for new LAMPS. Audit report form Inspection form Performance sheet of LAMPS for assessment of its status LAMPS porichiti

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